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WINTER 2023 | CHINOOKCLUBOFAMERICA.ORG Int'l CH Hurricane Tonasket Rain RN FDC TKN CGC #1 Lifetime AKC National Owner-Handled Series

FREE AKC Registration for Your UKC Registered Chinook

Check your paperwork!

Is your dog AKC registered?

We can and will register any color, any age, any size, any with two purebred Chinook parents.

(Disclaimer: CCA is not accepting any of the recent crossbred dogs as they are not considered purebred.)

How do you know if your dog (or someone else's dog) is a purebred? Look at your puppy book/file. Do you see UKC registration paperwork? If so, reach out to confirm your dog is registered. Please contact Shelly Londer at chinookclubofamerica.direc if you have any questions regarding FREE AKC registration of YOUR Chinook or someone else's dog. We've extended the timeframe to include all.

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President's Message

Dear CCA Members

What a year this has been for CCA and its members! Our Club has updated our Constitution and By-Laws, sent them to you for approval, and finally submitted them to AKC. We have applied for Member Club Status and will know in March 2023 the AKC Board of Directors’ decision. If we are approved, we will need a Delegate. The Delegate is required to attend four Delegate meetings a year. If you think you might be qualified and are interested, please let your Board of Directors know.

In Conformation news, this year has seen four Chinooks earn their championships. One Chinook even entered the Westminster show in June. She is a 9-year-old veteran who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The announcer mentioned that he loved seeing the Chinook and hoped Chinooks would enter more. We hope that with several new Champions, we will have an even larger entry next year. Westminster is an excellent opportunity to show our breed to the world.

CCA’s National Specialty was held on December 10, 2022, at the Big E in West Springfield, MA., in conjunction with the Eastern Dog Clubs Shows. Ann Roth judged Sweepstakes and Veterans, and Beth Downey judged Classes this year. Mrs. Downey also judged the Working Group, and Ms. Sylvie Mcgee judged Owner Handled Working Group. We have a small entry this year made up mostly of Champions. I hope we will see more class Chinooks and some puppies next year. Sweepstakes is a great place to start a new puppy because we are always careful to choose a patient judge for the little ones.

The December we had a Chinook representing the breed at AKC Royal Canin National Championship Show in Orlando, Florida. CH Forever Greene Iglaak Perry RI FDC CAA BCAT will be the only representative of our breed at this year’s show. The National Championship is another excellent chance to showcase our breed. Any Chinook can enter these shows, and there is a whole week of shows leading up to the Championship Shows, including the National Owner Handler Finals. The venue is beautiful, and there are all kinds of vendors. If you need something for your dog, yourself, or home, you will find it here. And who wouldn’t love to be in beautiful, warm, sunny Florida in December? I am hopeful that we will have a ring full of lovely dogs representing our breed next year.

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2 - Winter 2023

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We have also seen many Chinooks earn Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog, Obedience, and Agility titles. Chinooks earned titles for Barn Hunt and Dock Diving. It is so wonderful to see our owners and members doing events with their dogs; congratulations to all who have succeeded!

I look forward to seeing even more Chinooks on our Title reports in the New Year.

CCA has sponsored several Obedience and Rally trials in Vermont. We started on a small scale and have progressed to the point where we now have trial waiting lists. The participants tell us that the trials are well run and very friendly. If you are working on Obedience or Rally and are in New England, we would love a trial full of Chinooks. You may contact me for information about our plans for the future.

Our Annual meeting was held after judging at the Specialty on December 10 in West Springfield. You can attend an annual meeting, even if you don’t show your dogs. This is your Club, and we would like to meet you and hear your ideas on growing our Club and our breed.

We are looking for members to step up and take on a board position. We will nominate a candidate for Vice President, Secretary, and two Director Positions this year. Shelly Londer has volunteered to be on the nominating committee, and we need two more members to volunteer. This is a very short-term way to help your Club. If you are willing to take on this job, please get in touch with Shelly at

CCA has partnered with UC Davis on a DNA Diversity study. We need 30 Chinooks entered to start, and we are very close to meeting that goal. The cost is a reduced fee of $50 per dog. The CCA would appreciate you including any or all your Chinooks in this study. Please contact Nancy Bartol.

The last exciting bit of news I’d like to share is that Thanksgiving Day this year saw the release of a new book, The Sled Dog, written by Erin Lark Maples. The lead character in the story is a Chinook. I spoke with Erin about our breed and have put her in touch with an owner local to her so she can meet an actual Chinook. She has used a photograph of Chinook and one of Qannik in her publicity for the book. I hope you will purchase a copy for yourself and as a gift.

If there is something that you would like to see your breed club do, host, or provide, please get in touch with me or any board member. We love suggestions and will do our best to make your ideas become a reality.

I hope to hear from you and see you at an event soon. Have a peaceful and happy holiday season.


Birch Hollow Chinooks is so very pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for ONE BREED POTENTIAL FEMALE to be placed from the newly arrived Paw Patrol litter Sire: Birch Hollow Chinook’s Sir Mick Dartford (Chip) x Vanguard’s the Disreputable Dog (Nehima) The puppy will need to be picked up in person from the Ithaca, New York area around March 25th. Please contact Maria at with interest, and for an application.

President's Message
3 - Winter 2023
4 - Winter 2023

Chinook History

2022 CCA Specialty Results

CCA National Specialty Breed Winners

Best of Breed: CH Forever Greene Ilamaaq CGC TKN (D), H Osborne/T Bogue

Best of Opposite Sex: Forever Greene Fly Me To The Moon (B), K Ludwig/D


Select Bitch: CH Forever Greene Nahla CD BN RE CGC TKN P Richards

Best Owner-Handled in Breed: CH Forever Greene Ilamaaq CGC TKN (D), H Osborne/T Bogue

Winners Bitch: Forever Greene Fly Me To The Moon K Ludwig/D Ludwig

5 - Winter 2023

2022 CCA Specialty

Best of Breed: CH Forever Greene Ilamaaq CGC TKN

Owners: Heather Osborne, Thomas Bogue

Breeder: Patti Richards

Sire: UKC CH Skyland Harper of Great Mountain

Dam: CH Forever Greene An Affair to Remember CGC


Best Veteran: GRCH Forever Greene Atka CGC TKN

Breeder/Owner: Patti Richards Forever Greene Chinooks

Sire: Granite Hill Howlet

Dam: CH Forever Greene Talis CGC RN

Best of Opposite Veteran: CH Intervale Little Jazz CGC TKN CA

Sire: Carrigan Mountain Hyas Talapus

Dam: CH Intervale’s Riverstone Beltaine CGC CD RE CAA BN ACT 1 ACT 2

Breeder/Owner: Nancy Bartol

6 - Winter 2023
Reprinted with Permission from ShowSight Magazine 7 - Winter 2023
This Article is reprinted with permission from ShowSight magazine and originally appeared in the December 2022 edition. 8 - Winter 2023
9 - Winter 2023

CCA News and Events

New Titles

Ferncroft Nakota TKN TKI

Sire & Dam: Sea Smoke Kalen x Intervale Ferncroft CGC TKN

Owners: Robin Prausa & Richard Prausaa

Breeders: Darcy Davenport & Christopher Smith

Frontier Time And Tide Dylan RI CGC

Sire & Dam: Frontier Jackson x Frontier Halona Joy Kasute RN CGCA TKA

Breeder/Owners: Susan Fletcher

Hurricane Scarlett Johansen ACT2 ACT2J

Sire & Dam: Callicoon Bigelow x Hurricane Pre

Breeder/Owner: Laura Morgan

Spook Nook Ballyhack ACT2 ACT2J

Sire & Dam: Sirius Rising Jon Snow x Spook Nook Nukka SIN SEN CGCA CGCU TKN

Owners: Laura Morgan & Jean Bouteiller

Breeder: Jean Bouteiller

Dog Show! March 4-5, 2023

Four AKC shows in two is coming up fast! March 4-5, 2023 (Entries close February 15, 2023) the Connecticut River Working Group Association and the First Co. Governor’s Foot Guard Athletic Association shows will be held in West Springfield, MA. CCA is supporting the entry for the Working Group show on Saturday which means nice ribbons and prizes! There are Sweepstakes for puppies up to 18 months old and Veterans for Chinooks over 7 years and older Veterans may be spayed or neutered. There are several owners with class Chinooks interested so there is the possibility of a major. These shows are a great opportunity to shop and to visit with other Chinooks and their owners and to get to meet the new dogs being shown Please consider entering your Chinooks! Search: InfoDog for more info

By Laws Vote Results

CCA members approved revisions to the Club Bylaws, effective July 2022 The results of the balloting are: 98 ballots sent out, 60 were returned, 58 for, 2 against. Thanks to all who voted!

Nominating Committee Volunteers

Want a chance to help out your Club that won’t require a lot of your time? The CCA is looking for a few people to serve on the nominating committee for the short term of 2 months! If you are interested in serving on this committee to help find qualified candidates for office, please contact our Club Secretary or President with any questions about the duties, and to volunteer The Nominating Committee started up on December 15th 2022

Welcome New Members

Anastasia Logan WA Patti Richards & Shelly Londer

Denise & Todd Reed GA Patti Richards & Shelly Londer

Mary Malkiel CO Patti Richards & Joan McMahon

Christine Eggleton VT KJ Krammes & Jean Bouteiller

Jennifer Thayer ME Patti Richards & Heather Osborne

Jennifer Gaylord WA Associate Member, no sponsors required

Paul Kubera PA Associate Member, no sponsors required

Kristie Adams VT Associate Member, no sponsors required

Ann Davis VT Associate Member, no sponsors required

11 - Winter 2023

The Book Report

The Sled Dog - The Sheridan County Mysteries #2

Elizabeth Blau, a newly single mom made a drastic change in her life, leaving behind the security of the Emerald City of Seattle for the tiny town of Banner, Wyoming to start over.

With the dramatic events of her arrival behind her, she and the other Sheridan County residents are ushering in the winter season with hope. The smell of Ponderosa pines perfumes the crisp, mountain air as everyone bundles up to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holiday season.

About the Author

From the desert southwest, Erin spent childhood summers along the banks of Piney Creek where she fell in love with Sheridan County. An award-winning science teacher, avid archer, and hack watercolorist, she was made for the outdoors. Erin and her family divide their time between WY, WA, and AZ because life is too short to play favorites.

The Blau household is eager to start new traditions of their own. Elizabeth is excited to attend her first sled dog race, especially when she gets a sneak peak at the competitors. After the race, she discovers an abandoned, injured dog and her family falls in love with their new foster pup.

But when the dog’s owner is found—dead, the fate of the race and their new family member are up in the air. Can Elizabeth solve the mystery before her son loses his best friend?

The lead dog character in this book is a Chinook

12 - Winter 2023

The Book Report

What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World

What the Dog Knows is the story of Cat Warren and her cadaver dog, Solo. Cat was an obedience competitor who ended up with a dog unsuited to her hobby: a little too reactive and energetic. She stumbled into cadaver detection work after consulting with a dog trainer. Cat trains alone, not as a part of a Search And Rescue team, and she takes readers along on her journey of discovery through K9 training, running through swamps and cemeteries, and encounters with police trainers. Warren is a college professor by trade, and it shows, as her writing occasionally wanders into the academic obscurities of history. Overall, this book is a good read.

Cat Warren has adapted her New York Times bestseller, What the Dog Knows, for younger readers. This version still contains the science and history of scent detection dogs, but its heart focuses on Solo, the impossible German Shepherd Dog puppy who grew up to search for the missing and dead. What the Dog Knows shows how love and loyalty can bring out the best in a dog — and his human.

"A moving and humorous memoir exploring what it means to partner with dogs who use their brains and noses to help solve crimes and find the missing."
13 - Winter 2023

A Winter Walk

Going for a woods walk accompanied by two dogs, I find more trail signs, my circumscribed senses augmented by their eager noses. Koko, tail circling happily as she bounds toward the wood road, runs hind feet to forefeet in the light snow, almost coyote-like. Daughter Kita, still puppyish, goofing around her, footprints all askew.

As we reach the wood road, the dogs are nose down, vacuuming up a scent. Coyote tracks! Both dogs greedily sniffed the prints, forming opinions. Three coyotes were strolling along the center of our wood road, bold as brass. Sometimes single file, other times three abreast like gunslingers in a spaghetti western. The dogs now mark their territory, first Koko, then Kita.

What would happen if Koko and Kita encountered the Coyote Gang? Probably a standoff. The three coyotes are smaller, lighter judging by their tracks, maybe 40 pounds. The dogs are bigger, but they are two to the coyotes three. Most likely détente then, or perhaps more. When our two girls mark their territory, is it a warning or an invitation, or a bit of both? Coyote mating season is beginning now, so maybe the coyotes’ visit was more than cousins paying respects.

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14 - Winter 2023

A Winter Walk

Continued from page 14

We continue, all fascinated by the coyotes’ journey. Both dogs stop to examine a bare spot like detectives at a murder scene. I surmise that it marked a coyote pounce, perhaps for a vole. The dogs probably know the story, but they keep it to themselves. I am a poor tracker, not well versed in reading signs. The dogs are my crutch; checking scat, I would otherwise pass by. They tilt their heads to sounds beyond me.

We reach a section where duff is frozen white above and wet below, a cold snap following rain. The coyotes have glided over the crust, their tracks mostly unbroken, careful not to step where others had gone. Koko and Kita break through more often, heavier and less fleet. And I crunch along, creating devastation like Godzilla.

The coyote’s passage reminds me that winter can be an easier time for passing through the forest. The coyotes are on a trek. Traveling may be more effortless, but there is further to find a meal. I imagine them loping along, meditations occasionally interrupted by a warm scent in the crisp air. A waft of vole or rabbit, causing stomachs to tighten slightly in anticipation. Then onward, always searching.

Kita has found a spot off to the side of the wood road. I can’t see anything unusual there, but she delicately sniffs every blade and spindly stalk. Last week she caught a mole and now thinks herself an accomplished hunter, spending hours stalking the fields around our house. But today, she is a student avidly soaking up lessons.

Now a fox track joins the procession. It is smaller and more smudged. The fox had traveled along before the coyotes came through. She (or he – I have no clue) nipped off the trail soon after, heading into the woods on a different circuit than the coyotes.

We get to the end of our property. The coyotes have traveled the entire length of our trail. We could continue following their tracks -- how many miles might they have gone? Where had they started? They probably came down to our woods from Copperas but might have begun their trip miles from there, following power lines or sugaring roads. The dogs are happy to explore further, but I turn aside, heading homeward.

Artwork of Koko and Kita by Molly Hornbeck Sandy and Kristy Bragg live in Shrewsbury, Vermont with their Chinooks, Koko and Kita

15 - Winter 2023

Has a coyote ever "followed" you or your dog while you're walking in your neighborhood or the park? If so, you may have felt afraid, thought the coyote was stalking you, or that an attack was imminent. But don't fear. Coyotes are naturally curious animals and often engage in "escorting." Escorting is when a coyote, sometimes with its mate, makes sure you are leaving its territory. This behavior is often seen from early March to late April when coyote parents protect their precious puppies Escorting most often happens in the early morning or evening because they may see dogs as a threat to their babies. Dog walkers often see it.

What do you do if you're "escorted" by a coyote? Don't panic; the coyote is much more terrified of you! If you don't have your dog leashed - which you should in coyote country- immediately leash it and keep it by your side. Calmly keep walking, slowly and normally. Soon enough, you'll be out of the coyote's home, and he will stop escorting you! If the escorting coyote starts to approach too closely, shout and wave your hands to frighten it away As we humans develop more and more woodlands, coyote coexistence has become even more essential; we must learn to speak their language.

16 - Winter 2023
Photo: Joe Galkowski


Sire & Dam: Callicoon Ukko x Moonsongs Small Wonder

Owners: Jean Bouteiller and Matt McDonnell

Breeders: Jean Bouteiller

Event: 3rd Annual Fast CAT Invitational in Orlando, Florida

Sire & Dam: Carrigan Mountain Hyas Talapus x Forever Greene An Affair to Remember CA

Owner: Shelly Londer

Breeder: Patricia Richards

Event: National Owner Handled Series in Orlando, Florida

Spook Nook Kala CA DCAT BCAT CH Forever Greene Iglaak Perry RI FDC CAA BCAT RATM CZ8B CGC TKE DN
17 - Winter 2023

The National Championship

"The greatest secrets are always found in the most unlikely places."

Our Chinooks are the greatest secret in the dog world.

As Chinook owners, after a long day of work or a short walk to the mailbox, we open the door to find an entire body wiggling from tip to tail. A song may be sung along with the bit of tip-tap dance of feet.

The National Championship in Orlando, Florida, is known as the "Big Show." Knowing I would be the only Chinook representing the breed was unnerving. Perry and I had been to local shows but never an extravaganza of this size (over 6,000 dogs). I was guaranteed to be in the Working Group ring daily with 30 other dogs. That meant I was competing against the best dog in each breed of the Working Group for each show I entered.

At the show, we were often stopped by people commenting they had never seen a Chinook. They giggled with pleasure or opened their mouths in disbelief. AKC has recognized Chinooks since 2013, but they are one of the rarest breeds, and most people have never seen one. As Kathleen Riley said, "…it's more likely for people to see a unicorn than a Chinook." I took her sentiment and made sure to place a unicorn pin on my heart.

Perry is not a campaigned dog, so financiers aren't paying his entry fees, board, travel, and training. As owner-handler, I cover all those expenses. I am not a professional handler, but I work with Perry daily to enhance our teamwork and skills.

We were in quite an unlikely place when going into the ring with the top campaigned dogs and their professional handlers. I'm proud of how Perry did at the shows. The takeaway for people watching the shows; Chinooks are a great secret and need to be seen.

~ Roald Dahl
18 - Winter 2023
19 - Winter 2023
20 - Winter 2023
21 - Winter 2023

UC Davis Diversity Study on the Chinook

Researchers at UC Davis are looking for a minimum of 30 Chinooks for Phase 1 diversity testing. Several other breeds are enrolled in their own breed’s diversity research at UC Davis and now we have Chinooks participating. Phase 1 is looking for Chinooks who are the least related and in the breeding population. Do you have a purebred Chinook(s) who fit this description? We need just a few more Chinooks to complete Phase One! For more information contact Nancy Bartol.

Chinook Club of America Board of Directors has petitioned the American Kennel Club (AKC) to extend the open registration program for Chinooks for two more years. Board member and Registrar Shelly Londer has volunteered to run the extended program and will help with the registration process. What is Open Registration? Open Registration is a process to register ALL Chinooks into the AKC (American Kennel Club) Chinook database for health and diversity. There are a lot of Chinooks that are not registered with AKC. We are hoping that you can reach out to your breeder and littermates to generate some interest in being registered. We are so few in number, that every dog deserves its chance to be in the database. Currently there are Chinooks that are registered with UKC and some with NO registration! United Kennel Club (UKC) is not AKC registration. In order to preserve OUR breed, we need as many Chinooks registered as possible. Registration application is included in this newsletter. ***Please reach out to your breeder and fellow littermates***

Mail Completed Registration Form and Document Copies to:

Shelly Londer

1243 SW 19th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

22 - Winter 2023
23 - Winter 2023

7 Things to Know in Case of a Dog Emergency

If you have an animal emergency, contact your veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic immediately.

If you suspect or know that your pet has eaten or been exposed to a toxic substance or product, contact your veterinarian, emergency veterinary clinic, or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661) immediately. A fee may apply.

Here are seven things you should know ahead of time, to be prepared for a possible emergency:

Your veterinarian's emergency phone number

The local emergency clinic number

How to get to the emergency clinic

Poison Control Center number (888-426-4435) and Pet Poison Helpline number (855-7647661)

How to perform basic CPR on your pet

How to stop bleeding and apply a basic pressure wrap

How to muzzle your pet (to keep an injured pet from biting you)

You also should be prepared with methods of payment for your pet's emergency care. Emergency care is often more expensive than routine care due to the intensity of diagnostics, monitoring and treatment required. Many clinics are unable to bill you for the services, or may require a deposit or payment in full at the time of service. Delaying emergency care to avoid emergency fees could put your pet's life at risk. Planning ahead for financial coverage of emergencies - perhaps by having a separate account or credit card for emergency use only, or pet insurance - can save you a lot of stress if they happen.

3. 4. 5.
24 - Winter 2023

Application for Open Registration of an Individual Dog

Use this form to apply for Open Registration of an individual dog Detailed eligibility requirements, submission requirements, and instructions are on page 3 of this form. Please use black ink and capital letters to fill in the boxes. Information you omit or print outside of the boxes will delay processing Processing fees are nonrefundable and all fees are subject to change without notice Registration is not guaranteed

Send the completed application and all required attachments to the address specified on page 3 of this form.Processing Fee$50

Charge my: VISAAMEXMasterCardDiscoverCheck or money order made payable to: The American Kennel Club





ADOPEN (12/22)

Page 2 of this form contains spaces to provide information about the dog’s breeder and for required signatures Please complete the entire form, sign it as appropriate, and include payment and all required attachments before you submit it

© 2022 The American Kennel Club

Sire’s Name City Cell Number Mailing Address Mailing Address Dam’s Name Owner Information Owner’s First Name Dog’s Name Date of Birth: Month Day City Cell Number Co-Owner Information Co-Owner’s First Name Dog’s Registration Number Sire’s Registration Number Dam’s Registration Number Year Payment and Submittal Information Account Number (do not include dashes) Dog Information Owner’s Last Name Co-Owner’s Last Name Email Address Email Address Expiration Date State State Dog’s Registry Sire’s Registry Dam’s Registry ZIP code + 4 ZIP code + 4 Printed Name of Cardholder See page 3 of this form for complete details Male Female 25 - Winter 2023
Shelly Londer 1243 SW 19th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
28 - Winter 2023
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