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sweet dreams chocolate shop


Therese Marie C. Tipgos AB-GM 3 Rio Nayve Villegas Instructor

aknowledgements This project proposal wouldn’t happen without the permission and opportunity given to me by the owners of this shop, Trina and Clera. If they hadn’t agreed to let me use their shop for my Advertising Production project, I probably wouldn’t pass this subject let alone continue going to this subject because I don’t have a product to make the production for. Thank you for entrusting me to brand your shop. It truly is an honor. I would also like to thank Carla Erika Lagrana for being my sound board throughout this project. If it weren’t for her listening to my complaints and whining and just flat out blabbering nonsense, I think I would not be able to air out my ideas. I would also like to thank her unrelenting guidance and critique for my work. I think my design would probably go astray without her nudging me into the right direction and approach for this production. To the numerous graphic artists who I’ve referenced and studied dutifully so I could get this right, thank you. You might not be aware but your works truly inspired me in this endeavor. Lastly, to my family members especially my mother and sister for putting up with my cranky attitude whilst I was making this. This project is for you also.

dedication This project is dedicated to Carla, Pinky, and Mama. You guys are the best.

introduction A ‘brand’ is an organisation, service or product with a ‘personality’ that is shaped by the perceptions of the audience. On that note, it should also be stated that a designer cannot “make” a brand – only the audience can do this. A designer forms the foundation of the brand. Many people believe a brand only consists of a few elements – some colours, some fonts, a logo, a slogan and maybe some music added in too. In reality, it is much more complicated than that. You might say that a brand is a ‘corporate image’.

One major role in the ‘brand’ or ‘corporate image’ of a company is its identity.

In most cases, identity design is based around the visual devices used within a company, usually assembled within a set of guidelines. These guidelines that make up an identity usually administer how the identity is applied throughout a variety of mediums, using approved colour palettes, fonts, layouts, measurements and so forth. These guidelines ensure that the identity of the company is kept coherent, which in turn, allows the brand as a whole, to be recognisable. That then is the purpose of this project proposal. To pitch in the guidelines, applications and visual devices to Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop.

table of contents Chapter I Company Profile 8 Target Audience 9 Products & Services 9 Chapter II: Logo Proposal Initial Design Sketch 12 Initial Design Digital 13 Final Logo Proposal 14 Design Rationale 15 Chapter III: Technical Specification Measurement and Clear space 18 Color Palette 19 Typography 20 Logo Applications 21 Chapter IV: Company Collaterals Letterhead, Envelopes & Business cards 27 Uniform, Name tag & Id 30 Giveaways & Merchandise 32 Chapter V Corporate Brochure 36 Website 39 Outdoor Signage 43 Chapter VI: Advertising Campaign Proposed Advertising Campaign 47 Billboard 48 Poster 49 Magazine & Newspaper 50 TV Commercial 51 Conclusion 56


chapter i 7

Company Profile Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop is a Cebu based shop that sells gourmet chocolates at an affordable price. As it is an online shop, they don’t have a physical store and can only do meet-ups for their customers. Currently, they have a portion in MoonLeaf Cebu where they sell their chocolates, but not regularly. The shop was created by high school friends Trina and Clera who wanted to raise funds to join a Korean concert. They came up with a chocolate shop because Clera has a passion for the decadent treats. With that, they started selling to their friends and classmates. Through word of mouth, strangers and acquaintances started ordering their chocolates. Because of the influx of customers, the unnamed chocolate business was christened “Sweet Dreams”. Ever since then, Trina and Clera continued their chocolate business. Since they are only college students, they don’t have a physical store yet. They only accept orders through their facebook page and hold meet-ups for picking up their chocolates. Sweet Dreams’ mission and vision is simple. Their mission is to spread these decadent treats to as much as many people as possible at an affordable price. Their vision is for people to experience the goodness of gourmet chocolate that doesn’t put a gaping hole in their pocket. (


Products/Services Sweet Dreams sells home-made, gourmet chocolate treats at an affordable price. Chocolates such as Chocolate Truffles, Choco Pops, and Chocolate Drops are on their menu. As this business is at its infancy, Clera and Trina are still developing new and exciting recipes for chocolates.

TARGET MARKET Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop’s target audience are the students, young professionals, and other members of this certain niche. The message of the shop is “Spontaneous yet professional” which fits the identity of the market.


chapter II 10

LOGO PROPOSAL Each brand starts with a logo. It is the identifying symbol of the company you wish to establish. A brand’s logo must be crafted to properly represent the brand. Every detail must coincide with what the brand wants to achieve. From the stroke, to the curve of every corner, and even the colours and fonts, every element must be exact and representative. If the logo is not strong enough, the brand might be misrepresented. The task needed for this business is not change but an intervention to establish the Sweet Dreams brand. The task is to create an image for the chocolate shop that could be recognized by its faithful buyers and to the new consumers as well.

In this chapter, the initial designs of the proposed logo are presented and the final approved logo for the brand.


initial design sketch


initial design proposal


final design proposal


Design Rationale The identity of Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop is based on the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture which is termed as ‘kawaii’. The owners are huge fans of Japanese and Korean culture that they want to imbue their brand of cuteness into their shop. To achieve that philosophy, the design is an emoji, or an emoticon. Japanese and Korean emoticons have a different style than the Western emoticons because of the difference of characters used. The emotion or the face of the illustration is an emoji signifying delicious as the tongue is sticking out. It is also winking to exude charm to its customers. To complete the emoji, it is attached with a gooey hairstyle to signify melted chocolate. The chocolate is represented as a gooey, melty, decadent liquid on top of the face. The dream-like design is achieved by shape and border surrounding the emoji. It simulates that of a cloud. The type used in Sweet Dreams is a chunky script kind to compliment the logo. Since it’s a cute shop, a cute font is in order. The type for Chocolate Shop is an all caps sans serif font to add contrast. As for the colors, the cream and brown represents the chocolate but with an added cool blue-green it gives a whole new fresh look. The owners didn’t like the usual brown color and wanted to incorporate an accent color to appeal to their target market. The blue-green hue was very appropriate to achieve the fresh look they were going for.


chapter III 16

Technical Specifications It is imperative to specify the technical aspects of a logo. For the brand to be clear, cohesive, and well received, it has to be presented in a specific way in conjunction to the brand message. The brand has to be consistent in presenting itself in different media. Despite the differences of application – be it in signage, collaterals, merchandise, etc – the brand must be recognizable. It is said that a brand is truly remarkable when it is broken apart; it is still identifiable, familiar, and the same. That is why in this chapter, the Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop brand specifications will be thoroughly discussed and explained to maintain the image that this brand is upholding. That is, to be spontaneous yet professional.


Measurements and Clear Space

The first image consists of the specific measurements of the logo and its clear space in millimeters.

Clear Space or Exclusion zone is the distance from other items positioned close by. It is important so as to give breathing space to the logo when applied to its different uses. To determine the clear space of the Sweet Dreams logo, create a square starting at the top left, and finishing at the bottom right. Then put these squares to farthest sides of the design. This will be the amount of space around the logo that cannot be encroached.


color palette These are the four colors that comprise the Sweet Dreams brand. A traditional brown and cream combination is used to represent chocolate, the primary product of the shop. To add spontaneity, freshness and cuteness, a cool blue-green hue is added along with pink to achieve just that. The Pantone value, CMYK, RGB, and HEX code of the colors are stated as well. The Pantone and CMYK are for print while the RGB and Hex code is for designed for web use.


typography The type used in ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a chunky script kind to compliment the logo. Since it’s a shop that exudes cute, a cute font is in order. The type for ‘Chocolate Shop’ is an all caps sans serif font to add contrast but still retains the identity because of its round edges. Another sans serif font is used for bodies of text in formal correspondence and the like. The Bello font must be used to represent the brand. It is used on signage, advertising material, etc. This font is also applicable to Sweet Dreams copy as well. The Blanch font (and its family) is used for ‘Chocolate Shop’. It is a sans serif font that brings contrasts to the ‘Sweet Dreams’ type. While it is sans serif, it does not deviate from the identity, because of its rounded features. It still represents fun and excitement. This font is used for headings in menus and other printed materials. text.

Lastly, The Helvetica Neue is another sans serif font used for correspondence and bodies of



Bello AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ,./!@#$%^&*()-=_+


AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ,./!@#$%^&*()-=_+

Helvetica Neue

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 1234567890 ,./!@#$%^&*()-=_+


logo applications This is the standard logo with the design elements in full color. Aside from the square format, it can also be adapted into a horizontal placement. The design elements for Sweet Dreams are polka dots of varying sizes. The colors are derived from the color palette (see Color/Tones). This is the ideal way to present the brand. Clear space is also used in the horizontal placement of the logo (see Measurements and Clear space).

This application is suitable for signage and the general presentation of the brand.

A vertical placement is not included in the application because it doesn’t uphold the brand’s elements.


logo applications The brand can also be presented without the type. The logo can stand on its own so long as the colors are appropriately used as illustrated above. This type of application can be used for stickers, general presentations that don’t need additional elements. This application is also best for small iconography. Clear space must be observed.

Single color application is usually used in correspondence (stationery, etc) or in print materials that only require one or two colors. Black and/or white is not used. To replace black, Pantone 175 C is used. Conversely, to replace the white, Pantone 155 M is used. Black and/or white is not used because it deviates from the identity that Sweet Dreams is trying to reach to its consumers. Brown and cream colors are used to signify and reiterate that this shop sells chocolates.


logo applications

Grayscale is used rarely if not ever, but this application could be a replacement for the single color application, especially in letterhead and sometimes in newspaper advertisements.


chapter iv 25

company collaterals Business collaterals or Office collaterals as some call them are your basic suite of day-to-day business materials which also expand brand awareness by bearing your company logo on all pieces - letterhead, envelope and business cards. Formal correspondence, memos and official business communication usually involve this suite of materials as well as the uniform, IDs, and many things that constitute the company. These collaterals should be as striking as it should be because these are given to business people and its valued customers. It has to be the sum total of the representation of the brand. In Sweet Dream’s design, the logo is prominent and so are the company colors. At first glance, the receiver of these collaterals would right away identify that this shop sells chocolates. Not only do they sell chocolates, but they are fun, loving, dedicated staff in delivering their brand message. Through these collaterals, the brand is enhanced and made known to people. Careful application of the logo, type, color, and style is observed to make the brand one cohesive identity.

In the succeeding pages, Sweet Dreams’ business collaterals will be illustrated and discussed thoroughly.


letterhead, envelopes & business cards

A company’s business stationery must look professional and formal because it is used as correspondence in business matters. But in Sweet Dreams’ case, it can be formal and fun at the same time. The standard size of the letter is US Paper Letter size. The font used for the body in the letter is Helvetica Neue (as discussed in Typography). The font size is 11 pts and the margin on all the sides is 1in. The design in the letterhead is sparse because it is formal, but it compensates in the envelope.


letterhead, envelopes & business cards

The envelope’s standard size is 10in x 5in. While the letterhead is sparse, the envelope compensates in the design. The colors are present and the design elements (the polka dots) are used to maintain the image of the brand.


letterhead, envelopes & business cards

To complete the business system, a business card is in order. The size of the business card is 4in x 2in. It is back-to-back with the first side with the logo and the other side the contact information of the owner. The font used in the contact information is Blanch Caps. The material used for the business card should be matte finish.


uniform, name tag & id

For both the men and women, the uniform is a polo shirt. The color of the shirt is brown (like Pantone 175 C). To break the monotony of the brown, the collar and the cuffs of the sleeves’ color is blue green like Pantone Green M. To finish of the uniform, a bowtie is an added accessory. The bowtie should be red to contrast and complete the look of a Sweet Dreams crew member. The design does not include the logo and other elements because subtlety is priority. It might get too cluttered if it were the case.


uniform, name tag & id

A nametag is also included in the uniform. The shape is that from the logo with the name of the employee in Bello font and the logo. It’s just a dash of the identity of the brand. The employee’s ID is a simple affair. An ID plastic card with the name, the position, the signature, and barcode for identification purposes is included. The back comprises of emergency contact, pin number, SSS number and signature of the employee. The size of the ID is 2in x 3in.


giveaways & merchandise

As the last part of the collaterals, the giveaways and merchandise is just as important as the rest of business side. This part though, is the part where creativity is unleashed in a non-restrictive way. Where in the business system all is formal and proper, in this section there is no need to follow explicitly the applications. Giveaways and brand merchandise is another way of propagating the brand that doesn’t necessarily follow the main goal of the brand. Consumers have a knack for collecting items from their wellloved brands. It gives them a sense of exclusivity and cool-ness factor among peers. These giveaways and merchandise is a perfect outlet for that. For Sweet Dreams, these giveaways and merchandise have to be useful, innovative, and appealing at the same because their target audience is students. Students these days are wise and critical when it comes to these things. So to accommodate to their needs, here are the giveaways and merchandise: planner/notebook, coupons, button pins, mugs, tumblers and even tote bags.


giveaways & merchandise


giveaways & merchandise


chapter v 35

corporate brochure This brochure of Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop consists mainly of a brief history of the brand along with its mission and vision. But really, the brand’s identity is spontaneous yet professional so there is no need to conform to the usual style. Aside from the basics it will also include a brief explanation of what the shop offers – chocolates. There will be no specific products since this is not a menu. It will be categorized into the general products the store has to offer: chocolates, cakes, drinks, etc. The Sweet Dreams contact will also be included as well. It will consist of the website, a facebook and twitter account, the store address and telephone number. The Sweet Dreams brochure is a tri-fold, full bleed brochure. The size is 5.5” in height and 16.5” in length. The brochure’s shape is square to follow the standard application of the logo which is on a square. Two brochures can be printed on an A3 to minimize costs. A tri-fold brochure is used so as to maximize the space and put as much information as possible without the clutter. The brand colors are used throughout the brochure along with the fonts. The catch to this design is there will be a one flap that should be cut to the shape of the logo. All these designs are used to adhere to the brand to add continuity. There is a deviation from the standard brochure but that only coincides with the brand identity – spontaneous yet professional.


corporate brochure






website The internet is the most powerful tool of information aside from printed materials. We live in a digital age wherein almost everyone is connected to the internet. Companies must maintain an online identity that consumers can access. Thus, a website is imperative to complete the branding experience. The aim of the shop’s website is to house their products so that consumers can view them when logged on. It will also include updates and news about the shop like a new product is released, or a new branch and so on. The site will consist of the following pages: Home, About, Menu, Blog, Store and Contact. The brand colors and elements such as the polka-dots will be used. As stated, the website will house the products. The Menu page will accommodate to that. It will have an interactive menu interface (see next page). Aside from the main website, there will be accounts from different social media sites. As stated earlier, an online identity must be maintained. To accomplish that, social media accounts must be made. These accounts will be twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest. With these social media accounts, consumers can easily connect and share Sweet Dreams to their friends.










outdoor signage The store’s outdoor signage must represent the brand closely because it is mostly seen by the prospective customers when they walk by your shop. How else will people know what sort of shop it is without a proper signage? A shop’s outdoor signage must be visible, legible and clear. It must convey what the shop is about and what is selling, of course, without losing the design elements of brand. For Sweet Dreams, the signages come in two parts. The first signage is above the shop and the second is placed on the side. The first signage is dependent on the size of the actual, physical shop but it must cover its whole width. On the design, the logo is very prominent with the name hanging below. Once its night time, the logo is lit up and so is the name of the shop. Vinyl board is used in constructing the front signage. The logo will be created using a lightbox in the shape of the logo so that when it is night time, it will be illuminated. The words will be made out of neon lights so that will light up once its night time.


outdoor signage The second signage is attached to the side of the shop. When approaching the shop from the side, this signage is visible. It is a teaser to lure the customers to the shop and to the more familiar with the brand, they’d easily spot it. The design of the signage is the logo of Sweet Dreams – the character. The area covered by this signage is a 1 meter square. This signage will be a created using a lightbox so that when it is night time, the logo will be illuminated. Since it is only attached by its side, it must be attached with strong, sturdy wiring so it will not fall of.


chapter vi 45

advertising campaign After laying all the basics of the brand, the next step is advertising. Advertising is very important because it is the vehicle that spreads your brand throughout your target market. It promotes what it sells, what are its features and the like. More specifically, an advertising campaign must be conceptualized. An advertising campaign coordinated series of linked advertisements with a single idea or theme. It is typically broadcast through several media channels. It may focus on a common theme and one or few brands or products, or be directed at a particular segment of the population. Successful advertising campaigns achieve far more than the sporadic advertising, and may last from a few weeks and months to years. There are many campaign techniques that can be used by Sweet Dreams. It is in this chapter that it will be thoroughly discussed.


proposed advertising campaign Sweet Dreams is still at its infancy – it is not a well established brand as of the moment. So the best ad campaign for this brand is an introductory campaign, with the campaign theme: “Delight with every bite!” This theme is very appropriate for the brand that is still starting out in the chocolate market. Throw in to the mix a message that communicates, “Chocolates are decadent and luscious but it can be fun and spunky too!” That is a sure fire way of communicating the brand message, the campaign message and promotion of products. Each ad will contain the shop’s chocolates at its forefront since it is the product being introduced. The brand’s graphic elements will be included in the ad as well, such as the polka dots and the logo’s primary shape. The brand colors are used throughout the ad to adhere to the brand. Added with ribbons as a nod to the latest trend in graphic design, this ad will surely communicate well with its consumers. Let’s not forget the tagline: “Delight with every bite!” which is the biggest text present in the ad. Of course, the logo of the shop is stamped into the ad to signify what it’s all about. These ads will be broadcasted through posters, billboards, magazines, newspapers and on TV. The campaigns are similar throughout every medium, but there will be some variations and slight modifications to accommodate each medium. This campaign will run for about six months. In that amount of time, the brand will be retained and another ad campaign will be conceptualized.






magazine and newspaper advertisements


tv commercial A television advertisement is a sure fire way of garnering more consumers. It is proven and tested that once a product of service is televised – be it national or local – a spike in customers would most likely increase. If the company wants to up their game and be known to the masses, TV ad is the way to go. The ad will be seen by millions of people while watching their shows. Surely, they wouldn’t miss it. For 15 seconds or more, the company must convey their brand message and products clearly. TV ads are effective but quite pricey depending on the time slot and duration. That is why every second should not be wasted. The length of Sweet Dreams’ proposed TV ad is 15 seconds long. The length is enough to convey the brand message and products sold by the shop. The approach is direct while maintaining the spontaneity to convey the brand message. Motion graphics and animation is primarily used for this TV spot. Actors aren’t used for this TV ad, only illustrations and the different graphic elements of the brand. Music and a voice-over would also be included. This ad might seem sparse, but this approach is very hip and caters to the target market of the shop.





tv commercial For this type of advertisement, the needed people will be an advertising team that consists of an art director, an illustrator, a motion graphics animator, a composer, and a person who can do the voice-over. There is no need to hire actors because everything is done in the computer, minimizing the costs. The illustrator will make the graphics for the commercial and then the animator would bring to life the graphic elements the illustrator made. A composer is hired to make the original music. Original music is preferred over existing music because the license must be bought. Buying the license is more expensive than making the original score. Then, hire a person who can do the voice-over to complete the proposed commercial. While motion graphics is nifty, adding a human voice adds familiarity to the product. It gives it a real and tangible effect which is important for Sweet Dreams as it is a food product that touches the senses. With that in mind, the proposed budget for the production is roughly 500, 000PHP. That is the production cost, not including the fee for advertising on local or national television. If broadcasting it on television is still expensive, there’s always the internet. The commercial can be uploaded on youtube, a video sharing website. It will be streamed by many people and does not only limit to the masses. The video could reach to other nations through the power of sharing the video. It could go viral. With that, consumer numbers would still spike.


conclusion The aim of making this project is to create an identity for Sweet Dreams Chocolate Shop to make their presence known to the market. To attain this goal, the brand message was conceptualized together with the owners. Once the message is indentified the identity is executed. From there, the logo, the graphic elements, collaterals, technical specifications and ad campaigns followed suit. Along with these designs, guidelines on proper application of the brand is stated as well so as to be guided on what standard the brand upholds. With all these visual devices to adhere to the brand message, the identity should be recognizable to its target market. It should be able to penetrate the ever saturated world and make a stamp of its own.


disclaimer If there is a chance that the owners would alter and/or revise this proposal, the author of this proposal must give explicit consent before alterations are made. Otherwise, all contents will be revoked from the owners of this shop. In the slight chance that there are similar designs to the ones in this proposal, it is purely coincidental and cannot be sued.


references Different graphic artists throughout the internet And other resources by the graphic artist’s own


Chinky Tipgos All rights reserved. 2013


Sweet Dreams Branding Proposal  

For our Advertising Prodcution subject wherein we are tasked to brand or re-brand a company.

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