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A Relax day in Sai Kung


ai Kung Town originated from a market place and started development about a hundred years ago. At that time, the market place was a convenient gathering place for fishermen and villagers. Nowadays, Sai Kung Town has developed into a scenic tourist location.

Half Moon Bay


Bus no. 92: From Diamond Hill Railroad Station to Sai Kung Bus Station Cost: $6.50 Duration: Approx 45 minutes. Daily: 6am to 11:45pm, every 15 to 20 minutes.

Bus No. 792M : From Tiu Keng Leng to Sai Kung Bus Station Passes through HKUST, Clear Water Bay and Tseung Kwan O. Cost: $6.90 Daily: 05:45 am to 22:25pm, every 20 minutes


Bus No. 1A : From Choi Hung MTR Station to Sai Kung Town Cost: $ 8.40 Duration: Approx. 25 minutes. Frequency: 4 minutes

Bus No. 1S: From Choi Hung MTR Station to Sai Kung Town (Passes HKUST) Cost: $9.70 Daily 12:30am 6:am Frequency: 10-15 minutes

Bus No. 101M: From Hang Hau to Sai Kung Waterfront Park Cost: $8.10 Duration: Avg. 20 minutes. Frequency: 3-30 minutes The 101M bus is also the fastest way to get to Sai Kung town from Hong Kong island.

Minibus Causeway Bay Express: From Sai Kung Waterfront Park to Causeway Bay Cost: $22 for full journey, $16 to Hung Hom Mondays to Fridays – 7pm to 12:30am Weekends – 5pm to 12:30am. *Red minibuses usually don’t leave until the bus is full. So there might a wait during quiet hours.

Mong Kok Express: From Mong Kok MTR Station to Sai Kung Cost $15.8 Duration: Approx. 30 – 40 minutes Kwun Tong Express (No. 9): From Sai Kung Waterfront Park to Kwun Tong Daily: 6:40am to 12:30am. Duration: Approx. 30 – 40 minutes

The closest MTR station to Sai kung is Hang Hau station. When you arrive Hang Hau station, you can interchange the green 101M minibus to Sai Kung. Bus No. 101M: From Hang Hau to Sai Kung Waterfront Park Cost: $8.10 Duration: Avg. 20 minutes. Frequency: 3-30 minutes The 101M bus is also the fastest way to get to Sai Kung town from Hong Kong island.


Sai Kung Ferry Pier


hen visitors arrive at Sai Kung Bus Terminus, proceed towards the seashore would reach Sai Kung Ferry Pier. There is a disabled washroom located inside the Wai Man Road Rest Garden besides the Bus Terminus. The ferry pier provides ‘Kaito’ ferry service to places like Kiu Tsui, Yim Tin Tsai and Leung Shuen Wan. However, these ‘Kaito’ ferries are not suitable for wheelchair users. At the side of the ferry pier are many fishing boats selling seafood.

Global Geopark of China


he Geo-Areas of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China cover about 50km2 land area in Hong Kong. It comprises the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region, which showcase the important geological themes of igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks respectively. Dozens of quartz monzonite boulders are scattered on the beaches of the Sharp Island tombolo. Some “pineapple bun� -like rocks formed due to weathering and erosion.

‘Pai Fong’ Hoi Pong Square


here are more than 10 seafood restaurants operating along the waterfront of Sai Kung Town Centre. As such, the area is named “Seafood Street�. In the aquariums outside the restaurants, a wide range of live sea fish and shellfish are available for customers to choose for their dishes right away. Customers eating there can also enjoy the holiday mood and beautiful waterfront scenery. While there are numerous restaurants in the Seafood Street, most are having steps at the entrance which make it inconvenient for wheelchair users, who may choose those restaurants with alfresco seats to enjoy seafood.

Tin Hau Temple


he Tin Hau Temple found in Sai Kung in the old town and is dedicated to the Goddess of the sea. It is more attractive and photogenic due to having been restored in recent years. This has resulted in the temple being quite polished, decorative and bright in colors.

For those planning to visit Sai Kung, a visit to this Tin Hau Temple is easy to include. visitors might enjoy taking a hike in the nearby Sai Kung country parks, enjoying fresh seafood on the Sai Kung promenade or hiring junk boat to one of the small outer islands.


istoric buildings in Sai Kung’s old quarters.

Fuk Man Garden F

uk Man Garden features a 30-metre long giant sailing ship and an 8-metre long dragon boat sculpture. This unique design has made it a new landmark in Sai Kung. It is located at the adjacent roundabout at the junction of Po Tung Road and Fuk Man Road.

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A Relax Day in Sai Kung :)  
A Relax Day in Sai Kung :)  

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