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Dynamically Changing Experience - Transformable Shopping Space


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changing spatial experience transformation shopping mall

Scenario unchanged spatial experience in leisure type buildings, like shopping malls UNLESS renovation is implemented; or temporary installation is set up

Issue dynamically changing spatial experience in the same building without implementing renovation lower cost to make changes; and feasible to make changes more frequently

Means transformation - transformation is about changes - manipulable architectural elements provide a large number of possibilites - the question “how� to be researched

Proposed Program shopping mall - every time you go shopping, it’s a new adventure. not everything goes as expected. the route may change. - when there are special events, little additional works is needed because the space can be transformed into various configurations - static waiting area can be changed. waiting becomes less boring. - eating area can be transformed when it is not meal time. - entrance may switch among several forms. - advertisments can be integrated into manipulatable elements. - natural light is adustable with manipulatable elements.

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