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The prices will rise from January, 2012, due to the work that this bait has. Being a few totally handcrafted bait.

Big Lures: Big Pencil 6” Big Darter 6” Chineslider 5”/ 6” Torpedo 6” Fangler 5”/ 6”


Small Lures: Baby Pencil 4” Baby Fangler 4” Chineslider 4” Mini Torpedo 4” Baby Torpedo 4” Top44 (4”)



The Big Pencil is a pencil popper made of wood, with stainless steel inner skeleton.

PRICE: $24

It is a lure used for fishing for bluefish. It has very good pitch and a very attractive movement.


The Big Darter is a minnow without bib, made of wood, with stainless steel inner skeleton. It´s manufactured in 6” with a weight of 1.4 oz. It is a floating lure that dives to pick up from 1.6 ft to 3.2 ft.

PRICE: $24

It is designed for fishing for bluefish and spit. It has very good pitch and a movement different from what we are accustomed.

CHINESLIDER 5�/6� The Chineslider is a bait in the form identically to the Fangler. But with the totally different soul. Two models are made: the floating and different sunked one.

The floating one is a pure and hard walker. And the sunked one is a sunked walker.

PRICE: $24


PRICE: $24

The Torpedo is a conventional walker, made of wood and stainless steel inner skeleton. This lure is ideal for Bluefish. It weighs 1.4 oz.

FANGLER 5”/6” Put a Fangler in your live!!!!!. Fangler POWER!!!!!!!.

The fangled skipping lures is made of wood. It is a lure that is manufactured in various sizes: 5” and 6” Works great with bluefish.

PRICE: $24

BABY PENCIL 4� The Baby Pencil is one of the most popular lures. It is a small wooden walker, created only in 4� size. This lure is designed for bass fishing, but also works well with other marine predators. Weighs about 16 gr.

PRICE: $20

Mini Torpedo 4� The Mini Torpedo is a walker made of wood. It is a walker in a conventional manner, but extremely effective. It is ideal for freshwater fish species and marine species.

PRICE: $20


The Baby fangled is a small skipping lure, made of wood. It is manufactured in a single model of 4”. It is ideal for small tunas and dolphinfish fishing.

PRICE: $20


PRICE: $20

The Chineslider is a walker of wood, I make two models, one floating and the sunked one. Both are identical externally, but with a totally different movement. The floating one stays in surface and has a very marked movement. And the sunked one goes below the water, with a slower movement. The floating weight 0.5 oz and the sinking weight 0.7 oz.

BABY TORPEDO 3� The Baby Torpedo is a walker made of wood with stainless steel inner skeleton. It is a walker in a conventional manner, but extremely effective. This model is manufactured in 3� size.

PRICE: $17 It is ideal for freshwater fish species to fish and marine species. Despite its small size is great and has launched a very interesting movement.

TOP44 (4�) The Top44 is a walker different from the rest, they have a specific plombed. And since you can see they get tied up of the tail of the bait. The action also is different from any bait.

PRICE: $20 This bait is the brother of the Top45 that I did a time ago. Only they differ in that the Top45 was flat and this one is cylindrical. It is a bait for basses and pikes, though I think him to give opportunities in the sea.

CHINESLIDER TROLLING 4� The Chineslider trolling 4� is the first trolling bait that I make. It is a floating bait that has a very showy and very attractive moviment for the predators. The form is very aerodynamic and is perfect to take it to the trolling. Moving the rod there is achieved that the bait is jumping over the surface.

PRICE: $20

CHINESPINNER 2� The Chinespinner is a gyratory spoon, as those of the whole life. These spoons are perfect to fishing basses, trouts and pikes. I did a subaquatic video and apart from the movement I would emphasize the sound. They are mounted to hand and are completely handcrafted. It is a simple bait but simultaneously very effectively. "These spoons give good vibrations “


Vicente Gargallo Salafranca Champion of Bass's Spain from shore 2011.


Chinesteta practises CATCH and RELEASE!!!!!!.

Someday your children and grandsons will be grateful for it to you.

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Chinesteta Catalog 2012  

See my Chinesteta handmade lures of the 2012. Wood lures to fish bass, pike, bluefish and stripped bass.

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