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Chinesehour Since 2006 A trusted site for Learning Chinese Online

Chinese Learning New Hotspot  Emerging China attracts more focus and inspires the heat of Chinese learning.

Chinese Learning New Hotspot  There are millions of Chinese learners around the world. More and more countries include Chinese in education system. The demand for Chinese teaching will be strong in a long term.

Online Learning Best Solution  Fast pace of life requires learning at any time and any place.

Online Learning Best Solution  Online learning is the best solution for imbalance of teaching resources.

Chinesehour Since 2006  Being a pioneer in this industry, we have established the leading position with these advantages:

Long History for 10 Years  10 years history and good reputation. More than 5,100 students learned or are learning at Chinesehour.

Long History for 10 Years

 Strong teaching staff,  Most of them have rich experience for more than 3 years.

Long History for 10 Years  Our students highly appreciate “1-on-1 by a fixed teacher” mode, the best prestige of Chinesehour. Most important of all, it really works.

Long History for 10 Years

 Diverse materials meet needs of various learners including beginner, intermediate level, business purpose and HSK preparation.

Advanced Technology

 ET Online Classroom, Professional system, stable and reliable,

Advanced Technology  Stimulation of traditional classroom, powerful functions, best experience. Almost every student will like this system after the trial.

Full Course Management

 Online management will keep a transparent record of class history. Periodic test and report guarantee the satisfaction.

Full Course Management  Online test system check learning results more objectively.

Our Partners  Our clients include individuals, companies, schools and other institutions.

Thanks for Your Patience!

 It is our honor to be here in the previous 10 years.  We look forward to working with you for the next 10 years.  Contact email:

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Today is the world of the internet. There are a lot of facilities over the internet and various places where you can learn Chinese, but the...

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