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Education Programme

What we can offer? Ages Ranges All our workshops have age recommendations but these are guidelines only.

Chinese Arts Centre offers a series of introductory workshops, talks and demonstrations based around traditional Chinese art forms.

Visitors with Disabilities We are committed to ensuring Chinese Arts Centre is welcoming and fully accessible to all visitors. For more information please contact us.

Chinese Arts Centre continues its commitment to an extensive learning programme. Since 1986, we have been introducing thousands of children to Chinese visual arts, crafts and performance. Led by our team of experienced and dedicated artists, our workshop programme will enhance the skills and creativity of each participant.

This brochure is available in large print format. For more information please contact us for a copy. All information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of going to print, but we reserve the right to make changes to our programme where necessary.

Focussing on teachers, school groups and clubs, nonetheless we are able to cater to participants of all ages. The workshops can take place at Chinese Arts Centre, at school or at any other venue. From Origami to Mask Making, we offer a unique opportunity to learn about Chinese history and culture while making something original to take home.

To book, just call our General Manager on 0161 832 7271

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese brush painting

Traditionally regarded as the highest form of Chinese creativity, students will use brush and ink stone to create a single, complete character. Brushes of varying flexibility and thickness, when applied with differing pressure, achieve a vast number of beautiful effects. Strength, balance, beauty life and movement are combined to make the brush dance and ink sing!

Rooted in calligraphy, this delicate art form adapts brush stokes to represent space, form, light and shade. The use of the brush is instrumental to the evolution of the painting. In both calligraphy and painting, colour is also used to generate forms, vary tone and provide character.

Duration: Up to 2 Hours Age: 7+

Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 7+

Chinese Arts Centre - Market Buildings - Thomas Street - Manchester - M4 1EU

Lantern Making


The lantern festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st month in the lunar calendar, the night of the first full moon after the Spring Festival. It has been celebrated since the Han Dynasty (206BC – 211 AD), the ceremony welcomes the ascendant sun, bringing warmth and increasing daylight after the cold and rain, in preparation for the new spring planting.

Origami began in China. The art of paper folding, (Ori meaning to fold and Kami meaning paper) is millennia old. A flat sheet of decorative paper can be transformed into 3D art works of natural forms like flowers and animals.

Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 4+

Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 6+ / 0161 832 7271 /

Paper Cutting

Opera mask making

This is one of the most popular folk arts in China and can be traced back to the 6th century AD. Paper cuts depict exaggerated yet simple images inspired by nature, language, customs, rituals, myths, stories and scenes from everyday life and it only requires paper and a pair of scissors!

Exaggerated painted faces, masks and costumes help tell a story. Hero or Villain, wise man or a fool can be represented by these painted faces. As well as making a mask, this workshop has a storytelling element including the well known Monkey King legend.

Duration: up to 2 hours Age 6+

Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 4+

Chinese Arts Centre - Market Buildings - Thomas Street - Manchester - M4 1EU

Lion Dance

Tai Qi (or Tai Chi)/ Qi Gong

The Lion Dance remains a potent symbol of good fortune, prosperity and longevity. The Chinese believe that it gets rid of all the evils and also brings happiness, fortune and luck. Performed by martial artists, the lion dance is one of the most important and distinctive cultural touchstones of China. The workshop will involve learning some of the movements and techniques of this distinctive and historic dance. Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 4+

Tai Qi is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced for health reasons. Its hard and soft martial art technique demonstrates health and longevity. Qi Gong is another form of Tai Qi which uses slow movements to promote the circulation of Qi within the human body to improve health. The workshop involves breathing exercises and practising the movements and learning about the history and health benefits of the disciplines. Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 7+ / 0161 832 7271 /

Chinese Music In China 80 different musical instruments have been developed and played over the last 2000 years. This workshop will explore the history of Chinese music and its contrasts with Western musical traditions and will give children the chance to play some of the authentic instruments!

Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 4+

Dance Traditional Dance involves ribbon dance which is a typical Chinese folk dance often performed during celebrations and festivals. A discipline which requires athleticism and rhythm to gracefully synchronizes the movement of the ribbon with the body. Contemporary Dance is influenced by ideas of yoga, martial arts and ballet. Classes are open, fun and can be attended by beginners and experienced dancers. Duration: up to 2 hours Age: 4+

Chinese Arts Centre - Market Buildings - Thomas Street - Manchester - M4 1EU

Resource Materials

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We have a collection of beautiful and evocative chinese artifacts for hire. If you want to illustrate aspects of Chinese Culture, these are perfect as a visual accompaniment. In combination with our education resource packs, they present a fine introduction to one of the worlds most enduring and fascinating civilisations. Some examples of our chinese artifacts include a lions head, tail and costumes, Chinese opera costumes, lanterns and traditional clothing. A deposit of 50% is required.

Train: 5min walk from Victoria Station or 10min from Piccadilly Station. Tram: Market Street and Shudehill stations are close by. Bus: 5min from Piccadilly bus station or 1min from Shudehill Interchange. / 0161 832 7271 /

Traditional Education Workshops  

Chinese Arts Centre offers a series of introductory workshops, talks and demonstrations based around traditional Chinese art forms. Chinese...

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