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Ice Cream Happiness Condensed by Chinchin Trinidad Vanilla - Spanish word vaina simply translates to little pod, I would call it a little pod of Heaven. It is the 2nd most expensive spice next to saffron but we won't be having any saffron-flavored ice cream any time soon. I bet my lunch money on it!

PHP 350.00

PHP 350.00

There was this legend of a 12-year-old boy who had hand pollinated vanilla into global cultivation. It seemed at that time, vanilla couldn't be grown anywhere else except in Mexico. So little 12 year old boy... GRACIAS NIテ前. The famous "Book of Spices" called it "pure, spicy and delicate." Delicate is hardly a term I can describe the way people eat Vanilla Ice Cream. But yes, let's call it that because of the wonderful delight it gives to the tongue and the palate, one can say, vanilla ice cream, rolls on your tongue as delicately as a hand woven silk scarf. Am I over the moon on vanilla ice cream yet? Well, here's one more reason why I love this flavor. At the

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start, the Vanilla bean was used in perfume manufacturing, aromatherapy and domestic baking. Way before it came into view that it was a flavor of ice cream, vanilla had already many exciting uses. And so who was this genius of a matchmaker who put together 2 of God's most heaven-inspired creations? (Hey! Everything on Earth is heaven-inspired, but these 2 are platinum!) Well, I believe it was Thomas Jerfferson, the founding father of American Independence and now my one true hero of comfort food and all-around feel good delight. Now that you've already had a taste of what flavor I really love... Why not go to my other favorite ice cream flavors and favorite ice cream places that are just down-right to die for! If there are bodies of actresses and models that are to die for, then there are flavors that are to live for and savor and enjoy!

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Oreo Cookies & Cream This is not just any cookie. This is Oreo Cookies! Remember when this snack was enough already? Twist, Lick, Dunk! Oreo - Milk's Favorite Cookie. Imagine mixing that with creamy vanila ice cream. I am in love with Vanila already, now... Let's get married!

Veronese Chocolate In Italian, it's called Cioccolato Veronese, which means chocolate from Verona, Italy! Italy is one of the best ice cream makers in the world!. This Veronese Chocolate flavor from Gelatissimo comes with swirls of chocolate cream and bits of Ferrero Rocher!

Cookie Dough Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield's genius of a team-up created many flavors that have been sought after for over 30 years. This one is possibly their best-seller and why not? It is vanila ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough. So grab a tub now!

Chocolate Chip Cookie This velvety vanila ice cream is mixed with Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies for that extra special bite! Another match made in sweet heaven! What makes this ice cream special is that you know its been loved by both vanilla die-hards and Mrs. Fields followers.

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Dairy Queen


Often abbreviated as DQ, this is one of my favorite soft serve chains. This ice cream parlor serves one of the creamiest soft serve, low fat ice creams ever. They also serve a multitude of flavors but my all-time favorite is the Oreo Cheesecake! They carry other products like the Moolatte (blended coffee), shakes, cones and sundaes! But their best-seller is the Blizzard which combines soft serve with your favorite cookies, fruit, candies and a whole lot more scrumptious combinations so good, it's riDQulous!

Step into a Gelatissimo Cafe and you’re instantly transported into 1900s Italy - sort of! Australia's most popular gelato is right here in good ole Philippines! Their equation is quite simple: gelato (ice cream) + issimo (very superlative) = the ultimate ice cream! It's not your everyday ice cream shop because it has that inviting display style of their flavors that you see up front. They make their ice cream in the store daily to guarantee freshness! This is where I get my Veronese Chocolate fix because as their motto goes: it's the real taste of Italia!"

Ice cream has long been known to calm the mind, create a 'feel good' feeling, and aid in relaxation. I soooooooooooo totally agree! So if you will excuse me, I will now calm my mind in my feel good position: pint in one hand and spoon in the other. Relaxation, here I come!

Chinchin Trinidad is a III BFA Information Design student at Ateneo de Manila University. She enjoys listening to music, watching The Vampire Diaries and Survivor, playing with her dog, thinking of Channing Tatum (they have the same initials!) and most importantly, eating ice cream!


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