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Glyd Ring for Rods - GRS Pressure

Installation Dimension. Rod Dia. Standard Extend

Groove Dia. Groove width Radial clearance

Radius O ring section

1. Application Range Rotary hydraulic transmission exists in industries such as engineering machinery, construction machinery and mobile devices. It seals the rods, shafts, pins, and rotary joints which make rotating or swinging motion. Double acting rotary seal, can undergo pressure from both sides or alternating pressure. Installed in grooves of ISO 7425 standard. Single acting structure

for higher rotating speed also available. Design and apply please referring to Trelleborg’s TG3, Merkel’s M15, Parker’s OR, AS’s XRB series standards.

2.Standard Material Seal ring: filled PTFE O Ring:NBR or FKM

3. Method of marking order number Eg:Standard rotary glyd ring for rods Ø100 , should be marked GRS1000. Working Condition

Available Diameter Range Preesure Range




General hydraulic oil,antiflaming oil,

water and others

Edition July 2009

Glyd Ring for Rods - GSR Shaft Dia. Groove Dia. Width

Order Number

Shaft Dia. Groove Dia. Width

Order Number

Edition July 2009

Turcon roto rod glyd ring merkel rotomatic m15 rodi rotary seal or rotary sealing set  

PTFE Rubber Diaphragm, clamp seals, P seals, H seals, Casing Tubing Hanger Packers, FS Casing & Tubing Seal, Springsele, Teesele, Valve Rod...

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