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Abnormity coaxial seal - MDI

Installation Demension Shaft Dia.

Groove OD

Groove width

1. Application Range & Charateritics The MDI seal consists of two parts, an elastic ring with two sealing lips and an internal slide ring of abrasion resistant PTFE-Bronze compound. Prior to fitting, the sealing lips protrude beyond the nominal diameter of the seal and when fitted are pressed against the piston rod.

Effective sealing is thereby provided even at zero pressure. It is recommended for use where different fluids on each side of the seal must be kept separate. Due to its good dry running properties, it can be used as a fluid seal on one side and simultaneously as a dirt wiper on the other side. Design and apply please refering to Hunger’s TDMI series standard.

2. Standard Material Seal ring: filled PTFE Elastomer: NBR or PU

3. Method of marking order number Eg:Standard abnormity coaxial seal Ă˜100 , should be marked MDI1000.

If you need FKM O ring,please make a special instrument. Working Condition

Available Dia. Range

Preesure Range




General hydraulic oil,antiflaming oil,

water and others

Edition July 2009

Abnormity coaxial seal - MDI Order Number

Order Number

Edition July 2009

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