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Abnormity coaxial seals - TDI

Installation Demension Shaft Dia.

Groove OD

Groove width

1. Application Range & Charateritics Inside sealing tandem seal combined with a non-standard stepseal and a non-standard Y-ring. The stepseal and the piston rod produce a sealing effect by combining a dual surface. The Y-ring seals and compensates to the wear

effects. It is suitable for hydraulic cylinder rod sealing together with the guide sleeve.

2.Standard Material Seal ring: filled PTFE O Ring:NBR or PU

3.Method of marking order number Eg:standard Abnormity coaxial seals Ă˜100 , should be mark TDI1000. Please make a special instrucment if you need FKM O ring.

Operation Condition

Available Dia. Range

Preesure Range




Petroleum-based Fluids,fire resistant

hydraulic fluid,water and others.

Edition July 2009

Abnormity coaxial seals -- TDI Shaft Dia. Groove OD Width

Order Number

Shaft Dia. Groove OD Width

Order Number

Edition July 2009

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