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Combination seal - RDI

Installation Demension

1. Application Range & Charateritics A filled PTFE seal ring, an energised O-Ring and two back-up rings compact seal. Special seal surface design to suit for high pressure and low viscosity.Concave back face design increases contact surface, prevents the seal ring rotating with the rod and shaft. Applied to engineering machinery,construction machinery and automobile machinery, ect. Design and apply according to the standard of Hunger RDI series.

2. Standard Material Seal ring: filled PTFE O Ring: NBR or FKM

L ring: POM or PA

3. Method of marking order number Eg:Standard combination seal Ă˜100 , should be marked RDI1000.

If you need FKM O ring,please make a special instrument. Working Condition

Available Dia. Range

Preesure Range




General hydraulic oil,antiflaming oil,

water and others

Edition July 2009

Combination seal - RDI Order Number

Order Number

Edition July 2009

Hunger seals rod seal ggdi captive slide and o ring seal inside sealing  

Such as PTFE Rubber Diaphragm, clamp seals, P seals, H seals, Casing Tubing Hanger Packers, FS Casing & Tubing Seal, Springsele, Teesele, Va...

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