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Send Your Love and Regards With Video Greeting Cards

Fast. Efficient. Inexpensive. video greeting cards are a new way to ensure your card always reaches your intended on time. No more checking on the postal strikes, paying extortionate amounts for stamps or fighting off the winter rain to get to the mail box. With just a few minutes and a little creative imagination, you can create your own personalized, animated or video greeting cards, which can be reproduced and sent to as many people as you wish. Video cards are the by-product of software evolution. They once involved the skills of flash developers, animators and other creative influences, and were featured on sites such as Blue Mountain, who charged an annual fee upwards of $29.99. While their selection is extremely diverse, none of them can be truly personalized to the extent they stand out from any other e-cards someone might receive. Hail a revolution, in the form of greeting card software, designed with personalization in mind. Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking the capabilities of greetings card software only extend to the creation of print-out cards and invitations, however, you'd be mistaken. Card making software demonstrate a whole new world of capability and customization. Create anything from mini-movies to slide shows to include in your e-greetings card, and truly convey the sentiment intended. Surpass expectation with the inclusion of family video clips or your own recorded message. With e-greetings cards, anything is possible! What is a Video Card? Video cards are more commonly referred to as "e-greetings cards" or "e-cards"; electronic cards which can be sent via email, or from another online communication medium. The evolution of software has now recognized the ability to upload and import video clips into your card creation, so you are no longer limited to the generic flash animations provided by online sources. E-Cards vs. Traditional Cards Whether you are considering e-cards as a business stationary tool, or for personal use, the advantages are endless. For a small price, you can obtain software, which can then be used endlessly to create hundreds of thousands of cards, at no additional cost. You also bypass the printing process, conserving your printer ink and paper reserves. Think of your carbon footprint too. The less paper and ink you actually use, the more beneficial it is to the environment. The obvious benefit of sending an e-card in place of a traditional card is the expense. Single cards cost anything upwards of $2, while a Christmas box set containing 10-20 realizes upward of $6. A greetings card maker can be purchased for a one-off price, with unlimited usage opportunity. The mail service is significantly less reliable than it used to be, and traditional cards can often arrive far later, whether or not they were posted on time. With an e-card, you never have to worry

about missing an important date again, because they are instant, and viewable in a matter of minutes, upon receipt.

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