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MISS UZ Queen Zandile

role of youth in the upcoming 2018 elections

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My beauty routine starts off with a dose of prayer to order my morning. Then a bath followed by some serious moisturising. And a bit of makeup. I always drink as much water as I can.




Queen Zandile BY

How best would you describe yourself? I am an extrovert. I like being around people who are positive minded. I love dancing and modelling. Above everything I love God.

Do you have any prior modeling experience before Miss UZ? Yes I do. I started modelling at a young age. I was Miss Thornhill 2014 (Queen). Miss Gweru 2016 (1st Princess) and Miss Personality. Miss Arts UZ 2017 (Queen) and now Miss Uz 2018.

Any future plans in modelling? In the coming year I



intend to pursue modeling. Particularly Runway Modeling.

Would you say the event was a success? In my point of view I believe it was a success. As we all did what we had been rehearsing to showcase on the evening of the event. I believe all the contestants gave their best and we enjoyed ourselves.

What would you change in regards to the pageant? I wouldn’t change anything as each and every event in our lives is a learning curve to improve ourselves and excel.


What do you have to say to your critics especially those who termed the event a flop and mediocre at best? I would like to thank them as their criticisms have made me and my colleagues to reflect on the pageant on what we can learn from it. Where we could improve our efforts and how to be better representatives of the institution. Constructive criticism is always welcome and we will try to do our best moving forward.

And those who are of the notion that the contestants were beauties without brains? Firstly I would want to say that its a harsh assessment of each and every contestant. You can never judge anyone in a moment of uncertainty as that is a biased assessment. Each and every one of the contestants is a well respected student in their respective faculties with most of them having an upper or second class average score in their studies. So forgive my confusion when I hear people saying ‘beauties without brains’. Yes we could have done better in answering the questions but our intelligence was never a question as we are already in one of Zimbabwe’s best universities. The questions provoked moments of uncertainty, confusion and stage fright on our part but did not define who we are. We have all accomplished great



things in our own right and before critics judge us may they take the moment to know us and who we are. To all my fellow contestants may we continue to fight against that stigma that beautiful women have no brains, as Einstein once put it, “Intelligence is subjective and we are all intelligent in our spheres of dominion”.

What role do you play as the face of UZ in promoting the school’s brand? Students face a lot of challenges during their studies, some more difficult than what meets the eye. My role is to look for alternative routes to help students meet their needs. Together with the university affiliations and associations we work and aim to assist every student in need.

What are you working on at the moment in regard to your role as Miss UZ and what duties come

with this role? I have been involved with the Symposium on Peace and the 2018 Harmonised elections. Other students and I have been spreading the word for peaceful elections and that everybody should be involved in the elections especially us as the youth.

Do you have a beauty routine and if so what is it? My beauty routine starts off with a dose of prayer to order my morning. Then a bath followed by some serious moisturising. And a bit of makeup. I always drink as much water as I can.

Do you have any advice for future UZ royalty? Do your best and thank God for each and every day. There will always be negative people, critics and those who will discourage you. But as long as you remain true to who you are and your God, you’ll be invincible.

Do your best and thank God for each and every day...




By Tungamirira Chipare “Peace - Everyone's responsibility for a credible 2018 harmonized elections�, this was the theme for the 2018 Symposium on peace and the 2018 harmonized elections. The event attracted a large number of delegates which included the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Hon Kembo Mohadi and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba. The focus was on how citizens and the government contribute to the harmonized elections. The symposium was held at the University of Zimbabwe from 17 to 18 May 2018. In the process various institution representatives were given the chance speak on ways which elections can be held peacefully. Focusing on the speech of Vice President Kembo Mohadi, the elections of 2018 are much likely going to be held peacefully due to the fact that



there is a new dispensation which upholds fair and peaceful elections. In his speech VP Mohadi stated that the aim of the government is to make sure everything has been prepared for the elections to be held peacefully and fair. On the role of traditional chiefs during elections, Chief Musarurwa stated that chiefs are also promoting peace at local level by avoiding discrimination in villages in terms of party supporting. ZEC chairperson also stated that the commission is putting effort on elections material to be sufficient although they have been allegations that ZEC is not working as an independent commission. She also made it clear that ZEC complies with the Constitution of Zimbabwe. ZEC, she went on, as an independent Commission is not influenced by any group or individual when it comes to its responsibility.

The role of the Youth in the Upcoming Elections r n u y l h e t r a A K by arie M

Speech by: Kaelyn-Marie Arthur

As I stand here I speak to you on behalf of two groups of people. The first are Journalism students as I am an aspiring journalist and the second group are the Youth. Today im going to talk about the role of the youth in elections. As you are aware, Zimbabwe is in a new and special era. New in the sense that for the first time after 37 years we are under a new president and special because soon we will hold our 2018 harmonised elections and we also have new faces in the race for presidency. With election fever gripping the nation I have noticed the trending analogies, many including newspapers and politicians have coined this “The Youth Election”. This is evident by statistics that highlight that youth comprise of approximately 60% of registered voters in Zimbabwe . This means the YOUTH are the bulk of the voting population and the youth hold the power to determine the outcome of this election I'm sure this sounds very empowering and indeed it is. But let us backtrack slightly, a scholar Dr Obert Hodzi conducted research during the 2013 elections and analysed the role and participation of the Youth during the 2013 elections and concluded that .. I quote “The youth are polarised and struggle to articulate a national objective that might be able to shift the country's political discourse.” He went on to say that “The majority of Zimbabwean youth act as loosely affiliated individuals seeking personal rather than group benefits.” Ladies and gentlemen, I speak to you as a youth and a student. Students are grateful for this narrative and as the youth well we admit to our past mistakes. History is a reminder of our past and it moulds us for a better future.



This history is necessary because it pushed US the YOUTH to a place in which we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past Presently, the iron is hot, elections dawn on us, let us re-write the history on role of the youth in pre-and post-election, and let the youth be descried as a homogenous group, uniform in our grievances and consensual about the strategies to resolve them. What am I saying? I am saying that as youth our power is in our numbers, our numbers can sway and dictate the pace of elections. As we move forward let us align ourselves with or better yet let political affiliations align themselves with us The future belongs to the YOUTH and the YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE. Political parties and Government are aware that we are a key STAKEHOLDER, they need us so let us take advantage of that by synchronising with those that best represent our interests. Our interests are real and action speaks louder than words. What are our interests? One may wonder; 1. We want an enabling environment that will allow increased youth participation in governance and policy decisions 2. We want a thriving economy 3. We also want employment 4. We want to live in a society that does not prolong childhood, because of the scarcity of opportunities and resources Before my time lapses, I leave you with this Gone are the days when youth were disenfranchised, corruptible and susceptible to manipulation, Gone are the times when the only role youth played was for violence and intimidation After all it is your vote and I urge you to use it as a key to unlock the future you want for yourself n your future generations. I thank you.

by Brian Muringisi

Opinion Post byBrian Muringisi. Writing in a de-colonial ink, one may realise that the project is a never ending pursuit and may quickly turn utopian . Through its metamorphosis, the project has moved from "fanonian" thinking of life being cast in stone, being a fight of the pigments "black vs white" to Wa'thiong's fight to liberate the mind and more recently Mbembe's attempt to decolonise the university. All these approaches beg the question where does the student lie? The answer, in the middle. For the student, the end product of all these approaches should be a complete liberation from the captivity of language, colonial mind-set and colonial learning environment on campus. The 'usa' and the 'uba' as the colloquial language goes should be independent though not divorced from the 'colonial educational system'. Such is the utopian nature of the de-colonial project. Colonial not in the sense of it appraising the colonial masters but in failing to create a self-conscious "uba" or "usa". The student in many cases becomes engrossed in the education they receive in lectures thus failing to divorce the self from the system. The concept of academic freedom becomes nihilistic in nature for if one is not independent from the lessons gained within the corridors of the classroom then there is no freedom. For Wa'thiong, the principal tool for the neo-colonial project is the language. Language for him continues to be the chief agent of the colonial project as such it should be the chief agent of the decolonial project. In context, the UZ student cannot divorce him or herself from lectures in English language, however the student can cleanse him or



Decolonising the student herself from the language in conversation. Many are times on campus the language becomes a status symbol with the majority shunning indigenous languages opting for the occidental language. In decolonising the university ,Mbembe explains that the philosophical understanding underpinning the Rhodes must fall movement in South Africa was not hatred for Rhodes or the colonial masters. It was an attempt to decolonise the learning environment within which the student operates. For him, the decolonial project cannot be complete until the learning environment is de-colonised. This should strike a chord with the UZ student. The student must appreciate the historical significance of buildings appriciate the historical significance of buildings such as the Llewellyn Lecture Theatre and halls of residence such as Manfred Hudson. Unlike Mbembe this article does not advocate for the felling of such buildings rather it advocates for an appreciation of the historicity and historical importance of such buildings. Only in embracing the past can the futuristic component of the de-colonial project be captured. In The Wretched Of The Earth, Fanon clearly shows that the oppressed should embrace the tactics of the oppressor and use them in the liberation process. In the same vein, the student must be proactive in assimilating lessons gained from the 'colonial educational system' into their individual belief systems to complete the de-colonial project. The UZ being a centre for academic excellence provides many important lessons that are crucial in identity formation, self-consciousness and the de-colonial project. As such it is upon the student to recognise these teachings in lectures, extract them, incorporate them in the fight against an Omni present colonial project.

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The Female: The Hardest Creature To Love


Charline L Muchenje


eing a girl, somewhat an expert at the common troubles of girlhood, I have come to realize how girls actually are creatures.

As a feminist, I believe in equality of opportunities (between sexes) but I have come to hate girls and their attitudes towards each other and themselves. In high school, I was exposed to many girls: the popular girls, the tom-boys, the “bad-bs”, the girly-girls, the nerdy-girls and the girls next door, you name it. I have come to know how putting “bad” in front of “b****” is a compliment. I've learnt that being short is cute and being tall is weird and no one wants you. I have come to know the thin line between being “thick” and being “fat”. I've come to learn that girls, black girls, must always describe themselves as strong. I have come to know how as an African girl, especially, you can't do certain things. You can't, for instance, wear short skirts to church because you will tempt men, you can't wake up at 9am because when you're married, you'll have to take care of a man, you can't openly state your opinion about



particular things because you can't question your male-led culture – but what shocks me the most is how these teachings are perpetuated from generation to generation by the enemy, the female. Some people often wonder why feminism, unlike racism, hadn't had a big impact on the world. I, often, naively blamed the male species for our downfalls. “They want everything to themselves” I argued, never considering that we had given everything to them. “They step on us and refuse to lift us up”, I believed, never considering lifting other women up. We're so quick to blame men for all the things that are wrong in society, but no one can do any damage to you, without your consent. Maybe we can blame our great grandmothers for letting men do whatever they wanted, to set the norms that are mostly for their betterment, to restrict and limit us. But, we can also thank them for giving us the opportunity to learn to empower, to uplift, to thrive and rise together, to crack our heads while trying to figure out how to reconstruct society and for some of us, have a passion that sets our souls on fire. Feminism is the new black.



Don't you love make up that draws all the attention in the room? Who doesn’t want supercharged and off the charts make-up? That ultralit from within look is extremely relevant right now, but its not as if it's a passing trend. Over the years make-up has seen an exponential growth in popularity.

Courtesy of Getty Images

How to apply make-up like Kylie Jenner courtesy of wikihow


ylie Jenner, is quickly making a name

for herself with her distinctive look and bold style. She highlights her signature plump pout with a deep lipstick, complemented with dark eyes, sleek brows, and a dramatic contour. While Kylie has a team of makeup artists at her disposal, you can mimic her look with a few key products and techniques. Contouring Your Face 1 Prime your face. A face primer will ensure your makeup goes on smooth and stays put all day. A primer can also help minimize pores, wrinkles, and blemishes, so it's an important first step to your skin routine. Kylie's face looks flawless in every photo she takes, and primer will help you be ready for your closeup too. Apply primer over your entire face using your fingertips. Working the primer into your face with your fingers has the added benefit of getting blood flowing to your skin, helping to brighten it. Face primer is especially important when you want your makeup to last in more extreme weather conditions, like blazing heat or freezing cold. 2 Apply your foundation over your entire face. This will even out your skin, conceal redness and blemishes, and create a flawless base for the rest of your makeup. Kylie is the queen of flawless skin, so a great foundation routine is key to achieving her look. Blend it thoroughly into your skin using a makeup applicator sponge or a large stippling brush. Don't forget to bring your foundation downwards, so there isn't a stark contrast between your face and neck. 3 Use a concealer lighter than your skin tone to brighten and highlight. It is absolutely crucial to choose a shade much lighter than your bare skin. Kylie's make-up artist chooses a concealer one or even two shades lighter than her natural skin tone to set up the base for the contoured look she rocks daily. Apply the light concealer under your eyes to brighten them and conceal dark bags. This will make you look younger and more alert.



Then apply the concealer on the forehead, bringing it down the center of the nose. Finally, add a dot to the cupid's bow, or the arch above the center of your lips. This light concealer will brighten the face, slim the nose, and accentuate your pout, all things that Kylie is known for. 4 Use a dark concealer or bronzer and a highlighter to contour your face. A perfectly contoured face is part of Kylie's signature look, so this may be one of the most vital steps to mimicking her makeup routine. Apply the dark color to the hollows of your cheeks, the highest point on your forehead along your hairline, your jawline, and the bridge of your nose. The highlight should complement the darker color. Apply the highlight to the center of your forehead, under your eyes, your chin, and under your cheek bones. This will give your face a sun kissed look, while enhancing your bone structure and natural features. Using a blending brush, dab at the products until they are fully blended into your skin. It is important to dab rather than sweep the brush, so the products are not transferred to other areas of your face. Continue this dabbing motion until there are no harsh lines, and the contour lines are seamlessly blended into your foundation. 5 Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to soften up the bronzer contour. The best way to do this is to smile, and then apply blush to the areas that are lifted. Apply it in a circular motion, and then sweep it slightly outwards to make it look most natural. Blush comes in both powder and cream forms, so choose

the product that you can work most comfortably with.

To achieve DRAMATIC EYES see the next edition.

Four Easy Tips To Ensure Healthy Hair By Natasha Nyongo Hair is one of the most important things/assets a woman possess and takes pride in. It comes in different types and textures and as such there are a lot of different ways to care for it. Here are four easy tips on how to protect that hair this summer to ensure healthy, flawless hair! During winter seasons hair is prone to falling leaving split ends or even hair loss 1 Make sure that your hair is well conditioned: You can make use of coconut oils. It's a solution to dry hair and can help soften it and soothe your scalp so make sure to get yourself some coconut oil and see how it will work for your hair. 2 Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing and straightening of hair. These techniques can weaken your hair damaging it from root level causing it not to grow the way you want it to. 3 Watch your diet! Make sure you remember to eat food that stimulates hair growth and which keeps it healthy. Eggs, spinach, avocados, potatoes and beans are some of the food that promote hair growth. They contain proteins and vitamins which are essential for health, so you can prepare them in whatever way that you like, keeping in mind that the end result is beautiful hair. 4 Protective hair styles: this is the fun part because not only will you be alternating different stylish and funky hair but you'll also be preventing hair breakage in a stylish way. Protective hair styles allow and give you a way of styling your hair while avoiding damage, keeping it healthy. Here are some examples of protective hairstyles, Jumbo twists aka Little Shekhina, box braids, wigs, faux locs and a lot more‌ So this summer make sure you keep your hair healthy and stylish by making use of these four cool tips!

Education for you, not for me- just the way it is! By Charline



know of twins, the girl was always more academically gifted, “a pleasure to teach”, most teachers often repeated to their parents at consultation day. The boy, however, was more of a sportsman, and most teachers often started their comments as, “eerrrhhm with Mikey, the problem is not…..” But after completing high school, their mother went to the girl, who had gotten 12 points at A' level, and said, “I know Mikey got 9 points but he will be going to university, not you.” The girl tried to question this unfair decision, but her question was dismissed by an abrupt rising of the hand, and she knew that it was because Mikey was a boy, so his education was more important and that was final. That's just the way it is.

I can't over-emphasize the importance of education, especially in Africa. When girls are young and people ask us what we want to be, we have been trained to automatically scream, “DOCTOR!!!” and there after our fathers and mothers would crack into smiles and think of how proud they are that you even know that being a doctor is a valid occupation. They will, soon enough, begin boasting about you to their friends, whose children want to be Models, singers, or something they think is just as “pathetic” . In primary school, I learnt with a girl named Candice, who was the top of my class for 7 years straight. She had the brains and the looks (and happened to take my exboyfriend too when I was 10). Whenever she was asked what she wanted to be, she'd obviously say “Doctor” with a sweet and convincing smile (while I was part of the squad that would say “Mother”). She was the talk of the each Prize-giving day because she would have swept away all the prizes. Long story short, she was amazing and the ideal daughter. But the sad thing is that she lived on her mother's approval. When she was 11, her mother would not let her eat without studying for at least 4 hours. Her



mother would freak if she didn't ace a test. Her mother would viciously beat her if she wrote 2 instead of 3. She was unhappy obviously and wanted to be a doctor only because her mother had given that as the only option. But why do we do that to our girls? Why do we give them the gift of education, and even go as far as choosing an occupation for them, only so that we snatch away that gift so as to give it to a boy? Why do we give our girls so much pressure to be these independent beasts (that are strong and opinionated), but also force them to throw their independence and strength into a bag when facing opposition from a man? We kinda give girls limits and restrictions as to how and to whom to showcase their education and emancipation to. We tell them to “Be successful but not too successful “, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie put it. A girl's success automatically has to diminish to a size below her husband's; otherwise it will make him feel less of a man. But my question is who ever set the standards of what being a man is? Can we all just stop doing something for a second? Can we stop sitting around, blaming society for making our lives hell, creating rigid expectations of men and women and not allowing us to practice self-definition. But we're not doing anything to change it, are we? We complain yet we just conform to what it dictates. If we raised men to not care about the success of their wives, to maybe try augment it rather than diminish it, we'd have fewer divorces. My friend told me the story of Bucha Emecheta, an impeccable African writer. She was lived in poverty, her husband had lost his job and she was the only one who was working and getting the bills paid. So she decided to start writing books to get extra money, but for some reason, her husband detested this act and felt like his

manhood was being challenged. He then went on to burn the only draft of her very first book she'd written. How pathetic and cruel is that? But surprisingly when I asked my other friend what he felt about that, he said, “It was unfair, but he was just being a man.” “Just being a man” rang in my mind for a while as I was trying to control my anger. What is a man? That's a question I want you to ask yourself. Or better of, what determines that you're a man? Here are the answers I got from some of my friends: 1. When one begins to take responsibility for their actions, they become a man. 2. When one begins to take care of the people around him, realizing that it's not all about him, they become a man. 3. When one begins to think before acting, they become a man. From the results I got, we can all clearly



see that Bucha's husband didn't act like a man. He was cruel, immature and selfish and I really hate him for that. Yes, I “hate” all men that act like this. We, Feminists, have been made to use that “disgusting” word (hate) extra carefully because it portrays us as “angry” and being angry isn't pretty. “If you're gonna be angry then it has to be cute”, But no. Being angry is okay. Be angry, be pissed, be bloodshot mad because if you're angry then that just means that you're paying attention. Pay attention.




definitely a myth that needs to be

out because it increase strength and



also it engages the core and the lower

help you build lean muscle as well as

Of course eating too much of anything


strong muscle which will help you

will make you gain weight, but

When doing push ups keep your back

when working out. Out of all the macro

naturally, grain or starchy carbs such as

flat and eyes focused about three feet in

nutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) lean

sweet potatoes, brown rice, and

front of you to maintain a neutral neck

protein has the highest thermogenic

oatmeal are actually quite beneficial in

until the chest graze the floor.

effect on the body.

your six pack quest, especially when

That makes it the most valuable macro

consumed post-workout. fat.


nutrient of all, because your body

Try to eat moderate amounts of carbs

Sit ups targets the stomach to be flat,

burns a ton of calories breaking it

and 1-2 cups of vegetables with each

it's a work out that actually work the


meal. This will ensure that your body

abdominals, building a strong core

This is one of the main reasons why

gets the vitamins, minerals,

muscle and it also targets other

professional athletes and competitive

antioxidants, and fiber it needs to

muscles like chest lower back and the

bodybuilders eat a diet that is high in

function at its peak and remain healthy.


best physiques on the planet.


UPS: lie down on your back

start by doing push ups, in a high plank

bend your legs and place feet firmly on

Body builders need protein in their

position. place hands firmly on the

the ground to stabilize your body.

lean protein and also have some of the



DNA and tissues. In order to survive

groung directly under your shoulders.

Cross your head to opposite shoulders

and also to burn body fat!

engage the glutes and the hamstrings

curl your upper body all the way up

Most people have been falsely led to

and flatten the back so that the entire

towards your knees do this for about

believe that carbohydrates are bad and

body is neutral and straight

110 reps .

that they will make you fat. This is

Push ups are important when working



but a good strategy to use is to eat most of your carbs post-



Compound, multi-joint, total body movements will promote more

When you intake carbs post-workout your body quickly absorbs

total fat loss and promote a much bigger muscle building response

the carbs directly into the muscle tissue, promoting growth. Post-

than crunches and sit-ups ever will.

workout carbs also help your muscles recover faster, which will

Personally, I think that it is completely pointless to waste an hour

give you better results faster.

of your time doing hundreds of useless crunches and sit-ups when

Many people believe that eating fat will make you fat, but in

that hour could be spent doing exercises that are more productive

reality, healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats such as

for fat loss.

fish oils, nuts, and olive oil will actually help you burn more fat

Working as a fitness model, I generally work abs for about 20

than a low fat diet will.

minutes two or three times per week. There is just no reason to

Dietary fat in your diet will kelp keep insulin levels stable, which

work abs any more than this!

will help prevent you from gaining additional body fat.


The last diet tip is to include plenty of fiber and raw vegetables

In order to burn fat and reveal your

washboard, six pack abs, it is important to eat a balanced diet that

with each meal. Vegetables are jam packed with tons of fiber,

is made up of protein, healthy fats, and some carbohydrates.

antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which are all essential for

Protein helps form the building blocks of muscle and is probably

building a lean body and ripped six pack abs. Here is a list of great

the most essential macronutrient of them all, mainly because your

compound exercises that you should have in your workout

body burns a ton of calories digesting protein.


Calculating the right amount of carbohydrates to eat can be tricky,









WHEN I GET MARRIED By Brian Muringisi When I marry Let me be Don't invite me Don't congratulate me No compliments Just buy Purchase the merchandise When I get married Give them Feed them Clothe them For centuries to come When I get married Bring home my prized possession Bring home the product Bring her home to me Let me be! To do as I please For I paid I married

Obliviousness By Tawanda Imbayarwo When you hear any bawling Wailing ambulances Your heart shivers Seeing in a distance Blue and red lights flickering And a yellow tape restricting laymen You never forget that night A Lot has happened since Those you have forgotten Forgetting every leading clue or hint. The joy prior All smiles and laughter Forgotten for sorrow When you see a poor man Holding a chalk against the blackboard Asking questions he already had answers And when the chalk breaks One piece is going to land in your head That is all you do not forget. You never forget the pain You have forgotten all the lessons delivered Forgotten all the degrees you hold Brushing them off as a right Every help was owing No need to remember debt payers Forgetting is a choice Remembering also But we choose forgetting We forget to remember And forget how to forget Remembering only how to forget We are forgetful creatures We forget how to remember the good And forget how to forget pain that eats us We forget that grief can be forgotten One thing we remember is how to forget happiness We remember how not to forget the haunting We forget how to forget All the ugly and gloomy The torment and every peril Forgetting how to remember The laughter and sweetness of life All achievements and love received Forgetful creatures of the good

The Work of the UZ SRC By Dean Jombo The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Zimbabwe is a board of students from different segments of the student body chosen through elections by students to represent them at the institution. It is mainly the students government at the university. It consists of 2 Presidents, 8 secretaries (ministries), the Secretary General being the Prime Minister. AIMS · Hope for equal and free education -every child to get free education as education is a right to everyone. ·

Represent students on day to day needs -Accommodation for every university student who needs it. -Food quality -Health ·

To have more women participating in the SRC

ACHIEVEMENTS · Students writing exams without paying fees. · Engaging with other organizations to provide free entertainment for students.




maintain and i m p r o v e standards of participants in sports (sleeping in lodges and hotels whilst participating for the university)

The SRC and Its Respective Leaders President S. Tsikirai Vice President T. Vhudzijena Secretary General T. Ponela Minister of Sport K. Guta Minister of Finance I. Mukwichi Minister of Social Welfare

M. Magoche M i n i s t e r o f Entertainment T. Munetsi Minister of Properties, Transport and Non Residential Students I. Muchena Minister of External Publicity and Information N. Matambanadzo Minister of Legal and Academic Affairs M. Mhandu N.B The SRC is elected by students every year through a voting process. An exclusive interview with the only female member of the SRC in our next edition.


by Duncan Riss Mutasa


e had sit down with the University Of Zimbabwe's Sports Director, Mr Life Chemhere, who was appointed the Director of Sports and Recreational Activities in 2007. When did you start working at the University Of Zimbabwe (UZ) and when were you appointed the sport director? I joined the University of Zimbabwe in 2004 as an assistant director then I was appointed director in 2007.



How was the experience working for The University? Well, the University of Zimbabwe has high expectations. Being from a high educational background I found it very exciting and challenging to join the university because it has a wide array of sporting activities to look after. There are about 19 different sport codes amongst which we have close to about 16-17000 students which play competitive and recreational sports. So we then have a challenge in terms of delivering and meeting the expectation with such a big number. Suffice to say the university has a very good vision in terms of sporting and recreational activities.

Are all the sport captains working well with you? What I can say is we play as a team. In the running of the campus sports we have something known as the sports council. The sports Council is made up of people chosen from all the sport captains, so all our activities are student driven. We give them a leeway to shine, to be innovative and to be creative so basically we can say we work very well together. We have meetings every fortnight in order to re-strategies and to discuss problems and solutions to the problems. What has the University of Zimbabwe achieved in the sporting sector? We have been leading in all sporting activities amongst other universities from 2007 to 2013. Then from 2014 to 2015 Midlands State University (MSU) has been on the top, since then we have restrategized ourselves and we are now the leading university in the region. In regional tournaments like Zone6 volleyball, our women have participated for five years, our men participated in 2017 and qualified for Africa Championship



Volleyball and we performed exceptionally. The University of Zimbabwe is now ranked number 12 in Africa. Our ladies qualified for the 2016 Africa Championship in Tunisia and participated in 2017 and our men qualified in 2017 and then participated in 2018 in Egypt. In The ZUSA games we came first out of 14 universities. The universities that we played against include Africa University, Bindura State University, Harare Institute of Technology, Catholic University, CUT, Great Zimbabwe University, NUST, Gwanda State University, Lopane State University, Reformed Church University, Women's University, Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University and Midlands State University. In the ZTISU games, the University of Zimbabwe represented the Zimbabwe University Sports Association. In Volleyball we got a gold medal, Chess women we got a gold medal, Tennis we got a gold medal, Hockey women we attained a gold medal, Karate we had 4 gold medals , Athletics 7 gold medals and 5 silver medals, Rugby we had a silver medal and Hockey men we got a silver medal.

All that managed to attain gold medals in the ZTISU games are going to represent Zimbabwe in the Confederation of Universities and Colleges Sports Association in Botswana in June. By virtue of performance we have also attracted international colleges. We have an international flag, in 2015 our ladies volleyball played against South Korea in the World University Games so we are ranked well in the world. We also have what you call collage sports and the league games. Teams in the league include Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Darts, Rugby Athletics and hockey . What would you need to improve your performance? We need to upgrade our human capital and level of expertise. We also need to upgrade our facilities in order to meet international standards; we need an indoor volleyball and basketball court and a hockey turf. However the university never failed to cater for our needs, it had always been able to pull through.

HOWLING WITH A WOLF By Edward Zvemisha D. An insightful conversation with UZ Wolves player Deadricks Watch on development of the game in Zimbabwe, their recent performances at the Afro-Volleyball Championships and future endeavors. Q What can you say about the growth of volleyball in Zimbabwe? Like any other sport, volleyball has developed being played in primary as well as private schools and at provincial level with different leagues; however it has more room to grow. Q How did you manage to qualify for the Afro-Championships? We got silver at the Zone 6 Regional games held in Bulawayo last year and this gave us the opportunity to play with Africa's elite. Q Which other Southern African teams were present at the tournament in Egypt earlier this year? There was Redskins Feo from Lesotho, but notably there were also African powerhouse Al Ahly, the Cameroonians and Kenyans. Q. How was the experience in Egypt and duration of your stay? It was two weeks maximum and for the experience, 'it was enlightening and wonderful' as we made a short circuit in the country. Q Can you explain the feeling in the camp after getting your first win? Well we had three wins against Mangwaza from Benin, AS Police, Baafia from Cameroon, but I can say the first win was



amazing and a morale booster since we were first timers in such a tournament, 'it felt good and winning challenged us to keep setting higher standards,' it was a great feeling that's all I can say. Q And your overall position at the tournament? 12 out of 24. Q Did the winning team deserve the title? Yes, they survive on volleyball so they are pretty good and have quality which we wish for as UZ Wolves. Q And the plans for the future? We wish to be a force to reckon with in the near future.

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CHINANAZ_uz Online Magazine Vol.1 Issue1  

The first issue of CHINANAZ_uz Online Magazine which is the pride of University of Zimbabwe Journalism and Media Studies.