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第一章 总则 Rules of Procedures of the Board of Directors Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1

In order to establish a modern corporate system and perfect the corporate governance structure, in accordance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China (“Company Law”), the Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China (“Securities Law”), the Articles of Association of Anhui Expressway Company Limited (“Articles”, and Anhui Expressway Company Limited, “Company”), the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”), and the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (“SSE”), and by reference to other legislation of Central Government and local governments of the People’s Republic of China, the Rules of Work of the Board of Directors (“Rules”) are formulated.

Article 2

The purpose of formulating these Rules is ,on the basis of the Articles, to further specify the duties, responsibility, and powers of the board of directors; to regulate its procedures of work and mode of action; to ensure a strengthening of the responsibilities of the board of directors, its exercise of its functions and power, performance of its duties and undertaking of its obligations pursuant to law; so as to bring the decision-making role of the board of directors in the management of the Company into full play, and to fulfill the regularization of the work of the board of directors.

Article 3

The Company shall have a board of directors pursuant to law. The board of directors is entrusted by the shareholders’ general meeting to manage and operate the legal person assets of the Company, and is accountable to the shareholders’ general meeting.

Article 4

The scope of application of these Rules: Anhui Expressway Company Limited. The subsidiaries shall, by reference to their respective actual situations, thoroughly implementing the principles contained in the relevant contents of these Rules, and other affiliated companies may implement these Rules, mutatis mutandis.

董事会议事规则 第一章 总则

第 1 条 为建立现代企业制度及完善公司法人治理结构,根据《中华人民共和国 公司法》(“《公司法》”)、 《中华人民共和国证券法》(“《证券法》”)、安徽皖 通高速公路股份有限公司(“公司”)章程(“公司章程”)、香港联合交易所 (“联交所”)的《证券上市规则》和上海证券交易所(“上交所”)《股票上市 规则》,并参照国家和地方政府其他有关法规,制订公司董事会议事规则(“本 规则”)。 第 2 条 制订本条例的目的是根据公司章程,进一步明确公司董事会的职责和权 限,规范公司董事会的工作程序和行为方式,保证董事会强化责任,依法行使 职权,履行职责,承担义务,充分发挥董事会在公司管理中的决策作用,实现 董事会工作的规范化。 第 3 条 公司依法设立董事会。董事会受股东大会的委托,负责管理和经营公司 的法人资产,对股东大会负责。 第 4 条 本条例适用范围:安徽皖通高速公路股份有限公司。附属子公司应结合 本企业的实际,对相关内容按本条例精神贯彻执行,其他联营公司可参照执行。



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