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Buddy Event sunday may 2 check in @ kerckhoff state rooms Jamba Juice fundraiser thurs. april 29 from 7 am - 7 pm Parent Mentorship thurs. april 29 from 6 pm - 7:30pm first floor lobby of Tom Bradley International Hall

Awareness Event may 25 kerckhoff grand salon

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the STAFF? Co-Presidents LiAnn Ishizuka Brian Chiu Mentorship Catherine Le Little

Ann Chiang Jon Li

To Our China Care Bruins Family: As we enter our last quarter of this year at UCLA, we are also entering into our last quarter of China Care Bruins! BUT it’s not really the end! (whew) This quarter, look forward to a big fundraising event we’re reviving – the Garage Sale! -, some new and exciting mentorship events planned and organized by incoming Mentorship directors; a Parent Mentorship Outreach event tailored to give you an opportunity for networking; and last but not least, our 2nd Annual Awareness Event complete with live performances and some interesting information about China’s adoption issues. We hope that this quarter brings you all closer to CCB – we will even have fun social events planned so we look forward to seeing everyone there! CCB Love, LiAnn & Brian Co-Presidents 2009-2010



volume 1. issue 2.

Outreach & education

What are you going to do with your major? This is probably one of the most common questions people ask college students like us. Whether you are a Neuroscience or English major, most of us aren't sure and that's perfectly fine. However, such a question brings up an important part of college - yes, beyond the midterms and frat parties and Spring Sing - that we will have to face sometime, the part of college that requires us to explore career options and compete in the real world. This Thursday, Jeri, the former President of FCC, will be presenting a workshop to help all the Big Buddies with all the necessities of preparing for a career: learning interview and resume tips, exploring career options and resources offered by the FCC parents. This is exclusively for you Big Buddies so take advantage of it! We will also be having a presentation by Big Buddies who have gotten internships through their connection with CCB and FCC. This is a learning and networking experience you can't miss! - Eric Ku, Outreach Director


Winnie Lee Jane Sha Fundraising Fiona Poon Melissa Chin Catherine Chiang Outreach Eric Ku Michelle Hong Webmaster Justin Lee

CCB Fundraising would like to thank all of you who came out to our first ever CCB Talks which focused on none other than FUNraising! We hope that you guys learned a lot and will continue to participate in our upcoming events. Our next event is THIS THURSDAY 4/29 from 7am7pm at Jamba Juice in Ackerman. Please be sure to help us flier and buy a smoothie! 10% of the proceeds will go toward funding surgeries! During Saturday May 8th from 9-3, we will be having our annual Garage Sale at one of the FCC parents' homes in Mar Vista. More details to come but please bring any items in good condition to our upcoming buddy event on May 2 to support us. Last but not least, be sure to keep Tuesday of Week 9 free! We are working hard on planning our second Annual Awareness Concert with the Outreach Committee and it's looking to be a night to remember! This is one of CCB's best events of the year so you will not want to miss out! - Fiona Poon, Fundraising Director


GARAGE Buddy Event Recap with Littles and Youth: SALE Snack-Making and Outdoor Fun!

Members! Please turn in any gently used

toys DVDs books clothes

Our China Care Youth and Little Programs came together for fun-filled buddy event on April 11th. The buddies enjoyed creating scrumptious snacks at our many fantabulous food stations, such as mini pizzas, apples and dip, and ants on a log. The little, youth, and big buddies wowed us with their culinary creations and enjoyed having a picnic with all of their gourmet snacks. In addition to the food fun, the buddies enjoyed playing at our giant bubble station, rubbing on temporary tattoos, tossing Frisbees, and participating in the water balloon toss. The prize for winning the balloon toss? Getting a free shot to throw a water balloon at the Little Program Coordinator of their choice! Jon was the chosen one, and many little buddies used the extra water balloons in the same fashion, accompanied by screams of laughter and excitement.

or anything else that you can donate will be greatly appreciated. As for the sale... Our May 2nd buddy event will be led by next year's program When: Saturday May 8 Where: The house of coordinators, and we can't wait to see what they come up with. We know that they will be able to create and lead successful Little and Mary Rose Patejek! Youth Buddy Events. Also! For the We love what we do, and look forward to seeing all of the buddies! May 2nd Buddy


there will be


available for you to drop off the specific stuff! Aren't we nice?

Ann Chiang and Jon Li Little Buddy Program Coordinators Winnie Lee and Jane Sha Youth Buddy Program Coordinators

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Spring 2010 Newsletter  

Volume 1, Issue 2

Spring 2010 Newsletter  

Volume 1, Issue 2