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China Care Bruins Newsletter

E-Board //

Vol. 3, Issue 2 Fall 2011

Fundraising //

Happy Holidays from Executive Board!

Hey everyone! The fundraising committee has a few exciting events This quarter has passed by so quickly, and planned for remainder of this quarter. it has been extremely heartwarming seeing the smiles and laughter of the little and First of all, we’d like to thank youth buddies, the big buddies, and the everyone who came to the TVparents. With Thanksgiving just around Taping for “Let’s Make a Deal.” the corner, we wanted to thank everyone We had a great turn-out and it for their support and encouragement as was exciting to hang out with our part of our CCB family.  We hope you have awesome members. enjoyed the events our wonderful China Care Staff members have put together this We also have our 2nd annual quarter. As 2011 is coming to an end, both CALENDAR SALES happening of us are excited to finish our fourth year in right now!  Thanks to all the buddies China Care with a bang. Please take care who submitted you drawings for the over the holidays, and we can’t wait for calendar.  This year, we asked the what 2012 will bring us—as we have many children to drawing about one of exciting events planned for everyone! two question:  What do you want to be when you grow up? and What Best Wishes, are you thankful for.  For only $8, Catherine and Jonathan you can purchase an adorable desk 2011-2012 Executive Board calendar.   It would be a perfect holiday gift to give to your friends and

family. And of course, you can also buy one for yourself.  Remember, all the money we get from this sale will go to the surgeries we are funding for this quarter.  Also, if you are interested in purchasing a calendar, please fill out the application we have posted in our emails! We are also planning to have a restaurant fundraiser this quarter.  And we will be updating everyone about it shortly. Our goal this year is to raise $1000 per quarter.  Right now, we are trying to raise money to fund the surgery of a three-year-old boy who has spina bifida.  And it is only with your help that we can accomplish this! Mel, Protiva, Liz, Kim, Amelie Fundraiser Committee

Upcoming Events CCB Calendar Sale // Until January Restaurant Fundraiser // TBA Winter Retreat // January 20-22 Winter Buddy Event 1 // January 29th Awareness Night // February 9th Layout Editor Stephan Chiu // Copy Editor Shirley Sim // Photographer Fritz Batiller

Littles Mentorship //

Youth Mentorship //

Merry Christmakwanzakah from Littles Mentorship! We hope you enjoyed the games and activities from our past two events! At our first event, we welcomed the new members of our family through a puzzle matching game, played in the outdoors, and drew pictures together for the calendar (which came out amazing, by the way)! At our second event, we bonded with our new buddy teams who completed group obstacles and earned materials to decorate and build their colorful group floats! At the next event, we will be celebrating the holidays CCB style with gingerbread houses and a “nice surprise,” so bring your smiles and more importantly, yourselves, and let’s end the fall quarter with a bang!

The Youth Mentorship team hopes that you will enjoy today’s pre-Christmas celebration event and that all of you will leave here ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your friends, family, and possibly your big buddies as well! We also hope that you have enjoyed our past two events of lanyard making (we have some hardcore crafters! :D) along with last time’s crazy all-around-UCLAcampus scavenger hunt of Chinese legends and stories. We were amazed at everyone’s acting skills and teamwork with one another. Keep it up! There are many more fun activities to come and if any of you have suggestions, feel free to tell us. We’re open to new ideas. Without further ado, have fun today and get crazy, sugar crazy ;)

Stay warm and with much love, Linna, Yannie, and Jennifer Littles Mentorship Team

Cheers, Eileen Hu and Fiona Hui Youth Mentorship

Social //

Outreach //

    There’s something about ChinaCare this holiday season that reminds us of Harry Potter! Remember in the fourth movie when they had that grand Christmas Ball and Hermione looked absolutely stunning? Imagine if we had that…but nope, we are all “poor college students,” and instead of having a grand celebration, we are all hanging out with our Hogwarts families (We’re keeping track of those house points!), eating pizookies or getting frozen yogurt in a chilly Westwood night! I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds just as grand as the Christmas Ball to me! Now before we get to the updates, We’d like to thank the big buddies who have been involved within their families and in the club! Thanks to little buddies for always making every single buddy event worthwhile, and, of course, a big thank you to the parents for your continued support and love!   Some upcoming social fun: CCB Potluck: TBD; stay tuned (again, on Facebook…) Winter Retreat: Jan 20 – Jan 22. Come roll out with your CCB families! What’s a better way to spend the holiday season than sipping hot chocolate by the cabin fire?   Happy Holidays! Think lots of turkey and eggnogs! Love, Shirley Chang & Vincent Tse The Social Butterflies (just kidding, kind of)

December is quickly approaching; and you know what means! From that point onward, there are 70 days until the 4th Annual Awareness Night, which will be on Thursday February 9 from 6 to 8:30 PM at Kerckhoff Grand Salon. We will be co-programming with M.E.M.O. (Medical, Educational Missions, and Outreach), a fellow student organization that works to provide healthcare for special needs orphans in Vietnam. The event will be full of edutainment, with a speaker panel eager to talk about medical issues and healthcare disparities facing special needs orphans abroad and in the United States, and a mini-concert of several artists to conclude the night. There will also be free food and a raffle! Be sure to look out for more updates come January, and please support this event, whether it’s telling your friends, flyering on Bruinwalk, and of course, coming to the event itself! Thanks for reading, the Outreach Committee

Historian & Web // Happy Holidays! I know that Thanksgiving is coming up, as well as Winter Break, and it’s going to be a while until we see you again! Just want to say we’re going to miss you all, and I hope you enjoyed the past buddy events we’ve had. Remember to check out pictures from the past buddy events on the China Care Bruins Facebook account! So until then, have some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie, and enjoy your free time with friends and loved ones. See you soon, Fritz, Historian/Web Master

China Care Bruins // 11248 Bunche Hall, Box 951487, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487

Fall 2011 Newsletter 2  

CCB Newsletter, Vol. 3 Issue 2

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