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i everyone! Welcome to our Winter 2011 newsletter! We have a ton of exciting announcements for you!

Staff applications have finally opened! If you're looking for a rewarding experience working for an amazing cause with some of the coolest, most driven people EVER, apply for CCB Staff 2011-2012! Check your email for available positions and the application! Apps are due on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM! In addition, we're requiring applicants to come to our Spring retreat scheduled for Week 4, April 22-24. Wait, what's that?! Yes, you heard correctly —we're holding a Spring Member Retreat for all members to come bond! You won't want to miss it! We're currently in the process for booking another mansion, but SAVE THE DATE! Keep a lookout for when we announce signups for retreat! This upcoming spring, we're introducing Buddy Families! We want to work on instilling a sense of family to CCB, so all of you will be going on special missions with your new family, headed by your very own CCB moms and dads! Be on the lookout for family assignments as well as more social events to come during spring!

Staff Applications Due online Wk 1 Wed. (Mar. 30) at 11:59 PM. Available online. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! Spring Qr. Retreat Week 4 Weekend April 22— 24 Location and retreat fees to be announced!

Speaking of family, we have some inspiring news from FCC. For the last three years, our Little Buddy Ruby's mom Linda Goldstein Knowlton has been working on Somewhere Between, a documentary film about teen Chinese adoptees. Check it out at and show your support by liking it on Facebook at somewherebetweenmovie. Also, this last month, China Care Bruins was awarded the Community Excellence Award in the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy Award ceremony on March 2 in Downtown LA. Read more about it here: A U D R E Y M AG A ZI NE . co m /apcf hono rs- em erging- philan th ro py leaders-in-downtown-la/ Besides this award, we're currently in the lead for China Care Foundation's Annual Club Awards for Mentorship Program Club Award, as well as in the running for the Leadership Club Award! Winners will be announced on May 2, so stay tuned! More CCF news: 2011 China Care Volunteer Program applications are now open! Sessions will be July 7-16 and July 17-26. This is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for club members to witness the impact of their hard work, while discovering first-hand how China Care is truly saving these children’s lives. We

Spring Quarter Buddy Events Mark your calendars! We have only 3 more buddy events this year.

Sunday, April 10 Sunday, May 1 Sunday, May 15 Remember, all buddy events run from 2-5 PM.

China Care Beijing Volunteer Program Apps now available online.

Sessions are July 7-16 and July 17-26, 2011! Lost & Found

If you have lost anything, please claim your lost items at the next buddy event on Sun., April 10.

highly encourage all members to apply! In the past, CCB members Fiona Poon, Catherine Lee and LiAnn Ishizuka have all gotten the chance to visit the children. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about the volunteer experience or the application process! Find the app here: To give you a sense of how incredible this volunteer experience is, Fiona just got contacted by a soon-to-be mother of Vincent, one of the toddlers she got the chance to interact with at The China Care Home in Beijing. He is now at the New Day Foster Care Home and awaiting adoption. Check out their blog here: N E W D A Y F O S T E R label/Vincent A couple more interesting links: Jeri Okamoto Floyd has written China Care's founding story at, and the Angry Asian Man blog covered FUSE at Give these links a read when you have a break from studying! Whew, that was a lot of information! Thanks for reading, good luck studying for finals, and we'll see you in the spring! ♦ CCB love, Fiona Poon and Catherine Le China Care Bruins Exec

College Outreach

CSU Dominguez Hills: Fiona was contacted by Mr. Bill Ota during the FCC Chinese New Year's banquet about the possibility of CCB helping to start up a mentorship program there. Very exciting! Updates to come.

If you ever have anything you want to include in our future newsletters, please feel free to email us and let us know!

USC China Care: Two staff members from USC China Care visited us during our FUSE event this quarter. Their club is relatively new and we will also be helping them with resources to start their own programs. Yay CCB!

This can be anything from shoutouts from your other orgs, job opportunities or ideas for future events! We want to hear from you!


ope you are all eager for Winter to end and Spring to start! We just wanted to give you all a summary of our busy past, inspired present and exciting future fundraising events: A recap of Winter 2011 This Winter quarter, with your dedication and help, we were able to fundraise over $1200 for surgeries! Starting with our calendar sale in the beginning of the quarter, we were pleasantly surprised to be sold out within a couple weeks. If you missed out this year, watch out for our 20112012 edition next year. We also had numerous food sales and restaurant fundraisers, including California Pizza Kitchen, Vietnamese sandwiches on Bruin Plaza, and Rubio’s. In addition, our Awareness Night, FUSE, was a huge success, with over $190 in donations. Thank you everyone who came out to support! GoodSearch for CCB One way you can continue to help is by using to research for final papers. Just enter China Care Bruins as

the charity and GoodSearch will donate to us! Our fundraising projects With all the money raised this last quarter, we were able to fund part of a little girl’s surgery. She was found with a teratoma, which is congenital encapsulated tumor made of tissue components. We were able to fund $1200 toward her surgery! What’s in store for Spring As finals week approaches and we reflect on all we learned this quarter, we’re already preparing and very excited for next quarter! We will be having a garage sale, SanSai fundraiser, more food sales, and many other FUNraising events lined up. That’s it for now :D We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events! ♦ Love, Melissa Chin, Protiva Khan, and Elizabeth Ng Your Fundraising Committee


USE, the 3rd Annual Awareness Night on Thursday February 10, was a success! A diversity of UCLA students attended the event to hear about the topic of identity issues faced by under represented groups. The speaker panel featuring these issues was informative and engaging as different, unique perspectives were provided. The panel was complemented with amazing performances by Jane Lui, Ryan Huang, and DJ Dr. Weisberg. Our fundraising efforts through raffle ticket donations raised $190 toward a teratoma removal surgery, of which we have already raised a little over $1200. The surgery has been funded. Thanks to the CCB members who attended, and for those who missed out, we hope to see you at next year's Awareness Night! At the Parent Mentorship held before the Buddy Event on Sunday, February 13, CCB members were grouped accordingly based on major and career goals with one or two FCC Parents. The parents offered valuable advice on how they became well established in their professions, while encouraging the CCB members to present any questions. It succeeded in bringing CCB members and FCC parents together, as this event was an initial step towards facilitating the development of careermentoring relationships. The Outreach Committee will be planning additional events to come, all under the theme of Parent Mentorship, please be on the lookout if you would like to be involved in career guidance. ♌ Michelle Hong and Amy Ton Outreach Committee


t seems like winter just started yesterday, but we’re already approaching the end of the quarter. Ten weeks really fly by quickly! To recap what we’ve done this quarter, we kicked off our first buddy event with something everybody loves: food! Our buddy teams got to play Iron Chef by concocting their own creations using our secret ingredient, celery! We had many interesting and delicious creations from our buddy teams and to end the day, we had a highenergy Japanese drums performance from UCLA’s Kyodo Taiko! Our little buddies even got a chance to make some noise and hit the drums! Our second buddy event with a joint activity which included both littles and youth mentorship programs. We took a trip to UCLA's Fowler Museum where our creative buddies created tall African masks that reach the sky. For our second half of the day, YOUTHPhonics, UCLA's community service acappella group, held a workshop to teach our buddies to sing and beatbox. A huge thank you

to YOUTHPhonics for the lovely music! Our final buddy event for the quarter was also a joint event for littles and youth and back by popular demand! We had our second CCB Fashion Show, but this time with real fabrics, beads and more! Big, youth and little buddies all walked the runway in outfits made by their buddy teams. We got to see many innovative dresses and our models looked fabulous! Great job, buddy teams! Since the beginning of the year, we also accumulated some things (toys, games, accessories, etc.) left behind at buddy events. Please notify us if you lost or misplaced anything because we might have it! We’ll bring our lost and found to the first buddy event so please pick up your belongings! Thanks to all the buddies who came out to the events and we hope you all had fun this quarter! We’ll have more exciting buddy events next quarter so we hope to see you then! ♦ Jon Li and Linna La Littles Mentorship Team


offee- grinding? Popping? Belly dancing? Last fall, the youth buddies hit the dance floor in a workshop put on by the LA Street Dance Collective. From spinning like a coffee grinder to break dancing on the floor of Kerckhoff Grand Salon, our youth buddies explored the many facets of dance. The buddies immersed themselves in hip-hop dancing and belly dancing, and were able to engage themselves in personal expression and dance culture. Not only did everyone learn about different dance genres, but they also broke a sweat too! In addition to boogying down on the dance floor, our youth buddies got to learn more about each other’s personalities in an activity called “Two Truths and a Lie” in our last buddy event of fall! In this activity, the buddies learned interesting facts and idiosyncrasies about each other, from being double-jointed to being able to twist one’s arm 360 degrees!

We also had scrumptious fun making gingerbread houses. From using licorice to M &M’s and Fruit Loops to colorful frosting, the buddies created amazing gingerbread houses that even the gingerbread man would want to live in. Just last month, our buddies created time capsules for each other! At the end of the year, everyone will be able to open their capsule to see what reflections and goals they have for each other. We also had the UCLA group Kyodo Taiko “beat” their way into our hearts as they engaged our buddies in a session and workshop of Taiko drumming! A special shout-out to our youth big buddy Lisa Ngo for performing! We love you all! ♦ Best, Catherine Chiang and Eileen Hu Youth Mentorship Team This is how we do.

Winter 2011 Newsletter  

Volume 2, Issue 1

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