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PROBE Issue 2 2014

Prime and Bond 2014 Welcome to the first year cohort! Burlesque What does that have to do with dentistry? Sports Friendly rivalries and trash-talking. Social calendar 2014 We’re just getting started.

Probe / Issue 2 2014

UDSS Committee 2014

President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Education Officers Senior Social Officers Junior Social Officers Sports Officers Media Officer Webmaster Alumni Officer Class representatives Year 1 Year 2 Year 4 Year 5 Immediate Past Presidents

Jonathan Lo Elisia Doucas Cassandra Voola Shirlyn Sutedja Christina DePiazzi Jessica Kong Anna Buckeridge Vernice Lo Elke Rijks Thiviya Sivapatham David Qiu Vincent Goh Chin-Hang Rose Kong Michael Wu Mary Todd Bojan Sevo Claire Waldock Adrian Sciarrone Sally Westbrook Evie Kierath Natania Ong Eloise Host Ellen Longman Mary Todd Richard Delaney-Bindahneem


Probe / Issue 2 2014


From the President


ey dudes/ettes,

I hope everyone is enjoying Semester 1 and is gearing up for exams next week. A lot has happened since the last Probe so apologies for this lengthy address. Feel free to read the TLDR for a summary of what I’ve learnt this semester…BUT BE WARNED, you may regret it. Firstly I’d like to give a shout out to all those involved in helping out with events such as Prime and Bond, Sports day and the cake stalls. Your support really drives us to put on bigger and better events for everyone as the year goes on. Also thank you to Rose and everyone else who has contributed to this latest edition of Probe!

Most of my nights this semester as a guild representative have been spent trying to effectively bring UDSS back into the realm of Guild af iated FacSocs. *Cool fact* – UDSS is one of the oldest FacSocs in UWA; we are over 70 years old! Due to our distance from main campus, it has been easy for us to drift further away and be caught up in our little world at OHCWA. It has been a slow but productive 6 months but hopefully you have all noticed the small guild presence around lately. The guild also provides us with sound academic and inancial advice along with other invaluable services if you need it, our aim is to continually improve the knowledge of this for dental students. The existing UDSS constitution and committee structure is also somewhat lacking in its ability to optimize the use of student time and adhere to guild regulations. Throughout the year I will be working with the governance committee on updating the existing UDSS constitution to improve on the status quo. This is all part of the long-term plan, which will allow for UDSS’ momentous transition into a postgraduate run committee. Upon inalization by the Committee, the document will be released and positions on future UDSS committees will be outlined.

If you are interested in being a part of the UDSS committee next year, I suggest starting to think about it as elections will be brought forward to mid-semester 2 this year! I am still waiting to hear back about what is going on with Uni i in the OCHWA LT. In the meantime, feel free to call the IT consultant whose extn is up next to the phone (if you get told you’ve called a registrar at Charlies, they’re lying just keep trying). A reinvigorated initiative in 2014, was to provide educational lectures as both ‘Lunch and Learns’ and ‘Afternoon Sessions’. I like to think that the educational experience available would have attracted students, but in truth the free drinks and pizza may have had a greater effect on the turnout! None-the-less thank you to everyone who attended, it really meant a lot to me to see this event run so successfully and I hope it is a feature of the calendar that will continue into the future. Keep your eyes peeled for more good free stuff in semester two. If you’ve been under the table in lab all semester, here’s what you missed out: - IADR Research presentation “A researcher transition from social science to dental statistics” – 8th April. - Various loupes demonstration days by Surgitel and Orascoptics in April/May. - TePe/LM Australia wide lecture tour sponsored by Troll Dental – 19th May. - Inaugural establishment of Allied Health Students Council which includes future dental professionals. Random news from the guild: The past few months have been jam packed with exciting events such as O-Day festival, St. Paddys day at the tav, PROSH, etc on campus. If you didn’t go to them because you were busy studying, welcome to dental school. Continued next page.

Probe / Issue 2 2014

Guild Education Council – Motion passed about releasing SURF results to students. This will be brought into effect in Semester 2. Make sure you ill these out and make your coordinators accountable for your education here. UniMentor Surveys – As some of you may know, the university rolled out a new postgraduate UniMentor program for commencing students this year. The guild has helped revise surveys to better understand the needs of both mentees and mentors. You should have received an email about this – so yeah, ill them out if you want. It is apparent that we all face our educational challenges in the future, but remember to keep in mind that our education is but a mere facet of who we are, someone has passed that exam before you; it is possible! And that exercise makes study easier and more effective, plus you wanna look sexy at the beach so hit the gym! That’s about it for now! Good luck to those who still have assignments towards the end of semester and may your exam timetable be well spread out with no double ups. See you all at our second biggest event of the year to kick off Semester 2 - GV Black’s Cocktail Party. Get your tickets ASAP. TLDR: - King Joffrey can’t handle his wine. - Mike decides that being a lawyer is for chumps. - Ted gets with Robin. - Herschel doesn’t make it.

Social calendar 2014

Convention 8-13th July

GV Black 19th July

City to Surf 31st August

Quiz Night 26th September

Jonathan Lo

President | University Dental Students’ Society Email: Postal: UDSS President c/- OHCWA 17 Monash Avenue Nedlands WA 6009

Dental Dinner 21st November


Probe / Issue 2 2014

What is the ADA? The Australian Dental Association is an organisation of dentists which has as its aim the encouragement of the health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry. There are Branches of the Association in all States and Territories. Membership is voluntary and over 90% of dentists in Australia are members. This membership implies an obligation for members to practise their profession in accordance with the high standards laid down by the Association.

Contact PO Box 520 St Leonards NSW 1590 Australia 14-16 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia T: +61 2 9906 4412 F: +61 2 9906 4917


Probe / Issue 2 2014










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Probe / Issue 2 2014

Editors’ note


ello everyone, I hope you’ve had a great irst semester! First of all, thank you for the great feedback I received from the last issue. It’s always nice to know your efforts are being appreciated. Things can always be improved upon, so if you have any other feedback or want to submit any work, please get in touch with me. I am pleased to welcome Rachael Elliott as our guest contributor to this issue. As the editor of Nexus magazine, the student magazine for the University of Waikato in New Zealand, she has written an insightful, sassy article for us, which I hope you’ll enjoy reading. You may have heard about the lak the ADA received for using burlesque dancers to promote their national conference. If you haven’t heard anything about it because you were too busy studying, turn to page 14 to ind out. The UDSS has been working hard to make sure you have a bit of fun among the tests and assignments, and as a result, this issue features news from some of our events so far, with many more planned for the remainder of the year. Wishing you all the best for end-of-semester exams. They’ve managed to jam all of the second year exams into one week, but on the up-side, we have an unpredecented two-week inter-semester break! Have a relaxing break, and if you’re going to the ADSA Convention on the Gold Coast, e-mail me and tell me all about it!

Chin-Hang Rose Kong

Media Of icer | University Dental Students’ Society Email: Postal: UDSS c/- OHCWA 17 Monash Avenue Nedlands WA 6009

West Coast Dental Depot provides a wide range of products and specialist advice on the equipment most suited to your needs. With our own team of full time service technicians, three fully equipped service vans and a comprehensive range of loaner equipment, we’re proud of our prompt and reliable maintenance backup and excellent customer service record. So choose West Coast Dental Depot for better equipment and better support.

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Probe / Issue 2 2014



he Prime and Bond Party (formerly Fresher Welcome) was held for the irst time ever at Varsity Bar, instead of OHCWA lawn, on the 22nd February. The party really got started when DJ Vibez started the tunes at 8pm, and continued through the night. All of the irst year “freshers� felt thoroughly welcomed as all the other years partied on with them until late into the night, when those who still hadn’t had enough headed out to the Deen on the party bus afterwards. A fantastic event that gave all of the irst years a chance to get to know the rest of OHCWA and really feel a part of the dentistry cohort. A special thanks from all of the irst years to the UDSS for organizing this great night to make the irst years all feel welcome, and we sure did!!! Claire Waldock

Probe / Issue 2 2014

UDSS appreciates the continued support from UWA Dental Alumni Society.


Probe / Issue 2 2014

Support, Protect, Promote. MDA National’s commitment to members has been encapsulated in these three words since our foundation in 1925. Founded in Perth, for over 85 years MDA National has worked in close partnership with the medical profession, serving the best interests of doctors throughout Australia by providing sound and reliable medical indemnity services. MDA National is a mutual organisation with an elected Mutual Board representing Members to ensure that the interests of the profession are always at heart. Indemnity insurance for MDA National Members is provided by our wholly owned insurance company, MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd (MDA National Insurance). We believe our ongoing success can be attributed to our very personal understanding of the medical profession and commitment to deliver to the profession the highest level of service from a financially secure indemnity provider.


Probe / Issue 2 2014







Probe / Issue 2 2014

And the crowd goes wild...


entistry. And Sport. Two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence. Our dedicated sports reps David and Vincent have battled against all odds and have done a great job getting students away from clinic chairs and into some friendly (but serious) competition. The Table Tennis tournament so far has been a success with all years heavily represented and in intense competition. Down to the quarter inals, it should inish up soon with all years still in the hunt for bragging rights. Pressure is on the table tennis adonis Chenyu Liu (2nd year) to take out the honours, but all the remaining players have great skills. The banter, particularly between the 1st and 2nd year teams, has been spirited, but the quote of the tournament in regards to Chenyu’s reputation goes to Adrian Sciarrone: “Rumour has it Chenyu once mishit a top spin smash into an opponent’s face. He later received a prestigious award for revolutionising the ield of exodontics.” Sports Day during the irst semester was also a great day, bringing the years together for a bit of fun. Fourth and ifth years were heavily represented and lead the way, with a combined 1st/2nd year team doing their best despite a low turnout. Basketball, indoor soccer and Captain Ball were dominated by the older year groups. Shout out to the cheer squads from each year who did a great job supporting all participants. A Wii Smash Bros tournament, doubles table tennis and the 2nd semester sports day are all to look forward to for those looking to get amongst it and lex their competitive muscles. See David and Vincent for more details. Editor’s note: the pictures are a little blurry - the athletes are moving so fast! Don’t forget that we have a couple of groups participating in the City to Surf run this August. See Facebook if you’re interested in joining in.


Probe / Issue 2 2014

With more than 20 years’ experience, Medfin is an Australian leader in finance for healthcare professionals. Our extensive industry knowledge means we can provide focussed financial advice specifically for medical, dental and healthcare professionals. Medfin is a specialist business within NAB Health, which means we’re part of one of Australia’s biggest banks. Importantly, you get the benefits of working with a specialist who not only understands your business and the healthcare sector, but can also connect you with a full range of financial services for every aspect of your life. General enquiries: 1300 361 122 Client Services: 1300 728 718


Probe / Issue 2 2014


Dentists can have a little fun right? In March 2014, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) posted a short video featuring burlesque dancers performing at the “Dentists’ Night Out” event, to promote their upcoming national congress in 2015. Accused of being inappropriate and sexist, the video was quickly removed, an apology issued and an investigation conducted by the ADA. Described as a “PR disaster”, Rachael Elliott explains why we should not be as quick to judge the choice of entertainment and the power of media over our perceptions.

used the backstage footage of the most raunchy part of two hour’s worth of acts.” But let’s put issues of integrity, consent, copyright, compensation or strategic shock-value editing aside for a moment to talk about the “really important” issue here: girls were dancing in their underwear.


ello my name is Rachael, I’m writer and a feminist who is anti-objecti ication, antibody shaming and a irm believer of the mantra ‘my body, my choice, your body, your choice.’ I’m also a burlesque dancer. For some people this is a massive paradox, because they think that dancing burlesque makes me a stripper, and society loves to judge and shame anyone who bucks a trend, especially when it comes to something saucy.

It is not uncommon for a corporate function, such as the ADA, to hire burlesque dancers. It is uncommon that amateur footage of such performances is used to promote subsequent events. It took a fair amount of digging past hyped up, salacious, shock value journalism, but I did ind one article that contained an interview with one of the performers at the ADA conference. In it, Cassandra Jane con irmed that the footage was shot without consent and added “there were no complaints on the night, just now after someone

People who think burlesque is about objecti ication and misogyny do not understand what burlesque is on a fundamental level. Burlesque is de ined as satire as well as strip tease. I can only speak from my own perspective here, but burlesque is very different from stripping. While in my opinion there is nothing wrong with either of these professions (your body, your choice) for me there is a pivotal distinction. Stripping is an artistic profession tailored, for the most part to a male target audience. Burlesque is an artistic profession tailored to appreciating sensuality, sexuality and bodies. In a strip club, most punters are male. At a burlesque event, up to 80% of the audience is female. Most strippers are encouraged to conform to society’s patriarchal standard of beauty: thin, lexible, tanned, blonde, with legs up to there and massive breasts. They are encouraged to dance provocatively to suggest availability because that’s what gets tips. Why? Because the more they conform to what is considered conventionally sexy, the more they adhere to the dictations laid down by the patriarchy, the more money they are going to make. Stripping is about turning men on so they will part

Probe / Issue 2 2014

with cash (nothing wrong with that at all, people involved - keep being awesome). Most burlesque dancers, on the other hand, are encouraged to look however they like, dance however they like and tell any kind of story they like, whether it involves a strip tease or not. Many burlesque dancers fall outside of what society considers sexy and the best part of burlesque is that NO ONE CARES. Burlesque is an exercise in empowerment - it’s people celebrating themselves, loving their skin and what it covers, and enjoying their sensuality and sexuality. I’ve used ‘people’ quite deliberately in that sentence, because while the majority of burlesque performers are female, there is a growing group of men also keen to embrace their awesomeness. I echo the sentiments of Cassandra Jane, who asks “Is it now sexist to feel sexy?” It saddens but does not surprise me that from a show that went for several hours only the most risqué sections were featured in the clip. It’s also unsurprising that the footage glances over the fact that there was way more than girls dancing in their underwear going on. For a start there was a male aerial performer with his shirt off, also “writhing around on a set of silks” showing his biceps, nipples and washboard abs. But no media outlet I can ind is up in arms about this sexist inclusion in the performance. Why? His pants are also “not much thicker than dental loss”, and his chest is also bared. So why are his nipples a non-event, but the female nipples featured such a major?

The reason we’re so outraged by female nipples is that they are presented to us in the media hyper


sexualised. In my opinion boobs, bared in public or otherwise, are not in and of themselves sexist or misogynistic. People’s reactions to boobs- those are the things that carry those labels. The people who are upset about women’s bare breasts would be better served being upset that someone ilmed a piece of art without the artist’s permission and used it for advertising and that the footage was used by the media to shame women for being sexual, but not men. They should be upset that they weren’t there to see some amazing performances. Anyone who wasn’t at the conference that is complaining should go and see some burlesque - it’s not what you think it is. Delegates could even request Pixie Twist ly over and dance for it - she’s super keen to open your minds to the possibility that burlesque is not about objecti ication or sexism. It’s about art and enjoyment.

Probe / Issue 2 2014

DB Dental today is the largest privately owned dental group in Australia, not a franchise as some people assume. Being privately owned means we can ensure that our very high standards of professionalism and service excellence are delivered consistently in every practice. And it means that our dentists and sta are not franchise operators but rather dedicated healthcare professionals. Since we started with one dental practice in 1987, DB Dental has continued growing because our patients love the way we look after them. You can be confident that in our 15 DB Dental practices from Brighton to Mandurah, you’ll find all the qualities that keep so many Perth families coming back to us. Call 1300 4 TEETH to book an appointment today.


Probe / Issue 2 2014


First year report


e need a common enemy to unite us” – Condoleezza Rice

As with any postgraduate course, our class is composed of students with diverse backgrounds, varying ages, and different undergraduate degrees. During orientation on the irst day, there were so many pockets of conversations going on that I wondered if our class could ever come together. After the irst two weeks into the year, I discovered that it was not going to be an issue. We united around a common enemy: the Timetable. To provide a bit of background, the new DMD course provides different modules throughout each unit. The Timetable provides information of where and when classes are held but the amount of coordination required between each module coordinator and scheduling of lecture theaters can often lead to last minute con licts. Our conversation starters went from, “How was your weekend?” to “What does the Timetable say? Is there a new Timetable?” Don’t get me wrong; I love the modular design of the DMD course. It allows us to address speci ic areas in each unit in addition to having small, spread out, and targeted assessments. Also, the hassle and confusion of the Timetable has been outweighed by many positives. Through the many

changes in the schedule, we’ve learned a little bit more about each instructor. We know that Dr. Lejamanoksi prefers Sutherland Lecture Theatre because it allows her to see “each of our individual beautiful faces” easier. We discovered that Mr. McGee likes having lectures at Op. Tech because he can give us live demonstrations of clinical tools and really cares about developing our hand skills. We’ve learned more about each other. After discovering how far some of us have to commute for missed lectures, we’ve noticed how close we live and often organized events outside dentistry (usually Dim Sum lunches!). All in all, I can say that we are all excited for what the DMD course and everything it has to offer. Every course has its ups and downs but anything can be accomplished with the excellent work and communication between the staff and the students. Special thanks to each of the module coordinators and administrative assistants who have helped inalizing each Timetable. We know it’s not an easy task and without everyone, it would be absolute chaos. Again, thanks to everyone for welcoming us into the UWA Dental family and we look forward to being able to pull our own weight in dentistry soon (Yikes!). Michael Yuan.

Probe / Issue 2 2014



his year marks the second year UDSS has held cake stalls to raise funds for the Dental Dinner, to help make it the hottest social event on the student calendar! So far we have had two cake stalls this semester and they have been a sweet success! UDSS would like to thank all our talented dental student bakers for providing yummy homemade goods to sell on the day! We had brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and slices on offer to give a little sugar pick-me-up to staff, students, patients and passerbys. We hope to see more students getting involved in the cake stalls next semester and can’t wait to see what scrumptous creations you all come up with! Elisia Doucas.

Probe / Issue 2 2014

Dental Protection is the world’s largest and most experienced specialist provider of professional indemnity for dentists and other members of the dental team. We provide professional indemnity only for the dental profession and all our energy can therefore be focused on serving and protecting members of the dental profession. Student membership and sponsorship enquiries Kara Stokes Marketing Coordinator Email:


Probe / Issue 2 2014

Other banks only look at your salary, we look at your ambition

Traditional banks look at numbers alone- they’ll only lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. At Investec, we know better. We know that your qualifications are worth gold, we see your potential. Investec is a leading Australian specialist bank offering a full range of financial services to the medical and dental sector – our team understands the industry inside out, so you won’t have to explain yourself to someone who doesn’t get it. And you won’t have to wait until you’re wealthy, we’ll support you early on in your career, when you most need support.

Visit or call your local financial specialist Ali Butler on (08) 9214 4509 or Debbie Kiely on (08) 9214 4507 to find out how we can help you.

O u t o f t h e O r d i n a r y™ Banking Credit Cards | Home Loans | Car Finance | Transactional Banking and Overdrafts | Savings and Deposits The issuer of these products is Investec Bank (Australia) Limited ABN 55 071 292 594, AFSL and, Australian Credit Licence 234975 (Investec Bank). All finance is subject to our credit assessment criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges may apply. We reserve the right to cease offering these products at any time without notice. Please contact us for a Product Disclosure Statement. The information contained in this document is general in nature and does not take into account your personal financial or investment needs or circumstances. Deposits of up to $250,000 per account holder placed with Investec Bank are guaranteed by the Australian Government as part of the Financial Claims Scheme. Please refer to for further information.


Probe / Issue 2 2014


ADSA report


his semester, ADSA has been hard at work. The Twitter night (#dentalcrisis) on March 26 was to raise awareness within the profession and beyond about the increasing number of dental students and oversupply of dentists, as well as dental workforce issues. The event was successful, with over 900 tweets, an article published in The Australian, and another article published in the ADA’s publication to the dental profession.

There are still more events coming up for ADSA. The blood drive competition has been limited to one month (May), instead of the full year. Aiming to raise the number of donations, 1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. Donations can be given by students or their friends and family and will be counted, once the donor has registered with the Red Cross to donate and has nominated UDSS as their organisation.

Finally, Convention on the Gold Coast, the most highly anticipated event, will be on July 8 to 12. ADSA has been hard at work organising speakers, workshops and social events! Although it’s during scheduled contact hours for irst and second year DMD students, you can apply for leave or take the weekend package.

If you would like to have more updates about ADSA, visit their website and sign up as a member! Spencer Li.

Probe / Issue 2 2014

Aesthetic Solutions Dental Ceramics is a crown and bridge focused laboratory servicing Perth, and greater Western Australia. Aesthetic Solutions Dental Ceramics fabricates both metal and metal free restorations using e.max, d.sign, Zirconium oxide, and noble alloys. Aesthetic Solutions Dental Ceramics 1/98 Cleopatra Street Palmyra WA 6157 Australia.


Probe / Issue 2 2014


Probe / Issue 2 2014

Specialising in Scandinavian Innovation & Quality TrollDental 78D+/&&'(+/'&+

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EhZ[hi0 1800 064 645 Go directly to webshop

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Probe issue 2 2014  

The second issue of Probe in 2014, a publication by the University Dental Students' Society of the University of Western Australia. A new is...

Probe issue 2 2014  

The second issue of Probe in 2014, a publication by the University Dental Students' Society of the University of Western Australia. A new is...