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PROBE Issue 1 2014

Introduction to the 2014 UDSS Committee Get to know the team Dental Dinner 2013 The reason why you should stick around after final exams Social calendar 2014 Making dental school bearable since forever

n. 1. a blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body. 2. a thorough investigation into a crime or other matter. 3. an unmanned exploratory spacecraft designed to transmit information about its environment. 4. a projecting device for engaging in a drogue, either on an aircraft for use in in-flight refuelling or on a spacecraft for use in docking with another craft. v. 1. explore or examine (something), especially with the hands or an instrument; enquire into someone or something closely.

Probe / Issue 1 2014

UDSS Committee 2014

President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Education Officers Senior Social Officers Junior Social Officers Sports Officers Media Officer Webmaster Alumni Officer Class representatives Year 1 Year 2 Year 4 Year 5 Immediate Past Presidents

Jonathan Lo Elisia Doucas Cassandra Voola Shirlyn Sutedja Christina DePiazzi Jessica Kong Anna Buckeridge Vernice Lo Elke Rijks Thiviya Sivapatham David Qiu Vincent Goh Chin-Hang Rose Kong Michael Wu Mary Todd Bojan Sevo Claire Waldock Adrian Sciarrone Sally Westbrook Evie Kierath Natania Ong Eloise Host Ellen Longman Mary Todd Richard Delaney-Bindahneem


Probe / Issue 1 2014


From the President


ello Dental Students! Welcome to 2014 at the Glass Prison! There have been some big changes since last year, unfortunately none of which involve more parking or later start times. As the new children’s hospital and carpark opposite to OHCWA is nearing completion (somewhat), one can only hope the nurses and construction workers will stop taking our parking spots in the early morning. As you will be aware, we now have our second intake of graduate students at the Dental School but rest assured this year will be loose as ever. We had many successful orientation activities planned to help our new irst years settle down in their irst weeks. The event we once knew and loved as Fresher welcome has been completely revamped and promises to be a night to vaguely remember! I encourage everyone to come along, grab an exciting 2014 shirt, meet the talent, responsibly drink in excess and end up swimming in the Swan River. Sport will have a massive role this year, with old and new events in play. Our aim is to have one sports day each as well as smaller weekly social sport. It is time to show off some of your other talents and make our faculty proud! There have also been rumours of some table tennis and pool tournaments in the common room at lunch with prizes…stay tuned for more details!

We can also expect more involvement with the UWA student guild to help us feel like we are a part of the university. The list of things to look forward to is so vast as it ranges from musical entertainment at lunch to increased resources that support your academic, welfare or wellbeing issues! Last year saw the exciting introduction of the new McGeachie – Tennant Café just outside the common room. As this is still very new, the Guild is still looking at ways that we can improve on this so please let me know if you have any suggestions. UDSS has a very strong committee this year and we look forward to working with and for you all in 2014. Please let your voices be heard, for all personal and academic related issues you may contact our student wellbeing employee Laine Rasmussen anytime. Thank you to Rose for putting together the irst edition of this ine publication and to the rest of the UDSS committee for their unending efforts over the holidays for all the exciting things to come this year. TLDR: -

Going to be a good year Buy a new UDSS t-shirt or polo Come to events Get involved with sports and volunteering

Jonathan Lo

President | University Dental Students’ Society The Primary School Visits Program initiated in 2012 will run again this year and will hopefully be even bigger and better than last. This program Email: primarily involves travelling to primary schools and Postal: UDSS President c/- OHCWA giving them an interactive presentation on every17 Monash Avenue thing from oral hygiene to trauma advice. CongratuNedlands WA 6009 lations to all those involved up to this point for their fantastic achievements. This great effort really shows that our work is effective and being recognized for the signi icant contribution we are making to this very worthwhile community project.

Probe / Issue 1 2014

What is the ADA? The Australian Dental Association is an organisation of dentists which has as its aim the encouragement of the health of the public and the promotion of the art and science of dentistry. There are Branches of the Association in all States and Territories. Membership is voluntary and over 90% of dentists in Australia are members. This membership implies an obligation for members to practise their profession in accordance with the high standards laid down by the Association.

Contact PO Box 520 St Leonards NSW 1590 Australia 14-16 Chandos Street St Leonards NSW 2065 Australia T: +61 2 9906 4412 F: +61 2 9906 4917


Probe / Issue 1 2014

Editors’ note


ello everyone, welcome back to another year of dental school. I’m your new editor and my aim is to deliver the same highquality, thought-provoking journalism you’ve come to expect from the Probe – ok so that’s never been the aim of the Probe but I hope, at least, you are somewhat entertained by my efforts. My credentials, well, I’ve read some of the past issues of the Probe. Despite having worked in the publishing industry in a past life, it was completely unrelated to student magazines. I am excited by the fact that every issue of the Probe will be available online this year, so no-one will miss out – I only read one issue in hardcopy last year before they were all taken from the common room. I am also working on my own as the Media Of icer this year, so I’m always looking for help. Please, if you have any submissions, suggestions or you just want to have a little rant at me, e-mail me. It’s your magazine after all. Wishing you all a happy start to 2014.

Chin-Hang Rose Kong

Media Of icer | University Dental Students’ Society Email: Postal: UDSS c/- OHCWA 17 Monash Avenue Nedlands WA 6009

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17A Wheeler Street, Belmont WA 6104 Phone: (08) 9479 3244 Freecall: 1800 333 768 Fax: (08) 9479 3255 Email:


Introducing the 2014 UDSS Committee

Probe / Issue 1 2014

Cassandra, Treasurer/ Golddigger


Jonathan, President

Elisia, Vice-President

Shirlyn, Secretary/Jon’s b*tch

Likes: The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko, Diplo, nice leafy salad with popcorn chicken from McDonalds. Wanted to be the next Dennis Rodman, but chose dentistry out of pure luck, never even knew dentists used drills- never had a illing before. Best experience in dental school so far: Online units taken with Podiatry.

Likes: Drop the Game - Flume & Chet Faker, popcorn. Wanted to be a movie star but chose dentistry because no after hours or weekends! Best experience in dental school so far: the smile on my patient’s face when they saw their new dentures for the irst time.

Likes: Baby by Justin Beiber ft Ludacris, sticky date pudding. Wanted to be a igure skater, but chose dentistry because she’s a gold digger cha-ching cha-ching. Best experience:’s still coming..hopefully?

Christina, Education Of icer

Jessica, Education Of icer

Anna, Senior Social Of icer

Vernice, Senior Social Of icer

Likes: Can’t believe it - Flo Rida, anything Japan. Wanted to be an astronaut, writer, concert pianist, surgeon, music teacher. Never wanted to be a dentist but has been in love since day one and hasn’t looked back. Almost cried with joy when her irst amalgam illing hadn’t fallen out the next day.

Likes: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, Japanese food. Wanted to be a swimmer but chose dentistry because it’s practical and hands-on. Best experience in dental school so far: How happy her patient was after giving him his new dentures.

Likes: Pyrite by Frank Ocean and vanilla ice cream. Wanted to be a Lit teacher but chose dentistry because she had great dentists herself. Best experience in dental school: Appreciative patients.

Likes: Jesus At The Center - Darlene Zschech (Amazing song!), all food especially grandma’s Yu Tou Kou Rou (steamed pork with yam), Hakka style. Wanted to be an actress but her Asian parents laughed her out of the room. Was told by a patient that she was the best dentist he’s ever had and eliminated his fear of going to the dentist.

Elke, Junior Social Of icer

Thiviya, Junior Social Of icer

David, Sports Of icer

Vincent, Sports Of icer

Likes: any Taylor Swift song, sushi. Wanted to be a dentist when she was a kid because the orthodontist had the coolest waiting room which had Nintendo’s and games. Loves opening studentconnect at the end of every year and seeing a pass.

Likes: Holla Holla by Akon, chocolate and ice cream. Wanted to be an entrepreneur, to own a successful Indian fast food chain called ‘Curry in a hurry’. Why dentistry? Why not? Best experience in dental school so far: The friendships made.

Likes: Madness by Muse, lettuce Wanted to be an electrician as he always aimed to reach the light bulb. Chose dentistry because the opportunity to manage my own business while also providing healthcare services had great appeal.

Likes: Forever Love - Wang Lee Hom, any food!! Wanted to be Batman, but joined dentistry because there’s nothing more beautiful than a person’s smile and everyday is different in dentistry so its super-exciting all the time. Loves passing each year.

Likes: Call me maybe and I scream. Wanted to be an astronaut but chose dentistry because she couldn’t make it to the moon. Best experience in dental school: Convention!

Probe / Issue 1 2014


Rose, Media Of icer

Michael, Webmaster

Adrian, Year 2 class rep

Sally, Year 2 class rep

Evie, Year 4 class rep

Likes: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and lasagne. Wanted to be a ballerina, but a friend talked her into dentistry she’s glad she listened. Best experience in dental school so far: a complete denture patient whose wife was so impressed that she signed up to be a patient as well.

Likes: Symphony No.9, Japanese cuisine. Wanted to be a garbage truck driver but chose dentistry after some serious soul searching and multiple coin tossings, Best experience in dental school so far: The customisation and fabrication of a patient’s complete dentures.

Likes: Disclosure by Latch, pizza. Wanted to be an architect, but chose dentistry because it’s interactive, science related, has good hours and decent pay. Best experience in dental school so far: Professor John McGeachie’s anatomy and meeting the dent students.

Likes: Trumpet by Jason Derulo and chocolate coated chocolate. Wanted to be a farmer but needed a serious job so chose dentistry. Best experience in dental school so far: Finally seeing a patient who didn’t cancel, the irst 3 did!!!

Likes: Letting Go by Anton Franc, Burgermeister chips with aioli. Wanted to be a hairdresser but chose dentistry because “Dollars make me hollah”. Best experience in dental school so far: Receiving a calori ic meal supplement box drink as a gift from a patient.

Natania, Year 4 class rep

Eloise, Year 5 class rep

Ellen, Year 5 class rep

Mary, Immediate Past President/ Alumni Of icer

Ricky, Immediate Past President

Likes: the Frozen soundtrack, coffee. Wanted to be a veterinarian but thought dentistry would be fun... THOUGHT. Best experience in dental school so far: Finishing her irst illing on a real patient and she didn’t die/scream/run away.

Likes: Do you want to Build a Snowman from the movie Frozen, Coles Coconut and Lime Ice-cream. Wanted to be a babysitter and check-out chick but was inspired by Little Shop of Horrors Dentist. Best experience in dental school: Fresher Camp and practicing anaesthesia on each other.

Likes: Given the chance by The Kite String Tangle, chocolate. Wanted to be a hairdresser, but her Nan didn’t approve so chose dentistry. Loves being asked how she can spend all day looking in people’s mouths. Best experience in dental school: Convention.

Likes: Jane Fonda by Mickey Avalon, Covered in Chrome by Violent Soho, cake. Wanted to be an actress with hair down to her bum. Has since forgotten why she chose dentistry. Best experience in dental school so far: the brownies from TTS.

UDSS appreciates the continued support from UWA Dental Alumni Society.

Probe / Issue 1 2014

Support, Protect, Promote. MDA National’s commitment to members has been encapsulated in these three words since our foundation in 1925. Founded in Perth, for over 85 years MDA National has worked in close partnership with the medical profession, serving the best interests of doctors throughout Australia by providing sound and reliable medical indemnity services. MDA National is a mutual organisation with an elected Mutual Board representing Members to ensure that the interests of the profession are always at heart. Indemnity insurance for MDA National Members is provided by our wholly owned insurance company, MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd (MDA National Insurance). We believe our ongoing success can be attributed to our very personal understanding of the medical profession and commitment to deliver to the profession the highest level of service from a financially secure indemnity provider.


Probe / Issue 1 2014


Advice for the first years. “Tell everyone that you haven’t studied for today’s exam when you secretly spent the past month preparing for it. But seriously, Dentistry is unique to any other undergraduate or postgraduate degree and no one else outside of it will understand what you are going through. Therefore the best people to talk to are the students who are in it with you, utilise them and it will make your transition here much more comfortable. If you are not from Perth, I also strongly advise getting involved with other activities UDSS has to offer - it is an excellent way to meet new people or perhaps your future soulmate.” - Jonathan, Year 4.

“Just keep going, it will eventually make sense (hopefully).” - Elke, Year 4.

“Clean your Optech mannequin properly – the nurses, and other students who have to share, will love you.” - Rose, Year 2.

“Don’t get too disheartened by Simodont, while it must have some uses somewhere to justify its existence, it mostly is overrated.” - David, Year 4.

”If you are uncertain about anything, just ask! People are very helpful around here.” - Michael, Year 2.

“When you can see your friends make the most of it, dentistry swallows a lot of time.” - Eloise, Year 5.

“Don’t take everything too seriously, go out, have a break, have a coffee, dental school isn’t actually all that bad and seniors notes are life savers.” Natania, Year 4. “The vending machine in the common room frequently has a 2 for 1 offer going on. It’s your guess as to which items are on special.” - Evie, Year 4. “Don’t be late!!!” - Adrian, Year 2. “Come to Dent Dinner this year please!” - Anna, Year 5. “Look for the light!” - Thiviya, Year 4. “Be nice to the nurses” - Elisia, Year 4.

“Be passionate about your course. Be in love with what you do. Have a genuine interest in everything you are taught. And keep asking us upper years for help, we are all here to help each other” - Christina, Year 4. “Enjoy things outside of dental school to keep you sane .” - Jessica, Year 4. “Find Mr Brown!” - Vincent, Year 4.

“Make the effort to get to know everyone, you will need the support of your year group and the older years can be a big help too!” - Ellen, Year 5. “Don’t forget to stop and have a bit of fun (and maybe a beer) every now and then.” - Sally, Year 2. “Know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away, know when to run...... RUN NOW!!!!” - Mary, Year 5.

Probe / Issue 1 2014










7 Y T I V M S V  : M W Y E P M ^ E X M S R



Probe / Issue 1 2014


From the graduating class of 2013


bet you all thought you heard the last from me! Alas, here we are. I guess it’s true that a part of you (likely a piece of your soul) will forever stay at the Dental School. However, today will be a brighter topic – on life beyond the walls of the Glass Prison. But before I begin, I would be amiss to not make mention of my role in the 2013 5th year video and provide some answers to my FAQs: • Do I regret it? De initely not! That shit was funny as. • Did the clinical tutors still respect me? Honestly, I think they enjoyed it the most and I probably got more respect. Never forget that those old boys got up to some stuff we wouldn’t dream of doing! • Did I still get a job despite it? Yes. In fact, my boss saw the video (thanks to certain staff at the dental school) and his response to me was; “you’re going to it right in”…not sure if that’s a good thing? • What did Tanita think of my bum on the big screen? She was far more concerned about the make-up! • Did my dad disown me? I don’t think he’s ever been so proud. He spent the next week showing all his mates. • What will you do if your patients see it? If they ever come back and see me? Probably laugh about it. Life after Dental School is pretty good so far. Soon after inishing there’s a whole bunch of parties and an enormous degree of relief! Plus you get that form saying ‘you’re in’ and 5 years of hard yakka is worthwhile! The dentistry is going well- I’m getting paid to do basically the same hours and work I did last year, I have an assistant and receptionist to make life easy for me and the patients are far easier to work with.

I personally feel very capable of doing the bread and butter of dentistry, but that comes down to hard work and enthusiasm to learn! My job is solid, great people and good support. I’ve got no time pressures, no inancial requirements, the ability to use modern technology and order in any materials I feel the urge to use- what more can you ask for? Finally, some advice stemming from my time at the coalface, you only get out what you put in. Be eager to learn and take on board what your lecturers tell you (even if you disagree) because it will form part of your skills and thought processes when you get out. You need some tricks in the bag for when things aren’t clearcut or things go wrong! These only come through experience so put in the time and hours and it will pay off. But this works for both your studies and your University experience. If you only graduate with your dental degree you have missed out! There are people to meet, friends to make, experiences to have and things to learn beyond your timetable. Plus, a balanced social life is very important for your mental health! There are very, very few fond memories I have from the lectures and clinics at uni; they are there to teach you, not entertain you. But I had incredible times through the events I attended, the groups I joined, and the friends I made and I would encourage everyone to try and have the same experience! If anyone ever needs any advice or help feel free to ask, I’ve probably had to deal with it before and will be happy to help if I can. Stay Smiley! Luke Rodman

Probe / Issue 1 2014


Dental Dinner 2013


he 2013 UDSS Dental Dinner was held on the 22nd of November in the Golden Ballroom of the elegant Pan Paci ic Hotel. Staff, students and friends dressed to impress and looked absolutely fab! The hosts for the night were Marisa Teh and I…and boy were we excited *cough*nervous*cough*. We went for a Moroccan theme with exotic colours such as gold, orange and red decorating the venue.

The night started off with welcome speeches by the UDSS Co-Presidents, Mary Todd and Ricky DelaneyBindahneem, and the Acting Head of School, Dr. Nick Boyd. Dental Dinner will never be complete without raf le prizes! Throughout the night we drew raf le tickets and presented awesome prizes to all the lucky winners. Most of our prizes, like the Orascoptics loupes light, were kindly donated by our amazing sponsors.

We were lucky enough to have a Moroccan menu specially tailored to suit our event thanks to the talented chefs at Pan Paci ic. They even let us have taste tests ;) It started off with the spatchcock spiced quail, quinoa, orange, fennel, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses followed by the dukkahcrusted loin of lamb, couscous eggplant and date salad, hummus puree crispy fried chick peas and pomegranate jus for mains. My personal favourite was dessert: Chocolate almond pudding, hot chocolate, strawberries with vanilla ice cream! An aspect of the night we were excited about was the performance by the bellydance duo from Bellydance Bombshells. The bodacious babes put on a great performance and even got some of the guests to shake their booty on the dance loor with them. I’ll let you in on a secret: they were willing to do snake charming as well…but we weren’t quite sure how that would’ve been received! :D

The Honorary UDSS member of 2013 was awarded to Dr Samuel Atlas while the Nurse of the Year award was presented to Mrs Valerie Dean. Congratulations again to them both!

Probe / Issue 1 2014


The highlight of the night was de initely the presentation of the Final Year Video. Nathan Goh and Yi Xing Liew were the captains of that ship and presented a video that was hilarious, relatable, entertaining, scandalous and tinged with a little bit of sadness. If you haven’t watched it yet I recommend that you do‌.just maybe not around the faint-hearted ;)

Marisa and I were glad to see all the happy faces on the night. We would like to thank everyone that helped us before, on and after the event. There is not enough space to name everyone but do know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. A very special thank you to all the sponsors and our UDSS committee members too. Looking back, I am so glad I was given the chance to plan a night for my friends. The night ended with solid beats and everyone burning up the dance loor!

Lots of love, Karishma Menon.

Probe / Issue 1 2014

DB Dental today is the largest privately owned dental group in Australia, not a franchise as some people assume. Being privately owned means we can ensure that our very high standards of professionalism and service excellence are delivered consistently in every practice. And it means that our dentists and sta are not franchise operators but rather dedicated healthcare professionals. Since we started with one dental practice in 1987, DB Dental has continued growing because our patients love the way we look after them. You can be confident that in our 15 DB Dental practices from Brighton to Mandurah, you’ll find all the qualities that keep so many Perth families coming back to us. Call 1300 4 TEETH to book an appointment today.


Probe / Issue 1 2014

Social calendar 2014

Prime and Bond 22nd February

1st Sports Day 29th March

GV Black 1st-3rd week of Semester 2

Quiz Night TBA

Dental Dinner 21st November


Probe / Issue 1 2014


Probe Issue 1 2014  

The first issue of Probe in 2014, a publication by the University Dental Students' Society of the University of Western Australia. A new iss...

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