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Kia Ora Chillers Welcome to winter 2012 Kia Ora, welcome to CHILL Adventures 2012 Winter mag and ski area guide. We have put together a comprehensive guide to the mountains that are special to all CHILLers in the Southern Alps. Surrounding the mountains there are little country townships and larger resort facilities. You can use the guide as you wish then pass it on to another willing reader. We’ve incorporated numerous colourful photos and snow stories across diverse interests. The best part of putting this together is sitting down to read it and anticipating what may lie ahead. Equally, it’s intended as a mag that is ideally placed with the rest of your mags, in the glove box or close to your favourite pass-time reading spot. This year we interview Peter Clinton-Barker as President of the New Zealand Snow Sports Instructors Alliance on the art of skiing and snowboarding. We catch up with Kate McDougall on life in CHC as a student and her passion for everything winter, plus the city’s future. We cover the Dynastar CHILL Gromfest, open to kids under 12 years and hear from Simon and Kylie Murrell of Roundhill Ski Area. With two new lifts in three seasons, there is plenty going on at Roundhill. Further south of Lake Tekapo, Dave McKinley shares his wisdom of skiing the Tasman Glacier, and Shane Orchard an epic backcountry day in “World of Sport”. Later in the season we anticipate a great inaugural event in CHC, IceFest’12 and chat with Jo Blair. The CHILL mag feels like it has plenty going on when gluing the final pages together! It’s a juggling act, with content and our passion for snow. We also like the taste of local treats, CHILL Choc is back, made for us by Richfields Chocolate, and a new look is the Rouge

Winter Hop by Harringtons Brewery. Top this off with a multi-mountain snow pass (like no other), a huge selection of events and as always an unknown potential, snow... it’s a good time to read on. Make the mountains yours, to explore. We are interested in your feedback on the mag, complete our survey and go into the draw to win a CHILL pass and other goodies. See State of Play pg 18. This mag will be online from June 2012 Editor: Associate Editor: Assistant Editors: Design: Concept Design: Advertising: Contributors:

Stu Waddel Ryan Charmley Jamie Dawson Tory Crowder Amber Coubrough Sam Worsp Jamie Dawson /+64 3 365 6530

Shane Orchard, Geoff Browne Joe Harrison, Ross MacKay Riley Bathurst, Tyronne Low, Thomas Stephens, J.Burgess, Tim Klein, Richard Postles.






Reverse sidecut tip. Maneuverability, quickness, easy directional changes in all snow conditions.


Long rocker tip. Floatation and phenomenal ease of use in deep snow.


Classic side cut. Carves and turns well on groomed snow. Classic camber. Delivers power and enhances turning and maneuverability on hard pack.


Reverse side cut tail. Easier to Balance, turn and maintain direction for enhanced performance in all snow conditions

Flat camber tail

Photos © Dan Ferrer

Delivers stability and easier speed control in deep snow.

W W W . D Y N A S T A R . C O M



Contents Cover Image: Nick Sutcliffe, Craigeburn. Photo: Shane Orchard

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CHILL Welcome The CHILL Factor Need to Know Basis A Licence To CHILL Pricing and Pass Info South Island Map and CHC Travel Times & Packages State of Play - Mtn News State of Play - What’s New? Droppin’ in…Peter Clinton-Baker RedRam CHILL Photo Comp Droppin’ in…Kate McDougall Stay in the Mountains Kaikoura Hanmer Springs Mountain: Mt Lyford Mountain: Hanmer Springs Sensational Selwyn Activities Accommodation Mountain: Porters Dynastar CHILL Gromfest Series Mountain: Mt Cheeseman

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CHILL Magazines are hand crafted with love and may contain traces of nuts. What they don’t contain is nasties. We print on Sumo Laser FSC Certified mixed pulp paper. All our pretty pictures are printed using mineral oil free inks made from 100% renewable resources. Cheers Spectrum Print for caring about our environment too. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced in whole or part without permission from the publishers. Copyright Castle Hill Investment & Leisure Ltd (CHILL). The views expressed in CHILL Adventures are those of the respective contributors & are not necessarily shared by the publication or its staff. CHILL Adventures is published bi-annually - summer/winter.

Mountain: Broken River Mountain: Craigieburn Arthur’s Pass Mountain: Temple Basin Mountain: Mt Olympus Amazing Space - Methven Ashburton Ride a Ropetow Mountain: Fox Peak Mackenzie Winter Activities & Accommodation Mountain: Mt Dobson Droppin’ in…Simon & Kylie Murrell Mountain: Roundhill Lake Wanaka Mountain: Treble Cone Droppin’ in… Dave McKinley Heli Access World of Sport by Shane Orchard Snow Safety 2012 Snow Calendar Key Contacts Droppin’ in…Jo Blair


the chill factor With Jamie Dawson

Snow has been a part of my life, long before I can remember. From a wee grom down in Wanaka, to instructing in Methven, and getting the odd overseas trip in when the bank account was healthy. Slashing powder, boosting through unexplored runs and doing it all with your mates grinning right back at you is so euphoric. It is what drives each of us to explore the snow experience, and CHILL is no exception.


With my first season here at CHILL well underway, I am stoked (to say the least) to be a part of the team bringing you this jam packed guide. Brimming with local knowledge (and it even looks good in the bookshelf once the season is over) we are letting you in on the South Island’s winter secrets. After all, we are skiers and snowboarders, and we want you to encounter these new experiences.

The CHILL mountain experience is one of getting amongst it and enjoying all that the Southern Alps and surrounding townships have to offer. The crowded, large commercial areas may appeal to some, but the real best kept secret is the hidden gems of the club and smaller commercial areas. With 12 mountains to choose from in the CHILL pass, your options are endless. It also allows you to ski or ride elsewhere if your local mountain is closed, and increases the number of powder days on offer. We’d rather ski pow, not cord. CHILL’s vision is to inspire and motivate people to experience the outdoors and together love our environment. We are here to share the passion and hidden treasures of the mountains; all you need is a CHILL pass to enjoy the ride. We’re really looking foward to the winter and seeing you up there.

Need to Know Basis


Ed Cook. Photo: Thomas Stevens

Obey all ski area signs and respect others safety. The environment in which the ski areas operate is ever changing and is something we must all respect. Primarily, the history of the ski areas and the raw nature of the great outdoors should be kept in high regard. Please take your rubbish with you - leave only footprints and your powder tracks! CHILL strongly recommends wearing a helmet. The Keas are very cheeky, so if you see them around don’t leave your gear unattended. A fed Kea is a dead Kea. Some of the access roads are unsuitable for large campervans. Obey all ski area road signs. The famous rope tows and nutcrackers can be difficult at first. Check out our nut-cracker guide pg 70 and talk to ski area staff they are happy to assist.

access roads, grab a ride through or hitch up. For transport and guided options see pg 28 -29. Don’t leave any valuables in your car while parked overnight on main State Highways, such as SH 73 at the Temple Basin car park. Always carry chains in your vehicle and fit when advised. We recommend that Full & Midweek season pass holders own their harness and nutcracker. Ski areas have limited supplies and these are intended for day trippers. Harnesses & nutcrackers for sale/ hire at CHILL HQ. Enrol in a snow safety course if you plan to travel in the backcountry - always travel with others, a transceiver, shovel and probe (know how to use them). See pg 92/93. When you travel outside of the ski area boundaries please advise ski patrol of your intentions.

Travel together in the mountains, if you’re unsure of driving up the



Touring binding on the ascent, freeski binding in powder: the ATomic Tracker takes you to the best ride of your life.


What is CHILL? The Licence to CHILL pass is New Zealand’s ultimate multi-mountain snow pass. It is the gateway for you to enjoy 12 of New Zealand’s best ski areas, from the top of the Southern Alps, through to the peaks surrounding Lake Wanaka. The range of terrain offered throughout the twelve ski areas means that the pass is suitable for any skier or rider regardless of their ability level. From easily accessible learner’s slopes to some of the most challenging ski-area accessed back-country terrain, anyone can challenge themselves as much, or as little as they like.

We are committed to value, flexibility and choice. Our individual and family passes are available for you to enjoy the adventure of skiing & snowboarding in the Southern Alps.

example, your family passes may consist of 2 Adult CHILL 11 Full season, a Child CHILL 11 Anytime 10 day and a Youth CHILL 11 Anytime 7 day – you can all have the pass that you want!

2012 CHILL Family Pass Rates. Here at CHILL, we think

To qualify as a CHILL family, at least 3 passes must be purchased including a minimum of 1 adult pass. If you’d like more information about our family passes and the prices, check our website, contact us at CHILL HQ on +64 3 365 6530 or email us at

it’s great seeing keen Mums and Dads taking their wee ones out for an amazing time, skiing and riding. And so we honour this with our family discount rates. The fantastic feature with our family rates is you can pick and choose each of your family member’s passes and receive the discount on all of them. For

How do I get a Licence to CHILL? Book and pay online

Pass photos

How do I use my Pass?

CHILL passes are purchased online at Simply complete an application and choose a payment option (credit card or bank deposit) and you’re done. You can opt to have your pass couriered within NZ or alternatively you can pick up your pass at CHILL HQ (new location TBC check www.chillout. or call +64 3 365 6530).

You can load a photo with your online application, or email us If you have paid and supplied your photo we’ll endeavor to have your pass ready for you when you arrive, alternatively, we can take a photo on-site.

To use your CHILL pass, simply visit the ticket office when you arrive on the mountain and show them your pass. You'll be asked to ‘track in’, which involves signing in or scanning your pass. You'll be issued with a lift ticket for that day to access the lifts. If you have an anytime pass, one of the days will be clipped off your pass.

Apply in person at CHILL HQ

All CHILL passes are created at CHILL HQ. Passes are issued from the 1st of June and either couriered or available for pick up. Email or call for alternative arrangements.

You can also apply, pay and pick up your pass at CHILL HQ (once reestablished). Call in to see us during our business hours.

Make use of Chill’s Prices & Passes available online.

Getting your pass

11. Roy Schott. Temple Basin.

Buddy days On a 10-Day Anytime Pass you have two buddy days. On a 7-Day Anytime Pass you have one buddy day. These allow you to take a friend along with you and gift them one of your days. These are not extra days and you are welcome to ski all the days yourself.

Pass upgrades You may upgrade your pass if you require more days or mountains. Contact CHILL with your details & we'll upgrade your pass. Simply pay the difference between what you’ve already paid & the rate of the pass you’re upgrading to, plus a $20 administration surcharge.

Nutcrackers and Harnesses All CHILL 11 and CHILL 6 season pass holders (Full Season & Midweek) are recommended to have their own nutcracker and harness as there are only a limited supply on the mountains.

Midweek Passes These are not valid during the weekend. Likewise CHILL 6 passes are only valid at CHILL 6 mountains. Passes can be revoked for pass misuse as per the T&C.

20l2 CHILL Pass Rates NZ$

Student** Youth++ /Senior*


$815 $1,050

$615 $815

$480 $665

$605 $1,080

$565 $815

$350 $585

$280 $465

$585 $420 $310

$440 $320 $230

$335 $235 $210

$265 $195 $155

$735 $895

$545 $695

$435 $565

$510 $695

$315 $495

$250 $395


CHILL 11 Full Access Season Pass

30th May (Pre-season) In-season

$1,070 $1,395

CHILL 11 Midweek Season Pass

30th May (Pre-season) In-season CHILL 11 Any-time Passes

10 Day Any-time Pass 7 Day Any-time Pass 5 Day Any-time Pass

CHILL 11 - 30 Day Consecutive

Adult 30-Day


CHILL 6 - Central Season Pass

30th May (Pre-season) In-season

$965 $1,195

CHILL 6 - Central Midweek Season Pass

30th May (Pre-season) In-season

$545 $955

CHILL 12 Any-time Passes + Treble Cone (2 Days only)

10 Day Any-time 7 Day Any-time

$630 $475

$470 $360

$360 $275

$290 $230

*Senior Rate 65+ ** Student – Full Time NZ Institution + Child – Primary & Intermediate ++ Youth – Secondary School

for Looking Q H L L CHI ON? LOCATI1: W E N e n u J From 530 03 365 6 c chillout.



The best value, most flexible snow pass in NZ.

ph: +64 3 365 6530 • •


South Island


CHILL Mtns & Heli Access 6 1

Nelson 63 6

Reefton 6


Hanmer Springs

Greymouth Craigieburn (CV) Pg 55


Broken River (BR) Pg 54 Olympus (MO) Pg 58/89


Springfield Sheffield 77 Darfield Methven

6 Mt Hutt



Lake Ohau 8


Porters (PR) Pg 48/49

Christchurch Akaroa




Mt Hutt Heli Pg 86 Methven Heli Pg 86

HeliPark Pg 87


Fox Peak (FP) Pg 73 Dobson (MD) Pg 74/75



Temple Basin (TB) Pg 57





Hanmer (HS) Pg 40/41

Cheeseman (MC) Pg 52/53





Tekapo Twizel

Lyford (ML) Pg 38/39


Mt Somers




Castle Hill

Roundhill (RH) Pg 78/79



Arthur’s Pass

Mt Cook Village

Kaikoura 70

Aoraki Mt Cook Heli Pg 87


Wilderness Heli Pg 86

Cromwell Queenstown

Oamaru Alexandra

1 1


Treble Cone (TC) Pg 82/83 Queenstown Snowcats Pg 81 Balclutha





LICENCE TO CHILL Book your 4WD Car from $129 per day this ski season and add on a 3 Day Chill 11 Pass from $185 per day*



CALL 24/7 0800 001 777

*Chill Passes - 3 Day $185 per adult, 5 Day $310 per adult valid at any of the Chill11 South Island Ski Fields (excluding Treble Cone). 4WD price based on 6+ day rate, for travel in April - October 2012. Minimum hire applies, offer subject to availability and liability reduction cover is additional. No Queenstown pick up fee. For full terms and conditions contact Backpacker Rentals.

Christchurch At the time of writing, CHILL is looking for a home in Christchurch. To check out where CHILL is located now visit our website or call us on +64 3 365 6530

Photo: Riley Bathurst.

Located on the East Coast, Christchurch opens its arms to amazing beaches and tall snow capped hills. The Christchurch International Airport, nearby accommodation and choice of transport makes it the perfect place to set off on an alpine adventure to the famous Southern Alps. If you wish to explore Christchurch there’s no better panoramic viewpoint than the nearby tussock covered Port Hills. Remnants of an ancient volcano they boast an extensive array of climbing crags, mountain biking and walking tracks. The central city is currently under redevelopment following a localised 6.3 earthquake on 22 February 2011, however there are still some great places to check out within the four avenues and central suburbs. The new Re:START mall has opened through Cashel St, for a redesigned shopping experience.

For more information on everything that is Christchurch, plus the most comprehensive information on the entire Canterbury Region, check out Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism,

Where to Stay Commodore Airport Hotel The Commodore is an ideal place to start and finish your mainland skiing experience. Located moments from Christchurch Airport, with free 24hour shuttle service, the Commodore is perfect. Book online. P: +64 3 358 8129 E:

Best Pizza Winnie Bagoes Gourmet Pizza Bar. Entertaining the city for almost 2 decades! Snacks, pastas, salads, extensive beer & wine selection, and now, a local music venue! 2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead P: +64 3 376 4900


Gateway to the Southern Alps

Best Coffee C4 Coffee. C4 sources quality beans from around the world. C4 HQ is the place to go for all you want to know about coffee. They have a full range of C4 beans and you can enjoy a great brew. 278 Tuam Street NZ Free Ph: 0800 2426 9999 E: Vic’s Café 132 Victoria St Blax Café 384 Montreal St Castle Rock Café Mary Muller Dr, Hillsborough Terra Viva Corner Wairakei Rd & Roydvale Ave Black Betty 165 Madras St Raspberry Café Tai Tapu (Good Cake, Good Coffee)

Nearby Ski Areas Porters: 1 hr Mt Cheeseman: 1 hr 25 mins Broken River: 1 hr 30 mins Craigieburn Valley: 1 hr 30 mins Temple Basin: 1 hr 45 mins Mt Olympus: 2 hrs

Don’t Miss Hire a bike with Vintage Peddler to see the city old style

Usful Links What’s On: What’s Hot:


Travel Times NZ alpine highways are sealed and well-maintained during the winter, however, Driving Times (approx - times may vary depending on weather conditions)


Christchurch to: Kaikoura Hanmer Springs Darfield Springfield Castle Hill Village Arthur’s Pass Hokitika Methven Geraldine Fairlie Tekapo Wanaka

km 187 135 45 70 100 150 270 120 135 180 226 425

Hours 2.5 1.5 0.5 0.75 1.25 2 3.5 1.5 1.75 2.25 2.5 5.5

km 146 155 100 105 110 110 155 135 195 206 261 320 445

Hours 2hr 2hr 1.25 1.5 1.5 1.5 2 2 2.5 2.5 3 3.5 6

Ski Areas Christchurch to: Mt Lyford Hanmer Springs Porters Mt Cheeseman Broken River Craigieburn Temple Basin Mt Olympus Fox Peak Mt Dobson Roundhill Ohau Treble Cone

Ph: +64

ex Christchurch

the ski area access roads are CHC – Wanaka all unsealed and vary greatly Intercity +64 3 365 1113 from one ski area to another. Naked Bus NZ Pay Ph: 0900 62 533 Large Campervans are not suitable for the majority of the small club field access roads, so check suitability before you leave. See ski area pages for contacts. Snow chains must be carried at all times, including 4WD vehicles. Chains can be hired from Gnomes Snow Shop in Darfield, McEwings Ski in Hire Christchurch, Jaces Ski Hut in Methven and The Ski Shack in Fairlie. Up to date information and advice on driving conditions are available at CHILL HQ. Alternatively check in with the mountains, snow shops and local garages. Local knowledge of the area can help ensure you do not go unprepared. Please drive to the conditions at all times. With an abundant choice of car and caravan rental, Christchurch is the place to kick off your snow adventure. If you’d rather take in the views or catch up on some sleep, there is an array of buses for you to choose from. Bus Services ex Christchurch

Alpine Expeditions +64 3 342 8528 Hanmer Connection NZ Free Ph: 0800 242 663 West Coast Shuttles (HW 73) +64 3 768 0028

Rental Cars NZ 4WD Hire +64 3 365 6535 Explore More NZ Free Ph: 0800 447 363 Campervans BackPacker Camper Rentals 0800 422 267 Britz Campervans 0800 831 900 Maui Campervans 0800 651 080 Train (CHCH to Arthurs Pass/West coast) TranzAlpine Rail 0800 872 467 Township to Local Mountain Mt Lyford Express (Kaikoura) +64 27 6298 083 Mtn House (Arthur’s Pass – Temple Basin) +64 3 318 9258 Smylies Tours/Porters Mtn Shuttle (Springfield) +64 3 318 4740 Wanaka to Treble Cone Alpine Shuttles +64 3 443 7966 Flying Bus 0800 359 754 Kiwi Discovery 0800 505 504 Ferry Service (Wgtn + Picton) Interislander 0800 802 802 The Hitches Corner Old West Coast Rd turnoff – Craigieburn Range Springfield – Craigieburn Range Admore/ Upton & McDougall St corner, Wanaka – Treble Cone

3 365 6535

Packages CHILL has teamed up with a range of quality providers to bring you hassle free and great value skiing and snowboarding packages to enjoy. Alpine Expedition Offer tours, transport and charters to all Canterbury ski fields. They provide 4WD transport, equipment hire, lift access and superb local mountain expertise. Call now to arrange your trip! NZ Free Ph: 0800 75 44 88 E: BackPacker Campers CHILL have teamed up with the good people at Backpacker Campers to offer great value deals on CHILL passes and Camper hire. For those who like to explore without the limitations of an itinerary, then a CHILL & Backpacker package is the way to go. Campervans are super affordable and make freedom travel easy, allowing accommodation on the move while always searching out new snow storms. For more information check out the travel page at or


Photo: R Bathurst.

Black Diamond Safaris For a snow package on any budget or ability check out Black Diamond Safaris. Ranging from single day transport, through to full instructional guiding, and multiday adventures. Operating daily from Methven and Christchurch, they will take you to the best powder spots in New Zealand. P: +64 3 302 1884 E: NZ Snow Tours For a great way to see the hidden secrets of some of the South Island’s best ski areas, grab a package from NZ Snow Tours. They offer personal tours throughout the CHILL ski areas, along with accommodation and delicious meals to keep you energised for the next day skiing and riding. Book your adventure online now! P: +61 4 770 66251 E:

Travel & Tourism If you’ve arriving at the CHC International Airport and want a

few ideas on where to stay talk to Travel and Tourism.

CHILL Travel Visit or email for more ideas on travel and accommodation in Canterbury over winter. Check out to offer up a spare seat of your own and to organise transport with other CHILLers.

SMYLIES 4WD TRANSPORT ex CHC and Springfield to selection of

Selwyn’s best ski areas

:: Porters :: Mt Olympus :: Mt Cheeseman :: Broken River :: Cragieburn p: +64 3 318 4740 e:


State of Play

News From Our Beloved Mountains

Broken River

Hanmer Springs

Mt Lyford

After 60 fine years, Broken River is still cracking on at a fast pace, with an overhauled access road, new ropes on both Access/Rugby Tow and Main Tow, a refurbished sauna, as well as an improved traverse track out of Allan’s Basin, thanks to the nuggety Jim Henderson. But the best news of all (especially for the ladies) is that the man, the legend, Barrett O’Charmer is back! Also, look out for some epic functions this year.

A brand new learner’s tow has been installed during the warmer months this year, the day lodge has received a new deck and the access road has had extensive upgrades added to it. They have great rates for learners and first timers. Sick road gaps galore. Ski Patrol have also restocked on Panadol, fishnets and flares.

The past few seasons has seen Mt Lyford open early with good snow. They have a new extension to the Terako Rope Tow, giving more vertical, and after one season it’s ready to go again. The new car park access has also allowed for more terrain on a good snow year, riding to the road below for a pick up.

Mt Olympus Mt Cheeseman

Craigieburn Regular maintenance on the Road and ski area facilities. The top tow is getting an upgrade with the first stages completed over the summer and further development planned. There is a new event on the calendar with the Craigieburn Big Mountain on the calendar for 8-9 Sept. Open to all and with a strong junior focus.

The summer business has continued to grow with further weddings, birthdays, conferences and other events successfully hosted in their 3 on mountain lodges, along with routine maintenance and upgrades. The purchase of their new Pisten Bully 200 groomer is warmly welcomed to their fleet.

Alpine Curling - Keep an eye on their website for details of this winter’s shenanigans including the new Twilight Full Moon event located on the tarn at top of the ski area, 1800m above sea level. Spectacular entertainment to see!


Temple Basin

Fox Peak

LITE-SITE AVAILABLE NOW! Got an iPhone or another smartphone? Get your reports and check the webcams on the way to the slopes with Porters new smartphone site. Full daily reports, live webcams, and more.

TB is looking sharp after a summer of maintenance. Ferrier Lodge has been completely refurbished with new windows and carpet in all the accommodation rooms. The drying room has been rebuilt and the rental shop overhauled. A new motor will ensure Downhill tow runs smoothly and Temple Tow (and lodges) have been fitted with new floodlights, bring on the night skiing!

The lodge is available for private bookings and the mountain could be yours for a week. The learner’s area is looking good with the groomer doing its bit and making learning an enjoyable experience. Be sure to check out the Fox Trot for a powder hunt and Bake-In.

TRAINING ACADEMY New to Porters, champion Swedish freeride coach, Elias Henderson will be coaching the Porters 2012 Freeride programme. Also in 2012, Porters are offering an ‘Introduction to Ski Racing’ programme, aimed for all young skiers.

Mt Dobson While the ski area is for sale, it is business as usual with Peter Foote at the helm again this season. Over summer there have been continued upgrades, maintenance and road clearing. The Fixed Grip is free to those wishing to give skiing or snowboarding a go.

Roundhill Roundhill has a new T-bar, 460m long and 120m vertical, allowing access to some good intermediate terrain easing pressure on of the first T-bar during busy days. It also allows for more off piste skiing, while Ozzies Way is a groomed trail from the top. The T-bar runs from the base of the Heritage Express tow.

Treble Cone TC has a snazzy new four colour trail map, the first in the country, showing Red runs, the Motutapu Chutes, and how amazingly diverse a mountain it really is. The Fun Park is also new in the saddle and stashed around the Home Basin. Playful features for all ages.

Music Festival December 2012 Join us on Facebook: facebook/rhythm.alps



State of Play Help a Chiller Out!


Neil Williman

We pride ourselves on producing a quality magazine and want to hear what you like about the mag and what could be improved. We’ve put together a quick survey that we’d love you to do. If you’d like to help us out please visit


Providing ‘Backcountry Avalanche Advisory’ for anyone planning on travelling in New Zealand’s back country. Please note that avalanche forecasts are supplied by the Mountain Safety Council and are intended as an advisory only

CSA Snowphone For snow reports over the phone call 03 383 8888 and enter your mountains two digit code. Visit for more info.

Fischer Skis NZ

Win a heli-day with the Fischer crew and Methven Heliski simply by liking “Fischer Skis New Zealand” and “Methven Heliski” on Facebook and filling in the form, too easy! This year our friend and freeskier Neil will be touring around running Fischer Ski demos throughout NZ, skiing as many competitions as possible, coaching and creating video edits. Keep up with all his antics at

Airbag at Porters

The Air Bag is your chance to practice tricks with a cushy landing - watch out for it at Porters this year.

Splitfest 2012 at Temple


For the chance to try splitboarding, and check out the latest gear, head along to Splitfest 2012 at Temple Basin. Workshops, demos, technique and backcountry etiquette are all part of this great event. Sept 15-16

Your ticket to the mountains if you’re wheel-less or for those with vehicles it’s a great way to save cars on the road and fill an empty seat. Check out to look for/ register a ride.


The Ski and Snowboard Professionals

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE WINTER. Full Rental and Workshop at very competitive rates.

85 Tuam Street, Christchurch E : P : 366 7351



State of Play CHILL Location


The Neon PomPom

CHILL HQ is on the move, as yet we haven’t found a permanent location but we will let you know via when we do. If you’re unsure where we are this week give KIING & BOARDING us a call 03 3656530. s right there in our name – we are all

The venue is yet to be confirmed but the dates are locked and loaded for this year’s Burton New Zealand Open, 14-18 August.

Alpine Sports - Methven

out snow sports, specifically skiing d boarding. This is the glue that ngs the whole idea together and is obably the main reason why you are ading this.

Northface Freeski Open of New Zealand presented by Volkl If you’re Southern Lakes bound be sure to check out the Freeski action, the Slopestyle and Halfpipe competition is being held at Snowpark 28 Aug – 01 Sept. The Big Mountain Qualifiers and Final are at The Remarkables 03 – 08 Sept

NZ’s first fully catered and all inclusive ski chalet. Your chalet guides, Tom Dunbar and Simon Guild, chauffeur you from the airport, guide you around NZ’s best skiing, fulfil your culinary desires and even spark up the hot tub

WOW – Women of Winter


Mt Outdoors Wanaka


s right there in our name – we are all out snow sports, specifically skiing d boarding. This is the glue that ngs the whole idea together and is obably the main reason why you are ading this.

Methven has a new one stop snow sports shop in the Alpine Chalet on Main Street. They’ve got all the gear to kit you out from top to toe for an amazing day on the snow.

Board Surgery Drop Offs

s right there in our name – we are all out snow sports, specifically skiing d boarding. This is the glue that ngs the whole idea together and is obably the main reason why you are ading this.

If you’re looking for Mainly Tramping you’ll now find them trading as Mt Outdoors at 17 Dunmore Street in Wanaka. They’ve still got the same great brands and staff, just a new look and new store.

Burton NZ Open

Mission WOW returns to Mt Olympus for a weekend of fun and frolicking, beverages and banter, laughter and learning… all for the ladies. The hut is reserved for the fairer sex Sat 22 Sept so book your time/ baby-sitters/partners/dogsitters and visit

Looking for an A-grade repair or tune but don’t want to drive half way across Christchurch to Ski and Snowboard surgery? Drop your gear off at R&R Tower Junction and they’ll do the driving for you.


State of Play Heading to Canada? - IEP

Riccarton Clinic

Want a guaranteed job at a Canadian ski resort, organised before you leave NZ? IEP help with visas, 24/7 support, accommodation, ski passes & more! Limited positions available, check out

If you’ve had a bit of a moment on the mountain and require after hours treatment, x-rays or on-going physio visit Riccarton Clinic. They are great supporters of this mag and are conveniently located on Yaldhurst Road. See advert pg 18.

The Blue Pub InterIslander Pass Win Win!

It’s back again, your chance to cross Cook Straight for free & score fresh tracks South Island style.

Simply email us the name of your favourite Interislander Ferry and you’re in the draw to win a return family vehicle pass on the Interislander (departing Wellington). Competition closes 15 July – email:

The Blue Pub will be the place to rock out in Methven this season – first major live gig is Friday 29 June with ‘Left or Right’. Be sure to keep an eye on our events page for more gigs throughout the season.

New Staveley Accommodation Red Cottage

Chain ‘em up Looking for information on Snowchains? We have a comprehensive page dedicated to them on our website. If you want to know how to fit them, drive on them, where to hire or where to buy check out ‘Chain’em’up’ the Travel section “”.

The perfect romantic getaway in an unforgettable environment. Open fires, candles, and the warm wooden ambience of this restored historical cottage create an inviting spark after a day exploring the local area. 4324 Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road, Staveley P: +64 3 303 0970

Want a guaranteed job at a Canadian ski resort?



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CommiTTed To AdvenTUre? SKi, BoArd & GeAr Hire

ALL Under one rooF

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and many more...

Bivouac outdoor

Unit 3, 81 Clarence Street | Tower Junction | Christchurch | 03 341-8062 Find out more information online at


Kiwi Man’s Garage Richard Harcourt by Riley Bathurst.

Rich may be in the name, however, moneys not the aim of the game with this split board and custom ski manufacturing garage nestled in Sumner Village. As we met up on a sunny late summer arvo, Rich had just finished a new set of skis to send off for testing with Erik Bradshaw. Last year Erik took an earlier pair from the garage almost straight down the middle of the South Island. I asked Rich what was going on with a snowboard manufacturer also producing skis? “We’re finding that spending time listening to customers and a bit of no. 08 wire is all you need to push the boundaries of the mountains” says Rich. Splitn2 started with the idea of enjoying life and creating handmade split boards but the idea has already evolved

with Rich and his garage continually improving and developing with new toys and technology, effectively upgrading the quality of his hard work. As Rich has moved along the learning curve the game has changed and evolved. Through a chance meeting as can only happen in the CHILL mountains, Rich has begun to find niche markets, the Erik Bradshaw's and ski fly crew, who find the idea of super light skis appealing, are pushing Rich to help them with something new. Similarly Rich is continually being pushed into developing his split boards for back country travel with the like of Shane O & Ruari Macfarlane. Both have joined in on the fun. A community of riders are helping out with research and development that will bring something new to the scene over the next few years.

Photo: Shane O

Photo: R Bathurst.

Split boarding by definition is bringing multiple ideas and refining them into a single solution and that's exactly what is happening in this little garage.

Splitfest 2012 The Splitfest is a festival of splitboarding and it was a great weekend in 2011 at Temple Basin with blue skies, 20cm powder, live music and NZ’s biggest collection of splitboards hitting the slopes. The first day featured all the best demo gear available all day from Splitn2, Libtech, Gnu, Spark RnD and Quiksilver plus workshops on gear selection, split boarding techniques, and staying safe in the backcountry. Then it was time for night boarding and live music before day two kicked in with demo gear all day and a range of organised tours to choose from. Splitfest is definitely the best opportunity to try splitboarding or check out the latest gear. The winning format will be exactly the same for 2012 so get the dates in your diary now! When: 15th & 16th Sept Where: Temple Basin

438 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Phone: 03 365 0907 Fax: 03 365 1462 Email:


Other  jackets  may  change  zippers  and  colors.

Ours is changing the industry. The Whirlibird ™ Parka Omni-Heat’s silver dOts are little, but tOgetHer tHey’re dOing big tHings, like reflecting body heat to make our breathable lining 20% warmer than an ordinary one, and taking the outdoor industry by storm. Omni-Heat’s dots are part of another little thing with big results that we call: trying stuff. learn more at COlumbia.CO.nZ Scan to learn more

Omni-Heat ™ Reflective lining: 20% WaRmeR

© 2011 Columbia Sportswear Company. All rights reserved.


drop ping in

with....Peter Clinton-Baker. By Ryan Charmley. There are few things in this world more visually repulsive than ugly skiing or snowboarding techniques. The sure fire way to beautify the mountain, ensuring all who ski and ride it do so gracefully, is with lessons from those who know what they’re doing. Peter ClintonBaker is the President of the New Zealand Snow Sports Instructors Alliance and is doing his bit to make New Zealand beautiful. Forming the pizza is acceptable when you’re seven but no one wants to see an adult struggle down a groomed slope. We caught up with him in the sunny Abel Tasman where he also runs the Sea Kayak Company with his wife Maureen.

Name Peter Clinton-Baker (PCB) Age 56 You’re an outdoors man through and through and have made a career out of your passions, what do you do for work/play? Work time is well taken care of at our Sea Kayak Company. In winter there’s not too much kayaking so there’s plenty of time to ski! This summer I got a taste of road biking with the occasional road race - it’s got to be good for the ski legs.

Your daughter Lucy has made an appearance in the CHILL Guide previously, were you the trend setter or is skiing in your blood as well? Well and truly in the blood, my parents dragged me and my brothers up to Whakapapa from an early age – Puketoi Mountain Club ski weeks - fantastic!

You are no stranger to teaching first timers in the sport, what are your top tips for beginners? Make sure your ski gear is well selected – skis not too long – and take some lessons right from the start! A little fitness and flexibility will help as well.


What is the Snow Sports Instructors Alliance and what benefit can a beginner get from lessons? The New Zealand Snow Sports Instructors Alliance (NZSIA) is responsible for certifying all ski, snowboard, telemark and adaptive instructors in NZ. When starting out, lessons help you develop a sound base technique. From here you can then start to develop your new found skills and safely explore the mountain.

instructors teach what people what to learn – freestyle, park and pipe or how to race down a Masters race course.

You became an instructor way back when, what’s changed in the sport?

Teaching people to ski off piste in Val d’Isere. Many days of “do I really get paid to do this!”

I passed my first level back at Turoa in 1981. There were 2 levels back then, both alpine ski. Now we have many certification options available in all four disciplines. Freeskiing is keeping a lot of younger snow users in the sport for longer and resorts are providing more features to keep them coming back.

How have these changes impacted on teaching people to ski and snowboard? Basically we have to be aware of global trends in snowsports so our qualifications are current and meet the needs of the ski area guests. We work co-operatively with the ski areas to ensure we offer qualifications that help their

You must have some stories to tell from your time on the slopes. Best time instructing?

Proudest moment instructing? When I owned the Ski School at Rainbow we had a very rainy day with lots of school groups, at the end of the day the teacher in charge came into the office and said the kids had experienced one of the best ever days! It made me very proud to have a group of instructors that could deliver an outstanding snow experience in the worst possible conditions!

Most bizarre instructing experience? Having to tackle a level one client to stop her being blown over the edge of the learners area at Mt Hutt (well before the current re-development!)

Favourite CHILL Mountain? Mt Lyford in July and the Terako Tow

What’s your top tip when skiing at the CHILL Mountains? Got to love those mountain top picnics, just have to make sure your bottle of bubbly is chilled.

Most embarrassing instructing experience? Teaching a level 1 lesson at Rainbow after the annual Snow Ball and having to make an excuse to visit behind the Patrol room – must have been food poisoning!

To learn more about the Instructors Alliance or become an instructor? Look no further than

Final Thoughts? Get out this winter and enjoy the slopes and stay safe.


Photo Competition

Capture the essence of CHILL in the mountains & WIN a REDRAM Thermal Layer Email photo entries to Winner drawn late 2012 Terms & Conditions on

2011 Entries - Winners Lifestyle: Sam Weenink Mtn/Outdoor: Kinga Palmer Snowboarder: Hadyn Surgenor Skier: Xander Dixon

Mt Cheeseman. Photo: B Creswick.

Mt Cheeseman, Undie 500. Photo: R Service.

Sam Weenink, Roundhill // Winner Lifestyle

Xander Dixon,Temple Basin // Winner Skier

Photo: S Evans.


Mt Olympus. Photo: J London.

Morris, Hanmer Spring. Photo: T Klein.


Hadyn Surgenor, Hanmer Springs // Winner Snowboarder

Kinga Palmer,Mt Olympus // Winner Mountain Outdoor

Mt Olympus. Photo: K Palmer.



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Kate McDougall shares a surname synonymous with high pedigree kiwi skiers. By Ryan Charmley. If you spend any time on the slopes with Kate you’ll soon see that she is a skiing overachiever and proverbially rips the bag. We caught up with the semiperpetual student, currently weaning herself off ski-bumming, for a yarn.

Name Kate McDougall Age 28 Favourite skis you’ve owned? Black Diamond Megawatts 120cm underfoot, zero camber with rockered tip. I saw them one autumn in a Japanese ski shop. I had them mounted up

the next day and tested them in my apartment until the powder decided to arrived.

was 16 that I was really introduced to the joys of pow, now I’m obsessed with it.

Any you wish you didn’t?

What is your earliest ski memory?

Nah, a ski is a ski. No matter how funky they are, the end result is good times.

Groomers or Pow?

Pow. I’d give up almost anything to ski pow for the rest of my life.

Were you always a pow fiend?

Not really. I use to get stuck when I was too little to handle deep snow and I loved burning down the piste with my mates from ski school. It wasn’t until I spent a few months skiing in Europe when I

My parents used to take us to Queenstown for a few weeks in winter each year, and I was always the one super keen to get up the mountain each morning. Once I remember skiing in the rain all day, coming inside to wring my gloves out in the bathroom sink, then getting amongst it again until lift close.

THE KEY TO FRESH VIRGINAL POW... The snow gods have delivered and it's time to wax on, wax off. Early winter mornings aren't cool but neither is tracked out crud. The answer to getting your game face on?

0800 C4 COFFEE




We know you can ski and your brothers aren’t too bad either, where does the ski stock come from? Mum and Dad were ski bums years before I came along. Mum revealed to me a few years ago that they used psychological tricks to make sure we loved skiing as much as they did. They’d give us lots of treats and let us run the show when on skiing holidays by association, skiing therefore equalled good times. As we got older, the treats were removed, but our love for skiing remained. Pretty onto it parenting if you ask me.

You’ve been rather transient, why settle in Christchurch? Yeah, I have moved around chasing winters of late. Christchurch is my home town and I’ve got lots of good friends here. It’s the perfect city in terms of proximity to the Alps for skiing and biking, and there’s lots of interesting things going on, especially since the quakes, with projects like Gapfiller and Greening the Rubble.

We hear you’ve been involved with F3 over the summer, who are they? F3 Design is a family run design company. I’m currently in my final year of a degree in architectural studies and they took me on over

summer. They are in to architectural design, product design, interior fitouts, and graphic design.

What’s the “Art Box”? F3 designed a modular building system intended to provide relatively cost-effective, semi-temporary and architecturally designed buildings which can fit together in an almost infinite variety of configurations. The Art Box is one of the first projects the modular system will be applied to. It’s intended to provide studio and gallery space for artists displaced by the quakes. One of the crew, Pippin, is even building his house using it. You can check out a prototype at the F3 Head Quarters, Cass St, Sydenham.

If you were in charge of the rebuild of ChCh, what would your vision for the city be? Ban tilt-slab , encourage the use of engineered structural timber, make incorporation of sustainable building practices a necessity, encourage lots of quality mixed-use inner city developments to bring life back to the central city, less cars, more bikes and walking, lots of great green space, the Avon river corridor as a space to sip coffee or jog beside, the Cathedral as a ruin with a new structure built around it, public art, inner-city community spaces, artisan businesses, keep the mall stores in the malls, less red tape, encouragement of more practical innovation, fun…I could go on and on.

Enough of urban talk, A quad shot of C4's black magic, before you know it you'll be digging out the tows with the lifties. EPIC ROOSTER TAILS DOWN THOSE UNTOUCHED SLOPES ARE YOURS.


What’s your top tip when skiing on a CHILL pass? Do those extra favours for your boss so you can drop everything on a mid-week powder day and mobilise a team of like-minded addicts at 6am – know the weather systems and aspects of the CHILL mountains to make the call on where’s going to be best after the storm.

Final thoughts? Can’t wait till winter!


Ben Savill, Ramshead Downhill. Photo: T Klein

Pirates day, Mt Cheeseman.

Tom Southen, Black Diamond, Big Mtn. Photo: Shane O.

Fox Trot. Photo: John Evans.

Greg Clements, BR Cook Off.


Hailey Green, BR Snow Safety. Photo: R Bathurst.

Judges at CHILL Jnr Big Mtn, BR. Photo: R Bathurst.

K2 Big Mtn CHILL Series, Mt Olympus. Photo: Shane O.

George Pengelly, CHILL Jnr Big Mtn, BR. Photo: R Bathurst.


Stay in the Mountains... Score Your Stash!

Staying within crisp mountain air and the bright night sky is the only way to start and end the perfect skiing adventure. Mountain accommodation is a beautiful thing and one that we highly recommend. Claim the first tracks in the morning, and relax in a comfy bed with tasty food, instead of driving down an access road.

Broken River Broken River & Lyndon Lodges Beds: BR 24 beds / Lyndon 27 beds Facilities: Bunks through to private rooms, Chefs Kitchen, Lounge, Drying Room, Shared and Private Bathrooms Meals: D&B included. Lunch at Palmer Lodge. Rates: Peak (28 July-2nd Sept): Adult $85, Student, U18 $65, linen available $15 per change Rates - Off Peak (1 -27th July, after 2nd Sept): Adult $60, Student, U18 $55 Catered option with light duties. White Star Chalet Beds: 14 Facilities: Self-catering, kitchen-living-bunkroom all in one, separate bathroom, drying room. Meals: Self catering. Lunch at Palmer Lodge. Rates: All $40 per person Self-Catered with light duties. Discounted group rates (8 or more people) available. P: +64 3 318 7270 E:

Mt Cheeseman Snowline Lodge Beds: 68 Facilities: Chefs Kitchen, Lounge and modern facilities Meals: D&B included. Lunch at Cockayne Café. Rates: Adult $95, Student $76, Junior $64, U10 $52, Family $285 Family room rates for 4 or more available. Linen hire . Forest Lodges Beds: 36 Facilities: Backpacker, large lounge, bunkrooms and BBQ Meals: Self catering Rates: Adult $30, Student $24, Junior $20, U10 $17, Family $107 Great place to base yourself and friends to access Mt Cheeseman and all the Craigieburn Range. P: +64 3 344-3247 E:

Mt Olympus Top Hut Beds: 36 Facilities: Flood-lit night skiing, great coffee, wood burner, drying room, licenced bar, hot tub & alpine curling. Meals: D&B +famous lunch & hot tub. Rates: Senior $100, Junior $70, Under 10 $50 Bottom Hut Beds: 40 Facilities: Basic Kitchen, shower, outdoor bath, long drops, wood burner Meals: Self-catered Rates: Senior $25, Junior $25, Under $10 P: +64 3 318 5840 E:

Craigieburn Koroheke & Matuhi Lodges Beds: Approx 60 Facilities: Licensed bar, Chefs kitchen, showers, toilets, drying room, lounge Meals: D&B included (duties will be allocated). Lunch available at Whakamaru day lodge. Rates: Adult Standard $95, Private room* $230, Student/ CSA $200, U18 $70, Under 13** $70. Double rooms are available. Perfect place to be staying in the face of a snow storm. *Based on 2 people. Extra people in room will pay standard rates. **Must be accompanied by an Adult P: +64 3 3188711 E:


Fox Peak Fox Peak Mountain Lodge Beds: 35 Facilities: Modern Kitchen, dining area and hot showers Meals: Self catering (DBB available for large groups) Rates: $25 Book the lodge out for a week with a solid group of friends / families and you could have the mountain to yourself. P: +64 3 684 7358 E:

Porters Porter Heights Alpine Lodge Beds: 2 rooms – 9 x single bunks on three tiers. 5 rooms – combination of single and double bunks to sleep 4 – 6 guests. Facilities: Bunk rooms, single beds, lounge & dinning room, games room, laundry & drying room, outdoor hotbaths, shared bathroom. Meals: D&B Rates: Adult $85, Student $62, Youth $57, Child $40 + Family discount options. Friendly, après-ski atmosphere, large communal lounge, games room, ski tuning room, drying room and laundry. P: +64 3 318 4011 (in-season)



Hanmer Springs Robinson Lodge Beds: 50 Facilities: Centrally heated, Family rooms and comfortable bunks. Meals: Self catering Rates: Non Members $30. Family Rooms $70. Stay overnight and enjoy great value accommodation with the snow at your doorstep. P: +64 27 434 1806 (in season) E:

Temple Basin Mountain Lodges Beds: 120 Facilities: Bunk rooms, Two Lounges, Lecture Theatres, Chefs kitchen, Licenced bar, Rental Shop Meals: Dinner & Breakfast + two lunches included. Rates: Dinner, 2 lunches & 1 breakfast: Adult: $95, Student: $85, U18: $80, U13: $70. Accommodation Only Adult: $43, Student: $43 U18: $43, U13: $43 Lunch $15 After a solid day out and equally hearty meal, a night in the alps is synonymous with the Temple Basin experience. P: +64 3 377 7788 E:

SERVE CHILLED Fresh out of Harrington’s Breweries, we bring you this epic winter organic pilsener, the Rogue ‘Winter’ Hop a collaboration between one of Christchurch’s most well known breweries and yours truly, CHILL. Be sure to serve it up CHILLed - not hard when you’re getting amongst it in the alpine!

Che eachck out great club’s ski w value ee ks!


Kaikoura Want to get close to nature? Located on a rocky peninsula, protruding from lush farmland with impressive mountains towering over the Kaikoura Township, it’s no surprise that skiing and riding is close by. Mt Lyford is only one hour inland for you to explore and play. Numerous cafes and restaurants dot the Main Street of Kaikoura. This region is renowned for its seafood and marine wildlife. Kaikoura translates from Maori meaning ‘meal of crayfish’, one of many delicacies to indulge in if you are in the region.

Where to Stay Adelphi Lodge and Backpackers Adjacent to the sea front, they provide clean, warm & affordable accommodation in a cosy converted Historic Hotel. See advert pg 39. 26 West East P: +64 3 319 5141 E: YHA Kaikoura Waterfront property with fantastic views of the mountains. A perfect spot to relax after a day outdoors doubles, twins and shared rooms 270 Esplanade Road P: +64 3 319 5931 E:

Kaikoura Kayaks

Albatross Backpacker Inn Warm, friendly, fun! Stay at the Albatross and enjoy social dinners by the log fire, awesome jam nights, quiet rooms and comfortable beds. Next door to Mt Lyford snow shuttle! 1 Torquay Street NZ Free Ph: 0800 222 247

Surfing World renowned surf breaks dot the snow drenched mountain-lined coast and although cold in winter, the quality of waves can break the chill.

Other Activities

See advert pg 39.

Kaikoura Kayaks Paddle with playful Seals and have chance encounters with Dolphins on our half day guided tours. Kayak School, Hire, retail / online shop and Kayak fishing available. Like them on facebook! 19 Killarney Street NZ Free Ph: 0800 452 456 E:

Best Coffee

Day walks Spoil yourself on foot with pristine mountains views, native forests and wildlife. The stunning peninsula walkway leads to the ever popular seal colony.

Where to Eat Adelphi Bar & Restaurant, West End The Whaler, West End.

Coffee Owl, Beach Road Beach House Café, Beach Road Encounter Kaikoura 96 Esplanade

Don’t Miss Up close encounters with Dolphins, Albatross and nature’s most mighty mammals, the Giant Sperm Whale. Useful links

Nearby Ski Areas Mt Lyford: 1hr Hanmer Springs: 2 hrs

Fishing Catch your own kai with one of the local charters.


Hanmer Springs Situated in a high country basin, Hanmer Springs is an alpine gem. It caters to all, offering adrenalin pumping adventure or revitalising relaxation. Two great ski areas are close by. There is over 50km of walking and mountain bike tracks. Jet boating, bungy jumping, and quad bikes are on offer too. A good selection of cafés and restaurants for dining will top it all off, particularly after a soak at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools.

Where To Stay Le Gite Backpackers Le Gite is a warm, comfortable hostel with spacious doubles/ twins/shares & ensuite rooms, beds readymade and heaters in all rooms. Free tea, coffee & hot chocolate. Great value for money! 3 Devon Street P: +64 3 315 5111 E:


Heritage Hanmer Springs Restored historic building in landscaped grounds 90 minutes from Christchurch. Accommodation includes rooms and 3-bedroom villas. Tennis and petanque courts plus outdoor swimming pool across from the renowned Thermal Pools 1 Conical Hill NZ Free Ph: 0800 368 888 E: hanmer-springs Kakapo Lodge - YHA A two-storey purpose built hostel with a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Perfect for your ski retreat. 14 Amuri Avenue P: +64 3 315 7472 E:

Where to Eat Mt Lyford Lodge – Mt Lyford The Powerhouse Café – Jacks Pass Road Waiau Lodge Hotel – Waiau

Mt Lyford Lodge A beautiful log cabin style lodge at the base of Mt Lyford, an amazing mountain retreat, the perfect place to stay while skiing in the area. See advert pg 38. P: +64 3 315 6446 E:

Best Coffee Springs Deli Café Powerhouse Cafe Mt Lyford Lodge

Nearby Ski Areas Hanmer Springs: 35 mins Mt Lyford: 1 hr

Other Activities Hanmer Adventure Centre This is your one stop adventure shop. Hire quad bike to explore purpose-built tracks or grab a mountain bike. Ski hire available and hop on the shuttle to the ski area. See advert below. 20 Conical Hill Road NZ Free Ph: 0800 FOUR FUN Gentle pursuits Include walks through the forest and township, thermal pools, health treatments and an 18-hole golf course. The Amuri Golf Club provides a scenic alternative on route to Mt Lyford. Need an adrenalin rush? Try jet boating on the Waiau River, horse trekking or a bungy.

Don’t Miss Bike hire at the Hanmer Adventure Centre. Explore the local bike tracks. Culverden Bakery, something for every appetite. Useful links

River crossing, hill climbs, jumps & bumps, with spectacular scenery. An unforgettable 2 1/2 hours of fun! Shooting & Transport to the St James Mountain Bike Track

021 225 2292


Mt Lyford Alpine Resort Mt Lyford Alpine Resort is situated 140km north of Christchurch. The resort is considered New Zealand’s first true alpine development, ideal for recreation and leisure. It’s an excellent place to ski or ride, and has a wide range of terrain and facilities for all abilities. The large ski area is serviced by one T-bar, two Platters, one fixed grip learner’s tow and an Upper & Lower Terako rope tow. Tows access a wide variety of learner and intermediate terrain and

New Zealand’s Sunniest Snow Resort

the Upper Terako rope tow offers advanced skiing and riding in the Terako Basin; great for first time nut-cracker users. The rolling terrain at Mt Lyford creates ideal slopes for all those learning and developing their ski or snowboard ability. The Wild Ride Terrain Park has been developed with a natural terrain chute leading into jumps, kickers and rails to cater for snowboarders and skiers alike. For those not skiing or riding, there is an area dedicated to snow tubing. The sunny Terako Day Lodge & Chamois café has views of the entire mountain. Carving skis, snowboards and tube hire is available and the Alpine Coaching school offers lessons for beginners to experts. With five snow groomers Mt Lyford has the capability to keep the snow conditioned and access road clear.

Facilities Terako Day Lodge & Chamois Café: shelter from the sun or cold, food and beverages available for purchase. Ski and Snowboard Hire: hire equipment to fit all ages. Ski and Snowboard Instruction: Never-ever Packages, Groups lessons $20pp min 4 persons & private lessons $60pp. Photo: R Bathurst.

Ski Area Terrain: 30% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 30% Advanced Ideal for: Beginner to Advanced Lifts: 1 Rope Tow, 1 T-Bar, 2 Platters, 1 Learners Fixed Grip. Elevation: 1750m Vertical: 350m Terrain Park: Wild Ride Terrain Park (kickers, rails) plus natural terrain Grooming: All main learner and intermediate runs groomed daily Day Pass: Adult $70, Student $55 with I.D, High School $30, Primary $20 (6-U13yrs), Under 6yrs Free, Over 70yrs Free, Half day rates also available from 12:30pm.

Accommodation Mt Lyford Log Chalet Village: for great value rent a private log chalet or the Mt Lyford Lodge: Motel rooms, double rooms and bunk rooms. See advert below. P: +64 3 315 6446.

Location and Access Mt Lyford Alpine Resort is 1hr 40mins North of Christchurch (140km), 45mins from Hanmer Springs and 50mins from Kaikoura situated on state highway 72. From the Mt Lyford Lodge it is a 25min drive on a well maintained gravel road which passes through native beech forest and into alpine terrain. Chains should always be carried.

Mt Lyford Lodge Motel Rooms from $130 for 2 ppl. Dble Rooms from $90 for 2 ppl. Additional ppl $15/night. Bunk Beds $30 per person. Mt Lyford Lodge, 10 Mt Lyford Forest Drive, Inland Kaikoura Rd, North Canterbury (11km from the Mt Lyford ski field). 1hr 45mins from Christchurch. Fully licensed restaurant/bar, open log fire and heated outdoor spa’s. Drying room • Laundry • Central heating • Conference facilities • Wedding venue Ph: 64 3 3156446 • Fax: 64 3 3156116 • Website: • Email:


Snow Reports Mt Lyford Snowphone: +64 3 366 1220

Contact Information P: +64 3 315 6178 +64 27 4330 999 +64 27 4710 717 F: +64 3 315 6158 E: Terako Rope Tow.

hlightratilss, Hig omed main

Gro piste plenty of off-made an m d Natural an ures at fe terrain park d mosphere an at n fu d an s ie Friendly ilit it all ab terrain to su r first timers w fo Great rope to Terako Rope on the Lower e Whaler in at Th A cool beer d down the day in w to a on a Kaikour a good surf Real close to ing en ev g rin chillin’ sp


Hanmer Springs Hanmer Springs Ski Area is a friendly, fun ski area just 20km from the alpine resort town of Hanmer Springs. There are a variety of groomed runs and off piste terrain to choose from for all ages and levels of skiers and riders. Slopes can be viewed from the lounge in the Day Lodge or on the sundeck so spectators don’t miss out on the action. The car park is at the base of the huts and it’s just a short walk to the tows. There are no queues, you can get in as many runs as your body can handle and the tows operate until you want to stop! The mountain accommodation is backpacker style and is self catering, so don’t forget to bring supplies. To top off a perfect day or weekend in the mountains, a soak in the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools will ease the strain on the muscles. The village also has some great restaurants and bars and accommodation options if bunking up the mountain isn’t your style!

Facilities Brand new for 2012 Learners Fixed grip lift, Poma lift, Rope tow Ski and snowboard hire available on field or in the village.

The Friendly Field

Ski and snowboard instruction Canteen and hot drinks are avail at the shop in the Day Lodge. Accommodation: inexpensive, warm, comfortable and family rooms are available.

Ski Area Terrain: 10% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 30% Advanced Ideal for: beginner to advanced. Tows: 1 long poma (807m), 1 nutcracker rope tow, 1 beginners fixed grip tow Elevation: 1769m Ski Terrain: 52ha Vertical: 310m Terrain Park: Natural hits, tables pushed up on request, talk to the staff! Lift Pass: $60 Adult, $50 Student, $30 Junior, Under 10yo Free with a paying adult. Learners Area: $25 Adult, $25 Student, $15 Junior

Accommodation Backpacker accommodation is available in Robinson Lodge, adjacent to the Day Lodge. Have a sleep in and still be the first on the slopes in the morning! The cost is $30 pp per night or $70 for a family room. Accommodation is self catering so pack the chilly bin and make a weekend of it. Ski 2 consecutive days on your CHILL pass and stay on the mountain for free.

Membership Membership definitely has its privileges! New members are always welcomed and a chance to find the good snow under guidance of existing members is a plus. Their new household membership is a great deal for families Check out for details.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Carparking Day Lodge Accommodation Toilets Ski Patrol Ski & Board Hire Tickets & Shop

New for 2012 Hanmer Springs Ski Area has purchased and installed a brand new beginner’s fixed grip tow. The fixed grip is situated on the learner’s slope of the shirtfront and is 60 meters long. The beginners area is kept separate from the rest of the slopes, so there is no hassle for learners and experienced skiers and boarders getting in the way of each other. Beginners packages including ski or board hire, tow fees and tuition are very affordable.

Location and Access



Hanmer Springs Ski Area is around 2-2½ hrs from Christchurch. From the Hanmer Springs village, take the Clarence Valley Road up over Jack’s Pass, turn left when you get to the river and in another few minutes you come to St James Station. Turn left up the ski field road. This is an alpine road with associated conditions so please always check the ski report for road conditions and follow the instructions. All vehicles must carry chains and be prepared to fit them. If you are unfamiliar with driving on

Photo: T Klein.

alpine roads a shuttle runs daily from Hanmer Springs Village. Contact Hanmer Adventure Centre +64 3 315 7233.

Snow Reports P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 9

Contact Information P: +64 27 434 1806 E:



New tow for 2012 grip handle deck the new sun Views from e dg lo y da outside the cker to ride ra tc nu d an nners, Easy poma timers, begi Great for first d pro riders families an off-piste oomed and Mixture of gr ys and get a free Track in 2 da mmodation nights acco





Nick Sutcliffe, Craigieburn Valley. Photo: Shane O.

Photo: G Browne.

Mark Wlalker. Photo: Shane O.

George Pengelly. Photo: R Bathurst.

Photo: R Bathurst.

Jeremy London. Photo: Shane O.

Roy Schott. Photo: Shane O.

Joel O’Rourke, Roundhill.


Photo: J Harrison.

Ruari Macfarlane, Craigieburn Valley. Photo: R Bathurst.

Sensational Selwyn Sensational Selwyn’s nature playground stretches from the Pacific Ocean, across the Canterbury plains all the way to the main divide of the Southern Alps. Christchurch International Airport acts as a superb gateway to CHC and is conveniently located very close to the Great Alpine Highway, State Highway 73.

Sensational Adventures Skiing & Snowboarding Just one day at any of the sensational six ski areas in Selwyn and you’ll be hooked. There’s terrain and facilities to cater for everyone, whether you’re a first timer or experienced big mountain skier or snowboarder.

Walks Selwyn is a great place to explore on foot. Whether you’re up for a gentle stroll or a challenging hike, there’s stunning mountain vistas, bird filled forest, lakes and quaint country towns waiting to be explored. Fishing A fisherman’s paradise, there are almost limitless opportunities to bait up. There are surfcasting spots at Birdlings Flat and the Rakaia river mouth, 10 high country lakes and backcountry gorges laden with Brown Trout, Salmon and Whitebait.


Golfing Catering to all budgets, the region offers courses ranging from the internationally renowned Terrace Downs Resort perched above the Rakaia Gorge to country club courses where the sheep have to be chased off the greens. Bouldering Known worldwide as a bouldering mecca, the Castle Hill rocks have also made a name for themselves in the film world. The striking limestone rock formations are well worth stopping for a picnic and photo opportunity if you not to keen on climbing them. Biking From the family friendly Little River Rail Trails to the challenging Craigieburn scree slopes and beech forest clad single track, there’s a sensational ride for all mountain bikers.

Sensational Gardens Take your time and journey through sensational gardens, packed with history, stories and of course local gardeners.

Sensational Tastes Packed full of artisan producers, restaurants, cafes and wineries, there are plenty of sensational tastes for you to discover.

Modern comfort • Outdoor Spa pool • FREE DVD library / LCD TVs FREE Wireless internet • Fully serviced & self contained Off street parking • Dry room & full laundry 25 mins to Porters Ski Area • $50-$300 per night Ph. +64 3 3184018 E.

Helpful Info The visitor information centres in Rolleston, Station 73 in Springfield and Arthur’s Pass are home to a wealth of knowledge on activities and attractions to discover in the Selwyn district.

Useful Websites:




Darfield Occasionally referred to as “the town under the Nor’west arch” and home for Gnomes Alpine Sports, you’ll locate Darfield 45kms west of Christchurch on SH 73. It is a gateway to our alpine playground. Methven and the Craigieburn Range are close by as well as the scenic Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers.

Where to Eat Sheffield Pie Shop - Sheffield SH73 Express Yourself Café Darfield Bakery (opposite Gnomes) Mid West Pizza Café

Best Coffee Darfield Bakery

Don’t Miss Pick up any last minute gear or chain hire from Gnomes. Grab a famous pie from Sheffield Pie Shop. Sheffield Pie Shop On your way to or back from the mountains, stop off and feast on a variety of award winning pies and delicious homestyled Kiwi baking. Enjoy the bakehouse aromas and Jungle coffee. See advert below.

51 Great Alpine Highway P: +64 3 318 3876 E:

Photo: Shane O. Ben Pritchard, Castle Hill.


Best Coffee

This wee village is a popular stopover for skiers and snowboarders heading to and from the Craigieburn Range. It’s home to many mountain staff during the winter months and is located on The Great Alpine Highway about 45 minutes from Christchurch.

Station 73 Cafe & Store Ned’s Cafe

Springfield Visitor Information Buro & Station73 Cafe Enjoy their freshly baked muffins & great coffee with magnificent views of the Torlesse Range! Perfect stop for ski area reports, road information, book accommodation, activities including daily Tranz Alpine Train. See advert pg 47 Railway Station, King Street P: +64 3 318 4000 E:

Jet Boating Travel deep into the Waimak Gorge at the foothills of the Southern Alps with Waimak Alpine Jet. Just 10 minutes from Springfield. Call into Ned’s Café for more information.

Where to Eat Station 73 Café & Info Centre Ned’s Cafe Yello Shack Café Springfield Pub The Springfield Cafe and Store

Activities Bush Walk Kowhai Bush Reserve hosts a short but enjoyable walk through native Black Beech forest.

Horse Riding Discover the beauty and serenity of the foothills of the Southern Alps with Rubicon Valley Horse Treks.

Don’t Miss Filling up: Springfield Service Centre is the last stop before the Craigieburn Range for fuel, food, snow chains and full breakdown service. See advert pg 52. Main West Coast Road P: +64 3 318 4845




Springfield Smylies Motels / YHA / Ski Lodge. Looking after snow lovers for 25 years, shared rooms to private super king executive. Dinner, bed, breakfast from $75, share rooms only $31, studio $95. Book your stay online. See advert pg 48-49. Main Road P: +64 3 318 4740 E: Springfield Motel and Lodge Modern lodge perfect for skiers/ groups, all amenities including free wireless, DVD library & drying room. Separate motel units with queen beds. You’ll be feeling right at home. See advert pg 45. 37 Tramway Road P: +64 3 318 4018 E:

Castle Hill Castle Hill Basin lies between the Torlesse and Craigieburn mountain ranges in the Canterbury high country. The distinctive limestone rock formations trace human occupation back over 500-years. Maori charcoal drawings are hidden amongst the limestone outcrops of Kura Tawahiti. Castle Hill Village is the nearest ‘off mountain’ accommodation to the local ski areas, a great spot to base yourself for your ski holiday.

Where to Eat Flock Hill restaurant and bar is just a 10 minutes drive away. Guests at The Burn B&B have the option of dinner on request. The Bealey Hotel is also open every night, with wholesome dinning, log fire, couches, adjacent bar and pool table to enjoy.

Where to Stay The Burn Alpine B&B The Burn Alpine B&B Castle Hill Village. Stay in a warm relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy great food, a massage and a hot tub right in the heart of the Craigieburns. Torlesse Place P: + 64 3 318 7559 E:

Local Ski Areas Mt Olympus: 1.5 hrs from Darfield 1.25 hr from Springfield 1 hr from Castle Hill Porters: 45 mins from Darfield 30 mins from Springfield 15 mins from Castle Hill Craigieburn: 1 hr from Darfield 45 mins from Springfield 15 mins from Castle Hill Mt Cheeseman: 1 hr from Darfield 45 mins from Springfield 15 mins from Castle Hill Broken River: 1 hr from Darfield 45mins from Springfield 15mins from Castle Hill

Don’t Miss

The Hogs Back MTB track, connecting Castle Hill Village with the Mt Cheeseman Access Road Flock Hill Lodge and Craigieburn Forest Park, and Flock Hill Lodge offers a superb the exciting subterranean world selection of accommodation of Cave Stream. Be prepared for options, from spacious luxury motel chilly, wet conditions. units to a fully equipped backpacker Always check the river flow before lodge. See advert pg 53. entering the cave. SH 73, Cass P: +64 3 318 8196 E:

Springfield Information Buro & Station73 Café

at the Springfield Railway Station. Open Daily from 8.30am Enjoy our fresh baked muffins, scones, slices, scrummy gourmet pies over a coffee, tea and assorted refreshments. Pick up skifield information or book accommodation & activities in the region including the daily Tranz Alpine Train for your day off from the slopes! Follow the i signs from the Great Alpine Highway SH73.

Ph: 03 3184000. Email:



The Closest Ski Area to Christchurch

Porters is 89 just kilometers from Christchurch International Airport, approximately an hour’s drive. If you’d like to experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time, or you’re an expert looking for easy access to some fantastic and challenging terrain, Porters is a great place to start, with facilities for all levels of skiing and riding. Porters Ski Area has seen a great deal of investment undertaken recently, all designed to improve your ski experience. A fantastic 120 seat café is a great place to enjoy a delicious coffee and home-style food between runs, with superb views over the Torlesse Range. The Porters Community Park has undergone more development, offering a great training ground for those looking to develop their freestyle skills – now opening earlier with the assistance of snow-making. The snowmaking infrastructure at Porters has been strengthened further with the purchase of two dedicated generators and a further fully automated snowgun. The winch groomer makes it easy for staff to deliver perfectly groomed slopes for you each morning.

Porters have always taken pride in offering a superb experience for families. To ulitlise the Ski Mat, magic carpet lift and a platter lift, there are excellent value starter packs, including ski/board hire, lessons and easy beginner lift. For the intermediate skier or boarder, Porters offers a huge variety of runs accessed by three T-bars, with groomed trails accessible from top to bottom. The more advanced skier or snowboarder will enjoy ‘Big Mama’, with 620 vertical metres that’s bound to get the legs burning. If you want an even steeper slope, then Bluff Face (skiers left) offers 38 degrees of pitch. Easy backcountry access is also available - backcountry travelers must sign in with ski patrol before leaving the ski area boundaries.

Facilities Ski Hire: the latest hire equipment is available on the mountain. Extensive snowmaking area. Professionally designed terrain park. Snow Sports School: professional instruction for groups and individuals. Excellent, warm, modern café and bar with seating for 120. Complimentary shuttle bus from chain fitting area (bookings

essential Interchangeable parent pass for young families. Complimentary Wifi access to stay in touch with the outside world. Ski Area Terrain: 30% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 40% Advanced Ideal for: beginner to advanced. Tows: 3 T Bars, 1 Platter (intermediate), and 1 Ski-Mat Magic Carpet. Elevation: 1980m Lift-accessed Terrain: 285ha Vertical drop: 620m Terrain Park: Professionally designed and continually developed with tables, rails, and boxes. Grooming: All main runs are groomed overnight. Lift Pass: $82 Adult, $57 Uni Student, $42 U18, Free 75+ and Under 7.Half day rates & learners lift rates also available.

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ACCOMMODATION & TOURS From budget to all inclusive, daily mountain transport to Porters, ski rental, tuneup room, drying room, internet, great food, Japanese bath, heaps of movies & books & fully made beds with heaters in the room.


Accommodation Bunk style and family accommodation is available in the Alpine Lodge, located 5 mins below the main carpark, and operated by the Porter Heights Ski Club. Dinner, Bed, & Breakfast - $85 Adult, $62 Student, $57 U18, $40 Child. Alpine Lodge: +64 3 318 4011. E: Membership: Contact Porter Heights Ski Club for Alpine Lodge membership details, or check for more info. Members receive excellent discounts on overnight rates when staying at the lodge.

Location and Access Porters is just 1 hour from Christchurch along SH 73, and is the first ski area along the Craigieburn Range. The well maintained access road is unsealed and with ongoing maintenance, it is one of the safest and easiest ski area access roads in NZ. The carpark is located directly below the beginners slopes and the first T-bar. Check the snow phone or smartphone report for road and weather conditions before heading up. There’s also a complimentary shuttle bus from the chain fitting area on weekends/ school holidays where chains are

required, you must book the day before to secure your spot.

Snow Reports P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 0 Porters have great web cameras and a smartphone friendly report.

Contact Information P: +64 3 318 4002 E: Jack Koia. Photo: Shane O.

Photo New Zealand. Rob Lile

State Highway 73, Springfield, Canterbury Ph. 03-3184740 • Fx. 03-3184780 E. • W.


2012 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest

By Ryan Charmley.

With the exception of café shredders, it’s a pretty safe bet that those ripping the mountain share a couple of things in common. * We love the sport * We were once a grom. The essence of the Dynastar CHILL Gromfest is a fun series of events to get kids stoked on skiing and snowboarding. Held at Porters, Roundhill and Mt Cheeseman, each event is free to enter and the kids get a chance to ski and ride with others the same age and experience terrain and disciplines they may not otherwise try. For the kids it’s a chance to score some prizes purely by participating, a bbq lunch and most importantly lollies! For the parents it’s a way to palm your kids off for the best part of the day while you rack up the laps without a care in the world. Porter’s Guy Nurse has been part of the Dynastar CHILL Gromfest programme since its inception and “loves that the series gives young kids the chance to challenge each other in a fun, learning environment." CHILL and Dynastar are happy to provide a grassroots entry into the sport and as organisers it’s always great to see the mix of kids at sign up. There’s the confident seasoned groms

Porters, Gromfest.

who know the routine through to timid first timers that barely emerge from behind mum or dad’s legs to take their competition bib. Once everyone hits the slopes those nerves disappear as the groms race through gates, ski steeper terrain than they ever have before or ride off a box, grinning ear to ear with mum and dad snapping shots furiously from the sideline. The days are traditionally split in two with one discipline in the morning and a second in the afternoon. Lunch sees the bbq fired up and the gaper gapped gannets soon descend from the slope squawking for a sausage. Once watered and fed it’s back to the slopes. There’s a faithful crew that avidly attend to each leg of the

series mixed with local rippers that join in for the day. The key thing is participation, all are welcome and even though it’s designed for 6 -12 year old there’s been kids as young as 4 involved. The more the merrier so make an effort to get along and sign up on the day. Last year at Porters, was a minibig mountain skills clinic added into the mix where kids could sign up for a day with Freeride World Tour skier Neil Williman for an introduction to big mountain skiing. Although separate to the Gromfest and with a small cost associated it was well received and the perfect intro for the scheduled mini-big mountain comp set for the following day at Porters……. Or so was planned. Unfortunately the mountain clagged in and our


organising arms were forced to abandon plans and come up with a make shift event. So out came the racing gates, not that the kids seemed to care, carving big turns on a tricky wee course. After lunch the kids ventured into the park for a jam session and there were plenty of pointers given to refine technique of some and to encourage others to give it a go. Roundhill’s traditionally the mountain for Dual Downhill and a Park Jam and last year’s was a stunner with the sunny Mackenzie turning it on for the event. While the parents “inspect the carpentry” of the Von Brown Hut the kids raced head to head and showed off their skills in the park. Highlights included some massive straight airs and a few spins and grabs from the older kids. When it comes to family friendly ski area you’d be hard pressed not to include Mt Cheeseman as a frontrunner. The mountain literally stops for the event and the perfectly groomed slopes and gates are painstakingly prepared for the kids. Members jump at the opportunity to display their bbq prowess and the whole deck enjoys some rays with a snag in one hand and a refreshment in the other. Each event runs over a weekend so there’s plenty of time for the

kids to come down off the sugar highs. The key to the events success is participation and the bigger the crew the bigger the smiles so watch out for this year’s Dynastar CHILL Gromfest series and we’ll see you there. 2012 Dates: Mt Cheeseman July 14 (weather day 15th)

Big Mtn Workshop.

Porters Big Mtn Grom Clinic July 21 Gromfest July 22 Roundhill Sept 8 (weather day 9th) Check out or email for more info.

Stu W.

Porters Slope Style.


Mt Cheeseman Mt Cheeseman is just 90 minutes drive west of Christchurch. It is a sunny North-East basin with open rolling terrain. Great beginner and intermediate slopes make Cheeseman perfect for learners and families, while adventurers find exciting off-piste terrain on Mt Cockayne. Mountain lodge ski-in ski-out accommodation and reasonable prices make a week or weekend at Cheeseman very affordable. The facilities are user friendly with helpful staff and an easy learner’s tow. The superbly designed and functioning day lodge is a great place to take a break from the slopes whilst enjoying a coffee or bite to eat in the stunning alpine setting. The ski area offers a fun and affordable alpine experience to everyone.

Friendly Family Fun Alpine Adventtures

Half of the ski area’s slopes are groomed intermediate runs accessed by T-Bar lifts and ideal for people who like relaxed, enjoyable skiing and boarding on rolling terrain. Mt Cockayne and A Basin hold the most snow and offer great off-piste terrain. The grooming staff build jumps, and set up a permanent Skier /Boarder Cross. For the adventurous, keen on a taste of backcountry, Cheeseman is a popular entry point. Check the Backcountry Avalanche Advisory first and ensure you let someone know where you are going.

Facilities Ski & Snowboard Hire: on the mountain Ski & Snowboard Instruction: Beginner group lessons $27, Individual lessons $65 for one person and $15 for each additional person

Day lodge: ideal for daytrippers, conferences and educational groups. The Licensed “Cockayne Café” provides food, drinks and fantastic Hummingbird Coffee. Accommodation: Snowline lodge fully-catered ski-in ski-out or Forest Lodge for self catering.

Ski Area Terrain: 15% Beginner, 50% Intermediate, 35% Advanced Ideal for: beginner to adventurous and families. Tows: 2 T Bars and 1 learners tow Elevation: 1540 - 1860m Vertical: 320m Grooming overnight and terrain park features. Lift Pass: Adult $70, Student & CSA affiliated $53, Youth & 65-74 $35, Family 15% discount, U10 & 75+ ski FREE. Half-day rates also apply. Beginners Tow $10.

Photo by: Richard Postles





PH +64 3 318 4845 • 027 249 4817


Location and Access

Snow Reports

Mt Cheeseman is located in the Craigieburn Range, 99km (90 minutes) west of Christchurch on SH 73, 2km west of Castle Hill Village. A 12km unsealed access road takes you to a drop-off zone beside the first T-bar. The car park is a few metres below. CAUTION snow and ice may exist! Follow all road signs, and please check snow report for road conditions prior to travelling. Snowphone: +64 3 383-8888 ext 2

Contact Information P: + 64 3 344 3247 E: Snowline Lodge P: +64 3 318 8794 Forest Lodge P: +64 3 318 8716

ts Highligsthtim ers

r fir Excellent fo ilies. and fam phere. d fun atmos Friendly an accommodation t Ski-in ski-ou med slopes T-bars, groo piste and offfe. Cockayne ca

Motels, Cottages & Backpackers Accommodation Warm and Welcoming Restaurant and Bar to relax in after a big day on the mountain. GREAT ALPINE HIGHWAY CRAIGIEBURN VALLEY, CASS PH +64 3 318 8196 MAIL@FLOCKHILL.CO.NZ WWW.FLOCKHILL.CO.NZ

Within close proximity to Porters, Mt Cheeseman, Craigieburn and Broken River skifields. Thirsty Thursday throughout the winter from 5.30pm with specials, spot prizes and great food specials.


Broken River

Ski , Snowboard, Hike Fun



2 3

Described as a “Hidden Gem” by Powderhounds, Broken River offers a unique alternative for those with an adventurous spirit looking for something special, a little different and more than just the skiing. Start your day with a spectacular ride up through native forest, on the Tyndall Tramway, to the accommodation lodges and ticket office. The first ski tow is 10 minutes walk from there. Explore the rolling bowls, and steep chutes of Broken River and Allan’s Basins. You’ll find exhilarating runs to challenge adventurous beginners to experts. Allan’s Basin’s tranquil, backcountry atmosphere and untracked, long powder runs are a must. Both bowls are sheltered from the wind and hold plenty of snow well into late spring.


Awesome . off-piste runs r. de w po tic Fantas le. Friendly peop ere. ph os m at ed Relax cess to the Unique rail ac n mountai enery nn Stu ing sc


Enjoy the social atmosphere of Palmer Day Lodge. Relax on the massive sundeck while you chat with the locals.

Accommodation 3 on-mountain lodges situated amongst beech forest 10 mins walk from the tows.

Facilities No ski hire. Bring your own towbelt or free towbelt hire on the mountain. Glove protectors & gloves for sale. Ski, Telemark and Snowboard Instruction: Group lesson $40pp for a 1.5 hrs. Private lesson $60/hr for the first person, $30 pp for 2nd and 3rd person. Day Lodge: Palmer Lodge is open to all with communal kitchen & BBQ. Buy food and drinks at the canteen.


Access / Rugby tow: check the snow phone for details. Grooming: beginner, intermediate runs. Lift Pass: $70 Adult, $50 Student, $35 U18, Free U11 & 70+, Family pass $175. Night skiing pass $40 6-10pm.

Location, Access & Tyndall Tramway Info Located in the Craigieburn Range - 7km from Castle Hill village and 110km (90mins) from Christchurch on SH 73. Please check daily snow report for road conditions. The Tyndall Tramway operates daily from the car park to accommodation lodges, 8.30 to 11.30 am and 3.30 – 5.30pm.

Ski Area

Snow Reports

Terrain: 5% Beginner/Novice, 45% Intermediate, 50% Advanced Ideal for: intermediate to expert. Tows: 3 high-capacity rope tows & 2 learner tows, all electrically driven. Ski Terrain: 175ha Vertical: 500m Terrain Park: rails & kickers outside Palmer Lodge Scheduled night skiing on

Webcam: webcam-and-snow-report/ P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 3

164cm / 174cm / 184cm

Contact Information P: +64 3 318 8713 E:



Ski the Big One

Craigieburn Valley Ski Area has achieved a worldwide reputation for its unique and easily-accessed advanced terrain. Here you will find everything from steep narrow chutes to wide open powder bowls, and New Zealand’s only in-bounds skiing below treeline. If you are an advanced or expert rider, then Craigieburn is your holy grail where fresh tracks can be found long after the last snowfall. Craigieburn is not recommended for beginners, although their friendly staff are always at hand to show you the ropes if you are a first timer to operate the nutcracker. Craigieburn is also renowned for its numerous backcountry and sidecountry touring opportunities which reveal many untracked basins and chutes. Remember there is no Ski Patrol or Avalanche Control, so don’t go here alone. Make sure everyone in your party has an avalanche beacon, shovel, probe and the skills to use them. Check the Backcountry Avalanche Advisory at the Daylodge or Ticket Office before you go and be sure to tell someone where you’re going. If you need to catch your breath, stop off at Whakamaru Day Lodge beside the top tow. Relax on the sunny deck or in the warm lodge and enjoy the breath-taking views of Middle Basin and Hamilton Face.

Facilities No ski hire. Ski and Snowboard Instruction: Group lesson $25, private lesson $45. Day Lodge: Whakamaru Lodge is situated beside the top tow supplying fresh coffee, hot food and drinks. Bathroom facilities available.

and winds gently through beech forest. From the carpark there is a short 5min walk to the ticket office and lift. Check the snow phone for road conditions before coming up.


Snow Reports

Fully-catered on-field accommodation @ the mountain lodges. Lounge bar in Koroheke Lodge is superb for a relaxing drink after a big day.

P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 7

Ski Area Terrain: 55% Intermediate, 45% Ideal for: Intermediate to Advanced Tows: 3 rope tows Elevation: 1811m Ski Terrain: over 100ha Vertical: 500m Lift Pass: $70 Adult, $50 NZ Student (with ID) & U13 and 75+ Ski free, no half day rates.

Location and Access Craigieburn is in the Craigieburn Range, adjacent to Broken River – 110km (1.5hrs) from Christchurch. Turn off is 500m from Broken River. The 6km access road is unsealed

Contact Information P: +64 3 318 8711 (winter season) +64 27 554 4933 (pre-season) E:

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160cm / 170cm / 180cm



Arthur’s Pass Arthur’s Pass National Park is one of the most spectacular alpine environments in New Zealand. The park is teeming with walks, ranging from 10-minute waterfall treks to multi-day, high mountain, epic adventures. The quaint beech forest village holds a store, cafés, restaurants, bars and plenty of accommodation. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps, this alpine village will give you an amazing, new experience, or a warm welcome back.

Nearby Ski Area Temple Basin - 5mins drive to car park, followed by a 50 minute hike up to the ski area! Drop gear at the goods lift, carry poles (+ torch) and wear solid footwear. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. Alternatively, leave your car in the village and take the Trampers Shuttle (Mountain House).

Where to Stay Arthurs Chalet Restaurant, Bar and Accommodation in the heart of Arthur’s Pass, close to Temple Basin Ski Club. Stay two nights for the price of one midweek with a light breakfast included.

See Advert below. 131 West Coast Road, SH 73. NZ Free Ph: 0800 676 884 The Bealey Hotel Warm & welcoming atmosphere. Cosy log fire, hearty homestyle meals, happy friendly people, classic alpine bar and idyllic views to wake up to - family units, studio rooms in Moa Lodge. See Advert pg 57 SH 73, 12km east of Arthur’s Pass P: +64 3 318 9277 E: YHA Arthur’s Pass, Mountain House

Superb Backpacker and Cottage accommodation situated in the alpine village of Arthur's Pass, found right on the Main Divide of the Southern Alps. Main Road, Arthur’s Pass P: +64 3 318 9258 E:

Where to Eat Arthurs Chalet: Fully Licenced Restaurant & Bar The Bealey Hotel & Bar Arthur’s Pass Store and Café (petrol/diesel available) The Wobbly Kea

Best Coffee The Bealey Hotel

DOC Information Centre Open from 8.30am – 4.30pm during winter for weather reports or use the info weather phone +64 3 318 9211. If you’re going into the outdoors please lodge your travel details with DOC.

Other Activities Hiking Winding through the rough peaks, cascading waterfalls and deep forests of Arthur’s Pass. The tracks surrounding the area are vast and varied. Tie up your boots and hit the trails. Please ensure you are properly equipped as the weather can change rapidly. Always respect the high alpine environment. DOC has great maps, walking tracks and current weather updates.

Don’t Miss The worlds renowned TranzAlpine rail journey from Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass. This region is in one of New Zealand’s best Alpine settings. Get amongst the wilderness. PLEASE do not feed the Keas and carry chains.

Temple Basin Temple Basin is one of New Zealand’s most successful Ski Clubs, tucked away in an enviable position just 157kms from Christchurch and 83kms from Greymouth. Located under Mount Temple on the Main Divide of the Southern Alps, the Ski Area is sited in the middle of Arthur’s Pass National Park. This favorable position means it collects and holds more snow than other fields. Not only that, but, because the slopes face North, it is one of Canterbury’s sunniest ski areas and can boast long skiing days well into dusk. On-field lighting makes night skiing possible too. The ski area offers an excellent variety of terrain spread over four basins and 320 hectares - for the very beginner to the adrenalin junkie. Temple Basin claims excellent facilities with cozy lodges in a superb alpine setting. Enjoy the luxury of hot showers and a hearty meal to compensate for all the energy exerted during the day. Considered to be the centre of excellence for mountaineering courses, the New Zealand Snow Safety Institute is based at Temple Basin. If you are keen on learning more about mountaineering and alpine skills, see their courses on and pg 92 - 93.


Beginners to Adrenalin Junkies

Facilities Ski and Snowboard Rental available: Ski and Snowboard Instruction available Day Lodge: Temple Lodge is warm with fantastic views. Food & Drink: Lunch $15 or snacks & cold drinks from canteen. The canteen is fully licenced. Selfcooking facilities also. Accommodation: Two mountain lodges offer bunk style rooms for 120 people.

Ski Area Terrain: 25% Beginner, 50% Intermediate, 25% Advanced Ideal for: very beginner to expert. Tows: 3 rope tows Top Elevation: 1923m Ski Terrain: 320 hectares Vertical drop: 430m Night skiing on Temple Tow Lift Pass: $68 Adult, $50 Student, $37 U18, $24 U13, FREE U10. Accommodation including food $95 Adult, $85 Student, $80 U18, $70 U13.

Location, Access & Goods Lift Temple Basin is 157km (2hrs) West of Christchurch on State Highway 73. A 50 minute scenic walk from the carpark takes you to the lodges and ski area while your gear travels on the Goods Lift.

Goods Lift hours are: Monday to Thursday: 9.00 – 11.30am, Friday to Sunday: 9.00am – midday / 4.00 – 6.00pm. Please do not leave valubles in your vehicle parked in Temple Basin Carpark or anywhere else along Alpine Highway 73

Snow Reports P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 1

Contact Information P:+64 3 377 7788 E:

ghts Highlipo wder.

Plenty of of terrain. Huge variety ne views. pi al g in Amaz treme ex to s Acces terrain. n ai big-mount the course er ov od fo Great day. of the entire


Mt Olympus

Playground of the Gods

Mt Olympus is set deep in the Ryton Valley, 45km from Windwhistle, where its back-country setting gives a real ‘middle of nowhere’ feel. The ski area is a wide open, south facing bowl which captures some of the best southerly snow in the Canterbury district. Situated half way up the mountain, the warm Top Hut Lodge and beginner’s slope is reached via the Access Tow (beginners may need to walk the first tow). The beginner’s area is safe and close to the shelter of the lodge, a perfect place to learn to ride the rope tow. The rest of the mountain is suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders. The varied terrain ranges from long runs down Main Face and Back Basin, to bumps, jumps and rollers through Demolition (skiers’ right from the top). If you prefer chutes, and the more extreme lines, you can take a hike to Little Alaska or The Sphinx – check with ski patrol. Night skiing is accessible if you’re staying on the mountain, and don’t be surprised if you end up singing & skiing into the night. Accommodation is also available at the Bottom Hut, which is self catering only.

Mel Parsons. Photo: G Browne

Photo: T Stephens


Ski Area

No hire on mountain, except nutcrackers and belts. Ski and Snowboard Instruction: Group or private lessons available Fully licenced bar Alpine curling. Day Lodge: The Top Hut Lodge also serves as the day lodge with canteen for snacks, drinks & espresso coffee. Delicious lunch meals can be purchased at canteen for day trippers.

Terrain: 10% Beginner, 55% Intermediate, 35% Advanced Ideal for: adventurous beginner to expert. Tows: 3 rope tows and 1 learners tow (100% green powered). Elevation - 1875m Vertical: 450m Night skiing (subject to weather and snow conditions) with a great sound system Lift Pass: $70 Adult, $45 Student (ID), $35 Junior (U18), Free U10

Accommodation package Top Hut $100 inclusive of bed, dinner, breakfast, a delicious lunch, hot-tub and access to the fancy dress box. No BYO please.

Location, Access Info Mt Olympus is located in the Ryton Valley, the Rakaia River side of the Craigieburn Range -


Big Si. Photo: R MacKay.

128km (1.5hrs) from Christchurch. From SH 72, or a town called Windwistle, turn off towards Lake Ida and follow Mt Olympus signs from there. The final part of the access road is one-way, so stop at the Bottom Hut and call ahead on the radio for road clearance.

Photo by: Thomas Stephens

Snow Reports P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 4

Contact Information P: + 64 3 318 5840 E:

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A magnet for snow lovers, no matter what your taste or budget, Methven offers the perfect escape. If you are looking for high octane excitement or a tranquil country escape, venture inland on Scenic Route 72 just over one hour from Christchurch to this alpine-themed village nestled close to the Southern Alps. The mountains to the west of Methven sit high above the township, a sharp contrast to the classic Canterbury plains stretching from the East Coast. Methven is the closest town to Mt Olympus, Mt Hutt and a short distance away is Porters Ski Area. If fresh tracks are what you are after, Methven Heli-ski, Mt Hutt Heli and Heli-Park provide access to some of the best heli-ski terrain in the New Zealand. Mt Hutt is the local’s choice for convenience and capacity. The ski area caters to the very novice right through to pro-athletes. Three high speed chairlifts give accessibility to the trails. Extensive grooming and snowmaking ensures you have plenty of skiable terrain especially if the skies are blue and the sun is shining. To keep everyone happy, those on flexible snowboards and short skis, Mt Hutt also offers two terrain parks and a half pipe.

To mix it up from the commercial ski areas, nearby is the Craigieburn Range, only an hour’s drive away with Porters the closest of four ski areas. The turn off to access the playground of the gods (Mt Olympus) is only 20 minutes from Methven. Mt Olympus is a powder paradise with 60 hectares of off-piste terrain, perfect for those who enjoy untracked slopes, narrow chutes and deep powder basins. The "Top Hut" offers a fantastic après-ski option for the lucky few who manage to book a bunk, complete with a hot tub overlooking the magnificent vista.

If the mountains are closed, don’t fear...there are plenty of other activities. Other classic Canterbury activities include skydiving, fishing, golf, jet boating, hiking and mountain biking. Check out the collection of restaurants, bars and night club to keep things pumping into the night. Pay a visit and refuel at the iconic Blue and Brown Pubs in Methven after a day in the mountains. The word on the street, if there’s a gig or an event on you’ll find it at the Blue Pub. Choose the amazing space of Methven for your winter adventure.

Photo: T Stephans

Self contained accommodation resort & conference centre just two minutes walk from the Alpine heartland village of Methven. 43 Barkers Road, Methven 7730, NZ P. +64 3 302 8885 Freeph. 0800 161 223 E. W.




Where to Stay Abisko Lodge, Apartments & Campground Central location, friendly atmosphere. Bed for every budget. Ensuite lodge rooms, self contained apartments, powered campsites. Including licensed bar, spa/sauna, communal kitchen, mountain transfers from the door. Special deals online. See advert pg 63. 74 Main Street NZ Free Ph: 0508 224 756 The Blue Pub Comfortable, clean backpacker style accommodation with the added bonus of amazing views from the sunny deck and the famous Blue Pub Bar and Cafe just downstairs! See advert pg 64. Barkers Road P: +64 3 302 8046 E: Brinkley Resort Award Winning self-contained Qualmark 4 Star Methven Resort on mountain bus route. 80 apartments & rooms, laundry facilities, restaurant, outdoor spa pools, BBQ, tennis courts, Wi-Fi, Sky TV & helipad. See advert pg 61. 43 Barkers Road NZ Free Ph: 0800 161 223 E:

The Brown Pub Comfortable super king beds, clean fresh linen and warm duvets. The community style atmosphere is perfect for a bunch of friends on a winter skiing or snowboarding holiday. See advert pg 65. Main Street & Forest Drive P: +64 3 302 8045 E: Mt Potts Lodge Helipad at your doorstep. Stay at this laid back, high country lodge. Bunk rooms, Delux doubles & a 3 bedroom, self contained cottage offers comfort for all Helipark adventure seekers. Hakatere Potts Rd, Mt Somers NZ Free Ph: 0800 4354 7275 E:

Where to Unwind Methven Sports Massage Reward yourself after a day on the mountain with a massage. Deep tissue, hot rock, relaxation or reflexology treatments available. Centrally located 300 metres from the i-Site. 4 McKerrow Street, Methven P: +64 3 302 8232 E: bookings@

Nearby Ski Areas Mt Hutt: 30 mins Mt Olympus: 40 mins Porters: 1 hr Heli Park: 1 hr Methven Heli: in Village Mt Hutt Heli: in Village Heli Park: 1 hr



Where to Eat The Last Post Dom’s Pizza & Kebabs The Brown Pub The Blue Pub

Best Coffee


Primo e Secundo Cafe Arabica Licensed Cafe Cafe 131

It is easy to see why the professional teams return here year after year, the Methven ranges provide an ultimate heli access playground for all abilities to enjoy.

Other Activities Mountain Biking

There are some great trails close to Methven including the Methven walkway and rides around Lake Emma and Lake Camp. For a selection of local tracks check out the Mt Hutt Downhill Park. Big Als and the i-Site have more information available. Hiking

There’s no shortage of scenic walks and nature tours. For something more challenging head to the Mt Somers track, one of New Zealand’s top 10 walkways. The new Information Centre can give you a number of walks to check out. Hot Air Ballooning

Take off in Methven and enjoy spectacular views of the Southern Alps on a clear winter morning.

Methven Heli offers you a superb heli-ski experience into the renowned Arrowsmith Range. Heli Park & Mt Potts Lodge offer fresh tracks and fresh food. At the base of Heli Park is a quaint mountain lodge where you can stay prior to your day’s skiing or riding. Mt Hutt Heli provides some of the most affordable and accessible heli-riding in the Southern Alps with the hanger only 15kms from Methven. See pg 86-87 for more information on Heli access. Movie Theatre

Relax in front of a movie at Cinema Paradiso on Methven’s

* Ensuited lodge rooms at a sensible price. * Spa and Sauna. * Ski drying room. *2 minutes walk from village heart.

Main Street or check out: for screening times and film listings. Fishing

Land the big one in one of New Zealand's leading fly-fishing destinations. There are many guides to gain on expert knowledge and find those secret spots Golf

Take your pick of great country courses such as Methven Golf Club or the pristine high country resort, Terrace Downs.






The rolling foothills and high alpine peaks make this region a thriving destination. Hire a guide and come home rewarded for your efforts. Contact a local guide through

For some retail therapy in the alpine town, check out Big Als, Jase’s Ski Hutt and Alpine Sports for new gear or hire and to catch the inside word on where to score fresh tracks after the storm settles.

Jet boating


Waimak Alpine Jet at Springfield is a superb boating option and worthwhile booking prior to leaving Methven NZ Free Ph: 0800 26 36 26. River action and jet boat tours also available with Rakaia Gorge Discovery Jet. can take you for a Tandem Skydive over the majestic Southern Alps where you will experience world class views from coast to coast & Mt Cook to the Kaikoura’s. Freefall at 200kmph followed by the peace & tranquillity of a parachute descent. 

Ice Skating

Staveley Ice Skating Rink is one of the few natural outdoor rinks left in the country. Surrounded by native beech forest it’s the perfect place to try skating & curling. Skate hire is now available at the rink.

All the info you need is at the i-Site with expert knowledge and free booking service. Open 7 days. 160 Main Street P: +64 3 302 8955 E: Methven Heritage Centre

Primo e Secundo Cafe

Primo Café is well known for its collecticn of retro and kiwiana clothing, jewellery, kitchenware, tables, chairs, pictures, paintings and all sorts. With a great coffee to enjoy, spend a good hour checking Maria’s wonderful eye for retro New Zealand.

Grab a coffee at the Heritage Café or check out the exciting NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter with ski film clips, ski history, a digger simulator and more. Great on a non-ski day!

Don’t Miss Bragging rights after a day of heliskiing. Quench your thirst at any of the great bars and restaurants.

e world famous Blue Pub in Methven, located right in the centre of town!

WINTER ACCOMMODATION SPECIAL!!! Blue Pub Burger + Bed for the night ONLY $59



Winter Events 9 June Mt Hutt Ski Area - opening date 29 June

Live Music @ The Blue Pub Left or Right is a band playing a rhythmic & energetic mix. 26 – 28 July Methven Theatre Presents Little Shops of Horrors- a hapless florist raising a plant that feeds on human blood. 2 Sept Methven Races - Harness Racing at its best. Memorable! 21 Oct Methven Rodeo

Tom Brownlee. Photo: B Pengelly.

Mt Olympus. Photo: J Burgess.

Porters. Photo: J Harrison.

Warm in atmosphere and welcome, you will feel right at home at î ˘e Brown from the minute you walk in the door. Kids 10 and under stay and eat for free! Please contact us for more info... Main Street & Forest Drive, Methven - Mt Hutt Village E - P (03) 302 8045 - W


Ashburton Stretching from the Alps to the ocean and bordered by impressive braided rivers, Mid-Canterbury, Ashburton, has a very contrasting landscape from snow capped peaks, open fields and thriving water ways. The area is endowed with adventure activities and is the perfect place for a winter holiday, combining days in the mountains with a variety of other attractions. Ashburton township’s proximity to Christchurch makes it an ideal location to stay overnight, after arriving in the city or prior to departing. Check the Ashburton i-Site and Visitor Centre for all the information you’ll need on accommodation and activities, located on East Street. P: +64 3 308 1050

Where to Eat Braided Rivers Restaurant & Bar Versatility and a vibrant atmosphere, along with a delectable cuisine from a range of menus is offered at Braided Rivers. Try their ‘gold standard’ juicy steaks cooked using the only Montague Steakhouse Broiler of its kind in the South Island.+10% off your total bill when dining at Braided Rivers Restaurant & Bar

Speight’s Ale House

with a valid Ski Pass. Open 7 Days 11:00am - Late 246 Burnett Street P: +64 3 307 2541 The Somerset Grocer The Somerset Grocer loves great food and takes pride in bringing you the best local and international produce, in a great shop atmosphere. You will encounter new products and tasty delights with each visit. $1 cheese rolls when purchasing a bach coffee or harney & sons tea with a valid Ski Pass. Week Days 7:30am – 5:30pm Saturday 8:00am – 3:00pm Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm Cnr East & Burnett Street P: +64 3 307 5899 Speight’s Ale House If it’s good hearty portions of Southern food matched with local beer you’re after then Speight’s


Alehouse is for you. There is a full range of Speight’s beers on tap. *1 free child’s meal ordered from the Child’s menu per each adult main meal with a valid Ski Pass. Open 7 Days 11:00am - Late 245 Burnett Street P: +64 3 308 5980

Best Coffee The Somerset Grocer Nosh

Where To Stay Bella Vista Ashburton New 18 unit motel. 4 star plus, double glazed for quietness. 1hour south of Christchurch Airport on route to Queenstown. Ski Mt Hutt within 1hour. Spa & family units. 469 West Street, SH1 NZ Free Ph: 0800 235 528 E:


Game on stop live sport & Check out at meal. gre over for a

ree* 1st Child FSt // 03 308 5980 t

245 Burnet

Ashburton Tinwald Motel A modern 12 unit motel complex on the south side of Ashburton and 3km from town. Their Qualmark 4+ self contained and serviced luxury units are affordable with high quality beds for a great nights sleep. Main South Road, Tinwald NZ Free Ph: 0800 846 9253 Hotel Ashburton The perfect place to stay on the way to or from the airport. Set on the outskirts of Ashburton with large and beautifully kept gardens offering a quiet stay in the countryside. Racecourse Road NZ Free Ph: 0800 330 880

Local Bike Shop Cyclerama Cyclerama is owned and operated by Paul Wylie, a well known cycling figure in Mid Canterbury. Paul offers bike mechanical services, quality bike sales and plenty of local knowledge. 211 Burnett Street P: +64 3 307 6443 E:


Braided Rivers Restaur ant

+ Bar

Other Activities Mountain Biking For an alternative day to the ski areas, hit the mountain biking trails around the lakes and the main bridge. Whether you’re after a quick afternoon blast, or a full day adventure, Ashburton is a mecca for mountain biking. Bike trails Lake Emma to Lake Camp Outside of Ashburton township is Lake Clearwater, Lake Emma and Lake Camp. They all lie within a ride of each other. 4WD tracks surround each lake and are open to breathtaking views, perfect for a young family or a cruisey day off the slopes. To check out the lakes, the turn off is marked from Hakatere Potts Road at the end of Ashburton Gorge Road. Bike trails Paddle Hill Creek, Boundary Hut & Lake Heron to Barrosa Station There’s an abundance of lengthy rides throughout the region, with the option to extend these even longer, or pull back to the car when the thighs start to burn.

Relax in style Dine & relax en route to & from the mountains.

10 % Discount+ 246 Burnett St // 03 307 2541

Check out our summer guide or talk to the people at i-Sites in Ashburton or Methven. Indoors For the rainy, down days check out the Salmon World Encounter or head to the Ashburton Aviation Museum & Superhanger, it’s home to some of New Zealand's most unique aircraft. Scenic Biplane flights are available. On Water Jet Boating, White water rafting and (once the season is over) WakePark NZ are all there to amp up your adrenaline through the waterways and lakes within Ashburton.

Local Ski Area Mt Olympus: 1 hr 30min Mt Hutt: 1 hr 10 min Fox Peak: 1 hr 40min Mt Dobson: 1 hr 40min

DON’T MISS A drive, walk or cycle through the high country, it’s spectacular all year round.

On the run orning coffee Grab an early m t en route ea to & a light bite s. ain nt ou m e th to

olls $1.00 Cheese R 03 307 5899 ett St //

Cnr East & Burn


Broken River. Photo: J Harrison.

Mt Olympus, Bomb Shed. Photo: R Mackay.

Mt Dobson. Photo: Stu W.

CHILL Jnr Big Mtn Champs, BR. Photo: R Bathurst.


Mt Olympus, Bottom Hut. Photo: R Mackay.

Sam Marsh. Photo: R Bathurst.

Alex @ Board Surgery. Photo: G Browne.

Palmer Lodge, BR. Photo: S Worsp.

Hanmer Springs. Photo: T Low.


Riding a Ropetow Some of the mountains on the CHILL pass utilise rope tows to gain access to the skiable terrain. If it’s your first time, please be patient as it may be a little tricky at first. Temple Basin, Craigieburn, Broken River, Mt Olympus & Fox Peak all have rope tows. Hanmer Springs, Mt Lyford & Roundhill have a rope tow along with other tow types.

All the mountains are more than happy to help you out with tips if you’re having a few problems. Once you have mastered the technique (it takes about half a day) the tow is a fast and effective way to access some of NZ’s best terrain. Starting: You need a glove protector (to stop the rope destroying gloves), harness (or belt) & nutcracker. 1. First, get used to holding the rope (normally with one hand). Slowly grip the tow, keep your grip tight, and begin to travel at the same speed as the rope in order to attach the nutcracker to the rope. 2 & 3. A nutcracker is a large version of a ‘walnut’ cracker. It has two handles divided by a ‘clamping’ area and hinge. When attaching it to the rope, you’re best to swing it from under the rope, so that the hinge closes around the rope, with both handles now on the same side of the rope. Now you can grip both handles

Learn how to use your nutcracker

together from the top, for a firm attachment to the rope. 4. Your nutcracker is attached to your harness or belt by a short rope, and the weight of your body will be pulled from your hips. You do not need to use your hands or arms to pull yourself up the tow. 1.

Safety first To get off the rope tow just let the nutcracker’s top handle go and it will unclamp. Once released from the tow, move away from the track. In case of an emergency, a trip cord (thin wire) runs along side the tow and if pulled, it will automatically stop the tow. There is also a trip cord immediately after the dismounting area. When on the tow you can use your free hand to rest on the rope & help keep balanced (especially snowboarders), but remember to take your hand off when passing the pulleys (pulleys hold the rope off the ground). Beware of loose clothing, such as scarves, and long hair should be tied up. You can purchase glove protectors, a harness and nutcracker, or hire from CHILL HQ in Christchurch or online at



All CHILL Season Pass holders (including midweek) are strongly recommended to have their own harness & nutcracker when riding in the mountains. 4.

Mel Parsons. Photo: G Browne.




03 383 8888

Fox Peak


It’s huge & It’s Different --Every Day

Fox Peak is the highest point of the Large Two Thumbs Range, North West from Timaru. The views reach as far as the Pacific Ocean, Timaru and Banks Peninsula. More than 500ha of terrain is accessible from the tows. The wide-open faces are easily traversed by intermediates. They entice you to go faster and progress your riding. Over the back you find two huge (hidden) valleys offering superb trails for every level. The opportunity to progress at Fox Peak is compelling. There are no crowds to intimidate and you can simply enjoy the space. Fox Peak provides a great weekend accommodation with a cozy 40 bed lodge to relax after your day on the slopes. Here you partake in the classic ‘club field’ experience. You can also get a larger group together and book the lodge & ski area out for a week.

Facilities Hire facilities at “Ski Shack”, Fairlie Nutcrackers and Glove Protectors available. Ski and Snowboard Instruction arranged on the day. Day shelter and canteen located by the carpark.

Open Weekends (with some extensions check +64 3 688 0044) Terrain: 20% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Advanced Tows: 3 rope tows plus beginner/intermediate platter Elevation: 1910m Ski Terrain: 500+ha Vertical: 580m Grooming: Beginner and Intermediate slopes Lift Pass: $50 Adult, $40 Student, $10 under 13, FREE under 8 (half day discounts available).

Accommodation Fox Lodge offers friendly backpacker mountain accommodation ($25). P: +64 3 684 7358 Tim or Pam E: You can book at the canteen on the day.

Location and Access Fox Peak is nearest to Fairlie. Heading south from Geraldine on Highway 79 approx 20min turn right at the “Mt Michael Farm Barn Café”. Next, at the monument intersection, turn right onto “Clayton Road” and onto the Fox Peak entrance sign. From Fairlie heading north, approx 500m turn left on to “Clayton Rd” then continue to reach the entrance.

Fox Lodge is on the way up the mountain. The access road and ski field are on private land so please leave gates as you find them. (Sorry - NO DOGS)

Snow Reports Snowphone 03 688 0044

Contact Information P: +64 3 685 8539 Tim O’Connor: +64 3 3 684 7358 Grant Keeley: +64 3 3 684 5871 E:


Un-crowded . slopes m and nce, Freedo ile S , ce Spa n ai rr te variety of pretentious Friendly, un b views er up S people


Lodge bookings essential //

Riley Bathurst.


Ski Area


Mackenzie Winter


For an ideal winter playground, the Mackenzie region is at the top of the list.

Best Coffee

From bright blue lakes and rivers feeding out from the tall peaks of the Southern Alps to open tussock land and glistening frosts in the winter sun.


Fairlie On route from CHCH to Tekapo, Fairlie is the gateway to the Mackenzie Region, with beautiful landscapes and mountain vistas.

Where to Eat Eat Deli & Bar Farm Barn Cafe SH79 north Fairlie

Eat Deli & Bar

The glacial melted waters give Tekapo the fresh, turquoise colour it’s renowned for. The township, full of art and craft galleries, overlooks this pristine water up the Southern Alps and Aoraki Mt Cook. By day, Tekapo enjoys some of NZ’s highest sunshine hrs, by night it’s famous for its constellations.

Where to Eat Rakinui Restaurant – Peppers Astro Cafe – Mt John Alpine Springs Café Kohan Japanese Restaurant Pepe’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant

Best Coffee

Astro Cafe – Mt John

Other Activities There’s plenty to do. Aoraki Mt Cook and the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine museum is only an hour’s drive from Tekapo. There’s a host of great MTB trails in Fairlie and Tekapo, plus plenty of fishing and superb scenic glacier flights.

Tekapo Springs & Spa Hot Pools, Day Spa, Ice Skating, Snow Tubing Park and Cafe all in one stunning location! 6 Lakeside Drive P: +64 3 680 6550 Earth & Sky Mt John Observatory Tours Home to the Astro Cafe and NZ’s largest telescope. Drive or hike up and enjoy 360 degree views of the Mackenzie Basin by day & constellations by night. Mt John P: +64 3 680 6960 Aoraki Mt Cook Heli Southern Alps heli-skiing and riding departing from Mt Cook or Tekapo and scoring plenty of fresh tracks in exclusive terrain. See advert pg 78 & more info pg 86. Tekapo Helicopters NZ Free Ph: 0800 359 835 Southern Alps Guiding P: +64 3 4351890 Gliding Omarama is infamous for its gliding and can get your air-borne. Useful Link

Harris Mountains. Heli-Ski.




Where to Stay Fairlie Fairlie Top Ten Holiday Park Park motels, self contained units, cabins, campsites. Free internet for guests. Ask about our 3rd night free offer. Motel/ powered sites with personal hot tub available (booking essential). Book online. See advert right. 10 Allandale Road. NZ Free Ph: 0800 324 754 E:

Pinewood Motels Cosy & affordable. Qualmark 4 Star. Spacious 2-Bedroom family units to comfortable studio units. Multi-Stay deals available . Free wireless, 32” LCD TV’s with 13 TV channels & drying room. 25 Mt Cook Road NZ Free Ph: 0800 858 599 E: Tekapo Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort Situated in the town centre, Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort offers a range of quality accommodation, with self contained Family Units, Studio Units, Large Upstairs Apartment plus backpackers and budget rooms. Main Road NZ Free Ph: 0800 118 666 E:

Tailor-Made-Tekapo Backpackers Play games with international travellers and the neighbour’s cat in front of the log fire. Good beds, all made-up, no bunks. Well-equipped kitchen and drying room. Comfort on a budget. 9-11 Aorangi Crescent P: +64 3 680 6700 E:

Tekapo Holiday Homes Great selection of holiday homes in the heart of Tekapo. Relax in one of our fully self-contained houses, professionally cleaned and all linen supplied. Affordable rates for short & long stays. P: +64 3 680 6607 E:

Omarama Omarama Top 10 Come and warm up in our fully self contained Park motel units or Standard cabins, (with the use of the communal facilities). Wireless/ internet kiosk. Hot Tubs Omarama close by to revive your body. Cnr Route 83 & Highway 8 NZ Free Ph: 0800 662 726 E:

Local Ski Areas Mt Dobson: 30min Fairlie, 40min Tekapo Fox Peak: 30min Fairlie, 1hr Tekapo Roundhill: 1hr Fairlie, 30min Tekapo Ohau: 1hr Tekapo

YHA Tekapo This cosy hostel with great facilities overlooks the lake. Close to the Tekapo Springs and township, a great place to stay with friends or as a family. See advert left. 3 Simpson Lane P: +64 3 680 6857 E:

Don’t Miss Reel in your own salmon at one of the many salmon farms, and take in the views of Mt Cook upon the lake.


Mt Dobson

Ski & Snowboard Mt Dobson Ski Area

Famous for its all day sunshine, high, dry, natural snow and wide open uncrowded runs, Mt Dobson is the ultimate skiing and boarding destination to visit. This family owned and operated field is 2.5 hours from Christchurch on SH 8, the main tourist route to Lake Wanaka. Take in the spectacular scenery on the gentle access road with views from the Pacific Ocean to the Southern Alps. The road leads into the base area, which then opens up to a three kilometre wide basin, boasting 14 separate runs. The largest and sunniest learner and intermediate area in New Zealand, and the huge natural halfpipe are features unique to Dobson. The rolling natural terrain is both fun and exciting and easily accessed through Dobson’s three lifts; the platter stretches to the right of the car-park, the T-bar straight up the ridge, and the Triple Chair out to the western side of the basin. Whatever stage you are at, Dobson has the terrain to suit; from gentle learner slopes to advanced black runs. The more adventurous can hike from the top of the chairlift up the ridge for some fun terrain on a powder day - check with ski patrol first.

With a small friendly team, Mt Dobson has managed to retain that warm and sociable club atmosphere as a commercial ski area. Their team of qualified, international instructors are on call to encourage, inspire and challenge you to reach your potential – whether a raw beginner or into shredding the slopes! Race training clinics are also available. Two Kassborher groomers regularly groom the main trails for the safety and enjoyment of skiers and boarders.

Facilities Ski Hire: 300 pairs of skis, 50 snowboards, clothing and protective equipment available. Ski School: 8 qualified instructors cater to skiers/riders of all levels. Day Lodge: cafeteria: hot and cold food and drinks and confectionery are all available.

Ski Area Terrain: 25% Beginner, 50% Intermediate, and 25% Advanced. Ideal for: beginner to advanced. Lifts: Triple chairlift, T-bar, Platter, and learner’s rope tow. Elevation: 2110m Skiable terrain: 400 ha Vertical drop: 415m Terrain Park: Natural hits throughout the basin, natural halfpipe under the triple chair.

Grooming: 2 Kassborher groomers groom main runs. Lift pass (all mountain): $72 Adult, $56 Student, $43 Youth, $28 Child U12. Under 5 free. Beginners Rope Tow Free. Half day passes available from 12.30 pm.

Location and Access Nestled in the Two Thumb Range, the ski area is conveniently located on State Highway 8, the main tourist route between Christchurch and Queenstown. It is 11km west of Fairlie and 18km East from Lake Tekapo, Mt Dobson is easily accessible and boasts one of the easiest access roads in the country. It is 15 KM long and is maintained to a high standard, suitable for both buses and campers. When chains are required they may be hired from


the Ski Shack in Fairlie. For more information check out

Accommodation Stay in Fairlie, a picturesque rural township in the heart of South Canterbury, 26km from Mt Dobson car park, Fairlie offers warm hospitality and a great choice of outdoor recreation activities, with a population of approximately 800. Check for accommodation options. For more local info try or

Highligtuhratl snsow

Snow Reports P: +64 3 383 8888 ext 6 Check out:

Contact Information P: +64 3 685 8039 E:

r na Higher, drye No crowds ner area sunniest lear The largest, y. tr un in the co and e of groomed Great balanc g and boarding off piste skiin snow from early t of ic P ks up a lo utherly fronts. season so


drop ping in

on two dedicated mountain warriors....Simon & Kylie Murrell. By Ryan Charmley A committed and selfless few that live on the mountain put in the hard yards to ensure we have an enjoyable snow experience. We caught up with two of these dedicated mountain warriors juggling mountain and family life in the Mackenzie; Roundhill’s mountain manager Simon and sales & marketing manager Kylie.

Names Simon & Kylie Murrell Ages 40/38, respectively Fill us in on your snow sports lives up to now. K: I learnt to snowboard at Thredbo about 15 years ago,

I was much more interested in the après ski than the actual snow back then but I really fell in love with snowsports while travelling through Canada when I was about 25. I worked for NZSki for 9 years before moving to Tekapo. S: I moved to Queenstown in the early 90’s and started out as a snowmaker at Coronet Peak, I worked for NZSki in a number of roles for 15 years as well as spending time running snowmaking crews in the US. I took a break from NZSki and worked for the Snow Farm upgrading snowmaking facilities at the car testing grounds and installed all the snowmaking at the Snow Park in 2002-2004. We moved to Tekapo in 2009.

Roundhill had a bit of a reputation of being exactly that, what’s changed since you’ve been involved with the mountain? S: We built a 1473m long rope tow with 623m vertical, the Heritage Express has added a whole new aspect to Roundhill, we now have the largest vertical in Australasia.

So from the smallest vert to the largest, the rope tow scores pretty high on the gnar scale, what is the key to making it to the top? S: It’s not as difficult as it may sound, the harnesses these days are a lot more comfy and the line is perfectly straight! It’s a consistent gradient too so you just sit back and enjoy the ride. hill.c ound r . w ww etails on d ti a tr Regis


If it goes pear shaped you can always console yourself in the Von-Brown Hut, can you think of a bar with a better view….. and so many sunshine hours, fact or a clever marketing ploy? K: FACT, ask anyone that’s been there, it’s a magic spot.

Who will extract the most fun out of the new T-Bar? S: Mum, Dad & the Kids, it accesses some nice intermediate terrain with a sweet powder trap in the saddle, there is one groomed run and heaps of off-piste.

The town hasn’t escaped change either, is Tekapo home year round? K: Yep, we always spend a month or so at a beach over summer though. Mt Maunganui and Yamba (Aus) are our favourite spots.

You’ve now got a young one, tell us how do you manage family duties and running the mountain? K: We’re a smallish team so we get to know everyone really well and there’s always someone willing to help out if needed. We’ve lived on the mountain for the past two winters so Roundhill is just a big back yard to Abbie. Roundhill is so family-orientated, more often than not we have friends or family up there too, and of course Abbies grandparents are amazing and they always come and help out during our busy times.

Future skier or a snowboarder?

Many pass through the Mackenzie but you settled, what’s the attraction?

K: Both! And surfer, circus performer, debater, sprinter, actress, astronaut……

K: Roundhill (of course), the climate and the people, it’s a pretty tight knit community.

When is she likely to start?

S: I like working for a family owned business and being a smaller hill I get a chance to do a bit of everything, in summer I like to do a bit of hunting and fishing.


Roun A pair of S dhill seaso urface Skis n pas ! s give away !

K: We were dragging her around on skis when she was 2, last winter she had just turned 3 and was doing pretty well but she had no interest in turning or snow plowing, she’s into speed, hopefully she’ll be a little more in control this winter, I can’t keep up with her!

Given an open cheque book what else would change at Roundhill ski area? S: Monorail from Tekapo with a revolving restaurant at the top of the Heritage Express and a Prinoth Beast to groom the piste. OR, expand over the back of the Richmond Range.

Just between you and I, are any of these ideas in the pipeline? S: You never know!

Top tips you give when skiing at Roundhill? K: Reeeeelax! Park in the sun, have an espresso while you’re putting your boots on, stop for lunch on the deck, visit the von Brown, line the family up for a photo, have a beer before you leave.

Final thoughts? S & K: Make a week of it (or at least a weekend), Tekapo is becoming much more of a destination than a stop-over these days, there’s plenty of skiing, good restaurants and cafes, hot pools, tubing, ice skating… why wouldn’t ya!

p of the l drop from to wn. 783m vertica ll. a ... w o T s s re Heritage Exp f-Piste Racers only. rious Of WARNING: Se



Australasia’s Highest Vertical!

Roundhill is a Kiwi owned ski area situated in the heart of the Mackenzie Country. See Aoraki Mount Cook towering above the Southern Alps while the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo provide an amazing backdrop to your day. Roundhill boasts Australasia’s highest vertical – a massive 783m! The 1473m long Heritage Express Rope Tow was installed in the summer of 2009. Taking you to an elevation of 2133m, the Heritage Express accesses super long natural halfpipes and chutes along with some seriously steep terrain! This is big mountain skiing and riding at its best. The back country options are endless too. Intermediate skiers and riders can enjoy the super wide, undulating, trails accessed from the 2 T-Bars which are just the right pitch to be exciting but not intimidating. For learners they have a huge novice area with wide gentle runs and plenty of space, the learners area is serviced by 2 beginner rope tows and a platter lift. Central Park has a collection of features including boxes, rails and jumps. With an extensive snowmaking system they can provide good snow cover without any help from

Mother Nature. Their professional snow grooming team ensures pristine skiing conditions throughout the season. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere means Roundhill is a favourite with families. After an easy 35 minute scenic drive you arrive and park your car slope-side. All amenities are easily accessible and our new ticket office will see you on the snow faster than ever. All trails lead back to the base area, so once the kids are underway grab a coffee, take in the scenery, bask in the sun and watch them tear up the slopes while you get yourself ready to hit the snow. They have a team of international instructors available with group lessons running 3 times daily and private lessons available throughout the day.

There are over 350 sets of rental equipment for all ages. Also for hire are helmets, wristguards and toboggans and for those wanting to ride the Heritage Express nutcrackers and harnesses are available. The fully licensed Two-Thumb Café offers hearty kiwi fare, great coffee, and a wide range of refreshments. The “von Brown hut” is a secret hideaway stashed at the top of the T-Bar where you can sit and enjoy light refreshments while enjoying the peace and taking in the spectacular views.

Facilities Benzeenees Snowsports School: Internationally qualified instructors for all ability levels. Two Thumb Café and Bar: Modern, comfortable licensed


café serving hearty fare with ample seating indoors and out. Von Brown Hut: Refreshment hut located towards the top of the main T-Bar. Ski Hire: A modern range of skis, boards, boots, harnesses, nutcrackers. Toboggan hire also available here. Central Park: Terrain features including boxes, rails and jumps Extensive snowmaking area

Ski Area Terrain: 20% Beginner, 45% Intermediate, 35% Advanced. Ideal for: All ability levels Tows: 2 T-bars, 1.4km Rope tow, Platter Lift & 2 beginners rope tows. Elevation: 2133m Base: 1350m Vertical drop: 783m Grooming: two groomers ensure a smooth corduroy finish every morning. Lift Pass: Adult $75, Student $55, Youth $45 (13-18), Child $36 (U12). Children 5 and under receive free day lift passes. Half day rates available from 12:15pm.

Accommodation In the Tekapo Township you’ll find a large array of accommodation providers. Ranging from backpacker style to luxury bed and breakfast. Any budget or preference

can be catered for. Check the destination section of the guide for our recommendations on accommodation in this area.

Location and Access Roundhill is located 35 minutes from Tekapo village. Travelling time is approximately three hours from Christchurch or Queenstown, or an hour and a half from Timaru. The access road gently meanders 8km from lake level up to 1350 vertical meters to the base facilities. Campervans and buses access Roundhill with ease. For daily road conditions P: +64 3 680 6977


H Australasia’s rrain mix, Diverse te ls l ability leve perfect for al area for firsts er nn gi s. Huge be rs or familie timers, learne ed terrain park nc adva slopes Beginner to intermediate Immaculate ct pe as y Warm, sunn ss Easy acce ilies Great for fam

Snow Reports P: +64 3 680 6977

Contact Information P: +64 3 680 6977 +64 21 680 696 E:


AORAKI/MT COOK   REGION Southern Alps Guiding ┃Ph 03 435 1890 ┃


Lake Wanaka Set against the pristine backdrop of Mount Aspiring National Park and renowned for crystal clear lakes and rivers, Wanaka is home to some of the best terrain in Australasia. Perched on the edge of Lake Wanaka, the township holds a special winter charm. Full of culture and great cuisine, there is a thriving community with a choice of ski areas, numerous heli-skiing and plenty of back country options. Treble Cone hosts some of the steepest, exhilarating runs in New Zealand, and also has a great learner’s area for those just starting out. If you’re more into hitting the park, Cardrona and Snow Park pride themselves on the quality of their terrain parks and also world class events. For the down days, Wanaka has an abundance of great walking and biking trails around the lake and into the highlands. Or if you still have snowboarding on your mind, head to the skate park situated right in front of the lake. The cinema Paradiso is a great local theatre if your legs can no longer carry you, and if you still have energy for the evening, be sure to check out Mint Bar and Redrock for a local Brewski and good music.

For a breath-taking drive, head over the Crown Range into Queenstown. The hour and a half journey takes you over the highest main road in New Zealand and into the historic gold mining village of Arrowtown. Be sure to take your skis and boards and check out Queenstown SnowCats, this is a spine-tingling yet affordable way to enjoy terrain usually only accessible by helicopters. Wanaka is the last stop on the CHILL map, but should be considered for one of your first!

Where to Eat The Spice Room Red Star Luxury Burgers Federal Diner LoneStar The Cow

Best Coffee Cafe Gusto Federal Diner

Where to Stay YHA Wanaka Located in town with excellent views across the lake and great facilities this hostel has easy access to the best of Wanaka’s entertainment and winter activities. See advert below. 94 Brownston Street P: +64 3 443 1880 E: YHA Queenstown Lakefront Queenstown waterfront; a beautiful short walk to town, expansive kitchens and lounges overlooking the lake. Wide range of room options. 88-90 Lake Esplanade P: +64 3 442 8413 E:


Nearby Ski Areas Treble Cone: 35 mins Cardrona: 35 mins Snow Park: 35 mins Snow Farm: 35 mins Queenstown Snowcats: Queenstown Village

Local Snow Shop: Mt Outdoors The only specialist ski and climbing store in Wanaka. The best gear and advice for skiing, touring and climbing. Ski rental. We do it, we love it, we sell it. 17 Dunmore Street P: +64 3 443 2888 E:

Other Activities: Basecamp Climbing Centre Wanaka’s only dedicated climbing facility with a clip ‘n’ climb for the whole family, right up to a sports climbing wall for the more extreme. If you’ve never climbed before or if you’re an experienced rock puller, this centre is a great for any level. Cardrona Adventure Park Monster trucks, quad bikes and buggy rides – what more could you want? From beginner to adrenaline junkie, enjoy the ride on offer in vehicles you could only dream of. Available on request in Cardrona Valley.

Have-a-Shot Shooting and Activity Venue Pull, aim, fire! A controlled venue for trigger happy enthusiasts to shoot some clay. Even for the inexperienced, you’ll be hitting the bulls eye in no time. Golf driving range and archery available. Mountain Biking If you’re keen for a few days off sliding, Wanaka has some fantastic bike trails for you to get surrounded in. Bike Trail: Deans Bank The purpose built Dean’s Bank is a great short and sweet ride, filled with swooping downhills, tight berms and jumps. It will leave a smile on the faces of all riding levels. Follow your nose out of town on West Coast/Hawea Road, past the Albertown Bridge which crosses the Clutha River, turn left into the council camp ground and make your way to the

far north corner. The track starts and finishes here. Alternatively, cycle around the lake front past Rippon Vineyard toward Glendhu Bay. Bike Trail: Wanaka Plantation If you have a day up your sleeve, the Wanaka Plantation trail follows from the northern corner of Peninsula Bay, the Clutha River and down to Albertown. A smooth ride with technical sections, to keep you on your toes. To find the starting line, head north on Lakeside Road to the top of Peninsula Bay, and make your way up from there via “Hoe down” Scenic Flights A great way to take in the spectacular views of Wanaka is by air! Head to the Wanaka airport where scenic flights leave daily. Don’t forget to book in advance. Also check out the Aviation Museum at the Airport.


Treble Cone

Real Snow - Ski It To Believe It!

Boosting long un-crowded slopes, legendary off piste terrain and unrivalled views, Treble Cone is a real New Zealand snow experience for all. Located at the footstep of the Mt Aspiring National Park, the resort’s terrain and landscapes are second to none. Views of Lake Wanaka and the local township can be seen from the main basin and glimpses of Mt Aspiring from the ridge tops. At 2088m high Treble Cone has the longest vertical rise in the Southern Lakes region. With far reaching boundaries spread over two large basins, it’s skiable area is un-matched. Mother Nature has taken care of the terrain, sculpting fun gullies, wide faces and exciting undulating runs. Whether it be blasting through a mogul field, skiing or riding a long natural spine, or taking a scenic run on the main basin, it has everything you need. Treble Cone is a mountain that welcomes all snow lovers. Friendly faces and top-notch service allow visitors to take control of their day and make it truly memorable. Treble Cone is also home to one of the best training academies in the country. Their hugely experienced ski and snowboard instructor team

is dedicated to providing quality training. There are private and group lessons available for all ages and abilities. If you’re looking to become an instructor then TC’s the place. The terrain you train on plays a crucial role in developing your instructing skill set and Rookie courses are available. A quick travellers tip, on a clear day, drive up early, enjoy a cooked breakfast and watch the sun rise while 1000m above the valley floor.

Facilities Cafe & bar – great food and coffee all day. Child Care – leave your young one(s) in good hands for up to two hours Rental Centre – hire quality ski &

snowboard equipment Accessory Shop – grab a TC Tshirt Ski & Snowboard School – professional instruction for groups and individuals Medical Centre – for injuries.

Ski Area Operating hours: 9am – 4pm 2012 Season 28th June – 30 Sept Terrain: 10% beginner, 45% intermediate, 45% advanced Ideal for: beginner to advanced. Lifts: 6 Seater express chairlift, Saddle quad chairlift, Nice & Easy Platter, Magic Carpet Total lift capacity: 4500 people/hour Summit elevation: 2088m (6850 ft) Base elevation: 1260m (4110 ft) Highest lift access: 1960m (6430 ft) Lift serviced vertical drop: 705m (2312 ft) Skiable Terrain: 550ha (1359 acres). Largest in South Island



area Closest Ski iing and big Off-piste sk rrain mountain te ners slopes ar le y nn su d Sheltered an ive ski ns te In ts or Snowsp ses ur co t en improvem ys da r de w Nor’west po r long runs. te af gs le Burning e, The view! The challeng C TC at

Accommodation The nearest accommodation is located in Wanaka . There’s a wide range of excellent accommodation however it’s wise to book in advance as it’s a happening place during the cooler months. See more information

Location and Access Longest run: 4 km (Top of Quad chair to carpark) Grooming 1 x Kassbohrer 400 winch cat 1 x Kassbohrer 400 free groomer Snowmaking: 50 ha (123 acres), P: +64 3 443 7443 Lift Pass: Adult: $95, Student: $73, Child: $48, Senior: $49

TC is a 35-minute scenic drive from Wanaka. A shuttle service operates from Queenstown (100 km) and Wanaka (30 km) daily.

Snow Reports

Contact Information P: +64 3 443 7443 E:


drop ping in

Ski the Tasman Glacier....Dave McKinley. By Ryan Charmley. Mountains have a magnetic like tendency attracting a certain type of person. Dave McKinley is one of those people and has been guiding since the mid 90’s. Like iron filings to a magnet,he now resides in Twizel with his wife and three children. When it comes time to put dinner on the table he has the enviable honor of having to ski the Tasman Glacier several times a week, rats!

Name Dave McKinley Age 43 You’ve had a radical career change, why swap a whisk for an ice axe? I’ve been keen on the outdoors since childhood. As a teenager I moved to Queenstown to cook in restaurants and climb. Surrounded by mountains, I guess I fell in with the wrong crowd!

How do you earn a crust? Winter is busy with Ski the Tasman and Wilderness Heliski. In summer I coordinate guiding and ascent

programmes for Alpine Guides (Mt Cook). In the “off” season I tend to head to Nepal or Tibet to guide on Everest or Lhotse/Manaslu for Himalayan Experience Ltd.

In your words, what’s “Ski the Tasman”? We take a ski equipped plane from Mt Cook airport to the head of the Tasman Glacier and ski gentle rolling terrain visiting spectacular ice formations and caves that only form on a glacier. Then we hop back in the skiplane and do it again on completely new terrain.

Here is your chance for a plug, why not just heli? The Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s Longest at 27km in length and more than 10km’s are able to be skied in just one run! There are only a handful of places in the world where it is possible to fly in a ski equipped plane. We’re unique in that you can you get out, strap on a pair of skis and explore a glacial wonderland!

It’s a once in a lifetime experience and suitable for nearly all levels of ski ability.

Who Skis the Tasman? Those looking for a unique, beautiful and unforgettable experience. Our guests come from all over the world. If you can ski blue runs you can Ski the Tasman, we are popular with families and people who may be a little hesitant that they have the skills to do a full on heli-day.

We’re sold, how do we get in the mix? Check out our website

Lastly, your top tip when skiing at the CHILL Mountains would be? Sunscreen, Camera & Smiles!


Heli Access

The Holy Grail

New Zealand’s Southern Alps are blessed with a myriad of heliskiing options and plenty of terrain to explore. The wider Canterbury Region has a number of excellent heli skiing operators and all offer professional guided services, skiing and riding untracked fresh lines all day long.

Methven Heliskiing While other heliski operators come and go, 2012 is Methven Heliski’s 26th winter. Their focus is on great service, and arguably the best range of heliski terrain in NZ. This has ensured Methven Heliskiing’s longevity throughout the years. Just 2 hours from Christchurch, there is space a-plenty, with 250+ named runs in the Arrowsmith,

Ragged, and Palmer Ranges. Groups rarely cross lines after leaving the helipad at Glenfalloch Station, only meeting up for a gourmet lunch, or drinks at the end of the day. The territory features many glaciated runs, views of both the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea - and lines exceeding 1,000 vertical metres. There is plenty of runs for experts, mid-range and intermediate options. Stay in Methven, Glenfalloch or Lake Heron stations, right on the helipad. Guided by Alpine Guides since 1986, Methven Heliskiing’s staff are internationally qualified mountain professionals. Their priority is providing a safe, exciting, and unforgettable experience whatever your ability. P: +64 3 302 8108 E:

Wilderness Heliskiing – Mount Cook Remote and dramatic, Wilderness is the only heliski operation with exclusive access to the crown jewels of the Southern Alps Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park.

Heli Park. Photo: Stu W.

Their terrain takes in 3 mountain ranges and over 200 runs, within and bordering the Park. Huge

glaciated peaks and long runs (many over 1,000 vertical metres) are the drawcards of this territory. The standard heliski day includes 5 knee-shaking runs, and affordable options to maximise your vertical with extra runs. Specialising in private charter heliskiing. The terrain offers runs for intermediate through to expert skiers and snowboarders. Wilderness also boasts much more advanced terrain than heli operators further south. Stay a few days in Mt Cook village to take advantage of weather clearances. The helipad is only 5 minutes away. Wilderness Heliskiing is professionally guided by the internationally qualified Alpine Guides - NZ’s heliski pioneers. They fly with small groups and focus on great Kiwi service and your safety. P: +64 3 435 1834 E:

Mt Hutt Heli Mt Hutt Helicopters offers some of the most affordable and accessible heli-riding in the Southern Alps. Trips leave from Mt Hutt ski area or the hangar at Alford Forest (off scenic route 72, 15kms from Methven) and accesses 3


breathtaking ranges. The North Peak Run is an ideal introduction to heli-riding at a moderate price. If you can do a blue run or better then YOU can heli! The terrain in the Taylor Range caters for those looking for adrenaline pumped skiing in the expanse of the backcountry, it offers some challenging chutes, steep valleys with breathtaking views of the Southern Alps. Ever looked at the scoop in the mountains from Methven and said “I want to ride that” - well you can! That scoop is “Armchair Bowl” and is one of 50 exhilarating and accessible runs. Mt Hutt Helicopters offers the ultimate experience of heli-riding with a 1 run option at $198p.p to 3 / 5 run packages from $495 extra runs $99. NZ Free Ph: 0800 4 HELISKI E:

Heli Park HeliPark (the only operation of its kind) offers heli-accessed free riding in 330ha of incredible backcountry terrain in a CONTROLLED environment. Ski or ride powder, chutes, wide open bowls and rock drops. The Heli Park Access Pass is just $325, then only $75 per heli-ski run after that. Return flights from base

lodge to the top of the mountain, first run, lunch and transceiver are included in the Access Pass rate. HeliPark also runs Southern Alps Heliski, reserving some of their most exhilarating terrain for private charter, taking you deep into the Southern Alps onto glaciers and peaks few have ever skied. HeliPark is one hour from Methven. Stay at their newly renovated Mt Potts high country lodge (with restaurant, bar and pool table) or drive in from Methven for the day. Bookings are essential. Call or email for more info or to reserve your place. Seats are limited to 22 riders per day. Book ahead. Check the Helipark website for epic footage, and more info. NZ Free Ph: 0800 HELI PARK E:

Aoraki Mt Cook Heli Tekapo Helicopters and Charlie Hobbs of Southern Alps Guiding

will again offer superb heliskiing in the Aoraki/Mt Cook region. They have exclusive terrain in the Ben Ohau Range overlooking Lake Pukaki and access to other private areas on demand. Your fully qualified guide will ensure you safely enjoy the best powder snow available in their terrain. You will be treated to 5 runs with a gourmet lunch in the most stunning environment. Extra runs available. Their experienced mountain pilots have 2 bases to operate out of to maximize your day’s skiing. They operate A5350 and MD369 aircraft. Southern Alps Guiding is a member of the New Zealand Heliski Operators group. Private charters are their specialty; flying from either Tekapo or Mt Cook. Call for their best rates. Tekapo Helicopters NZ Free Ph: 0800 359 835 E: Southern Alps Guiding P: +64 3 4351890 E:


The World of Sport Words & Pictures by Shane Orchard

Wouldn’t it be nice if every season was like that? I’m talking about the short but epic year that was 2011! In Canterbury we got the chance to ski and ride new places, all thanks to one dump. I’d been away and returned to hear I’d missed nothing. A quick check on the webcams said it all, tall proud tussocks with scarcely a skiff of snow. A week later and we were looking at a game changer. A five day storm dropped two and half metres of furious snow filling in most of Canterbury below tree line to epic proportions. A flight to North America was no longer needed to ski trees. It was all happening right here in Canterbury, and best of all, that big fat base lasted the rest of the season. The season delivered few storms overall but lots of great weather. We soon worked out this equated to plenty of time to explore places that weren’t normally worth a look. Arthur’s Pass was having an extraordinary year. The steepness, tightness and funkiness of those mountains catches the eye in average times, but now with snow to valley floors it was a whole new ballgame. It was actually possible to ride that stuff, and so it came, The World of Sport. This particular day had been on the cards for years and finally the right day came. On the back of a far-off

The toughest backcountry snow gear you’ll ever own

reference shot from a couple of years earlier we had a good idea of how to get there, but the trick would be getting home. The plan called for a cross country traverse over a couple of line riddled peaks. Getting out of there would require some bush bashing and hitch hiking, with that in mind we locked in a pre-dawn start and headed up to Arthur’s Pass to make the most of the day. Late morning saw us trundling along a rocky ridge. Soon we were looking at a small scallop of snow rolling off the summit rocks to who knows where. A little bit inviting, a little bit frightening, but it had to be the one we were after so we geared up for an exploration of what lay below. It was quite an airy spot and those first few turns to a safe spot had the nerves going. From there I could see there was nothing to worry about. With new found enthusiasm I relayed back that we were looking at one of the best damn couloirs in Canterbury! The team was frothing when I got to bottom and I knew why. Not only was the terrain superb but the snow quality was as good as it gets. From two turns it had changed from chalky

Going Backcountry


windpack to deep billowing powder and that’s the way it stayed to the bottom. Ruari Macfarlane got so excited he smashed into one of the walls nailing those deep drifts on the sides and came out unscathed. It was so good the decision was made to climb back to the ridge and pick off some more lines nearby. Spirits were high creek side as we reflected on the morning’s entertainment. We knew our job was only half done and the second peak awaited. Anticipation levels grew as the ground fell away nearing the second main event of the day. With a keen awareness that we actually knew very little about this place it was going to be an adventure! By now the shadows were lengthening and there was no time to waste as we topped out to survey the scene. A whole lot of rocks and a sub-peaks, hmmm, which one? Luckily the day was clear and with our sketchy recollection of that far-off vista and a few landmarks to draw on we made the right call. Go left! This meant a rocky scramble along an exposed ridge to the next opportunity to learn more. The team committed and soon enough we regrouped at a non-descript flat spot. All around the ground dropped away alarmingly in our planned direction but there was a wee notch in the ridge so we hopped over for a look.

By now it certainly was time we got on our way, especially since we could only see a few hundred

metres and had a whole a mountainside to negotiate. We geared up and somehow I had reserved my name on a great looking line. You couldn’t quite tell where it actually went, but there was no way we could leave it. Nearing the choker there was still the possibility I might be hiking back to the top and it was steadily steepening and tightening. I could see a rock coming up and then sweet, I could see through and even a landing, free riding at its best. The chute forked, to the right the u-shaped sides beckoned so I banked that way and the sides came in again, looking good. Then hang on what’s happening here, a horizon line was forming and refused to go away. I started to detect

Patrol Pack



45 litre alpine pack

Big external pockets

Padded C-Lam harness

Reinforced & seam sealed

Handy side pockets

Removable knee pads

Shovel pocket

Snow cuffs

Quick ski attachments Dual ice axe holders 90 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch, Phone 0800 122 682,

PHoto: Steve eAStwooD

What the…! Down below snaked a stupendous canyon of a feature, high sides of sheer rock cradling a winding sliver of snow. Further down it looked as though another chute joined in too so we looked for more. “Check this out” I called! Sure enough the very next little notch in the rock sported a second hellish chute. No way! This place was crazy and in 20 minutes we’d found half a dozen of these things all carved into the big buttress of rock that lay below. The team of four was peaking; there was enough for one each and more!


a bigger chute below and my line entered through a notch save one small detail…… It was a 20 foot rock step covered in ice. At least the ice meant I could ride at it but the landing looked pretty flat. Still it had to be done so arcing left I managed to add a chunk of powder to the sluff pouring off the icefall, then hitting hard right before setting up and popping hard. The sluff pile was the target and it stuck, into more powder and a widening chute, oh yeah! I was in the main drainage where all the lines joined, time to find a safe spot and watch the show! I saw Tess Carney drop as a dot way above weaving down a big canyon of powder. “Did you see that Chamois” she said pulling up at the bottom. It had aired off rock and landed in front of her before racing her down the chute. This place was wild! Ruari appeared out of some trees on my right followed by Nick Sutcliffe who was barreling out of some rocks from a chute you couldn’t even see. We still had half a mountain of darkening forest to deal with, we continued on, not before taking a last look

above at the unnamed peaks and buttresses fading in the evening light. Ruari’s pink and purple “branded” op-shop gloves had given us the name for this place, “World of Sport” and that was this place no doubt. The road was a welcome sight and when we finally got there we discovered that four grubby hikers trying to flag down passing traffic with head torches is not a great formula for success. Our transportation prayers were answered by a couple of legendary whitebaiters. Despite travelling in the opposite direction they offered us a shuttle back to our car and so ended the day’s world of sport, kiwi style!

Tess Carney. Photo: Shane O.

Latest Range in-stores


Snow Safety


The Southern Alps terrain is huge, both inviting and equally unknown with life threatening hazards. All of CHILL’s mountains access great backcountry terrain, a number of the ski area tows finish at a peak or ridge line that opens to a variety of choices. Inside the ski area boundaries, the ski area snow safety crew are responsible for managing snow stability and controlling avalanche risks. Outside of the ski area boundaries, the responsibility is with the skier/ rider. If you exit the ski area boundaries you and your party must be ready and prepared to handle a rescue situation on your own. Avalanches are a natural part of the mountain environment. Snow safety knowledge helps to minimize your chances of getting caught in a slide. Know before you go. There are some key elements to maximizing your safety when entering these un-controlled areas: Do a snow-safety course – A First Aid course is also recommended. Do some research – check for their assessment of the current snow conditions. Know the weather forecast and talk with local ski patrol for an initial assessment.

Get permission – obey all closed signs at ski areas, and when travelling across farm boundaries (for access) ask permission. Get to know your gear – always carry technical equipment, plus spare warm clothing. Regular games with your transceiver will freshen up your skills and keep a close eye on battery life; remove during long periods of non-use. Do not travel on your own – travel with a buddy who knows how to use their gear. Leave your intentions with someone – DOC, ski patrol, friend or local store. Check back upon your return. Be prepared – know your limits and take sufficient supplies.

NZ Mountain Safety Council The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) provides a range of short courses (from beginner to advanced) which focus on avalanche awareness, alpine techniques and snow safety training for skiers, snowboarders, climbers, hunters and trampers. There are courses in a number of locations in the North and South Islands from beginner to advanced levels. Visit the Mountain Safety

Council website. Check out the Canterbury/ Wanaka dates below.

Avalanche Courses The Avalanche Awareness course provides an introduction to the avalanche phenomenon and focuses on what is required to make decisions about personal safety when travelling in avalanche terrain. Canterbury Dates - Mt Cheeseman June 22 (pre-meet CHC), 24 (Mtn) July 27,28 Sept 7,8 also Sept 7,9 Wanaka Dates - Mountain TBC July 6 (pre-meet) & 7 (Mtn) July 20,21 Aug 3,4/Aug 24,25 Sept 7,8

Alpine Courses The alpine courses leads you from introduction – those with limited experience in alpine environments - through to expert mountaineering and survival in the alpine wilderness.


Canterbury Dates July 28 Mt Cheeseman Intro Course Aug 11,12 Mt Cheeseman Snow Shelter Course Sept 1,2 Temple Basin Intermediate Course

More information contact MSC P: +64 3 313 0507 E:

Broken River Courses Two-day Mountain Safety Avalanche Awareness Course. Basic route finding and rescue, use of safety equipment, identifying avalanche terrain July 15,16 /July 28,29 / Sept 9,10 Four-day Mountain Safety Backcountry Avalanche Training Course Advanced education on avalanche terrain and snow pack, travel in avalanche terrain, search and rescue techniques. July 18,21/July 31,Aug 3/Sept 12,15

July 17,30 /Sept 11 P: +64 3 318 8713 E:

The New Zealand Snow Safety Institute (NZSSI) NZSSI runs a series of courses ranging in duration from short weekend courses to full week courses inclusive of accommodation, back country travel and snow caving. The courses are highly respected and located at Temple Basin. P: +64 3 377 7798 E: July 7,8 Mountain Skills 1 July 14,15 Avalanche Awareness July 29/Aug 4 Avalanche 1 Course Aug 4,5 Avalanche Awareness Aug 6,10 5 Day

Back Country Skills for Skiers & Snowboarders Aug 21,22 Mountain Skills 2 Sept 1,2 Mountain Skills 3 Private courses available between July 2 & October 2.

CHILL Snow Safety Each season CHILL runs a series of courses for groups of 4 or more. We group individuals together with Shane Orchard & other qualified instructors. Special dates and courses can be organised, and can be customised based on length and overnight stay. P: +64 3 365 6530 E: July 28 or 29 /Aug 4 or 5 $85p/p and includes use of tracker, shovel and probe (4 available).

Half Day Guided Backcountry Ski Tours Guided Backcountry Ski Tours are being run from Broken River with a fully-qualified guide. July 22,28/Sept 17,18 Off-Piste Clinic for Backcountry Skiers Teaching from Broken River’s amazing terrain, all you need to know is how to tackle the steep and deep.

Avalanche Avalanche awareness, awareness, advisories advisories andand infoinfo


CHILL Series Events Calendar 2012 Broken River

July 30- Aug 3 Telemark Week Aug 1-3 NZSIA Telemark Level I Instructors course Aug 4-5 R&R Sport Freeheel Fun Wknd Aug 25-26 Club Champs Sept 1-2 Quiksilver/Roxy/Skullcandy Ridercross Sept 8-9 Kids Weekend

Craigieburn Valley

TBC Women’s Specific Clinic Aug 24, 25, 26 K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series Sept 1 Club Champs Sept 8 – 9 Craigieburn Big Mountain Comp Sept 29 – Oct 14 Grom’s Week (snow dependent) TBC

Closing Weekend – Beach Party


ES!! Z I R P ug

A -23 ASH ug - 22 7A 5-2 IN C PUS 2 M LY RN






2012 C H I L L S E R I E S

Registration essential

K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series

2 stage event starting at Mt Olympus and heading to Craigieburn Valley. Check for details. Lots of riding with entry across the Series. Early rego recommended. Contact Mtn for Accom. Aug 22 – 23 (24 weather day) Mt Olympus Aug 24 – 26 Craigieburn

July 21 – 22 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest – Freeride/Freestyle July 28 – 29 Armada Ratbag Tour Aug 12 Junkyard Jam Aug 14 Porters Family Fun/Retro Day & BBQ Aug 19 Piri’s Family Fun Day Aug 22 Canterbury Schools Freeride Aug 25 – 26 Winnie Bagoes Community Park Jam Aug 29 Independent Schools Racing Sept 1 – 2 Mini-Winnie Junior Jam Sept 8 – 9 Girls Progression Weekend for Budding Skiers and Riders Sept 16 Porters Oktoberfest Sept 23 Retro Gear & Air Day

Hanmer Springs

July 7 -8 Official Opening of New Facilities July 14 – 15 Rams Head Downhill Family Fun Weekend Aug 18 Farmers Cup Aug 25 – 26 Flare Skiing (Saturday Night) & Amuri Club Champs (Sunday)

Mt Dobson

TBC 10 below Rugby in the Snow TBC Ski Club Fun Day Aug 13 Aoraki Secondary Schools Skiing/Snowboarding Champs

Fox Peak

July 28 – 29 CHILL Fox Trot

Mt Cheeseman

July 14 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest – Dual Downhill July 22 Skier & Boarder X July 29 All School Race Practice July 31 Canterbury Secondary Schools Race Champs Aug 1 National Swiss Day Aug 19 Canterbury Primary & Intermediate Schools Race Champs Sept 1 Undie 500 Sept 15 Pirate Day & Pirate Party Sept 22 Spring Party at Snowline Lodge

Temple Basin

Jul 28-29 Junior Free Ski Competition in association with Line Skis Aug 11-12 Fire & Ice party Aug 31- 2 Sept Black Diamond Big Mountain CHILL Series Sept 9-15 Speed Flying Week Sept 15-16 Splitboarding Festival Sept 22-23 Beach Party Sept 23-29 Family Week IV Sept 29-30 Wind Back Party

Mt Olympus

July 9 – 14 The Olympians Freeski Sessions w/ Tom Dunbar Aug 11 – 12 CHILL Jr Big Mtn Champs Aug 22 – 23 K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series Aug 25 – 26 Club Champs Sept 1 Twighlight Full Moon Alpine Curling Sept 22 Mission WOW Event


July 28 Karl Burtscher Snr Memorial GS Aug 4 80’s Day Aug 11 Soul Surf & Skate Snow Jam Aug 18 The Skidoo Hill Climb Aug 25 Aspen Glam Day & The Surface Ski’s ‘Whos Your Daddy’ Downhill Sept 1 Fathers Day Weekend Sept 8 – 9 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest Sept 8 – 11 Inter-field Jr Ski Race Series


Treble Cone

June 17 Twilight Cinema July 14 BASE Triple Comp July 20 NZ Snowboarder Banked Slalom Sept 4 Wanaka Inter-Biz Racing Sept 15 – 16 Pump Mini Mountain

Mt Lyford

Sept 8 Mt Lyford Masters

CHILL Events Dynastar CHILL Gromfest

A series of 3 comps for young groms (6-12yrs) to have fun while boosting their skills. This series starts at Mt Cheeseman with a dual downhill, travels to Porters for the Grom big Mtn workshop freestyle leg, and finishes up at Roundhill through a series of gates and jumps. Check www.chillout. for details. July 14 -15 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest – Dual Downhil – Mt Cheeseman July 21 – 22 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest – Freeride/Freestyle – Porters Sept 8 – 9 Dynastar CHILL Gromfest – Roundhill

CHILL Junior Big Mountain Champs Mt Olympus

Aug 11 – 12 Open to skiers and boarders with a girls and guys division (10-16yrs). Winners receive an invitation to compete in the K2 Big Mountain CHILL Series. Check for details.

Black Diamond Big Mountain CHILL Series - Temple Basin Aug 30 - 2 Sept First day of competition narrows the field for the second day, and a good possibility of a super final in new terrain subject to conditions. Check www. for details.


Contacts Accommodation, Activities, Essentials Note: 0800 and 0508 numbers are

free to call within NZ. +64 Numbers are for international calling, to call these within NZ simply drop the +64 and add 0 before the 3 e.g. 03 315 6446 for Mt Lyford Lodge. All +64 numbers are listed with each accommodation provider’s full listing on their respective destination pages.

Christchurch Commodore Airport Hotel

+64 3 358 8129  

Activity: Vintage Peddler Bike Hire

+64 3 365 6530

Service: Pye Electrical

+64 3 365 0907

To Eat: Winnie Bagoes,

+64 3 376 4900

To Drink: C4 Coffee

+64 3 343 3661

Kaikoura Adelphi Lodge & Backpackers

+64 3 318 4740

Springfield Motel & Lodge

+64 3 318 4018

Service: Springfield Service Centre

+64 3 318 4845

Info: Station 73 Café & Info (to Eat)

+64 3 318 4000

Castle Hill Basin The Burn B&B

+64 3 318 7559

Flock Hill Lodge (to Eat)

+64 3 318 8196

Arthur’s Pass

0800 24 263 333

Riccarton Clinic

Springfield Smylies Motels / YHA / Ski Lodge

+64 3 319 5141

Albatross Backpacker Inn

0800 222 247

YHA Kaikoura

0800 278 299

Arthurs Chalet (to Eat) The Bealey Hotel (to Eat) YHA Mountain House

0800 278 299

0800 452 456 +64 3 319 3333

To Eat: Braided Rivers Restaurant

+64 3 307 2541

To Eat: Adelphi Bar & Restaurant

+64 3 319 6555

To Eat: The Somerset Grocer

+64 3 307 5899

Info: Kaikoura i- Site

+64 3 319 5641

Mt Lyford Lodge (to Eat)

+64 3 315 6446

Methven 0508 224 756 +64 3 302 8046

0800 368 888

Brinkley Resort (to Eat)

Le Gite Backpackers

+64 3 315 5111

The Brown Pub (to Eat)

+64 3 302 8045

YHA Kakapo Lodge

0800 278 299

Activity: Methven Sports Massage

+64 3 302 8323

Info: Methven ISite

+64 3 302 8955

Mt Potts Lodge

0800 4354 7275

Sheffield To Eat: Sheffield Pie Shop

+64 3 318 3876

0800 118 666

Tekapo Holiday Homes

+64 3 680 6607

Tailor-MadeTekapo Backpackers

+64 3 680 6700

YHA Tekapo

0800 278 299

Omarama Top 10 Holiday Park

0800 161 223             

0800 662 726


0800 235 528

+64 3 308 5980

Hanmer Springs

Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort

+64 3 680 6550

+64 3 307 1354

Heritage Hanmer Springs


Activity: Tekapo Springs & Spa

To Eat: Speight’s Ale House

The Blue Pub (to Eat)

+64 3 685 6275

+64 3 318 9277

Tinwald Motel

Abisko Lodge, Apartments & Campground

0800 858 599

To Eat: Eat Deli & Bar

+64 3 680 6960

+64 3 308 3059

To Eat: Whaler Kaikoura

Pinewood Motels

0800 676 884

Hotel Ashburton

Activity: Kaikoura Kayaks

0800 324 754

Activity: Earth & Sky Observatory (to Eat)

Ashburton Bella Vista Motels

Fairlie Fairlie Top 10 Holiday Park

YHA Wanaka

0800 278 299

Transport + Alpine Expeditions CHC

+64 3 342 8528

Hanmer Adventure – Ski Area Shuttle

+64 3 315 7233

Interislander Wgtn - Picton Mtn House Arthurs Pass to Temple Basin

0800 802 802 +64 3 318 9258

Mt Lyford Express +64 27 6298 083 Smylies Tours/ Porters Mtn Shuttle

+64 3 318 4740

Snowpool CSA Snow Phone +64 3 383 8888 IEP – International Snow Travel & Education 0800 443 769 NZ Snow Tours

Snow Sports



R&R Sport

Sales & Hire: CHILL Pass, backcountry equip. & nutcracker/ harnesses. +64 3 365 6530

Sale: Outdoor apparel & ski/ snowboard equipment.

Mountain Contacts

Jace’s Ski Hutt +64 3 348 7980 1 Picton Ave Tower Junction

+64 3 365 2178 117 Riccarton R

Ski & Board Surgery Tuning & repair workshop.

+ 64 3 328 9384 2 Expo Pl Bromley

Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

+64 3 302 9553 30 Forest Dr

Fairlie Ski Shack Sale & Hire: Ski & Snowboard.

+64 3 685 8088 Main St

Broken River

+64 3 318 8713

Craigieburn Valley

+64 3 318 8711

Fox Peak

+64 3 658 8539

Mt Cheeseman

+64 3 344 3247

Snowline Lodge

+64 3 318 8794

Mt Dobson

+64 3 685 8039

Mt Lyford

+64 3 315 6178

Hanmer Springs

+64 3 383 8888

Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

Mt Olympus

+64 3 318 5840

Victoria Ski Sport

Methven Heli-ski

+64 3 302 8108


+64 3 318 4002

Mt Hutt Heli

0800 4 HELI SKI


+64 3 680 6977 +64 3 377 7788

Queenstown Snowcats

+64 27 7473 838

Temple Basin

Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

Treble Cone

+64 3 443 7443

Christchurch Bivouac Outdoors Sale: Outdoor apparel & equipment. Hire: Ski.

+64 3 341 8062 Unit 3 81 Clarence St

+64 3 374 9268 90 Fitzgerald Ave

Gnomes Alpine Sports Hire: Ski & Snowboard.

+64 3 342 5757 39 West Coast Rd Yaldhurst

High Country Sale: Outdoor apparel & equipment.

+64 3 366 4166 7d Mandeville St

Macpac Sale: Outdoor apparel & equipment.

Mt Outdoors +64 3 366 7351 85 Tuam St

Snowride Sports 0800 7669 7433 386 Lincoln Rd

+64 3 366 2018 130 Victoria St

R&R Sport +64 3 319 5028 14 West End

Riccarton Mall +64 3 348 1203 Outlet Store

+64 3 371 9342 7A Mandeville St

17 Dunmore St


0800 359 835

Southern Alps Guiding

+64 3 435 1890

Wilderness Heli

+64 3 435 1834


Hanmer Adventure Centre Hire: Ski, snowboard & bike + accessories. Shuttle to Ski Area.

+64 3 443 2888

Backcountry Heli & Cat Access

Tekapo Helicopters

Kaikoura Sale: Outdoor apparel & ski/ snowboard equipment.

Sale: Ski & backcountry gear. Hire: Ski & Snowboard.


Hanmer Springs

Cactus Climbing Equipment Ltd Sale: Outdoor apparel.

Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

0800 FOUR FUN 20 Conical Hill Rd

Darfield Gnomes Alpine Sports Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

+64 3 318 8433 57 South Tce

Methven Alpine Sports Sale & Hire: Outdoor apparel & ski/snowboard equipment.

+64 3 302 8084 Main St

Photo by: Dave Mitchell

Snow Shops & Retailers


Snow & Surf

Available from all good local bike stores December 2012. Subscribe online.


drop ping in with....Jo Blair

The Stronger Christchurch World Buskers Festival has long been a summer highlight in the CHCH events calendar, however, the city has arguably lacked a winter draw card unless you’re alpine bound. Jo Blair is a city dwelling cyclist pedaling her way around the grid city, following on from a summer of laughs, she is delivering a brand new event celebrating our Antarctic connection – NZ ICEFEST.

Name Jo Blair Age 36 Ski or board? Ski, but not as often as I’d like.

Have you skied any of the CHILL mountains? Yeah I’ve spent some time at Porters, Temple Basin and Mt Lyford. We got snowed in for 7 days at Temple during the big snow of '92 and our Hungarian Visla left some paw prints at Mt Lyford last year.

You must have some affiliation for the cold then, Tell us what is the NZ ICEFEST all about? NZ ICEFEST is a month long festival showcasing New Zealand’s leadership in Antarctic exploration, logistics on the ice, research and conservation. It also aims to give Cantabrians somewhere to gather in early spring and something to do in those school holidays. We’ve curated a schedule of talks and interactive exhibits that will profile New Zealand as the leading gateway to the ice. We’re focusing on Knowledge, Imagination (what might it be like to go there), Wilderness and Heritage.

What can the Public expect at NZ ICEFEST? We will release our programme in July, but I can confirm that there will be an outdoor ice skating rink in Hagley Park, with some nice hospitality options to bring people together. There will also be some key discussions addressing the big


issues facing Antarctica and talks with prominent New Zealand artists at the University of Canterbury Geo-Dome. An Antarctic Air day at the Christchurch International Airport will showcase planes that have ventured down to the ice. An exhibition ‘Still Life’ will take you inside historic Antarctic huts with 360 degree images projected onto the walls of a display cube shot by renowned photographer Jane Ussher. Most of it will be at ‘Hagley Park Ice Station’.

When is it? It runs through the school holidays, 14 September to 14 October every other year starting 2012!

Find out more.

Lastly – your top tip when skiing in Canterbury? People are friendly, take your headphones off when you’re on the lift, you’re bound to strike up an interesting conversation.

Vintage Peddler bike hire co.

“Christchurch’s finest rides” Bicycles from $10 per hr /$25 per day helmets, locks & local knowledge included. | +64 3 365 6530


CAMPERS AND CARS Book your wheels from $26 per day, add on a 3-Day Anytime Chill 11 Pass from $185 and visit any of the Chill 11 South Island Ski Fields

ECONOMY CAR per day from*





per day from*






CALL 24/7 0800 001 777

*Chill Passes - 3 Day $185 per adult, 5 Day $310 per adult valid at any of the Chill 11 South Island Ski Fields (excluding Treble Cone). Van price based on Breezer Campervan, 3+ day rate, for travel 19/08/2012 – 25/08/2012. Car price based on Economy Car, 3+ day rate, for travel in August 2012. Rates change weekly so contact our Reservations team for the best daily rate. Minimum hire applies, offer subject to availability and liability reduction cover is additional. No Queenstown pick up fee. For full terms and conditions contact Backpacker Campervan Rentals.

more. Scan FOR


Check out Black Diamond’s 2012 skis and boots at:

CHILL Adventures - Winter 2012  
CHILL Adventures - Winter 2012  

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