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Table of Contents

Sports at Cave Hill




Meet Chilli De Blackbird


The Games Committee Chairperson


The UWI Games


Blackbirds’ Events


Credits in Sports


Study Hall


Members of Staff


INSIDE THE BIRD’S NEST/Issue 12 division 1 football team


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Sports at Cave Hill

Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Track and Field, Volleyball, Chess, Taekwondo and Aerobics! These are the sporting activities that students can look forward to getting involved in at the Academy of Sport Cave Hill for the academic year 2014/15, with the inclusion of Table Tennis and Swimming in semester two only. All students are invited to be part of the Cave Hill Blackbirds whether you’re in it for fun or you’re ready to lay it all on the line for top honours. Get active!

Over the past academic year, the Cave Hill Blackbirds have performed extremely well in national, regional and international competitions. Mens Football lead the way on the local scene, finally prying its way into the Premier League after an

outstanding display of tactics in Division 1 Football. Not to be outdone, Hockey picked up some honours with the female team copping the National League title while the Netballers narrowly missed out on being crowned league queens of Barbados’ top division, settling for 2nd place. The Cricket Blackbirds continued to be a strong force in all forms of the game, Fallon Forde represented to the best of his ability at the 2014 World Relays for Barbados, and numerous other athletes such as Damisha Croney, Seanon Williams and Dania Hamilton did Cave Hill proud while representing their country. A year to remember!

fallon forde

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Hockey Turf


The “1, 2, 3…UWI!!!” chant rings out at the Hockey Turf just before the Cave Hill Blackbirds’ starting players take their positions for the start of a match. Supporters sit eagerly in the stands stirring up friendly rivalry with fans of the opposition, ready to cheer on the Blackbirds.

During 7-a-side competition season, the UWI Hockey turf is the perfect place for hockey enthusiasts to spend their Saturday and Sunday evenings. The mini sand-based facility plays host to nifty midfielders, stubborn defenders and daring attackers willing to


lay it all on the line for the sweet taste of a victory.

The mini sand-based Astroturf is approximately equivalent to half the size of an international turf, perfect for 7-a-side hockey and hockey 5s. Spectators can enjoy hockey matches from the stands, which accommodate up to 287 persons, while players have the luxury of two team rooms below the stands. These are fully equipped with a changing area, bathrooms and toilets. During matches substitutes and team officials can be seated comfortably in their dugouts.

3Ws Oval


The 3Ws Oval is named in memory of three great Barbadian and West Indian cricketers - Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Everton Weekes. Being one of the latest additions to Barbados' cricket grounds, local and regional matches along with warm up matches for touring teams are hosted here. Four warm-up matches in the 2007 World Cup were also held here, since the sporting facility was developed to international



The state-of-the-art facility can hold approximately 700 seated spectators and also features an indoor cricket school with practice nets. On the eastern end of the ground (up a slight incline) is the West Indies Cricket Walk of Fame. This leads to the gravesites of Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Clyde Walcott as well as a lifelike bust of Sir Frank. An imposing statue of cricket

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stumps with bails overlooks the Oval and leaves no-one in doubt as to the purpose of this ground. When a match is playing the Oval is alive with excitement, however it can also be a very quiet and peaceful place, especially in the early morning and when classes are not in session. Then, it is a place for reflection on the lives of three great cricketers and gentlemen and reminds us of the importance of the game of cricket to Barbados and to all the people of the West Indies.

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Coaching Centre

Never let the weather dampen your bowling or batting practice again!

Named after the great Sir Garfield Sobers, the Coaching Centre (formerly the Indoor Cricket School) is the perfect complement to the 3Ws Oval. The Centre rises to approximately 35 feet, is complete with a storage room and

can accommodate up to four different types of sessions in the four indoor bowling lanes provided. Batsmen can also benefit from the BOLA Mechanical Bowling Machines. If cricketers desire a more realistic feel for their session, the facility also comprises two outdoor nets named after former West Indian

fast bowler Malcolm Marshall.

The state-of-the-art training facility plays host to national, regional and international cricketers and has been established as the high performance training facility for the West Indies Academy in Barbados.

Students’ Gym

The gym is located in the basement of the UWI Cafeteria, with access through the UWI Student’s Guild. At maximum capacity, the gym can accommodate twenty-five (25) persons and is well supervised with qualified student assistants and professional instructors. The gym continues to be upgraded so as to meet the basic needs of the average fitness seeker and competitive athlete. Students also train under the watchful eye of chief instructor Maureen Howard, who received personal trainer certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.


Football Stadium

Regional and international football competitions and warm-up matches will soon be within reach for the Cave Hill Campus when work on the full-fledged Football Stadium is complete and the facility is officially open in the near future. To date, a FIFA certified football turf has been laid. A 400m athletics track of international standards was also installed around the top-notch football surface and named after 2009 110mH World Champion Ryan Brathwaite. Two main stands are currently being constructed.


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Outdoor Courts

Are you up for some Tennis, Volleyball or Netball? This multipurpose outdoor court facilitates all three sports! Be prepared to hit groundstrokes within the white lines of the doubles/singles tennis court, spike that volleyball within the confines of the yellow volleyball markings or keep the ball in play on the netball court outlined in red.

An outdoor Basketball Court is also available. This is home to the Cave Hill Blackbirds Basketball Club of which the men’s team has played undefeated in the UWI Games since 2007. Marked to international standards, the outdoor court facilitates preparation for local, regional and international tournaments. Basketball enthusiasts usually pack the sidelines to witness the anticipated ‘Take the Charge’ intramural competition.



Meet Chilli De Blackbird A

fter flying to Barbados from Grenada, Jane and Marv Blackbird gave birth to Chilli De Blackbird on May 18th, 1989 in a Mangifera Indica Tree at the Cave Hill Campus. Little did both parents know that Chilli would eventually become a Cave Hill Mascot and be loved by all students enrolled at the University. In his younger days, Chilli found it hard to make friends particularly because his peers were always intimidated by his intelligence but he could always count on his younger brother Chappy for company. Even though he did not attend primary school, it was clear that Chilli was a cut above the other birds. From

introducing new nest building techniques to food management ideas, Chilli was destined for great things. It came as no surprise when he decided to attend the Blackbirds Secondary School to lay his educational foundation. Subsequent to his graduation in 2007, he accepted a scholarship offer at the Blackbird Academy of Arts in the US to study dance, a passion that he identified during his teenage years. Chilli was soaring! He eventually returned to Barbados in 2010 and was convinced to join the Academy of Sport Cave Hill as a mascot to excite supporters. He was a natural at that and seized the opportunity to have fun while earning a living. Chilli began working with

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Photo: Graham belle

the Academy at the 2011 UWI Games and has since made a great impact on the sporting culture on campus. Chilli is a kind and outgoing individual who makes it his business to spread cheer. At times he misses Chappy who is abroad pursuing his studies but his new found ability to easily make friends at Cave Hill substitutes for that. He is a firm believer in education and is always encouraging his brother and the students whom he meets to excel in their academics as well as sports. He always emphasizes the importance of balancing these two areas. A leader of the Cave Hill Blackbirds! By: Nevin Roach


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ard working, determined, ambitious and creative. These are just a few words to describe the Games Committee Chair Dania S. Hamilton. Hailing from the beautiful island of St. Lucia, the Chemistry and Biology double major student attended the Ave Maria Girls’ school before advancing to the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School where she found the love of her life, volleyball.

It seemed like just yesterday for Hamilton as she recalls being selected to represent her school’s volleyball team and a few years later, her country. The former national captain has traveled as far as California to participate in international competition, as well as Mexico, Puerto Rico and numerous islands in the


Caribbean. She is a two-time nominee for St. Lucia’s senior sportswoman of the year, a two-time Barbados Volleyball League MVP and has received many other accolades throughout her career. Not only a standout in Volleyball, Hamilton has also turned heads on the St. Lucia Beauty Pageant’s scene, winning Miss Congeniality and being adjudged 1st runner-up in the 2007 St. Lucia Miss Independent pageant.

Over the past few years, your 2014/2015 GCC has been actively involved in sports at the Cave Hill Campus. She was rewarded for her hard work and determination when she was elected volleyball MVP at the UWI Games 2011 and 2013 female volleyball competitions. She has captained the Cave Hill Blackbirds female volleyball team and is also a medalist in the high and long jump events at UWI Games. Hamilton hopes to enroll in the Sports Science Masters program upon completion of her undergraduate studies, and continue doing great things for and with the Cave Hill Blackbirds. IBN reporters seized an opportunity to chat with Ms. Hamilton.


Q: What influenced you to run for the post of Games Committee Chairperson?

A: My entire childhood was about being a follower. I was afraid to speak up, afraid to take the lead and afraid to object to things I did not believe in. Being an athlete has changed that mentality. Sports had a huge influence on my life and I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. My selfesteem and confidence levels have increased and I now stand firm for what I believe in. As I stood in the shadows observing what was happening with sports at this campus I thought I needed to make a greater contribution, a contribution to the entire University and not just volleyball. My interest in the Games Committee Chair post sparked in 2011 but I did not think I was ready. In 2012, the thought crossed my mind again but I had a family emergency and had to return home. This year, I decided that it

representing st. lucia in inter



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was time to stop cowering behind silly excuses and let my past experiences and vibrant personality lead the way. I took that leap forward and landed on my feet. Now it’s time to walk it through! Q: What do you hope to achieve for the student body during your tenure as GCC?

A: It is not what I hope to achieve but what we can achieve together. I can only do so much and I need the athletes and by extension the student body to embrace my ideas and give the Games Committee the support it needs. This year we are going to work hard to represent the athletes at this campus and host activities for everyone. There will be fundraising events as this is a UWI Games year and our athletes and supporters need the financial assistance. Over the next year, the Games Committee will be working tirelessly to assist the athletes across all disciplines and to engage nonathletes in other activities that will be beneficial to this campus. Q: Which international athlete do you admire and why? A: I have always admired Gilberto F i l h o ,

rnational beach volleyball competition

better known as Giba. Giba is a former professional player from Brazil who wore #7. When I started my volleyball career, not knowing what the future held for me, I researched famous volleyball players. In that era, Giba was regarded as one of the world’s best volleyball players having won three world championships, the gold medal in the summer Olympics 2004 and many other high-profile tournaments. I saw him play many times and it was breathtaking! I also had a scrapbook highlighting his achievements and aspiring to be half as great as he was. He is retired now but he will always be my #1 player.

Q: What is your most memorable moment in sports?

A: The most memorable moment for me was receiving my first OECS Senior Female volleyball MVP award. That was my 2 nd tournament as a

national player in 2008. I started volleyball in 2001 but only took it seriously from 2004. Having missed out on the junior tournaments and a 3year drought as the OECS tournament was cancelled time and time again, I

promised myself to train hard to be chosen as a member of the national team. After the semi-final match of the OECS Senior Women’s Championships, I received messages applauding me for my efforts on court and friends told me I would be the MVP. I did not believe it, as I doubted myself. On the night of the final, I saw nothing but victory as the team won the tournament. I was elated to receive the MVP award at the end of the tournament. Sharing the moment with my family made it even better.

Q: What are your interests outside of sports? A: Outside of sports I love science and dance. My entire academic career has been based on science hence the choice to pursue chemistry and biology. Whilst at secondary school I joined the cheerleading squad. I continued cheerleading at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College but never found the time to join a dance troupe. Time is very limited as I travel very often to represent St. Lucia while maintaining my grades.

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This is the major sporting event for the three (3) UWI campuses, which provides one of the few opportunities where students can get together as one University sharing in collective although competitive activity. Each campus is represented by over one hundred athletes clad in their respective campus colours (MonaRed, Cave Hill-Yellow and St. Augustine-Blue) to compete. The Games are rotated biennially on each campus and feature sports including Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field and Volleyball. In the mid 1960’s, the Student Intercampus Games began as a

student-run event and were an annual fixture from 1968 until 1975 when the Games encountered financial difficulties. However, according to Jai Jebodhsingh, one of the individuals responsible for the continuation of the Games, it was less a question of “if” the Games would continue than “how”.

The University’s administration agreed to take responsibility for the Games and in 1979 a new structure was established – a biennial schedule, 65-member contingents and six core sporting disciplines plus two others (Football, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Track & Field and Table Tennis). Jai


Games Jebodhsingh, Winford Green and Victor Cowan were the driving forces behind it all, until each retired from Cave Hill, Mona and St. Augustine respectively, in the early years of the new millennium. Interestingly, only Green carried the title “Director of Sports”. His counterparts headed Student Services at their respective campuses and became deeply involved in the Games because of their love of sports and their connection with the students.

Over the years the Games have grown and continue to grow. Contingents now comprise a total of 150 persons (135 athletes and 15 officials) and the UWI Open Campus is now included as a fourth participant, albeit on a limited basis. In the most recent editions of the Games, Cave Hill placed second in 2009, first in 2011 and second again in 2013. The next UWI Games will be held at the St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad!


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Blackbirds’ Events

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baba league

table tennis Interclub

banks International Hockey festival

bna league


cricket leagues

Date: August, 2014 Date: March, 2015 Info: National basketball league at the Wildey Info: National competition at the Table Tennis Gymnasium. Centre in Bridgetown. Date: August 24 - 31, 2014 Date: March, 2015 Info: One week of intense competition, fun in the Info: National league at the Netball Stadium. sun and partying with teams from all over the world. bfa league Date: March, 2015 UWI Games Week Info: National league. Date: September 7 - 13, 2014 Info: Various activities aimed at sensitizing the bHf league student population about sports on campus and Date: TBA, 2015 the UWI Games. Info: National hockey league. Date: October, 2014 Date: 2014-2015 Info: Students make some of their football Info: National competition in various forms of the dreams a reality in this highly competitive and game. entertaining 7-a-side competition.

take the charge

UWI Games

Date: May, 2015 Date: October, 2014 Info: Cave Hill athletes jet off to Trinidad where Info: The Blackbirds’ outdoor basketball come they battle with UWI Mona and UWI St. alive with the true ballers of the Cave Hill Augustine to be crowned champions. Campus. Got game?

tennis Interclub

Date: February, 2015 Info: National competition at various courts.

scrimfest Hockey championships

Date: February, 2015 Info: The best players in Barbados put it all on the line to be crowned champions.

Credits in Sports


Since the academic year 2003/2004, cocurricular credits were introduced into the academic programmes at the University of the West Indies, as an integral part of the official credit system. The activities in this programme are designed to give formal recognition to the University’s aim to produce well-rounded graduates, better prepared for their role in society through activities that will promote personal and professional development. Accordingly, cocurricular activities are designed to foster a range of skills – interpersonal, creative, leadership and management, social and professional

Guidelines The guidelines for the award of Co-curricular credits are as follows: 1. Co-curricular credits are optional 2. Students in Levels II and III are eligible for cocurricular credits 3. Each student is eligible for no more than 3 credits towards his/her degree for involvement in co-curricular activities 4. Co-curricular credits shall normally form part of the required credits for a degree. However, in special circumstances, if co-curricular credits are earned in excess of those required for the degree, these and the associated activity will be incuded on the student's transcript 5. Students must be involved in the co-curricular activity for at least one (1) semester 6. The grading of co-curricular activities shall be pass/fail 7. No prerequisite is necessary learning activities Students seeking to gain co-curricular credits in


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Sports are expected to attend or undertake the following activities: 1. Introductory Lectures/Seminars on the importance of sport in the modern world 2. Panel discussion on technical aspects of sport 3. Seminar on an overview of sports in the West Indies with emphasis on a historical perspective 4. Research in sport of choice 5. Student involvement as part of a campusbased team in sport of choice, including on and off-campus competitions.

The University offers the following sports for cocurricular credit: •COCR •COCR •COCR •COCR •COCR •COCR

2001 Athletics 2002 Basketball 2003 Cricket 2004 Football 2005 Netball 2006 Volleyball

Programme coordinator Feel free to contact Dr. Rudolph Alleyne via for more information. Registration takes place on CHOL.

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Study H a l l Here at the Academy of Sport Cave Hill, many student athletes spend countless hours per week in the pursuit of their athletic dream. As a result, they are usually limited by the amount of time left during the day for them to execute other activities. Such limitations can impact their ability to reach the pinnacle of their academic quests, and it is within our best interest to ensure that support systems are in place to counteract this impact. One such system which is currently utilized at the Academy of Sports is a Student Athletes’ Study Hall. Study hall serves the following purposes:

1. Students are provided with a controlled environment conducive to studying 2. It mandates that the student athlete commits to a minimum number of hours studying per week (in our case 8 hours). 3. Additional academic support is provided in the form of tutoring. 4. It provides an additional resource for the student athlete to achieve academic excellence. 5. It assists in providing that additional academic rigour to the Academy of Sports programmes.



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Meet the Staff

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Mr. Kevin Grant Operations Manager

Dr. Rudoplh Alleyne Academic Coordinator

Mrs. Veronica Jones Administrative Assistant

Mr. Roland Butcher Head Coach (general)

Mr. Floyd Reifer Head Coach (cricket)

Mrs. Amanda Reifer

Mr. Geoffrey Mapp Operations Assistant

Mr. Steven Leslie Sports Coordinator

Sports Promotion Coordinator



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Mr. Aundrea Wharton Sports Coordinator

Ms. Katheryn Stewart Sports Coordinator

Mr. Christian Renwick Sports Coordinator

Ms. Josanne Thomas Stenographer/Clerk

Mr. Nevin Roach Programme Assistant

Mr. Shane Lewis Programme Assistant

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Inside the Bird's Nest (Fresher's Special)  
Inside the Bird's Nest (Fresher's Special)