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Sep/Aug Results 16/10/2014

BANKS INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY FESTIVAL Mens Prelims: All Stars def. Blackbirds 0-1 Mens Prelims: Du Badd def. Blackbirds 0-2 Mens Prelims: Blackbirds def. TTDF 2-0 Womens Prelims: Blackbirds def. All Stars 4-0 Womens Prelims: Blackbirds def. Empire 1-0 Womens Prelims: Blackbirds def. Raptors 4-0 Mixed Prelims: Blackbirds def. Vansistarts 3-1 Mixed Prelims: Blackbirds def. Empire 3-0 Mixed Prelims: T&T Police def. Blackbirds 0-2 Womens Semis: ABC def. Blackbirds 0-4 Mixed Semis: ABC def. Blackbirds 1-3


WOMEN’S BASKETBALL KNOCKOUT Quarterfinals: Blackbirds def. Clapham Bulls 66-48 Semifinals: Blackbirds def. St. John’s Sonics 78-46 Finals: Station Hill Cavs def. Blackbirds 46-58


Premier League: Maverick def. Blackbirds 0-2 Premier League: Blackbirds def. Empire by default Premier League: Genesis def. Blackbirds 2-3 Premier League: Blackbirds def. Technique 2-0 Premier League: Blackbirds def. Eden Stars/Unity 3-1 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL LEAGUE

BABA League: Blackbirds def. Station Hill Cavs 54-41 BABA League: Blackbirds def. Clapham Bulls 66-30 BABA League: Blackbirds def. St. John’s Sonics 76-62 BABA League: Blackbirds def. WSC 60-27 BABA League: Blackbirds def. Combined School 62-42

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Profile for Chilli De Blackbird

Inside the Bird's Nest (Issue 13)  

Inside the Bird's Nest (Issue 13)