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Online Media Pack 2013

Kia Ora!


CHILL Adventures ‘adventurous people championing their passion for biking through outdoor experiences.’ History Conceived in 1997 CHILL has grown from strength

to strength, now offering greater value to adventure-

loving customers and advertisers alike. With 15 Years

experience in the winter-based tourism industry and 8

years in the publishing business we are renowned for our

high quality adventure guides. Our publications burst with inspirational photos, helpful information and exciting experiences.

With the increasing availability of trails throughout New

Zealand, we take our two wheels to find the finest single

track. Established in 2010, our Mountain Biking Magazine

presents a guide for readers to reference and encourages exploration and adventure. To compliment this Magazine, we are proud to announce the launch of our new online platform “Licence to”.

CHILL is responsible for creating countless memorable experiences in New Zealand’s great outdoors. Our Mountain Biking Mediums

On ya Bike

The inaugural summer magazine contains

As avid cyclists we believe that there is a

mountain biking reference manual carried by

to explore this country on two wheels.

Season, has launched our new website

day trips, heli-biking or multi-day high

a nation wide focus being a very popular enthusiasts. CHILL, this 2012/13 Summer

From urban cruises around town, short

“Licence to ride”. Our aim is to increase

country adventures, we believe that

the accessibility of the content found in the

LicencetoRide, along with CHILL Summer

knowledge and extensive information

benefits readers and advertisers alike. With a

magazine and broaden this online. Local

Guide provides a great marketing tool that

on mountain bike trails and surrounding

growing bike culture and large nationwide

way to procrastinate than Facebook.

opportunity to market with CHILL to this

townships are offered, along with a healthier : :

fantastic opportunity to motivate people

bike initiatives underway, this is a great captive audience.

Premium Header Advert

The long anticipated has launched. With many years in the web development and action sports industries we have combined our knowledge, interests and efforts into a new website that is our magazine’s online presence.

Banner Advert

Usage/Traffic Tower Advert

Footer Advert

With a new website we believe we can obtain

The top banner advert is the premium advert and

estimate). Our winter magazine fetched 8,000

The remaining three advert spaces are available

can capitalise on our magazines successes and

tailored by region. e.g 5 Tower adverts displayed

30,000 hits within our first year (a relative

will display on all pages throughout the website.

reads alone this year so we are confident we

on the home page and in groups of 5 inner pages

winning website formula.

on 5 Queenstown pages.


Licence to Ride is built around four adverts per page structure to avoid overcrowding. 1/ Premium Header Advert

Being a brand new website we aim to deliver

interesting and up to date information to our readers along with daily interest pieces just like our winter site,

2/ Banner Advert 3/ Tower Advert

4/ Footer Advert

Banner Advert

This can be a flash or still advert and linked directly to your website. Tower Advert

This can be a flash or still advert and linked directly to your website. Footer Advert

This can be a flash or still advert and linked directly to your website.

Newsletter Adverts

CHILL Adventures has built up a strong e-following over the years and receives fantastic feedback on its weekly e-newsletters. Each week there are two advertising opportunities and they provide a great way to market to a captive audience especially when combined with competitions and give-aways.

Custom Adverts & Packages

Keen to advertise but can’t find the right advert for you. We’re open to ideas so if you’re looking for an embedded booking option, that little something extra or a deal on multiple purchases we’re happy to talk. We’re flexible you know.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Product reviews Licence to Ride has been built around information for cyclists. As part of this there are two featured product reviews each month. These sit in the bottom right hand corner of each page along with a title and image linking to their own page which can contain images, video and text of your choice. Business Listing Within regional pages there is an opportunity to promote your business with a simple listing and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a bike shop, accommodation provider or ‘other’. If your services are of interest to cyclists you’re welcome on the site.


CHILL Studio is a hub for creative and collaborative services ranging from website development and search engine optimisation to branding and graphic design. If you’re in need of a good looking advertisement, website, or any other design service, we’d be happy to help.

Website Rates & Artwork Specifications Size

Measurements (Pixels)

$ / Month

Premium Header Advert

980 wide x 60 high


Banner Advert Home Page

620 wide x 190 high


Banner Advert Inner Pages

620 wide x 190 high


Tower Advert Home Page

300 wide x 424 high


Tower Advert Inner Pages

300 wide x 424 high


Footer Advert Home Page

940 wide x 160 high


Footer Advert Inner Pages

940 wide x 160 high


Newsletter Advert

600 wide x 150 high

$75 / advert

Product review Business listing

(30 words plus contact details)

Business listing

(30 words plus contact details & 3 thumbnail images)

$250 $95 / annum $145 / annum

File Specifications & Delivery (web)

Display files must follow the sizes (pixels) as outlined. • Still files as Jpeg and optimised for web. • Flash files as SWF, links embedded to flash and all images optimised for web.

Email any queries and file delivery (preferably zipped) to

Key Contacts

Stu Waddel : Director. p. +64 3 365 6530 m. +64 21 677 245 e.

Amber Coubrough : Designer. p. +64 3 365 6530 m. +64 27 3109 029 e.

Licence to Ride Online Media Pack  

Our media pack for Licence to Ride shows options for advertisers to be part of our online presence for the CHILL Adventures free Mountian Bi...

Licence to Ride Online Media Pack  

Our media pack for Licence to Ride shows options for advertisers to be part of our online presence for the CHILL Adventures free Mountian Bi...