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Rotary Club of Berhampur Program Today(24th Aug’12)- Inter Club Training Seminar for all Rotary Clubs of Berhampur by Rtn. PDG Aswini Kar, Dist. Trainer. Program next week : (31st Aug’12) – Family of Rotary get-together/ A TRIBUTE TO RAJESH KHANNA


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Friday, 24th Aug, 2012

EDITORIAL Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. Hate the sin, love the sinner…….. Mahatma Gandhi Communal harmony is important for building peace and upsurge of a progressive India Amity between the communities in the country and absence of friction and tension among them is known as communal harmony. In countries like India, it is very important, being a Precondition to internal peace, which is essential for progress and development of the country. As we know, India has diversity of religions and composite culture despite which religion has never been a source of conflict between the communities in Indian society. Mutual tolerance and regards for other religions is an age-old tradition of the country. Nevertheless, vested interests and political interference have always been causes of disharmony between communities. Our constitution have underlined the need of communal harmony and provided for equal rights to all Indians irrespective of their cast and creed. This had made our democracy system stronger. However, it hasn’t been easy in maintaining communal harmony at administrative and social levels as there is lack of political consciousness and illiteracy found in common masses. So much so, antisocial and criminal elements have been playing actively in conflagrating communal riots. Recently, incidents of spreading false rumors through social websites have attributed to a spate of violence’s. Finally, there is need for an effective mechanism to deal with the situation. The present mechanism is smooth though, it lacks coordination and people's involvement. The intelligence failure in advance reporting to the States authorities about the communal tension has led to lack of preparedness to deal with disharmony resulting in riots and panic. In any society or nation-state, the resolutions of conflict, and restoration of normalcy is a cyclic process, which can be controlled by inculcating the values of coexistence and syncretism among the citizens. Where a society is rooted Editor : Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Chaterjee lane, Near Old Bus Stand, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9437011024

in principles of nonviolence, resolving conflict at its incipient stage and controlling it in its escalated state becomes easier. No conflict can be everlasting, absolutely unavoidable or a total waste. In the dynamic society we live in today, conflict can prove fruitful by bringing about a positive social change. However, the psychological and social turmoil that it induces can instigate a person or society into resorting to violence, defeating thereby any kind of purpose those conflicts.

CURRENT AFFAIRS OF COMMUNAL DISHARMONY More than 300,000 refugees are in relief camps in India's north-eastern Assam state after recent clashes between indigenous tribal’s and Muslim settlers. And migrants from the north-east have fled other Indian cities fearing reprisal attacks. Trains carrying thousands of north-east Indian migrants have been arriving in Assam. The Bodos and Muslims have always lived together but this brutal cycle of violence has caused a rift which many believe may be irreversible. The migrants first migrated to the area in the 19th century from Bengal when this was all part of colonial India."Over time, the Bengali migrants prospered. This created a sense of resentment among the native Assamese communities as they both competed for resources and jobs." Now the impact of this conflict is being felt right across India. Trains carrying thousands of north-east Indian migrants have been arriving in Assam. They're fleeing from some of India's biggest and riches cities amid rumors of attacks by Muslims in retaliation for the Assam violence. National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH) was set up as an autonomous organisation under the Societies RegistrationAct, 1860, and registered on the 19th February, 1992 with the main objective of providing assistance for the physical and psychological rehabilitation of the child victims of communal, caste, ethnic or terrorist violence, with special reference to their care, education and training besides promoting communal harmony, fraternity and national integration.

Co- Editor : Rtn. T. Parthasarathy S/o. T.V. Rao Email id : Church Road, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9583367444

Thought of the week - “The weak and idle mind cannot create powerful thoughts”

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MEMBERS IN LIMELIGHT 1. Rtn. D.Sunder Srinath was the guest of honour during the Independence day celebrations held at DAV public school , Gandhi nagar , Berhampur on 15.08.2012 2. The Birthday of PP.Rtn P.K.Acharya , the District Chairman of Greeting & Felicitation ( 2006-13 ) was Felicitated by R C Berhampur Silk City on 19th August and by R C Berhampur Mid Town on 21st A u g u s t 2012. Also he received Greetings from RI officials of our neighbouring Districts of Zone 4 ,5, and 6 A.

CLUB ACTIVITIES Our Club has successfully organised the Mega Health Check up camp on 19th of August (Sunday) at Achuli

near Purushottampur in association with Madhab Ramakrushna Narayana (Panda) Memorial Trust. Rotary Team comprising of seven doctors and 25 members attended to 441 patients visiting from Achuli and nearby villages. The camp started at 10 AM and completed its service by 2 PM. The team of Doctors were Rtn. Dr. J.Bhartudu (Medicine), Rtn. Dr. J.Rama Rao (Medicine), Rtn. Dr. S.Manmadha Rao (Eye), Rtn. Dr. Mahesh Mahapatro (Dental), Rtn. Dr. I. Gopal (Paediatric), Dr. Manas Behera (Paediatric) and Dr. Gunu Rani Patnaik (OBGY). Our Host Rtn. Er. Deepak Panda has arranged for a sumptuous breakfast and lunch for all the doctors and Rotarians. Thanks to the host.

Joke of the week

BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES LAST WEEK Rotary Chilka wishes Many happy returns Birthday List of Last week –

Rtn. PP P.K.Acharya – 20th Aug. Rtn. K.Krishna Rao Patro – 22nd Aug Rtn. PP P.K.Rajeev – 22nd Aug Rtn. C.Ravindranath – 23rd Aug Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda – 24th Aug Wedding Anniversary List of Last week –

Rtn. CA N.Santaram – 22nd Aug.

KNOW OUR NEW MEMBER : Silla Lakshmi Narayana Name : Auditory Services CLA. : 6thJuly'12 DOJ : 26th Dec. 1963 DOB : Sirisha Spouse : 19th aug W/D : Visishta, Pratishta Lets : friendship, movies Hobbies Blood Group : O + Address Res.: : Urban bank road,Berhampur Address Office : Silla Associates,Gadivari street , : Berhampur Phone 0680-2250761(O),2224620(R), Mobile : 9437068361 E-mail ID :

NEWS HEADLINES THIS WEEK v India's parliament is disrupted again on Wednesday over a recent report that the country lost $33bn by selling coalfields cheaply. v Indian authorities move to clamp down on social media following unrest and a mass exodus of migrant workers. v Employees of India's state-owned banks begin a two-day strike to protest against proposed financial reforms in the banking sector. v India has said it will share evidence with Pakistan to back its claims that threatening messages and pictures over the web to migrant workers mostly came from Pakistan. v Thousands of supporters of India's regional Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party have protested in Mumbai against a recent rally by Muslims in the city, which turned violent. v Two people were killed and 52 others were injured when Muslims demonstrated on 11 August against alleged atrocities in Assam and Burma. v Maruti Suzuki's plant in India's Haryana state has reopened, after a month-long lock-out following clashes between staff and the management.

Rotary Quiz C In which year were women officially allowed to become members of Rotary ? Send your answer to 9583367444 ISSUE DATE : -17.08.2012, S. No.7, Rotary Quiz – Correct Answer – Nitish Lahari – 1962-63 Correct answers sent by Rtn. V.Ajit Kumar Raju, Rtn. Dr. J.Rama Rao Rtn. D.L.Narayana.

SWARGDHAM UPDATE n 5 teak wood doors are donated by Rtn. B. Appana Subudhi, work of fixing them is started. n Brick work of Burning Ghats has been started. Report by Rtn.PP. K.K. Mishra.

ANNOUNCEMENT T Editorial Team of CHILKA announces “THE BEST ARTICLE COMPETITION”. All Rotarians, Anns, Lets and Anettes are requested to participate in the competition by submitting an original article relating to a topic of their choice. Among the articles submitted top TEN will be selected for publication of Chilka. Among them TOP three will be awarded with Prizes, rest seven with consolation gifts. Time Frame – Articles must be submitted within 01.09.2012 to 30.09.2012 Limitation – Articles must be within 150 words in total. Restriction – Articles which are already published or copied will be rejected. Process – Mail it to

Minutes of the meeting held on 17th Aug’12 Proceedings of the 7th regular meeting of Rotary Club of Berhampur for the RY 2012-13 held on 17th Aug’12 at 7.00pm at Rotary Centennial hall, Berhampur ; 1.President Rtn.Epari Sivaprasad Rao presided over the meeting and called the meeting to order 2.President appealed to all to invoke the national anthem 3.President welcomed all present to the 7th regular meeting of RY 12-13 and QUIZ Competition among members 4.President invited the quiz master PP.Rtn.Sunder Srinath on to the dais 5.Minutes of the 6th meeting held on 10th Aug’12 were confirmed. 6.Rtn.PP.E.Chandramohan Rao, Chairman Rotary Information Committee spoke about 20 benefits a Rotarian

enjoys as compared to a non Rotarian, his presentation was appreciated by all . 7.Rtn.Silla Rama Rao, Chairman Attendance Committee announced the attendance analysis of meeting held on 3rd Aug’12 with make up 8.General announcements *Rtn.T .Parthasarathy announced the blood donation and grouping camp to be organized by Subham Celebrations on 26th Aug’12,he appealed to all members to participate 9.Presidential announcements *President announced once again about the mega health check up camp to be organized on 19th Aug’12 at Achuli near Purusottampur and appealed to all members to actively participate in it. 10.Committee announcements : * Rtn.Dr.J.Rama Rao, project chairman and Er.Rtn.Deepak Panda co chairman for the mega health check up camp to be undertaken on 19th Aug’12 at Aschuli near Purusottampur spoke about the arrangements for the camp. * Rtn.P.V.Suryanarayana Rao,Chairman Diabetes check up camps announced about the 2nd camp held on 12th Aug’12 where by 41 people were examined . * Rtn.T.Parthasarathy,sub editor for Chilka announced article competition for Chilka * Rtn.Mihir Ranjan Panigrahi, Chairman Youth Activities announced the programme’s finalized for the New Generations month of September 11.Secretary Announcements : *Secretary appealed to doctor members to participate in the mega health check up camp at Achuli . 12.President invited quiz master PP.Rtn.Sunder Srinath to conduct the Quiz 13.Quiz master grouped the members present into four groups and conducted interesting quiz on Rotary ,sports and general awareness & logic, The team MARIGOLD won the quiz. 14.President handed over a memento to quiz master PP.Rtn.Sunder Srinath for organizing the quiz 15.Sgt-At-Arms Rtn.Srinivas prusty presented the attendance analysis of the meeting as ; Total members : 135 Effective Members : 135 Members Present : 53 Guests : 01 % of Attendance : 39% 17.The meeting was adjourned. Rtn.R. Murali Krishna Rtn. E. Sivaprasad Rao Hony. Secy (2012-13) President (2012-13)

Published by Rtn. R. Murali krishna, Hony. Secy. Rotary Club of Berhampur, Edited by Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Printed by Ravi Graphics.

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