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: PDG Lion Dr. E.Padmanabha Rao will speak on “Be Younger Live Longer” - to serve the society for betterment. Program : (25th Jan ‘13) : Family of Rotary & Rtn. PP Dr. D.J.J Swamy shall speak on “Parenting”


No. 30

EDITORIAL "Rotary is without reality until men translate it into their lives and the lives of others. In short, you and I are Rotary." - You Are Rotary - Live It!, .....THE ROTARIAN, July 1960

Seven ways to get more out of Rotary in 2013 By Antoinette Tuscano Rotary International News - 2 January 2013 Try something different in 2013 to attract new members and keep existing ones. Here are a few ideas to help you do more with Rotary in the New Year. Be part of Rotary's efforts to End Polio Now Consider planning a fundraiser for polio eradication, taking part in the World's Biggest Commercial, or having your club or district light up a landmark as part of Rotary's anniversary celebration on 23 February. Rotarians have made great progress in the push to end the disease, but the job isn't finished yet. As little as US$0.60 can help immunize a child against the incurable disease. Contribute to PolioPlus, and learn more about Rotary's eradication efforts. Most of our club members have contributed USD 10 to polio plus. Our club has been strongly advocating the " End Polio Now" program. We have been consistently organising rallies, putting up hoardings at strategic locations, adopting 10 to 12 booths during the NID's. Participating regularly in the district seminar on polio and task force conclave organised by BMC/ Dist. Admin/WHO Think strategically and set club goals Rotary Club Central is an online assessment tool that helps clubs set goals and track their accomplishments, such as contributions to The Rotary Foundation. New features have just been added that allow clubs to plan and track service projects from beginning to end, and set public relations goals. Log in through Member Access, and help your club work more efficiently by using the tool to set and measure club goals. As apparent from our club's innumerable project Editor : Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Chaterjee lane, Near Old Bus Stand, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9437011024

Friday, 18th Jan. 2013 activities, we accomplish them through adequate planning and goal setting. Every year the club releases a club directory that encompasses the clubs' detailed plans and objective and go about fulfilling them through various committees.. Help the Foundation fulfil its mission Make a resolution to donate to the Foundation's Annual Fund in 2013. Skip one latte a week, and you'd have US$100 or more to contribute to your club's Every Rotarian, Every Year effort. You can make a one-time contribution or a recurring gift. Our club members have contributed significantly to the TRF. Get up to speed on the new grant model In July, all districts will begin using the Foundation's new grant model. Get prepared by learning more about the model. See what Rotarians have to say about the model, read a global grant case study, and check out a guide to the new grants inGlobal Outlook. Our club have been strongly contemplating to fast embrace the future vision plan.

Get inspired at the RI Convention The 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, 23-26 June, is an ideal opportunity to network with Rotarians from all over the world, develop your leadership skills, and connect with others who share your recreational, professional, or humanitarian interests. Lisbon was recently voted as the best quality for the price destination in the world and the friendliest city in Europe by TripAdvisor's annual poll of users. Discover why Lisbon is an explorer's paradise on our convention microsite, and register today. In the Bangkok convention in May 2012, many of our club members have participated and derived good experience and benefit from it. In the forthcoming Lisbon convention many of our members are expected to participate.

Publicize your good work Public Image Grants enable districts to raise Rotary's profile

Email id :

Co- Editor : Rtn. T. Parthasarathy S/o. T.V. Rao Church Road, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9583367444

and promote the global and local work of Rotarians by placing public service announcements on television and radio, in print media and on billboards, and on the Web. Help your district apply for a grant by 4 March. To further promote your club's signature activities, be sure to update your website with information about your projects and meetings. Also, start a social media page, and follow what Rotary is doing on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Rotary Club of Berhampur is always in the reckoning and have carved a niche in Berhampur and in the entire RI district for the various philanthropic activities. Our Club has gone online through Social media “Facebook� group publicizing its various activities and regularly uploading E-Version of Chilka.

Connect with alumni Rotary Foundation alumni can be effective speakers at club meetings, and many are potential club members. Reach out to them. We have always been inviting the GSE team alumni to address and share his experiences in one of our meeting during the foundation month.

RI PRESIDENT MONTHLY MESSAGESJanuary 2013 Dear fellow Rotarians, I am a Japanese businessman, and I wear a suit almost every day. The Rotary pin is always on my lapel. It is there because I am proud to be a Rotarian. Anywhere I go, people will see the pin and know who I am. Other Rotarians will see it and know that I am a friend, and people who are not Rotarians will see it as well. I want to be sure that all of them also understand the meaning of this pin. This is why I am asking all of you to wear your Rotary pin and to raise awareness of what the pin means. I believe having that pin on your lapel changes you. It makes you think more before you speak and before you act. It makes you remember, all the time, that you are a Rotarian - and that as Rotarians, we are here to help. All of us should be ready to talk about Rotary. When someone asks you about that pin, you should be ready to answer them. What is Rotary? What does Rotary do? These are questions that each of us should always be prepared to answer. We cannot go to prospective members and ask them to join Rotary only because we want more members. We have to show them that Rotary is a wonderful organization, and that they will be happier because they belong to a Rotary club. When we ask people to join Rotary, we are doing this to help them as well. I think all of us are grateful to the person who asked us to join. I know that my life is much happier, and has been much more productive, because of Rotary. It is clear to me that the day I joined the Rotary Club of Yashio was a day when I took my first step down a different path in life - a path of greater connection, greater satisfaction, and a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace. This is a feeling that I want to share with others. And I know that one way to do that is through bringing in new members. But we must also do it by raising awareness of Rotary and Rotary's work, by focusing on our public image and wearing our Rotary pins every day.

VERY IMPORTANT 1. Sincere appeal to all members to participate in the Pulse Polio rally to be organised by BMC from BMC office at 7.00 AM on Saturday the 19.01.2013. 2. The Pulse Polio NID is on Sunday, 20th January' 2012. Our Club has been allotted with 11 booths. Members will be assigned to offer volunteer service in the adopted booths by the Chairman Rtn. B.V.Kumar please cooperate and assist him in successfully organising the NID. THE WHEEL OF CHANGE always turns in the direction of what i put into my mind

Millions of people struggle to make positive changes but fail in their quest. The reason they fail is because they try to change their life without first changing the way they think. Until they change the way they think, positive change will not happen.Changing the way you think is the key to positive change. Inside your mind is a collection of thoughts that defines what it means to be you. That collection is unique, and is the only part of you that you can change, or that would ever be worth changing. If you want to change who you are, you must change the collection of thoughts that defines what it means to be you. What you put into your mind changes who you are, and what others put in changes who you are as well. That's why the media battles so strongly to gain your attention. They want to control the way you think so they can control you and how you spend your money. They fill your world with billboards, advertising, and fifteen second sound and video bites. Their business is all about changing the way you think. It's not hard to change your life; you do it all the time. Every time you put something new into your mind, your life changes. When you put in good things, your life becomes better, and when you fill it with garbage, your life becomes worse. The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind. You already know how to change your life. You don't need to go to university to get a PhD. in psychology to change the way you think. You simply need to start putting different things in your mind. Watch different programs on television, or better yet, turn off television and go to the library and start filling your mind with good books. At the most basic level, you are what you think about all day long. That's why what you put into your mind is so important. When you put in positive thoughts, you become a more positive person. When you put in empowering thoughts, you become a stronger person. When you put in resourceful thoughts, your life moves in the direction of excellence and you become a better person. When you put in unlimited thoughts, you realize there is no limit to how good your life can become. It's time for you to do some mental exercise. Repeat after me: The wheel of change always turns in the direction of what I put into my mind. Your assignment is to repeat those words out loud twenty times. After you do that, write them on a piece of paper ten times to make them a permanent resident of your memory banks. This isn't optional. If you want to experience positive change, you are going to have to start putting positive things into your mind, and now is a good time to get started. Life is good.

RI PRESIDENT-ELECT RON BURTON WILL ASK ROTARIANS TO ENGAGE ROTARY, CHANGE LIVES IN 2013-14. He unveiled the RI theme during the opening plenary session of the 2013 International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, the annual training event for incoming district governors. "If we really want to take Rotary service forward, then we must make sure that every single Rotarian has the same feeling about Rotary that each one of us here has today," Burton said. "We need to make sure that every Rotarian has a meaningful role to play, that they're all making a contribution, and that their contribution is valued." Burton said the July launch of The Rotary Foundation's new grant model, Future Vision, makes it an exciting time to be a Rotarian. He said the new grant model, which has been used by about 100 pilot districts since 2010, represents a new era for the Foundation, and will help Rotarians get excited about Rotary's ability to change lives. "It takes everything that is wonderful about Rotary and raises it to a new level - by encouraging bigger, more sustainable projects while providing increased flexibility for local projects, both of which address the needs of the community being served," he said. Burton asked the incoming district governors to take the lead in helping their clubs through the transition, with the assistance of their district Rotary Foundation chairs, who also attended the assembly this year. The training sessions are focusing heavily on equipping these leaders to go back to their districts as experts on the new grant model. Before the assembly, Burton asked each of the incoming governors to make a donation in their name to The Rotary Foundation in order to demonstrate leadership by example. At the assembly, he announced that all 537 governors-elect had complied; along with donations from all RI Board members and Foundation Trustees, the contributions totaled US$675,412. "Now, I have to believe that some of this is money that The Rotary Foundation probably would not have received had I not asked. And I think that this is an important lesson" he said. "If you want somebody else to do something, you can just sit around and wait for them to get the idea, or you can ask." Burton applied that lesson also to membership development, which he insisted is the responsibility of every Rotarian. He told the audience that although he had been an active member of the Key Club, a youth program of Kiwanis International, he went on to join Rotary simply because the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, invited him to. "You have to ask," he said. But Burton emphasized that the job doesn't end when a new member joins: "It's not done until that new member is engaged in Rotary, inspired by Rotary, and uses the power of Rotary service to change lives."

SIX REASONS YOU SHOULD DRINK MORE WATER You already know it Water is a basic need for the survival of human beings. It is also a great healer. Here are 6 reasons why you should drink a few more glasses!

1. Your Ultimate Mood lifter! Water works as a natural remedy in many ways. It helps to relieve headache and back pains caused due to dehydration. Water keeps your body rejuvenated and fresh. So, have plenty of God's own drink. 2. Water Fights Age Lines. You have tried so many anti-aging creams. Try water! It replenishes skin tissues, moisturizes and increases elasticity. Water is a must for a younger looking skin. 3. A Perfect Headache Reliever Popping pills may seem like the best idea to get relief from the constant headache. But, have you tried drinking water when your head was hurting loud? It works wonders as 90 percent of headache may be due to dehydration. 4. Water Down those Love Handles If you don't drink sufficient water, metabolism slows down. This means fats can't be processed as quickly as it should be leading to that not-so-wanted bulge. Your body needs eight to 10 glasses of water a day to fight that flab away. 5. End Asthma with Water! Scarcity of water vapour in the lungs may constrict the airways and cause mucus in the lungs leading to an asthma attack. Doctors suggest that people with asthma must drink at least 10 glasses of water every day, along with a pinch of salt. Inhaling steam from bowl or kettle can also do the trick. 6. Get Better with your Digestive System Splashing water on your face can give you that glow, but have you ever wondered how you can cleanse your system without religiously reading those diet books? Drinking water helps clean up your digestive system, naturally.


Place all the numbers from 1 to 6 in the circles along the sides of the triangle (one number per circle), so that three numbers on each side add up to the same total - a magic sum. There are four different magic sums - can you find all of them?

MEMBERS IN LIMELIGHT 1. Pres Babulu , PP Ranjit Panda , Rtn Santosh Sahu , PP.P.K.Acharya and Rtn Asit Sahu attended the 13th Chartered night function of RC Berhampur Silk City on 13th Jan 2013. Rtn PP. P.K.Acharya felicitated charter members on behalf of our Club.Rtn PDG.Dr Narayan Mishra was the chief guest. 2. MDTC Rtn PP. P.K.Acharya visited R C Berhampur Mid Town on 15th Jan 2013 and imparted Rotary Information during celebration of Rotary Awareness Month by the Club.

HEARTY WISHES The President and members through Chilka present their warm wishes and wishes many more happy returns of the day to the Birthday Rotarian of the last week : Rtn. V.S.N Murty - 13th Jan

MINUTES OF THE 28TH MEETING HELD ON 11TH JAN'13 Proceedings of the 28th regular meeting of Rotary Club of Berhampur for the RY 2012-13 held on 11th Jan'13 at 7.00pm at Rotary Centennial hall, Berhampur ; 1. President called the meeting to order. 2. President welcomed all present to 28th regular meeting of RY 12-13 3. President welcomed Rtn.Ishaque Shariff, Director, International Service on to the dais. 4. President appealed to all to invoke the national anthem 5. Minutes of the 27th meeting held on 11th Jan'13 were confirmed . 6. Rtn.Gopiram Agarwal,Chairman Greetings Committee felicitated the birthday boys & members who celebrated their wedding anniversaries during the week. 7. PP Rtn.E.Chandramohan Rao imparted Rotary Information about Rotary Awareness month and Importance of fellowship in Rotary. 8. Presidents announcements : * President announced the Pulse Polio notification as recd by the DG and also CDMO Ganjam about NID on 20th Jan'13,Rtn.BV Kumar who was undertaking the project as Chairman Polio Plus was recognized. * President Thanked Picnic committee chairman Rtn.Asit Sahu for arranging a very enjoyable picnic at Jhadeswar on 6thJan'13,also services of Rtn.J.Balaji Rao and other Rotarians was applauded. *President announced the offer from Rtn.T.Sanat Patro, Rtn.Prasant Patro,Rtn.P.Sada Shiv Rao and Rtn.Silla Lakshmi Narayana to celebrate "Bhogi" on 13th Jan'13 at

club premises from 9am onwards for families with breakfast and "Kite Show" on 14th Jan'13 at Hotel Welfare ,Gopalpur from 3pm onwards to celebrate Makar Sankranti. 9. General Announcements : * PP Rtn.KK Mishra reported about his meeting along with PP Rtn.Ranjit Panda with District collector at chatrapur and briefing him about Rotary Swargdham project and inviting him to visit the site, both PP's also attended the polio plus task force meeting conducted by CDMO Ganjam at DRDA conference hall for the NID on 20th Jan'13. * Rtn.Rajendra Padhy spoke about his visit to two rotary clubs in Bangalore and handed over two copies of those clubs bulletins collected by him to our president. * PP Rtn.PK Acharya announced details about the Rotary South Asia Summit'2013 at Hyderabad from 3rd to 5th May'13 and announced that he has been entrusted by district administration to motivate Rotarians to attend the Summit. *PP Rtn.Ranjit Panda announced, that a cheque of Rs.50,000 as recd by DG has been handed over to the president of Rotary club of Bhanjanagar as the 50% share of the district for the District simplified grant project being undertaken jointly with our club in providing tables and chairs worth Rs.1,00,000 at a School in Belaguntha. *President -Elect Rtn.Satyadev Khemani briefed about the conduct of pre pets & sets at District conference ,Sambalpur and handed over booklets regarding the same to Standing committee Chairmen. 10. Hony Secretary's Announcements : * Announced the invitation from Rotary club of Bangalore about the Badminton tournament being from 26th to 27th Jan'13,urged interested Rotarians to participate in the event. 11. President invited Rtn.Ishaque Shariff ,Director International service to commence his presentation. 12. Rtn.Ishaque Shariff ,Director International service talked about and presented visuals of the RI Convention ,LISBON and Rotary Institute program on cruise in Singapore . 13. President thanked Rtn.Dr.Mahesh Mahapatro for hosting the fellowship snacks. 14. The attendance analysis of the meeting was read by Sgt-At-Arms Rtn.Srinivas Prusty as follows ; Total members :136 Effective Members :136 Members Present :56 Guests :01 % of Attendance :41% 15. President adjourned the meeting. Rtn. E.Siva Prasad Rao President

Rtn. R. Murali Krishna Hony. Secretary

Published by Rtn. R. Murali krishna, Hony. Secy. Rotary Club of Berhampur, Edited by Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Printed by Ravi Graphics.

Meets every Friday at 6.30 P.M

ISSUE 30  


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