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Rotary Club of Berhampur Program Next Week (5th Oct.2012) : Inaugration of Vocational Services Month & Case Study by Rtn. PP. V.V.R.N Rao. Program Next Week (12th Oct.2012) : Audio Visual Presentation on “BREAST CANCER” – Can we prevent it?. By Dr. Siba Kr. Pattanayak, Associate Prof MKCG & Dr. I. Gopal MS (Surgery)


No. 14

EDITORIAL An eventful Service to the New Generation Month has completed in Style. After an arduous and successful gamut of the youth activities in the all important service to the new generation month with every activity being prudently maneuvered, the director PP Rtn. Biswaranjan P deserves to be complemented for leading all the way but more than that Chairman Rtn. Mihir is worthy of a special accolade for showing conscientiousness in fulfilling every activity in great style and strength. His apt choosing of the vibrant chairmen for every activity is laudable. Rtn. Gopi A for the drawing competition, Rtn.Partha T for the youth merit award, Rtn. Ajay V for the Young Singer competition, Rtn. Srinivas P for the Young Musician competition, Rtn.Anil A for the debate competition, Rtn. Vijay B for the Spell bee, Rtn. Balkrishna S, Rtn. Mihir himself keeping the portfolio for the Marathon, and our Hony. Secy. Rtn. Murli for the varied completions at the Red Cross School of Blinds led by the Prez. Rtn. Bablu E needs to be acknowledged for their whole hearted effort and support for organizing all the events in great splendor and fashion. Our own members too should be admired for extending all possible help specially the judges and sponsors for their acumen and generosity. The member through Chilka put their hands together for a promising and spine chilling youth activity month. Keeping that momentum on we should now focus our attention on the vocational service month. The Director Rtn. Rajesh C has an important role to play through his committee chairmen in order to stay at par or even excel better than the preceding youth events. Rtn. Rajesh is equally competent and assiduous as well. Let’s hope he displays his best rendition. Now it’s about to impress you on the Vocational Service. Editor : Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Chaterjee lane, Near Old Bus Stand, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9437011024

Friday,5th Oct, 2012

AN INTRODUCTIO TO VOCATIONAL SERVICE All of us actively practiced vocational service before we became Rotarians, or else we would not be in Rotary. We were selected because our club friends were convinced that we are competent, trustworthy, fair and honest people. All we need to do is to maintain the faith our fellow Rotarians have placed in us by precept. We all know that Membership in Rotary is based on a member’s vocation, with each club striving to create a microcosm of its community’s business and professional world. This unique feature provides the source for Rotary’s historic commitment to vocational service, the second of Rotary’s four Avenues of Service. Through vocational service, Rotarians are expected to adhere to and promote high ethical standards in all their business dealings, recognize the worthiness of all useful occupations, and contribute their professional expertise and skills to addressing societal problems and needs. The club and its members share responsibility for promoting vocational service. Each club should develop projects that allow members to use their business and professional skills. Members are expected to contribute to these projects and to conduct their own business dealings in accordance with Rotary principles.

R I P RO G R A M S include The practice of Four-Way Test Of the things we think, say or do: 1) Is it the TRUTH? 2) Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3) Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? And the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions — provide a road map for practicing ethical behavior in the workplace and other areas of life.

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Co- Editor : Rtn. T. Parthasarathy S/o. T.V. Rao Church Road, Berhampur- 760001 Cell : 9583367444

One Rotary Center Vocational Service focuses on: • Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations • Recognizing the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians • Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community During October, Our club has a tradition of laying focus on this important avenue of Rotary service. We will consider dedicating at least one meeting to discussing Vocational Service and plan a project or other activity to carry out through the year. Some more suggested activities for our club to consider: • Devote the first meeting in October to examining Vocational Service, including The Four-Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct. After expanding members’ awareness, solicit their input in planning projects for the remainder of the year. • Introduce a “classification talk” series in which each member gives a five-minute talk on his or her vocation. These presentations give members the chance to learn the inner workings of jobs other than their own, including the various problems that arise and the solutions used to address them. • Present a vocational award to someone in the community who has exemplified outstanding professional achievement and high ethical standards. Promote the presentation in the community, and consider making it an annual event each October. • Help young people prepare for their careers by sponsoring a character building project, career day, job shadowing day, or mentorship program. Support professional development in the community by sponsoring a professional networking event or workshop, or start a career counseling program to help unemployed or underemployed adults compete in the job market. • Have club members volunteer their vocational skills on a community or international service project. Many volunteer opportunities can be found on ProjectLINK, an online database that allows Rotary clubs to publicize projects in need of assistance. (……………Many more details to be followed next week)

October 2 International Day of Non-Violence The International Day of Non-Violence is observed on 2 October, the birthday of Mohandas Gandhi. This day is referred to in India as Gandhi Jayanti. In January 2004, Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi had taken a proposal for an International Day of Non-Violence from a Hindi teacher in Paris teaching international

students to the World Social Forum in Bombay. The idea gradually attracted the interest of some leaders of India's Congress Party ("Ahimsa Finds Teen Voice", The Telegraph, Calcutta) until a Satyagraha Conference resolution in New Delhi in January 2007 initiated by Sonia Gandhi and Archbishop Desmond Tutu called upon the U n i t e d Nations to adopt the idea. On 15 June 2007 the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence.The resolution by the General Assembly asks all members of the UN system to commemorate 2 October in "an appropriate manner and disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness." The United Nations Postal Administration in New York City prepared a special cachet to commemorate this event, following a request from the Indian Ambassador at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN. The boxed pictorial cachet design was prepared by the UNPA and was limited to cancellation at UNPA's NY location (not Geneva and Vienna). The UNPA has indicated that all outgoing UNPA mail between October 2 and 31 carried the cachet. Information on various philatelic material carrying this cachet is summarized at a website dedicated to Gandhi philately and can be accessed here. Gandhi’s legacy lives on From Rabindranath Tagore to Mohandas Gandhi to Amartya Sen, great Indian minds have addressed the necessity of holistic education for peace and personal development. This century-long legacy is reflected in the goals of a new UNESCO Institute.

CASE STUDY ---Rtn.PP.V.V.R.N.Rao You are a senior level officer in a company. A former employee of your company, who was fired due to poor quality work, absences, and lateness related to his drinking problem, informs you that he has applied for a position at another company and has already given your name as a reference. He desperately needs a job (he is the only person, capable of earning in the family.), and he asks you to give him a good recommendation and not mention his drinking, which he assures you is now under control. He also asks you to say that he voluntarily

left the company to address a family medical crisis, and that the company was pleased with his work. You like this person and believe he is a good worker when he is not drinking. You doubt that he really has overcome his drinking problem, however, and you would not recommend your own company hire him back.

BIRTHDAY ROTARIANS OF THE WEEK – Team Chilka Wishes you all a happy and memorable Birthday

1. What do you say to this man?

1st oct - Rtn.V.Satyanarayana Raju

2. What do you say to an employer who calls you for a reference?

5th oct - Rtn.KGN Acharyar

3. What if the prospective employer was a friend?

10th oct-Rtn.J.Jayalakshmi

4. What if you want to help him, looking at the issue from a humanitarian angle?

12th oct-Rtn Gopiram agarwal

5. Suppose the problem was a theft instead of drinking problem?

12th oct-Rtn.A.Sivanarayana

6. Suppose he had asked you to be a reference prior to supplying your name to his prospective employer? 7. What values are at stake? Do some of the values conflict with one another?

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Rotary Half Marathon on 30th September 12.

OBITUARY Rotary expresses deep condolences for the untimely demise of SRI JAGANNATH PRUSTY father of Rtn. Mr. Srinivas Prusty at 4 a.m. on 4th Sept.2012 May his soul rest in peace.

Last weeks BRAIN TEASER SOLUTIONS. 1. UND(ERGRO)UND 2. Each can have ANT appended to form a new word.

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BRAIN TEASERS 1. Complete these words by inserting the same three letters in each.

ISSUE DATE : - 05.10.2012




Sl. No. 13 Brain Teasers Answers sent by Rtn. V.Ajit Kumar Raju Rtn. D.L.Narayana

2. A hand of cards consists of one Queen, two Diamonds, three Aces, and four Spades. What is the minimum number of cards the hand could contain?


Rtn.Mihir Ranjan Panigrahy,chairman Youth Activities,program coordinators of all programs,Rotarians ,innerwheel members and rotaractors for successfully achieving the goals set for the month,he felicitated Rtn.Mihir with a memento. 9. Rtn Mihir Ranjan Panigrahy,chairman Youth Activities month delivered his Valedictory address and felicitated program coordinators and express heartful thanks to one and all who directly and indirectly made the New Generations Month programs successful.

MINUTES OF THE 13TH MEETING HELD ON 30TH SEPT’12 Proceedings of the 13th regular meeting of Rotary Club of Berhampur for the RY 2012-13 held on 30th Sept’12 at 7.00pm at Rotary Centennial hall, Berhampur ; 1.

President called the meeting to order

2. President welcomed all present to the 13th regular meeting of RY 12-13 and to New Generations Month Valedictory function and prize distribution ceremony 3. President invited Chief guest for the evening PDG Dr.NARAYANA MISHRA and Guest of honour PP.Rtn ASHA MISHRA on to the dais 4. President appealed to all to invoke the national anthem

10 Rtn R.Murali Krishna,Hony. Secretary coordinated the prize distribution announcements and requested the Chief guest for the evening PDG Dr.NARAYANA MISHRA and Guest of honour PP.Rtn ASHA MISHRA to give away prizes to the achievers, everyone present applauded all the winners and participants. 11. PDG Dr.Narayana Mishra ,chief guest for the evening addressed the meeting and reminded Rotarians to continue with the good services they are rendering at present, and continue to disseminate to the society at large and new generations in particular the object of Rotary through service. 12. PDG Dr.Narayana Mishra, announced Rs.20,000 to Swargdham fund 13. Rtn.BV Kumar ,on behalf of the club presented mementos to the chief guest and guest of honour 14. Acting Sgt-At-Arms Rtn.Santanu Sahu presented the attendance analysis of the meeting as ;

5. The minutes of the 12th regular meeting held on 21st Sept’12 were confirmed 6. Rtn.Santosh Sahu, felicitated the birthday boys and Rotarians who celebrated their wedding anniversaries in the previous week 7. President announced the successful conduct of all the programs under the New Generations Month under the leadership of PP Rtn Biswaranjan Patnaik,Rtn Mihir Ranjan Panigrahy,Chairman Youth Activities and his team of program coordinators,he thanked the Rotarians for their service,Innerwheel members for their support,rotaractors for the execution and selfless service, participants,parents,head of institutions for involving in the programs,police admn and media for their helping hand. 8. PP Rtn .Biswaranjan Patnaik presented valedictory comments for the New Generations Month and expressed words of appreciation for the service of


Total members



Effective Members



Members Present









Visiting Rotarians






% of Attendance



PP Rtn.KK Mishra delivered the vote of thanks

16. The meeting was adjourned with invitation to all for dinner

Rtn.E.Siva Prasad Rao President (2012-13)

Rtn.R. Murali Krishna Hony. Secy (2012-13)

Published by Rtn. R. Murali krishna, Hony. Secy. Rotary Club of Berhampur, Edited by Rtn. PP Ranjit Panda Printed by Ravi Graphics.

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