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How to Deal with the Same Apple I D P roblem? Are you used to share the same Apple I D with your family of your friends? After the iOS 5 released, iCloud makes the computers are no longer the "hub" to synchronize all equipment, actually the iCloud has become the center. To use iCloud, you have to use Apple ID to log in. As more and more Apple users upgrade their devices to iOS 5, people who share the same Apple ID will notice some problems. Note: As we all know, the DVD movies are not compatible with iPad, so if you want to watch DVD movies on iPad, the DVD to iPad Ripper will give you a hand!

Before the iOS 5 comes, sharing the same Apple ID is nothing but to shopping in the iTunes store, to buy online equipment and software in Apple store, or to seek the help of customer service, which will not not cause any confusion. But now it's different! Apple ID binds many new services, many of which involves private information and some of which are even not convenient to share with family and friends. What's more, iCloud will synchronous many aspects of data, for example, calendar events, if more than one member add, modify or delete events, it unavoidably causes disorder. In this case, do you know how to avoid iCloud and the same Apple problem? Next we will tell you how to deal with the same Apple ID problem.

How to Deal with the Same Apple I D Problem

All rights reserved—— What we need to do is to use several Apple ID on the same machine - to continue sharing the same Apple ID to buy the contents, such as application, music, movies, etc., and use different Apple ID to enjoy the service of iCloud respectively. Fortunately, it's very easy to do that on iOS 5.

You just need to specify different Apple ID for different service distribution in the settings, which means that they can be mixed use (of course, each service can only use one Apple ID). In fact, there were six service that would use the Apple ID: iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, Shared family iTunes, iTunes (including App Store and iBookstore) and Game Center. In other word, you can let iCloud use an Apple ID, iMessage use an Apple ID, and the iTunes with another, etc. Here we will suggest some combination as a reference. The first and most important one is to use an alone Apple ID as iCloud private account. Then you can let iTunes/App Store share one Apple ID as used to, so you don't have to repurchase items. And it may be the only suitable place to share the Apple ID for the whole family. For the other services, change or not depends on individual needs and different occasions Now you have know how to deal with the same Apple I D problem. Just try it on your iPad/iPhone at once and enjoy yourself! Mo re: You may also interested in: How to Copy Movies from PC to iPad, DVD to iTunes Software, Play FLV on iPhone 4S, etc.

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