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How to Open Password P rotected PD F? Say you want to print a couple of pages from the PDF document but the document settings won't let you do that. If you have got some PDF files in hand and you need to open password protected PDF, you need to remove PDF password first. There are basically two types of PDF protection - the original PDF creator can either restrict opening the PDF file itself or he can restrict others from modifying, printing or copying text and graphics from the PDF file. If you are struggling with opening a password protected PDF, you can use PDF Password Remover to remove the password protection from the PDF and use it like any other PDF. Here just use one tool you could have the PDF password removed. That’s PDF Password Remover. It enables you to remove the User Password in a 1-2-3 step. Free download it now and you can see how it works.

Quick Start Guide : Simple Method to View Password P rotected PD F Step 1: Download, install PDF password remover and run it. click the "Add" button on the main interface to upload the protected PDF files. Step 2: Set the folder to store the output PDF files by clicking ... button on the bottom. Note: If you know the Open Password, just upload the PDF files to the app and click the lock besides the PDF name on the main interface and then type in the password.

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Step 3. In the last step, just press the blue Sta rt button to remove password from PDF. When the whole process is finished, you can click Open to view the PDF files. OK, now we have finished all the process in removing PDF password, and then you can open password protected PDF freely without any limitation. With PDF Password Remover, you will no longer need to worry about forgetting PDF password now, it is the best assistant for you. Just free download it now.

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