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How to Remove DRM from Videos for iPhone 5? After a long time of speculation, iPhone 5, the six generation of iPhone is finally launched. With a bigger touch screen and 4inch retina display, the new iPhone 5 is more appropriate to play videos. Are you eager to try out the viewing experience with this new device? However, you must beware that some videos you bought or downloaded may be protected by the DRM and even in an incompatible format to iPhone. In this occasion, you'll need to remove video DRM and convert video to iPhone preferred format. Similar to the previous versions of iPhone, iPhone 5 just support MP4 and M4V video formats. To convert DRM videos to iPhone 5, you can just pick up the 2-in-1 DRM Removal software which can both fast remove DRM from videos and convert DRM-videos to DRM-free WMV, WMA, M4V, M4B, M4P, AAC, MP4, AVI, MP3 and other common videos so that people can enjoy them freely with all kinds of digital players such as iPod, iPhone, Zune, Creative Zen, mobile phone, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert DRM Videos to iPhone 5 For this topic, we choose to remove DRM from videos and convert them to MP4 or M4V video format that friendly with iPhone 5. Here is the detailed guide. Step 1: Launch the DRM Media Converter. Then you can either drag video files directly or import the files by clicking the "Add..." button. This software supports batch conversion, so you can add several videos at a time.

Step 2: Click the drop-down button under "Video files to:", and then select a video format which is supported by the new iPhone 5. Click "Browse" to define a location to put the converted videos. Step 3: The last thing you need do is just clicking the "Start" button to begin the conversion. After conversion, you can click the "Find Target" button to open the output folder and find the converted files. Connect your new iPhone 5 to the computer via the USB cable and sync the converted files to your device through iTunes. With this DRM video converter for iPhone 5, playing DRM-ed and incompatible videos is as easy as pie. Download the trial version of the program to make your iPhone 5 into a fantastic cinema!

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How to Remove DRM From Videos for iPhone 5  
How to Remove DRM From Videos for iPhone 5  

This article shows you a versatile DRM video converter program that can help you remove DRM from all types of videos and then convert the DR...