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How to Extract Images from A PDF File? You may want to extract and save some images in a PDF file for later use in other documents, but just find it is so hard to get an original image from the PDF. Copy and paste is impractical at all. Well, don't despair. In this article, we are going to introduce three common ways to help you extract images from PDF.

Method 1. Save Images from PDF with Adobe Acrobat Adobe system has a tool named "Graphics Select Tool" that allows you to save an image from a PDF document. Step 1: Launch the program of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click "File" option from the menu bar in the top left corner of the program interface and click "Open" to select the PDF from which you would like to extract the images. Step 2: Go to the tool bar in the top, find the "Graphics Select Tool" and hit on it. Step 3: Move your mouse to click and drag a selection marquee around the image you want, right-click the selection and choose "Copy". Step 4: Paste the image in an open document in another application and save it. Method 2. Use Picture Capture Tool to Get Pictures from PDF Lots of picture capture tools available on the market and Snagit stands out from the crowd. Snagit is the most famous screenshot program for both Windows and Mac users. Using it is as simple as launching Snagit, opening the PDF contains with the desired images, and then clicking the "Capture" icon button to have the image captured. Finally, the captured image will be imported to the Snagit editor directly. You can edit the picture later if needed.

Method 3. Extract Images from PDF in Batch by Using PDF Tool If you want to extract multiple images from A PDF file or you need to save pictures from piles of PDF documents, above solutions seem time consuming. PDF to JPG Converter for Mac allowing you to save multiple images from a PDF, I mean, you can do a batch job to extract all images from PDF files within one minute at one time. Simply with 3 steps, you will get pictures from PDF effortlessly.

Step 1: Launch software and import PDF files. Step 2: Set output image formats and output folder. Step 3: Click the "Convert" button to extract images from PDF.

Summary: From the above, the third method, no doubt, is the most effective, convenient and time-efficient solution to extract images from PDF files, especially when you need to copy all images from the PDF. Certainly, if you just want individual one or two images, you can choose the first or second methods. All in all, according to your own needs. Read More: How to Convert PDF to PNG Free PDF to JPG Converter

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If you need to extract images from PDF files for later use in other documents, then follow the three methods in this tutorial to get picture...

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