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How to Add Music to PDF with Adobe Acrobat? Adding music to a PDF file can not only make the PDF file more interesting and attractive, but also arise people's interest in your PDF. Adobe Acrobat has the ability to insert songs to PDF files easily. In this article, we discuss how to import audio files into PDF in just a few steps. Things required: music (any format compatible with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional), Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional.

Tutorial on How to Insert Songs to PDF File Step 1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat program on your computer, click the "File" button from the menu bar and point to "Open" to open the PDF file that you want to add music to. Step 2. Click "Tools" at the left of the screen. Select the option of "Advanced Editing" to expand the menu. Hit on the "horn" icon and choose "Sound Tool". Or you can select the Sound Tool directly from the Advanced Editing Toolbar.

Step 3. Double-click the area of the PDF that will play the music when clicked on. Drag the rectangle that comes out on the PDF and then an "Add Sound" dialogue box will pop up. Step 4. Click a radio button from the section of "Content Settings" to browse and choose the music that you want to add to the PDF. Adobe Acrobat can recognize and convert most audio formats, such as QuickTime, MP3 and WAV. Step 5. If you want to customize the active area with an image, you can check the "Create Poster From File" option. If not, you can check "Use No Poster" to play the music by clicking on the active area. Step 6. When everything is done, click "OK" to finish the project of adding music to PDF file. Click the shortcut key of "Ctrl" and "S" at the same time on your keyboard to save the PDF document finally.

What's Next? Above is how to insert music to PDF file by using Adobe Acrobat. Sometimes you might need to insert image file to PDF document. In that case, there is an article telling you how to Insert Image into PDF in Adobe Acrobat. And if you wanna convert image files to PDF format on Mac, you should use JPEG to PDF Converter for Mac. Free download the trial version as below.

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How to Add Music to PDF  
How to Add Music to PDF  

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