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Tromsø facts Population: 75 428 Area: 22 524 km2/975 mi2 Midnight Sun: 20 May – 22 July Polar Night: 22 Nov – 20 January Average temperatures: January -4,4˚C/24˚F degrees, July 11,8˚C/52˚F degrees

Welcome to Tromsø - where your arctic adventure begins! For those of us fortunate enough to call the Arctic Capital home, there is no better place to live. With the pure arctic air filling our lungs every day, we thrive where most people might think it near impossible to exist – nearly 70 degrees north, in Northern Norway’s largest city. Tromsø is lucky enough to enjoy not one, but two natural phenomena every year – the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun; two wonders of nature which light up our lives, with a backdrop of the amazing arctic nature, literally on our doorstep. Tromsø really is a year-round destination. From September to April, the Northern Lights dominate the sky in Tromsø. Although you can sometimes see the aurora right in the city centre, it is often best to take a Northern Lights hunt, chasing «the tricky lady» across the skies, or take a polar-night dog sled under the sweeping aurora. For those searching for the explorer within, a snowmobile tour over the mountains or a five-day trek with the Sami herding the reindeer will enliven your adventurous side.


During the Polar Night season, our city cafes and bars are packed with locals, warming themselves with a freshly brewed coffee, or taking in a locally brewed beer; often planning their next ski trip or “hyttetur” (trip to the cabin). Internationally recognized restaurants serve up cuisine with produce sourced from local farms and fisheries, with a range of arctic dishes hard to find anywhere else. Unique cultural events, such as Tromsø International Film Festival and the Northern Lights festival take place, filling the city with people from all over the world. The nightlife is filled with the excited chatter of people re-living their latest experience – although you really need to try it firsthand to truly understand. As spring arrives, the snow stays long in the mountains, and people head up to cabins, or to ski. Off-piste skiing in the glorious mountains is what some of the locals wait all season for, and when you have tried it, you can see why. Eclipsing the French Alps – those with serious ambitions

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Chris What: CEO Where: Manchester, UK Why Tromsø: I have made a family life here in Tromsø having moved here with work seven years ago. Language: English & Norwegian Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Kayaking in the fjords around Tromsø. Fresh air, amazing scenery and wildlife. The best about Tromsø: A small but packed city that caters for both nightlife, shopping and eating and drinking but it’s in the exotic Arctic Circle! Can’t get much cooler than that! Oh, did I mention the mind-blowing scenery from almost everywhere you stand? Best tips: Look up! A lot of Tromsø’s beautiful architecture is above street level. If you look up, you’ll get a totally different feel to the buildings in the city.

Sylvi What: Tourist Information Manager Where: Malangen, Norway Why Tromsø: It just became my place when young Language: Norwegian, English, some French Favourite season: Autumn Favourite activity: Fishing autumn and cross-country skiing winter The best about Tromsø: The fresh air, the stunning nature and the change of seasons throughout the year is fascinating. This combined with the urban and pulsing city suits me perfect. Best tips: The fascinating light throughout the year. Every season is spectacular.

head to the Lyngen Alps. Amazing runs with the Arctic Ocean opening up in front of you…it is simply phenomenal. As the snow melts and summer arrives, many head into the fjords, fishing for their dinner. You can do the same, take in an excursion, catch your own cod, and then cook it for dinner. Hiking is also extremely popular, and you can experience some of the 600 accessible mountain tops in the Troms region. Both locals and visitors look forward to the Midnight Sun marathon in June, where you may well choose to finish your run in one of the many city restaurants or bars, with a cold, locally brewed beer.

Arctic exploration is something intrinsically linked to Tromsø. It is from here that Roald Amundsen took his last, fateful flight towards Svalbard in June 1928, to rescue his friend and fellow explorer, Umberto Nobile. Tromsø was also the launch-pad for explorers braving the unknown, heading to Svalbard and the North Pole. The city still has the air of those explorers’ excitement around the nooks and crannies of the Old Town, Skansen, where you can discover the Polar Museum and learn more of Tromsø´s explorer past.

The city has a rich cultural tradition and is home to people with many backgrounds. Amongst those are the Sami, the indigenous people of northern parts of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. With fishing and reindeer husbandry at the centre of Sami culture, visitors to our city can experience first-hand how the Sami continue to thrive in the north by accessing the rich natural resources in the region.

Nature, culture, city-life, local food and drink; we really do have it all in the Arctic Capital. Welcome to Tromsø – now release the explorer within you! Chris Hudson CEO Visit Tromsø-Region 5


Hijiri What: Information & Booking Support Where: Nagano, Japan Why Tromsø: Have made a family and lived in Tromsø since 2006 Language: Japanese, English & Norwegian Favourite season: Autumn Favourite activity: Driving along the coastal roads of Tromsø and going for a walk towards Tromsdalstinden. The best about Tromsø: The biggest city of Northern Norway surrounded by spectacular nature. High quality local cuisine and numbers of cultural events all year round. One of the best places in the world to see the Aurora. Best tips: 30 minutes’ walk from the city centre and you are in the middle of nature.

Léa What: Booking Development Where: Tours, France Why Tromsø: When I was 17, I spent one year in the Vesterålen Islands. This was the start for my love story with Northern Norway and its capital, Tromsø! Language: English, Norwegian, French & Spanish Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Hiking! Imagine going on a 5 hours hike just after work and coming back home at midnight with the sun still shining … The best about Tromsø: A dense cultural network in the middle of a proud and imposing nature. Best tips: Buy a traditional pastry from one of Tromsø’s bakeries. Hike up to the mountain (for example Fløya or Buren) and find a comfortable place surrounded by blueberries to sit down. Breathe the unpolluted air and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains plunging into the sea. Listen to the silence and savour your pastry. You’re the king of the world. 6

Kyle What: Hospitality manager Where: Wellington, New Zealand Why Tromsø: Married a Norwegian and shifted to Tromsø from Hammerfest in 2005. Language: English & Norwegian Favourite season: Autumn Favourite activity: Hiking in the mountains, fishing, drinking local beer. The best about Tromsø: Small city surrounded by spectacular nature but with a cosmopolitan big city feel. Best tips: When hiking in the surrounding hills look at the scenery but also look down. There are a lot of amazing plant and animal life beside your feet. Miniature orchids, berries, and plants to frogs, lemmings, birds and butterflies.

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Tobias What: Information coordinator Where: Tromsø, Norway. Why Tromsø: My hometown and the place I keep coming back to. Languages: Norwegian, English & German Favourite season: Winter! Tromsø offers great possibilities for activities like ski touring. Favourite activity: Crosscountry skiing and anything on a mountain: Hiking, ski touring etc. The best about Tromsø: 30 minutes by bus/car is all you need to go from a busy city life to tons of great experiences in the wild. Best tips: The view from any mountain surrounding Tromsø.




What: Product Coordinator Where: Tromsø Why Tromsø: I have my closest family and friends here, and I want my two sons to grow up in Tromsø, like I did. Language: Norwegian, English & Spanish Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Go for a walk or crosscountry skiing around the small lakes and green areas close to where I live, visit the Botanical Garden in summer time, and enjoy a coffee at one of the city cafés. The best about Tromsø: It’s a great place to grow up, with the nature right at your door step. The fresh air, that I only need to walk for 10 minutes to enjoy the smell of trees, grass and leafs. Best tips: For me, silence is also a wonderful kind of music. Go a little bit outside the city centre and just listen to the silence, take a deep breath, and enjoy the fresh air.

What: Information coordinator and marketing Where: Os, Hedmark Why Tromsø: The university, the people & the nature. Language: Norwegian, English & German Favourite season: winter Favourite activity: skiing The best about Tromsø: The people are so open and friendly, and the city is surrounded by the greatest nature you’ll ever find. And what many don’t know is that the night life in Tromsø is great! Best tips: Remember to bring a camera. You’re going to want to save these beautiful views and places – and of course show them to everyone you know on social media!

What: Information coordinator Where: Oxford, UK Why Tromsø: I moved here to be together with my partner, who had been yearning to come back to Tromsø for almost a decade now! Language: English, Norwegian, Icelandic & German. Favourite season: Spring Favourite activity: Visiting free art galleries! The best about Tromsø: The seasons – long summers with warm days now and then, fit for barbeques, and winters with snow for skiing abound. Best tips: Bring some good shoes and go walking! Or nestle down in Sivertsens for some delicious vegan food (and hot chocolate) in their delightfully crooked, cosy hideaway.



Zillah What: Gift shop, Agent: Sales & service Where: Northumberland, UK Why Tromsø: Love in a cold climate Language: English, Maltese, Italian, French & Norwegian Favourite season: Autumn Favourite activity: Berry picking The best about Tromsø: Amazing natural beauty, a photographer and painter’s paradise. The sunrise and sunset colours (twice a year) have to be seen to be believed. Best tips: Come in August or September: August for the best days of summer and September to see the first Northern Lights.

Inger-Lise What: Project leader sustainability Where: Målselv, Norway Why Tromsø: Moved from Målselv to Tromsø in 2005 for work. Language: Norwegian & English Favourite season: Winter! … but I also love summer. Favourite activity: Fly fishing for salmon and trout, running, cross-country skiing, swimming indoor or outdoor. The best thing about Tromsø: I can put on my running shoes or skis at my front door, and after only 1.5 min (!) I am in the middle of nature. The world’s best tracks for training, both summer and winter. No driving needed. In addition, Tromsø is surrounded by great mountains and fishing possibilities. I can choose between fishing in sea or in a river. It is a kind of magic! Best tips: Take a walk on the wild side. Try our great local food, local coffee and of course – our great local beer. In that order. 8

Synnøve What: Information coordinator Where: Tromsø Why Tromsø: Born and raised Language: French, English and Norwegian Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Skiing! The best about Tromsø: It has everything that a bigger city has, but Tromsø also has fresh air and it’s surrounded by beautiful nature! I also love the cosy cafés that we have here. Best tips: Go skiing in winter in our skiing tracks or take a walk around Prestvannet in summertime!


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Lone What: Marketing manager Where: Tromsø, Norway Why Tromsø: Born & raised Language: Norwegian & English Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Stand up paddle boarding - summer and winter, and hiking. The best thing about Tromsø: All the contrast, and that raw nature and urban city is so close to each other. Best tips: Get up on a mountain and enjoy the spectacular view.




What: Information coordinator Where: Tromsø Why Tromsø: Raised Language: Norwegian, German & English Favourite season: Winter Favourite activity: Snowboarding The best about Tromsø: The colours outside are amazing all times of the year. Best tips: Pack a picnic, go outside of the city to the first nice spot you discover, and just sit down and enjoy the nature.

What: Information coordinator Where: Tampere, Finland Why Tromsø: My awesome husband is from here Language: Finnish, Norwegian & English Favourite season: Definitely summer! Favourite activity: I would say hiking. It doesn't cost anything and easy to do even with kids. The best about Tromsø: The landscape, and the people! People here are super kind and helpful. Best tips: Take a drive somewhere. You don't need any actual destination. It doesn't matter where you end up because the trip itself is going to be just beautiful. Don't forget your camera!

What: Marketing Advisor Where: Notodden, Norway Why Tromsø: Studies and work Language: Norwegian, English & French Favourite season: Summer Favourite activity: Hiking The best thing about Tromsø: Long summer nights under the midnight sun. Best tips: Take a road trip around the island of Kvaløya and experience the fjords and the mountains. You will find a new place to photograph every 5 minutes.



Maria What: Social media marketing Where: Aalborg, Denmark Why Tromsø: I went to Tromsø for my master degree internship and loved it. Language: Danish and English Favorite season: Winter Favorite activity: Hiking The best about Tromsø: Because Tromsø got it all – rich both city life and nature. Best of both worlds. Best tips: Make use of the endless opportunities and activities available all year around.





What: Information coordinator Where: Switzerland Why Tromsø: Mountains and the coast and the Norwegian worklife-balance Language: German, Norwegian, English, French Favourite season: May–March Favourite activity: Accompanying a fish from the water to the plate The best about Tromsø: A lot of festivals and events: film, music, sport, food… and of course the breathtaking scenery! Best tips: Rent a bike and discover Tromsøya on two wheels! It’s great both summer and winter!

What: Project coordinator Where: Tromsø, Norway Why Tromsø: Best place to live (I have tried other places) Language: Norwegian and English Favourite season: Summer and autumn Favourite activity: Nature mountain hiking, and exploring our beautiful coastline by boat. The best about Tromsø: It’s a town to suite you preferences with a short distance from urban life with restaurants and coffee-bars, to nature activities and silence. Best tips: Make sure you try our local culinary dishes, and enjoy at least one day in the beautiful nature

What: Convention Manager Where: Tromsø, Norway Why Tromsø: born here. Language: Norwegian and English Favourite season: I like all the seasons Favourite activity: Workout at the gym and have a glass of prosecco after. The best about Tromsø: It is a compact city. Best tips: Visit the coral beaches at Sommarøy.

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Hat Long-sleeved and long-legged wool underwear


Dress for success in an Arctic climate In order for your stay in Northern Norway to be as comfortable as possible, it is important to have the right clothes. Photo © Therese Norman Andersen

Wool socks

Thick jumper preferabley in wool

Lined trousers – preferably windproof

Mittens or gloves

Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend wearing 100 percent wool or similar quality clothing next to your skin. Layer your clothing so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer. Outer clothing should be lined and windproof. Many activity organizers supply clothing for excursions, i.e. thermal suits, shoes, hat and mittens. Tromsø has a varied climate and in the winter an average temperature of around -4 °C. However, if you are coming here to experience Arctic adventures or chase the Northern Lights, you need to expect temperatures from -25 °C to +5 °C.

Spring & Summer (May – August)

Scarf Winter jacket (down) Windproof/water resistant jacket

Summer wool, summer hat, summer down-jacket and summer gloves are words the locals know well. The average temperature is 10 °C, so naturally we dress accordingly. In the early summer, from May-June, it can be a little wet and cold. It is a good idea to have a thin wool layer and a light wind- and rainproof jacket when exploring around the city. The weather in July and August– September tends to be better, but the same applies for these months as well. This is especially so if you intend to do any hiking. It is very important to take both warm clothing and a rain jacket with you whenever you go hiking. Remember: Weather changes quickly – and it is often a lot colder up in the mountains than it is in the city centre.

Autumn & Winter (September – April) To feel really comfortable outdoors in winter it’s important to dress properly. Especially if you will be participating in some kind of physical activity. Think layer-by-layer, we recommend wool or some other material that keeps you dry closest to your body. A warm down jacket makes a very nice outer layer if it’s really cold outside. And don’t forget warm shoes, gloves and a cap.

Waterproof, warm shoes with non-slip soles

If you come from a warm country or do not wish to carry a lot of bulky clothing with you, there is an excellent company in Tromsø called Tromsø Outdoor, which supplies a full range of outdoor clothing (read about them on page 46). 11


Take care of the Arctic

Facts Who

Kristin Røymo (44)

What Mayor (Labour Party)


Mayor Kristin Røymo, 44, dreams of Tromsø becoming Norway’s first plasticfree city, and she wants you to help make this dream come true!

Tromsø and Vestvågøy


Norwegian Lutefisk and Thai Thom Kha


Black coffee

Text: Lone Helle Photo © Mats Gangvik

Instgram @kroymo

- My dream is that plastic waste from Tromsø does not end up in the sea and fill up the place where much of our food comes from. I also dream that everyone who visits here will help us achieve this goal, says Mayor Kristin Røymo. The mayor is actively involved in Tromsø’s efforts to become a sustainable destination, and there is little doubt that a plastic-free Tromsø is her pet project. - It would be incredibly cool if we could succeed. Plastic is an ingenious product, so brilliant that we have created an addiction that we are quite simply about to drown in, says Røymo, adding: - The locals in Tromsø are good at taking their rubbish home when they go on excursions in the countryside. This has been the case for generations, but we must be even better at this. 12

She points out that natural processes in the north take longer than in other places due to the cold climate. - In other parts of the world, nature repairs itself more rapidly. The nature here is vulnerable. If you walk in the great outdoors, please be aware that new paths are formed quickly. A new path is a ‘wound’ that takes nature up here a long time to repair.

The world to Tromsø Over the past five years, the number of visitors to Tromsø has increased by over 30 percent. The five countries topping the list are the United Kingdom, Germany, China, France and Italy. In addition, major development projects are taking place in the city.

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Tromsø Favourites Mountain hike: Tromtinden in Tromvika Place: Ersfjordbotn Activity: Mountain hiking Favourite place in the city centre: In the middle of the breakwater, which is the last place in the city centre where the sun disappears in the evening Travel essentials for Tromsø: Hat and scarf year-round, headtorch in the winter and suitable clothes for exploring the region and going out in the city

Røymo finds it’s exciting to be the mayor during a period of readjustment. - People, trends and destinations change. The destination of Tromsø is not finished being built, and the infrastructure is not finished being adapted. Consequently, it’s important that those who come here are careful and help us look after what we have. It’s important they show consideration, says Røymo. - When I was young, when we travelled we either went backpacking, which was cool and exciting, or on charter holidays, which was safe and ‘traditional’. People are now visiting Tromsø who barely knew we existed just a few years ago. It’s not long since many thought the Arctic was an uninhabited area filled with only ice and snow. It used to be us who visited the world, but now the world is coming to visit us, too.

A meeting of cultures Getting around the city of Tromsø does not pose huge challenges for visitors. There are good bus and taxi services in the city centre, and the distances between attractions are short. - Regardless of where you are in the world, if you visit a small village on the outskirts, you become part of the landscape in which you are moving. Ersfjordbotn is an example of a very popular village to visit, but there is not sufficient infrastructure there to accommodate large numbers of visitors. This can create challenges, but also exciting meetings between the local residents and guests from the other side of the world. Language can be a big challenge, but you get a long way by smiling. If the visitors are considerate, respectful and obliging, most local people will be helpful, attentive and


curious when they meet guests in the village, says Røymo, who also lives in Ersfjordbotn. She is conscious that visitors must prepare for the climate that awaits them in the Arctic, especially when they set off to explore outside the city centre. - In the wintertime, you will be exposed to weather which changes rapidly. Tromsø has a ‘mild’ climate year-round, but less than an hour from the city, the temperature in winter can rapidly drop to around minus 25 degrees. The locals are well used to this. It’s not without reason that most of us take extra clothes in the car if we plan to drive a long way in case something unexpected happens, like a breakdown, collision or driving off the road.

Voyage of discovery The city of Tromsø has grown enormously over the past 50 years. The city is now home to people from 140 different nationalities and there is a large international labour market. This makes the mayor feel proud. - Tromsø is an international city by nature. If we go 200 years back in time, the city was founded on international trade from east to west. Tromsø is the heart of our region; a heart for exchanging goods, trade, knowledge and culture. Tromsø is an important meeting place for some of the world’s foremost scientists researching subjects like life in the Arctic, climate and resource use. It’s also incredibly exciting that so many people wish to come here for a holiday to experience the Arctic and our lifestyle up here, says Røymo. The mayor is extremely proud of the unique combination of wild nature and urban city life which Tromsø can offer. She encourages everyone who visits Tromsø to go on a voyage of discovery – in the city centre too! - That’s important! Tromsø has coastal areas, fjords, mountains and inland areas in combination with an urban centre. This is what makes Tromsø so wonderful and unique. If you are in Tromsø, you must go out to a café, restaurant or bar. Savour a delicious cup of coffee or taste the locally brewed beer. Eat a burger or enjoy a sumptuous seafood dinner. Go out in the evening and catch a local concert. Above all, experience the everyday life in Tromsø.


Look up Tromsø is located at nearly 70° north between magnificent fjords, breathtaking mountain peaks, and islands, it is a prime starting point for your arctic adventure. Situated in the middle of the Aurora oval, the area with the highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights, makes Tromsø one of the best places in the world to see the Green Lady dance across the sky. The Polar Night season and the Arctic Light gives unforgettable light shows and some of the longest sunsets you will ever experience. In summer, the Midnight Sun joins us from May to July. When the sun never sets below the horizon we are too busy to sleep. Photo © Lars Mathisen


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The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that only occurs in places north of the Arctic Circle during the summer months. It is a magical time of the year and it means that summer has finally arrived in the north. During the Arctic summer nights the city never sleeps and the people from the north enjoy every minute of the orange sky. Photo © Truls Tiller

Do you have a dream about experiencing bright summer nights and a glowing Midnight Sun that almost sinks into the sea before rising again? In areas surrounding Tromsø, you can enjoy the tranquility, the majestic mountains, listen to the birds chirping and the sound of the waves, and perhaps enjoy a close-up encounter with arctic wildlife. In Tromsø, the Midnight Sun is visible for 24 hours from late May until late July. The period is longer, the further north you travel.

Activities 24/7 Our activity providers offer a variety of tours, and people do activities in the middle of the night just to experience the Midnight Sun. When you explore the wilderness during the night, you get to see nature and wildlife in a different light. Taking a fjord tour by boat or car lets you experience the fjords and the mountain under the Arctic Light. If you’re not afraid to do something different, how about taking a walk up on one of our many mountains or kayaking through the narrow fjords? We have activities that suit everyone - come and experience the unique climate with us. 16

The Midnight Sun

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LOCATION: Storgata/City Centre Main Street



The Northern Lights


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Northern Norway is home to one of the world’s most spectacular natural light shows. The Northern Lights are known as Aurora Borealis, which means ’dawn of the north’. The Northern Lights are always present, but winter is usually the best time to see them, due to lower levels of light pollution and the clear, crisp air. Photo © Kari Schibevaag

It is possible to see the Northern Lights from September to April, depending on the weather conditions and solar activity. If the sky is clear, you might be able to see the Northern Lights right above the city centre, but to increase your chances we recommend going on a tour away from the bright city lights. There are no guarantees that you will see the aurora dancing above the sky, but our northern lights activity suppliers do their utmost to make it possible for you to experience it. Seeing the Northern Lights often requires patience. The more days you have available, the greater the chance that both the solar activity and the weather will cooperate.

Northern Lights chase or experience?

LOCATION: Snowshoeing at Finnlandsfjellet Did you know that Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights? This is due to the city’s location in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval. It means that it is always a good chance of Northern Lights here, regardless of the sun’s cycles.

We offer a wide selection of Northern Lights tours. You can choose between a Northern Lights chase or a Northern Lights experience. During a Northern Lights chase, you join one of our experienced and knowledgeable providers who will fulfil your dream of seeing the Aurora. The chase might take up to 10 hours depending how far away the clear skies are for that specific evening/night. Northern Lights experiences are activities that offer that bit of extra adventure to your Arctic experience. It’s as if the nature in the Tromsø region was especially created for outdoor adventures. On the next pages, you can read about our activity suppliers. Check out our website for more than 80 activities to book and choose from. 19


Northern Lights Tromsø Probably the best Northern Lights chasers in the world with a happy atmosphere, keen interest in photography and a skilled nose in smelling out clear skies when the weather is in a bad mood. Our specialty is the small groups where you can escape the crowds. A thermal suit and a nice cup of hot chocolate are included to keep you warm, along with high-resolution photos taken during the tour. You will receive them via email at no extra cost so you can share them with your friends and print them for your album. We welcome you to join our chase! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 911 95 518

Aurora Tour Do you want to avoid big tourist groups? Are you travelling with your family, small children or just with your friends, and would you like to enjoy this fascinating experience with a maximum of eight people? We will pick you up from your accommodation in Tromso and our experienced guides will take you to unique places, where there are highest possibilities to see the Aurora. We provide regional snacks, hot drinks, warm clothes, bonfire and we take pictures of you under the Northern Lights. Let us take you on the adventure of your lifetime and just book the trip with Aurora Tour! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 450 96 035

AuroraPhotoGuide After more than 20 years with a passion for Northern Lights photography Geir Ytterstad started AuroraPhotoGuide 5 years ago. From September to the end of March, we hunt the Northern Lights. We take you to the area outside Tromsø, with the best possible chances for clear skies on your selected evening. Geir and his team has long experience in photography, and chasing the Northern Lights. We will help you with your camera settings, and we will take pictures of you under the magnificent lights. We wish to give you an unforgettable evening under the arctic sky with (in our opinion) the most beautiful natural phenomenon. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 900 18 900

Marianne’s Heaven on Earth Aurora Chaser Tours I am Marianne, a native of Tromvik – a small fishing village on the island of Kvaløya. My family first settled here in the early 1700s. For as long as I remember, I’ve been fascinated by the Northern Lights and its mystery. I don’t feel at home unless I’m outside, under the stars, the Midnight Sun, planning a new photographic image, to fulfil my lifelong passion. A friend gave me the idea to share the wonderful experiences that I have been enjoying all my life. I have been lucky enough to find guides who share the same passion as me to photograph and who have chased the aurora worldwide. Come and join us! E-mail: 20

Telephone: +47 97173 074


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Northern Horizon Join us on our small group tours to explore the beauty of the Arctic. During the night, we will take you on a Northern Lights hunt. During the day, we offer an Arctic nature excursion. Come with us and witness one of the most stunning natural light phenomenon – the Aurora Borealis. Discover the unique landscape of Northern Norway, full of fjords, mountains, beaches and regional wildlife. We cannot wait to meet you and guide you during your stay in Tromsø! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 922 90 870

The Northern Lights Hunter We are one of the longest running northern lights companies in Tromsø. Our mission is to show our guests the amazing Northern Lights by minibus, while driving through the wonderful landscape of the North. When we are on the chase for the Green Lady, we will have several stops, serving hot coffee, tea, chocolate and something sweet. If needed, we provide you with warm clothing and tripods. Our professional team, driver and guide, will take care of you and take pictures of you and the Northern Lights which you will get from us complimentary. Day tours though spectacular landscapes and private tours are available. E-mail: Telephone: +47 908 81 675

Arctic Explorers We are Northern Lights and photography specialists. We have a quality company with small personal groups up to 14 guests. On our tours, we provide warm expedition suits, winter shoes, tripods, pictures from the tour and passionate guides. As we experience magical moments throughout the year, we want you to experience that very moment yourself. We are committed to your participation, so we will try to cater to everyone’s needs. We will guide you and endeavour for you to experience those breath-taking moments whilst feeling safe and comfortable. We hope that we will get the pleasure of your company on our tours! E-mail: Telephone: +47 486 02 238

Greenlander AS Greenlander offers tours with an adventurous Arctic Truck. We will take you out in small groups – a maximum of only 6 persons. Our small family run company’s strength is professional photography. Our works have been published internationally and we have won awards. As we have been out more than 1000 nights chasing, our success rate today is high – around 98% chance. We are dedicated to find the Aurora to make your dream come true. Other tours we do, are kayaking in Arctic and private fjord tours with car. Feel free to read what other travellers have written about us on Trip Advisor and Facebook. If you have a special request for your tour, we can organise this. Are you ready for an adventure? E-mail: Telephone: +47 401 91 636



Arctic Guide Service Within just a few years, we have established ourselves as the leading contractor and guide service in the northern parts of Norway. During the high season, we engage around 100 guides and offer tours in a wide range of languages. In 2001, our company started up in Lofoten. In 2006, we established ourselves in Tromsø, and expanded to North Cape three years later. We are proud to offer our services in all three destinations under the name Arctic Guide Service — a name that shows our strong connection to the arctic region. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 922 07 901

Tromsø Friluftsenter As a small local family-run company, we have from 2004 given our guests adventures straight from our hearts. For us it is not only about ”Miss Aurora” or the midnight sun, but also about meeting people that has an impact on our soul. We represent the local culture while bringing you the experiences of fresh sea air, the peace, and the clear beautiful colours that surrounds us. We are so grateful that we are able to witness the moment when mother nature reveals herself to our you, in all her glory. Welcome to an authentic North Norwegian experience! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 907 51 583

Wandering Owl Meet the Owls and join our family! Are you looking for a small and personal company to organize your stay? We offer a range of outdoor experiences for everybody, in all seasons, with an eco-friendly approach, high quality, and attention to the detail. Our guides are nature and photography experts, who will send you home with an incredible experience of the Norwegian nature, together with stunning photos as memories of your trip. All our tours include delicious homemade meals prepared by our cooks and highly praised by our reviewers, together with all the necessary equipment to keep you warm and happy. E-mail: Telephone: +47 484 60 081

Scan Adventure Raised by a Norwegian mother and German father in Germany, I always believed that one day I would live in Norway. While growing up, my mother told me stories about Tromsø region with its mountains, fjords and arctic lights. In June 1998, my dream came true and I moved to Tromsø. The next year I became a tourist guide, which enabled me to share the beauty of our regions with tourists from around the world. Since 2009, my guides and I have run successful Aurora safaris. The knowledge we have acquired means we don`t leave anything to chance. We speak a variety of languages: Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We also offer customized city walks and other tours to interesting places in our region. We welcome you to join our tours! E-mail: Telephone: +47 993 41 814 22


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Green Gold of Norway Welcome to Green Gold of Norway – bed, breakfast and adventure by Francisco Damm. In Summer we run daily RIB-Boat Photographic Excursions from Tromso to Musvær and to Beautiful Hella. From September to April we run our popular 24hrs Activity Stay packages which includes Photography, RIB-Boat (Whale Watching) or Snowmobile excursions in the day time, and Northern Lights Chase & accommodation in our Crystal Lavvos in the evening. Read more about us on page 38. Hope to see you soon! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 928 09 057

The Green Adventure Join our guided activities to explore nature around Tromsø. We guarantee small groups and friendly guides. We have a great experience in chasing the Northern Lights and cooperate with many others to find clear skies. To see the fjords we take you on a road trip along the coast. To experience snowshoeing, we offer an easy three hour hike. And for the Midnight Sun... let’s watch it by campfire, eating Norwegian waffles! We avoid crowds to experience nature in peace and quiet, and take good quality photos for you. ”Green” stands for aurora, nature and ecology. We cater for vegetarians and vegans. E-mail: Telephone: +47 451 25 173

Aurora Borealis Tours – Karl Ivar Welcome to Karl Ivar’s tours. I offer tours during the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and I can take you out to explore our beautiful fjords. I don’t know how to control the weather, but what I do know is all the best locations for viewing and photographing Aurora Borealis in Tromsø region. Not only do I know the locations, I also have great experience in photographing the Northern Lights. I believe that guiding a small group of people is the only way of giving a personal and valuable experience to each and one of you. My guided group tours consists of no more than 15 people. I welcome you to join our wonderful adventure in the north! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 477 57 730

Northern Soul Adventures Northern Soul Adventures was established in 2016, pursuing a dream to offer intimate & memorable experiences throughout the raw boreal seasons. We spent years travelling the world & living abroad, seeking adventure through numerous road trips, and collecting inspiration for what we do today. With no two tours ever the same, our enthusiasm never fades. Our custom-built tour van, is fully equipped with everything you may need in the arctic, allowing us to discover remote & dramatic scenery, often taking you the road less travelled. As passionate photographers we craft & capture vibrant moments, allowing you to appreciate the vast silent landscapes, in an organic storytelling atmosphere around the roaring campfire. If you love nature and live for adventure, we look forward to meeting you. NB: max 7 souls / vegan friendly. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 966 99 018 23


NorthernShots Tours We are 100% focused on Northern Lights, pioneers of the legendary AURORA CHASE excursion! If the weather is bad, we go find the northern lights, we do not wait for them (up to Finland if needed)! All our guides are professional photographers and they will make all their best to grant you the perfect aurora photo from your tour! If you don’t find the Lights on the first tour, you can join us again at half price! Come and visit us at our crazy shop in Amundsens Plass 1 (always open, right in front of the tourist information building). E-mail:

Telephone: +47 986 09 309

Aurora PASS and Aurora Chase


We created the AURORA CHASE excursion, and we offer two main products: The Aurora Chase, with 50% discount on another tour if you don’t spot the Lights! The Aurora PASS, where you can join our aurora chase tour as many times as you want during one week, for a fixed price! In addition to that, we also offer a wide range of Husky Dog Sledding activities! Come and visit us at our crazy shop in Amundsens Plass 1 (always open, right in front of the tourist information building). E-mail:

Telephone: +47 986 09 309

Arctic Experience Hi! I`m Dan, a native Norwegian who is born and raised under the dancing Northern Lights, and ever since I was a small kid I can remember being captivated by this beauty in the night sky. I`m a photographer & aurora hunter, which means that I will go as far as possible to find the best locations to see the lights. Homemade carrot cake and vegetable soup will keep you warm and comfortable while I tell you the legends and the physics behind the lights, and the small group of max 8 guests will ensure that I can provide the best service possible to you. PS: I only have tours every other day, to be able to move a tour if the weather is bad; people don’t pay me to look at clouds. E-mail: Telephone: +47 971 85 890

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Remember to book your activity online or at the tourist information!

Sami & Reindeer


Northern Lights






Snowshoeing & skiing



Snow & ice



Midnight sun



Quick guide for

Northern Lights photography


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You need: • Camera with a wide angle lens • Tripod to keep the camera steady • Warm clothes (wool in layers) • Headlight (to sort your camera settings) • Dark place (avoid light pollution) • Hot drinks to keep you warm

Photo © Kari Schibevaag

1. Set your camera in manual mode (M). 2. Set the focus to Infinity. 3. ISO is all about light sensitivity and poor light requires high ISO. Set the ISO to 3200. Depending on the light (very strong Northern Lights, full moon, lot of snow), 1600 or even 800 might be enough. 4. You need the aperture (f) to be as wide as possible (the lowest number), f: 1.8, f: 2.8, f: 3.2

• Patience is your friend

5. You need to get the fastest possible shutter speed to ”freeze” the Northern Lights’ movements. Long shutter speeds make the Green Lady appear like a veil over the sky. Anything from 2-30 seconds can work depending on your camera. 6. Use a tripod or rest your camera on something steady. Set the self-timer on 2-3 seconds so you have time to let go of the button before it starts taking pictures. 7. Be prepared! Sort your camera settings at home before you go out. You want to be ready if she appears.


Midnight Sun Concerts Every night at 23:00 June 1- August 15

A varied and rich program featuring solo performances, ensembles and choirs, blended with the fantastic acoustics in The Arctic Cathedral.

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NOK 180/50



11 years of dedicated Northern Lights guiding With over a decade of experience, we always do our best to make your dream of seeing the aurora come true. Our crew is on one specific mission: to take you wherever the chances to admire the magnificent aurora are at that precise moment the best. Our guides are passionately committed to choosing the best destination for the evening so you and the others can have an experience of a lifetime – seeing the aurora. Photo © Arctic Guide Service

Chasing the aurora every night Have you always dreamt of seeing the Northern Lights? Join our tour and come see the world’s most spectacular light show - an unforgettable experience. Hunt the Lights through the beautiful Northern Norwegian nature. All our tours have one professional driver and one authorised guide on board. Our crew will give you information about the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. When the lights appear, the guide will show you how to capture the perfect Northern Lights picture as a souvenir to bring home. During the trip, we will offer you biscuits and hot drinks. If you get cold during the chase, you can always return to the bus to warm up.

Strong connection to the arctic region Our company started up as Lofoten Guide Service in 2001. In 2006, we established the daughter company 26

Tromsø Guide Service, localized in Tromsø, and after our expansion to North Cape in 2009, we are proud to offer our services in all three destinations under the name Arctic Guide Service—a name that shows our strong connection to the arctic region. Within just a few years, we have established ourselves as the leading contractor and guide service in the northern parts of Norway. During the high season, we engage around 100 guides and offer tours in a wide range of languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and French.

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t You’ll ge res free pictu from the tour!

ARCTIC LIGHTS Northern Lights Photo Tour 5-7 hrs, 1650,- mini bus. On this excursion you will be accompanied by our best Northern Light Photo Guide, who has a lot of experience in catching the Northern Lights on camera. The guide will thoroughly show the right camera settings, give helpful photo tips and tell you all about the Northern Lights. We recommend you to bring your own camera and take your own beautiful Aurora pictures. The tour is mainly in English Included: Overalls and tripod for your camera. HD-photos from the tour sent to your email. Hot chocolate/coffee/tea, traditional Norwegian sweets and cookies.

Non-stop Northern Lights Chase 7 hrs, 980,-. big bus. Join us on a non-stop Northern Lights Chase every single night during the winter season. We go on tour in a big, comfortable bus, together with a professional driver and authorized guide. The tour is mainly in English. Included: HD-Photos from the tour sent to your email. 50% discount next day if the Aurora does not appear. Hot drinks and cookies.

Come and see one of the world’s most spectacular light show. This picture is from one of our tours.




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LOCATION: Kvaløysletta


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Breathe in If you love being out in nature, you have come to the right place. The possibilities are endless. From almost everywhere you turn, you will have a great view to mountains and ocean. Enjoy the nature on your own, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view, or go on one of the more than 200 outdoor activities our providers offer. Be charmed by the cute huskies, be a musher for a day and go dog sledding, or enjoy a real sami adventure in their nature reserve close to Tromsø. Experience the Arctic wildlife on a fjord tour, enjoy a mountain hike in summer or go snowshoeing or skiing in winter. Get closer to the water in a kayak or feel the wind in your hair on a RIB-boat trip. Keep reading and get inspired to make your stay in Tromsø unforgettable. Photo © Kari Schibevaag



The perfect

playground Adventurer and world champion kite surfer, Kari Schibevaag, 39, has travelled all over the world with her kite. However, if she gets a choice, she prefers to spend her time in Northern Norway together with her dog Truls. Text: Lone Helle Photo © Lars Erik Tunby & Tom Magne Jonassen

Kari Schibevaag was born and raised at Madla in Stavanger. As a professional kite surfer, she has travelled all over the world and visited all sorts of exotic destinations, such as Brazil, South Africa, Hawaii, Australia and Italy. Then she discovered Northern Norway. - I love the Northern Lights and the Polar Night season. I never get tired of watching the Northern Lights. It is magical! I prefer winter to summer. The winter is so raw in Northern Norway and the weather changes all the time. It creates opportunities to do so many fun activities, says Kari who enjoys spending time in Tromsø. - Wherever your turn in Tromsø, you have a perfect view to the sea or the mountains. You find yourself surrounded by amazing nature. In addition, Tromsø city centre is just the right size. One of the things I like best is how easily accessible the nature is. A good example is Fløya. It is in walking distance from town, and you can hike up or take the cable car. That way everyone can get up on a magnificent mountain and 32

GONE WITH THE WIND: Kari is one of the world’s best kite surfers. She loves to play with the forces of nature.

experience the beautiful view, including people who have trouble walking, or have disabilities.

Into the nature Kari spends her summers in Lofoten. She lives in a small container house and runs her own surf centre. When autumn and winter come, she packs her ”surf van” with tents, sleeping bags, kites – and everything she needs do what she likes best: Being out in nature.

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Facts Who

Kari Schibevaag (39)


Outdoor expeditioner, world champion kite surfer and photographer


Tromsø, Lofoten & Stavanger


Food cooked on a camp fire tastes best. I love a sandwich or banana with melted chocolate.


Sparkling water or water straight from the stream on the mountain.


@Karischibevaag & @trulstrulstruls

- I live a dream life. I sleep in my car or a tent, and sometimes I stay with friends. It is a simple life with few things, but it gives me the opportunity to do exactly what I want. I am at my happiest with life when I am out in the nature with my dog Truls.

BEST BUDDIES: Kari and her dog, Truls

Three years ago, she began exploring the Tromsø region. The whales coming into the fjords in the Tromsø region fascinated her and was one of the main 33


reasons to come and visit. Since then she has returned every year for longer periods to kite, stand up paddle, go hiking in the mountains and trying to capture the perfect northern lights picture. She travels between Tromsø, Kvaløya, Sommarøy, Senja, Lyngen and Skjervøy.

Extreme nature experiences - I have had some unforgettable experiences here. Last year I was snow kiting on Finnlandsfjellet with a friend when the sun went above the horizon for the first time. It was a few days before the sun was supposed to come back in January 2017. On Kvaløya you can see the sun a few days before the rest of Tromsø. I was not expecting it, so that was very cool. I have also been kitesurfing in a winter storm at Sommarøy. My wetsuit was covered with ice when I got out of the water. Not to forget, all the whale experiences. It is crazy cool up here, says Kari.

Tromsø Favourites Mountain hike: Finnlandsfjellet is great for snow kiting. Brosmetinden has the most amazing view and is very easy to walk. There are mountains suitable for everyone here. Place: Out at sea or in the mountains. Activity: Kiting, if I have to choose only one. Favorite place in the city centre: Risø mat & kaffebar Travel essentials for Tromsø: Warm clothes! Wool from top to toe.

Her ice blue eyes sparkle when she talks about her relationship with nature. Even when the temperature sinks down to 10 minus degrees and the wind blows heavily, she does not hesitate to put on her wet suit and throw herself in the water. - If you have the right equipment, it is no stress. It is not that cold when you are being active. However, you get cold quickly when you get out of the water. Then you have to change into dry warm clothes, but that goes with all outdoor sports. If you are out skiing and get sweaty, you also have to change into dry and warm clothes quickly. I never want to miss a good kite session! says Kari. NB! Kari Schibevaag is a Visit Tromsø Ambassador and she has taken several of the pictures in this guide. 34

ICE ICE BABY: Kari does not hesitate to jump into the sea in freezing temperatures.


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Breathtaking view The Cable Car, mostly known as ”Fjellheisen”, offers the most spectacular view towards Tromsø City. During its years, it has made itself the city’s most known attraction in Tromsø. Fjellheisen is proud to offer the best view over Tromsø at 421 metres above sea level. Photo © Fjellheisen & Kari Schibevaag

The history of the cable car goes back to 1961, when four brothers got together and built it after earning some money in fisheries, seal hunting and polar expeditions. In the early sixties, there were few tourists in town except for holidaymakers from Sweden and Finland. Today the Cable Car have about 180.000 visitors a year and it just keeps coming. The journey up the mountainside takes just four minutes. When arriving on the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy the views over the surrounding mountains and fjords. After enjoying the landscape, you are invited in to Fjellstua restaurant for a taste of local food and snacks. During the winter season, it is the perfect location to enjoy a good meal while waiting for the Northern

Lights. Fjellstua restaurant is open all year around and serves local dishes like, reindeer burgers, bidos stew and of course Tromsø’s best Norwegian waffles. From around 20 May to around 24 July, the Midnight Sun can be seen from Mount Storsteinen. Nothing can compare to enjoying a cold drink while the Midnight Sun fills the horizon. Come and experience the view for yourself!

You are welcome! Contact us

Phone: +47 776 38 737 E-mail:



Welcome to the

wilderness For 30 years, Tromsø Villmarkssenter has offered unique husky experiences for the whole family on Kvaløya, less than half an hour from Tromsø city centre. Photo © Tromsø Villmarkssenter

The family business is one of Norway’s largest activity companies, and a year-round experience centre for the whole family. - We started out as a home for dogs in 1988. Since then our passion for dogs and life in nature has taken us on an exhilarating journey, says the founder of Tromsø Villmarkssenter, Tove Sørensen, 60. She has two children and both are involved in the family business. Alexander, 31, and Torkil, 27, both have important roles in the company.

Close to nature Tromsø Villmarkssenter has 300 Alaskan huskies, and their unique location gives a great opportunity for a wide range of activities throughout the year. They offer dog sledding trips and Northern Lights visits in the winter (November 1st – April 30th), and in the summer (May 1st – October 31st) they focus on the midnight sun with kayaking trips and hikes with the huskies. - We want to offer authentic wildlife experiences for everyone!

Professional athletes There is no doubt, the whole family live and breathe for their dogs. In addition to running the family business, they have competed numerous times in some of the world’s most extreme dog races. The huskies you 36

meet at Tromsø Villmarkssenter are not just friendly and cute dogs, they are professional athletes tested at the highest level. Tove has entered Finnmarksløpet (Europe’s longest dog sledding race) an impressive 19 times. Her youngest son, Torkil was basically born on the sledge, and has already participated 4 times in Finnmarksløpet. He started dog sledding at the age of 4 and now he races with his dogs every year.

The Iditarod dream In 2006, Tove entered in the world’s longest dog sled race in Alaska, The Iditarod. During training before the race, she was injured and lost sight in one eye. She still decided to compete and finished as number 29. – I had dreamed about running in the Iditarod since

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Husky Facts • They are bred by mushers for endurance and speed. • They are very lean but can weigh up to 30 kg. • They can run up to 15 km per hour, but will run for hours given the opportunity. • Like other Huskies, they can have blue eyes. • They love the cold – anything below freezing is their favourite. • They are very sociable and love a cuddle. • They have a short coat, but shed a lot.

I first read about it. It was never an option not to race. It was an unforgettable experience, says Tove. Now the dream is to enter the Iditarod in Alaska together with Torkil. - My goal is to race the Iditarod before I am 30, says Torkil.

COMPETE TOGETHER: Tove Sørensen (60) is competing in Europe’s longest race, Finnmarksløpet for the 20th time this year. Her son, Torkil (27), joins her for his 5th time. They have a dream of competing in the Iditarod, the world’s longest dog race, together.

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From the beaches of Ecuador to Arctic wildlife Francisco Damm loves Northern Norway! He came to Tromsø in 2002 after marrying a local Tromsø girl. He left his surfing hotel in Ecuador to a completely different climate and way of living. Photo © Francisco Damm

After working 9 years as a Cruise coordinator in Tromsø, Francisco decided to start a small company where he could practice his hobbies on a daily basis. This is the story of how Green Gold of Norway was founded. The company focuses on RIB-boat navigation, snowmobiling and of course Northern Lights experiences.

The perfect location in the beautiful Lyngen Alps The main base of the company are the amazing Lyngen Alps, only one hour northeast from Tromsø. Here you will find Francisco’s Crystal Lavvos – the perfect location to start your adventures in Northern Norway. This area 38

is a real playground for photographers and anybody who loves beautiful nature. The Lyngen Alps are a great example of the perfect combination between the fjords and the mountains. The superb location offers 180 nights of Northern Lights (weather permitted).

Activities all year around During the summer, from 20th of May until 22nd of July you can come and experience the Midnight Sun with Francisco and his crew. Join them for a three hours Rib-boat safari and enjoy the beautiful evening light that only places above the polar circle can give. The tour starts in Tromsø and navigates out to the islands of Vengsøya,

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You can book the following activities with Green Gold of Norway: Rib-boat excursion to beautiful Hella When: All year

Midnight Sun safari by Rib-boat When: May 15th to August 15th

Crystal Lavvo and Fjord Safari by Rib-boat When: September 1st to October 31st

Fjords, Whales & Aurora

When: November 1st to January 30th

Crystal Lavvo, snowmobile & Aurora When: December 15th to April 15th

Northern Lights Photography tour Vågsøy, Musvær and Risøya with breath-taking sights of eagles, cormorants, seals and amazing scenery. In the wintertime, Francisco offers spectacular overnight tours in his Crystal Lavvos in the Lyngen Alps. You can choose to book only accommodation or to have activities included. Activities like fjord safari, whale watching by Rib-boat or snowmobile excursions are the perfect add-ons to your stay in Lyngen Alps. The spectacular landscape with high mountains and steep fjords will astound you. In the evening, you can relax and wait for the Northern Lights after enjoying a warm meal at the basecamp (The Green Gold Villa).

When: September 1st to March 31st

Whale Watching in Skjervøy

When: November 1st to January 31st

Aurora, Whales and Hurtigruten When: November 1st to January 31st

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Sami experience In Tromsø, you can have a real encounter with the Sami people. The Sami people welcome you to their nature reserve close to Tromsø. Photo © Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience

In the summer, you can book a tour to one of our activity providers and experience their way of life. One of the main activities is to meet and feed the reindeers, let them tell you about their culture, and if you are lucky, they will even sing you a traditional Sami joik. During the winter period, you can travel across snow-covered terrain by a reindeer sled (depending on snow conditions). This activity is very popular and suits both children and adults. On some of the tours, you can also try ice fishing or you can book this separately to fulfil your Sami experience. 40

Sami families are proud to share their culture and history through food, stories, information and reindeer sledding. About 40,000 Sami live in Norway, 20,000 in Sweden, 7,500 in Finland, and 2,000 in Russia. Today only 2 percent of Sami work in the reindeer industry. Reindeer sledding is the oldest means of transportation in Northern Norway. The indigenous Sami people, making these trips an ideal way to encounter their culture and to meet the reindeers.

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Husky activities Meet our husky friends and go out on a mini expedition in the Troms region. We promise – it will be an unforgettable adventure. Photo © Tromsø Villmarkssenter

In winter, you can go dogsledding in all kinds of weather as long as there is enough snow. The sled is usually shared by two; one is standing up, controlling the direction and speed, known as ‘mushing’, while the other is seated and just enjoying the ride. The adventure begins when you hop on the sled and let the huskies pull you over the frozen landscape. While dogsledding you can enjoy the stunning views of the ocean and surrounding mountains. During the Polar Night, the

only light we see is from the stars and the moon – and if we’re lucky, Lady Aurora might put on a show. In summer, you can go on a hike with the puppies and help the mushers train the future sled dogs. You can also go hiking with the huskies to explore the nature of Northern Norway. You are also welcome to just meet and cuddle with the huskies.


ACTIVITY DESCRIPTIONS Photo © Green Gold of Norway

Arctic Wildlife Tromsø and Northern Norway offers many different wildlife species. The moose, the reindeers and a wide range of bird species like the predatory sea eagle, are common sights in the Tromsø region. If you go on a boat trip, you might get lucky and catch a glimpse of seals and different types of whales like orcas, humpback whales or pilot whales as they follow the herring shoals during the winter months.

Fishing You cannot visit Northern Norway without seeing if the fish is biting! If you head out to sea, catching a fish is almost a guarantee. Cod, pollock, halibut or wolfish are among the most common species. As soon as the lakes have frozen, it is time to go ice fishing. You will learn how to drill your own hole in the ice, bait the line… and enjoy the thrill of the wait. As it is often a few degrees colder on a boat or a frozen lake, the activity suppliers will provide you with an extra outer layer of waterproof clothing. Photo © Explore The Arctic

Fjord tours

Photo © Ersfjordbotn Kystferie

A comfortable way to explore the Tromsø region is by boat or minibus/minivan. Find your inner explorer by joining a gentle boat cruise, RIB boat or sailing a luxury catamaran to get close-up contact with the mountains, fjords and wildlife. Northern Norway have raw and impressive nature. Less than an hour from Tromsø by boat, you will be able to access the wild coast of the island of Kvaløya, a paradise for many bird species like the white-tailed sea eagle and puffins. As Tromsø is situated on an island between steep mountain peaks, exploring the region by minivan (2–8 guests) or minibus (2–20 guests) enables you to discover the narrowest fjords, majestic mountains and the archipelago on the outer coast with white sandy beaches.


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THE GREAT OUTDOORS Photo © Elements Arctic Camp

Kayaking The coast around Tromsø is one of Norway’s best areas for sea kayaking. The narrow fjords, majestic mountains and a variety of land provide a special setting. Here you can go exploring the white beaches, look up on the steep mountains and enjoy the amazing marine wildlife. Kayaking is a great way to experience the sea while being active.

Hiking Covered by mountains and wilderness, Tromso is the perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking. The mountains surrounding Tromso are for many inhabitants the main reason for living in this Arctic city. Usually the hiking season starts in mid-June until late September depending on the snow conditions. Only 1,5 km from the city centre you can enjoy impressive panoramas over Tromsø and Kvaløya on the top of Mount Storsteinen on Fløya (400m above the city). On page 54–55 you can read about different hiking routes in Troms region. Photo © Lone Helle Photo © Kari Schibevaag

Snow & Ice If you can walk, you can go snowshoeing. Quite simply, it’s a way of walking easily on deep snow. You can go snowshoeing during the day or during the evening with a professional guide. While snowshoeing you encounter the beautiful winter landscape surrounding Tromsø. Cross-country skiing is very much a part of Northern Norwegian culture. They say that the Norwegians are born with skies on their feet and almost all love the outdoor activities. A short lesson is recommended for absolute beginners, while the more experienced can conquer mountains. During the winter months, there are illuminated ski tracks for anyone to use crossing the whole Island of Tromsø. You can also try ice climbing, glacier walking or visit the ice domes.



Aurora Alps Make tracks to awesome Aurora Alps! For an unforgettable holiday experience head to the winter wonderland of the Aurora Alps camp at Breivikeidet, near Tromsø, Norway. Breath-taking sights – including mountains, fjords and the magical Northern Lights. Experience activities from dogsledding, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, to the simple delights of feeding reindeer, or experiencing traditional Sami culture. Aurora Alps offer a wonderful adventure like no other. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 917 35 497

Arctic Cruise in Norway We are a local company based in Tromsø. Our guests are able to pay a little more for a better experience. Small groups of guests is our speciality. We offer unique experiences with memories that last a lifetime. Arctic Princess sail/motor catamaran is perfect for a relaxed tour while we sail among the fjords and mountains. Arctic Queen (luxury yacht) takes you there with high comfort and is perfect for a private cruise. Princess Emi, (smaller yacht) is fun for a slightly lower price. ArcticX, our electric car Tesla model X, can take five private guests in a customized tour. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 905 49 997

Explore the Arctic Our highly qualified local guides ensure unique and unforgettable adventures with a personal touch. We offer Northern Lights trips, winter fjord cruises, charter boat fishing and midnight sun fjord cruises. We have more than 10 years of experience with outdoor activities in Tromsø. During the trips, you will learn about the area, its history and wildlife. We provide you with quality clothing and all the equipment you need. We will take professional photos during the trips and are always happy to share them with you afterwards. Let’s discover Northern Norway, let’s Explore the Arctic. E-mail: Telephone: +47 948 60 941

Norfishinfo Centrally located in Tromsø city, yet only a short distance to major fishing adventures and nature experiences. We offer fishing and adventure tours on the bay for families and for small groups up to six people. Our specialty is tours for family / friend groups who want a lovely experience at sea in an intimate atmosphere aboard ”Marine Xellent”, a comfortable and modern 32 foot boat with seating inside and outside on the deck. We visit fishing spots near Tromsø, where anyone can try fishing, or just enjoy the sea air and the surrounding nature.In the winter months, we offer whale watching and Northern Lights tours. Everyone, children and adults are safeguarded in a good way on board ”Marine Xellent “ Warm clothes, life jackets, drinks and snacks are included on all our tours. E-mail: Telephone: +47 911 74 763 44

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LyngenTourist LyngenTourist is a family run business with seventeen years of experience in tourism. We offer activities that give you an arctic experience with our amazing location with panoramic sea views. Few, if any activity gives you closer contact to the arctic than “arctic swimming” followed by a hot sauna! LyngenTourist also provides Northern Lights chases for private groups to our aurora basecamp. The most significant difference from our chase compared to other providers is our modern facilities located in the districts’ most popular area for Northern Lights watching. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 920 81 105

Tromsø Lapland Sami Experience Sámi are the indigenous people of Scandinavia and have lived and worked with reindeer for centuries, giving us countless generations of knowledge about the fascinating and charming creature that helped us survive in this extreme nature. Our company was established in 2009 and has the longest experience of running reindeer sledding and sami culture tours in Tromsø. We want to invite you to our camp to join our genuine and family-friendly reindeer safari with the beautiful Lyngen Alps mountains framing the view. Our expert guides also reveal the secrets of surviving life in the Arctic and display treasures from our culture. E-mail: Telephone: +47 918 57 635

Active Tromsø AS Your ultimate destination for outdoor activities in Northern Norway. With more than 35 years of experience in extreme challenges, we offer advanced dog sled trips and weeklong expeditions in the pristine arctic wilderness. Our trips are authentic, personal and caring for your dogs quickly bonds you together to make lifetime friends and memories. Each activity is suitable for everyone with a good fitness level and includes high quality gear. Your safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. A once-in-a-lifetime treat for anyone, who has the spirit for adventure running in their blood! E-mail: Telephone: +47 481 37 133

Tromsø Safari Tromsø Safari is the leading activity company in Tromsø and provides a wide range of fun and scenic day and evening activities throughout the year, embracing the natural beauty and culture of Tromsø and Northern Norway. We pride ourselves on offering our partners and guests an easy way to explore our exciting part of the world, but at the same time maintaining and strengthening local pride and involvement. We are a locally owned and operated company with 17 years of experience and knowledge. Our philosophy is based on maintaining our strong local connection by tight cooperation and involvement with local landowners, activity operators, guides, and other suppliers. E-mail: Telephone: +47 922 90 645



The Arctic Drive The Arctic Drive has standard adventure tours and special tours adapted to you all year round. We are widely known among celebrities and high- ranking VIP clients. Whether you are alone or with a large group, we arrange for fantastic Arctic experiences and great memories! Experience all this: safely driving a Toyota Hilux converted Arctic Truck such as Top Gear drove to the North pole in 2007; on a Jet Ski or flying on our Flyboard, with a helmet and warm suit on a snowmobile ice fishingtrip or fishingtrips driving the coolest side by side 4X4... We have all the cool fun stuff ! E-mail: Telephone: +47 971 30 001

Northern Light Dog Adventure Spend a memorable day as a musher off the beaten track. Join a North Norwegian family and be actively involved throughout, from the briefing around the kitchen table to looking after your own dog team and helping to feed them. We only offer this quality product to small groups because we want you to get the most out of this beautiful adventure. Participants must be in good shape and want to be actively involved. We provide all necessary gear, instruction, hospitality and one coffee break. Two people on each sled. E-mail: Telephone: +47 930 23 819

Wild Seas Our concept is to develop unique, exclusive wilderness safaris carefully crafted with quality, comfort and excellence in mind. We provide our guests with unforgettable arctic adventures in the winter wonderland of Tromsø, including Whale Research Safari & Aurora Spirit experience, Fjords & Arctic Wildlife Safari & Polaria aquarium and Northern Lights Dinner Cruise on-board our tall ship SS Johanna. We fill our summer with midnight sun dinner cruises from Tromsø and adventures in the spectacular Lofoten islands. Try our signature Glamping, kayaking, hiking, Trollfjord & Wildlife Safari as well as an exceptional organic goat farm and cultural experience. E-mail: Telephone: +47 900 78 896

Tromsø Outdoor AS Tromsø Outdoor AS is an activity and rental centre located in the heart of Tromsø, providing top-notch equipment, passionate guides and professional advice for your outdoor adventure. We conduct our guided activities in small groups and our ”soft adventures” tours are appropriate for most fitness levels. Sporty people who wish to explore wilder areas can join guided snowshoe hill hike to Kvaløya. Families with children, seniors or people without experience with snow often choose guided snowshoe trip on Tromsøya or evening snowshoe trip with campfire. Our Cross Country ski trip suits everyone - it is a beginners ski course, requiring zero experience. Alpine skiers can join our introduction to ski touring for beginners. In summer we take our guests out to explore Tromsø by e-bike. We prepare tailor-made offers on request and for groups. See you at Sjøgata 14! E-mail: Telephone: +47 975 75 875 46


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Flexitour Tromsø Exploring nature’s beauty is our passion, inspiration and profession which we are offering to small and private groups too. The tours and activities change from season to season in order to welcome Midnight Sun guests in summer and Northern Lights guests in winter. Besides scheduled fjord tours, northern lights or Midnight Sun tours, we offer customized activities such as hiking, shore fishing and sightseeing. Our friendly guides assistance is focused to make your experience personal, unique and comfortable and help with whatever could be needed during your tour. E-mail: Telephone: +47 469 73 055

Arctic Trip Arctic Trip is a small company providing nature-based activities. We are focusing on small and private groups from one to fifteen people. Roy has lived all his life in Troms and it has always been important for him to be close to nature. He has been working as a Northern Lights guide for ten years now, and has many stories to share with you. The Northern Lights chase is our main product, but we also offer many other activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 476 63 447

Tromsø Individuell Tromsø Individuell lives up to its name. Round trips, private photo tours with a passionate photographer, or customized tours for bigger groups - all trips leave room for individual wishes and are also suitable for families. We are a small company dedicated to show you the beautiful nature that surrounds Tromsø. It all started with the “All Day Fjord tour to Sommarøy” by van about five years ago. It is one of the longest day tours available in Tromsø and has become a classic over the years. Join us and you will be welcomed by a dedicated guide with in-depth knowledge about the region for a tour in a personal atmosphere. E-mail: Telephone: +47 98 12 9461

Arctic Adventure Tours Arctic Adventure Tours was established with blue mountains in 1999 in the highlands of Kvaløya. Per-Thore and Hege started up with only some sledges and a few Alaskan huskies. Since then the family business has expanded every year and today we have 120 dogs and an amazing team. We offer some of Northern Norway’s most exciting and arctic adventure tours and expeditions. We wisely choose our team members and have some of the best people in the field – providing you with competent, respected and experienced guides, skippers and expedition leaders. Together with our beloved Alaskan huskies, we will give you an experience of a lifetime. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 456 35 288



Ersfjordbotn Brygge Ersfjordbotn Brygge was established in 2014 and is located about 15 min from the airport of Tromsø. We specialize in organising adventures in the beautiful nature of Northern Norway. We offer Northern Lights tours, fjord cruise by bus or boat, whale watching, mountain hiking, skiing and deep sea fishing, as well as accommodation on the quayside. Ersfjorden is one of the best known fjords in the world because of its scenery and astonishing arctic nature. Photo © Bjørnar G. Hansen


Telephone: + 47 917 03 341

Polar Adventures Polar Adventures is a small family company that provides genuine and local family- friendly adventures. We want to share our passion about Tromsø to our travellers. We treat you like a friend and let you experience a Scandinavian lifestyle, while having fun in nature with family and friends. With us, you will learn and discover Arctic nature in a very cheerful and close atmosphere, as we want to keep it as genuine as possible. Our tours are different in that way, it’s all about having fun and relaxation while experiencing new things in beautiful surroundings. We start as strangers but during the tour, we become friends forever. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 909 89 995

Destination Tromso Does your bucket list begin with finding a tour provider that can guarantee the best hospitality service, tailor-made, personal and qualitative tours in Tromsø and its scenic surroundings? We tailor our own tours: from Northern Lights Chase to private wilderness locations. Meanwhile, we provide a great range of carefully selected activities from our trusted partners like dog sledding, snowmobile, cultural experience with reindeer sledding, fjord tours, visit the ice domes and plenty more. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 400 01 663

Sami Adventure Inga and Ole Eira are passionate native Sami folks from Kvaløya, who have embodied their tradition in the way of their life to share with you. They have provided Sami style adventures since 2004 and shares a deep bond with the wild. Located in the beautiful Dankarvågvatn Nature Reserve surrounded by reindeer, lavvus, ice fishing lake, and modern aurora domes right by the mouth of Rakkfjord. Showing respect to nature is what Sami Adventure is all about and the vision of Inga and Ole Eira is to respect environment, nature, Sami culture, and sustain them for generations to come. Sami Adventure is the place to get to if you want to enjoy outdoor life and to learn about new environment from a unique perspective. E-mail: 48

Telephone: +47 902 24 020

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Sørøya Havfiskecruise As owners of Sørøya Havfiskecruise we can proudly introduce ourselves as pioneers of winter tourism by boat in Tromsø. Our slogan is; quality over quantity! We live on board ourselves in the wintertime. Norwegian skippers and crew with great knowledge and years of experience, makes this a safe and memorable trip. Since 2006, we have offered boat trips to our guests with our solid and cosy catamaran MB Havcruise. Custom maid for tourism such as Northern Lights, fishing, and fjord cruises. A maximum of 12 guests per trip provides a social and a cosy atmosphere. All food served is rich in tradition and of the highest quality. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 948 47 500

North Sailing Norway Experience the magnificent Kaldfjord on board the award-winning electric sailing ship, Opal. Cruise silently among snow-covered mountains that rise more than 1000 meters from the sea. Look for whales and wild eagles, or simply enjoy the wonderful polar daylight or the magical northern lights. With our authentic ship, highly qualified and dedicated crew with extensive sailing experience and wildlife knowledge, we seek to inspire people to reconnect with both history and nature. If the weather allows it you can take part in hoisting the sails, try the fishing gear or just enjoy a wonderful day out at sea. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 984 67 636

Basecamp Senja Basecamp Senja is an adventure company located on the magic island Senja. Probably in the most scenic nature in the northern part of Norway. Basecamp Senja has designed several expeditions summer and winter, all-inclusive with accommodation, all meals and activities. You can join in day tours or several days tours. Posthuset Expedition Lodge is located at the National Scenic Route, and is a starting point for many tours in Senja. Se more information at E-mail: Telephone: +47 917 09 618

Lyngsfjord Adventure Winter Adventures 24/7. Lyngsfjord Adventure provides outdoor activities from the wilderness centre of Camp Tamok, with departure from the city centre of Tromso every day. The daytime adventures give you an amazing view of the untamed mountains of Tamok valley, whilst the evening tours will give you a great opportunity to experience the Northern Lights. But Camp Tamok offers a lot more than just activities: Untouched wilderness and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the ultimate Arctic experience try our Overnight Programme. But be aware: The Northern Lights will keep you awake - do not expect too much sleep... The adventures are available from 15th November to the end of March. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 777 15 588



Arctic Breeze I am Brynjar from Arctic Breeze. I work with small groups, which gives greater flexibility for stops, activities and decision on the length of the trip. The beauty of the Northern Lights is truly striking. The expectations are naturally high from seeing many great photo illustrations. However, nature determines this phenomenon. It is all about playing on nature´s premises. Outdoor activity was always my favourite. I have extensive experience in how to read and utilize nature and the weather for having the best possible experience of the Northern Lights. Every night is different, and you will get my honest assessment of the opportunities for your evening. E-mail: Telephone: +47 909 80 919

Guide Gunnar I am born and raised on the Coast of Telemark County in the south, but with Finnish and Sami blood in my veins, which pulls me to the Arctic areas up north. Educated as a mountain guide, I was one of the first in Arctic Norway to give global travellers a unique experience under the Northern Lights. I have run Northern Lights tours in Tromsø since 2006, consistently trying to find the best conditions possible for my guests to experience our magical Northern Lights. In addition, I also offer other activities like cross-country skiing, Sami culture, dog sledding and snowshoeing. I welcome you to one of my tours! E-mail: Telephone: +47 934 43 443

Tromsø Golfklubb The world’s northernmost 18 holes golf course. With us you can enjoy a golfing while being surrounded by beautiful landscape. The course offers challenges for everyone, beginner as well as for the experienced golfer. On our website ( you can find an overview of all our different holes. At our golf course, you can play in the Midnight Sun with views to the Lyngen Alps. Welcome! E-mail:

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Telephone: +47 907 66 520

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Midnight sun



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Play together Most of Tromsø’s attractions can be enjoyed by curious minds of all ages. Visit Polaria at seal-feeding time to enjoy the cute seals’ daily training sessions. The Science Centre offers wonderful interactive fun and discovery, as well as educational films in the Planetarium. A ride on the cable car Fjellheisen is thrilling in itself and offers the best views of Tromsø island. In the summer, you can go for gentle walks from the upper cable car station. Tromsø University Museum is a firm favourite with children. Learn about the Vikings, the Sami Culture, archaeology and the challenges of the natural world here in the Arctic. Photo © Tromsø Villmarkssenter


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LOCATION: Cuddling with puppies at Tromsø Villmarkssenter



VIEW: Beautiful view over Tromsø Photo © @selnes88/Stian Selnes

5 hikes for the family




Duration: 1-2 hours roundtrip Bus: Route 425 from Prostneset in the city centre Parking: Approx. 2 km up from the intersection across Kattfjordeidet or at the parking area at Ersfjordeidet.

Duration: 1 hour Bus: Route 420 and 422 from Prostneset in city centre. Ask to be let off in the crossroad between Tromsø/ Brensholmen/Sommarøy. Parking: By the road in a layby next to the starting point.

Kvaløya 297 m above sea level

An easy hill with great views regardless if you start from Kattfjordeidet (south) or from Ersfjordeidet (north). Enjoy you food and the amazing view from the top.

! 54


Dress for the weather

Even in summer when the weather is nice and warm, colder temperatures and wind can surprise you on the top. Good hiking shoes is important. Read about how to dress on p. 11.

Brensholmen 154 m above sea level

A popular hill with an amazing view. Follow the marked route along the trail from the road close to the crossroad between Tromsø, Brensholmen and Sommarøy. From the top, you have an amazing view to Sommarøya and Hillesøya in the northwest, in the southwest you can see Senja and Hekkingen, and north you can see the characteristic Håja. When you get down it is nice to take a walk around Sandvika beach.


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Kvaløysletta 470 m above sea level Duration: 1,5-3 hours Bus: Route 42 from Sjøgata S4 in the city centre Parking: By the ski hut at Storelva stadion A popular mountain close to Tromsø city centre. Start by the lights for the ski track and follow the track until the path turns left, while the ski track turns sharp right. The path goes all the way to the top. Great views.


FJELLHEISEN/STORSTEINEN Tromsdalen 421 m above sea level

Duration: 2-3 hours roundtrip Bus: Bus 26 goes from Sjøgata S1 in the city centre Parking: You will find a parking area beside the lower cable car station. Remember to pay for your parking at the automated payment machine. Storsteinen – “The big rock” – is a classic Tromsø hike. The perfect view over Tromsø – and great for both enjoying the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. You can choose between different routes with different difficulty levels. You can take the path to the right of the cable car house, or the new Sherpa built steps to the left of the cable car house. If you are very sporty, it is also possible to walk up straight under the lift. Be aware that this route is quite steep. If you want to save time and your knees, you can also choose to take the cable car one-way (up or down). Just remember to buy a ticket. You can also take the cable car both ways if the weather/snow conditions prevent you from hiking up. The Cable Car is also disability friendly – with a ramp at the lower station and wheel chair lift at the upper station. If you feel like walking further than Storsteinen, you can continue to Fløya Mountain, which is a bit further up (671 m above sea level).

LOCATION: Nattmålsfjellet Photo © Kari Schibevaag


HILLESØYTOPPEN (easy) Sommarøy 211 m above sea level

Duration: 1-2 hours Bus: Rute 420 from Prostneset in the city centre Parking: At Sommarøy Arctic Hotel or at the entrance to the tunnel on Hillesøy Trail and railing from the tunnel entrance to the summit. A majestic summit offering wonderful views of the surrounding islands – Hekkingen, Edøy, Tussøy, Sommarøy and Senja. This summit is also perfect for viewing the Midnight Sun and spotting the white-tailed eagle. For more information about public transportation, please visit Read more about how to get to Brensholmen/Sommarøy on page 112. 55


Fun for families Tromsø can offer a wide range of family friendly activities. Here are a few... Text: Zillah Bugeja & Hijiri Takagi Photo © Tromsø Arctic Reindeer Experience

First, let’s talk about the free stuff: • Charlottelund near Prestvannet on the island is a recreational area with playground and barbecue pits. Tobogganing, cross-country skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing in the winter • Telegrafbukta: beach and recreational area with playground and barbecue pits • Easy hikes (See p. 54 or ask for recommendations at the the Tourist Information Centre) • Strandtorget play area in the city centre • The Botanical Gardens has a small play area • Folkeparken outdoor museum (Sundays, summer only) • Play areas belonging to schools, after hours • The library has a nice children’s section for reading and drawing

Activities in Tromsø: • Tromsø AlpinPark: downhill ski centre • Ice skating: outdoors/indoors in the winter • Toboganning, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter • Bowling • Cinema • Rent bikes and go cycling • Swimming at Alfheim swimming pool or at Enter St Elisabeth Hotel • Leo’s Lekeland is an indoor play area near Jekta shopping mall • Tromsø Mini Zoo • Reindeer sledding is a really nice family-friendly activity as the sleds don’t go that fast and you can enjoy the scenery, touch the animals, and learn a bit 56

about the Sami people and their culture. • Take a day trip to Grottebadet water park. Buy return tickets with the express boat from Tromsø to Harstad on Saturdays. It includes entrance to the water park

Activities in the Tromsø region: Visit the family-friendly downhill, snowboarding and cross-country centre in Målselv Fjellandsby (p. 120), see the wildlife in Polar Park (p. 121), or meet the Senja Troll - the world’s largest troll statue - located on Senja island (p. 114). Spaceship Aurora in Vesterålen takes the entire family on an exciting virtual journey in to space (p. 117). Whale watching from Vesterålen yearround (p. 117). NB! The activities in the region require your own transport. To go to Målselv and Polar Park, between December and March you can use the Experience the Tromsø Region Bus (p. 124). Please check opening hours of attractions. Read more about how to get to the Tromsø region on page 108.


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Tromso Villmarkssenter Based just outside Tromsø city and within the Arctic Circle, we’re uniquely placed to cater for a wide range of activities throughout the year. Our short Dog Sled tours leave daily throughout the winter with longer expeditions scheduled for the spring. We can also provide visits to our centre to meet the Huskies, which are available all year round. In the summer months, we provide kayaking tours and with hikes with the dogs from our centre. If you have any special requests please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 776 96 002

Polaria - an Arctic adventure Located in a distinctive building resembling ice floes pressed up on land, the Arctic marine experience centre is just a five-minute walk from downtown Tromsø. Polaria displays research on climate and the environment in the Arctic region through interesting knowledge-based exhibits produced in collaboration with scientists from the Fram Centre. Polaria presents aquariums featuring seals, fish and marine animals from Arctic and Subarctic regions. The panoramic cinema screens films about the Svalbard wilderness and Northern Lights. The Polaria shop sells unique gifts and souvenirs, and the café serves light refreshments every day year-round. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 777 50 100

Northern Light planetarium Since 1989 the Northern light planetarium has offered the aurora borealis, the perfect playground to display all its beauty, no matter what the weather conditions are like outside. In the 360° dome theatre, breathtaking northern lights come alive every day. This stunning full-dome visual (English, German and Norwegian narration) is featuring the aurora in science, history, and myth. High definition footage leaves the impression of watching the northern lights live. All planetarium shows and entrance to the Science Centre – hands on science for all ages - are included in the admission fee. For program, changes and off-schedule screenings see: E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 776 20 945

Science Centre of Northern Norway Are you just a little bit curious? What if you could explore the layers of the atmosphere in a Northern Lights elevator, play with the magnetic field or produce energy in a hamster wheel. These are a few examples from the exhibition themes reflecting our northern location, energy and environment, the sky, the climate and the human body. Interactive exhibits engage the senses, suits all ages and demonstrates the diversity of nature and technologies surrounding us. Entrance to the Science Centre and planetarium – breath-taking full-dome Northern Light shows - are included in the admission fee. For more, see: E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 776 20 945



The Cable Car/Fjellheisen The Cable Car is Tromsø’s most popular tourist destination. From the large outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Tromsø and the virtually endless sight of islands, fjords, mountains and the open sea. If you look in the other direction, you will see the majestic mountain Tromsdalstinden, which towers 1,238 m above sea level. In summer, the panorama deck at the upper station provides excellent opportunities of seeing the Midnight Sun, while in winter it’s an ideal place for hunting the magical Northern Lights. E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 776 38 737

Ice skating hall Everyone is welcome to Norway’s most northern ice-skating hall, which also have a small café. It’s possible to rent skates, helmets and penguins (support for smaller children) if one doesn’t own the equipment themselves. Opening hours are Tuesdays between 19:00-21:00 and Saturdays/Sundays between 12:00-17:00. The opening hours can be reduced some days due to match activity, so it is wise to check the website before your visit. Opening period is medio October – end of April E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 912 42 074

Ice skating track Go ice-skating in the world’s most northern outdoor speed skating track. It is possible to rent skates, helmets and supports for smaller children in the café, which the local skating club runs. The speed skating track opening hours are Mondays/Wednesdays between 17:15-20:45 and Saturdays/Sundays between 11:00-16:00. Since it’s an outdoor track it could be closed on short notice because of the weather. Opening period is beginning of November to the end of February. E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 906 21 620

Stakkevollan swimming pool Swim in an indoor facility where there is an exposed mountainside. Stakkevollans opening hours are Mondays/Wednesdays between 16:00-22:00 and Saturdays between 10:00-16:00. The swimming pool has a ramp for wheelchairs, and a small kiosk. The pool is closed during public holidays. E-mail:


Telephone: + 47 776 72 770


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Alfheim swimming pool Swim in one of Tromsø’s oldest swimming pool, which even has a fantastic view. Alfheim swimming pool has a 25m pool and a 10m paddling pool, a diving board that is 3m and a small kiosk. The swimming pool is open everyday, and is located just out of the city centre. E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 777 90 426

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden Discover the beauty of alpine flowers from around the world and the fascinating world of Arctic plants. The Primula and Saxifraga collections are marvellous and renowned among rock garden societies. Herb garden with medicinal and traditional dye and food plants. Small café and shop open during the summer. The garden is only a 5 minutes’ walk away from Tromsø Cruise Port – follow the blue flowers painted on the pavement. The Botanical Garden is open 24/7. Free entrance. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 776 44 501

Ishavstoget - The Arctic Train Hop on to a small train though the Capital of the North Tromsø with the only train ever in town. City and Panoramic Tour: round trip through Troms’s pedestrian street, heading southwards along the waterfront, higher up with a view and back through historic skansen. Commentary in Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese. The train runs from 1st of June until 31st of August between 11am and 4pm. Meeting point: Storgata - pedestrian street. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 908 81 675

Tromsø Arctic Reindeer An authentic Sami Reindeer experience carried out by local Sami Reindeer Herders with over 300 reindeer at the camp within a 30 minute drive of Tromsø. Offering a number of tours, including Reindeer Sledding, and with all you will be hosted by Sami Reindeer herders who will show and teach you about Reindeer herding and Sami culture. We guarantee that you will experience the joy of being close to Reindeer, the feeling of coming into a warm lavvu (Sami tent) and gamme (Sami Wooden Hut), the smells and tastes of traditional Sami food and the sounds of the traditional joik. E-mail: Telephone: +47 983 13 038 or +47 957 59 710


Rock on Tromsø is a vibrant city with a rich and diverse sporting and cultural scene. You will find exciting events taking place all year round and we love it when you join us. Large and small concerts are arranged in the city all the time, so there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy great music with both local and international artists. Run the Midnight Sun Marathon in June or maybe enjoy a cool experience running the Polar Night Half marathon in January. Watch great films with us during Tromsø International Film Festival in January or sing along during Rakettnatt Music Festival in August. Don’t miss the chance to experience a concert at the Arctic Cathedral, or try out some local food during the Smak food festival in September. Join us and make some life-long memories. We promise you will not regret it. Photo © Daniel Lilleeng / Driv


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LOCATION: Kvelertak & Ondt Blod concert at Driv



Dagny’s meteoric rise Meet Dagny! The pop star from Tromsø is well on her way to an international career with her catchy, feel-good songs and charismatic personality. Text: Lone Helle

Photo © Mats Gangvik

Facts Who

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik (27)


Pop star

Where Tromsø


Asian, preferably Thai or Vietnamese.


Red wine and blackcurrant juice.


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Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, 27, is visiting her hometown in connection with a concert at the student house Driv. With her snowy-white hair, rock’n’roll style and the world’s biggest smile, she is ready to take her hometown by storm. - I always look forward to playing in Tromsø. I have been looking forward to tonight ever since the concert was planned last autumn. We always get such a good crowd here, and tickets sell out quickly. Which is brilliant, and makes me feel very proud, says Dagny with a smile. She is buzzing with energy – and just a hint of nerves. It’s a big night. The concert is sold out, and 800 fans are looking forward to seeing their local star, who has found international fame, playing on her home turf. - Playing in your hometown is special, for us and the audience. There’s always a great atmosphere. We are proud of each other and cheer each other on, Tromsø and I. I think people here like that I come home to play, and I do not take their support for granted, says Dagny.

“Backbeat” and Grey’s Anatomy Dagny did not start getting into music until she was 16 years old. Which is a bit late, in her opinion. In 2012, she moved from little Tromsø to London to follow her dream and pursue a career in music. She spent many years working hard and playing countless concerts, without hitting the big time. Towards the end, she was about to give up on her music and enrol as a student, but a phone call back to her parents in Tromsø made her keep trying just a little bit longer. Two months later, she had her breakthrough. - Things are completely different now, but it took a long time to get here. Before, when we were touring, we used to sleep on sofas wherever we could. It’s a bit different now. But I also think it’s good that we didn’t find success straight away. All those years where we didn’t make any money at all. It means we are all-too familiar with the other side of success and do not take anything for granted, Dagny explains. Three years have passed since the hit “Backbeat” was released and Dagny became a pop star overnight. In the first week alone, her debut single had more than 450,000 plays on Spotify, beating Sia’s “Alive” and Ellie Goulding’s “On My Mind” on Spotify’s streaming list. Today, Dagny has over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. When an acoustic version of Backbeat featured


in the Grey’s Anatomy episode “True Colors” last year, Dagny’s first thought was: - GOAL!!! It was amazing and quite surreal to see Meredith Grey lying in bed, with ‘Backbeat’ playing in the background. Of course I knew the song was going to be played, but it was still weird. An indescribable feeling,” Dagny says, who herself has discovered a lot of new music through the series.

Source of inspiration Dagny is surfing on a wave of success at the moment that doesn’t show any signs of diminishing any time soon. She has warmed up for megastars like Justin Bieber, in front of 14,000 adrenaline-filled people at the O2 Arena in London, and has played hundreds of concerts. If you haven’t heard “Backbeat”, “Love You Like That”, “Wearing Nothing”, or “Fool’s Gold” yet, chances are you will very soon. Here in Norway her concerts sell out, she is taking Europe by storm, and this year she is embarking on her first headline tour in the United States. - It’s going to be so much fun. I love playing in the USA! Chicago and Seattle are my favourite cities. Dagny likes being a source of inspiration for others. She thinks it’s especially cool when she hears about other people who have been on the verge of giving up on their music dream, but who have stuck with it after hearing her story. - It’s incredibly inspiring. In fact, it’s one of the nicest compliments I can get, says Dagny. She herself finds inspiration in many places. When she is at home in Tromsø for a visit, she is inspired by nature. - I don’t always have the opportunity to get outside in the nature when I’m touring, so I try and make sure I do whenever I’m home. In a way, Tromsø is on the very edge of the world, with incredibly fresh air and stunning scenery. And it only takes 10 minutes from the city centre to the wilderness. Which is absolutely fantastic. People here don’t worry about terrorism and things like that in the same way as they do in, say, London. There you always know something might happen. Tromsø is a small, peaceful place. I love it! Dagny’s whole face lights up when she talks about the things she enjoys here at home: quality time with her family, excursions to Grøtfjorden on Kvaløya, 63

INSPIRATION Photo © Zoe Bazilchuk/DRIV

Tromsø Favourites Mountain: I don’t go up into the mountains so much in Tromsø, but I love fishing on Kvaløya and Ringvassøya. Place: Ringvassøya Activity: Music and surfing. I would like to surf more! Favourite places in the city: Risø and Blårock Travel essentials for Tromsø: A warm, fluffy jacket. And a camera! There’s loads to take pictures of here.

The Tromsø girl has her feet firmly planted on the ground and is grateful for all she gets to experience, thanks to her music. She hopes that people who travel to Tromsø make time to experience the cultural aspects of Tromsø too, and not just the local nature. - Tromsø is an amazing cultural city. I say that when I’m being interviewed abroad too. Tromsø has a very vibrant music and film scene. We have so many nationalities here, and this is reflected in the culture and the music. Jazz, salsa, hard rock! I hope people who come here also get out and explore the city’s cultural scene. When I’m travelling, experiencing the local culture and meeting the local people are some of the things I enjoy most. FULL OF ENERGY: Dagny has a magnetic stage presence.

mushroom picking on Ringvassøya, eating cinnamon rolls at her favourite café in town – or hanging out at the Blå Rock pub, where she started working in the kitchen at the tender age of 17. - It was actually through my job at Blå Rock that I started getting really into music. Working there has probably had a huge influence on me and my music. It was here that I became seriously interested in music. It is a very open scene, with many different types of music, Dagny explains.

Culture - What is it like being Dagny at the moment? - It’s great! I’ve got so many exciting things going on. We are touring, and in 2018 we’ll be releasing lots of new songs. Music can also lead to many exciting opportunities. For example, I got to go to South Korea and the experience the Olympics as a digital reporter for Discovery. It didn’t have anything to do with music, but the opportunity arose because I’m doing music. I’m glad that we get to travel loads and meet lots of interesting people and cultures, says Dagny. 64

Surfer girl Dagny loves traveling, and Portugal is her favourite holiday destination. - I go to Portugal to surf. I love surfing. I’d really like to try it here at home in Tromsø too, so I hope someone will soon take me out surfing here in Tromsø,” says Dagny with a broad grin. The pop star no longer lives in London, as she is permanently on the road with her music. Which suits her just fine. - It’s great. It also gives me the opportunity to drop in on my family in Tromsø a little more often when I have a few days off. After all, Tromsø is home! You can’t beat coming home to mum and dad, but I also feel at home in Oslo, London, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. In fact, I generally settle in pretty well wherever I am,” says Dagny, who remembers her first encounter with L.A. particularly well. - The first time I was in L.A., I had just learned to drive, and had never been on a highway before. So when I found myself behind the wheel of an automatic car, about to head out into the traffic, I was terrified for the first 24 hours, but when I saw it went well I thought: ‘If I can do this, I can do anything!’

HOME SWEET HOME: Dagny loves visiting her home town.

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Sami cool

Facts Who

Kine Yvonne KjĂŚr (34)


Illustrator and musician




Foraged food from nature combined with reindeer or fresh fish from the sea.


Plum wine, homemade crowberry juice and rhubarb juice.

Instagram @kinekunst


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Kine Yvonne Kjær, 34, is an artist, musician, designer, illustrator and proud Sami. She loves the fact that people from all over the world come to Northern Norway to learn more about Sami culture. Text: Berit Høisen

Photo © Mats Gangvik

- I’m glad that Sami culture has become so popular with tourists visiting Tromsø. It often takes someone coming from outside to confirm the value of something. Historically, it has not always been that easy being a Sami. It is therefore fantastic that visitors are realising how beautiful our culture is. I’m glad they’re taking pictures and sharing them with the world, says Kine. The multi-medium artist originally comes from Trollvik in Finnsnes but moved to Tromsø as a 16-year-old to go to school. Growing up, she had no idea she had Sami roots. - We learned incredibly little about Sami culture in school and I really didn’t know any Sami people growing up. My parents had no connection to it either, says Kine. It was not until she was a teenager that Kine had her first real life encounter with the Sami culture. A Sami girl moved to her home town to go to school. - We had Sami radio and children TV in Sami, but hearing someone speak the Sami language «live» in everyday life for the first time was so nice. It awoke my curiosity, says Kine. She had noticed that everyone in her family had high cheekbones in family photos. - You can see that there are some indigenous genes to be found there, says Kine, smiling.

Searching for roots Kine started to ask family members where these came from and eventually found out she has Sami roots from Sweden and Finland on both her mother’s and her father’s side. That is how she discovered her Sami family heritage. After school she moved to Australia to study photography, art and music technology. It was here the need to find her roots grew. When she was given an

assignment to create a series of linocut prints about everyday life at home, she chose to focus on what she felt was missing from her everyday life. Northern Norway and the Sami were included in the project and, in that way, she opened herself up to her unknown cultural heritage. When Kine returned back home, the process of embracing her Sami identity started in earnest. She had her first ‘gákti’ outer garment made, which she wore for the first time on 17 May, Norway’s National Day. Kine is the first person in her family for several generations to wear the Sami gákti. - Getting my first gákti was a very big deal. Putting it on for the first time was both exciting and scary. I chose a white one because after all I was a ‘gákti virgin’. I got to choose the colours myself, so I chose white for the white mountains in Senja, turquoise for the Northern Lights, and red and orange for the midnight sun. A small homage to everything at home. I’m very fond of that gákti. Today, being a Sami is a large part of Kine’s identity and she loves wearing her gákti on days like the Sami National Day which is celebrated on 6 February each year. Kine says that people smile to her and some stop to wish her well for the day. - That sort of thing makes me happy. After all, the Sami culture used to be taboo and there was a lot of shame associated with it, but the last generation has turned this around. Today’s generation has largely reclaimed their Sami identity and carry it with pride.

Girl power Kine is a creative soul. She likes to promote Sami culture and ‘girl power’ in her work. She takes various jobs involving illustration, decoration and graphic design through the company Veggpryd. She also sings and plays the guitar in two different girl bands: Robaat and Bitches Brew. - The aim of the Bitches Brew project is to show that 67


Tromsø Favourites Moutain hike: Tromsdalstinden if you hike from Fjellheisen. Place: Fishing for small saithe for the cats at Hella. Activity: The Vulkana boat and skiing in lighted ski tracks. Favorite place in the city centre: Lugar 34 Travel essentials for Tromsø: Ice cleats for shoes, cold block moisture cream, and woolly jumpers in the summer.

women can play instruments and do it damn well. Our goal is to inspire young girls to pick up an instrument and play. You need a bit of girl power! Kine also volunteers in a handbag design project for the company WayaWaya – a Norwegian brand that produces high-fashion handbags. The company’s mission is to create opportunities for vulnerable women through sustainable jobs. The handbags are made by women in Livingstone, Zambia. The partnership started with Kine and Robaat acting as ambassadors for the brand by playing pop-up shows at which the bags were promoted. Kine is now helping to design a collection of handbags with a combination of Zambian and Sami patterns. - The bags bear a pattern inspired by Norwegian rose paintings, the pointed shapes of Sami decoration and the interlaced patterns of both Zambia and Sami culture. The bags are made in the three colours both flags share, as well as the red found in the Sami flag. The Zambian women take part in the design process and have good working conditions. They are well paid and have the chance to start night school. Half of the income from sales of the handbags go to the women that stitch them. The remainder goes to buying in materials to make new bags, explains Kine, who volunteers on the project. In May 2017, Kine travelled to Zambia to meet the women who stitch the bags, see how they are produced, and take part in the design process. The experience made a strong impression. - This is a project I’m really enthusiastic about and I hope it grows much larger. It has become very close to my heart. During the visit to Zambia I taught the Zambian women Sami chanting. They also gave me a Zambian name ‘Tabo’, which means joy, finishes Kine. 68

ARTIST: Kine with some of her artwork on the wall behind her.

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The students of Tromsø Ingvild, Robin, and Inger have one thing in common – they all moved to Tromsø to study and ended up as volunteers at the student house Driv. Text & photo © Berit Høisen

- When I first came to Tromsø it was to visit a friend, but he was busy the whole time and sent me to Driv. He said that I should talk to the students who worked there … and to make the story short; I have not been back home since then, says Ingvild Spinn Skaarseth, 29, with a smile. Driv is run on voluntary basis by students at the University of Tromsø, like Ingvild, Robin Kristiansen, 35, and Inger Evensen, 22. Ingvild has already worked almost six years as a volunteer.

Run by volunteers Although Driv is a student house, it is open for everyone. Both students and locals spend a lot of time there. The student house want to be a meeting point in the city, and aim to be a part of all major events in town – such as Tromsø International Film Festival and the Northern Lights Festival. The student house has more than 350 members, and about 100 of them are active volunteers. As a volunteer, you can work as a bartender, security guard, hosts, a technician or within PR and marketing. - Why do you work here for free, when you can get paid for a part-time job? - We are volunteers because we want to do something cool for the student community in Tromsø, Ingvild explains.

Both Robin and Inger agree. They explain that it is a social thing and finds it rewarding creating good experiences for both students and the locals. Not to forget the good unity amongst all the volunteers. - Whilst working as a volunteer, you get to meet students from different faculties. We’re all like a big family, they all agree. Driv has four bars, three stages of different sizes and are the host for dozens of concerts every year. The concert rate at Driv is one of the higher ones in Norway and popular bands like Röyksopp, Nico & Vinz and Dagny has played there. The concerts are popular amongst both students and the general public.

- A place for every taste The Arctic University of Norway has more than 15 000 students. The three Driv volunteers all think that Tromsø is a great city for students. They enjoy the nature, the nightlife and Driv – off course. - Just standing on the pier watching the beautiful landscape surrounding us is fantastic. The nightlife is good to. I know many bartenders in the city and we often go out and have a drink together, says Inger, before Robin adds: - And there is a place here for every taste. They all feel welcome in the city. - Something else I noticed when I came to Tromsø is how nice the locals are, says Inger. - Tromsø is ten out of ten, says Robin. 69


From China with Love Christina Lein Størmer was only 19 when she packed her suitcase and moved to Beijing to study opera in Chinese. Since then she has lived in several world metropolises, but there is always something special about coming back home to Tromsø. Text: Berit Høisen Photo © Mats Gangvik

- There is no place like Tromsø! There is something about this city that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Christina takes a sip of her coffee before the rest of the words come in a quick stream: - The fresh air, the landscape, the people and the city. I love to come home to Tromsø when I have time off work. Whilst she works daily in Shanghai, we meet her during her winter vacation. While in town, she works for the Northern Lights festival producing a Chinese New Year’s Galla with singers and dancers from Jilin Province. - I have produced my first whole show during the Northern lights festival. It has been so much fun. So many great and talented people.

The world at her feet Back in 2004, Christina moved to China to educate herself as an opera singer at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The conservatory holds all its classes in Chinese so she had to study Mandarin full-time for a while. Learning Chinese can be rough and demands a lot of hard work and dedication. 70

- What was it like moving to China as a young girl from Northern Norway? - I got a lot of attention. At that time, it was not so common to see Western people in Beijing, especially not blonde girls. This resulted in many pictures both with, and of me as I walked through the streets. Today, China has become far more international, especially Shanghai, Christina explains. In 2006 Christina won a Chinese singing contest, similar to Pop Idol, called The Arts of Our Lands, in front of 300 million viewers. She had to sing in Mandarin for a Chinese audience. The victory led to many exciting opportunities for Christina; She sang in the official closing ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and at the opening of Guangzhou Opera House designed by Zaha Hadid. She also starred in a Korean musical and performed before the Norwegian King and Queen. After ending her studies, Christina moved to New York for a few years to test the temperature on Broadway before the she returned to China, more specifically,

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Shanghai. Here she has created her own little "Sharlem". First, she worked as a Senior Marketing Executive for APAX Group with major event productions to see what life is like “behind the scenes”. Today she works as a Project Coordinator at the Shanghai office of Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. An exciting job that constantly sends her out on new trips in Asia.


Tromsø Favourites Mountain hike: Blåmann Activity: Walking and hiking Travel essentials for Tromsø: Warm clothes, a good camera and TripAdvisor

Friends visiting Tromsø When Christina is home in Tromsø, she loves to welcome friends from both Asia and the United States to town. - I love to have friends over visiting. When they come over, I show them what life in Tromsø is like. We go hiking and we visit Tromsø city centre. I also like to take them up the mountain, Fløya, with Fjellheisen cable car. From up there you have the most amazing view of the city with the beautiful landscape in the background. If friends come over in winter, they are usually eager to see the northern lights, so we go northern lights hunt in the evenings, Christina says and ads: - I also like to take them out to Ersfjord and Bryggejentene café to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a good view over the beautiful fjord. Christina loves to walk and when she is home in winter, she prefers to be outdoors as much as she can. She enjoys taking hikes in “lysløypa”, a network of floodlit trails that goes all the way from the south to north of Tromsø main island, visiting Sommarøy, and enjoys good coffee in the city centre cafés. If she meets up with a group of friends, they like to go out on the spa boat - Vulkana. - It is so cool with the spa on the boat. The toughest people jump into the cold sea … says Christina with a smile.

Mountains & moms food - What about Tromsø do you miss most when you are home in China? - The fresh air! My family and my mom’s food. Good Norwegian bread, hikes and snowboarding from the mountains. It is so good to come home. I get so nostalgic, Christina eagerly explains. - The contrasts between Shanghai and Tromsø are huge! In Tromsø, you can go from A to B without meeting a single person, while it can be a struggle to get through the crowds in Shanghai. While Christina enjoys her life out in the great world, she does not exclude return to her hometown eventually. - I love Tromsø! There are so many great and talented people here. Maybe I'll move back one day!

Facts Who Christina Lein Størmer (33)

What Opera singer, producer and marketer

Where Shanghai and Tromsø

Food Salt fish with fried unions.

Instagram @christinalein




- music festival in the city centre of Tromsø When: 24th-25th of August 2018 Where: Tromsø City In the end of August, when the Aurora Borealis has started it’s dance in the heavens, the Rakettnatt festival takes place in the Arctic Capital. Tromsø boasts an energetic art and music scene, a wealth of local fine food and drink, and surrounding by beautiful landscape.

Polar Night Half Marathon Photo © Zoe Bazilchuk

Studentsamfunnet Driv When: Concerts all year Where: Tromsø City Studentsamfunnet Driv is a student house consisting of four bars, three stages, and a basement housing our cultural department. In the heart of Driv you will find our Café where we serve simple dishes like hamburgers, sandwiches, and salads. Professional chefs, who are among the few paid employees, run the kitchen. Mainly, students who work on a voluntary basis run Driv. At any time, there are about 100 active volunteers in our organization. We first opened on April 1st in 2000, and in January 2014 we relocated to new facilities in Mack-kvartalet. Read more about the students at Driv on page 69.


When: January 5th 2019 Where: Tromsø City Run under the artic Polar Night. During the Polar Night Half Marathon in January the organizer offers three different distances. You run at noon in the blue, arctic light that is so special during this time of year, before the sun rises over the horizon. It is also the best time of year to see the Northern Lights, and with Tromsø’ s location under the Northern belt this is a great place to experience the phenomenon.

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The Northern Lights Festival When: 24th of January -3rd February 2019 Where: Tromsø City For more than thirty years, the city of Tromso has been submerged in a musical extravaganza during the last week of January and beginning of February. Each year the Northern Lights Festival has presented top artists from a wide variety of genres ranging from early music to modern, opera to jazz and chamber music to symphonic orchestras. The Northern Lights Festival is an Arctic music festival that presents quality music and dance. It is brave, magical and full of energy. It is inclusive, meaningful and where a broad audience can find entertainment, they could never experience elsewhere in the region.

Sami Week When: February 4th – 10th 2019 Where: Tromsø City Sami week with reindeer racing. MSM organizes the Sami Week, with Norwegian Championship in reindeer racing in February. Experience the thrills when reindeer with their coachmen speed down Storgata in the heart of Tromsø! Sami Week offers a diverse cultural program all over the city. For more information, see


Midnight Sun Marathon When: June 16th 2018 Where: Tromsø City Run under the midnight sun. The Midnight Sun Marathon (MSM) is an annual race festival which attracts participants from over sixty nations. The organizer offers five distances ranging from a shorter race for children to a full marathon. The unique experience of running in the middle of the night while the summer sun still illuminates the path, has made foreign media list the event among the most special race events in the world! MSM is the world’s northernmost officially certified marathon with over 5 500 runners annually at the starting line.

TIL & Alfheim football stadium When: March–November 2018-2019 Where: Alfheim Stadium Tromsø Idrettslag is the northernmost top-level football club in the world. Surrounded by the arctic nature and its beautiful scenery, Alfheim Stadium offers a unique experience to share with your friends and family. Located in the heart of Tromsø, the stadium is easily accessible by foot. Football combined with fresh air, engagement of the local fans and the smell of the world’s best Mydland sausage is the perfect recipe for a successful evening.



Riddu Riđđu Festivála When: 12-15th of July 2018 Where: Riddu Riđđu festival is held in Gáivuona / Kåfjord municipality in Troms in Northern Norway. It is a 2-hour drive from Tromsø. The nearest airport is Tromsø airport. Bus from Tromsø to Manndalen all weekdays. Riddu Riđđu Festivála AS (RRFAS) was established 01/01/2010 and has since then been responsible for the operation of the Riddu Riđđu Festival. The mission of the Riddu Riđđu Festivála is to promote and develop the Sami coastal culture. About 200 volunteers help during the liquidation of the festival. The ripple effects of the festival are economic development, the desire to move to and yearround activity in Kåfjord. But most importantly; more proud youths with straight backs can state that they have a Saami background.

Tromsø Mountain Challenge When: August 24th – 26th 2018 Where: Tromsø City Run through rough northern Norwegian nature. In August, MSM organizes Tromsø Mountain Challenge. Here you can challenge yourself on Ultra 50 km or half-Ultra 25 km, and two other mountain races; the MSM Extreme Mountain Race and up Tromsdalstinden (1 238 mosl). Try your best at mastering all three races or just participate in a single race. Here's something for every taste!


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Bondens Marked When: See activity calendar on page 78–79 for all the dates Where: Tromsø City Farmers Market offers locally-produced products sold by the farmers from the region of Troms who produce them. Quality, flavour and origin are guaranteed on the large selection of unique products that are available. In addition to delicious foods, Farmers Market also offers traditional handcrafted products. Farmers in Northern Norway work in demanding geographical and climatic conditions during a short growing season. However, the midnight sun allows vegetables and berries to ripen, producing some of the richest flavours you can find. You can visit Farmers Market in Tromsø on Saturdays throughout the year.

SMAK Nordnorsk Matfestival When: 21-22nd of September 2018 Where: Tromsø City SMAK Nordnorsk Matfestival is the largest food festival in northern Norway. It is arranged annually in Tromsø in September (week 38) and over 70.000 visitors visit the festival to enjoy the best food industry in the north have to offer. SMAK is the meeting place for people enjoying local cuisine, chefs and the regional food industry. You can find us at: Project Manager: VICAN Group as

TIFF – Tromsø International Film Festival When: 11-13th of January 2019 Where: Tromsø City Tromsø International Film Festival is a popular film festival for our audience, and at the same time an important meeting point for Norwegian and international film industry. TIFF 2019 will be the 29th edition of the festival. The festival has had an incredible growth since it first commenced in 1991. The total of admissions in 1991 was 5200 - in 2017 it was 61162. Tromsø International Film Festival screens challenging quality films for a local, national and international audience. Tromsø International Film Festival is set in the dark polar nights, which give’s TIFF the unique possibility to screen films outdoor. The outdoor cinema is located at the main square in the heart of Tromsø. The program includes a selection of shorts and documentaries from the Films from the North program, along with special screenings and various other events.



Sadio Nor Theatre Sadio Nor Theatre is the city’s self-propelled theatre. The members are actors who bring local knowledge to life. If you want to be entertained and learn a little about the local culture, people and society here in Tromsø, we are the ones you want to visit. We would particularly like to mention our theatre walks, where we guide you through the city while portraying people who made it more colourful. Welcome to the theatre that gives you a polar feeling! E-mail: Telephone: +47 480 49 924

Ludwig Mack Brewhouse The northernmost brewery in the world welcomes you to a guided tour. The tour includes a film about Mack history, a presentation of the raw materials that goes into beer, the brewing process, Mack’s beer range and a visit to our microbrewery. From Monday to Friday at 15.30. Tickets are bought in the brewshop, Kjeller 5. Pre-booking is not needed. You can also visit our neighboring pub Ølhallen - the oldest pub in Tromsø with 67 beers on tap. *180,- / person (60min) E-mail: Telephone: +47 800 80 440

Perspektivet Museum Stories from Tromsø’ s past and present. Challenging exhibits in a magnificent 1838 neoclassical estate. International documentary photography and local photo history. We offer free guided tours on Sundays at Folkeparken open-air museum during the summer season. Café and museum shop. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 01 910

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum is a powerhouse for art from, about and relevant to Northern Norway, with high ambitions and international perspectives. Artworks in the museum’s collection range from 19th century landscape to contemporary art in all media. True to its motto, «Art moves», the museum delivers inspirational, controversial and emotional art experiences of a high artistic value for both locals and visitors. Emotions, ideas, politics, passions, knowledge, societies; everything can be set in motion by art. Through exhibitions, educational outreach and collaborations Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum make art a natural part of life in Northern Norway. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 47 020



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Galleri NORD Welcome to Galleri NORD in the heart of Tromsø. At our gallery you will find a variety of pictorial art, sculptures, handicrafts and design products from Tromsø and Northern Norway. Our artists are local, sami, regional and national artists who in different ways are inspired by the special characteristics of the North. We sell photographs of Northern Norway taken by award-winning photographers, art cards and gift articles. In addition to our own framing shop, the gallery provide ateliers for local artists - you are welcome to visit and watch the artists at work. We are open every day – including Sundays. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 468 00 462

The Arctic Cathedral Tromsdalen Church, also known as The Arctic Cathedral was dedicated in 1965. Architect Jan Inge Hovig succeeded in creating a masterpiece. It is a landmark of Tromsø, an active parish church and a popular concert hall. The main entrance on the western side is surrounded by a large glass façade with a pronounced cross. The fantastic glass mosaic on the eastern side was added in 1972, and is one of the biggest in Europe. We offer daily organ concerts and midnight sun concerts in the summer time and Northern lights concerts in February and March. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 410 08 470

Tromsø Museum Discover the Sami culture past and present through comprehensive exhibitions. Unique interactive Northern Lights exhibit - try making your own Aurora! Find out about Northern wildlife, whales and climate challenges. Experience the Stone Age use of fire, see the oldest chewing gum in Norway, and enter a Viking longhouse. Admire beautiful Medieval and Lutheran church art from the North. A Sami turf hut outside is open during the summer. Well-stocked museum shop with quality gifts. Free parking! E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 44 501

The Polar Museum Discover exiting stories of adventurous arctic trapping and sea mammal hunting expeditions, as well as courageous explorers of the high North! Following its establishment as the “Gateway to the Arctic” in the late 19th century, Tromsø became a base for many polar expeditions. The Polar Museum preserves and conveys stories related to this aspect of the history of Tromsø and the Arctic. The Polar Museum’s permanent exhibitions shows sealing, trapping and arctic overwintering, the stories of renowned trappers such as Henry Rudi and Wanny Woldstad, and the great arctic ventures of Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen. Lovely situated in an1830s warehouse on the seafront. Museum shop. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 23 360 77


MS Polstjerna MV Polstjerna was built at Moens båtbyggeri in Risør and launched in 1949. It sailed for 33 hunting seasons, primarily in the West Ice. Its final season was 1981. That same year, the vessel was taken over by Arktisk Forening (the Arctic Society). In 2005 the doors opened to the covered dry dock where Polstjerna is now located. Visitors can enter the historic vessel and use an audio guide to hear stories about sealing based on Polstjerna. The enclosure also features the exhibition Snowhow, which deals with what the polar heroes learned from the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 23 360

Blåst Glass Blowing Studio Since 2002, Blåst Glasstudio has transformed hot liquid glass into distinctive works of art. During working hours, you will meet the crew, and as the workshop and gallery is connected, you might follow the glassblowing process. Silja Skoglund and her dedicated staff put all their effort and passion into making the world a more beautiful one. Every item is unique and made in Tromsø, Arctic Norway. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 83 460

Husfliden – National Costume Production At Norsk Flid Husfliden Tromsø, we make Norwegian traditional folk costumes all year round. In our shop you will find locally made handicrafts of excellent quality. We have a wide range of gifts for yourself, friends and family. Visit our website for more information: E-mail: Telephone: +47 777 58 860

Tromsø domkirke Tromsø domkirke, built in 1861, is the world´s northernmost protestant cathedral and Norway´s only wooden cathedral. This beautiful cathedral is open to visitors most days from 10.00-17.00 for a small entrance fee. We offer guided tours. In addition we can arrange for special concerts for groups. Please contact us for further information. All year long, we offer a range of concerts and events. During the summer, the cathedral hosts regular concerts. In addition, we can arrange special concerts for groups. Services in Norwegian are held on Sundays at 11.00, while services in English are held some Sundays and during holidays at 17.00. For more information please visit our website:, or our Facebook: E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 05 090 78


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Tromsø Defence Museum Tromsø War Museum was founded in 1993 to take care of the city’s war history from early times - around 1250 - until today. The “Tirpitz” exhibition - a permanent exhibit of objects, text and images showing the western world´s largest and most powerful battleship (52 600 tonnes). Tromsø War Museum is situated at Midtre Kaldslett, 4.5 km south of the Tromsø Bridge on the mainland, by Solstrandveien. Open Sundays in May and September. Open every day exept Mondays and Tuesdays from June through August. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 77 210

Tromsø Kunstforening Tromsø Kunstforening is a premiere arena for contemporary art in the circumpolar north, and the oldest art institution in Northern Norway. Established in 1924, it has changed from being a volunteer run organisation, to a professionally run institution. Our established tradition emphasizes a program of newer and experimental contemporary art where we aim to create reflection and discussion about art. Regularly we organize events relating to our exhibitions to create an arena for increasing public knowledge of contemporary art. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 55 827

HomeMade by Haugen Produksjoner The dancecompany Haugen Productions is run by the sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen. Their aim is to bring everyday life into theatre and theatre into everyday life, lifting it up to humorous and surprising new heights. ‘HomeMade’ invites you inside a real North-Norwegian home inhabited by some of Tromsø’s many vibrant performance artists. Homemade is a home visit where you will also get an exclusive performance especially made for this occasion. The experience will vary from home to home depending on the artists who live there. However all visits will focus on introducing you to the life in the Arctic. E-mail:

Telephone: + 47 418 08 699

Tromsø Budget Tours – Guided Tours You are walking in the footsteps of the Arctic explorers. Come and discover their frontier town! All year: Historical City Walk with guided tour at the Polar Museum, Tromsø Beer Safari with brewery visit, samples and Arctic tapas. During the winter season, we offer Scandinavia’s only Aurora Flights. By employing only experienced resident tour guides, and through cooperation with other authentic local businesses, we are able to provide unique, top-rated experiences at the lowest rates in Tromsø. Contact us for more information, online booking, or to request a custom tour. All languages available on request. E-mail: Telephone: +47 942 05 7508







6th of April 2019 Reistadløpet-Visma Ski Classics

1st of May Labour Day

13th of April 2019 City Center Easter Party

Norwegian Constitution Day

18-22rd of April 2019 Easter

17th of May

17th of May 17th of May concert with Nordnorsk Opera & Symphony Orchestra 26th of May Farmers Marked

June 2018

1st of June–15th of August Midnight Sun concerts in the Arctic Cathedral

Midnight sun

7th of June–11th of June The best kid’s film festival in the world

From 20th of May until 22nd of July

16th of June Midnight Sun Marathon

Midnight Sun Marathon

23rd of June Bylørdag and Midsummer’s Eve

16th of June

Photo © Ørjan Bertelsen

Summer concerts in Tromsø Domkirke/Tromsø Cathedral



12-15th of July Riddu Riđđu Festival

9th–12th of August Tromsø Jazz Festival



18th of August Farmers Marked

19-21st of July Bukta Open Air Festival

24th–25th of August Rakettnatt Music Festival 2018

1st of June–15th of August Midnight Sun concerts in the Arctic Cathedral

27th–31st of August Spis for en hundrings - Food Festival

Summer concerts in Tromsø Domkirke/Tromsø Cathedral


31st of August–2nd of September Silent film days


1st of September Farmers Marked

Northern lights From September – April

8th of September Farmers Marked 21st–22nd of September Farmers Marked in cooperation with SMAK – Northern Norwegian Food Festival Insomnia Festival (date not confirmed) 29th of September Bylørdag – great offers in the City Centre shop



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Polar night


from 22nd of November – 22nd of January


16th of November Opening of the Christmas street 17th of November «Bylørdag» - great offers in the City Centre shops



6th of October Farmers Marked


Christmas Eve


8th of December Farmers Marked 15th of December Farmers Marked

24th of December Christmas Eve

24th of december

25th of December Christmas Day 26th of December 2nd Christmas Day 31st of December New Year’s Eve

January 2019

1st of January New Year’s Day

March – November

5th of January Polar Night Half Marathon

Photo © @kirsten.gravningen

Football season

Enjoy a cool match with Tromsø IL at Alfheim Stadium

Photo © Arthur Arnesen / / Tromsø

1st of December Christmas Tree Lighting and Farmers Marked

11-13th of January TIFF - Tromsø International Film Festival 21st of January Soldagen – when the sun comes back 24th of January -3rd February Northern Lights Festival



New year’s eve 31st of december

February 2019

Northern Lights Concerts in the Arctic Cathedral (dates not confirmed) Kvaløya Skimarathon

4-10th of February Sami Week Northern Lights Concerts in the Arctic Cathedral (dates not confirmed)


Dig in Tromsø is renowned for its pulsating nightlife. The streets in the city centre are full of restaurants and bars that combine local produce with international flavours. You will find something to suit every taste. Try local delicacies from the sea, such as cod, halibut and Atlantic wolffish. Tasting the North Norwegian delicacy stockfish is mandatory. Tasty produce from the surrounding forests and mountains include reindeer, moose, kid and lamb. Strawberries ripened under the golden rays of the Midnight Sun are extra sweet and considered by many as the world’s best. You will find the world’s northernmost brewery Mack Ølbryggeri, perhaps the city’s best-known brand, and several microbreweries have sprung up in recent years. On beautiful summer days and evenings, the city is teeming with life at the outdoor seating areas at downtown restaurants. Read more about it on the next pages. Photo © Daniel O. Adekoya


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LOCATION: Dining at Bardus Bistro



The urban farmer

Facts Who Mats Jacobsen (32)

What Farmer

Where Berg in Tromsdalen

Food Saddle of kid (baby goat)

Drink Water – the water in the north is great and we even have a private well on the farm.

Instagram @jacobsenpaberg


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Mats Hegg Jacobsen, 32, is a young urban farmer who runs the farm «Jacobsen på Berg» in Tromsø. His ambition is to raise people’s awareness of quality in food production and he cares deeply for animal welfare. Text: Berit Høisen Photo © Marius Fiskum

It’s four years since Mats Jacobsen left his job in Oslo, packed up his life in Grünerløkka in Oslo and moved home to Berg in Tromsdalen to live out his childhood dream of running a farm. The family farm with the beautiful views had not been in operation since his grandparents stopped running it 30 years ago. The farmhouse was empty and, although the neighbours cultivated the land, a lot was overgrown. - Being a farmer was a childhood dream, but nobody really expected me to start farming. I had a career in a company in Oslo and I was also a professional handball player. I was not at that stage at all, but I came home one day and told my partner that I wanted to be a farmer. She wondered if it was just because I wanted to drive a tractor. No, I wanted to be a farmer and shovel manure and do the other tasks. So that’s exactly what I did, says Jacobsen. Mats started the task of clearing up the family farm. He was well assisted by the farmers from the neighbouring farm who were goat breeders. There were enough kids for Mats, too. After a while, the goats were joined by chickens, pigs and Old Norwegian sheep. Today, he and his wife Lisa live on the farm at Berg with their two children. In the summer months, Mats has more than 250 animals on the farm.

Urban farming - What is it like to run a farm so far north? - I think it’s important to work with the resources you have. I may not have the best starting point, but it was clear to me right from the start that the farm should be organic; not to gain certification, but because it feels right. Spraying the vegetables before eating them seems wrong to me. Running the farm in an organic way requires more work with less crops and more weeding. But when I’m delivering food to the shop it feels so right,” says Mats, explaining that weather and frost also play an important role when it comes to his crops. - You can achieve almost anything when you want to!

Mats now collaborates with several shops and restaurants in Tromsø: Clarion Hotel The Edge, the restaurant SMAK, delicatessen Helmersen Delikatesser and supermarket Eide Handel. They all have a focus on local and organic food and are eager to receive produce from the farm at Berg. - They understand that different types of food and meat are seasonal and cannot be supplied regularly all year round. The locals in Tromsø can also contact Jacobsen directly if they wish to buy something. In the summertime, he and the neighbouring farm run an unmanned farm shop where people can come and pick up vegetables whenever they wish. - What is important for you as a farmer? - Running an organic farm! But for my part that’s only the start. I want to increase the standard. It’s important to care about your animals. Whether this improves the meat or not... Well, I think so, but that’s an individual matter. It’s about those who buy the meat being able to say that the animal was treated well. You should be able to eat it with a good conscience. This aspect is important. It’s about behaviour that is as true to nature

Tromsø Favourites Mountain hike: Ørnfløya at Brensholmen Place: My farm at Berg Activity: Driving my tractor Favourite place in the city centre: Helmersen and Smak – they are local and believe it’s also important to tell the story behind the food they are serving. Travel essentials for Tromsø: In summer you need good hiking boots and good clothes. Favourite place in Tromsø: My farm, if I’m allowed to answer that! Top 3 foods to try in Tromsø: kid/goat, fish and reindeer



as possible. The animals should not be kept inside a dark barn. They should be allowed to go outside whenever they wish. The pigs must be allowed to be outside, so they can dig and roll in the mud. The animals must be in a flock, which they like best.

Tromsø, food and visit Mats believes that food is an important part of our culture, and something which is important to showcase to people visiting Tromsø. - Food tells a story about communities over a very long period. What did they live on? Lamb and kid are good examples of this. For a long time, Troms was the largest goat farming county in Norway. There are coastal areas and steep mountains here. This is perfect for goats and lambs, which can graze on the mountainsides. This is a culture here, which I think our guests should experience,” explains Mats. - What do you do when people visit? - Naturally, I show them around my farm. We take the cable car and visit the Polar Museum and the Arctic Cathedral. I generally take them to eat taco pizza at Yonas. Taco pizza is not exactly local food, but it’s something


amusing, which helps make Tromsø the way it is. In the summertime, Mats enjoys mountain hiking and likes to take his family to Sommarøy and Brensholmen to hike up Ørnfløya. - After all, hiking in the mountains is part of the job. I need to retrieve my sheep from the mountain pastures. Ørnfløya is perfect for a family walk. It’s not that far so it’s ideal for the children. When you reach the top, there is an amazing view! Mats eagerly explains that if you want an amazing view in Tromsø, all you need to do is walk up a hill. - Wherever you live in Tromsø, the sea and mountains are virtually on your doorstep. After a little thought, Mats remembers something important he has forgotten to say: - The light, the amazing blue light we have here during the Polar Night! That’s something I really missed when I lived in Oslo. Although it’s no longer something he notices every day, he becomes conscious of what a great place he has when visitors comment on it. He smiles and remarks: - I don’t only live here, I work here too!


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The brew girls According to Hilde Gaard (45) and Sofie Osland (40), life is too short to drink boring beer. So they decided to start the micro-brewery ”Bitches Brewery” from their bathroom! Text: Lone Helle Photo © Mats Gangvik

- It all began with us loving beer. We used to buy craft beer in the shops, but it was too expensive in the long run, so we got help from a colleague to start brewing ourselves, says Hilde, who is both colleague and friend with Sofie. - In the beginning, we used ordinary boilers on the kitchen counter, says Sofie.

Music & beer

beer selection in Norwegian food stores had increased. - We like the crafting process. It is fun to be able to make a good beer yourself, says Hilde. The girls usually have full control over the chemical reactions and compare the brewing with baking. - It’s yeast, temperature and time it’s all about. During the Viking period women stood for beer brewing, so we feel that we are taking up an old tradition, Hilde says. - We follow our gut feeling and brew “like girls”. We are not very scientific in the approach, says Sofie.

Increasing interest - A rough estimate is somewhere between 200 and 250 home brewers in Tromsø who brew on a regular basis. In addition, some brew only 1-2 times per year, says Bendik Storvik Nilsen at Kjeller 5 - Macks Ølbryggeri’s brewery shop.

They take the hobby very serious and Sofie’s newly renovated bathroom also serves as the brewery with a new, sparkling 60-liter mash tun in place. - The brewery is placed where the washing machine is supposed to be, Sofie explains with a laugh. The girls are all about the details. The kitchen table is full of retro glass bottles and cool homemade labels. - We love music and the name “Bitches Brewery” is inspired by the Miles Davis album “Bitches Brew”, and our bottle labels is inspired by Rolling Stones, Sofie explains.

Kjeller 5 was the first shop in Tromsø to sell homebrewing equipment when they started in 2015. They see an increase in interest, but mainly amongst men. - It’s a masculine culture. I usually say that it is a hobby of and for men between the ages of 30 and 50, so female brewers are unfortunately a minority, says Bendik.

The girls started the brewing back in 2014, long before most Norwegians knew what IPA was, and before the

However, with the “Bitches Brewery” up and running, maybe more women will pick up this hobby. 87


Tastes like a dream Emma’s Dream Kitchen is a local institution that manages to attract patrons from all layers of society with its homely charm. In the heart of Tromsø city centre just across the road from the beautiful wooden Tromsø cathedral, you will find Emma’s Dream Kitchen in Kirkegata 8. With the invaluable help of an experienced, enthusiastic and professional staff, the perfect hostess and the brain behind Emma’s, Anne Brit Andreassen, has established a highly renowned restaurant with the town’s most welcoming atmosphere.

20 years of dream food - The staff do their utmost to ensure that it will be a joy and pleasure to dine at the Dream Kitchen. We want our guests to have the most enjoyable dining experience, says Anne Brit. Dining at Emma’s can be both intimate and formal, but above all, homely and relaxing. The perfectly prepared food is always tasty. Generosity, care, love and consideration, together with high expertise have been the main factors behind the restaurant’s success. This year they proudly celebrate their 20th anniversary. 88

Hostess Anne Brit Andreassen

Genuine and honest food Emma’s dream kitchen is well versed in traditional French cuisine and also keeps abreast of the latest trends, fashion and culinary skills, but above all she appreciates as they say in the north, «real food». Well prepared local produce, just like our mothers and their mothers before them used to make. Boknafisk of skrei (semi-dried cod) and fish au gratin are two such authentic North Norwegian dishes. They always remain on the menu while other dishes change 5 – 6 times a year, according to season. - Our famous fish au gratin actually started out as a staff dish, but after we put it on the menu, it has been the locals’ favourite dish for years, says Anne Brit. Would you like to make the famous «Emma’s fish au gratin»? Make a reservation Phone: +47 77 63 77 30 E-mail:

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Real energy on real adventures Real turmat is high quality outdoor food from the Arctic. Freeze-dried breakfasts, soups and dinners with tastes that suits both grown-ups and kids. Our dishes are tasty and complete hot meals made to ensure a necessary and correct composition of nutrients. At the same time, it secures you optimal restitution. Our skillfull team of chefs selects the best ingredients available, and they always put their energy and expertise into preparing tasty lightweight meals suited for any outdoor occasion. Easy to carry – easy to prepare. Just add hot water, stir, and enjoy the meal!

Photo © Rolv-Erik Berge/Drytech

Emma’s famous

«Fish au gratin» 4 persons: 80 grams butter 80 grams flour ½ litre whole milk ½ onion 150 grams macaroni 500 grams Pollock fillet or other white fish 20 pilled shrimps Salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste • Heat the milk to just below boiling point. • Boil the macaroni and drain the water. • Boil water with some salt. • Pull the pan aside, add fish and let it simmer for 5-7 minutes. Do not boil. • Fry onions and butter on low heat for 2 minutes. Add flour and let it fry for another 2 minutes. • Add the milk, little by little to the flour mixture while stirring, but be careful not to burn the sauce. • Season the sauce with salt, pepper and ground nutmeg. • Add ready-drawn fish and boiled macaroni. • Add shrimps. • Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and add some butter. • Bake in the middle of the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. • Serve with fried bacon, boiled potatoes and salad.

Vegan or vegeterian? Most of the resturants in Tromsø have at least one vegetarian option on the menu. If you fancy vegan food, we recommend that you contact the restaurant in advance to make a request.

Thon Hotel Polar welcomes you to a delicious breakfast during your stay in Tromsø!

Bon appetite! 89


A magical ice wonderland Magic Ice Bar opens its doors in Tromsø for the first time in spring 2018. The popular winter wonderland is constructed from several tons of natural ice from Norway. The ice bar and art gallery is the work of worldrenowned ice carvers. Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure to the Arctic Circle. Here you can follow in the footsteps of the early arctic explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen and others, this exhibit tells their stories of adventure and discovery as 90

it sails through the North Pole. The entire permanent exhibition is constructed of crystal clear ice – even the glasses at the bar are ice! By blending in music and the glow of candlelight, a uniquely magical atmosphere is created. In a magical fairy tale adventure with the wondrous surroundings of snow and ice, Magic Ice Tromsø presents a truly magical experience! We provide warm winter ponchos and gloves before you step inside the ice bar. The entrance includes a welcome drink served in a glass made of ice.

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Opening hours Opening Hours Winter (Sep 15th –May 14th):

Opening Hours Summer (May 15th-Sep 15th):

Monday-Thursday: 16:00-23:00

Monday-Thursday: 11:00-23:00

Friday-Saturday: 16:00-24:00

Friday-Saturday: 11:00-24:00

Sunday: 16:00-23:00

Sunday: 11:00-23:00

Where to find us? Adress: Kaigata 4, 9008 Tromsø. Phone: +47 41 30 10 50



Restaurant Smak

Smørtorget – A Declaration of Love

We opened in Tromsø in 2017. We want to give our guests good food, friendly service and show what great local products we have here in the North. We get fish, meat, vegetables and other great products up here in the North during the year. Of course, there are not a lot of vegetables or berries during the winter, but when we can, we will serve that perfect strawberry from a local organic farmer - and we are so proud of it! We only have set menus. We only have 24 seats so bookings are necessary.

When two women took the initiative to bring life back to an old common square, the dairy market of old Tromsø, Smørtorget was established. It is the result of love for old objects and fascination with modern influences. Enjoy the smells and flavors of homemade pastries at the café – taste local espresso, based coffee and our lovely porridge, soups and toasts. Enjoy a cup of coffee and go looking for vintage treasures all at the same place!

Make a reservation here: Phone: + 47 94176 110 E-mail:


Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 957 00 930 E-mail:


Emmas Drømmekjøkken

The restaurant Arctandria is located in an old store house on the quayside in central Tromsø. As the name suggests, seafood is the order of the day at Arctandria Sjømat Restaurant. Come for its smoked or salted seal and grilled stockfish, stay for its views over the fjord and its stylish warehouse-esque interior. The dishes are based on locally supplied specialities from Troms region. Aptly titled, the word ‘Arctandria’ is often translated as the ‘gateway to the Arctic Ocean’, most notably by Petter Dass.

Emma’s dream kitchen prides itself in serving blue ribbon French cuisine, in combination with great local food prepared to the highest standards from first-class local ingredients. The dream kitchen is upstairs, and on street level you find Emmas UNDER. The restaurant upstairs has a classic elegance, while the restaurant downstairs has a down-to-earth and unpretentious atmosphere. Enjoy relaxed surroundings and prices all can afford. Read more about Emma’s Dream Kitchen on page 86.

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 00 720 E-mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 37 730 E-mail:

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Bardus Bistro

Casa Inferno

Bardus bistro is a Norwegian reflection of the traditional bistro concept and our menu is based on the ingredients and culinary history of the north. We serve food according to season. You will be familiar with most things that land on your plate, but not everything. We love to surprise as well as satisfy. Small and relaxed, serving home-style meals made from fresh local produce. When the sun blesses us with its presence we’ll serve you on Tromsø’s most sun drenched and sheltered verandah.

Pizza Restaurant with character in Tromsø. We have brought with us a piece of Italy to the Arctic Circle. With our wood-fired stone oven, we serve authentic pizzas made by Italian chefs in Neapolitan style and many quality wines from Italy. All this in a steampunk inspired atmosphere. Casa Inferno is both an experience for the taste of the Italian cuisine and also a visual experience for its innovative style. Open every day of the week.

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 926 74 888 E-mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 80 995 E-mail:

Compagniet Restaurant

Steakers Resturant

Tromsø’s oldest restaurant located in an old merchant house from 1837. The building hides the secret why Tromsø is called Paris of the north. Once owned by a prominent family from the fishing industry, the old mansion now offers rustic and distinguished dining rooms and a menu that is constantly evolving. Neither food and wine, nor decor is left to chance. Visit us for a gourmet dinner in a historic and cosy atmosphere.

With a great view of Tromsø’s inner harbour, we have served great food for 20 years. We specialize in steak house food, and pride ourselves in having the tenderest and tallest steaks the market has to offer. We are one of the largest buyers of local ingredients in the region. 80 % of our meat comes from Northern Norway. Our restaurant seats 180 guests, and we can offer several solutions for groups. We hope to have you as our guest and wish you welcome to us and to Tromsø.

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 64 222 E-mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 13 330 E-mail: 93


Vertshuset Skarven

Egon Tromsø

Pub with counter service on the quayside in downtown Tromsø, outdoor seating. Seafood lunch and dinner specials. Skarven is the most casual place in the house. Here we serve beer, wine and spirits outdoors too when the sun turns up. We also serve light snacks like seaweed and shellfish-soup, fresh mussels, reindeer soup and Bayerstew – plus treats like waffles and cakes.

Egon is a warm and welcoming restaurant with a focus on casual dining. Being a guest at Egon should be an experience and a break from everyday life. Everyone should feel at home with us! The restaurant is located in the middle of the city centre. We have a child’s room and a meeting room. Our menu is available in seven different languages and in addition we have a full allergy menu, these you can find both in our restaurant and online.

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 00 720 E-mail:

Peppes Pizza Tromsø

Rå Sushi

In the heart of Tromsø you will find Peppes Pizza. You can enjoy our food in cosy surroundings in an informal setting in our restaurant, take it home or have it delivered at your door. Our menu varies from our Original Classic Chicago with a thick crust to Freestyle California with a thin crust made of sour dough. We also have a selection of salads, Peppes Burger and other tasteful dishes. Stop by for a taste of real Norwegian pizza history.

Rå Sushi was founded in 2011 as the first sushi restaurant in Tromsø. Perfectly situated along the coast of Northern Norway in the midst of our domestic fisheries, we use mainly locally caught fish and seafood such as salmon, halibut, king crab and whale. Our sushi is surprisingly full-flavored and colourful as we use a variety of fruits, vegetables and tasty sauces. The brightly coloured food is reflected in our vivid interior and informal service. Welcome to a well composed- and delicious sushi meal!

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 222 25 555 E-mail:


Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 777 51 735 E-mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 84 600 E-mail:

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Skirri – Kystens Mathus

Kitchen and Table

Welcome to our new restaurant in the heart of Tromsø city centre. A delightful place to eat in Tromsø’s architectural diamond Kystens Hus- and a combination of good dining and lovely scenic charm as rated by our diners. Proving to be a hit with our guests we still don’t know whether the private dining area next to the gigantic aquarium, a table by the window facing the spectacular view or the entrance overlooking the city centre, is the favourite place to enjoy our special arctic menu.

Mixing Arctic ingredients with flavours from Manhattan is a recipe for success! Top chef Marcus Samuelsson has achieved global status with his culinary achievements in the United States. He has cooked for Barack Obama, appeared as a judge on numerous American television programmes and has done a great job putting Scandinavian cooking on the map! We are located in one of Troms’s newest hotels Clarion Hotel The Edge. After dinner we can welcome you up to our Skybar to have a drink with a view of Tromsø.

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 948 20 825 E-mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 68 484 E-mail:

Bardus Bar

Fiskekompaniet Restaurant

Home of Tromsø’s famous Arctic Seaweed cocktail. Bardus Bar is at its heart a Northern Norwegian experience. A Nordic cocktail bar dedicated to combining the finest products in the region to produce the highest quality experience. For the visitors amongst us the locally harvested Arctic seaweed cocktail is an experience not to be missed. Whether you have a desire for a superbly crafted cocktail, a great glass of wine, a beer you have never heard of or to flirt with the finest examples of aged distillation... we will be sure to make you feel at home.

In a stressful society dominated by kiosks and fast-food chains, we would like to offer you some of the genuine and healthy food we harvest from the ocean. Our menu is full of inspiring dishes and tastes, so let us invite you to a tasteful culinary experience. Seafood and sea view makes the perfect combination. Our restaurant is located in the central harbour of Tromsø. This makes Fiskekompaniet a perfect place for enjoying a great meal and at the same time being inspired by the maritime view. Welcome!

Contact information: Phone: +47 981 38 054 Mail:

Make a reservation here: Phone: +47 776 87 600 E-mail: 95


Café Flyt

Ølhallen Brewpub

In April 2005, we opened our doors for the extreme sports enthusiasts in Tromsø and surroundings. We have been committed to creating a warm living room for extreme challenges, fierce burgers, and good music. We have succeeded! At cafeflyt you will be able to start your search for new discoveries and experiences. Our specialty is of course the burger, but we have plenty of other things on our menu that are so good! Visit our website to see our menu and read more about what we serve!

Macks brewpub, Ølhallen with its long and colourful history is one of the most iconic places in Tromsø. It’s a place where townspeople of all ages meet and taste the best beers from Mack as well as other Norwegian breweries. We serve our beer from 67 different taps. You can also visit our brewshop Kjeller 5 that it is located beside Ølhallen. We are open Monday-Saturday. Please visit our website for detailed opening hours.

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Yonas Pizza

Gründer Café & Bar

Yonas has been offering its guests the best quality pizza, in a casual and cozy atmosphere, since 1974. Our most famous pizza, the ”Taco pizza”, can be both ordered with hot or medium spices. For our waiters it is important to deliver you the best possible products. They will do their best to fulfil your wishes. In our modern restaurant, you can choose to sit in different areas. Children also have their own play area where they can make their own pizza. Welcome!

The place with everything from a tasty lunch to party atmosphere in the evenings. Gründer is one of Tromsø’s most popular venues for all kinds of people. Lunch from 11:00 every day except Sundays. Tasty toasts, soup, sandwiches and salads are popular menu items. In the evenings, Gründer turns into a bustling bar. On weekends, Gründer is merged with Gründer by Night and becomes the party place of the city!

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Rorbua pub

Roast Resturant

Rough-planked walls and hand-hewn beams create a rustic atmosphere at Rorbua Pub. Reminiscent of a Norwegian fisherman’s cottage, the pub is a cozy place to try the famous Mack Beer, a distinctive craft brew from the world’s northernmost brewery. Rorbua Pub hosts live music Wednesday through Saturday. It is a traditional pub with beer, pizza and snacks.

Let’s be honest: we’ve made it easy. Picking out the very best that our suppliers can offer from each season, has provided us with a shortcut to lovely experiences for our guests. It’s our guarantee for you to serve you food cooked wit:h love and fantastic wine in an informal atmosphere. Roast Tromsø offers you an Arctic gastronomic experience out of the ordinary. You’ll find us at Scandic Ishavshotel. Welcome!

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Skarven BiffHus

Fun Pub

Skarven BiffHus is one of the five restaurants/bars which MAKE UP ”VertsHuset Skarven”. Like the rest of “Skarven”, we focus on local and regional food. BiffHuset’s specialty is meat. In addition to beef, we serve reindeer, kid/goat, pork, mutton/lamb, duck and chicken. There are also two fish dishes on the menu: salmon and bacalao. BiffHuset is the agricultural component of VertsHuset Skarven’s Arctic profile and focus on coastal culture. BiffHuset is open daily from 15.30.

Our Pub is located in the middle of the Tromsø City Centre. The bar has multiple screens making it ideal for showing sporting events. During the weekends, we have DJ with dancing floor. We also have shuffleboard and darts for those who would like to try. If you get hungry, Peppes Pizza delivers food directly to us. Industry night every Saturday. We are open all days. Welcome!

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Shop till you drop Tromsø offers a wide range of shops, offering everything from knitwear to arts and craft, interior, jewellery, clothes, high fashion, vintage treasures, local food products and souvenirs. Have fun shopping! Photo © Kari Schibevaag

Jacob Friis, ur-optikk Jacob Friis is the oldest watchmaker and optician in Tromsø city, celebrating 115 years in 2018. Despite the long history, it is today a trendy and fashionable shop carrying designer brands in glasses and sunglasses. We personally pick our collections with a mix of independent eyewear as well as fashion brands. We hold several quality brands in Swiss watches, like Eterna and Tag Heuer, and have a nice collection of Seiko watches. You can also find binoculars, contact lenses and eye-products. Welcome to visit our website and the shop in Storgata 60! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 83 135

Tromsø Skotøymagasin Skoringen, or Tromsø Skotømagasin, which has been the name from the beginning, has a long history in Tromsø, that goes back to 1906 when Dorthea C. Willumsen first opened the store, and has since then been within the Willumsen family. In 2012, we re-opened our store in brand new locations in the main street (Storgata 68). At Skoringen we have the largest selection of quality shoes for the whole family and hold several world leading brands! Our sealskin boots and slippers, and the reindeer insoles are very popular and distinct Norwegian products that will keep you warm on those cold arctic days. Tourists from outside of Scandinavia are welcome to shop with tax-free refund. We look forward seeing you! E-mail: Telephone: +47 210 79 300



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Nerstranda Shopping Centre You will find Nerstranda shopping centre centrally located in downtown Tromsø. With 46 stores and restaurants/cafés, and 2 million annual visitors, this place is the centre of Tromsø for fashion and shopping. At Nerstranda you can wander amongst trendy brand stores and well-known chain stores. A well-deserved break can be taken at any of the four restaurants / cafés. Here you can find a pharmacy, ATM, storage boxes, cafés and several gift- and fashion stores. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 53 700

Jekta Shopping Centre Jekta Storsenter is one of the biggest and finest shopping centre in Norwa with over 130 stores and 65,000 square meters of shopping! In 2016 we won the award for best shopping centre in Norway. We have a medical clinic, dermatologist centre and chiropractor clinic. Exciting retail concepts that are not found elsewhere in Tromso is established in Jekta. With over 130 shops you will always find what you need in Jekta Storsenter, with Northern Norway’s largest and best selection. We have free parking, good bus links, and are only five minutes away from the airport and the city centre. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 908 10 525

Wabi Sabi We create quality jewellery in interaction with the classical raw materials like gold and silver, pearls, precious stones and diamonds. The roughness and abundance that is so natural for us living in the arctic regions characterizes our jewellery. This is reflected in the coarse surfaces, the straight lines and the edgy shapes. From the gallery you have access to our workshop and can see a goldsmith’s work. Maybe you also want to attend a workshop? Come to the goldsmiths workshop for some hours and take part in the production of your own piece of jewellery. E-mail: Telephone: +47 412 00 151

Profil Glassdesign Profil Glassdesign is located at Kvaløya about 50 min drive from Tromsø. Here we have our workshop, studio and a café. The past 17 years Tove has worked with glass sculptures and art. The majestic scenery and the ever-changing light, especially the Northern Lights during the winter gives her inspiration. We offer many types of glass products and designs; each and every product you see is handcrafted by ourselves. We have our own workshop, atelier and a café. If you need gifts or want to liven up your home, we have many exciting products available. Please contact us for a chat or stop by our shop for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat about art and design! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 922 82 844



Tromsø Gift & Souvenir Shop Tromsø Gift & Souvenir Shop was founded in 1999. Today it is one of Scandinavias most popular and visited stores. We offer souvenirs of a wide range. We have a selection of both local and national arts & handcrafts, and we also offer the typical commercialized souvenirs. Our products represent the local culture in Northern Norway. We have a wide selection of Samí handcraft. Samí people are one of the native people in Norway with a rich culture to share. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 734 13

Snarby Strikkestudio Snarby Strikkestudio sells yarn for knitting, knitting needles and crochet hooks. Snarby Strikkestudio is a store over two. On the first floor you will find custom-made woolen products as well as finished knitting from major suppliers like Dale and Oleana. In this part of the shop you will also find souvenirs. In the lower floor of the shop you will find yarn from several different suppliers. We have yarns from well-known suppliers like Sandnes Yarn, Dale Yarn, Viking, Du Store Alpakka and Rauma. We also have a wide selection of knitting needles and accessories. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 41 320

Britts Scandinavian Design. Britts is a family driven interior and women shop. With an eye for details and function, the Britts team hand picks products that add character and personality to you and your home. We have a lot of Scandinavian and Norwegian brands. Choose with your heart – that’s what we do! The shop was started in 1983. Welcome to visit our shop in Storgata 89, right in the center of Tromsø. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 01 980

Eide Handel More than 60 years of food culture and through three generations, we have run Eide Handel at Kvaløya. Living the way we do here in the north is a privilege. Pure nature, abundance of resources and a multitude of life everywhere – a unique pantry. We invest in tradition and quality, and wish to bring these wonderful resources to you. We feel fortunate to be able to cooperate with local farmers and fishermen, who know how to harvest nature in the best possible way. We take food seriously and aim for quality in every aspect. Our uniquely skilled professionals who know how to utilize good ingredients, and always aim for the best possible results. We call our food home-made – because this is as close as you can get to your own kitchen. E-mail: 100

Telephone: +47 776 65 650

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Nansen Outdoor Store At Nansen Outdoor Store we offer a wide selection of outdoor clothing for all types of weather conditions. The clothes are delivered to us from Helly Hansen™, one of the oldest and most respected Norwegian clothing brands, with over 140 years of experience in protection against rain, wind and extreme cold.In our store you will also find a range of Norwegian health and dietary supplements such as whale oil, Omega 3 and much more. We also sell shoes from ECCO. Tourists from anywhere outside of Scandinavia have the opportunity to shop tax free for tax refund. We hope to see you at the store! E-mail: Telephone: +47 940 57 881

Dragøy Throughout 30 years, we have delivered seafood to thousands of customers and companies. The business includes reception of fish and shellfish, processing, wholesale, export and retail sales through own fish shops at Jekta Storsenter and at Kystens Hus in the city centre. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 77 67 32 30

Amfi Pyramiden Amfi Pyramiden is the second largest shopping centre in Tromsø. We are located in Tromsdalen, only a 5 minutes’ walk from Ishavskatedralen and 7 minutes’ walk from Fjellheisen. We have more than 400 free car parks, and the distance from downtown Tromsø to the Amfi Pyramiden mall is less than a 5 minute drive by bus (route 26 and 28). Our stores sell everything from shoes, food (including fresh fish, kingcrab, sushi, pizza, hamburgers and cake), lovely locals cafes, travel effects, sports equipment, children’s/youth’s/men’s/women’s clothes, jewels, watches, pharmacies, hairdressers and everything to your home. Welcome to the smiling shops at Amfi Pyramiden. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 974 79 300

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Welcome to Northern Norway’s largest shopping mall Jekta Shopping center is the biggest and finest shopping center in Northern Norway with more than 130 stores and 65,000 square meters of shopping. Here you can truly enjoy nordic shopping at its best!

The center offers a vibrant mix of retail stores and services that can’t be found anywhere else in Tromsø, with speciality shops carrying products from the region as well as the rest of Norway. In addition to the great shopping opportunities, we also have medical- and dermatologist center and chiropractor clinic. With over 130 shops, you will always find what you need at Jekta Storsenter, with Northern Norway’s largest and best selection.


We offer free parking, excellent bus connections, and it is only five minutes away from the airport and the city centre.

Our opening hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-21:00 Saturday: 10:00-18:00 Sunday: closed

We look forward to seeing you!

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Sleep tight Tromsø offers accommodation for most budgets, from luxury to budget hotels and apartments in the city centre, to charming cottages out of town. Photo © Scandic Ishavshotell

Quality Hotel Saga Quality Hotel Saga is a great conference, business, and leisure hotel in the middle of town, close to shopping and restaurants. All rooms have fantastic views either over to the Tromsdalen valley and the Arctic Cathedral, or over the Tromsø city. All the rooms are modern and equipped with a water kettle, minibar, iron and iron board, wifi internet, as well as a TV with many channels to choose from. There is an evening buffet Monday - Thursday from 18:00. Guests are also free to make themselves waffles at the reception area every afternoon. The hotel offers parking in its own garage. E-mail: Telephone: +47 77 60 70 00

Scandic Ishavshotel Scandic Ishavshotel with its unique location on the quay, the hotel stretches out over Tromsø harbour with magnificent views to the Arctic Cathedral and the surrounding mountains. The breakfast buffet is one of the best in the country, and their chef guarantees a fresh start to the day. The hotel’s restaurant, Roast, offers a mix of international and local dishes. The hotel is within easy walking distance of restaurants, cafes, and all the attractions in Tromso’s city center. It’s one of northern Norway’s most exciting conference hotels with facilities in bright, friendly rooms of all sizes. Because of the hotel’s unique location, nearly all the rooms have a magnificent view. We welcome you to our hotel! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 77 66 64 00 103


Tromsø Camping Perfect for the one seeking a calm stay in the countryside, yet close to the vibrant city: Just a couple minutes’ drive from Tromsø City you find Tromsø Camping. Spend the night in our comfortable cabins, while listening to the calming sound of nature. We want you to experience the Arctic in the best way possible, and we do our best to make your stay unforgettable. We recommend, and help you book, what we believe are the must-do activities while visiting Tromsø. Parking and Wi-Fi is free for all our guests! E-mail: Telephone: +47 77 63 80 37

Thon Hotel Polar At Thon Hotel Polar, you can enjoy convenient and comfortable accommodation and a complimentary breakfast buffet included in the room rate. The hotel is situated in downtown Tromsø, and all the sights of this “Paris of the North” are just a stone’s throw away. The airport bus stops right outside the hotel. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 77 75 17 00

Tromsø Bed & Books Tromsø Bed & Books is a unique guesthouse in downtown Tromsø. Located just 5 minutes’ walk south of the city centre, you’ll find super comfortable beds, amazing interior design, relaxing atmosphere, a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy library and very nice fellow travellers. Free internet, coffee and tea, as well as free use of washing machine, dryer and a nice garden. Nice for children. Cook your own meals and save money. Grocery store just across the street. Like having your own home when in Tromsø! We also offer authentic fishing trips with our little 30 feet boat “Inna”. Welcome! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 770 29 800

Enter Tromsø Hotels & Apartments AS Enter Tromsø Hotels & Apartments AS is the result when five smaller city hotels team together under one brand. Enter Viking Hotel, Enter Backpack Hotel, Enter City Hotel, Enter Amalie Hotel and Enter St-Elisabeth Hotel offer rooms and apartment facilities - each with its distinctive character and personality. It is our goal to develop hotels and apartments at the same time as guarding their different histories. All hotels are located in the heart of Tromsø city center. We strive to cater to all types of guests, whether it is business or pleasure, solo travelers or big families & groups. Enter Tromsø Hotels & Apartments AS welcome guests from all over the world – to enter the magic of our city! E-mail: Telephone: +47 77 64 77 30


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Skittenelv Camping Camping ground with cabins and sites for tent, camper vans and caravans. The camping is located 25 km north of Tromsø, by the seaside. We offer a variety of exciting activities. You can among other things, have a swim in the northern most heated outdoor pool with a 50 meter waterslide, and a small wading pool with slide for the smallest children. The pool has a temperature of 28 to 30 degrees. You can also play miniature golf, barbeque, rent a boat and go fishing. Skittenelv Camping is the perfect place for you if you want to get out of the city and explore the countryside of Tromsø. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 468 58 000

Polar Cabin Polar Cabin offers self-catering accommodation and activities in a spectacular arctic landscape at Vågnes, 20 km from Tromsø city centre. This is a perfect base camp for outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, fishing, ice fishing, cycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, kiting, observing Northern Lights or just relaxing, barbecuing, reading books, listening to birds singing and enjoying nature. We provide the Northern Lights Overnight Stay and Snowshoeing Adventure in winter and a Hiking Adventure in summer. Polar Cabin is the place where you can enjoy life! E-mail:

Telephone: +47 974 37 991

Smarthotel Tromsø Our budget hotel Smarthotel Tromsø opened April 2013 right in the middle of Tromsø city centre. We are proud of our Nordic interior design and want you to feel welcome and at home with us. We are collaborating with the best arctic companies so you can have the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights. We will off course help you book your whale safari, midnight sun or dog sledge excursion, and don’t forget to visit the famous Fjellheisen where you will get the best view over Tromsø. Our concept is to provide you with cheap accommodation, with high quality, simplicity and comfort. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 415 36 500

Clarion Collection Hotel With Clarion Collection Hotel With is located on the pier just a couple of minutes walk from the main street. You will have a great view from our dining room and our upgrades rooms overlooking the sea, the mountains and the cathedral. Breakfast and free coffee/ tea is included all day. We also serve complimentary afternoon sweets and tonight’s special. On 6th floor you will find sauna and a compact gym. Conference facilities up to 40 persons. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 64 200



Clarion Hotel The Edge On 1 May 2014, the doors opened at Clarion’s new conference and business hotel, Clarion Hotel The Edge, Tromsø. Clarion Hotel The Edge - the place to be! Tromsø’ s largest hotel has until now been colouring the city with new conferences, delightful events and satisfied guests. We offer our hospitality, a warm greeting and an experience you will never forget. A natural meeting point in the ”Paris of the North”. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 68 400

Sydspissen Hotel Sydspissen Hotel is situated on the very south side of the island Tromsø. It is close to a popular park called Folkeparken, as well as the popular spot called Telegrafbukta. It’s the perfect place to be to experience the nature and Tromsø’ s urban life. The hotel offers a concept which focuses on good food, comfortable and functional rooms/meeting rooms at very competitive prices. All the rooms are equipped with a TV, refrigerator, and free of charge wireless network. The hotel has a large car park that is free of charge for guests. 25 minutes’ walk to the City Centre, and frequent bus connections. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 61 410

Thon Hotel Tromsø The hotel is situated in the middle of Tromsø city centre, and everything the ”Paris of the North” is known for is only a stone’s throw away. The hotel is a Thon City hotel, which means extra focus on comfort and quality. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, extra pillows and a work desk. In the lobby, you will find free coffee and newspapers. Regardless of the context, you’re visiting Thon Hotel Tromso, the most important thing is that you have a comfortable stay. Sleep well in our comfortable beds and get a good start to the day with our tasty breakfast buffet. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 98 050

Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø Located in downtown Tromsø and within easy walking distance to all sights and attractions. Being centrally located in Tromsø, Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø provides you a brand new alternative. Think smart, efficiently and whatever you need without unnecessary fuss. We know Tromsø, and we guide you to the best restaurants, museums and experiences. This stylish hotel offers 192 rooms designed to fit all your basic needs, and leave you with some extra money to spend on things that really matters. Breakfast can be purchased from our lobby shop. We welcome you to Comfort Hotel Xpress, Tromsø. The perfect choice for the modern, cost-conscious traveller! NB! We only accept payment by card. E-mail: Telephone: +47 776 00 550


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Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora Clarion Collection Aurora is located in the pier just a couple of minutes’ walk from the main street and close to a lot of attractions worth seeing. You will have a great view from our restaurant ant our relax department with both training facilities, sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi where you can enjoy the northern lights, a snow storm or the midnight sun. Breakfast and free coffee/tea all day is included. We also serve complimentary afternoon sweets and tonight’s special. Conference facilities up to 120 persons. E-mail: Telephone: +47 777 81 100

Radisson Blu Hotel The hotel offers 269 newly renovated rooms with modern interior and design. The hotel is places in the town center, and only 4 km from the airport. The hotel shuttle bus also stops right outside the hotel. In the hotel building, the hotel hosts a very popular pizzeria (Yonas Pizzeria), and the most famous pub in Norway (Rorbua Pub) and Charly’s Restaurant & Bar. There is also a fitness and relax center on the tenth floor, with a great view of Tromsøysundet and the Arctic Cathedral. During the Northern Lights Season, the glass bridge between the hotel buildings is a great viewing spot for the Northern Lights. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 776 00 000

Scandic Grand Tromsø You stay in the city centre here with the airport shuttle bus on your doorstep. An ideal base for all the adventures Tromso has to offer. The Grand restaurant offers you breakfast buffet every day. Our Gründer Café & Bar serves lunch in a casual atmosphere. During the weekends it becomes a part of Tromso’s vibrant night life, and turns into popular Gründer by night. Our 4 meeting rooms are large and bright, with natural daylight and free WiFi. The biggest room has a capacity for up to 150 participants. E-mail: Telephone: +47 777 53 777

Arctic Campers Rental Explore the amazing nature of Norway in the most independent and budget friendly way. Take advantage of the Norwegian freedom to roam. Rent your camper in Tromsø, Oslo or Lofoten. Choose between a basic or a well-equipped Camper Van with parking heater, WiFi, kitchen and a large bed. For a successful Northern Lights tour, we provide you with the Aurora Dome Camper. You will have a 360 degrees view out of the glass dome into the sky. You fall asleep underneath the stars and you never have to leave the warm camper van to check the Aurora activity. E-mail:

Telephone: +47 410 17 430


Explore more If you have enough time, we highly recommend exploring the region surrounding Tromsø. Within a three-hour radius of downtown Tromsø, you will find beautiful island paradises such as Sommarøy, Senja and Karlsøy. These are great places to experience the coastal culture and visit small fishing communities. The amazing Lyngen Alps will leave you breathless. In Målselv, you can go skiing, visit an indoor water park or watch salmon fishing in Målselv river at close range. Not to forget, in Bardu you can meet the wolfs and other wildlife in Polar Park. Keep reading if you want to know more about what the great Tromsø Region has to offer. Photo © Kari Schibevaag


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LOCATION: Bergsbotn view point in Senja



The majestic

Lyngen Alps Explore the Lyngen peninsula with its 1,833 m high peaks, blue glaciers and dramatic landscapes. A trip to Lyngen is only a 1-2 hours scenic drive from Tromsø. The round-trip includes a ferry ride with great views of the high mountains. A sightseeing tour to Lyngen is something everyone can enjoy. Photo © Lone Helle

Car: 200 km (round trip) Directions: If you drive from Tromsø, the route will follow the E8 to Fagernes (20 km) and then on along the Rv 91 to the quayside at Breivikeidet where the ferry comes in. The 20-minute boat trip over to Svensby is a perfect opportunity to experience the Lyngenalps in a fascinating panorama of the Lyngen Alps. Return the same way. Ferry: Breivikeidet – Svensby (20 min) Round trip option: Tromsø – Breivikeidiet – Svensby – Lyngseidet – Nordkjosbotn – Tromsø Side trips: • Jægervatnet (20 km return), wonderful and easy hike along the shores of Lake Jægervatnet with alpine views. • Nord-Lenangen (90 km), a nice drive with countless opportunities for hikes and activities. • Seljelvnes – Lakselvbukt – Laksvatn (35 km) – beautiful panorama towards the highest peaks of the Lyngen Alps. For more information about the Lyngen Alps, please visit 110

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LOCATION: The Blue Lake/Blåisvatnet



Sommarøy Caribbean beaches in the Arctic Getting to Sommarøy is a short excursion from Tromsø around the southern part of the island of Kvaløya. This a very scenic drive all the way out to the amazing white beaches and the Caribbean turquoise ocean at Sommarøy – “The Summer Island”. Photo © C. H.

• Drive southwards from Tromsø along the outer coast of Kvaløya. • At Skavberget you can see 4000-year old rock carvings. • The popular excursion spot Straumshella has old wooden houses from Tromsø along one of the coast’s strongest tidal currents. • Straumen is a well-preserved 19th century coastal farm. • In the old school building at Bakkejord you will discover Profil Glassdesign which is a café and glass art studio. • Sommarøy is a modern fishing village with sandy beaches and fantastic views. • Otervika is a white sandy beach noted for beach volleyball. • Return via Kattfjorden, which features wonderful fjord landscape and high mountains. Car: 120 km (round trip) Directions: From Tromsø City you drive to Kvaløya and follow road 862 all the way to Sommarøy. About 1 hour drive each way. 112

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LOCATION: Sommarøy




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- the fairy tale island Senja has a green and fertile inner coast and a rugged, craggy outer coast. Photo © Kari Schibevaag

The National Tourist Route on the outer coast goes along the ‘’Devil’s Jaw’’, one of Norway’s most dramatic stretches of road. During the summer, you can take a ferry from Brensholmen to Senja. Brensholmen is a 1-hour drive from Tromsø. As Norway’s second largest island, Senja offers spectacular landscapes and a variety of activities. Route 1 (summer only): Tromsø-Brensholmen-Senja-Brensholmen-Tromsø Car: 100 km (round trip Tromsø-Brensholmen) Directions: Follow Rv 862 from Tromsø to Brensholmen and from Brensholmen you take the ferry over to Senja. The ferry from Brensholmen takes 45 min one-way (please check for ferry schedule). Return the same way, or make it into a round trip by following E6 Olsborg to Tromsø. Route 2 (all year): Drive from Tromsø to Finnsnes, and from Finnsnes to the Gisund Bridge through birch forests and past historical Gibostad. Car: 250 km (round trip) Directions: Follow E6 to Finnsnes and continue over to Senja. Return the same way.

Side trips:

• The exposed island fishing village of Husøy, where some houses have been wired to the ground. A side trip for those who take the ferry from Brensholmen. • Mefjordvær, which has a nice cultural heritage trail and views of the Nordlandet mountain range • The fjord of Bergsfjorden, which contains 98 islands • The Senja Troll, a family theme park inspired by the legends about trolls on the island of Senja • The old fishing depot Hamn i Senja (20 km round-trip). Hike to the old hydro power station • Continue with ferry from Gryllefjord to Andenes, Vesterålen. You’ll find more info about Vesterålen on the next page. LOCATION: Segla

For more information about Senja, please visit 115


Let’s go fishing Tromsø region is an eldorado for anglers and we welcome you to our fishing wonderland. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear when travelling here. Text: Inger-Lise Brones & Kyle Parsonage

Photo © Kyle Parsonage

Sea Fishing Most common species: • Cod • Haddock • Halibut • Pollock

Where to fish: • Straumhella, also known as Hella, is easily accessible by bus from Tromsø city centre (approx. 40mins). Remember to check the tides in advance. The fish bite best 2 hours before high tide to 30 minutes after. • Futrikelv/Kvalsundet on Kvaløya is a great place to fish from land. Only a 30-minute drive from Tromsø City Centre. • Håkøybrua (Hakøya/Kvaløya) is a nice place to fish from the single lane bridge, which connects Håkøya to Kvaløya. It is within bicycle distance from Tromsø City Centre, and is also easy to reach by bus (approximately 30mins).


Licences & regulations Note that you do need a license for all fresh water and river fishing in the Tromsø region. Please check the local rules and regulations.

If you haven’t fished before or did not bring your gear, you can book a fishing trip with one of our activity providers. If you haven’t fished before or did not bring your gear, you Please visit for more information can book a fishing trip with one of our activity providers. and book your fishing adventure. Rules for recreational Please visit for more information and fishing in Norway. Please visit this website: book your fishing adventure.


River & freshwater fishing Most common species: • Salmon • Sea trout • Arctic Char • Brown Trout

Where to Fish: • Ringvannet on Ringvassøya: The fishing season from 1st July until mid-August. Great possibilities for trout, sea run trout and salmon. A fishing license is required and can be purchased at • Tønsvikelva: Located a short distance from Tromsø (approximately 20 km). This spot is wellknown for sea-run trout. Fishing licenses can be purchased from Skittenelv Camping (post@ • Kattfjord Lake: The most common species here is trout. A fishing license is required. Please contact for information related to fishing and fishing licenses in this area. • Målselva river: If you wish to fish bigger salmon, Målselva is a 2 hour drive from Tromsø City Centre. Please contact Rundhaug Gjestegård (post@ or Målselv Fjellandsby ( for more information about fishing in the Målselv area.

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Vesterålen Welcome to the Kingdom Of The Whales! Photo © Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen

Vesterålen is an archipelago just north of the Lofoten Islands. The islands, the fjords, and the geographic location makes Vesterålen a destination well-suited for nature-based activities. Vesterålen is also a top hiking and trekking destination with over 150 marked hiking trails. Because of its geographical location on the continental shelf, and uniquely nutritious waters, Vesterålen is the Kingdom of the Whales. You can experience the giants of the deep on whale safari tours, all year around, from Andenes and Stø. Stokmarknes is the birthplace of Hurtigruten, and you also find the famous Trollfjord, with its narrow 100 meters wide mouth and vertical mountainsides, located in Vesterålen. Small fishermen

LOCATION: The Artscape Nordland statue “The Man From the Sea” at Vinje.

villages and scenic white-sand beaches, can be found all around the region. Vesterålen is also home to several experience centers. Car: 370 km (One way) Directions: From Tromsø City you can drive south on E6 and E10. You can also take the scenic summer route with ferries from Brensholmen/Kvaløya to Senja and then from Gryllefjord to Andenes. For more information about Vesterålen, please visit

Whale Safari Andenes Strategically located between the famous tourist destinations such as Lofoten and North Cape, you find Whale Safari Andenes. Our company is the first, largest and most experienced provider of whale watching in Norway. Since the start in 1989, we have gained unique experience and knowledge, which makes our crew the best when it comes to searching for whales. We have the shortest way to the whale ground, over 25 year experience, research connected to whale safari, year-round operation, and experienced guides and crews. We can therefore offer you 100% whale guarantee! E-mail: Telephone: + 47 761 15 600

Spaceship Aurora Spaceship Aurora is an educational visitor’s and activity center located at Andøya Space Center. At Andøya Space Center, sounding rockets are launched into space several times a year for research in space and on the Northern Lights. This makes Andøya Space Center a unique operating Space Center in Europe. At Spaceship Aurora you can experience a virtual trip into space and learn about the Northern lights and how the phenomena effects our planet. We also have exciting physics experiments that you can enjoy in our exhibition. We offer activities for all age groups at affordable prices. Address: Bleiksveien 46, 8480 Andenes E-mail: Telephone: + 47 761 44 600 117



Lyngen Lodge Lyngen Lodge offers a combination between relaxation and mountain and fjord based activities to suit individuals, families and groups. The lodge provides full board accommodation and amenities include a fully licensed bar, dining room, lounge with large open fireplace, library/seminar room, sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi. The lodge caters for 16 guests in eight en-suite twin or double rooms. Address: E6 80, 9146 Olderdalen E-mail: Telephone: + 47 476 27 853



Magic Mountain Lodge This family-run property is overlooking the Lyngenfjord and surrounded by mountains. It offers free Wi-Fi, fjord-view rooms, communal kitchen and terrace with impressive views. Guests can choose rooms with a private bathroom or basic accommodation with shared facilities. Breakfast and dinner can be arranged, if requested in advance. Bicycle and snowshoe rental is also available at Magic Mountain Lodge. The Lyngen Alps provide excellent Northern Light spotting or skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Lyngseidet is situated 90 minutes from Tromsø by car/bus. Address: Stigenveien 24, 9060 Lyngseidet E-mail: Telephone: + 473 42 091

Koppangen Brygger Located in the heart of the Lyngen Alps, you`ll find Koppangen Brygger at the west side of the Lyngen Fjord. The resort is located where the road ends, with dramatic and spectacular coastal scenery in every direction. This is a dream spot for active people, whether you like fishing, hiking, free skiing or more extreme things like climbing. We can also offer you a top modern conference room. Address: Koppangen, 9060 Lyngseidet E-mail: Telephone: +47 924 78 555


Spildra Landhandel AS / Kvænangen Adventure Welcome to Kvænangen Adventure! Whether you visit as a tourist, with your company, for a private function or require assistance with accommodation, meals and transportation. On the island of Spildra we are the owner of the local shop and pub. Discover the Northern Lights from October to May, frozen landscape in December and January when the sun are under the horizon. Winter with snow activities in the mountains and all types of landscape, snowmobiling or just playing in the white snow. The spring is the time for extraordinary cod fishing! In the summer, it’s no time for sleeping. The sun is shining all day and night! Address: Dunvik, 9185 Spildra E-mail: Telephone: + 47 908 88 986


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Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa Fully stocked hotel, located at E6 - the main road in Norway. The hotel has 28 rooms, each with bathroom, TV and wifi. You’ll also find a restaurant, bar, nightclub and a wine cellar at the premises. In addition, the hotel can host conferences for 2-130 persons in modern conference rooms. Free parking, and location close to snowmobile trails. Address: 9046 Oteren E-mail: Telephone: + 47 777 15 000




Reisafjord Hotel Overlooking the scenic Reisafjord, this hotel is found next to the harbour in Sørkjosen. It features a traditional restaurant, free Wi-Fi and a cosy lounge with a flat-screen TV. The guest rooms feature TV and private bathroom. Many of the 54 rooms have panoramic waterfront views. Guests can try Norwegian specialities in the fjord-view restaurant, followed by after-dinner drinks in the lounge. Breakfast is served daily. Reisafjord Hotel is the natural stopping point between Tromsø and Alta. It is right beside the E6 highway near the harbour in Sørkjosen. Address: Nessevegen 32, 9152 Sørkjosen E-mail: Telephone: + 47 777 66 000

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Sommarøy is a natural gem by the ocean, at the outer coast outside Tromsø. It is a vibrant coastal community with 400 people. There has been people and activity for centuries, and the area around Sommarøy had settlements over 10,000 years ago. Nickname: The Arctic Caribbean! The hotel was renewed in 2017 and today it appears as a jewel in the Arctic nature. A total of 155 rooms, divided into 29 standard rooms, 42 superior rooms with balcony, 3 suites and 81 rooms in sea houses. Restaurant, bar, sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi and fitness room is some of the facilities at the hotel. Address: Skipsholmsveien 22, 9110 Sommarøy E-mail: Telephone: + 47 776 64 000

Mefjord Brygge We are an all-year holiday resort located between the mountains and fjords on Senja island in Northern Norway. We focus on active tourism, nature experiences, seasonal Activity Packages and deluxe tailor-made holidays. We offer 20 fishing boats for rent, 1 x VIP Big Boat, guided trips to see Aurora Borealis, whales, sea eagles and marine landscape. Senja is great for snow shoeing and ski touring in winter. It is amazing place to see midnight sun and discover unlimited mountain hikes in summer. Our guests can stay in range of highstandard accommodation (120 beds) and enjoy traditional food in marine style restaurant Address: Mefjordvar, 9386 Senjahopen E-mail: Telephone: + 47 778 58 980




Fjellkysten Hotel It is now ten years since the current owner bought the beautiful Fjellkysten hotel. From day one our dream has been to put Lavangen on the map and to give our guests a feel of home away from home. Fjellkysten hotel is a small guesthouse where the staff takes the time to talk to you and would like to get to know you. It is a place for relaxing in the outdoor Jacuzzi while looking out over the beautiful fjord, or steaming in the sauna with Northern Lights dancing over your head. Address: Soløyveien 190, 9357 Tennevoll E-mail: Telephone: + 47 479 24 792


Hamn i Senja On the Senja island, a scenic 3 hours’ drive from Tromsø, you find a comfy resort situated in spectacular landscape and with perfect view to the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Restaurant with harbour view serving local fare. Summer and winter activity program with fixed departures. Kayaks, bikes, fishing boats for rent. Outdoor Jacuzzis with ocean view. Fantastic hiking and ski touring possibilities. Relaxing atmosphere – a place you will long back to. Ranked as the 14th best hotel in Norway 2017 by TripAdvisor. Address: Hamnveien 1145, 9385 Skaland E-mail: Telephone: + 47 400 200 05


Vollan Gjestestue Vollan Gjestestue is a family business that opened its doors on 4. July 1948. The building was built by the Germans under WWII, and was bought by Gudrun Lydersen in 1946. Today the 3rd generation Lydersen runs the place in the same vain as his ancestors. We have 22 hotel rooms and 10 studio apartments with the ”at home feeling”. Our restaurant serves traditional homemade dishes, and is kept in the same spirit as it was when it first opened in 1948. We welcome you to Vollan! Address: Torgveien 2, 9040 Nordkjosbotn E-mail: Telephone: +47 777 22 300


Målselv Mountain Village Far north of the Arctic Circle, but still easy to get to! Målselv Mountain Village is a resort that is particularly wonderful for guests who want to combine Arctic activities and accommodation. Visitors will discover wonderful ski slopes, cross-country skiing trials with panoramic views, facilities for children, a ski café/restaurant, pub and sports shop. At the Welcome Centre the guests can buy lift passes, souvenirs, book ski school, and hire rental products. The large range of activities on offer includes the downhill slopes, wonderful prepared cross-country ski trails, a freestyle ski park, dog sledding, Sami experiences, an indoor water park and much more. In the summer, our guests can try fishing, biking and hiking in the unforgettable Midnight Sun. Address: Myrefjell, 9321 Moen E-mail: Telephone: + 47 941 40 000


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Rundhaug Gjestegård Rundhaug Gjestegård is a beautiful guesthouse with a unique atmosphere and a fascinating history. The white 107-year-old wooden hotel is beautiful and peaceful, right on the banks of Målselva, just 20 minutes from Bardufoss Airport and two hours’ drive from Tromsø. Each room at Rundhaug Guesthouse has its own character and more its own history of famous guests who have stayed in the hotel. Breakfast is included for all guests. Welcome! Address: Fv87 360, 9336 Rundhaug E-mail: Telephone: + 47 778 30 570



Bardufoss Hotell In the heart of Troms County, overlooking the beautiful mountain called “Istindan”, you’ll find our homely hotel in the middle of Bardufoss town center. With only a 3-minute drive from Bardufoss Airport, the Hotel is perfect for travellers. Our rooms are of a great standard, with comfortable beds. Despite the relaxing atmosphere inside the hotel, you are still perfectly situated for many exciting activities outdoors, including dog sledding, exploring the Northern Lights, Sami experiences, river fishing, cross-country skiing and more. Our staff will help you get in touch with our professional partners. Welcome to Bardufoss Hotel! Address: Torget 11, 9326 Bardufoss E-mail: Telephone: + 47 778 30 500

Polar Park Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre is the world’s northernmost animal park, and home to Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox. Our main goal is to create a Norwegian wilderness experience with the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway’s nature as a setting for your visit to Polar Park. Address: Polar Park N-9360 Bardu E-mail: Telephone: + 47 771 86 630


Tromvik Lodge Tromvik Lodge was built in 2011 and is held in classical modern Scandinavian style with wooden floors, walls and white ceiling. Large panorama windows give a 270 degrees view to the ocean in the north and a spectacular alpine landscape with peaks reaching 3000 feet and more in the west and south. Tromvik is small and picturesque fishing and farming village located on the North-Norwegian coast at approximately 70 degrees northern latitude. Reindeer can be seen around the house and eagles flying over are a common sight. The villa is well spaced out from neighbours and is a place where you can enjoy silence and untouched nature. Address: Tromtindvegen 132, 9107 Kvaløya E-mail: Telephone: + 47 905 73 879







Sjøtun Brygge Welcome to Sjøtun Brygge, the heart of fishing on Kvaløya. Located only 40 minutes from Tromsø amongst the spectacular mountains on the island of Kvaløya. Whether you are just passing through or planning a longer stay whilst you enjoy the attractions in the area, you are most welcome to stay with us at Sjøtun Brygge. We have three open studio apartments, and a two bedroom apartment with its own private balcony overlooking the the quay and waterfront. Join skipper Chas on the ”Lady Elsie” fishing boat to hunt for the biggest halibut or skrei, or combine both activities for the perfect mix during your stay! Address: Sjøtunvegen 481, 9100 Kvaløysletta E-mail: Telephone: + 47 481 39 495

Lauklines Kystferie Hanna & Andreas Nilsen with their family and staff, have been building up Lauklines, only 30 min drive from Tromsø Airport, as a well recommended holiday resort since 1999. All buildings have been restored and regularly renewed. Very good standard of quality for both accommodation and on their activity partners offering adventures in Arctic Norway. Lauklines is a warm welcoming resort which is a perfect base for those seeking an active “out of the city” adventure for a few days or if you just want to relax and stay close to the nature for some days. Enjoy and explore pure nature with the touch of personal service! Address: Vasstrandvegen 580, 9108 Kvaløya E-mail: Telephone: + 47 77 65 60 80 /+47 99 79 40 49

Volda Floating Home Looking for a unique living experience? We give you a rare opportunity of living not near, but on a Norwegian fjord! As a rebuilt ferry, Volda is a modern and tasteful architectural floating home. Fall asleep to the sound and faint rocking of the sea while the beautiful nature and lights shines outside the windows. The ferry is approx. 340m² with living room/kitchen area, 2 open lounging areas with sofa and TV and one private lounging area in the officers cabin. The houseboat is perfect for groups (14 people), but also for a family vacation. Along with your stay, we can offer you a personal chef, fishing tours, fjord cruise and excursions. Address: Rotnesveien 69, 9100 Kvaløysletta E-mail: Telephone: + 47 930 32 309

Finnkroken Feriehytter AS Welcome to Finnkroken Feriehytter! Our cabins have a panoramic view towards the nature and sea. Here you can watch birdlife, including eagles, and sea life including small whales. Our location is the best place to experience the Northern Lights. No need to drive every night to find it, it comes to you. We provide various equipment, like snow shoes, fishing gear and bikes. The area is well-known for small game hunting and fishing spots. We rent out boats and fishing gear. We also have a storage area for your catch. We offer modern and fully equipped cabins and camping area. In addition, we have a guesthouse for meetings, a large barbecue cabin, sauna and Jacuzzi. Come and experience the nature! Address: Finnkroken, 9132 Stakkvik E-mail: Telephone: + 47 970 65 166


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Hav og Fjell Hav og Fjell offer five sea cabins for rental on Ringvassøy, just a 40 minute drive from Tromsø centre. Our guests have access to a wealth of natural resources including sea- and mountain lake fishing, ice fishing, snowshoeing excursions, mountain walking/climbing and back-country skiing. We offer meeting facilities and catering with typical Norwegian home cooking. Our restaurant/pub has a fully stocked bar. We also have rental boats, fish processing facilities, a large barbeque hut and an outdoor Jacuzzi with an adjoining woodfired sauna. We also offer transfer. Address: Bjørnskar Yt. 836, 9130 Hansnes E-mail: Telephone: + 47 480 58 540

Troms Arcticpelago Visit us in Karlsøy, which is a group of islands situated 50 minutes north from the city of Tromsø. Being unique in their cultural heritage and natural environment the islands offer you excellent conditions for sea fishing, bird-safaris, kayaking and hiking. Enjoy the Northern lights dancing over imposing mountain ridges and watch the whales during their annual feed. Go skiing, ice fishing, enjoy local food and stay in modern and comfortable cottages, hotel rooms, apartments or a lighthouse, while exploring Karlsøy. E-mail: Telephone: + 47 477 20 530



Elements Arctic Camp Get closer to nature with us. We provide accommodation at our unique yurt camp on the beautiful island of Rebbenesøya combined with our speciality year-round kayaking, and other activities. From our remote camp, located at the seashore, with no road access and no electricity you will experience a spectacular Arctic coast, by land or at sea, at all seasons. Our two yurts, each housing four people, are like modern nomadic tents, are rustic, very comfortable and have a special atmosphere. We provide customized adventures with high service and quality. With us you will experience something exceptional! Address: Nattmålsveien 20, 9107 Kvaløya E-mail: Telephone: + 47 907 89 699

Malangen Resort Malangen Resort offers accommodation in a choice of hotel rooms, apartments, sea-view cabins, deluxe sea-view cabins and deluxe waterfront cabins. All offer a high standard of quality and comfort and spectacular views. More than half is located right down on the coastal rocks, just meters from the fjord. The Resort has 360 beds divided in accommodation suitable for any demand. During the winter season, you can join our knowledgeable guides for unique winter adventures such as snowmobiling, dogsledding, snowshoeing and Northern Lights tours. We offer direct transfers between downtown Tromsø/Tromsø Airport and Malangen Resort twice daily in each direction. Address: Skutvik, 9055 Meistervik E-mail: Telephone: + 47 776 55 800



Discover the Tromsø region by bus

We know travelling around Northern Norway during winter can take extra effort. That’s why we have made it easy for you. Photo © Experience Tromsø Region

Providers of experiences in the region around Tromsø have now taken this into notice and made it easier for you to book organized tours in Lyngen, Senja, Målselv and Narvik during winter. The packages includs bus transfer so you don’t need to hire your own transportation! The bus will leave from Tromsø, Narvik and Lyngen every day from 10.12.18-31.03.19. 124

Experience Tromsø Region is all about making the regions accessible. Companies along the route gives guests the possibility to reach new destinations quick and easy. Some of the offers are also 1-day packages, meaning you for instance can visit the Polar Park leaving from Tromsø or Narvik in the morning and return in the afternoon. The packages can be booked directly from the provider.

We welcome you to an unforgettable journey! Book your activity package on,, or by contacting one of our partners (see map)


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Overnatting / Accommodation

Turistinformasjon – Office Tourist Information – Office


Bespisning / Dining

Turistinformasjon – Tavle Tourist Information – Tablet


Matbutikk /Grocery store

Flyplass / Airport

Jacuzzi/ Jacuzzi



Bensin / Petrol

Ferge/ Ferry

Camping / Camping ground

Sommerferge / Summer ferry

Sykkelutleie / Cycle hire

Hurtigbåt / Express boat



Kirke / Church


Utsiktspunkt / View point


Hval / Whale

Kulturminne / Cultural Heritage


Sykkeltur / Cycling trip

Nasjonale Turistveger National Tourist Routes

Hesteriding/Horseback riding

Vandretur / Hike

Utsiktspunkt for nordlys Northern Lights viewing area

Alpinanlegg / Ski field

Hytte – Den Norske Turistforening Cabin – Norwegian Trekking Association






Blåmann 1044



Hella Larseng Vikran










Sifjord Silsand Sil

Ånderdalen nasjonalpark


rden jord jo l ergf Solb




Bardufoss Sentrum

Moen Andslimoen


Takvvaattnnet Tak Takelvdalen T keel v d a l en Ta




SSjjøv øvegan gan

Bard uelv a

Istind 1489

Seterrmoenn Se

Ham amnnvik Tennevoll






Årstein Gratangsbotn

Fossbakken Lapphaugen Polar Park


S ø rd a le


Målselvvaa Mål


a len




D i v id




Borke kenees





es da



Skjjold Sk

Rundhaug Heggelia





Stors rstteinness


Sørr rreeisa Brøstadbotn



VVangsvik angsvik

Bjarkøy Grøtavær Slakstad Sandsøy








rden jord Balsfjfjo

Grylllefjord T rs To rske kenn ke




Tromsdalstinden 1238

gen lan Ma

Mefjordvær Senj n ahhopen Bøvær Skalaand Hamn





Husøy øy


Grøtsund Tønsvik

Kjølen 790

Ersffjordbotn Ers

Sommarøy øy øy Brensholmen

Fugletitting / Birdwatching


et sund Grøt

Skulsfjord Grøtfjord Bellvika

Aksepterer Euro / Accepts Euro

Golf / golf


Soltindan 988



Gårdsturisme / Farm tourism

Partnere (1– 44) / Affiliates (1– 44)





Syklist velkommen/cyclist welcome

Fiske / Fishing





Båtutleie / Boat hire



Strøm/Electrical connections

Rasteplass / Rest area

Ski / Skiing



Kafe / Café






Fug l



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Skjer vø Sk vøy øy Lyngstuva


Reisa fjojord en




ene sa l p

Stors rslletttt Djupvik

r el v d

a len

Ly ng

V e s te













Olderdalen LLyyngsei eiddet

Re i


sa l p Ly ng


Car rental Hertz Phone: +47 482 62 000 Web:



Hatteng Oteren

S ig n

Nordkj dkjosbotn

Rei sae lva


da le



Furuf ufllaten

a le





rri 1



va hkke

s ad


Skib otne lva bo t nda len




Phone: +47 815 33 044 Web: Reisa nasjonalpark

alda len

o Ta m



Lillllee Lil Rosttaavvann Ro ann o s ta d a l e n

Phone: +47 815 51 800 Web:

Stu St tuorar rajávri

Rent a Star Phone: +47 97 69 60 49 E-mail:


Rosta taelvva






Phone: +47 410 17 430 Web:

Caravan rental iCaravan lva Divie

Phone: +47 489 54 385 E-mail:

Arctic Campers Tromsø Phone: +47 990 01 454 E-mail: Dividal nasjonalpark




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Taxi Din Taxi Phone: +47 02045 Web:

Tromsø Taxi Phone: +47 03011 E-mail:

Flybussen Airport Express – Bussring Phone: +47 957 58 000 Web:

Hop on Hop off Tromsø Bus - Bussring Phone: +47 400 02 196 Web:

Parkering Tromsø Parkering Tromsø parkering is the largest provider of parking in Tromsø. Our goals are to better road safety, accessibility, availability and environment. We offer affordable parking, both on the street and in indoor parking facilities. Our heated parking garages are open 24/7, and with both on-site security and surveillance.


Photo © Kari Schibevaag

Booking terms & conditions Dear guest, here are some highlights from Visit Tromsø Region AS Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them to ensure the best possible holiday experience.

Cancellations/changes by the guest To cancel or change your booking, please contact Visit Tromsø-Region AS. All cancellations and changes must be sent via e-mail to For cancellations less than 7 days prior to arrival, please contact both the supplier and Visit Tromsø-Region AS.

The following cancellation fees/ deadlines apply: More than 14 days prior to arrival/tour date – 100% refund 7-14 days prior to arrival/tour date – 50% refund Less than 6 days prior to arrival/tour date – no refund Special terms and conditions apply for bike rentals and booking of accommodation. Please check www.


Cancellations/major changes from our side The supplier may cancel or make major changes last minute due to: • Conditions that are beyond their control, e.g. weather, accidents/breakdowns, strikes etc. • Conditions for the booking not being met, e.g. minimum number of participants etc. A minimum of two full-priced participants applies for most trips, unless otherwise specified. In the event of this type of cancellation/major change, if you do not accept the alternative provided, we will provide a 100 % refund. In the interests of ensuring the best possible experience, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments due to weather, snow conditions etc.

Travel insurance/ cancellation protection We recommend that guests have adequate travel insurance before commencing their trip in case of accident or loss of booked activity due to delayed flights, illness, lost luggage, liability, etc. Suppliers have no obligation to refund money for no-shows. Please read our complete booking conditions on

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Practical information

Buss tickets

Contact numbers in case of emergency: Ambulance: 113

Fire: 110


Police: 112

Doctor: If you require urgent medical assistance, the emergency room at the University Hospital of Northern Norway is the best option. Contact number: +47 116 117 Pharmacy: There are several pharmacies located around the city centre and within the shopping centres. Note that some medications are more restricted in Norway than other countries. Contact number to Vitus Pharmacy: +47 77 21 26 00

Road assistance Viking: +47 77 61 06 00

Bank and currency The only place in Tromsø to exchange foreign currency is the main Post office in Sjøgata 7 in the city centre (beside the Radisson Blu Hotel). There are currently no money exchange agencies in Tromsø. ATM machines are widely available. Please note that owing to bank fees it may be cheaper to use your credit card instead of exchanging money. Major credit and debit cards, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners) are widely accepted.

Single tickets are valid for approximately 60 minutes. You can buy tickets on board, using cash only. The driver can give change. Fares are cheaper if you buy tickets in advance. Pre-paid tickets can be bought from various outlets: The Point at Tromsø Airport; Wito in Storgata; Narvesen in Stortorget, Krokensenteret and K1 shopping centre; Troms Fylkestrafikk in Roald Amundsen Plass; MIX at the university (UiT), AMFI Pyramiden and hospital (UNN). Pre-paid tickets can be bought from ticket machines at the following bus stops: Fr Langes gate F2 (by Kiwi); Sjøgata S1 (by Peppes Pizza); Giæverbukta terminal; the university (UiT), hospital (UNN) and at Troms Fylkestrafikk customer service centre at Prostneset.

Photography and use of drones It is fine to take photos out in nature and at most attractions. However, some art galleries and some museum exhibits have signs indicating that photography is not permitted. Photographing groups of people is usually ok, but if you are photographing an unknown individual, it is best and most polite to ask permission first. Photographing children or around schools and kindergartens is generally not accepted unless you have prior permission.

There is nowhere to park legally free of charge in downtown Tromsø during daytime. Ensure you have paid for sufficient time as fines are issued quickly. Parking at car parks must be prepaid at an automatic ticket dispenser or via a mobile app.

Top 5 rules for use of drones for play and leisure: 1. The drone should always be kept within your sight and operated in a mindful and considerate manner. Never fly near accident sites. 2. Never fly closer than 5 km from airports unless you have explicit clearance to do so. 3. Never fly higher than 120 meters off the ground. 4. Never fly over festivals, military sites or sporting events. Keep a distance of 150 meters. 5. Be considerate of others privacy. Take note of the rules concerning photos and films of other people.

Drinking water

Private property

The tap water in Tromsø is very pure and clean and is often better than bottled water.

In Norway it is strongly discouraged to enter private property without specific permission from the landowner. Please ensure you ask before entering private property, and certainly before taking pictures of people, especially children. Walking on private land without permission is not something that is welcome.


Tipping It is not uncommon to give tips in Norway, but it is not expected all the time. If you are satisfied with the service in a restaurant or bar, tipping will be much appreciated. The normal level is up to 10 %.

Thank you for your respect and understanding of the Norwegian culture.



Small groups - Big experiences

Charter boat fishing

Our highly qualified guide team ensure unique and unforgettable adventures with a personal touch.

Northern Lights trips

Make an appointment Phone +47 948 60 941 E-mail Online booking:

Winter fjord cruise

Midnight sun fjord cruise Midnight sun fjord cruise

Tromsø Guide 2018/19 - Sommer  
Tromsø Guide 2018/19 - Sommer