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Chawolo adventure

February, 2012 Year 7, Number 1

Dear family and friends,

Chawolo, Uganda

2011 Christmas musical With the construction of the hall/nursery, we had doubted whether the musical would take place… but the village/Church was counting on this so we still endeavored to prepare. The (literally) last week, to Christmas, Tim gathered about 15 children and practiced 13 songs. For some children, all the songs were new but they managed to learn all the songs – amazing!

On the day (Christmas day), people really enjoyed this. We (Tim and Wilma) led the whole program

Eugene & Jaimie They enjoyed playing a lot with the community ch ildr en dur in g th e holidays. Also interestingly,

they came up with a game where points are scored by the ball hitting a chair (if you miss, the points are spilled over to the opponents – we’ve played this a few times here in our compound). Homeschooling is also going pretty well with Wilma doing all but one subject (Physics) - it is a new subject this semester which Tim is giving hand. So far so good. This is also the year where Eugene and Jaimie will be

seating for their bi-yearly exams. We pray and hope it goes well . 13th Anniversary married On January 23rd, we celebrated our 13th anniversary. We decided to do this a bit like our honeymoon – we did not plan much… went to spend a night at Jinja near the source of the Nile (at the same hotel where we spent the first night of our honeymoon). We really enjoyed the adventure (which involved searching for an Indian restaurant, running the next day in the morning near Lake Victoria and having a wonderful breakfast … ok, the breakfast was not very nice but the sitting was romantic. We were and are grateful that with God’s help, we have each other even after “all” these years (ok! ok! some folks have been together for 50 plus years… we are coming after you ☺.

Visits this year We are always very happy when we get visitors – encourages us and the community too. These coming months (February to April), we do expect Henk and Nellie

Eugene and Jaimie

Tim & Wilma News

This time, another quarter has taken us into 2012 thus a 2012 f ir s t newsletter. Quite a lot has happened that frankly, a newsletter would have to be very long to explain it all.

including a small sharing (with Wilma doing most). A remarkable comment from the village was that it was good to see how we managed to run the program without “wasting time”.

plus their son (they are Board members of CDHope), Wilma’s parents, Uncle and Auntie and also a girl from NL. We also have other visits planned for later in the year.

CDHope hall, also to be used as a Nursery class

We are very excited about all these visits. With our brand new guesthouse, these visits have been made possible. Good stuff!

Since October last year, we’ve been constructing a hall also to be used as a nursery class. As we write, this building is almost complete. We hope to start a nursery class soon with children (total number ranging between 30 and 40). The community is really excited and looking forward to this. Nursery schooling creates a strong basis/foundation for schooling. This lacks in most villages in Uganda, Chawolo being no exception. We also intend to use this hall for the children’s ministry on Saturday – we currently hold it from out which makes the program weather-dependent (we’ve sometimes had to stop in the middle due to rain…it is also difficult to use outside when the sun is shining and hot). This hall should also help with other meetings with the community etc…definitely a BIG plus!

Children, Children’s ministry, Church and the community CDHope children The holidays were also a good time for the children to connect with their relatives. This time, we gave them a choice (either stay and have Christmas with us then go to spend the rest of the holidays with their relatives or straightaway go to spend time with their relatives). They all except one, wanted to stay for Christmas. Miria wanted to stay but being the oldest of the remaining orphans, she felt responsible for those left at home – quite understandable. All the five (four CDHope and one community) children who sat for

their final primary school exams passed quite well (1st and 2nd division). Great stuff! Children’s ministry Since the Christmas week, we’ve not had the Saturday Children’s ministry. However, children were almost always at the CDHope field/premise during the whole holidays. We hope to resume Children’s ministry this week.

family with their monthly needs. There are also quite a few spiritual challenges in this village with most of them being witchcraft related. We are very happy to say that God is doing great things here. Some folks are turning against these evil ways and acknowledging and embracing God’s love through Jesus Christ.

A call for support

CDHope is in the process of developing a

The Church and the Community Finally, the pastor’s entire family (wife and 6 children) joined the pastor to live in Chawolo. This is a very good development because the pastor can fully devote his (and that of his wife) time to helping the Church/community. Thanks to a couple from Holland, this is now possible – a Dutch couple is financially supporting the pastor and his

school, with Christian principles and values. To do this, we will need financial support to build classrooms yearly. Starting with a nursery class, we hope that the children will graduate (move) to the first primary class a year later. We are also thinking of starting a secondary school which is lacking in Chawolo and the neighboring villages.

Praise and Prayer

Could you consider how/if you would be of help here?

 For the visitors this year – always an


 For protection – Being a very dry and hot period, we’ve had a some snakes looking for a cooler place thus in our compound. We thank God for keeping us safe from snake bites  For the construction of the nursery – that it has gone well  For our good health

 

encouragement…part of hope also for the community For the spiritual renewal of this community – more people are turning to God For the good school performance for the CDHope primary students – they all passed very well (3 students had 1st Grads and 2 students had 2nd Grade!


 For God’s continued protection and good health

 Eugene and Jaimie’s school exams  

this year- that they will stay healthy and pass well For continued growth of sponsors for the work here in Chawolo For funding to be able to build classrooms

Till the next newsletter, Greetings from the Omalla’s, @ Chawolo! Contact info Uganda: Tim and Wilma Omalla P.O. Box 531, Tororo, Uganda Telephone Tim: +256 752 661382 Wilma: +256 782 728445, +256 757 724674 Email:

Contact info The Netherlands: Ton & Ilse de Lange Hazelaarlaan 3, 2803 BS GOUDA Telephone: Home: +31 (0)182 571850 Email:

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Rabobank St. Child’s Destiny of Hope, Rijswijk 1281.29.956

For international transfers: Rabobank, Rijswijk IBAN: NL98 RABO 0128129956 BIC: RABONL2U Transfers to Uganda: Bank: Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd Kampala, Uganda Account: 60 01 00 79 29 Name: CDHope UG SWIFT: BARCUGKX

Newsletter Tim and Wilma, february 2012  

The february 2012 newsletter from Tim and Wilma.