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March 2013

Chawolo adventure

Year 8, no. 1

Dear family and friends, It’s time again for an update from Chawolo. Since the last newsletter, a lot has happened in Chawolo.

Chawolo, Uganda

We think that they are doing quite well but it is always good to assess themselves with other children of their age/ class. Furthermore, they are growing very well, enjoying their time with the community children and quite healthy. Last Christmas Holidays Picture: Celebrating Christmas in the CDHope hall

Picture: Parents and students looking for admission in the CDHope Secondary and Nursery School

Primary Not having an own primary school, we take the sponsored children to a fairly better school that is 5km away. However, in January, we learnt that they were moving the first three classes to a place further – about 8.5/9km away. This was very disappointing news because we have 11 nursery graduates who are heading to the first primary class – they can’t walk all that distance twice a day… besides, one part of the road is a bit too busy and could be dangerous (traffic) for the children. Because of this challenge, we have decided to start a primary class in the afternoon (using the hall/ nursery class once it is free). What happens when these children go to the second class remains a challenge right now but it is something playing in our minds.

CDHope schools

Eugene and Jaimie

Tim & Wilma News

Eugene & Jaimie They will be sitting for Grade 6 exams in April this year. It has been previously bi-yearly done but it will now be done yearly.

Their half sister, who acts as a guardian to them, decided to take them to a boarding school. It was a very difficult moment for us but we eventually managed to speak with Suzan and Benja who both said “I had no choice”. Even then, we wish them the best and believe that through CDHope, God has planted a seed in them that should only grow. As for the community, it was a challenging time especially for a family (Odoi) that lives not too far from us. The father (alcoholic) ended up with extremely weird behaviors, where his children had to run out of the house every night for safety. We arranged a place of safety for the children but the father found out where the children were and again went after the children. Both his (polygamist) wives had left with the younger and older children. Eventually, we made contact with his only able-tohelp brother and together with a few people, Tim drove this man to Tororo town and handed him to his brother who later took him to a hospital in Kampala. As we write, this man is back in Chawolo but not really doing very well health wise.

This past holiday, all of the CDHope children went to spend time with their families/ relatives. It went well for most of them. Unfortunately, Suzan and Benja did not come back.

Nursery The nursery is doing very well…in fact, so well that a lot of folks have come to ask for a place for their children. We have added 10 children from the neighboring villages and a few others from Chawolo.

Update on secondary school On 18th March, we’ll be starting our secondary school (God willing), with the first two classes (S1 and S2). We are very excited and look forward to this. As we write, we are still doing the last teacher interviews and working hard to complete the toilet and kitchen. It is amazing how things tend to be very slow in Uganda yet speed up a lot to the sprint  The secondary school will be helpful for the community and neighboring community too because the nearest secondary school is about 11km away. In the student interviews, we’ve had some folks come from as far as Tororo (32km) and Namatamba (about 50km away) looking for a student place. Unfortunately for them, we do not have (sleeping) accommodation, however, there are many students in Chawolo and the neighborhood.

Village and…

Furlough and holidays in the Netherlands and US Children’s Program Picture: In the Saturday program the children are learning about being careful with each other. They are not supposed to break the toilet paper, as they try to walk through it.

Omalla’s coming to NL and the US It is time for our bi-yearly holidays. We hope to come to Holland end May for 3 and half weeks, then also go to the US (visit Tim’s sisters who live and work in St. Louis Missouri) for 1 and half weeks. We really look forward to this, especially Eugene and Jaimie (they remind us almost daily ). Unfortunately, we do not yet have all the funds for our tickets. If there is any way we could get financial support here, it is very welcome.

Borehole Chawolo Picture: The borehole was faulty, causing a water shortage in the village. With help of the Emergency fund, the borehole was repaired. After some hours of pumping out dirty water, there was clean water again .

Praise and Prayer Praise

   

Prayer The good health The protection on the road and here at the jungle The growth of the CDHope work For the continued financial support we get (thanks folks and be blessed for that).

    

For continued good health For continued protection on the road and here in Chawolo For a good and successful start of the secondary school For a good solution to the primary challenge For Odoi’s health…and his family through this challenging period.

Till the next newsletter, greetings from the Omalla’s, @ Chawolo! Contact info Uganda: Tim and Wilma Omalla P.O. Box 531, Tororo, UGANDA Telephone Tim: +256 752 661382 Wilma: +256 782 728445, +256 757 724674 Email:

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Newsletter Tim & Wilma Omalla 2013-03  
Newsletter Tim & Wilma Omalla 2013-03  

Newsletter Tim & Wilma Omalla 2013-03