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2021 New Titles Catalogue


Child’s Play New Titles 2021

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Baby Rhyme Time - Summer 2021

Illustrated by Annie Kubler and Sarah Dellow These well-known songs are perfect for group sessions or peaceful bedtime bonding. Lively illustrations of a diverse group of toddlers acting out the rhymes encourage participation.






and shake!

and toes,

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

the blocks!

and eyes


baker’s man.

BOARD Price: £4.99 Size: 203 x 203mm Extent: 12pp Age: 0-3 978-1-78628-405-1 This Little Piggy 978-1-78628-406-8 Ten Little Fingers 978-1-78628-407-5 Pat a Cake 978-1-78628-408-2 Hey Diddle Diddle 978-1-78628-579-9 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 978-1-78628-580-5 If you’re Happy and you Know It 978-1-78628-581-2 Pop a Little Pancake 978-1-78628-582-9 Five Little Ducks

knees and toes!


Baby Sees - Autumn 2021

Illustrated by Dottie Lottle These colourful and engaging books can stand by themselves - perfect for tummy time sessions! Relax side-by-side and point out the illustrations, or lie on the other side and peek over the book. It even has some tactile features and fluttering elements to blow on! Developed in consultation with infant psychologists to ensure that the best designs and colours are chosen for optimal visual perception for babies from 0 - 6 months. illustrated by

Dotty Lottie

illustrated by

Dotty Lottie

illustrated by

illustrated by

Dotty Lottie

LEPORELLO BOARD WITH CASE Price: £12.99 978-1-78628-625-3 The Trees 978-1-78628-626-0 The Sky 978-1-78628-627-7 The Sea 978-1-78628-628-4 The Garden

Size: 203 x 203mm

Extent: 14pp

Age: 0-6

Dotty Lottie

Child’s Play New Titles 2021


Nursery Time

Illustrated by Ailie Busby These fantastic collections of nursery songs, rhymes and games are the perfect playmates for you and your toddler. Each book features a selection of modern and traditional verses, and provides suggestions for actions so that everyone can join in! Printed on durable board, large enough to share, and filled with delightful toddlers.

“Useful and adorable a delightful mix.” Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

CASED BOARD Price: £7.99 Size: 203 x 203mm 978-1-78628-409-9 See-Saw 978-1-78628-410-5 Five Little Ducks 978-1-78628-411-2 Pat-A-Cake

Extent: 26pp

A Wise Old Owl A wise old owl Lived in an oak, The more he saw, The less he spoke. The less he spoke, The more he heard. Why can’t we all be Like that wise old bird?

Kirkus Starred Review 2020

Age: 0-4

Two Little Dicky Birds Two little dicky birds Sitting on a wall, Hold up two fingers One named Peter, one named Paul. Fly away Peter, fly away Paul. Hide one finger, then the other Come back Peter, come back Paul! Both fingers reappear

Five Little Ducks Five little ducks went out one day, Hold up five fingers Over the hills and far away. Wave hand as if going up and down a hill Mother Duck said, “Quack, quack, quack, quack,” Open and close hands in front of mouth

But only four little ducks came back.

Hold up four fingers

Repeat verse counting down from four to zero

Roses are Red

Last verse:

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you!

Mother Duck went out one day, Over the hills and far away. Mother Duck said, “Quack, quack, quack, quack,” And five little ducks came wandering back.


Rosa’s Workshop - Autumn 2021

Jessica Spanyol Rosa and her friends return to conduct fun, basic experiments involving science, technology, engineering and maths! Follow the children throughvarious stages of each experiment, from identifying a problem, to testing out solutions.

Rosa’s Big Bird Feeder Experiment

Rosa’s Big Shadow Experiment NEW NEW NEW NEW

“Let’s see,” predicts Jamil. “This ping-pong ball should float because it’s less dense than water.”


“This marble is the same size as the ping-pong ball,” says Sadiq. “Why doesn’t it float too?”

Child’s Play New Titles 2021

“How much flour?” asks Kezia. “Weigh some on the scales,” Rosa answers. “Here comes a flour cloud!” laughs Kezia.

Sadiq uses the cups to measure more flour. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5,” counts Sadiq. Jamil checks the water level.

CASED CARD Price: £5.99 Size: 203 x 203mm Extent: 18pp Age: 3-6 978-1-78628-361-0 Rosa’s Big Pizza Experiment 978-1-78628-362-7 Rosa’s Big Bridge Experiment 978-1-78628-363-4 Rosa’s Big Boat Experiment 978-1-78628-364-1 Rosa’s Big Sunflower Experiment 978-1-78628-629-1 Rosa Explores the Water Cycle 978-1-78628-630-7 Rosa Explores Life Cycles 978-1-78628-631-4 Rosa’s Big Bird Feeder Experiment * 978-1-78628-632-1 Rosa’s Big Shadow Puppet Experiment * * 2022

Novelty Books Making Tracks

Illustrated by Cocoretto and Abi Hall Run little fingers along these chunky, die-cut shapes and guess what created the tracks! Lift the flap to find out if you are right! Develop observation and prediction skills by exploring tracks that can be found in a variety of settings. A rewarding, tactile experience, full of surprises. BOARD Price: £6.99 Size: 180 x 180mm Extent: 12pp 978-1-78628-293-4 Park 978-1-78628-294-1 Snow 978-1-78628-295-8 Beach 978-1-78628-296-5 Farm 978-1-78628-412-9 Desert 978-1-78628-413-6 Jungle 978-1-78628-414-3 City 978-1-78628-415-0 Mountain Who is makin g

tracks ?

Age: 1-3

“With plenty of opportunities for adult-child interaction, this is a great book for sharing with the very young.” BookTrust - Great Books Guide 2019

Who is making

tracks ?



Now You See It! - Autumn 2021

Illustrated by Sarah Dellow These books use high contrast patterns and clever die-cut holes to reveal the illustrations! A great way to introduce toddlers to shapes, patterns and silhouettes. NEW Sarah Dellow

Sarah Dellow


Sarah Dellow

BOARD Price: £5.99 Size: 180 x 180mm 978-1-78628-584-3 In the Rainforest 978-1-78628-585-0 In the River 978-1-78628-586-7 In the Sea 978-1-78628-587-4 In the Meadow

Extent: 16pp

Age: 1-3

Sarah Dellow

Child’s Play New Titles 2021



The Big Dance - Summer 2021

Aoife Greenham The Big Dance is nearly here, and everyone is practising. Everyone has their own special moves. Well, everyone except Pippa, who most definitely does not have a dance of her own. Or does she? See how Poppa and the others join forces to help Pippa find her unique dance and join in the celebrations. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-568-3 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 “Look at Kit’s Quiet Leaf Dance.

“My Trotting Trot is ready for the Big Dance!” called Sweet Moo.

Pippa watched everyone get ready. She still didn’t feel a dance.

And watch Hop, Skip and Whizz... “Hi Pippa!” stomped Fancy Chicken. “We can’t wait to see your special moves at the Big Dance!”

as they whoop, wheel and whirl their Ribbon Dance together.”


But as the music started and Pippa felt the beat, her tail began to tickle and twitch. And...

“ME?” thought Pippa. “MY special moves?”

I See The Sea - Summer 2021

Julia Groves Plunge into this exploration of the ocean! Poetic text and vibrant illustrations by Julia Groves create a mesmerising experience for the reader. A die-cut hole in every page encourages children to look carefully through the book, adds to the sense of discovery and explores concepts of size and scale. The perfect gift for fans of nature! With an urgent message and practical tips about the importance of preserving this wonderful environment SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-204-0 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 I SEE night hunters, silently scouring the ocean floor


I SEE a dark shape gliding, majestic and serene


Sand Between My Toes - Summer 2021

Caroline Cross, illustrated by Jenny Duke A family spends a day at the seaside, enjoying the many sensations that are unique to the coast. Evocative rhyming text immerses the reader in the experience of visiting a beach. Detailed illustrations, featuring plentiful images of diversity and inclusion, encourage observational and conversational skills. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-349-8 Price: £6.99 Size: 220 x 285mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6

Water glis tens I lis ten


Child’s Play New Titles 2021

Toes wriggle, I giggle


Choices - Summer 2021

Roozeboos A girl considers her future while she people-watches at her local outdoor pool. Choices, both insignificant and life-changing, are all around us. Whether we want to make a splash or just dip our toes into new experiences, there’s always a decision involved. Profound and humorous, CHOICES encourages readers to value the power behind their thoughts and actions! SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-564-5 Price: £6.99 Size: 268 x 245mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6

They can be little choices..


Bye Car - Summer 2021

Naomi Danis, illustrated by Daniel Rieley Two children watch all the different kinds of cars around them. Big, small, noisy, quiet - an endless stream of them pass through the street every day. There are many issues with cars, but are there any alternatives? Brimming with descriptive language and hope, ‘Bye Car’ is a creative way to get everyone geared up for a greener future! SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-566-9 Price: £6.99 Size: 268 x 245mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6

Bye Bye

winking car.

flashing car. Bye another car.

Bye dashing car.

Bye blinking car.


Covered In Adventures - Autumn 2021

Gillian Hibbs Sasha’s dads see the stains and scuffs on her old jumper as reasons to buy a new one, but Sasha sees them as a record of her adventures! Each mark reminds her of a day she spent doing something exciting with her friends and family – from muddy bike rides to painting a mural at school. Will Sasha and her dads find a way to compromise? SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-347-4 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 “Dads! It’s not dirty!


“It got really dirty when I turned it into my nature-exploring cape.

Child’s Play New Titles 2021



Valentine’s Guest House - 2022

Sam Sharland When a tiger comes to stay at Valentine’s guest house, the human visitors all check out. Luckily, the hotel soon starts to fill again - but with a very different collection of residents, all with new and differing needs. Elsie and her mum make lots of changes to accommodate the new guests, and a very popular, accessible and unusual guest house results! A beautiful picture book about diversity, inclusivity and enabling. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-562-1 Price: £6.99 Size: 268 x 245mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 “A tiger!” exclaimed Elsie, “What are you doing in our shed?”

Ms Valentine ran a very popular guest house in the city.

“My name is Emmet”, replied the tiger. “I came to see the city but nobody will let me stay”. Her daughter Elsie liked to help.


Ms Valentine was a little shocked at first but she was a true professional so tried not to show it.

She said there was a free room and would be delighted to have him stay.

Elsie took Emmet to her mum.

For the Love of Lettuce - 2022

Courtney Dicmas A friendly rivalry between caterpillars leads to an argument. Can the ever-controlling Biff change for the better? A hilarious adventure, which can be used to talk to children about conflict resolution and the importance of apologising. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-475-4 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6

Cat’s Seasons Airlie Anderson


Cat’s Seasons - 2022

Airlie Anderson In this sequel to the beloved ‘Cat’s Colours’, Cat and her family take in the seasons (and borrow some of their rich colours, too!) A charming introduction to the beauty of natural cycles. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-623-9 Price: £6.99 Size: 220 x 285mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-8


Child’s Play New Titles 2021


The Welcome Blanket - 2022

Phoebe Swan A newly-arrived family receives a warm welcome from their neighbours when they’re presented with a quilt that the supportive community has made for them. A diverse range of different embroidery techniques and materials from around the world are used, illustrating that every culture has unique and traditional methods of creating art. An affirmative story, celebrating cultural diversity, strong communities and our creative heritage. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-473-0 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 36pp Age: 3-8 Our street is the busiest street in town.


On our way home, we showed Brodi our plan.

It takes ages to walk home from school because there are so many people to say hello to.

“A blanket for a baby needs to be really warm. My mother knitted this with wool from her sheep.”

The Quaddlehumps and The Doodlethumps - 2022

Katie Brosnan When a colony of tiny Doodlethumps lose their flower pot home, the Quaddlehumps agree to share theirs. However, the more close-minded residents blame the drumming Doodlethumps for problems beyond their control. What will make the Quaddlehumps empathise with the other group? A witty, child-friendly way to encourage critical thinking skills, open-mindedness, and awareness of scapegoating. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-484-6 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 36pp Age: 3-8

Katie Brosnan


Thames - 2022

Emma Shoard A gorgeously illustrated journey along Britain’s most well-known river, from source to sea. Emma has spent much of her life actually living on the river, and this is her personal notebook of her many encounters with of the varied creatures for whom it is also home. A gift that any young wildlife enthusiast will treasure. HARD COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-570-6 Price: £12.99 Size: 225 x 300mm Extent: 68pp Age: 5-9 London Thames

Missing Food Chain

Child’s Play New Titles 2021



BookTrust’s Great Books Guide 2020

Evgenia Golubeva Olivia really doesn’t like her nickname – whenever she gets called ‘Mouse’, she turns into one! It’s hard to enjoy human-sized birthday parties and roller-skating when you’re a tiny rodent… but how can she persuade her mum to stop? A hilarious look at the huge variety of affectionate names we give the ones we love, with an interesting take on identity and self-assurance. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-463-1 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 I love my mom, mum, but for some reason she always calls me...



“This entertaining, ebulliently illustrated story will make grownups pause before nicknaming somebody without their approval.” Kirkus Reviews

Roller-Coaster Ride

David Broadbent Vincent and Grandma are on their way to the beach. As they get nearer to their destination, his excitement grows as he imagines riding on the roller coaster and other attractions! Will the day out meet his expectations? With thanks to Reach Charity and their members for helping us to ensure authentic representation of a child with an upper limb difference SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-560-7 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 Vincent crossed his fingers.

“How about a ride on the roller coaster when we arrive?” asked Grandma.

“It will be AMAZING!” he announced. Vincent loved roller coasters.

agin He im

ed fying around, up and down, sup er-


on a th





They were so much fun!

“That would be AMAZING!” said Vincent.

Max + Xam

Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar Max and Xam are very best buddies – until they fall out over who has more friends! Each determined to be more popular than the other, they hatch ever more fantastic plans to enlarge their friendship groups, until the inevitable happens. A hilarious and delightfully far-fetched tale about the meaning and value of true friendship. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-086-2 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 36pp Age: 3-6

“Clever fun carries a sweet feelgood message about real, true, loving friendships.” Kirkus Reviews


Child’s Play New Titles 2021

New Shoes, Red Shoes

Susan Rollings, illustrated by Becky Baur It’s time to buy a new pair of shoes. There’s footwear for every occasion, but which ones should we buy? Driven by a powerful, rhythmic and rhyming text, this book celebrates the excitement of a shopping trip, and encourages discussion of the many choices available. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-467-9 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6

“The best bit for me was the incidental positive representation throughout the book.” Karen Newell (ToyLikeMe Co-founder)

Two shoes, small shoes, off to get some new shoes.

Green shoes, purple shoes,

red, blue or yellow shoes!

Best Friends, Busy Friends

Susan Rollings, illustrated by Nichola Cowdery We’re surrounded by friends, but no one is the same. They’re not all even human! This dynamic rhyme celebrates the diversity of the friendships that enrich each part of every day, from waking up to party time. A stimulating text and energetic illustrations encourage discussion of the emotional needs and rewards that should enrich everybody’s life. This picture book can inspire children to reflect on the friendships in their lives and to be grateful towards those who support them. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-465-5 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 32pp Age: 3-6 running around the playground friends.

“A fun read-aloud beat, but the illustrations shine.” Kirkus Reviews

lots of very hungry friends!

Slow friends,

Furry friends,

feathered friends,

fast friends,

Bea By The Sea

Jo Byatt Bea loves lions and hates sand. One day, her mother persuades her to visit the seaside to watch a sand artist work. There, Bea meets a sand sculpture of a friendly lion, who mysteriously comes to life. Their developing friendship helps them to confront and overcome their anxieties. But when Bea returns to the beach the following day, the lion has disappeared. A tender picture book about the mutual support of friendship, the acceptance of loss and the resilience needed to accept change. SOFT COVER ISBN: 978-1-78628-469-3 Price: £6.99 Size: 250 x 250mm Extent: 36pp Age: 2-5 “I guess sand isn’t so bad,” said Bea. “But I think I’ll wash it off my hands now.” She looked up. “What’s the matter, Sand Lion?”

“Byatt’s expressive, motion-based illustrations, dominated by yellow and blue, make this a great read for the youngest of children.” Kirkus Reviews

One day Mum said, “It’s a lovely morning. Let’s go to the beach!”

“Do we have to?” asked Bea. “Can’t we just stay and play here?”

“I really don’t like water,” he shivered.

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