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Winter 2014

Meet Sweet Jacob

Jeneece Place

Never too Late

At 3 months of age, Jacob had a brain injury. You help bring him comfort and joy. Page 2

Children’s Health Foundation celebrates two years of helping Island families at Jeneece Place. Page 8

Sixty years after losing his daughter, Darrell Nute honours her memory by helping kids. Page 10

Comfort & Joy

The Robbins family does all it can to give Jacob a good day, every day

Belinda Fontes Photography

Kelea and Gord Robbins were

Syndrome], but Jacob didn’t get an

the TV or radio on because the

visiting family in Florida when they

official diagnosis at first; he didn’t

background noise could cover up

found their three-month-old son

fit anything.”

any bumps or knocks.”

Now eight years old, Jacob has

As soon as Jacob returned to

Rushed to a Fort Lauderdale

cerebral palsy, quadriplegia,

Victoria from Florida, he was

hospital by ambulance, little

developmental delay, visual

connected with programs and

Jacob started having seizure after

impairment, and reflux with risk

services at the Queen Alexandra

seizure. Hooked up to life support,

of aspiration — and those are

Centre for Children’s Health,

he was transferred to Miami

just the big ones. He is fed by

many of which are funded by

Children’s Hospital where he

G-tube through his stomach, and

your donations to Children’s

stayed for 30 days, clinging to life.

he continues to have seizures,

Health Foundation of Vancouver

but since the summer, they have

Island. He sees a neurologist

become less frequent. On a bad

and specialists in reflux,

day, he has 10 seizures; on an

speech, vision, and wheelchair-

average day, five.

seating, in addition to receiving

lying unconscious in his crib.

Doctors couldn’t determine what caused him to stop breathing and seize. But early on, they could tell he had suffered severe brain damage. “It happened quickly,” Kelea remembers. “They called it ‘nearmiss SIDS’ [Sudden Infant Death P. 2

Children mean the world to us.

“His seizures are caused from startles. A quiet knock on the table

physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

or a fork on your dinner plate could

“He was so young [when he had

set him off,” Kelea says. “We leave

the brain injury], we didn’t know

Previous page: Jacob and Gord share a beautiful moment. Left: Kelea takes Jacob for a walk in his special stroller. Below: Gord plays with his sons, Owen

Belinda Fontes Photography

and Jacob.

Jacob is the toughest kid you’ll ever meet. He’s calm, cuddly, and loving. what his life was going to be like,” Kelea says.

“Jacob is the toughest kid you’ll ever meet,” Kelea

“Some doctors said, ‘he’s so young, you never

says. “He has the best demeanor; he is so calm

know what the brain can do.’ As he started to get

and cuddly and loving. Everyone who meets him

older, we started to know more of what his life

loves him.”

was going to look like.”

Comfort is key with Jacob. Anything that

Jacob loves being outside. He loves listening to

helps keep him comfortable – like the stroller

the birds and the wind and watching how light

purchased thanks to donations from the

comes through the trees. He craves the wind on

community – help Jacob and his family have a

his face and likes the feeling of raindrops, too.

good day.

Donations to Children’s Health Foundation helped

“It makes us all happy when we know Jacob has

Kelea and Gord buy a special needs stroller for

had a good day,” Kelea says with a bright smile.

Jacob, so he can enjoy outdoor adventures with

You can feel how much she loves her son by the

his little brother, six-year-old Owen.

softness in her voice when she talks about the

Though Jacob can’t speak, he communicates his

things that make him comfortable and peaceful.

joy in other ways. He hoots and laughs when

Since Jacob stopped having seizures so

he’s pushed in his stroller; he makes noise when

frequently, he has been experimenting with new

he looks at picture books with his brother or

sounds. The family is hopeful he is going to talk,

when he gets his feet massaged; and he loves

that he’ll learn to communicate, and that maybe

being vocal with the aid workers who help him

one day, he’ll sit up.

get dressed for school. He is in grade 3 at Victor School with 19 other kids.

“We always have hope,” Kelea says.

P. 3

Together, helping kids

Message from Linda Hughes, President & CEO Each of us has the power to improve the life of a child. Because you are reading this newsletter, I think you already know that. You know that by supporting our Foundation, you are supporting life saving and life transforming programs, facilities, and medical equipment. All these things help heal children on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands who have physical and developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other health challenges. L to R: Kerri Roberts, Abby (our cover girl from Kids at Heart Summer 2013) and Linda Hughes, President & CEO, at Bear Wear (page 12).

In this issue, we are featuring the stories of four children you have helped through your contributions to the Foundation. We are also featuring two donors (page 10 and page 14) who have made a difference.

These donors are no different than you or me. Helping kids is important to them, for their own personal reasons, which I’ll let you read about. Like you and me, they are doing what they can to help. And because of their generosity, kids like Jacob (page 2), Thomas (page 6), William (page 7), and Kendryk (page 9) will reach their personal milestones and lead healthier lives. We say in our tagline that “Children mean the world to us.” You’re included in that “us.” Because children also mean the world to you, kids on Vancouver Island will receive the health care they need in 2014. Thank you for giving kids the best start possible and being there for them along the way.

New Board Member Kay Melbye

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

Kay Melbye practices family

2390 Arbutus Road Victoria BC V8N 1V7 250-519-6977 |

law with the law firm of Brown Henderson Melbye in Oak Bay. She has been involved in numerous activities within and outside of the legal profession including being past President of the

Charitable Registration No. 89863 8291 RR0001


The first Queen Alexandra fund was established in 1922 by the B.C. Women’s Institute. Honorary Patron: Her Honour The Honourable Judith Guichon, O.B.C. Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Victoria Bar Association and past Chair of the Bridges for Women Society, as well as teaching continuing legal education courses. She was honoured to receive a Victoria Woman of Distinction award in 2003. P. 4

Children mean the world to us.

KIDS AT HEART is published by Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. The points of view expressed herein are the points of view of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation. KIDS AT HEART is protected by copyright. Reproduction is prohibited without the written consent of the Foundation.

A good year for Island children

Board Membership MARGOT MCLAREN MOORE, Chair Principal, TRILOGY GROUP


Vancouver Island Director & Branch Manager, SCOTIAMCLEOD

BILL SNELL, C.A., Treasurer Chief Financial Officer, ISLAND SAVINGS CREDIT UNION

KAY MELBYE, Secretary Lawyer, BROWN HENDERSON MELBYE Belinda Fontes Photography


Retired Educator

BLAIR HAGKULL, Director Director & Managing Director,



FRANK JAGDIS, M.D., Director Trousdell Family, L to R: Nolan, Tracey, Jordan, Asher, and big sister Rio.

Wow! Thanks to the generosity of 543 Vancouver Islanders, our Winter Campaign raised just over $80,000 for Island kids with special needs! THANK YOU! Because of supporters like you, kids like Asher and Nolan who have cerebral palsy will receive the care and services they need to reach their milestones.

Retired Pediatrician

Staff LINDA HUGHES, M.Ed. President & CEO

KAREN WHITE, C.A. Director of Finance & Administration


If you haven’t had a chance to make a donation, you can still help us

Director of Community Relations

reach our goal of raising $93,000 for Island kids. Every gift counts —


from $10 to $10,000! To make a gift, please fill out the pledge card on the last page of this newsletter and mail it to the address listed. Or, you can make a gift online at or by calling 250-519-6977. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for 2014. Thank you for helping us help children on the Islands.

DID YOU KNOW: Thanks to your support, we are the only Island-based foundation dedicated to raising funds to support programs, facilities, and medical equipment for

Senior Development Officer Estate & Annual Gifts


Coordinator of Special Events

JESSICA WOOLLARD, M.A. Communications Officer


Development Assistant


Community Relations Coordinator

children with physical and developmental disabilities.

P. 5

Great Beginnings

A healthy pregnancy gave Thomas a strong start Last October, Laura* gave birth

their pregnancy. Delivered by

The couple’s efforts to improve

to a healthy baby boy. What a joy!

Island Health, HerWay Home offers

their health was rewarded with

For Laura and her partner Martin,

support to pregnant women and

the birth of their healthy baby boy,

the road to delivering this healthy

new mothers who face substance

Thomas. “We are so grateful for

baby was not easy — but they had

use challenges or mental health

the support from HerWay Home,”

help along the way.

issues or who have experienced

Laura says. “We wanted our son to

violence. Children’s Health

have a better start to life than we

Foundation of Vancouver Island

had. Now, he will.”

“Laura was born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which resulted in learning disabilities and a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),” says Amanda Seymour, coordinator, HerWay Home program. Unable to focus and get the help she needed in school, Laura stopped going to school in Grade 6. Her home life offered no support; she moved from one foster home to another before living on her own with help from the BC Government. “Eventually, Laura started using

has committed $3.3 million to the project over five years, because we believe in helping to bring healthy babies into the world and giving babies a great start to life.

HerWay Home has not only provided Thomas with a strong start; it has also encouraged Laura to complete her high school diploma, so she can look for a

“Laura and Martin received

better job once she goes back to

prenatal and nutritional

work. She and Martin plan to be

information and parenting advice,”

married next year.

Amanda says. “They also received food, baby clothes, diapers and much-needed emotional support from staff and other participants at HerWay Home.”

Because of HerWay Home, baby Thomas has had a great beginning, and the entire family will be stronger and healthier.

drugs and alcohol, leading to

In One Year

substance use issues. Martin faced

HerWay Home celebrated its

similar challenges,” Amanda says.

first anniversary in January.

But when the couple became pregnant, the parents-to-be were

In its first year, HerWay Home served 61 women.

determined to bring a healthy

Did You Know

baby into the world. They wanted

Every year in Victoria, over

to do whatever they could to ensure their baby would get the best possible start to life. Laura and Martin found the

250 babies are born exposed to harmful substances or an unhealthy environment during their mothers’ pregnancies.

HerWay Home program early in P. 6

Children mean the world to us.

* Names have been changed to protect identities.

Stronger Every Day

William is thriving thanks to your support Thanks to donations, the Foundation partners with community agencies across the Islands to help kids like William. Pam McAdam, program director for the Nanaimo CDC, describes these partnerships as “pieces of a puzzle that fit together to support the children we care for.” Island agencies are also eligible to apply for grants from the Foundation. In 2013, the Foundation granted over $700,000 to support kids’ health! The Nanaimo CDC received funding to run a summer camp for children with special needs, like the one held on the Queen Alexandra grounds in Victoria. When William’s mom learned that Children’s Health Foundation Four-year-old William Eubank has faced his share of health hurdles. For the first two months of his life, he was tube fed due to complications with his

William’s “tomato chair” has already

health. Weak core muscles delayed his walking and

made a huge

make it difficult for him to sit in a chair.

difference to him.

But with the support of people like you, William

would help purchase the tomato chair, she was overjoyed. “We’ve only had the chair for a short time, and it has already made a huge difference to William,”

is meeting his milestones and is on track to start

she says. “He can join

kindergarten in the fall.

the family at the table

William sees a team of therapists at the

for dinner, and he practices sitting at a desk, preparing

Nanaimo Child Development Centre (CDC).

for when he starts school next fall.”

Sylvie Dumouchel, his occupational therapist, recommended a great tool to help strengthen his muscles. It’s called a tomato chair — which, to William’s dismay, looks nothing like a tomato! The chair is expensive, so Sylvie contacted Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island to help with the expense. That’s what the Foundation’s Bear Essentials program does: it helps families pay for tools and services that will

William can tell he is improving — and he is proud of himself. “I have a wiggly tummy, but I am getting stronger,” he says, lifting his arms like a bodybuilder. Thanks to donors like you who enable the Foundation to work in partnership with health professionals, this determined little boy will soon be climbing trees and scraping his knees with all the other children in kindergarten.

help kids grow and thrive.

P. 7

In Your Hands

Jeneece Edroff, O.B.C. reflects on the future of helping Island kids Up and down the Island people know about Jeneece Place, and know about the thousands of British Columbians like you who worked together to build this house for kids and their families. Jeneece Place is only standing here today because people like you believed in my dream. Thank you.

The Island’s kids are in good hands — they’re in your hands, and in mine. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that my dream really came true. I look at what Belinda Fontes Photography

our community accomplished when we all gave what we could – from pennies found in coat pockets to hundreds and thousands of dollars – and I think to myself, “What else can we do together? What else does our Island community need to make kids healthy and strong?”

Jeneece Edroff on the donor walkway at Jeneece Place.

All Grown Up I turned 20 on the same day Jeneece Place celebrated its second

P. 8

Five years ago, I dreamed of opening a house for families

anniversary. That’s also hard to

to stay in while their children receive medical care in

believe! I’m not a kid anymore. In

Victoria. Thanks to thousands of supporters like you, that

the first 19 years of my life, I had 19

house now stands on the grounds of the Victoria General

surgeries. The most recent one was

Hospital. That house, which I am proud to say bears my

in December at the Mayo Clinic in

name, has been a convenient, comfortable, and peaceful

Rochester, Minnesota. My teenage

home for over 749 families in the two years it has been

years were defined by surgeries, but

opened. That house – Jeneece Place – brought the Island

I’m starting my third decade with a

community together in a way I never thought possible.

clean slate.

Children mean the world to us.

Jeneece Place Statistics, 2012-2014

749 176 96 167 7

I attended a pain clinic at the Mayo Clinic while I was there, which has taught me a new way to

# of families that have stayed at the house since it opened

# of most consecutive nights stayed by one family

think about and deal with chronic pain. I learned to breathe deeply when I feel pain, and to think positively when I start to focus on how much my body hurts. Everyone benefits from thinking positively and believing in a better world. That belief is what brought us together to build Jeneece Place: a

% of families from Vancouver

desire to help children and families in crisis and

Island & Gulf Islands

do whatever possible to support them through a difficult time.

# of babies born to Jeneece

Caring for Each Other

Place families

In this age of smart phones and social media, community has changed. I’ve heard people say

# of twins born in 2013 to Jeneece Place families

that no one talks face to face anymore, or that people are more focused on their lives online than their friends and neighbours in the real world. I don’t believe that. I believe that people like you and me want to be there for each other. We believe the world is a better place when we take care of each other, and we want to help the next generation, right here on the Island. I don’t know what this new decade holds for me. I face the world one day at a time — because you never know what’s around the corner. But

Belinda Fontes Photography

one thing I do know is that our Island’s kids are in good hands. They’re in your hands, and in mine. I know that because you and I care about each other and we care about the future, kids on Vancouver Island are going to get the support they need to thrive.

Four-year-old Kendryk Whitebear loves cars. The braces she wears on her legs to help with her cerebral palsy have red ones on them — her twin sister Julie-Ann’s braces have butterflies. Kendryk’s family was one of the first to stay at Jeneece Place when it opened in January 2012. The Campbell River family has stayed at the house over a dozen times — they have slept in each of the 10 rooms! In addition to cerebral palsy, Kendryk has epilepsy, and comes to Victoria regularly for appointments. Kendryk and her siblings saved money from their paper route to buy personal care packages for families at Jeneece Place. They believed the best way to show their gratitude was by helping others! P. 9 P.

A Lifetime of Love

Sixty-three years after burying his baby girl, Darrell Nute honours her memory

This page: Darrell Nute with seven of his eight greatgrandchildren. Next page: Darrell and Shirley Nute, 1940s.

Born and raised in James Bay, Darrell Nute met his wife

Darrell and Shirley had two children after Susan: a second

Shirley when they were both 12 years old — they swam

daughter, Leslie, and another son, Jim. With Darrell in the

together at the Victoria Amateur Swim Club, at the original

Navy, Shirley stayed home with the three children and

Crystal Garden Pool.

volunteered at what was then the George Pearkes Clinic for

The weekly, Friday night swimming event sparked a friendship that ignited true love. On December 27, 1946, at the age of 21, Darrell and Shirley were married at St. Paul’s Naval Church in Esquimalt. A few years later, they welcomed with much love their first son, David, followed two years later by a daughter, Susan. At just nine months old, Susan contracted lobar pneumonia, a kind of pneumonia that affects the lobe of the lung. Sadly, the illness took her life. Darrell and Shirley were devastated. “Penicillin was not available at the time,” Darrell remembers. “It most likely would have saved her.” “Losing Susan was the most devastating loss I could imagine,” he continues. “Even though 63 years have passed, I remember my daughter vividly and love her as though I held her yesterday.” P. 10

Children mean the world to us.

Children, located on the site of the former Queen Alexandra Hospital (now Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health). Committing at least two days a week for 25 years, Shirley was a dedicated volunteer, keen to support children with special needs in any way she could. Her cheerful and fun nature brought warmth and compassion to the care of the children. The joy of children blessed the Nutes later in life, too — they have four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren with whom they share love and laughter! During their 64 years together, the couple enjoyed many of life’s adventures. Sadly, eight months before their sapphire anniversary in 2011, Shirley passed away of natural causes. “In honour of Shirley and Susan, I decided to donate some shares to help children with health challenges,” Darrell says. An avid investor, Darrell knew there were tax benefits to him personally if he donated the shares instead of

Kids Care

Thank you to the kids who donate money from birthdays, lemonade stands, and piggy banks to help kids on the Islands

selling them and donating the cash. By donating the stocks directly to Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, he didn’t have to pay any tax on the capital gains, and he received a tax receipt for the full amount of his donation.

Ella Davey

Kate Bradford

Sophia & Cohen Mazzoni

Apria & Isla Stevenson

Previously, the Nute family donated to support Jeneece Place, owned and operated by the Foundation, but with this recent donation of stocks, Darrell chose to support the area of greatest need. He decided not to designate his donation because he knew it would allow Children’s Health Foundation to be responsive to the needs of Island children today and in the future. “It was important to me to honour Shirley and Susan with a donation,”


Darrell says. “Their memories live on in my heart, and now, they will live on in others as they help improve the health

Hunter Greenard

of children with special needs.” A gift of shares can make a huge difference to children with special health needs. To learn more about this type of gift or to discuss how to make a gift in your Will, please contact Jane Bowers, Senior Development Officer, at 250-519-6955 for a confidential consultation.

Oliver Hayes Matthew Ishikawa Jayden & Jaxton Lust Morgan Stewart-Webb Creed & Fenwick Sisters

To participate in Kids Care, please call Jackie Adamthwaite at 250-519-6935. P. 11

Fantastic Fundraisers

A look at special events that are helping kids Bear Wear November 26 – January 2, 2013 | Hotel Grand Pacific Chef BooBoo, Treble with a Capital T, and Barbie Bear are just a few of the furry friends we had on display at our 13th annual Bear Wear, the cuddliest holiday event in town, held at the Hotel Grand Pacific. We hit a new record this year with the public voting for the People’s Choice Award raising $8,414.65 in donations. This year’s winner of the People’s Choice Award, by a narrow margin, was Romeo and Juliet, sponsored by University of Victoria Community Relations. Bear Wear raised a grand total of $27,500 this year. All proceeds from Bear Wear will stay on Vancouver Island Bear Wear is proudly supported by: Hotel Grand Pacific

Ocean 98.5

Times Colonist



Brenons Social Media


Victoria Royals Hockey

103.1 JACK FM

Garside Signs & Displays

supporting the health and well-being of children and their families through various programs.

Money raised for Island children: $27,500

Vancouver Island Motor Gathering September 15, 2013 | Queen Alexandra grounds The German Auto Import Network (GAIN) hosted the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering raising more than $52,000 to purchase therapeutic equipment to help kids. The event, which was held by the water on the beautiful Queen Alexandra grounds, featured cars from all over the world, live music, a food court and children’s activities. The weather threatened to turn bad but held off for the better part of the day. Hundreds of people strolled through the rows of vehicles and enjoyed homemade sliders, fresh popcorn and cotton candy. The equipment purchased with the proceeds from the event will benefit thousands of Island children for years to come. Our thanks to the team at GAIN, their sponsors and volunteers, for making the Motor Gathering a success. We appreciate the hard work that went into planning this event and look forward to working with GAIN on next year’s Motor Gathering.

Money raised for Island children: $52,000 P. 12

Children mean the world to us.

Enchanted Halloween October 18-20 & 25-27, 2013 | Heritage Acres From the moment the first jack-o-lanterns were lit, Heritage Acres came alive for Enchanted Halloween. Mysterious characters wandered the Trick-or-Treat Trail, the miniature trains chugged along the decorated track, and music filled the air, against a background of beautifully-eerie décor. We are grateful to the team at Shine*ola Communications and Events for bringing Enchanted Halloween to the Foundation. More than 10,000 people experienced the event, which raised over $33,000 to support Island families through our Bear Essentials program. This program helps families with unexpected or extraordinary expenses related

Enchanted Halloween is proudly supported by: Mayfair Mall

St. Margaret’s School

Wilson’s Transportation

Island Farms

Dundee Realty

Heritage Acres (S.H.A.S.)

Megson FitzPatrick Insurance


special moments in their own lives. Stay tuned for information

Fairway Market

107.3 Kool FM

about next year’s event!

Times Colonist

CFAX 1070


Brenons Social Media

to their child’s health and special needs. We were thrilled to provide a magical event for families in our community while giving other children and youth the help they need to enjoy

Money raised for Island children: $33,000

Canadian Police Canine Championships The Saanich Police Department hosted the 2013 Canadian Police Canine Championships at the University of Victoria’s Centennial Stadium in September. Canine units from across Canada wowed the crowd that braved terrible weather and packed the stadium. Event organizers presented the Foundation with the proceeds from the event, a cheque for almost $25,000 in support of Shane Coughlan Photo

Jeneece Place! This is the largest new donation (excluding estate gifts) designated to Jeneece Place since the house opened. This incredible donation will help to support the costs of running Jeneece Place, approximately $325,000 per year. L to R: Linda Hughes, President & CEO, Chief Mike Chadwick, Sgt. Glen MacKenzie, Jeneece Edroff, O.B.C., Cst. Kim Basi & Panzer, the police dog. Holding your own event in support of Island kids is easy, fun, and rewarding. We have all kinds of events supporting our programs, from craft fairs and bake sales to hockey tournaments and concerts. If you’re considering holding a fundraiser, please call Jackie Adamthwaite, Coordinator of Special Events, and she’ll help you set up a fundraiser that’s bound to be a success for kids in our community! You can reach Jackie at 250-519-6935 or P. 13

Rudi Hoenson

An Island difference-maker leaves his mark

Left: Rudi Hoenson with three students from Reynolds Secondary School at National Philanthropy Day. Below: Rudi Hoenson, after winning

Orange Frog Studio

the Generosity of Spirit Award.

We would like to recognize and congratulate Rudi Hoenson, winner of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Vancouver Island Roundtable) Generosity of Spirit Award, which was presented on National Philanthropy Day in November 2013.

For example, Rudi met a group of students from Reynolds Secondary School at National Philanthropy Day. The students were the youth award winners, who raised $95,000 in support of Tour de Rock. Funds were

During World War II, Rudi was a prisoner of

raised mostly through head shaving — even the girls did

war in Japan for four and a half years. When

it! Rudi was so touched by their dedication to help others,

the war ended, he was shipped to Holland

he dropped by the school the next day and delivered a

and immigrated to Canada in 1951. He

cheque that put them over $100,000!

settled in Calgary during the oil boom and worked hard to become a Canadian citizen. In 1956, he married his sweetheart, Sylvia.

Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is grateful for Rudi and Sylvia’s compassion and generosity toward children. In 2009, Rudi created the Rudi and Sylvia Hoenson

Rudi and Sylvia donated to many charities

Fund at the Foundation — all with the goal of supporting

during their lifetime together. Since her death

children and youth with special needs.

in 2008, Rudi has turned his attention to helping even more organizations. He loves making the final gift in a campaign that helps a charity reach its goal.

The Rudi and Sylvia Hoenson Fund was established in 2009 and supports orthotics, prosthetics and wheelchair seating for children in addition to gait analysis programs. This fund also supports early intervention programs for kids under 5 years old.

P. 14

Children mean the world to us.

Yes, I support the health & well-being of children on the Island! Please accept my one-time donation of:





Other $

I would like to join the Hugs for Kids monthly giving club: $

per month*

Please deduct my monthly gift on the:


15th of the month

Please direct my gift to:

Shayd Johnson Photo

Area of Greatest Need

HerWay Home

Therapeutic Equipment

Community Programs

Jeneece Place

I prefer to make my gift by:




Monthly withdrawals (please include a void cheque)

Credit Card #

Gordon Charlie James Frechette May 8, 2008 – February 13, 2013




I would like to remain anonymous

We were saddened to learn of the passing of sweet, little Gordon Charlie who was granted his angel wings on February 13, 2013. Gordon and his mom were featured


in one of our fall 2012 direct mail campaigns. Born seven weeks early at only 3 lbs and 6 ozs, Gordon had moderate to severe cerebral palsy and faced many challenges during the four years and nine months he was with us.


Thanks to your generosity and donations to the



Postal Code

Foundation’s Bear Essentials program, Gordon received a reclining seat and canopy for his special stroller. Because


of you, Gordon spent his days being comfortable and able to join family and friends on their outdoor adventures. We offer our sincere condolences to everyone touched by Gordon’s infectious smile and laugh. We also want to thank Gordon’s mom and dad for

Donate online at 2390 Arbutus Road Victoria BC V8N 1V7 250-519-6977 | Charitable registration No. 89863 8291 RR0001

directing donations in his memory to Children’s Health Foundation in support of Vancouver Island children with special needs.

* I understand that payments will continue automatically each month until I notify the Children’s Health Foundation of any changes by calling 250-519-6977. I understand that I can change or cancel my monthly donation at any time, and I have the right to receive reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this Pre-Authorized Debit agreement. I have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement, and to obtain more information on my recourse rights, I may contact my financial institution or visit

Tell us your date of birth and you could win a special, birthday SURPRISE! Email your birthday to Jane Bowers:

Tickets SaLe ON

May 3, 2014 | Victoria Marriott Tickets: A fundraising gala for Dads & Daughters in support of Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

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Kids at Heart – Winter 2014  
Kids at Heart – Winter 2014  

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