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Investing in the health of Island families Annual Impact Report 2017-18 Champion Island kids Nolan and Asher

A message from the board chair and CEO From meetings in Port Hardy and Campbell River, to Tofino and Ucluelet, Nanaimo, Cowichan and Greater Victoria, 2017-18 was the year that our Foundation board and staff listened to stakeholders across Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. We met with hundreds of families, donors, community leaders, and health care professionals. We heard first-hand how the need to support children, youth, and their families right across our islands has never been greater. Families described in detail the specific barriers they face when their children are struggling with a health challenge. We heard unique and urgent needs in every community, including a lack of access to basic care close to home, an inability to find the right professionals or programs, and support and resources needed to access highly specialized care.

Veronica and Bill

At the same time we gained a greater understanding of the challenges and needs across our islands, Foundation donors also spoke to us about how they want to help us in transforming their communities for the better. Mental health services for youth motivated many of the donors on Vancouver Island. Over the past year we raised more than $285,000 to support Foundry Victoria, a space for young people ages 12 to 24 at 818 Douglas Street in downtown Victoria. Regardless of the program, service, or facility our donors supported, they donated to enable the Foundation to provide Island families access to the health care they need, when they need it most. At the Foundation, we are inspired by all who care right alongside us; our donors, community members, health care professionals, and the physicians and nurses who are on the front lines providing support to more than 34,000 families. On behalf of the board and staff at Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, we thank our donors, volunteers, and community members, and invite you to join us as we continue to build on our 92 year history in service to families with children with health challenges. Children are 100% of our future. We hope that you will join us as champions for the health of every Island family. Sincerely,

Bill Snell Board Chair

Veronica Carroll Chief Executive Officer

A proud history Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island invests in the health of Island kids. For more than 90 years, the Foundation has collaborated with communities, partner organizations, and donors to enable the greatest health outcomes for kids, youth, and their families. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to transform the lives of those who need support with their physical and mental health. Our fundraising was centred on children with polio in 1927 and has evolved over time to address emerging health care needs in the decades since. The Solarium in 1928

Our beginning Our story began more than 90 years ago with a parent fighting to access care for her child closer to home. In 1922, Edith Scott appealed to the Women’s Institutes of British Columbia to help her sick stepdaughter access treatment. It was this mother's love for her daughter that initiated fundraising to build a care facility on the Island. In 1925, Mill Bay was selected as the site to house this facility. A generous contribution from the Royal Family inspired the name Queen Alexandra (QA) Solarium for Crippled Children. The QA Solarium saw its first patient in 1927. In 1958, the Solarium relocated to a large property in Victoria, at 2400 Arbutus Road, to meet increasing patient needs.

H.J. Langdon The Solarium in 1929

The Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children was officially established in 1984, and is now known as the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. The Solarium in Mill Bay in 1927. The tall man in the middle wearing a hat is H.J. Langdon, who is the great grandfather of our team member Kelsi Langdon!

Island kids need you Our vision as a Foundation is that all Island kids have access to the health care they need. Here are some quick stats to demonstrate why we do the work we do, and why we will continue to need the support of our donors for generations to come.

Total Island population





ye ar s


-2 4

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-1 9


-1 4






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Children, youth, and families we supported

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Island population ages 0 - 24*


Breakdown of 160,704 by age group*

*2016 Health Authority population estimates.

What challenges do our Island kids face?

29% 23% 18%

Mental health Developmental disabilities Physical health challenges

16% Physical disabilities 14%

Significant risk of acquiring a disability or health challenge

Self-reported data from our grant programs excluding Bear Essentials and Jeneece Place.

Where the families you support live Children may be 21% of our Island's population, but they're 100% of our future.

1% North Island


Campbell River and District

21% Port Alberni and West Coast

Comox Valley

3% Oceanside 14% Greater Nanaimo

11% Cowichan Valley


6% Southern Gulf Islands

Capital Regional District


Cohen working as an 'ambulance driver man' for a day

Your impact

Child and youth mental health

If you were to meet Cecily Killam today, you’d see a happy, calm, intelligent, and confident 25-year-old woman. You’d be hard pressed to believe she’s been through decades of struggle and suffering, endured physical and mental abuse, substance use, and a multitude of mental health diagnoses. “I always thought ‘it’s terrible, I’m never going to be that kind of teenager’ but when the opportunity presented itself and there was no one telling me ‘don’t do these drugs, this is a bad example’… it was something to do. For me, it was a reason to not go home.” Cecily was introduced to Foundry in Vancouver only after much of the turmoil in her life had passed, and now sees how important it is for young people to have these supports early on.


“There’s no other service like it… that one stop shop. It meets the need for immediacy for those young people who have complex care needs.” Now, at age 25, she says most things in her life have stabilized. She’s in recovery and in a healthy relationship. This new chapter of Cecily’s life filled with hope, stability, and reflection has also allowed her to have a sympathetic view of her parents. “They did the best they could given their circumstances and own experiences that they’re still dealing with." Many young people still need support. We know 1 in 5 youth on Vancouver Island are living with mental health or substance use issues, yet as few as 20% are getting access to the services they need. Thanks in part to our generous donors, Foundry Victoria officially opened its doors this past year. It's a family-friendly and open space for young people ages 12 to 24 with a wide range of services all under one roof, including physical and mental health care, substance use supports, social services, and peer support.

Alan Lowe

Donor spotlight

Alan Lowe is a big fan of helping people in our community gain access to the resources they need. As the architect for Foundry Victoria, Alan skillfully designed a space that welcomes young people and supports their health journey. He donated a generous portion of his services to the project, which helped ensure donor dollars building the facility went even farther. Thank you Alan!

Alan Lowe

“I have been fortunate to work with the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island on Jeneece Place and Foundry Victoria. Both facilities serve a great need in our community and it is my pleasure to support these two facilities professionally as an architect, as well as a donor. The need is great and if we can all do our bit, we can make our community a better place.”

Early childhood development

Your impact

Danielle Green learned her family’s life was going to change during her ultrasound at 18 weeks pregnant. Physicians detected her baby Lucy would be born with a cleft lip. “We were fairly distraught. I had never met anyone with a cleft lip. I had no idea what that meant. I am a pretty private person and I initially didn’t want a team associated with my baby, but then we became very grateful for the help QAC (the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health) was able to offer us. And we were shocked with the number of specialists that Lucy was going to have to see over time.”


Lucy had her first surgery at three months old to repair her lip and gain ear tubes.

"When she came home it was amazing, we would close a drawer or use cutlery and she would shake because she had never heard all those little sounds before. And our voices… she reacted to them times a thousand. It was such a cool connection we got with her, and clearly so important for her development.” She then had a second surgery at 13 months old for palete repair. Danielle recalls how vocal and chatty Lucy was at that age. She was ready to talk but couldn’t make all the sounds she wanted to, prior to surgery. After her surgery, she could speak clearly and without any issue. “Lucy was born with this circumstance that could have been a massive obstacle in her life, but instead it’s a story that we celebrate as a family because she was able to work through stages of babyhood so successfully. And that wouldn’t be a story of celebration in our family if we weren’t able to access all that support. We look back at her infancy and we celebrate it. We look back at everything she went through and we celebrate it as part of who she is instead of it being a lifelong limitation.” Lucy is now five years old. She’s living a happy childhood, and she is supported and healthy. She will need more treatment as she grows, but thanks to the services and support available to her and her family, including her team at QAC, she will be able to live a normal life.

Donor spotlight

Dr. Hugh Lamont

Dr. Hugh Lamont has been an orthodontist for more than 40 years and is a longtime donor of the Foundation. Thanks to his generosity and dedication, more Island kids are getting the help they need. “Kids with cleft lip and palate go through a lot of surgeries and treatment, and orthodontic treatment is only part of it. It takes a team of many different experts and specialized equipment to achieve those goals. Every year for the last number of years, I’ve donated money to help buy extra equipment, whether it be for diagnosis or treatment; anything to help kids in the Cleft Lip/Palate Clinic (at QAC).”

Dr. Hugh Lamont

Your impact

Rural and remote access to care

In August of 2017, Leah and Austin Davies were living a happy life on Pender Island with their seven, and soon to be eight, children. One evening, when Leah was just 30 weeks pregnant, she had to be flown to Victoria General Hospital to receive immediate care. Two days later, she delivered baby Annie Rose, who weighed only two pounds and 15 ounces. Being 10 weeks early, it was going to be a long road to recovery for both Annie Rose and Leah. For families that have to travel great distances to receive hospital care, unplanned visits can pose many challenges including many unplanned expenses.

Jane and Annie Rose now

Thanks to Victoria’s home away from home, Jeneece Place, all of the girls in the Davies family were able to stay with their mom and be well looked after right beside the hospital, while all of the boys could go home with their dad and then come back to visit. Jane, who is now 10, documented their experience at Jeneece Place, where they stayed for 47 nights. “Staying at Jeneece Place was fun! We Jane and Annie Rose in hospital got our own room. There was a playroom downstairs, a kitchen, and a movie room. Outside there were fun toys to play with. Every morning after breakfast we went to the craft room beside the  playroom to make crafts. Not too far away from Jeneece place there was a bike trail. We had a lot of fun walks on the trail and there were a lot of movies to choose from.” Instead of the Davies family remembering that as a worry-filled time, they have fond memories of a home away from home to play and just be kids. Annie Rose is now a healthy baby and recently celebrated her first birthday!

Payton and Lainna Payton and Lainna with Veronica

Donor spotlight

Thank you to Payton and Lainna of Campbell River who held a lemonade and brownie stand to raise money! When asked why they chose Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, they said "we're kids wanting to help kids!" These two generous girls are among the many wonderful kids who joined our Kids Care program. Kids Care recognizes Island kids who give back and provide an outstanding example of philanthropy at such a young age!

The Trousdell family

Hospital Way renamed Jeneece Place

Preston at the Gold River Health Hub

Ground breaking ceremony at Foundry Victoria

Matthew and Emma making a donation

Cecily speaking at Foundry Victoria

Dawson donating his birthday party money

Emma in Campbell River Gracie being a vet for a day

Thank you Gifts of $500+ It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a compassionate and generous community to ensure that every child has access to health care resources to support their mental and physical well-being. We thank the following donors who made gifts between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018 with heartfelt intentions to improve the lives of children living on Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands. Our gratitude is beyond measure for their contributions. 1832 Asset Management L.P. Access Records and Media Management Ltd Adrian & Tracey D'Silva Alan Lowe Architects Alan & Nancy Nyman Endowment Fund** Alex Burnell Allan Colborne Alrod Industries Ltd Andrew Beckerman Andrew D. Beckerman Fund* Anne & Vernon Dombrowski Anne Ford Annie Gray Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada Sidney Bayview Place BC Registered Music Teachers' Association-Victoria Branch BC Women's Institute Colwood BC Women's Institute Provincial Office Beth Taggart & Andrew Lee Bill & Lydelle Snell Bob & Jean Blackie Brown Henderson Melbye Bruce Waring & Sharon Warren Bryan Thomson C E Entertainment CFB Esquimalt Canada Revenue Agency Canadian Food Inspection Agency Chuck & Gera Chandler CIBC World Markets Children's Miracle Foundation City of Langford Coast Capital Insurance Coastal Community Credit Union Contender Fishing Ltd Cordova Bay Golf Course CORIX - Golf For Kids Correctional Service of Canada Dale Collins Dallas & Elaine Miller Dave Hornsey & Mary Lyn McCarthy David & Lorraine Kelly David & Nancy Rhodes Deanna Irwin Decisive Action Corporation Dianne Hopkins DK Brown Foundation** Donald & Barbara Pomphrey Donna Davenport Dorothy and Hugh Cole Foundation Dorothy May Kelly Fund* Ecoasis Resort & Golf - Bear Mountain Edmund Alan Larkin & Edith Marget Larkin Trust* Edward & Dana Jackson Edward Low

Electrical Contractors Association of BC Emily Elizabeth Stoneham Fund* Ernest & Lavonne Wirtanen Fund** Ernie Skinner Evie & Kyle Loree F. Yvonne Gibbons Fenton Family Fund* Fidelity Investments Florinda Di Camillo Genevieve Tamosiunas & Blake Soley George & Bell Consulting Inc George & Diana Clare Gerald & Ana Philippson Gloria Linton Gordon & Rosalyn Alexander Grady O'Neill H. Ruckle Charitable Fund** Hairpins Boutique Inc Harley Owners Group Heather Reid Helen Buck Highland Pacific Golf Hildegard Marschler Ian Rapps & Denise Chow Isabelle Price Jack Purkis Jacqueline Yas James Evans & Associates Ltd James Smith Janet Boyle Jennifer Trottier Jo Ann Reid Joe Wo Joint Spousal Trust John & Freda Cole Memorial Trust John Hall John Klymak Joyce Brown Karen and Fred Green Fund*** Karen Kissinger & Brian Lea Kay Melbye & Tim Leslie-Spinks Ken & Victoria Robson Ken Kulai Kenkar Enterprises Ltd Kirby's Source for Sports Kiwanis Club of Oak Bay Lavonne Wirtanen Leah Saville Ledcor Construction Ltd Lee & Karl Soberlak Foundation** Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd Leland Donald & Beth Stevenson Leonard & Phyllis Dawkin Lorie Masson

Thank you Gifts of $500+ Louisa M. Jarvie Memorial Trust* Mac Voisin Fund* Maria De Medeiros Maria Kang & David Neufeld Marilynne Harris Marine Harvest Canada Inc Marta Zmudzinski Mike Sanders & Donna Ingram My-Chosen Cafe Ltd Naz & Yasmine Rayani Norgrove & Anne Penny Norma & Jack Whittaker Foundation** Norma Wuester Oak Bay Employees' Charitable Fund Optimist Club of Victoria Orma Paton Parminder Virk Patricia & Gabor Schafer Patricia Coldren Patricia Leam Paul & Marguerite Zakus Paul Traunweiser PCA Holdings Corp Peggy & Brian McDaniel Peninsula Co-op Peter & Cathy Gannon Peter Renner Peter Seward Phyllis Fatt Premraj Shivdasani & Namita Menon Prosperity Planning Inc Provincial Employees Community Services Fund R K Grant Family Foundation R.L.C. Enterprize Ltd RBC Foundation Redbrick Residents of Holberg Restorative Justice Victoria Rheta May Pederson Memorial Trust* Richard & Barbara Pearce

Donor spotlight

Robert & Claire Hart Robert Britton Roger Denley Roland Beaulieu Rosalie Schuss Royal Canadian Legion Branch 211 Ladies Auxiliary Ruth Nelson Saanich Fire Fighters' Charitable Foundation Sandra Hudson Scott & Christine Baker Sisters of Saint Ann - Nellie & Clarence James Fund St. Michaels University School Stephen Cushing & Deborah Gill Susan Findlay Sysco Victoria TELUS Tim Hortons (Canada) Inc Trafalgar/Pro Pat Legion Branch #292 Tuggey-Thompson Trust Fund United Way of Greater Toronto Urban Solar Corp Vancouver Island Building & Construction Trades Council Vancouver Island Netherlands Association Vania Paproski Varsha Indian Kitchen Veronica Carroll and Beverly Dullaert Vesa & Kerynne Adler Victor & Irene Griffin Fund* Victoria Chinese Ladies Club Victoria Corvette Club Victoria Legal Staff Association Victoria Orchid Society Walmsley Family Charitable Account** Walter Thomas, Sarah & Leslie John Lavender Memorial Trust* Wayne Pye Wendy Gedney *Victoria Foundation **Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation ***Vancouver Foundation

Peninsula Co-op

Thank you Peninsula Co-op for making Children's Health Foundation your charity of choice for Fuel Good Day 2017, and for your donation of more than $17,000! “We are committed to supporting the communities where we do business and causes that matter to our member-owners, not just on Fuel Good Day, but throughout the year. As a local, member-owned organization we give back to local charity groups who share our commitment to supporting those right here in our own backyard. The Foundation is fuelling health and well-being to kids across our communities so supporting them is a natural fit.” – Lindsay Gaudette, Marketing & Community Relations Manager at Peninsula Co-op.

Fuel Good Day 2017

Thank you Hugs for Kids Club Hugs for Kids Club members have made a strong commitment to children and families in our communities by choosing to give monthly. Monthly gifts are an easy and efficient way to provide ongoing support, which ensures the Foundation can continue to support the health needs of countless Island families. Adrian & Tracey D'Silva Albert Carlow Alfred & Ruth Gibson Alice Berry Allison Osler Andrea Smith Anita Brassard Anne & Vernon Dombrowski Annie Hill Bob & Jean Blackie Brooke Miller Carrie-Anne Adds Cassie Palmer Chuck & Gera Chandler Conor Graff Craig & Hanne Cameron Dan & Mary Ann Moses David & Angela Moore David & Emmanuelle Guenette David & Lois Armit David & Patricia Hickman Dayle Beasley Debbie Yorke Don & Christine Bedford Don & Kim Highsted Donald Merry

Donna Davenport Donna Havens Donna Rees Doug Baker Edward & Sharon Kardera Eric Davies Eric Gelling Eun-Joo Chang Florence Williams Frank Evans Genevieve Tamosiunas & Blake Soley Heather Smith Harold & Margot Forrest Harriet Dent Ian & Mary Fraser Irene Riley Jacqueline Chalmers Jacquie Storey Jean Hedgecock Jean Melvin Jessica & Justin Bell Joanne Clark Jo-Anne Doknjas John Reimer Joy Rabien Joyce Wolfe

Kareem & Candace Negm Karin Rasmussen Katherine Black Kathleen Dunn Kathleen Harris-Maguire Kathryn Belton Kathryn Calder Kathryn Cowden Kathryn Rose Kay Melbye & Tim Leslie-Spinks Larry & Caroll Church Leonard & Phyllis Dawkin Leoni Gingras Linda & John Woolford Lorna Gleason Loti Jackson Madeline Thomson Margaret (Peggy) Herlinger Marguerite Gayfer Maria De Medeiros May Murray Michael & Vanessa McQuay Michael McCormick & Corrie Jones Michael Rooksby Michele Brodsgaard Micky Fleming

Mike Sanders & Donna Ingram Pat Lapcevic Paul Strzelecki Paul Traunweiser Rahul & Catherine Ray Robert Britton Roger & Penny Gosselin Rose Marie Jeffrey Sandra Hudson Scott & Christine Baker Selwyn Wong Shirley Stinson Susan Nickum Sylvia Dixon Tammy Fraser Tanja Bullock Terry Magee Thomas & Doreen Brunsdon Thomas Lorenzo Vania Paproski Veronica Adams Veronica Carroll Vesta & Roy Evans Vivian Keel

Tracey and Adrian D'Silva

Tracey and Adrian D'Silva

Donor spotlight

Tracey and Adrian D’Silva have been generous donors and volunteers with the Foundation for more than 12 years. They became monthly donors as they realized how important it is to provide consistent support for Island families. Thank you for your generosity Tracey and Adrian!

Kids Care Kids Care donors are generous children and youth under the age of 18 who have raised funds to help make a difference in the lives of other kids just like them. These young donors are the future of philanthropy! Apria Stevenson Aurora Tremblay Benjamin McMillen

Donor spotlight

Brielle Smith Brooken Sayers Charlotte Millar

Cohen Mazzoni Dawson McMillen Elena Ayre

Elliott Warder Emma Ishikawa Isla Stevenson

Lucy Bartle Madi Zboyovsky Makena Michael

Matthew Ishikawa Michelle Rickinson Sophia Mazzoni

Brielle Smith

Here is three-year-old Brielle who donated $1,230 raised at her birthday party in fall of 2017. Her father, James Smith, then tripled her gift with his own corporate donation from Sutton Group West Coast Realty! This is a wonderful example of parents teaching their kids about philanthropy and sharing the joy of giving. Thank you Brielle and family for your generous donations!

Suzanne, Brielle, and James with Charlene

Thank you Queen Alexandra Legacy Circle Queen Alexandra Legacy Circle donors have planned for a future gift to help ensure every Island child, young person, and family can access the essential health services they need for generations to come. We extend our gratitude to these visionary donors who advised us of their intention by March 31, 2018. Adrian & Tracey D'Silva Anne Underhill Blair & Laureen Matheson Chris Goodwin Dave Hornsey & Mary Lyn McCarthy David & Susan Paterson Debbie Yorke Don McCready

Doug & Vicky Edgelow Franco & Suzann Corona Gerald Cruickshank Helen A Ruckle Iris Madore J. Bruce Miln Jean Oakman Jessica Bell

Joan Cousins Kathleen Dunn Ken Kulai Lioba Samer Lynn & Sharon Klein Margaret Smith Margot Barker Mary & Joe Teixeira

Mary Baughn Mary Turnbull Patricia Crofton Peter Seward Phyllis Meier Selwyn Wong

Legacy gifts We are honoured to recognize the donors whose foresight have ensured their legacy of generosity will continue to provide Island kids with access to the health care and services they need. We recognize the donors whose acts of kindness during their lifetime created the following estate gifts our Foundation team is currently celebrating. Estate of Brian Strawbridge Estate of David Neil Lee Estate of Ella Morden Estate of Eric Stanley Tyson & Rita Doris Tyson Estate of Greig L. Cosier Estate of Hazel Hall Estate of Ilene Coupe

Donor spotlight

Estate of Joe Gilbert Estate of John & Doreen Cowlin Estate of John William Carr Estate of Judith Mary Wiles Estate of Margaret K. Burrowes Estate of Margaret Smith Estate of Margaret Tangy

Estate of Marshall Scoular Estate of Maureen Elizabeth Gray Estate of Miriam Krause Estate of Nancy Donegani Estate of Nora Ludlow in Memory of Judy Ludlow

Mrs. Margaret Smith

The late Mrs. Margaret Smith left a generous legacy gift in her will, which will benefit thousands of Island kids and their families through the Lisa Huus Memorial Fund. Margaret kept a close friendship with Mrs. Annie Huus, whose 20-year-old daughter Lisa passed away from a rare condition associated with muscular dystrophy, nearly three decades ago. After Lisa’s passing, the Huus family created a memorial fund at Children’s Health Foundation to support students pursuing postsecondary education Mrs. Annie Huus with photos while living with a physical of Margaret and Lisa disability.

Mrs. Margaret Smith

In Margaret’s final days, just before her 100th birthday, she repeatedly expressed, “I’m very blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you!” It was easy for her to be grateful when she shared a life lived so fully, with love and generous giving. Thank you, Margaret.

Our financial performance Thanks to our generous donors and the stewardship of our board of directors, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is able to responsibly invest in the health care of Island kids, youth, and families. Here is a look at our financial performance from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.*


Total revenue Investment income






*For full financial statements, please visit islandkidsfirst.com. **Rental income and cost recoveries.

59% Programs and grants

Of our total revenue, the Foundation invested:





Other *



*Advisory fees

Your donor dollars support Through your donations, the Foundation supports initiatives including Bear Essentials, Foundry Victoria, HerWay Home, Home Away From Home - Jeneece Place, the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health, the Sooke Child, Youth, and Family Centre, and the West Shore Child, Youth, and Family Centre. Your donor dollars also support community-based programs and services, as we understand the great need to help bring health care supports closer to home for families. The many programs and initiatives your dollars support all have one main objective: To improve health outcomes for Island kids through prevention, early intervention, and access to care. Our three impact areas include children and youth living with complex needs, early childhood development, and youth mental health. Children and youth living with complex needs

Early childhood development

Youth mental health

A group shot with our community partners at our 2017 Leadership Summit

Tanner riding a horse at the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association

How you can make a difference Kids First Fund We believe that all Island kids deserve access to the health care they need. When you give to the Kids First Fund, you are investing in public and community health services that address the daily and often critical barriers felt by families who are raising a child with mental or physical health needs. Join us as champions for the health of every Island family. To donate, you can visit our website at islandkidsfirst.com/donate-now, call 250-940-4950, or drop a donation off in person at our head office!

Our team Our staff:

Our board of directors:

Veronica Carroll, CEO Jessica Bell, Director of Development Anita Brassard, Community Investment Manager (North Island) Christine Dionne, Database Specialist Bronwyn Dunbar, Community Investment Manager (South Island) Kelsi Langdon, Fund Development Coordinator Coralie McLean, Communications Manager Karin Olafson, Communications Officer Charlene Smith, Donor Relations & Engagement Officer Kathy St. John, Executive Assistant

Bill Snell, Chair Sandra Hudson, Vice Chair Bryan Thomson, Treasurer Kay Melbye, Secretary Blair Hagkull Cory Herrera Don Hubbard Dr. Frank Jagdis Owen Matthews Doug McCorquodale Dr. Norgrove Penny Pat Schneider Dr. Sarah Williams

Champion Island kid Emma

We've moved! Our head office is now located at:           345 Wale Road             Victoria, BC  V9B 6X2             250-940-4950 info@islandkidsfirst.com islandkidsfirst.com Follow us @islandkidsfirst Charitable Registration Number: 89863 8291 RR0001

Formerly Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children

Profile for Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

2017-18 Annual Impact Report  

Our Annual Impact Report highlights our past year with stories of some of the kids, youth, and families supported by the Foundation thanks t...

2017-18 Annual Impact Report  

Our Annual Impact Report highlights our past year with stories of some of the kids, youth, and families supported by the Foundation thanks t...