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Island kid Emma

Annual Impact Report 2018-19

A message from our CEO and board chair On behalf of the board and staff at Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, we want to thank you for your ongoing support. It is only with your donations that we can champion the health of Island families, where all children who need health care can find it close to their home community.

Veronica and Sandra

In 2018-19, we celebrated our past of helping Island kids for more than 90 years. We also felt the excitement of change. This year, we identified new initiatives to better support families, and we moved our Foundation’s head office to 345 Wale Road in Colwood. With this move, we are now in the heart of one of the fastest growing communities for young families in BC. Through interacting with Island families daily, we’re learning what they need and hearing how they access support for their kids. And through you, we’re able to respond and help.

A prominent goal at the Foundation is living our Island-wide mandate of every Island child accessing health care close to home. By funding some of our more familiar programs such as Ledger House at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health (QAC) on Arbutus Road, Jeneece Place, Foundry Victoria, HerWay Home, Pathways to Healing in the Comox Valley, and Bear Essentials for families right across the islands, we know that donors’ gifts have had an enormous impact on the lives of Island families. Working with our partners at Island Health and other child and youth agencies has allowed us to stretch our donors’ dollars even further. We collaborated with other agencies to fund innovative and well-researched new approaches here on Vancouver Island. In fact, navigating changing health challenges that children face has inspired our collaborative work on Vancouver Island. For example, our Let’s Talk CP series that brought together families, health professionals, and donors was funded through our strong relationship with the Victoria Foundation. Through this collaborative initiative we documented both the barriers that individuals with cerebral palsy encounter at various times in their health journey, and where the health care systems can do better. We also continue to hear stories of families impacted by the effects of youth mental health issues. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we continue to fund life saving programs at both Foundry Victoria and Ledger House at QAC. We know an increasing number of youth and families are facing mental health and substance use issues. Into 2020 and beyond, we will work hard alongside Island Health, Foundry BC, and others to continue this important work. Some of our celebrations this past year include acknowledging an amazing seven years of operating Jeneece Place, where more than 2,000 families have stayed as their child was in the hospital at VGH. In August we also celebrated the fifth anniversary of HerWay Home, which has supported more than 120 women as they fought to be the best parents they could be for their children. Foundry Victoria, in operation for more than two years, continues to serve more than 70 youth each day at the Douglas Street youth mental health hub. And Bear Essentials funding helped a record number of Island families (more than 700!) with travel expenses, health care equipment, and other therapeutic resources. We remain committed to, and so very proud of, what our donors have enabled us to achieve over the past 92 years. As one of our Ahousaht community members described, a healthy child is a child who can dream. We agree 100%! On behalf of all of us at Children’s Health Foundation, we want to thank you for helping Island kids dream and dream BIG! Island kids make up 21% of the Island population, but they are 100% of our future! Sincerely,

Veronica Carroll CEO


Sandra Hudson Board Chair

Dedicated to supporting Island families since 1927 Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island has invested in the health of Island kids for more than 90 years. Our vision is to ensure all Island families have access to the health care they need. We believe the best way to give families access to care is by funding programs and initiatives in three main areas: Early childhood development, youth mental health, and children and youth living with complex needs. Island kids at the Solarium in 1927 Our story began with a parent fighting to access care for her child closer to home. In 1922, Edith Scott appealed to the Women’s Institutes of British Columbia to help her stepdaughter access treatment. It was this mother’s love for her daughter that initiated fundraising to build a care facility on the Island.

In 1925, Mill Bay was selected as the site to house this facility. A generous contribution from the royal family inspired the name Queen Alexandra Solarium for Crippled Children, which saw its first patient in 1927. In 1958, the Solarium relocated to a large property in Victoria, at 2400 Arbutus Road, to meet increasing patient needs. The Queen Alexandra Foundation for Children was officially established in 1984 and is now known as the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we are able to continue this important work for years to come. Marjorie Shaw, née White, is shown second from the right at the Solarium in the 1930s. She is the mother-in-law to past Board Director Dr. Frank Jagdis!

Nurses with babies at the Solarium in 1937


Your impact Thanks to your support in 2018-19, Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island was able to invest a record of more than $4.8 million into the community. This supported nearly 25,000 Island kids, youth, and their families within our three impact areas of early childhood development, youth mental health, and children and youth living with complex needs.

What health challenges do our funded programs support?

Significant risk of acquiring a disability or health challenge

Developmental disabilities

23% Mental health challenges

17% Physical disabilities

16% 29%


Physical health challenges

Children’s Health Foundation’s islands-wide programs Jeneece Place and Bear Essentials support families from…

6% North Island 15% Campbell River & District 13% Comox Valley Port Alberni & West Coast

5% Oceanside 14% Greater Nanaimo


Cowichan Valley


Capital Regional District

2% 23%

Bear Essentials is powered by both Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island and Help Fill A Dream


Southern Gulf Islands

“There is already a lot of stress and worry day to day, and some of those stresses and worries will always be there, but to have the financial stress removed and know there is support for the immediate needs – it’s almost like feeling you’ll never be alone.” —Holly, Emily’s mom

“Because of the generosity of donors, we’ve been able to buy specialized equipment that really gets Owen out into the community. Being with his peers and his brother in places that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to get to has really broken down a lot of barriers for us.” —Karena, Owen’s mom

Holly and Emily, Nanaimo

Karena and Owen, Victoria

“We’re so very grateful. You don’t realize the resources and support that are out there until you have a need for them, and Jeneece Place opened up a whole world to us.” —Robyn, Weston’s mom

Jackson, Weston, and Robyn, Nanaimo

“Despite the challenges, life would have been a lot more challenging without HerWay Home. It would have been really hard for me to raise my son without any support and it would have been so lonely. We now have a fighting chance by accessing things we need to continue to grow. I’m now friends with so many other moms that I never would have otherwise met, and I feel supported.” —Mom from HerWay Home, Victoria (depiction to protect identity)





















A year in photos: 1. 2018 Let’s Talk Cerebral Palsy (CP) sessions across the Island 2. HerWay Home 5th anniversary celebration 3. 2018 Peninsula Co-op Fuel Good Day in support of Children’s Health Foundation 4. Valentine’s Day card making 5. Island kids supporting other kids throughout the year 6. 2018 Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Week in support of Jeneece Place 7. Children’s Health Foundation moves its head office to Colwood 8. Holiday events and photos with Santa at Hotel Grand Pacific 9. 2018 Donor appreciation tea at Bear Mountain Resort 10. 2018 Giving Tuesday matching donor Dale Collins and her team




Then and now: How your donor dollars helped Campbell River kid Emma access essential health care When Brian and Ricci Miller drove from their hometown of Campbell River to Victoria for a routine ultrasound, they weren’t expecting to end up staying for a full month. They had no extra clothes, no family in town, and nowhere to stay. But the ultrasound showed their baby girl had to be delivered immediately, five weeks early. In January 2013, Emma was born with one kidney, a cleft palate, a weak immune system, and weak throat muscles. She had to stay in the NICU for one month. Her parents were grateful a social worker told them about Jeneece Place, a true home away from home and a support system for the new parents during that overwhelming month. They also learned about Bear Essentials, which funded an essential piece of equipment. Because of Emma’s cleft palate, she couldn’t breastfeed traditionally, but the breast pump allowed Ricci to still feed Emma healthy breast milk. “The day we were driving home to Campbell River, we got a call from Dogwood Place to set up her first appointments for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and even speech so they could check her mouth. That support for Emma started immediately,” say her parents. For the next five years, Emma attended early intervention programs and classes at Campbell River’s Dogwood Place and at the Queen Alexandra Centre’s Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic. And over the years, the specialists at these facilities became family to Brian, Ricci, and Emma. Today six-year-old Emma is doing great, thanks to all the health care supports she received early on. She attends a French immersion school with other kids her age, something Brian and Ricci weren’t sure would ever happen for her, and she’s enrolled in hip hop classes. In the summer of 2018, Emma graduated from her speech therapy classes at Dogwood Place, no longer needing that specialized early intervention. She also graduated out of the programs she attended at QAC’s Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic, and won’t need to return for another assessment until she is eight years old. “Everything that has ever happened for Emma and us has seriously set her ahead so many steps,” says Brian. Brian and Ricci are grateful for all the donations that allowed Emma to access the essential health care she needed, helping her become the funny, kind, dance-loving kid she is today.

Emma and her family over the years

“I don’t even know where we would be at in this stage if we didn’t have all that support,” says Ricci. “Every thought, care, or penny given from someone to the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island means the world to us. It all helped us raise Emma.”


Thank you It takes a compassionate and generous community to ensure that every child has access to the health care resources they need. We thank all of you who made gifts in our 2018-19 fiscal year with thoughtful intentions to improve the lives of Island families. Here are some of the ways that our donors share their generosity.

Hugs for Kids Club: Monthly giving Hugs for Kids Club members make a strong commitment to children, youth, and families in our communities by choosing to give monthly. These gifts are an easy and efficient way to provide ongoing support, which ensures the Foundation can continue to fund the health needs of Island families for months and years to come.

Kids Care Kids Care donors are generous children and youth under the age of 18 who have raised funds to help make a difference in the lives of other kids just like them. These young donors are the future of philanthropy!

Queen Alexandra Legacy Circle Queen Alexandra Legacy Circle donors have planned for a future gift to help ensure every Island child, youth, and family can access the health care they need for generations to come.

Dave Saunders, Saunders Family Foundation

“The more we give back to the community the more we get back. That’s the way we were raised and that’s what we’ll continue to do.” —Dave Saunders, Saunders Family Foundation

Seven-year-old Sarah popped by Children’s Health Foundation with a $1,000 gift all raised from her lemonade stand! (Oops, after we took this photo, we realized we grabbed the wrong cheque! Sarah did give this donation to us!)


Thank you “The goal is to keep the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island going in perpetuity, and one way to help ensure that happens is by continuously donating and having dollars the Foundation can always count on.” —Ian Wheatley

Legacy gifts We are honoured to recognize the donors whose foresight have ensured their legacy of generosity will continue to provide Island kids with access to the health care and services they need.

Every gift counts There are many donors who choose to make generous onetime gifts as well as those who plan events in support of the Foundation. We thank all of our donors for their heartfelt support of Island families. For a list of our donors from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, please visit

Ian Wheatley, Children’s Health Foundation board director and monthly donor

Island kids Liam, Ewan, and Connor raised $1,000 through busking at the Qualicum Farmers Market in summer of 2018!


Our financial performance Thanks to our generous donors and the stewardship of our board of directors, Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is able to responsibly invest in the health care of Island kids, youth, and their families. Here’s a look at our financial performance from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.*





$5,164,565 Total revenue

Investment income

28% 65% Programs and grants

($4,825,962 shown below)

16% Administration

$7,474,819 Total expenses

9% Fundraising 8% Amortization 2% Other (investment advisory fees)


Invested in programs and grants

Some of the ways your donor dollars support Island families include: • • • • •

Bear Essentials Bursaries and scholarships Community grants Foundry Victoria HerWay Home

• • •

Home Away From Home Jeneece Place Pathways to Healing Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health

• •

Sooke Child, Youth, and Family Centre West Shore Child, Youth, and Family Centre

Your donor dollars support The many programs, initiatives, and facilities that your donor dollars support all have one main objective: To improve health outcomes for Island families. Our three main impact areas include early childhood development, youth mental health, and children and youth living with complex needs.

*For full financial statements, please visit **Rental income and cost recoveries


Island families continue to need you 2018-19 was a great fiscal year filled with important milestones and celebrations. Looking ahead, we know Island families will continue to need your support. Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island is excited to work alongside our passionate donors into 2020 and beyond. We have a busy and exciting year ahead and won’t be able to do this work without you. Join us as champions for the health of every Island family by making a gift to the Kids First Fund today!

Island kid Weston

Our team Our staff:

Our board of directors:

Veronica Carroll, CEO Coralie Stern, Director of Marketing and Communications Janet Rowe, Director of Finance, Operations, and IT Anita Brassard, Community Investment Manager (North Island) Bronwyn Dunbar, Community Investment Manager (South Island) Christine Dionne, Fund Development Officer Jerry Ropchan, Finance Officer Kelsi Langdon, Fund Development Officer Shayla Baumeler, Community Investment Officer

Sandra Hudson, Chair Bryan Thomson, Vice Chair/Treasurer Kay Melbye, Secretary Bill Snell, Past Chair Blair Hagkull, Director Cory Herrera, Director Don Hubbard, Director Doug McCorquodale, Director Ian Wheatley, Director Dr. Jennifer Balfour, Director Dr. Norgrove Penny, Director Owen Matthews, Director Pat Schneider, Director


Island kid Emma and her family

Charitable Registration Number: 89863 8291 RR0001

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2018-19 Annual Impact Report  

Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island highlights its fiscal year for 2018-19 in this annual report, featuring Island kid Emma and...

2018-19 Annual Impact Report  

Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island highlights its fiscal year for 2018-19 in this annual report, featuring Island kid Emma and...