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RETURN TO: Children’s Rights Alliance for England, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF. Fax 020 7278 9552

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When and how long you were in custody I am in custody now


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Please explain why you want to help end violence against children and young people in custody

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Data protection CRAE will not share any of your personal details with other organisations without your consent.

The ‘End violence against children and young people in custody’ project started in February 2011. It is managed by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England and funded by the European Commission’s Daphne III programme. Project partners are: the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Belgium), DCI-the Netherlands, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Cyprus, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (Austria) and Save the Children Romania.

Do yo u help want to en again d violenc e st chi l and y d oung ren p in cus tody eople ?* *‘Custody’ refers to locked institutions where children and young people are held after being charged, convicted or sentenced of a criminal offence. In England, this includes young offender institutions, secure training centres and secure children’s homes.

The Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) and five European partners are running a two-year project to end violence against children and young people in custody.

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Please get in touch as soon as possible if:

The project is special because:

Children and young people with direct experience of custody will be coming up with their own solutions for ending violence in custody.

Want to help end violence against children and young people in custody?

We want to end all forms of violence in custody – whether it comes from other children and young people or from staff.

We aim to bring about change in five European countries – Austria, Cyprus, England, The Netherlands and Romania – but we’ll share our materials and learning so that children’s rights in many more We a re countries are and y looking better protected. for ou

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Krish unication r England o comm Alliance f , s t h g treet Ri ion S L e t i h 94 W 26 Post: n N1 9PF 8222 ext. o 8 7 d 2 n 7 o L 0 024 e: 02 Phon 7506 843 0 c : Text kmaroo@ : l i a Em

You are under 18 years old You are, or have been, in custody You are a good listener You are passionate about ending violence in custody. All your expenses will be paid



Powerful Respected


Protected Name-calling





Twisted up

Noise Rage


Pushed to the floor Ridiculed Shouted at Banged up Laughed at Embarrassed





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