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Leaders in Innovation Delivering Next Generation Care

Annual Report 2007

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New Facilities Children’s embarks on extraordinary journey to provide best care for patients and families


Sabrina’s ‘Cool’ Outcome New treatment delivers hope to newborns deprived of oxygen at birth


Pioneering Surgery for Joe Children’s physician develops better option for young patients


Leaving Chronic Pain Behind Children’s experts lead the way in helping kids like Zach


Growing Up Without Seizures A better life for Molly, thanks to nationally recognized skill and technology


Doing Everything Other Kids Do With leaders in heart imaging on his team, Bailey is thriving


2007 News, Facts, and Financials


Community Benefits


Children’s Leadership


Our Donors Make the Difference


Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is proud to deliver next generation care to families in our five-state region through innovation, nationally-recognized patient safety, and family-centered care. Board chair James

Generations of families have looked to

Ryan, left, joins Alan

Children’s of Minnesota for the finest in

Goldbloom, MD, president and CEO, on

pediatric care. As the only freestanding

the construction site

children’s hospital in Minnesota, every

across Chicago Avenue

ounce of our expertise, our technology,

from Children’s –

our investment, and our research


focuses on kids. In 2007, we strengthened our leadership position by serving more children than any other pediatric hospital in the region and by delivering outcomes that are among America’s best. In fact, this year U.S. News & World Report named Children’s one of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals—reaffirming that Children’s continues to be the pre-eminent pediatric hospital in the Upper Midwest. Our leadership in safety and quality was further recognized by the national Leapfrog Group, which ranked us among the top eight children’s hospitals for the third year running. As the nation’s seventh largest pediatric hospital, we care for more high-risk newborns than any other health care organization in the Upper Midwest; in Minnesota, we provide care for two-thirds of pediatric patients hospitalized for cardiac surgery; and more than half of the children diagnosed with cancer. In 2007, we served over 200,000 children during emergency and clinic visits and performed 24,000 pediatric surgeries, the largest number in the region. We are proud to share with you the 2007 Annual Report of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. As you turn the pages of this report, you will meet some amazing children who have benefited from Children’s proud history of leadership in innovation. Children like Sabrina who was deprived of oxygen at birth, but because of a landmark clinical trial at Children’s to test “head cooling” on newborns who suffer oxygen deprivation, Sabrina is thriving at age seven. Or Molly, who now experiences a life without seizures caused by a rare genetic disorder—a turnaround made possible because Children’s uses diagnostic technology available at only a dozen other U.S. hospitals. These children are able to do all the things other kids do, in part, because of Children’s commitment to advancing new and innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment. These children represent the most inspiring experiences at Children’s. They are the face of Delivering Next Generation Care. 2

National Recognition For Children’s Outstanding Care Groundbreaking for Children’s expansion featured members of the Youth Advisory Council and patients. Ceremonies for the Children’s – Minneapolis building expansion, took place in October 2007. A groundbreaking event at Children’s – St. Paul followed in April 2008.

Children’s has reached a critical point in our history. After over three decades in our

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota was cited as one of “America’s Best Children’s Hospitals,” a ranking introduced for the first time in 2007 by U.S. News & World Report.

current buildings in St. Paul and Minneapolis, we must now change and grow in order to continue delivering care that provides the latest technology and the best practices in an environment that supports families. We are now undertaking the largest redevelopment and expansion project in our history. This $300 million expansion, on both hospital campuses, will allow Children’s to provide state-of-the-art care in world-class facilities. Groundbreaking has taken place at both hospital campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our expansion includes all new operating rooms and intensive care units, a dedicated cardiovascular center offering the full continuum of cardiac care from diagnostics to treatment; enlarged and enhanced emergency departments; all private patient rooms with dedicated space for families; and a Ronald McDonald House within the hospital on

Children’s of Minnesota was joined by only six other pediatric hospitals in the U.S. to make the “Top Hospitals” list by The Leapfrog Group, which nationally ranks hospitals on safety and quality initiatives.

our Minneapolis campus. Over our 80-year history, you, our community partners, have vigorously supported our mission to raise the bar in providing outstanding care to our children and families. We thank you for that unwavering support. Now more than ever, we will be turning to our community to continue that effort. With your help, we will achieve our goal of providing the children of the Upper Midwest with outstanding new facilities for pediatric care. They deserve nothing less. Alan L. Goldbloom, MD

James Ryan

President and CEO

Chair, Board of Directors

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics

of Minnesota

of Minnesota

Children’s was the first Twin Cities hospital system to achieve the prestigious Magnet designation, awarded for nursing excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. 3

New Facilities Children’s is undertaking the most significant expansion in its history. Construction is underway to add technology, provide private rooms, and offer a family-centered, healing environment. Campus expansion at Children’s of Minnesota represents the largest development project in the organization’s 80-year history. Estimated cost is $300 million, with philanthropic support projected for about one-third of the total. “This major renovation and expansion at both campuses will help solidify Children’s position as one of the finest pediatric hospitals in the nation,” says Alan L. Goldbloom, MD, president and CEO. “Our new facilities will provide more space, better technology, and a familycentered and healing environment that will match the quality of care we continue to provide children and families in our community.” The expansion is proceeding in phases for three to five years. Improvements at Children’s hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis will include: • larger private rooms for patients, where parents can stay comfortably around the clock with their children. • renovated and expanded emergency rooms. • new operating rooms with enhanced technology and more space. • dedicated outdoor green spaces. Children’s – St. Paul A new, distinct entrance will be added, giving Children’s greater 4

visibility from Smith Avenue. Much of the new construction will take place on top of United Hospital’s emergency department expansion. This will house Children’s new operating rooms, surgical care, and an expanded emergency department. The pediatric epilepsy unit, currently located at neighboring United Hospital, will be moved to Children’s. Added space for newborn care will enhance the private-room neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Children’s – Minneapolis Construction of an Ambulatory Care Center across Chicago Avenue from the hospital is underway. This building, with a new parking ramp, will house Children’s clinics, diagnostic and treatment centers—including a new pediatric infusion clinic—and space for leased medical offices. New construction east of the present hospital will create space for a new cardiovascular center and a Ronald McDonald House for families. A redesigned entrance on Chicago Avenue will welcome families along with an enhanced streetscape. In addition, Children’s – Minneapolis is developing a mother-baby center with neighboring Abbott Northwestern Hospital. This will be a regional and national referral center for families seeking excellence in neonatal and perinatal care. A new NICU will feature private rooms.

Under construction on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis is a new ambulatory care center and parking ramp. Expanded hospital facilities are shown in architectural drawings above left for Children’s – St. Paul, and above right for Children’s – Minneapolis. (Final design of buildings may be somewhat different.) 5

Sabrina’s ‘Cool’ Outcome Deprived of oxygen at birth, Sabrina is thriving, thanks to new treatment pioneered in Children’s newborn intensive care unit. When Sabrina Tracy was born in October 2001, she wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a heartbeat. “She was blue as she was delivered,” her mother, Ellen Tracy, recalls. Brain damage from oxygen deprivation, similar to what Sabrina experienced during her birth, is the single most important cause of disability in childhood. While many infants respond to initial resuscitation, most experience ongoing brain injury. This leads to a more pronounced injury called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). After she was resuscitated, Sabrina was airlifted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Children’s – Minneapolis. It was one of only 26 medical centers internationally to participate in a clinical trial to test “head cooling” on newborns with HIE. But two days after Sabrina was treated with the Olympic Cool-Cap® to prevent permanent brain damage, she still had shown no movement. Her family was told it was likely Sabrina would be profoundly brain injured. Then the tide started to turn. “We noticed some amazing changes,” Ellen says. “Sabrina’s eyes opened for the first time, and she had a sucking reflex.” Today, Sabrina is a healthy, bright 6-year-old who just finished kindergarten. “Before brain-targeted cooling, we could only provide general supportive care for infants with asphyxia-associated brain injuries,” says Robert Couser, MD, a Children’s neonatalogist who was Children’s principal investigator for the ongoing head-cooling study. “While most vital systems can recover with that type of care, the brain was another story. Most of these infants died or were severely brain-injured.” In Sabrina’s case, the story has a very happy ending. Ellen says, “Sabrina went from a devastating condition with no hope for a normal life to where she is today. I think the Cool-Cap saved her quality of life.”


Cooling the brain offers new hope for babies deprived of oxygen at birth. Neonatalogist Robert Couser, MD, Children’s principal investigator for the brain cooling clinical trial, says, “This is an evolving therapy, with ongoing studies. Several studies have shown brain cooling to be safe and effective.” There are two techniques: targeted brain cooling using Cool-Cap technology; or whole body cooling using a cooling blanket. The whole body technique will be available at both Children’s NICUs in summer 2008. The Cool-Cap system will be offered at the Children’s – Minneapolis NICU, the first in Minnesota to offer this therapy.

In Children’s NICU, landmark innovations in care for newborns deprived of oxygen at birth paved the way for Sabrina to enjoy the everyday wonders of being six years old.

Every breath he takes: Surgery first adapted at Children’s gave Joe, 3, the ability to breathe normally.


Pioneering Surgery for Joe When Joe was born his jaw was too small, creating major breathing problems. A surgery developed at Children’s opened his airway. When Matt Scheck first saw his newborn son, he asked, “Where’s his chin?” Matt and Kara Scheck discovered soon after Joe’s birth at Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia that their son’s jaw was too small. Far more than a cosmetic concern, this caused Joe’s tongue to fall back in his throat, obstructing his airway. Paramedics took Joe to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) at Children’s – Minneapolis. The Schecks met James Sidman, MD, a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist who has pioneered a surgery to help children like Joe to breathe and eat normally. Sidman separates the bone of each jaw, then inserts a device (called a distractor) to create a gap. As new bone grows, the jaw lengthens, pulling the tongue forward for a normal airway. The alternative is creating a hole (tracheostomy) in the child’s windpipe – something Sidman says parents want to avoid. “Children with trachs require extensive nursing care, their speech is delayed, and it’s extremely difficult for families,” he explains. James Sidman, MD, pediatric ear-nose-throat specialist, is nationally recognized for his pioneering work in jaw distraction surgery to help children with Joe’s condition, Pierre Robin Sequence. Working with oral surgeon Daniel Sampson, DDS, MD, Sidman adapted the surgery for babies that traditionally was performed only on teenagers. Sidman and his colleagues have treated nearly 60 patients, with 96 percent success in children under age two. Patients from around the nation travel to Children’s for the surgery.

Matt and Kara were happy to learn that their son could avoid a tracheostomy. Sidman performed jaw distraction surgery at Children’s when Joe was six weeks old. After Joe returned home, his parents carefully turned the jaw distractor screws to promote bone growth. It worked. After one week, Matt and Kara found that Joe could breathe without the messy nasal device he’d needed since birth. “We were so happy! His eating increased that day, right away,” Kara recalls. Joe’s jaw healed for several months with the distractors in place. Then, he underwent day surgery at Children’s to remove the devices. Only faint scars remain on his lower jaw. Now a 3-year-old, Joe stays busy keeping up with his five siblings. “He’s doing wonderful, and we’re so grateful,” says Kara. “This surgery is the best thing Dr. Sidman ever came up with.”


Leaving Chronic Pain Behind Chronic pain from leukemia treatment sidelined Zach, until he received help from a groundbreaking pain clinic at Children’s. Adolescence is the prime time to try new activities, meet new friends, pursue academic interests, and learn about oneself in the process. Until recently, that was nearly impossible for 15-year-old Zach Barstow. In 2003, Zach was treated for leukemia at Children’s – St. Paul. As a result of his treatment he developed a very rare side effect called avascular necrosis. For three years, Zach found himself on the sidelines of life as he battled chronic pain from this condition. Despite daily medications, Zach became severely disabled by the pain. He needed a wheelchair and missed many days of school. His family turned for help to Children’s Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic and pediatric pain specialist Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD. As one of two such clinics in North America, Children’s Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic provides comprehensive evaluation and follow-up for children and their families. The clinic team consists of a pediatrician/pain specialist, psychologist, nurse coordinator, social worker/family therapist, and physical therapist. “State-of-the-art care in treating children with chronic pain integrates complementary, non-drug treatments with excellent pain medication,” says Friedrichsdorf. “Children with chronic pain can almost always get back to normal.” After his evaluation, Zach had regular appointments at the clinic where he learned to use alternative therapies like biofeedback and self-hypnosis. The team also prescribed physical therapy, including aquatic therapy. “Zach worked really hard all summer,” says Anne Barstow, Zach’s mother. “By the time school began in fall 2007, he was able to start his freshman year without a wheelchair.” Zach left behind his wheelchair and strong pain medications. He enjoys swimming in his backyard pool, plays basketball with friends, and is active with student council and other activities at his high school. He rarely misses a day of school. “It’s a lot easier to participate now,” Zach says. “The pain doesn’t hold me back anymore.”


Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD, directs Children’s pain and palliative care program. He is among only a handful of international pediatricians with formal fellowship training in pediatric pain and palliative care. He created the Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic, which brings children and families together with an array of pediatric specialists. “The child and family tell their story once, with the whole team in the room. That builds collaboration, and it’s much more convenient for families,” he says.

For Zach, 15, Children’s leadership in pain treatment translates to his ability to be a regular teenager.

Youngsters like Molly, 4, receive the most technologically advanced care for difficult-to-treat seizures at Children’s nationally recognized epilepsy unit.


Growing Up Without Seizures Thanks to advanced imaging technology, physicians pinpointed the location of Molly’s seizures in her brain, setting the stage for surgery. Now, she’s free of seizures. Now that Molly Davison’s seizures have ended, she is a focused, energetic 4-year-old. Her parents are more relaxed, no longer worrying that she will fall and hurt herself during a seizure. Judy and Troy Davison took Molly to Children’s – St. Paul when she had her first seizures at age 19 months. In the pediatric epilepsy unit, they learned the reason. Tuberous sclerosis, a rare genetic disease, created 10 benign tumors in Molly’s brain, which sparked her seizures. The seizures became more frequent, even with medication. By summer 2007, Molly’s physician specialist, Michael Frost, MD, had her undergo a diagnostic test using new technology called magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG is only available at a dozen hospitals in the U.S.; Children’s offers it as part of its nationally renowned pediatric epilepsy program for children with hard-to-control seizures. Aided by this next-generation technology that showed normal and abnormal functions in Molly’s brain, Frost recommended surgery.

Michael Frost, MD, says magnetoencephalography (MEG) “was instrumental in the planning prior to Molly’s surgery.” The noninvasive technology uses super-cooled electrode sensors to scan a child’s brain. MEG is not widely available; Children’s is the only place for kids in the Upper Midwest to offer it. “When it comes to treating epilepsy, MEG is as advanced as it gets,” explains Frost, medical director of Children’s pediatric epilepsy program.

In February 2008, Molly underwent surgery at Children’s to implant a grid over a portion of her brain. Extensive testing to map Molly’s brain functions followed in Children’s epilepsy unit. These specialized tests pinpointed the seizure-causing area of her brain that could be removed without impairing her functioning. A second surgery followed, and Molly returned home only four days later. “We couldn’t have asked for better results!” Judy says. “Molly had one seizure two weeks after surgery. Since then, she hasn’t had any. She has lots more energy and seems clearer.” This summer, Molly will take swimming lessons. When she had seizures, her parents felt that was too risky. “Deciding on surgery was difficult, but we wanted to give Molly the best chance we could,” Troy explains. “We’re fortunate to have access to such specialized care at Children’s.”


Doing Everything Other Kids Do Born with heart defects, Bailey benefits from advanced technology that shows expert physicians exactly how his heart works. “He’s a very active boy. Right now, he’s obsessed with hockey,” says Stacy Stromberg, mother of 5-year-old Bailey. “It’s great to see him enjoy himself, but sometimes it’s scary to think that Bailey was born with heart defects.” Born at a Twin Cities area hospital in 2002, Bailey was rushed to Children’s – Minneapolis, where physicians in Children’s cardiovascular services department discovered that his heart had three congenital defects. Fortunately, pediatric cardiac surgeons at Children’s successfully repaired Bailey’s heart. Now, aside from a scar on his chest, the only reminders of Bailey’s eventful start in life are his annual checkups at Children’s Heart Clinic. Although Bailey’s initial checkups required an invasive cardiac catheterization procedure, his most recent checkup was done using a new and remarkable imaging technology—CT angiography. Detailed CT angiography images make possible a number of monitoring and diagnostic exercises. “This techology offers physicians access to three-dimensional images of the heart from virtually any angle,” says B. Kelly Gleason Han, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s – Minneapolis who is a national expert in using CT angiography. “Those images provide incredibly detailed information that we use to monitor Bailey’s heart.” The images display the entire cardiac anatomy and in some cases can also provide accurate volume measurements, allowing pediatric cardiologists to determine how efficiently the heart pumps. Each scan is individualized to the specific question the patient needs answered. Vivid images are generated noninvasively, often without anesthesia or sedation. Instead of staying at the hospital for several hours after an invasive procedure, children like Bailey walk out the door and return to doing the things they love. “I’m so happy and grateful that Bailey can do everything that other kids can do,” Stacy says. “We feel so fortunate that he was born close to Children’s. I can’t even find the right words to say what a wonderful place it is.”


B. Kelly Gleason Han, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s – Minneapolis, is one of only a handful of U.S. physicians capable of reading and interpreting images from CT angiography in patients with congenital heart disease. This new, noninvasive diagnostic technology provides extremely detailed images of the heart. After pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a cardiology fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco, Han completed a senior fellowship in noninvasive cardiac imaging at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University Medical School. She joined the Children’s Heart Clinic in 2003, and spends approximately half of her time in cardiac MRI and cardiac CT.

Seeing the heart like never before: Bailey, 6, receives care from a pediatric cardiologist nationally recognized as an expert in advanced imaging capabilities.

News of 2007 Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Children’s, Medtronic collaborate to benefit kids with diabetes Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and Medtronic are collaborating to improve the care of children with diabetes. This collaboration, which started in 2007, draws on the expertise of Children’s McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center, where about 1,250 children with diabetes currently receive treatment. Children’s is the only diabetes center in the region to specialize in working solely with children and teens. Twin Cities-based Medtronic is a leading medical technology company whose diabetes products include insulin pumps. “About 60 percent of Children’s patients with diabetes use insulin infusion pumps,” says Jayne Chatterton, RN, nurse supervisor of the diabetes center. “Children’s is very progressive in using the new technology of insulin pumps to benefit our patients,” Chatterton says.

Children’s offers Vascular Anomalies Center A new center serving children with vascular anomalies opened at Children’s in November 2007. It is one of the few comprehensive centers for children in the U.S. Children’s Vascular Anomalies Center offers a team of pediatric experts, including specialists in hematology, dermatology, otolaryngology, surgery, and plastic surgery. Coordinating the care of each child is a pediatric nurse case manager, who handles all communication and treatment between health care providers and the family. Vascular anomalies can involve complex lesions, including hemangiomas (a benign tumor of dilated blood vessels) and malformations such as port-wine stains. The center has nationally recognized expertise in laser treatments that reach the hemangioma without burning the skin. Physician leaders are medical director Stephen Nelson, MD, pediatric hematologist/oncologist, and surgical director James Sidman, MD, a pediatric ear-nose-throat specialist.


Children’s has an extensive educational program to teach children and families about diabetes and how to use the pumps—another aspect of collaboration with Medtronic. Children’s staff members are providing content for Medtronic’s pediatric-focused materials for patients and physicians, which will be distributed worldwide. (The publications also carry the Children’s logo.) The first project, published in early 2008, is a booklet that describes how children with diabetes can benefit from an insulin pump, an alternative to insulin shots. A Medtronic publication for primary care physicians and endocrinologists on insulin pumps for children will be published later in 2008. The author is Jennifer Kyllo, MD, Children’s pediatric endocrinologist and medical director of the diabetes program.

Children’s advocacy efforts The Office of Child Health Advocacy and Policy at Children’s of Minnesota supports the organization’s advocacy goals. Each year, Children’s works to influence local, state, and federal public policy decisions on children’s health and well-being. At the federal level, Children’s leaders who lobbied for funding for children’s hospitals in 2007 were Alan L. Goldbloom, MD, president and CEO, and Mary Braddock, MD, MPH, senior director, child health advocacy and policy. Lobbying coordinated by the National Association of Children’s Hospitals secured funding for two key programs: the first funding increase in four years for Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education; and extension of funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program through March 2009. Children’s established a new program, “Be the Voice for Children” for people interested in advocating for children’s health issues. This Web-based program, at www.childrensmn. org/CCIR/GovernmentRelations, provides updates on child health issues and ways to get involved. Those who join Children’s Action Network receive legislative updates, action alerts, and information on important child health issues.

Children’s - Maple Grove rehab clinic opens

Simulation center on a roll

Maple Grove is the newest suburban clinic at Children’s of Minnesota. In March 2007, Children’s opened a developmental and rehabilitation clinic near Maple Grove’s Arbor Lakes shopping district. Children’s – Maple Grove offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services. The clinic has 12 treatment rooms, a kids’ kitchen for evaluation of feeding disorders, and a large gym with a climbing wall and suspended swing.

Hemophilia Treatment Center opens Children’s of Minnesota recently joined the nationwide network of federally designated Hemophilia Treatment Centers. Children’s has long been a premier provider of care for children with hemophilia. Children’s provides outpatient and inpatient assessment and treatment for children with bleeding disorders and distribution of factor product (a therapy that promotes the blood’s ability to clot) through a federally designated program. This provides the therapy to patients at a lower cost, helping their families control the cost of bleeding disorder treatments. Medical director is Margaret Heisel Kurth, MD, pediatric hematologist/oncologist.

The “sim bus,” as it’s called at Children’s of Minnesota, offered its first pediatric training in 2007 for health care providers in the Upper Midwest. The Kohl’s Mobile Simulation Center is the first of its kind in the United States. It’s a specially outfitted motor coach staffed with experts in pediatric emergency simulations. Inside the bus, small groups of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and pharmacists work together on a simulated pediatric emergency. The “patient” is a computerized mannequin that mimics a child’s symptoms of distress. Afterwards, the team watches a recording of the simulation. Team members debrief, then can immediately practice what they learned in another simulation. A $1,092,000 donation from Kohl’s Department Stores provided initial funding for the center.

Thousands immunized at vaccine clinics Children’s of Minnesota responded to a community outbreak of influenza in children by offering two walk-in clinics in February 2007. Nearly 2,100 people, mostly children, received vaccinations at two weekend clinics at Children’s – St. Paul. The clinics were conducted with the Minnesota Department of Health and St. Paul/Ramsey County Department of Public Health.


Wright named chief of critical care division Greg Wright, MD, pediatric cardiologist, was named chief of the critical care division at Children’s of Minnesota in July 2007. This division includes the emergency departments, neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, special diagnostics, the pediatric epilepsy unit, radiology, and cardiovascular services. Wright continues his part-time clinical practice at the Children’s Heart Clinic. He has been a member of Children’s community since 1986, also serving as chief of the professional staff and a member of Children’s board of directors.

Children’s, Roosevelt High School partner to promote health careers Children’s of Minnesota has partnered with Roosevelt High School in south Minneapolis for more than 10 years, promoting job opportunities in health care to more than 300 students. Roosevelt’s Health Careers Program gives students an opportunity to explore health care jobs they may be interested in pursuing. Students are placed at Children’s for paid summer jobs and volunteer opportunities. Michael O’Connor, health careers program coordinator at Roosevelt, says Children’s is the most active partner at every level of the program, providing money for developing technology, along with volunteer and job opportunities for students. Students help transport patients, deliver flowers, and work in offices and the gift shop. “Most of what we do wouldn’t be possible without Children’s,” O’Connor says. Alan L. Goldbloom, MD, president and CEO of Children’s, convened a meeting with area hospital CEOs at Roosevelt in spring 2008. They discussed new ideas for promoting health care careers among high school students in the Minneapolis area.


Patients, families involved in key decisions Youth Advisory Council At Children’s of Minnesota, children and teens on the Youth Advisory Council offer their ideas and feedback for many aspects of the hospitals. Fifteen council members, who are Children’s patients, meet monthly to give practical ideas that will improve the hospital experiences for others. In 2007 the group focused on issues relating to Children’s expansion and renovation plans. Members met with hospital leaders and architects, giving their ideas on design of patient rooms and improvements in the hospital environment. “They are keen on technology, and they expect a level of technology equal to what’s at their schools,” says adviser Sheila Palm, child life system leader. Family Advisory Council Representing the voices of families at Children’s of Minnesota is a job that members of the Family Advisory Council take very seriously. “Our group members are involved in all of the major initiatives at Children’s, including the expansion plans,” says Tessa Billman, chair. “Children’s really understands the value of partnering with the Family Advisory Council.” Fifteen council members volunteered more than 2,000 hours in 2007. Key accomplishments in 2007 included: • making Children’s electronic medical record more accessible and family-centered. • reformating Children’s billing statement and presenting it in the family’s preferred language (such as Spanish or Hmong). • giving the Excellence in Family-Centered Care Award to two health care providers at Children’s. • presenting family perspectives in the video “Welcome to Children’s” that families can watch online before a hospital visit.

Facts about Children’s – 2007 Children’s of Minnesota is the nation’s seventh largest children’s health care organization, with 326 staffed beds at its hospitals in St. Paul and Minneapolis and four outpatient sites in Twin Cities suburbs.

Patient encounters


Family encounters for language interpretation


(Admissions, surgical procedures, emergency department and outpatient clinic visits, home

Languages interpreted


care visits, rehab service units, ancillary services, and interpretive services) Inpatient admissions

Top three languages interpreted

Spanish, Somali, Hmong


Staff, Professional Staff, and Volunteers Average number of children hospitalized per day Total number of staffed hospital beds

245.1 326

Percentage of hospital beds devoted to intensive care Inpatient surgical cases

Total number of employees


Employees (full-time equivalents)


Professional staff members




50% 4,508 Volunteer hours of service

Outpatient surgical cases


Emergency department visits


Outpatient clinic visits Home care visits Rehab service units


Services for Patients and Families Children cared for in Children’s two sibling play areas


Individuals using Children’s two libraries for patients


CaringBridge* Web pages created by families


11,203 224,341

(15-minute increments of service) Laboratory tests/pathology cases



Radiology procedures


Pharmacy medications — doses dispensed


Respiratory therapy treatments


Total hits to CaringBridge sites Guest book entries to families’ CaringBridge sites

30,755,960 138,964

*CaringBridge Web sites are created by families to provide Children’s Physician Network triage calls


information about a child’s condition. Sites are passwordprotected and free to families. Staff in Children’s two Family

Answering service calls


Resource Centers assist families in setting up their sites. 19 5

Children’s cared for 112,747 individual patients from the five-state region in 2007.* These patients represented 100 percent of Minnesota counties and 60 percent of the counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota

Numbers of Children’s patients in 2007, by county 20,000 – 41,900 5,000 – 19,999 1,000 – 4,999 100 – 999 1 – 99


* Patients are counted once, even if they visited Children’s multiple times in different Children’s facilities. Data includes all inpatient and outpatient encounters for all campuses. (Excluded from the region count were 171 patients, who did not have a county attached to their medical record.) Source: Children’s Internal Data Warehouse.

Sources and Uses of Revenue 2007 Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

(Dollars in millions) For the year ended December 31

Sources of Revenue Patient care reimbursement



Grants for education and research Philanthropic support



Other operating


Investment income and gains


Total sources



Patient care

Grants for education & research 1.5%

reimbursement 90.0%

Foundation transfers 1.2% Other operating 2.1% Investment income & gains 5.2%

Uses of Revenue Labor costs



Professional fees, purchased services, supplies,

and facility costs


Capital costs (depreciation and interest)


State taxes and other expenses


Provision for renovation, equipment, and new programs


Total uses

$ Professional fees, purchased services & supplies 19.6%


Capital costs (depreciation & interest) 6.5% State taxes & other expenses 7.6% Provision for renovation, equipment, & new programs 10.4%

Labor costs 55.9%


Community Benefit Children’s of Minnesota is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Its services provide broad benefits to the community, in addition to the health care services it delivers.

To further its purpose as a charitable organization, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota provides a wide variety of benefits to the community. These services and donations account for a measurable portion of the hospital’s costs and serve to promote healthy lifestyles, community development, health education, and affordable access to care. Children’s of Minnesota maintains records to identify and monitor the level of community benefit services it provides. Those records include management’s estimate of the cost to provide charity care, the cost of services and supplies furnished A patient at Children’s McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center learns about

for the community benefit programs, and costs in excess of

good food choices from nutritionist Janie Cooperman.

program payments for treating Medical Assistance patients. Cost of Community Benefits 2007 2006 Charity care write-offs

(in millions)

$ 3.4

Costs in Excess of Medical Assistance Payments Children’s provides services to public program enrollees (Medicaid). Such public programs typically reimburse at

$ 3.8

amounts less than cost.

Charity care offsets (philanthropic and cost offsets) (1.9) (2.3) Costs in excess of Medicaid payments 14.4 22.8

Medicaid Surcharge and MinnesotaCare Tax

Medicaid surcharge and MinnesotaCare tax 15.6 13.7

The Medicaid surcharge program includes a 1.56 percent

Community and subsidized health services costs



Education and research costs



surcharge on a hospital’s net patient service revenue (excluding

Cash and in-kind donations



Community building & other community benefits cost



Total cost of community benefits*

$ 43.7

$ 50.3

Medicaid). Children’s also participates in the funding of medical care for the uninsured through a MinnesotaCare tax of twopercent on net patient service revenue. Patients who are unable to get insurance through their employer are eligible to participate in MinnesotaCare.

* Compliant with Catholic Health Association (CHA)/VHA Inc. definitions adopted by the Minnesota Hospital Association for reporting community benefits.

Community and Subsidized Health Service Costs Community health services are activities carried out for the

Charity Care Costs

express purpose of improving the health status of children in

Charity care costs reflect Children’s cost of providing medical

the community. These include programs such as free clinics,

care without charge or at reduced cost to residents of the

health screenings, support counseling for patients and families,

communities that Children’s serves. Policies have been

crisis intervention, disaster readiness, and the cost of providing

established to identify charity care cases that meet certain

community health partnerships and education. Subsidized

guidelines for a patient’s ability to pay for services. The amount

health services represent patient care services needed by the

reported is net of philanthropic support.

community that would otherwise be unavailable or insufficient


to meet patient demand. Examples at Children’s of Minnesota

Vital Statistics 2007

include: Midwest Children’s Resource Center (child abuse center); Teen Age Medical Service (TAMS); McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center; child psychology services; and in-home


Patient Days 85,809







Children’s provides education and training programs for



Education and Research Costs


caregiver services.

providers, health care students, and other health professionals. The amount reported is net of any reimbursement and philanthropic support.

Cash and In-kind Donations Children’s donates funds and in-kind services to other not-for-profit organizations.

Community Building and Other Community Benefits Children’s participates in other community-building activities through a network of physicians (Children’s Physician Network)

03 04 05 06 07

03 04 05 06 07

Outpatient Visits

Surgical Cases

(Includes clinic and emergency department visits)








Children’s also provides other community contributions. These



In addition to community benefit costs as defined above,


to advance community services and patient quality initiatives.

include services to Medicare and CHAMPUS beneficiaries below the costs for treatment, other uncompensated care, discounted pricing to the uninsured, and taxes and fees. Other Community Contributions 2007 2006

(in millions)

Costs in excess of other government payments $ 0.5

$ 1.1

Other care provided without compensation (bad debt) 8.8 7.7 Discounts offered to uninsured patients 0.3 0.1 Taxes and fees 0.4 0.3 Total other community contributions

$ 10.0

$ 9.2

Total Value of Community Contributions

03 04 05 06 07

03 04 05 06 07

Ages of Inpatients Age 15+ (9.6%) Age 10-14 (12.7%)

Age 0-1 (36.0%)

Age 5-9 (15.2%)

The total economic value of Children’s community benefits and other community contributions for 2007 and 2006 was $53.7 million and $59.5 million, respectively.

Age 1-4 (26.5%)


Children’s Leadership Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and Children’s Foundation 2007 Board of Directors

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Leadership (Effective Jan. 1, 2008)

James R. Ryan Chair, Hospital Vice Chair, Foundation Chair, Joint Executive Committee Chair, Quality Committee

Alan L. Goldbloom, MD President and Chief Executive Officer

Edward J. Phillips Chair, Foundation Vice Chair, Hospital Chair, Joint Development Committee

Jerry Massmann, MBA, CPA Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Ronald O. Baukol Treasurer, Hospital Chair, Joint Finance Committee Sima Griffith Treasurer, Foundation Maria Christu, JD Secretary, Hospital and Foundation John R. Bultena Chair, Joint Governance Committee Chair, Joint Investment Subcommittee Peter J. Dehnel, MD Chief of Staff Chair, Professional Staff Committee Octavio Portu, Jr. Chair, Joint Audit and Compliance Committee Raymond L. Barton Pamala Gigi Chawla, MD David Estrin, MD Michael B. Fiterman Alan L. Goldbloom, MD Charles Levenberg Katherine Low David M. Overman, MD Kimberly F. Price Sandra Sackett, MD Marvin S. Segal, MD Ronald White


Julie Morath, MS, RN Chief Operating Officer

Phillip M. Kibort, MD, MBA Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer Theresa Pesch Vice President, Development, and Executive Director, Children’s Foundation

Gloria Drake, MSN, RN, CRNA Clinical Services Director, Surgical Services and Perioperative Care Gregory Wright, MD Chief of Critical Care Pamala VanHazinga, BSN, MBA, RN Clinical Services Director, Critical Care Terri A. Hyduke Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Physician Network

© Copyright 2008 Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Published by Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Communications Department, Suite 216 South, 2550 University Ave. W, St. Paul, MN 55114. Phone (612) 813-6222. Sally Thompson Editor Stanley Wai Graphic Designer Trudy Marshall Director, Marketing and Communications

David A. Brumbaugh, SPHR Vice President of Human Resources

Megan Astry Associate Director of Annual Giving

Maria C. Christu, JD General Counsel

John Noltner Scott Streble Brady Willette Photography

David S. Overman Chief Information Officer Ginger Malone, MSN, RN Chief Nursing Officer Peter J. Dehnel, MD Chief of Staff Pamela Gigi Chawla, MD Vice Chief of Staff Clark M. Smith, MD Chief of Pediatrics Becky Bedore, MSN, RN Clinical Services Director, Pediatrics David J. Schmeling, MD Chief of Surgical Services

Our Donors Make the Difference Everyday the children we treat feel the impact of the generous support from our donors.

Your passion for our children will help generations to come.

I want to thank you, our donor partners, for your generous support in 2007. Your contributions make a difference, touching the lives of vast numbers of children. They range from ones whom we help maintain good health to those who need Children’s first-rate care for life-threatening conditions. On the following pages, you’ll not only see the distinguished listing of 2007 donors, but you will also read about some of our most passionate donors. Like you, so many have a Children’s story—whether it’s the compassionate care of a child or witnessing the expertise of a staff member—that moves them to help other children through their gift. We hope you continue to be part of our giving community. When you give to Children’s, you are helping us to deliver the finest care to children in our region for generations to come.

Theresa Pesch Executive Director of Children’s Foundation Vice President of Development, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota


Source and Uses of Revenue 2007 The Foundation of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

(Dollars in millions) For the year ended December 31

Sources of Revenue Contributions - program support



Contributions - capital support Investment income


Contracted fundraising

2.5 2.7

Total sources


Contributions program support 28%


Contracted fundraising 10% Investment income 9% Contributions capital support 53%

Uses of Revenue Management and general





Program services - operations


Program services - capital


Provision for future program services


Total uses





Program services - capital 4%


Program services operations 23%




Management and general 6%

Provision for future program services 61%

Program Support Community outreach programs


Pediatric care and clinical excellence


Family support


Research and education


Research and education 19% Family support 22%

Community outreach programs 10%

Pediatric care and clinical excellence 49%


Ray Barton, CEO and chairman of Great Clips: Lasting impressions result in lasting relationships. Children’s board member and incoming chair of the Children’s Foundation board Ray Barton’s involvement with Children’s of Minnesota began when his daughter was hospitalized, an experience that permanently touched his heart. “We felt fortunate to be able to stay with Annie the entire time,” says Barton. “Some children had few visitors, as their parents struggled to balance work, child care, and transportation to the hospital. That made an impression on me. And I’ll always remember the staff’s passion to provide great care for our child and all those children who spent so many hours alone.” Through his affiliation with Great Clips and the lasting impressions from families and staff during Annie’s hospital stay, the Great Clips Golf Classic came to be nearly 12 years ago with the goal of helping families spend more time with their hospitalized kids. The tournament has raised $1.5 million and improved the overall health care experience for countless patients and families who come to Children’s. Great Clips partners with the Children’s Association – Minneapolis and the Children’s Hospital Association to plan and host the event. Years have passed since his daughter’s hospitalization, and Barton’s ties to Children’s continue to flourish. As chair of the Children’s Foundation board of directors, he also co-chairs Children’s Campaign to Deliver Next Generation Care. This group of dedicated board members provides both strategy and impetus behind the campaign to fund Children’s move to the next level of excellence. The task force is leading the way to raise $100 million of the $300 million needed to transform the Minneapolis and St. Paul hospital campuses. A man who walks his talk, Barton responded to the initial call for donors by contributing a significant financial gift of his own. “If you think about our community’s needs, Children’s is a real treasure,” Barton says. “If kids are unhealthy, they can’t learn and grow. Children’s plays a vital role in the community by championing the best quality of life for kids. The fact that no child is ever turned away from Children’s, no matter what the circumstances—well that, too, is unbelievable!”


Individual Donors Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota would like to recognize and thank our donors for their generous support. Gifts from individual supporters make a difference to the children of our community. The following list includes donors who have given $250 or more from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007. Gifts listed in the annual report include cash, pledge payments, planned gifts, memorial and tribute gifts, stocks, and in-kind gifts.

Thank you! $500,000 - $999,000

$5,000 - $9,999

John and Marna Holman

Anonymous Peter and Sally Anson Looe and Mary Ann Baker, III Derek Benz Jeffrey and Amy Bisson David and Maureen Brumbaugh Bryan and Julie Butzow Mike and Marie Carlson Scott Carlson Kurt Casby Maria Christu and Kevin Staunton Graham Cook and Beth Sylvester Cook Robert and Joan Cummins Pat and Renee Daulton Robert and Elizabeth Donley Stephen and Lisa Ehele, Jr. Edna Ellingson David and Lynn Evinger Dr. Kathryn Farniok and Erik Englebretson Gregory and Julie Frandsen Michael Frey and Karen Beldon-Frey Chris and Heidi Hedberg Stephen and Barbara Hemsley Benjamin and Pat Jaffray William and Susan Jolitz Douglas and Kathleen Jones Robert and Geri Jorgenson William and Theresa King Dr. Christopher and Angela Larson Michael and Terri Lemke Katherine Low Jerry Massmann and Irma Cameron Edwin McCarthy and Susan Brewster-McCarthy Gary and Mary Nussbaum Steven and Ann Nyberg Louise Otten Theresa Pesch David and Marian Peterson James Peterson and Terri Tersteeg Peter and Carolyn Pierce, Jr. Dr. Christine N. Rhodes Dekko Dr. David and Lori Schmeling Kent and Monica Stuart Jason and Molly Urbanski Dr. William and Emily Wagner Dr. Kent and Karlyn Wegmann Dr. Janice Post-White and Duane White

$100,000 - $499,999 Anonymous David Dayton

$25,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Elisabeth Dayton Jeannette S. Drevescraft Theodora H. Lang Octavio and Jody Portu James and Colleen Ryan Jonathan and Mary Wood

$10,000 - $24,999 Dr. Glen and Kathryn Anderson Anonymous Susan Applegate Russell and Trish Becker George and Karen Benz Barry and Joni Butzow John and Lynne Carroll Donald and Cheryl Dale Dr. Alan L. and Lynn Goldbloom Michael and Diana Hanline Dr. Slavko and Elizabeth Ivankovic Drs. Phillip and Mary Beth Kibort Drs. Philip and Patricia Kohls Dr. Stanley and Suzanne Leonard Daniel and Susan Loftus George Mairs, Jr. Dr. Mark C. and Nancy Mammel Brian and Susan Mark and Family Jeanne Mithun Julianne and Dr. Donald Morath Joel and Shelly Moryn Frank and Marilyn Nogai James and Judy Orrock Dr. David and Kristine Overman Ruth Plane Stephen Pratt Irene Roufs Patrick and Ann Ryan Carl and Mary Schroeder Thomas and Sara Wintz

We have made a sincere effort to accurately honor each and every donor. However, if you should notice an error or omission, please contact the Children’s Foundation at (651) 855-2800 so that we can correct our records.

Ronald C. White Curtis and Melanie Wright

$1,000 - $4,999 Sybille Aaron Winston and Barbara Adams Bruce Aho Deanna Alevizos Thomas and Martha Allman Jean and Jack Ambler Thomas and Patricia Amundson Bethel Anderson Dr. Sanford and Wendy Anderson Steven and Michelle Anderson Anonymous Greg and Janice Aplin Jay and Linda Arendt Steven and Marsha Baisch Dr. Charles and Janice Baker Dan and M. Barbara Balik Jason and Mary Ballsrud Edward and Becky Bedore Drs. Michael and Ellen BendelStenzel Manuel and Nancy Benegas, Jr. Craig Bentdahl and Stephanie Simon John and Susan Berken, Sr. Robert and Kallie Bernier Edward Bifulk David and Jane Bland Michael and Bonnie Bogen Dr. Bruce and Charlene Bostrom Jay and Tracy Boyle Dan and Bonnie Boyum Dr. Mary Braddock and Kevin Schaffer Coleen Brady Robert and Jane Braun Dr. Timothy and Chris Bray Bradley and Sharon Breeggemann Peggy Brenden

David Broesder and Barb PrestonBroesder John and Marilyn Bryant Kate Bryant and Jonathan Lindfors Maria Buhl Gaylene Camacho John Chorne Michael and Lisa Christy Hiram D. Cochran, Jr. Richard and Teri Corbett Jeff and Sheryl Cowan David and Anne Cremons Hugh and Melissa Cullen Gregg Cummings Todd and Nancy Dahl Jodi Davis Mark and Joan Davy Roger and Linda Dawson Dr. Peter and Nancy Dehnel Gene Diesen Dr. Thomas and Judy Dimich Ditmitar Dimitrov and Nadia Dimitrova Joshua Dirlam Olivia Irvine Dodge James Dorsey and Dee Gaeddert Dorsey Jared and Katie Drevecky Dr. Mary E. Dunn and Dr. Gregory F. Cotterell Jessica Edwards John Erickson Keith and Norma Erickson Trent and Sonja Ess Dr. David and Linda Estrin Robert and Amy Etten Kent Everman Jeffrey and Carla Faust Barbara Fermon Leo and Beth Fernandez Michael and Linda Fiterman David and Bonnie Flom David and Karla Fox


Gregory and Marissa Frankenfield Dean and Lynn Freeman Jack and Melinda Fribley Diane and Joseph Friebe John and Gina Fritzke Dr. Michael and Rebecca Jane Frost Richard and Britt Gage David and Sharon Garber Dr. Timothy and Jenifer Garvey Hoon and Kathleen Ge Paul and Joan Gibson Charles and Gretchen Gilligan Robert and Laura Gillund Brenda and Dave Gimpl Chuck and Anita Goetz Mike and Becky Gonzalez-Campoy Andrew and Melinda Grace A. L. and Sharon Greenbaum Marie Griesmann James and Dudley Grove, Jr. James and Vicki Gustafson Leslie Hale Richard Hallmark Tim and Chris Hanline Jeremy and Teri Hansen Robert Heidenreich Dr. Thomas Hellmich Matt and Michelle Henderickson Terry Henderson Dennis and Martha Hesse Michael and Nancy Heuer Thomas and Grace Hinnenthal Melanie Hjelm Beverly Hlavac Dave and Gerri Hoff Matthew and Colleen Holland Dave and Sandy Holobaugh David and Mary Holt Nancy Hudson Scott Hugdahl and Leslie Martens Andrew and Carole Hunter, III Meg Hunter Kregg and Elisabeth Hurlbert Drs. Stephen and Virginia Hustead Tim Hydeen Dr. Steven and Michelle Inman Horace Irvine, III Gregory and Julie Jaunich Paul and Colleen Jensen William and Margaret Joas Blake and Laura Johnson Dave and Emily Johnson Harry and Dana Johnson Kay Johnson Kimberly Johnston Robert Jones Michael and Mary Kaess Randall and Elisabeth Kahnke Chris and Amy Kane Michael and Roxanne Kane Robert Kaplan Todd and Anita Kimmes Steven Kitsis Kenneth Kline Karen Kofoot Charles and Jill Koosmann Phil and Robynn Kotula Ryan and Amy Kroll Gerald and Gina Kuhns Daniel and Constance Kunin Douglas and Bonnie Kurtt Timothy and Sharon Kurtt


Andrew LaFrence and Karen LaFrence Erickson Craig and Bobbi Lamp Gregory and Carrie Larson Janine Larson Steven and Kelly Lensing Allen and Kathleen Lenzmeier Brian and Jennifer Leonard Dr. Carolyn and David Levitt Albert and Marsha Lietz Thomas and Jaana Lindborg Thomas and Erin Lisle Robert Liston Jean Ljungkull Craig and Diana Llewellyn Perry and Kathleen Lonnes Anne Lorberbaum William and Harriet Ludwick H. William Lurton Charles and Theresa Mahar Jonathan and Elizabeth Mahony Samuel and JoAnn Mairs Dr. Barbara and Paul Malone Virginia Malone Andrew and Kathleen Manthei Anthony Marino Doug Mark John and Megan McEvoy Barbara McGlynn Michael and Janet McGough J. Lawrence and Mary McIntyre Mark D. McMillan and Chrystal B. O’Hanlon Bill and Kelly Meighan James and Gail Menne Frank and Marlene Messin William and Alida Messinger Dr. Yoav H. Messinger and Julia Steinberger Sara Metcalf Jerome and Jan Meyer Marilyn Meyers Safeer Mirza Jeffrey and Karen Moen Dr. Francis and Heather Moga Mike and Kathy Moody Joseph and Margaret Moreland, Jr. Lonnie and Cynthia Morris Troy and Tracey Mostaert John and Catherine Muggee Anders and Lynn Myhran Dr. Michael and Shelia Nanne Terri Neby David and Jean Nelson Gerald and Julie Nelson James and Lorna Nelson Stephen C. Nelson and Peter R. Vitale Donald and Lori Nichols Ford and Catherine Nicholson Stanley and Joan Nickells Randall and Barbara Noecker Bob and Ilse Norris Steven and Carol Nulsen Daniel and Jennifer Oftedahl Donald and Erin Olsen Jennifer Olson Pamela O’Meara Vance and Darin Opperman Shawn and Dana Orr Timothy and Beverley Ostertag David and Lee Ann Overman

Dr. Andrew and Laura Ozolins Timothy Pabst and Dana Lindsay Richard and Keri Pakonen Lloyd and Carol Parton Paula Patineau Don Patnode, III Jeffrey and Christine Peterson Ronald and Mary Ann Peterson Jay and Barbara Pfaender Thomas and Elizabeth Pfeifer, Jr. Laura Pfeiffer Eddie and Leslye Phillips Jim and Michele Piechowski Paul and Sheryl Plate Lynn Poferl Scott and Gretchen Pollei Lawrence and Jill Powers Thomas and Ann Powers, Sr. William and Lori Prairie Jane Price Darrell Rask Dr. Gerald and Catherine Rauchwarter Bill and Mary Ann Reilly Charles M. Rios, Jr. Michael and Kara Rios Theresa Ripepi Isaac Rischall and Karen Messel Robert and Susan Rose Jack and Marty Rossmann Dr. David and Patricia Rustad Larry and Denise Rutkowski Scott and Joni Satterlee John and Karen Schmelz Lorraine Schreifels Marvin and Stefanie Segal Delia Setzer Barbara S. Sheehan Mike and Sylvia Shinder William and Jill Sievers Dr. Susan C. Simonton Dr. Amarjit and Peggy Singh Thomas and Jessica Sipkins Rolf and Heather Skogerboe Jeffrey and Helene Slocum Dr. Clark and Natasha Smith, II Steven Smith Dr. Joseph and Jane Sockalosky Tammy Soderquist Laura Spillane Kent and Cathleen Stadum Joseph Stahl and Claudia Waring Michael and Jennifer Stattelman Dr. Thomas R. Stealey Gregory and Wendy Steiner Myrna Strand Thomas and Betty Tapani A. Richard and Mary Jo Tein Ted and Cathy Terp William Tessman Steven and Kayla Thimjon Douglas and Christine Thorson Darryl and Donna Thorvilson David and Jennifer Timm Michael Townley and Melissa Omafray Townley Lisa Traeger Mike and Anne Tressler Margaret Trondson David and Autumn Tysk Ronald and Margaret Ungerman Alane Urban

Christopher and Deborah van den Honert Dr. David and Victoria Vandersteen William Voedisch and Laurie Carlson Thomas Vollbrecht and Mara Thompson Jeffry and Janet von Gillern Carol Walden Dr. Richard and Diana Waterbury Robert and Karen Weigel Lucille S. Wellington Daniel and Julie Welter Lorraine Westley Rob and Anne Wight Steven and Priscilla Williams Dr. David and Nancy Wolff Dr. Gregory and Linda Wright Jeff and Janet Yaggie Todd Zabel Dr. David Zaleske Phillip and Anne Zink

$500 - $999 Thomas Aamot Michael and Kristen Abbott Sandra Adducci Betty Anderlik Debbie Andersen Dan Anderson Steven and Lynnae Anderson Vicentiu and Elisabeta Andrei Gail Andrewski Anonymous Mark and Sally Austin Michael and Suzanne Austin Jacquelyn Baas Earl and Gail Bancroft Toneto Barry Linden and Mary Barsness Amy Bassitt Waara Hayes Batson Ronald and Gay Baukol Mark and Kari Baumbach Donna Bednar Daniel and Sarah Best Mary Betzold Donald and Penney Birdsong Jake Bland and Jeremy Braun Frank and Barbara Bonello Gregory and Sarah Booth William and Rochelle Boyce Glenn Britzius Chip and Jennifer Brixius Tom and Kathy Browne Dr. Donald Brunnquell and Sally Scoggin Roy Bryan and Ann Ludwig Dr. David and Shelley Burton Eric and Gina Buss Dean and Becky Caldwell-Tautges Randall Campbell Arne and Susan Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Carlson Larry and Bernetta Carlson Cynthia Carlson-Realtor George and Linda Carroll John and Patricia Case Dr. Timothy M. Casey Andrew and Monica Chase

Brian and Kari Chase Dr. Pamela G. Chawla Stephen and Rebecca Chepokas Padma Chintapalli Ravindra and Padma Chintapalli George and Linda Chryssomallis Dr. Julie Chu Christopher Clasen Marek Clolko Ms. Julie Coates Dr. J. Michael and Kristine Coleman Michael and Patricia Conroy Michael Contreras and Gail Donley Contreras Betty L. Cox Matthew and Claire Crowe Bill and Deborah Crowley Greg and Terry Dahl Frank and Bonita Damon Chip and Debbie Daniels Mark and Mary Davis Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton John Diekman Diane Dingley Dani Dingmann John and Suzanne Dixon Mary Dorr John and Emily Douglass Craig and Gloria Drake David and Holly Ebel Mary Edwards Charles and Laura Eldridge David and Renee Elgethun Braden and Andrea Ellis David Elvig Steven and Cynthia Engquist Brian and Susan Erickson Peter J. Erickson Jay Faber James and Carol Faust David Feinberg Nels Femrite James and Kari Fernholz Dr. Gary and Kelli Fifield Lisa Fischer Tom and Carmen Foley Cynthia Ford Robert Forman David and Lynn Franey Christopher and Connie Fredin Douglas Fredin Jackson Friedell Dean and Niki Frieler Sonya and Urban Friesz Perry and Cynthia Fuerniss Michael and Peggy Gaard John and Martha Gabbert Glenn and Kirsten Galloway Dr. Catherine and Paul Gatto John and Jeanne Gatzlaff Janette Gauger Troy and Melissa Gaul Paul E. Gerbec and Kelly Brenna Bettina Gillen Kristine Gilley Gregory and Rhonda Gilmer Scott Gilyard Brandon Gingerich Geoffrey and Carolyn Glueckstein Mark and Janet Goettl Norman Goodger

Improv actors The Dude and Madame Mazelle, with Jacob Wall before a taping of Star Studio.

Jacob Wall: Teenage activist makes a difference for hospitalized kids. Jacob Wall, 13, went into action when he learned that the “Wishing Well,” a Children’s television show for hospitalized kids, was ending. Already an active member of Children’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC), he and a group of patients ages 10 to 18 offer practical ideas on everything from hospital food choices to how they want adults at Children’s to relate to them. Jacob’s group and the Family Advisory Council (FAC) make up a diverse team of children and parents who provide input into the quality of child and family care experiences at Children’s. As both an experienced patient and an activist on behalf of other hospitalized kids, Jacob decided to launch a fundraising campaign to help purchase production equipment for his favorite TV show. He wrote to friends and family, asking them to support Children’s interactive television, which meant so much to him during his hospitalizations. Jacob’s efforts produced a $2,123 donation for Children’s new interactive show for patients, called Can-Can Café. “My goal was to raise $1,000 to buy a new computer and mixer for the new show,” says Jacob. “We passed it by a long shot! My friends and family are very generous.” 31 28

George and Anne Green Clifford and Kim Greene Susan Grefe Clark and Sima Griffith Dick and Carol Grutkoski Victoria and Benjamin Guter Dr. Erik and Jana Hagen Laura Hagen Timothy and Barbara Haley Robert and Michelle Hanson Bradley and Victor Hapka Karen Hase Dr. Rolf and Mary Hauck Dr. Steven and Mary Haun Dr. Mark and Ann Heller John Hendricks Jane and Frank Hennessy Charles and Jessie Henry Dr. Samuel and Elizabeth Hessel Mark Heymans Chad and Lori Hinkel Earl and Peggy Hinkel Richard and Dorothy Hoel Richard and Karen Hoen Jeffrey and Christine Hohn David Hoiriis and Judie GrignonHoiriis A. William and Mary Hooke David and Lora Hough Charles Howe and Sarah Almquist Justin Hudalla J. Will and Linnea Hudson, Jr. Andrew Hunt Kevin Jach Douglas and Laura Jaeger Jeffery and Kendra Jantzen Erik and Elizabeth Jensen George R. Jensen and Jill JensenBehr Darin Jessup Debra Johnson Joan Johnson John and Marion Johnson William and Ruth Johnson Terri Johnson Mark and Laura Jordahl Kert Nelson and Deborah Jorgenson-Nelson Robin M. Joseph Timothy and Gretchen Juneau Gary Kampsen Jason and Teresa Karsten Christopher and Penny Kauffman Joan Keetley Susie Kelleher Charles Kelly and Carole Gallagher Joseph and Cheryll Kerzman Scott Kevitt Jill Kilibarda Thomas and Cynthia Kindler Steven Kingsbury Jeff Klegon Diane Klett Kevin and Stacie Klitz Sandra Kluender Kimberly Kneeland Chuck and Patricia Knight Tony and Jodi Knott Jeffrey and Lois Knutson Christine Koentopp Robert and Bobbie Kopischke


Jennifer Kray Carl and Janet Kuhrmeyer Donald and Victoria Kukowski William and Becky Laak David Lamm Robert and Michele Landis Jess and Tina Langerud Joan Lanpher Bill and Cynthia Larson Leif Larsson and Joan Dietz Stephen and Cecelia Laumann Mark and Susan Leder Dr. David and Elizabeth Lee Richard and Elizabeth Leighton David and Michelle Lessard James Leste Melvyn and Janet Lewinter Margaret Lipinski Benjamin and Helen Liu Petrena Lowthian Mandel Colin and Wendy Lundgren Rudy and Cathy Luther Peter Maczko Michael and Kathleen Madden Ranae Magness Andrew and Barbara Mahoney Karen Malmskog Ray and Mary Marble Sandra C. Martin Timothy and Linda Martin Dr. Kenneth and Darla Maslonka Nancy Mauser Lydia Maza Cynthia and Patrick McCartyDawson Robert McCollum Dr. James and Joan McCord Brett and Sandy McMahon Tammis McMillan John and Mary Ann Mecom Dr. Marilyn A. Mellor Matthew Metzger David Meyer Sean and Molly Meyer Wendy Meyer Don Mikre James and Laura Miles Matt Miller Tim and Sarah Miller Dr. Donna and Timothy Milner Mike Moffitt Barry and Marcia Morgan Jonathan and Virginia Morris Robyn and Barbara Moschet Jeffrey and Jacqueline Mudge J. B. and Norma Muldowney William and Gail Munsell D. Joseph Murphy Diane Myers Jill Myers Brian and Cathleen Naas Daniel Nabedrick Dr. Michael Nation and Janet Sauers Dr. Deborah and James Nicholson Danielle Niska Jeffrey and Cristal Norling Sheryl Nuese Daniel and Renee O’Donnell Susan Oertel Duane and Lynn Olson David and Suanne Orenstein

Kevin and Kari Palmer Jeya Paul Ed and Josie Phelps Jada Pirius Dr. Charles and Marietta Pitzele Robert Poferl Jennifer Ponce De Leon Steen and Susan Poulsen James and Eva Powell Thomas Powers, Jr. Walter and Harriet Pratt R. Lawrence and Cecilia Purdy Donald and Peggy Qually James Ranallo Eric and Maureen Rangen Deborah Redmond David Reid Dr. Samuel and Krin Reid Steve and Carla Rice Christian Rieck Charles and Debra Rios, Sr. Mark Rios Rob Roach and Nancy Reid Lynda Roberts Dale and Sherri Roseen Mike and Patty Ruane Murray and Carla Rudisill John Sandbo W. Ferrell and Page Sanders Steven Thomas and Milagros Santiago Derric Saville James and Linda Sawyer Peter and Shelly Schaubach Julie Scheid Joseph and Debra Schiesl Theresa Schiller Lisa Schlesinger Paul Schneider Kathleen Schoenbeck John Schonberg Tom and Jenny Schulenberg John and Pam Schultz Linda Schwanebeck Paul Scrimgeour Jeffrey and Renee Seltzer Susan Selz Dr. Susan Sencer and David Mura Randy Sevkbell Allan and Kathy Share Daniel W. Shaw and Judith McKloskey Kathleen Shutske Dr. Christine Simonelli William and Dorothy Simonet, Sr. Douglas and Carol Skanse Dennis and Mary Smith Timothy Smith and Elizabeth Schultz-Smith John and Karen Somers Brian and Diane Sorum Paul and Dawn Soukup Drs. Benhoor and Brenda Soumekh David and Nancy Sparby Pamela and Glenn Stading Julie Steinhagen Kelsey Steinman Mark and Tierza Stephan Winfield Stephens Randy and Patricia Stinchfield Joe and Carol Stoebner

Michael and Therese Stoebner Shelly Storch Ivan and Susan Streif Dr. Lyle J. Swenson Dan Szabo Rod and Sonya Tarrago Dennis and Felicia Tebon Dr. Jon Tessar Dr. Todd and Susan Thayer Erik and Jill Therien Peter and Leah Thorson R. S. and Linda Tillitt Lynn and David Timm Edward and Gerda Toth Kenneth and Julie Tummel John and Mary Ursu Nicholas and Jane Van Brunt John and Donna Van Dreser Pamala VanHazinga Mary Vaughan Nicholas and Christine Vevea Justin Voerster C. D. and Carol Wahlstrand Jon and Leah Waldron, Sr. John and Jill Wall Len and Susan Wall Lyle and Theresa Ward Dr. Walter and Mary Warpeha Paul Way David and Dana Weisman Joseph and Margaret Weissenborn Max and Patricia Welton Judith Wenzel Mark and Pam Werley Shelagh Westberg John and Susan Whitaker Guy and Michelle Whitehead Mrs. Bernard Wien Scott and Elizabeth Willard Sarah R. Winton Bruce Wojack Christopher and Lynne Wollo David Wright Rebecca Wright Rita Yaggie David Yesnes and Lori Larson Michael and Jamie Young Kriss Zielinski

$250 - $499 Curtis and Lisa Abraham Mike and Holly Adams Nate and B.J. Addink Paul and Cheryl Adkins Dr. Paula and Craig Albright Bill and Nancy Althoff Kenneth and Michele Alwin Paul and Kathleen Amerongen Ben and Therese Anderson James and Pamela Anderson Joyce Anderson Maureen Anderson Terry and Nancy Anderson Paul and Dawn Andrews Westbrook Andrican Anonymous James and Debra Arneson Thomas and Holly Arnfelt Abdolreza Assadi and Farideh Amiri Richard and Denise Auge

Gene and Carolyn Bachman Richard Bachrach Keri Bahar Michael and Doreatha Baker Michael Baker Chad and Janet Banken Jack and Elaine Barnes Jane Barry Tracey Baubie Carol Beatty Lynda Beaudin Cary and Diane Becker Edna M. Beelow Melissa and Jeremy Behles Dr. Kiran and Kumar Belani Bryan and Lael Belisle Dr. Anne Bendel and Richard Smith Genevieve Bennetts James Bergan Dr. R. Edward Bergmark Mary Bergs-Cruse Dr. Sharon Berry Kenneth and Diane Biederman Dennis and Grace Bierschbach Youssou Ba and Karen Bispala Ba Erik Bjerke Erik and Debra Bjornard Katherine Blankenship David and Margaret Bolles Jerome Boog John and Kathleen Booth William Boyd Paul Breckner Robert Brook and Sherri Quinn Wayde and Michelle Brooks Teri Brost Jean Brown Robert Brown David and Carla Buck James and Barb Buggert John and Cindy Bultena Richard Bury Paul and Pamela Buskman Dr. Rachel A. Bye Robert Calhoun Dr. Bruce and Cathleen Campbell Kent Camrud Donald and Nancy Cardwell Brian and Gretchen Carlson Kent and Mary Carlson Barbara Carroll Virgil and Cathy Carroll R. Todd and Jacquelyn Carter Gerald and Sarah Caruso, Jr. Laura Catania John and Janet Chalberg Jody Chrastek Stephen and Brenda Christian Jim and Kim Christianson Marc and Christen Christopherson Kari L. Clark Bruce and Caril Clasen Steven and Jean Clausen Brian and Janeen Clauson Chris and Carmen Clemens Joel and Denise Cleveland Sean Coatney Betty Cole Mike and Leslie Connelly Nelda Corbet Robert and Martha Cotabish

Donald Coy Paul and Anne Cramer, Jr. Dr. John Cretzmeyer and Barbara Jacobson David and Katherine Crosby Jon and Melissa Crow Patrick Crowe Larry Cuneo Robert and Kimberly Dahl Scott Dahl William Dane and Margaret Russell Stodden and Angela Danelius Quang Dao L. Robert and Susan Jane Dapper Kamalini Das Kent and Robin Davidson Babe Davis Phillip L. Davis Richard and Jonie Davis James Davnie and Cara Letofsky Michael Davy Anthony and Kris De Angelis Deborah Dehnhoff Carter and Laurel DeLaittre Sean and Alison DeLauter Margo Dempsey Stephen and Carol Dennis Randy and Catherine Diers Arline B. Dimond James and Lori Domholt Rebecca Driesch Regina Driscoll Nate Dybvig Deborah Dykema James and Sarah Ecker Kenneth and Linda Eikmeier Doug and Nancy Ekvall Erik Ellingson Jonathan and Kelley Ellis Mark and Michele Engdahl Patricia Ensenbach Dennis and Barbara Erickson Dr. John and Carol Erickson Clark and Martha Ewald Robert and Mary Fafinski Julie Fakler Ubl Fall Family Dr. K. Bruce Fehr Gary Feidt Maura Fitzgerald Richard and Alice Flaherty John and Christine Flynn Dr. Paul and Wendy Fochtman Michael and Kiki Foget Roger Forman Carlene Forsythe Rebecca Foster C. William and Judy Franke Edward and Dorothy Fredricksen Elizabeth Freeberg Lee and Amy Friedman Zola and Barbara Friedman Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf Bonnie Fulghum Margaret Fuller Tyler Funk Beverly Galles Jeffrey and Tricia Gallup LeAnn Gamm Susan Gilbert Richard Gill

Charles and Maria Girsch Versa Gollan Chris and Karen Gordon Craig Gordon Lucas and Alisha Gordy Daniel and Leigh Gorowsky Darlene Gorrill Pamela Graves Mike and Sara Greenbaum Max and Mary Grefig Thomas Grendahl William and Robin Grierson Linda Gromer Matthew and Denise Grubbs Mary Gruber Inez Gugisberg and Jill Wall Robert and Sheri Guimont Roxann Gulke David and Jo Ann Gunderson Eric and Kathleen Gunlogson James and Kathleen Haase Marc Haase and Jennifer Meierdirk John and LuAnn Hakel Jennifer Halcrow Norman and Ruby Hall Virginia Hamman Vic Hammer Brad and Maria Hanggi Jacqueline Harden Jeanne Harle Dr. Shelley Harper David Harris and Maria Jazo-Harris Gregg Hartos Caroline and Timothy Hatlestad Myron and Irmy Haugen Dr. J. Mark and Margo Struthers Tony Hawk Gary and Deann Hawkinson Linda Heilman Gerald and Barbara Helmken Gokul Hemmady and Charita Thakkar Annette Henkel John and Barbie Hentges Eileen Hepp Leslie and Linda Heruth Douglas and Deborah Hilpipre Jennifer Hoeke Ronald and Teresa Hoffman Rudolf Hokanson and Susan Miller Ken and Elizabeth Holec Ted Holmes and Mary Wolff Lauren Hom John and Colleen Hooley Dave Hopkins and Belinda Jensen Mike and Kathy Hopkins William and Sheila Horel Ronald and Alice Horstman James and Marylee Horstmann Andrina Hougham and Walter Krebsbach Lucinda Hruska-Claeys Steven and Margaret Hum Bruce and Denise Humphrey Margaret Humphrey Howard Hunegs Robin E. Huneke and Gary Greenfield Michael Huot James Ibister Robert and Marlys Ims


Tony Ims Bill and Kitty Inserra David and Allison Iverson Robert Jacob Timothy and Nancy Jacobs Kara Jacobsen Jeff and Carrie Jacobson James Januschka Mike and Deborah JavinskyWenzek Joel and Mary Jennings David and Lisa Jensen Brian and Leslie Jensen Julie Jesse Nancy Joas David Johnson Dean and Kathryn Johnson Debra Johnson Dennis and Vicki Johnson Dr. James Johnson and Margaret Wirth-Johnson Jennifer Johnson John and Shirley Johnson Pamela and Steve Johnson Wendy Johnson Michael and Jodie Jordan Jerome and Sandra Junker Stephen and Regina Jytyla Steven and Debbie Kahl Pamela Kane Dr. William and Cameron Kane Daniel and Lauren Kaplan Linda and Stanley Kaufman Nader and Jibil Kazeminy Michael and Nancy Keeler Dr. Chris and Janice Kehler Greg and Dana Kellenberg Dale Kemp and Debra Rios Ronald Kemp Jerry and Mary Ann Kidd, Jr. Victor Kirsch Kelly and Michael Klarich Dale and Brenda Klein Frank and Sally Kline Kenneth Kluever Jerome and Mary Kneissel Matthew Kocian Michael and Jennifer Koehl Larry and Becky Koenigs Marie Koldborg Jim and Mary Kay Kopp Gregory and Cynthia Kraemer Larry and Linda Kraus Karthik and Dora Kripapuri Michael and Nancy Kronstedt David Kroona and Lynn Lukoskie Shirley Kruchten Dr. Margaret Heisel Kurth and Frank Kurth Meredith Kvalness Dr. Jennifer and Daniel Kyllo Edward and Julie Lagerstrom Andrew and Kelly Lagnese, Jr. Shirley Lahr Sonny and Luanne LaHue Blake and Julia Larson Gregg and Mary Larson Holly Larson Kyle and Stacy Larson Gregg and Mary Larson Wesley and Mary Laseski Gregory and Deahn Lawson


Krystal Lawson Mary Jane Leach Robert and Barbara Lefsrud Dr. Arnold and Mary Leonard Brenda L. Leonard Thomas and Claire Leonardi E. Thomas and Lois Lietzke Kirk and Diane Lindberg Drew and Linda Litecky Christopher and Jeanine Loomis Heather Lowe-Smith Tory and Beth Luck Eudene Lupino Thomas and Marge Lyons Michael Macaluso Ed and Sandi Mackereth Timothy and Suzanne Mackley Nigel and Hilary Macleod James and Linda Madsen Michael and Audrey Maher Jerry and Cathy Mahone Steven Maki John Malknecht Larry and Heidi Mangelsen Hugh and Jill Maples Mike and Patti Marinovich Karen Marks Nancy Martinez John and Barbara Mason Jackie Mavis Dawn Mayasich Scott Mayer Chris and Tina McAlpine Mary McDonough Terence McDonough Tim and Katie McGinley Curt and Lynette McLeod Robert and Mary Mersky Gary and Becky Messer Rodney and Susan Metcalf Richard and Mary Jo Meyer David and Victoria Michaelson David and Eileen Middleton Keith and Linda Miesel Jason Miller Jason and Renee Miller Frank and Juliana Molek Dan Molitor Bjorn and Margot Monson Scott and Dede Montgomery Bob and Jenny Moore Amy Mosser Collin Mothupi Laura Mueller Linda Murray Bergan Rochelle Myers Jason Naber and Wendy Radniz Glenda Nehring Coleen and Randall Nelson Craig and Carla Nelson Curtis and Marjorie Nelson Mark and Nancy Nelson Randall and Kellie Nelson Steven and Marcia Nelson Lance and Holly Newman Dawn Matthies Franklin Noel and Ellen Perl John and Kathleen Noer Kim Noonan Leslie Norsted Sheila and Gerald O’Brien Peter and Sarah Odegard

Mary Ogbebor Bobbi Ogden Wayne and Barbara Ogorek Dean and Rhonda Ohlhues John Olson Mark and Lugene Olson Ole and Sharon Olson Rand and Shannon Olson Wally and Barb Olson Lynn Orton Dr. John and Karen Osen Rick and Sherry Osterhaus Daniel and Shannon Ostertag Charles Ott T. E. Oughton John Owens and Patricia Strong Bob and Mickey Paine Sheila Palm Kevin and Catherine Palmer Dr. Naomi and Mike Palmer Vicki Parsons Bob and Barb Paulson John and Julie Pawlowski James and Susanna Pearson Susan Penders Dr. Joanna and Ronald Perkins Thomas and Jennifer Peterson Paul Peterson and Valerie Blanchard Paul Peterson Tom and Shelly Peterson Mary Pfeffer Kenzie and Maryann Phelps Tony Phelps and Michelle TranPhelps Dr. Mary Ella and Gordon Pierpont Dr. Robert and Roxanna Plouff Dr. Thomas and Kathy Pokora Frederick and Marlene Porter Kristofer and Jessica Premo Dorothy Pretsch Donald and Betty Priebe Mike and Shirley Propp Dale Puotinen Charles Rader and Marcea Kjervik David and Ellen Raisbeck Dorothy Ramsdell Gary and Susan Rappaport Darren and Candy Ray Benjamin Reed Eileen Reinardy Troy Renner Clarence and Debora Rezac James Richards Alyson Ritchie Steve Roberts Susan Roberts Evan and Anne Rosenberg Cassie Rothstein Donald and Sarah Ruotsinoja Kim Ruyle Dr. Edwin and Jennifer Ryan, Jr. Katie and Kendra Ryder Kenneth and Jeannie Saffert James and Dianne Safley Lisa Sandburg Andrew Sandquist Jeanine Schieck Hugh and Margaret Schilling Spencer and Becky Schnacky Delbert and Rhonda Schoeberl Karen Schreifels

Clinton and Carolyn Schroeder Dennis and Donna Schroeder Timothy Schroeder Robert and Patricia Schubert Christopher Schultz Mark Schumann Gregory and Patricia Schutz Sarah Schwab Gerald Schwartz Simon and Patricia Schwob Cathie Scott John and Joan Scovil Joseph Sellers Randy Senkbeil Gregory Sherrill Daniel Shogren and Susan Meyer Patrick Sienko William Sierks and Mamie Segall Erin Sjoquist Brian and Patti Smith Kimberly Smith Paul and Priscilla Snelling Mark and Patricia Sontag Lisa Stay Dennis Steger Paul and Meryl Steinhauser James Stensvold Samuel and Deborah Stern William and Eileen Sternard Grant and Megan Stevenson Tony and Ronda Stingley Bradley and Karen Strange Ronald Strauss Lori Stulz Lois and Tom Suedbeck Dr. Klaus and Sally Suehler Mark and Christy Swanovich Peter and Mary Swanson Dr. Christine and Scott Swanson Thomas and Jeanne Sween Brett and Deborah Sweeney Leo and Suzanne Switala Brian Tansey Margaret Teele Robert and Patricia Temple Nancy and Jeffrey Tersteeg Brenton and Suzanne Thomas Jonathan Thompson Steven Thompson John and Barbara Thoraldson David and Pamela Thoren Inge and Helene Thulin Joseph and Sally Tombers Wade and Sandra Tranby Ronald and Judith Troye Michael Ubl Roger and Carol Upham Todd and Lynda Van Nispen Dr. Paul and Bette Vandersteen Susan Vanduyn Sally Vissers Heidi Voss and Richard Davis Richard and Susan Votel Amy Waarna Dr. David and Ginna Wahoff Ambrose and Meridith Wardle IV Robert and Ann Weber Dr. Richard Weisbecker R. Louis and Cynthia Welch Mary Welfling Dr. Jane and Dobson West Douglas and Krista Westendorp

Andrew and Kathy Wetzel Michael and Arlene Whalen Charles and Julie Whitaker William and Nancy Whitaker, Jr. Jim Wibbens Michelle Wiese Carmen Wilhite and Albert Moore Gretchen Williams Jean Williams Dr. Karen Wills David and Lori Windschitl Clark and Sharon Winslow Kenneth and Karen Wojcik Debi and Doug Wonnacott Kenneth and Catherine Worwa John Wright and Jane Gehan Scott Wright and Carla Picardo Wright Michael and Lori Yates Layton J. Zellman Laurie Zenner Dale and Sarah Zurbay

Be Ho, RN, Children’s operating room nurse: Giving back to a place that has given so much to me. Be Ho, RN, knows what it means to return a favor. She is a Children’s – Minneapolis operating room nurse with a career that spans an ocean and nearly three decades. Now, she is fulfilling a commitment she made years ago—to give back a small portion of the gift Children’s gave her at such a crucial time in her life. “I’ve worked at Children’s of Minnesota for 27 years,” says Ho. “ I arrived in this country as a refugee from Vietnam. Children’s offered me a job and helped pay my tuition to earn a nursing degree. One never expects to be at the receiving end, but I was. Now I give back to the place that has given so much to me. Children’s is my second home, and I feel a responsibility to donate whatever I can.” Ho supports Children’s annual employee campaign and values her membership in the Stars of Healing donor club. This recognition program honors employees who contribute to Children’s through investments of time and resources.


Corporations, Organizations, Foundations, and Businesses Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota would like to recognize and thank our community supporters for their generosity. Gifts from community supporters impact the care of every child who comes to Children’s. Includes donors who have given $250 or more from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007. Gifts listed in the annual report include cash, pledge payments, planned gifts, memorial and tribute gifts, stocks, and in-kind gifts.

$1,000,000 + Edward and Leslye Phillips Family Foundation

$250,000 - $999,999 Children’s Hospital Association Great Clips, Inc. Kohl’s Department Stores The Phileona Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999 Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation The Baukol Family Charitable Fund C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. Children’s Association - Minneapolis Drennen Bros Hauser Foundation of MN Community Foundation Glen and Harold Bend Foundation Piper Jaffray Walter Reeve Ramsey Charitable Trust

$25,000 - $99,999 3M Foundation Inc. Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Anonymous F.R. Bigelow Foundation Boston Scientific Foundation, Inc. Brian Mark Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Community Health Charities Minnesota Daulton Foundation Dedicated Logistics, Inc. Entegris Charitable Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Event Design Group and Production, Inc. The Jack and Bessie Fiterman Foundation Nicholas T Walesch Foundation Goebel Marketing North America, LLC Anna M. Heilmaier Charitable Foundation J. Elmer and Esther Hansman Charitable Trust


Medtronic, Inc. Mercedes Foundation National Childhood Cancer Foundation Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund Riverbridge Partners, LLC

$10,000 - $24,999 Ameriprise Financial Matching Gifts Program Baker Foundation The Bergren Family Foundation BERK-TEL Communications, Inc. Black River Asset Management Carlson MBA Association University of MN Carousel Automobiles, Inc. and Maplewood Audi Children’s Respiratory & Critical Care Specialists, PA Cossack Foundation Creative Carton Rapid Packaging Hansen Family Foundation Trust Hardenbergh Foundation I V Foundation Mary Jane Haugh IRA Trust James D. Leslie Family Foundation Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation, Inc. Kraus-Anderson Insurance Linfor, Inc. Samuel G & JoAnn M. Mairs Family Fund of the St. Paul Foundation Marbrook Foundation Minneapolis Southwest Lions Club Navarre Corporation Nelson Family Foundation Partners in Pediatrics, Ltd The Robert and Anne Reznick Family Foundation Ruth Ann and Norman Rose Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ryan Companies US, Inc. St. Jude Medical, Inc. St. Paul Police Department St. Paul Radiology Foundation of the St. Paul Foundation

Stone Pier Foundation The Sunshine Foundation of Minnesota TCF Foundation Wells Fargo Bank

$5,000 - $9,999 Aeropostale Store 651 Amerprise Financial Brenden-Mann Foundation Cambria Cerner Corporation The Chloe T. Foundation Coldwell Banker Burnet Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC Dellwood Foundation, Inc. Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Emerson Process Management Erickson-Aamodt Orthodontics, P.A. Gander Mountain Gray Plant Mooty Foundation Harold & Ruth Roitenberg Family Philanthropic Fund HDR Architecture, Inc Healthia Consulting John G. & Lois M. McNutt Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of the HRK Foundation King Family Foundation King’s Cove Marina Kitchen Window Lady Slipper Lake Area Bank Liberty Diversified Industries The MAHADH Fund of the HRK Foundation Mamoka, Inc. Metro Dentalcare MidAmerica Auctions, Inc. Minneapolis/St. Paul ChryslerPlymouth-Jeep Minnesota National Guard Minuteman Press of Golden Valley New Horizon Enterprises, Inc. Pediatric Surgical Associates, LTD Pine Tree Orchards, Inc. RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc RBC Tile & Stone

Rice Family Foundation Margaret Rivers Fund Riverview Dairy of MN, LLP RJF Agencies, Inc. Robert W. Baird & Co Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sheridan Sheet Metal Company Sodexo Star Tribune Symbol Technologies, Inc. Thomson West University of Minnesota US Recordings

$1,000 - $4,999 Abbott Laboratories Acadian Asset Management AGA Medical Corporation Air Flow Lockers AJK Cutters, Inc. All City Insurance Alliant Techsystems Matching Gift Program American Cancer Society American Express Foundation American Psychological Association Anderson Agency The Arthur and Constance Goodman Family Foundation Assisted Living Store, Inc Associated Anesthesiologists Fund of The St Paul Foundation Associated Bank, Green Bay Associated Bank, Minneapolis Associated Eye Care, Ltd. AstraZeneca LP Bailey Nurseries Foundation Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School Bentleys Outfitters Best Buy The Bieber Family Foundation Big Boxer Creative Bituminous Roadways, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation Bowne of Chicago, Inc. Briggs and Morgan, PA Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation

Capella University Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Catch The Wave, Inc. CEI Ventures, LTD Charles Tentinger Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Children’s Heart Clinic, PA Children’s Hospitals and Clinics Professional Staff Chorske Family Foundation Christenson Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Christian’s Toy Box Church of St. John Clear Channel Radio, Texas CMI Sales, Inc. Corporate & Technology Institutional Investor Creighton University Curb-Crowser Dale Studios Deloitte & Touche, LLP Dent Wizard International Diageo Wines The Dietz Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Doin’ the Dishes Dolan Media Company E Street Makers Edina Country Club Elbow Lake Lodge Ellerbe Becket, Inc. Enderes Tool Company Enterprise Rent A Car Foundation Enterprise Rent-A-Car Arthur T. Erickson Foundation Ernst & Young, LLP Eugene M. Waldron, Jr. Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fairmont Mayakoba Falls & Nyhusmoen Construction, Inc. The First Impression Group Fischer Edit, Inc. Fox Sports Net North, LLC General Mortgage Finance Corporation Give Me A Break, Inc. GMAC RFC Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. Grant Thornton, LLP Gustavus Adolphus College Hardwick Charitable Fund Harris Companies Hawkins Family Foundation Hejny Rental Home Run Hitters Hunt Electric Corporation Illingworth Comm, Inc. Ingenix, Inc. Initiative Foundation INO Therapeutics, Inc. Integrated Benefits Group Iron Mountain J. & W. Seligman & Company, Inc. Joe & Georgia Nardi Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation John Marcus Dental Supply Co. Kamarron Design, Inc. Kelleher Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

John Wiehoff, CEO and chairman, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

C.H. Robinson: A company of go-getters with warm hearts. C.H. Robinson Worldwide is a company of go-getters with warm hearts and a passion for Children’s of Minnesota. C.H. Robinson’s relationship with Children’s began nearly a decade ago when the company accepted Children’s invitation to support the Cancer Kids Fund’s “Thank God for Kids” annual gala—and heightened when an employee’s infant daughter developed cancer and began her long treatment journey at Children’s. Profoundly moved by the care and expertise of Children’s staff, her parents wanted to give back to the amazing people who helped their daughter and family through such a life-changing experience. Thus, the C.H. Robinson annual “Dodge for Cancer Kids Fund” dodgeball fundraiser took flight. Over the past three years, employees, families, and friends have raised over $120,000 from the tournament, with all proceeds going to Children’s cancer care. In 2007, C.H. Robinson’s dedication to Children’s culminated when the C.H. Robinson Foundation made a $1 million commitment to Children’s to build the largest, most comprehensive pediatric infusion clinic in the Upper Midwest. This gift will help create a healing environment for children undergoing an array of infusion therapies for conditions including cancer. The donation is the largest ever given to a charity by the C.H. Robinson Foundation. C.H. Robinson CEO and chairman, John Wiehoff believes that the C.H. Robinson Foundation took the right step with this donation. “Children’s is an amazing organization with a wonderful reputation of success in our community,” says Wiehoff. “We are excited about being part of its future successes and the positive impact Children’s is having on so many families. We are proud that C.H. Robinson can help open a door to longer, healthier lives for kids with cancer.”


Kellerhan’s, Inc. Kelly & Berens, PA Kerzner International Resorts, Inc The King Capital Corporation KMG Cutters, Inc. Knopf Family Foundation Knutson Construction Company, Inc. The Lacek Group LaMettry’s Collision LeJeune Family Foundation Leonard, Street & Deinard Foundation Let’s Play, Inc. Leuthold Weeden Capital Management Lewis Custom Homes Liam Lawson Foundation For Pediatric Palliative Care Lifetouch National School Studios Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC The Louis L. Borick Foundation M & I Marshall and Ilsley Bank Maddie’s Christmas Elves Mairs and Power, Inc. Maplewood Imports Maui Jim Sunglasses McGough Construction Company McKenna Olson Miracle Benefit The Medtronic Foundation Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota Men’s Auxiliary To VFW Post 1296 Mesaba Capital Partners, LLC Michael and Peggy Kelly Family Fund Mindware Minnesota Aquarium, LLC Underwater Adventures Minnesota Natural Medicine Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, PA Minnesota Sports & Entertainment Minnesota Wild Minnetonka Middle School East MNCome Foundation Montage Resort & Spa Myers Foundation, Inc. NEB Doctors of Minnesota Neurosurgical Associates, Ltd. New Directions, Inc. Nexus Information Systems The Nicholson Family Foundation Northern Harvest Apparel Northlight Color Northwest Hennepin Chapter/ Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Northwinds Marketing Group, LLC Novus Print Media, Inc. Olson & Co. Pediatric Anesthesia, PA Pediatric Radiology, PA Phillips Beverage Company Pitney Bowes Porter Enterprises, Inc. Ronald and Kimberly Price Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Prince Sports Group Prior Lake-Savage Area School Dist. 719 Pro Staff Personnel Services


The RAS Corporation Richard Family Charitable Fund Richards Family Foundation River Valley Quilters Robbinsdale Area Youth Baseball Association Rubols, Inc. Rule One Technologies, Inc. The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music Salk Jr. High School Sawmill Trust Company Scheherazade Jewelers Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving SCICOM Data Services, Ltd. David Scott Concrete Securian Financial Group, Inc. Service 800, Inc. Shire Human Genetic Therapies Silverman, Olson, Thorvilson & Kaufmann, Ltd. SIT Investment Associates Foundation Smead Manufacturing Co. The Smile Train Snip, Inc. Somerset Asset Management Spartan Promotional Group, Inc. St. Paul Travelers Foundation Community Action Awards Program St. Paul Police Federation Star Ocean Stevens Unlimited of St. Paul Streeter & Associates Stuart and Nancy Friedell Family Foundation Tealwood Asset Management Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tiffany Galleria & Company Tradition Family Foundation Tree of Hope Trondson Agency, Inc The Twist Company United Resource Networks Universal Hospital Services US Bancorp Foundation US Bank, St. Paul branch USTA Northern Section Valuevision Media, Inc. Verizon Wireless Video Memoirs West Title, LLC Whitney Foundation Whitney Peyton Company, Inc. Windjammers Corporation Workflow One Wyley Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Xcel Energy Services, Inc. Ziegler, Inc.

$500 - $999 Aeropostale Al & Alma’s AllianceOne Corporation Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Altair Associates, Inc.

Alvin E. & Mildred H. Miller Philanthropic Fund American International Group, Inc. Animas Corporation Anonymous Associated Anesthesiologists, PA Autouplink USA of Minnesota, Inc. Barnes & Noble Booksellers Barnett Chrysler Jeep Kia The Broms Family Foundation Brushfire Records, Inc c/o Provient Financial Management Canterbury Park Caribou Coffee Cars 4 Causes Centennial Lakes Plaza Ceridian Corporation Chanhassen Dinner Theatre Chemstar Products Chubb, Inc. Chuckwagon Catering Citigroup Foundation City of St. Michael City Slickers Cornerstone Title, Inc. Corporate Central Credit Union The Crackleberry Group Steve Cronkhite Family Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund CSM Lodging Cub Scout Pack 402 Cyben, Inc. Cy-Con, Inc. Digital Technology, Inc. Dinnerwhere Dougherty Family Foundation Eagan Pet Clinic Eden Glen Company The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Evangelical Lutheran Church First National Bank Foley & Mansfield, PLLP Freedom Oil Company Freelance Professionals, Inc. French Lake Curb Co. Fresh Squeezed Country Band G.E.L., Inc. Gamma Tennis Sales General Casualty Company of Wisconsin Give My Regards To… Glacier Lakes Quattro Club, Inc. Granite City Food and Brewery, St. Cloud Graves 601 Hotel Great Northern Bank The Hartfiel Company Hauer, Fargione, Love, Landy & McEllistrem, P.A. Hazy Moon Highland Elementary School HLB Tautges Redpath, Ltd. Home Depot Honeywell I.C. System Inc. 10-Year Club ILM Infinity Appraisals KidCapers Portraits Killian & Milnar DDS, PA KlarVann Spa Life Time Fitness Foundation LogiSolve

Steven J. Lorentzen DDS MADA Charitable Lead Trust Madigan, Dahl & Harlan P.A. Match Point Tennis Center McDonald Studio Medco Health Solutions, Inc. Medtronic Medtronic MiniMed Merrill Lynch Michael Foods, Inc. Midwest Poultry Federation, Inc Minnesota MusiCares Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation New Brighton Ford Newport Clippers, Inc. Norb and Mary Ellen Conzemius Fund of The St Paul Foundation Northern Lights Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.A. Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oh-Sus-Anna, Inc Olympic Hills Golf Club OPTP Orthopaedic Sports, Inc. OSI Physical Therapy Outset Inc. Packaging Distribution Services, Inc. The Park at Mall of America Park Tavern Lounge & Lanes Peterson Bros Roofing and Construction, Inc. PGN Foundation Pool and Yacht Club Premier Banks Prior-Ties, Inc. PS Madson Edward & Joyce Ratner Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Foundation Renovo Software, Inc Retirees Club - United and Children’s Hospitals Robert A. Engebretsen Family Fund of the St Paul Foundation Roger Karjalahti Insurance Agency The Rogers Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ron Burg Photography The Saint Paul Hotel Salo, LLC. Sarah Kurn Skin Care Shriners Hospitals for Children Siemens Caring Hands Foundation Simply Seamless, Inc. The Spiller L’Chaim Fund St. Paul Park Newport Lions Club The Stoltenberg Charitable Trust of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Sunbear Spa & Salon Superior Interiors, Inc. Swanson & Youngdale, Inc. Target Commercial Interiors Target Direct Tennant Foundation The Charles and Paula Levenberg Family Foundation The Lodge at Sugar Lake Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub

The Toro Company Treasure Island Resort & Casino UBS Financial Services Inc. United Way of the Greater Seacoast Universal Cooperatives, Inc. US Bancorp Foundation US Bank, Minneapolis Waste Management Waymar Industries WCCO Radio 830 Weber Electric, Inc. West Bend Community Foundation, Inc. Western National Mutual Insurance Co. Wilson Racquet Sports Wilsons Leather Win & Christie Neuger Family Foundation

$250 - $499 Accredited Investors, Inc ACES Flight Simulation, Inc. Acme Comedy Company Action Heating & ALC ADC Foundation Administrative Staffing and Placement Professionals Estate of Patricia Evelyn Anderson Bertas Funeral Home and Cremation Services Rischall Blumberg Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Brainerd Recreational Supply Brotherhood of Bald People Worldwide Buona Sera California Pizza Kitchen Caycor, Inc. - DBA Great Clips Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning Chinmaya Mission Twin Cities Clear Channel Radio, Minnesota Cobra Construction, Inc. John and Kathryn Colwell Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Community Chest Computer Design & Integration Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc. Dellwood Hills Golf Club The Depot Donatelle Doolittles Restaurants Door Service Company of Twin Cities Inc. Duralogic, Inc. Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Elk River Lions Club Essentials Eye West Vision Clinic & Optical Federated Department Stores Foundation Fine Line Hair, Inc. Girl Scout Troop 1885 Gist Software Company Goldwood Kennels Grand Rental Station - IMS Construction, Inc. Granny Hug-A-Bug

Great Clips for Hair Grethen House Guide Publications of Minnesota, Inc. Josh Hackney Photography Halla Nursery, Inc. Harriet & Edson Spencer Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Health Occupations Students America Stanley and Doris Hill Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Hillcrest Community School HSBC Matching Gift Program Hydroworx International, Inc. IC System, Inc. Interlachen Country Club J & B Group J. R. Jones Fixture Company James and Ann Howard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc. Jim Christensen Lakeshore Marketing Group Judy K. Myers & Associates, Inc. The Kahler Grand Hotel Landcor, Inc. Our Legacy Corporation Lifescan Inc. Loftsgard Investments, LLC Louise & Jerry Ribnick Family Philanthropic Fund Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop Mace & Audrey Goldfarb Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mancini’s Char House Maui Giving, LLC Melly Metropolitan Pediatric Specialists, PA Minco Products, Inc. The Minneapolis Foundation Minnesota Association of REALTORS Miracles of Mitch Foundation Mister Car Wash Mom’s Club of Rogers Moms Club of Rosemount Morrissey Hospitality Co Inc New Auburn Fire Department Relief Association North Memorial Health Care Community Foundation North Oaks Golf Club Northwestern Mutual Life Padilla Speer Beardsley, Inc. Park Nicollet Medical Foundation Piper Jaffray Foundation Pookie, Inc. Premier Marine, Inc. Quad Graphics, Inc. Racquet Rags, Inc. Radar Concierge Service RC Styles, Inc. RE/MAX Results Robert Striker and Patrice Tetta Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Roche Diagnostics Corp. Ronald McDonald House

S & T Office Productions, Inc. Sadie May Holdings, Inc Signature Bank Smiths Medical MD, Inc. Sounds Great SueScapes The Sun Microsystems Foundation Systems Furniture, Inc. Tagd, Inc. Target Corporation TenEyck Properties III, LLC Thomas and Jeanne Mueller Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Timron Precision Gear, Inc. Tranquil Moments Therapeutic Bodywork Trinchero Family Estates Twin Oaks Realty, Inc. UBS Matching Gift Program US Bank, Robbinsdale US Bank Home Mortgage VA Regional Washington University in St. Louis Wayne & Mary’s Nutrition Center Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Westin Kierland Resort & Spa Wilkus Architects, Inc. Winthrop & Weinstine, PA Winton-Whitney Fund Women of Today - St. Michael/ Albertville Z Systems, Inc


Guardian Circle The Guardian Circle was created to recognize and thank those who have included Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in their estate plans. Guardian Circle members ensure a legacy of the best pediatric medical care for future generations of children.

*In remembrance Anonymous (30) Jean Ambler Nancy Anderly Dr. Arnold and Rusk Anderson Irma L. Anderson Katherine B. Anderson* Alice L. Andrews* Peter and Sally Anson Daniel and Laurie Ashbach Robert and Marjorie* Ashbach Edward and Eleanor Asplin Stephen Bachman Dr. Reno and Elizabeth Backus Walter and Ginger Bailey M. Barbara Balik Webster E. Barsness Ronald and Gay Baukol Martha Bennett Elizabeth Bennett George and Karen Benz Christina Berenberg Robert* and Dorothy Berg Marc and Julie Berris Cynthia Besemann F. Blanton and Bonnie Bessinger, Jr. Peter and Lizabeth Birkeland Dorothy Blomquist* Eleanor Bourquin Dr. Mary Braddock and Kevin Schaffer David and Anne Braun Conley and Marney Brooks, Sr. Robert Brooks, Jr. Rutherford D.* and Ann Brosious Mark and Linda Brunsvold Robert and Geraldine Bullard Isabel Campbell* Otillia Cardinal* Terry Chick Dr. Tague* and Johanna Chisholm Elizabeth Clarke Raymond Clausen* Dr. Gage and Virginia Colby Timothy and Constance Connors Norbert and Mary Ellen Conzemius Stephen Cook and Michelle Fallon John A. Cooley* Ross and Sandra Dahlin


Babe Davis Edwin and Catherine* Davis Mark and Joan Davy Robert and Joan Dayton Doris Dean Dr. Neil Derechin Dr. Thomas and Judy Dimich Arline B. Dimond J. Donald and M. Cathy Donahue Albert Dreves* Lillian A. Duke* Lee and Judith Duran Gary and Barbara Edelston Robert Eisler Edna Ellingson Edwin Elwell Jr. and Ellen Louisa Johnson Elwell* John Erickson Frank and Rosemarie Evangelist David and Lynn Evinger Dr. Leslie and Susan Fishman Donna Fiterman J. Alex and Susan Fjelstad Charles* and Tanya Foster Clarence G. Frame* Joan L. Gardner Dr. Richard and Elaine Gehrz Gerald Godwin* Wilbur and Elizabeth Gratz James and Dee Gruning Michael and Stacie Hafner Fern Hansen Fay Harrison Richard and Nancy Haskin Daniel and Anne Heilman Phyllis Hensley* Jory Herman Doris Hill Lorri Hoff John and Dolores Holl* John C. Holman Scott Hugdahl and Leslie Martens Albert and Mary Hulings* Charles and Dorothy Jarvis* John Jenneke Kathryn V. Johnson* Kenneth and Margery Johnson Klara Johnson Ruth M. Johnson* William and Susan Jolitz Carol Jordan

Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer Martha H. Kaemmer William G. Kahlert* Larry and Jennifer Kahlow Kenneth and Marion Kamstra Debra K. Kellerman and Tony Wandersee Terry Kerber Kathryn Kingsbury Steven Kingsbury Dr. Robert C. Knutson Gloria Koester* Betty Kuechle Dr. Margaret Heisel Kurth and Frank Kurth Harold and Grace Kurtz Theodora H. Lang* Mary G. Lebedoff* Todd and Beth Leonard Charles and Paula Levenberg Dr. James and Regina Levin Lynn Levinson Paul Libby Stephen Libby Nan P. Lightner Mary P. Lindeke* Cedric and Ann Lindholm* Sidney Lippman* Stella Lloyd* Mary Lufkin-Batinich Eudene Lupino George and Florence Mairs* Dr. Mark C. and Nancy Mammel Glenn and Patricia Mayer Michael and Barbara McKellips Harry McNeely, Jr. Kenneth and Virginia Merrill Dr. Blaine Miller Keith Minge Jeanne Mithun Dr. Ronald and Marilyn Mitsch Henry* and Marjorie Montillon Steven Moravec Wilbur Morgan* Wendy Morris Virginia Moyer Terrence and Kathie Mulligan Catherine Murnane Elizabeth Myhre Brock and Martha Nelson Joan Nickells

George and Alma Nye* Jack O’Connell Dr. Janice Ophoven Mary Ostling Lynn Otterlei Mary Patterson Margaret Pavlik Cora E. Peffer David and April Peterson Janna Peterson Catherine Pfleiderer* Ronald Pfleiderer* Karoline Pierson Octavio and Jody Portu Mark and Ann Price Tybie Proman* Mr.* and Mrs. Reeve Ramsey Dr. Philip and Rebecca Rapport Ginnie Weyerhaeuser Record Eleanor Reid* Georgiana Reny* Mary H. Rice Dr. R. Hampton Rich Suzanne Richards* Kevin and Cindy Roberg John Roddy Susan Rolle Martin and Robin Rosauer T. Eileen and John* Russell Dr. Sandra Sackett Dr. Krishna Saxena Paul and Mary Schilling Sandra Schloff Craig and Leah Schmalz Joe and Laura Schmit Paul Schmitt Carl and Mary Schroeder Clinton and Carolyn Schroeder Elizabeth Schutt* Grace M. Seed Roger and Janet Seim Jeffrey and Renee Seltzer Delia Setzer Traci M. Singher Marie E. Smilanich* Alvis H. Snipes* H. J. and Audrey Solberg* Dennis and Patricia Solfest Bernard and Carol Spencer Elva Walker Spillane* and John Spillane

Howard and Lynne Stacker Keith and DeNyce Steadland Charles and Helen Steinberg* Martha Stimpson Dr. Frederic and Rita Stone Geraldine Strand Myrna Strand Mabel Strehlow Dr. John* and Barbara Tobin Joseph and Kathy Trubachik Robert and Valerie Trudeau Ruth Usem Mary Lightner Vernon Gary and Nancy Wagner James and Betsy Watkins Karen Wehner John B. Wenger Dr. Hugh and Lillian Williams Floyd and June Williams* Norbert Winter, Jr. Benno F. Wolff* Lillian Wright* Lorraine Wuerth Jeanne Wyatt

Marie Smilanich and her daughter, Mary Schuster (Lufkin) Batinich, believe in safeguarding the future of Children’s.

Mother and daughter leave a legacy. Marie Smilanich’s friends describe her best, as a woman who lives her credo: Be mindful of the needs of others. Marie recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Throughout her life, she has worked tirelessly on behalf of sick children. She founded the Children’s Grandparents Club and served as its first president in 1981. Her charitable nature extends to her daughter, Mary Schuster (Lufkin) Batinich. Both have served as members of Children’s board of directors and as presidents of the Grandparents Club. Mary speaks with equal gusto about the club’s continuing financial investment in valued hospital programs such as child life and the Malkerson Library. Marie and Mary understand the importance of safeguarding the future of children’s health with a planned gift—a lasting gift through their estate. Planned gifts provide Children’s with continuing financial support to protect the health and well-being of future generations. By designating a portion of one’s estate to Children’s, a donor becomes a member of the Children’s Guardian Circle. Both Mary and Marie became Guardian Circle members; each has identified Children’s in her will. Marie has not stopped working on behalf of children and Children’s. When Marie celebrated her 100th birthday, one of the charities she designated for birthday gifts was the Grandparents Club at Children’s of Minnesota. Editor’s note: Sadly, Marie Smilanich passed away just prior to the publication of this report. Children’s and Marie’s daughter, Mary, felt that this story was a fitting tribute to Marie. She will be sorely missed and fondly remembered. 41

Endowed Funds Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota would like to recognize and thank donors who have created endowed funds. These donors have generously provided a legacy of care to future generations.

The Bean Family Endowment Fund To support unique and innovative programs that benefit parents and children and strengthen families by fostering good health and understanding of child development. Grandparents Club Endowment To provide small grants for human ecology needs at Children’s – Minneapolis. Jill Davis Intensive Care Nursing Fund To support pediatric intensive care (cardiac care) nursing education. The Research Endowment To provide support for research projects at Children’s of Minnesota. Timothy Ivan Moreland Memorial Endowment To purchase equipment for the NICU or to fund NICU projects which the budget will not cover. Jorgen Rodgers Hoff Research Endowment To support newborn intensive care research. Dr. Lawrence J. Singher Memorial Endowment To support the annual lectureship and other pediatric hematology/ oncology endeavors. For the Love of Children Endowment To fund programs supported by Children’s Association Minneapolis.


Anne Elizabeth Davy Pediatric Oncology Nursing Education Endowment To support pediatric oncology nursing education and special needs for oncology patient families.

Louis & Matthew Schroeder Memorial Endowment To support hematology/oncology medical research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Genevieve E. Stelberg Memorial Endowment To support pediatric oncology programs at Children’s of Minnesota.

Amber & Andrea Eichman Memorial Fund To support medical research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Lindsay Ann Ashbach Memorial Endowment To support NICU research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Samantha Lynn Evinger Endowment To support the Cancer Kids Fund.

Webb Publishing Company Endowment for Medical Research To support medical research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic Endowment To support research needs of the hematology/oncology program at Children’s of Minnesota.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Pediatric Research Endowment To support research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Mary Andersen Hulings Endowment To support urgent needs at Children’s – St. Paul.

General Endowment Fund To support the urgent needs of Children’s of Minnesota.

Jack J. O’Connell & Madaline O’Connell Walli Research Endowment To support medical research at Children’s of Minnesota.

Audrey Solberg Memorial Endowment To provide support for the Midwest Children’s Resource Center with an emphasis on supporting child abuse prevention endeavors.

Callie Collette Brattain Memorial Endowment To support nursing education and medical lectureship.

Wilbur Morgan Medical Research Endowment To support pediatric research at Children’s of Minnesota. Sibling Play Area Staffing Endowment To support child life staffing to extend the hours of sibling play room at Children’s – Minneapolis. Lillian May Wilcockson Fund To provide charity care support at Children’s of Minnesota. Dr. Woodard L. Colby Memorial Endowment To support the annual Dr. Colby lecture and general needs at Children’s – St. Paul.

I.C. System, Inc./Ruth M. Johnson/Erickson Family Endowment To support the special health needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Children’s Hospital Medical Education & Research Endowment To support medical research and education at Children’s of Minnesota. Dr. Charles W. Jarvis Endowment To support new laboratory technologies and techniques or to provide education opportunities to lab personnel.

Clarence G. Frame Endowment To provide services to children in the east metro area. Elinor D. Brodie Memorial Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. William J. & Stella K. Lloyd Endowment To provide charity care support at Children’s of Minnesota. Anders Edward Hoff Family Endowment To provide support for the special needs of oncology patient families at Children’s of Minnesota. Eleanor R. Bourquin Endowment To support the urgent needs at Children’s – St. Paul.

Gigi Chawla, MD, and Peter Dehnel, MD

Rutherford D. Brosious & Family Education Fund To provide support for nursing education at Children’s – St. Paul.

Thomas M. McGill Memorial Fund To provide charity care support at Children’s of Minnesota.

Krishna M. Saxena, M.D. Medical Education Fund To support the annual Dr. Krishna Saxena Endocrine Lectureship and residents recognition dinner at Children’s – St. Paul.

Irma E. Dahlberg Memorial Endowment To support the Neonatal Intensive Care Center Unit at Children’s – St. Paul.

Dr. Ivan & Sandra Schloff Fund for Children Endowment To support the Family Resource Center at Children’s – St. Paul. Stephen J. Boros, M.D. Fellowship Endowment To support a graduate research fellowship in Neonatology. Eleanor Gray Knutson Memorial Endowment To provide charity care support at Children’s of Minnesota. Daryl Kahlert Memorial Endowment To support the hematology/ oncology program at Children’s of Minnesota. The Ordway Family Fund To support the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Harry B. Sutton Research Endowment To support medical research at Children’s – St. Paul. Joseph & Lillian Duke Endowment To support the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota.

Dr. Robert Rosenthal Memorial Endowment To support the non-operating, general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Christian, Viggo & Marie Hendrickson Memorial Endowment To provide charity care at Children’s of Minnesota. Helen C. Henn, R.N. Endowment To provide support for patient family accommodations at the family center at Children’s – St. Paul. Gay Gollan Baukol Fund To provide support for children who are sick, injured, or abused. Carl D. Bates Fund To provide support for the urgent needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Diabetes Center Endowment To support the salary and benefit expenses of the diabetes center medical director. Glen and Harold Bend Endowment A charitable perpetual trust setup to fund the community health needs of Children’s – St. Paul.

Endowments: Professional Staff Research and Education Endowment Fund Five years ago the idea of a Professional Staff Research and Education Endowment was just that—an idea. Today, the endowment has been fully funded by sizeable donations from Children’s professional staff, a group of 1,700 physicians and other health care providers who practice at Children’s of Minnesota. As members of Children’s professional staff and enthusiastic donors to the endowment, Peter Dehnel, MD, and Gigi Chawla, MD, understand the awesome potential of their gifts. “This endowment will enable us to provide funds to develop innovative processes and programs, such as patient safety initiatives,” says Dehnel, MD, chief of staff and medical director of Children’s Physician Network. “The endowment creates an opportunity for our professional staff to fund something that really impacts their work. It encourages them to connect with their peers in a meaningful way and to collaborate on exciting new areas of care. It also will help us implement great programs that we’ve already developed,” says Chawla, MD, vice chief of staff.


Walter Reeve Ramsey & Ruth Lusk Ramsey Fellowship Endowment A charitable perpetual trust setup by Dr. Walter Ramsey to fund fellows at Children’s of Minnesota. Winifred Wollaeger Bean Endowment To support family centered care programs - child life, social work, chaplaincy, and child family services. Blake Robert Jones Memorial Endowment To support pediatric cardiology research at Children’s of Minnesota. John Peter Hoffman Endowment To support research in the area of childhood disease. John and Dolores Holl Endowment To support the general needs of Children’s – St. Paul. Professional Staff Research & Education Endowment To support research and education projects at Children’s of Minnesota. Edward H. Schonbohm Developmental and Rehabilitation Endowment To provide support for pediatric developmental and rehabilitation services at Children’s of Minnesota. The Lindsay Fund Endowment To provide clinical support for the hematology/oncology program to supplement uninsured, nonreimbursed costs. Clarence & Erna O’ Gordon Research & Education Endowment To support medical education and research at Children’s of Minnesota. The Fore Angels Endowment To fund the purchase of medical equipment for the Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) or for special capital needs for the family center apartments at Children’s – St. Paul. Clayton L. Robinson Endowment To provide non-operational support for the PICU at Children’s – St. Paul.


John J. Fangman Neonatology Lectureship To provide funds for an annual grand rounds neonatology lecture and related visits by the guest speaker to all Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) at Children’s of Minnesota. Tague C. Chisholm Endowment To support pediatric surgical and pediatric urologic education endeavors at Children’s of Minnesota. Cancer Kids Fund Endowment To provide support for hematology/oncology patients and their families at Children’s of Minnesota. The Colvin Family Fund To provide funds for child life specialists staffing for hematology/oncology programs. The Helping Hand Club Endowment To provide grants to farm families to supplement uninsured and non-reimbursed medical costs. The Jonathon Andrew Johnson & Johnna Louise Johnson Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. The Jones Luhmann Ranck Family Fund To provide support for bereavement services at Children’s of Minnesota. The Samuel Billington Sewall Endowment To provide funding for child life specialist staffing for Children’s of Minnesota hematology/ oncology programs. Justin Heltemes Endowment To provide funds for hematology/ oncology program at Children’s of Minnesota. Jeanne Mithun Pediatric Hospice Endowment To provide funds for hospice care provided at or by Children’s of Minnesota. Anne Reznick Memorial Endowment To provide charity care support at Children’s of Minnesota.

Deva House Hospice & Palliative Care Endowment To provide funds for hospice and palliative care services at Children’s of Minnesota.

The Olivia, Jack & Gracie Becker Endowment To provide support for the general needs of the NICU program at Children’s – St. Paul.

Joseph Lloyd Jackson Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota.

John C. Holman Endowment To provide support for the PICU program at Children’s – St. Paul.

Saundra Powers and Casaundra Hinkel Endowment To provide funds for the Minnesota Sudden Infant Death Center and the cardiology program at Children’s of Minnesota. Kohl’s Child Life Endowment To provide funds for the Child Life program at Children’s of Minnesota. Kathryn V. Johnson Memorial Endowment To support the Cancer Care program at Children’s of Minnesota. Great Clips Endowment for Child Life To provide support for Children’s of Minnesota Child Life School Re-Entry Program. Lauren Taylor Ehele Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Benno F. and Gertrude B. Wolff Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Dr. Charles L. & Helen R. Steinberg Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Jackson Wollo Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Max R. Berris Endowment To provide support for the general needs at Children’s of Minnesota. Dr. Hugh & Alison Westgate Endowment To provide support for education, research and clinical initiatives to enrich ethical discussion. Arlene Sommer and Betty Mammel Endowment To provide support for research in neonatal and perinatal medicine at Children’s of Minnesota.

Benefit Events Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota would like to recognize and thank the many community members and volunteers who host benefit events. Proceeds from benefit events offer needed support for patients and families. Children’s Foundation works with many volunteers to coordinate benefit events to raise money for Children’s. This list includes information and event sponsors for our five largest events.

A Chance to Dance Cancer Kids Fund Comedy Showcase Cardiac Children’s Cup Golf Tournament Cody Lundgren Memorial SIDS Golf Event Daulton Foundation Golf Tournament Derek Kuduk Memorial Golf Tournament Emma’s Hope Bowling Event FischerEdit Open Golf Tournament Garibaldi 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Give It and Divot Golf Tournament Granite City Motorcycle Ride Great Clips Cut-a-Thon Jack’s Sledding Party Jaden Karsten Memorial Golf Tournament John Lloyd Leonard Memorial Golf Tournament Julia’s Journey Memorial Golf Tournament Lawson’s Legacy, a Heart to Remember Golf Tournament Matthew Mehr Golf Classic MidAmerica Car Auctions Nicholas T Walesch Benefit Concert North Star Morgan Horse Show Play for a Cure Wood Bat Tournament Ride For Life Bike-a-Thon for SIDS Riley Memorial Swingin’ for SIDS Golf Tournament Saint Paul Conservatory of Music, Honors Program Benefit Concert Sarah’s Fund Golf Tournament Saundra Powers and Casaundra Hinkel Golf Tournament The Sunshine Foundation Golf Tournament

Children’s Hospitals Golf Benefit The 16th annual Children’s Hospitals Golf Benefit, presented by Carousel Automobiles and Maplewood Audi, was held June 11, 2007, at the White Bear Yacht Club, White Bear Lake. Proceeds of over $89,000 benefit the Family Needs Fund, the renovation of space at Children’s – St. Paul and educational needs of the emergency department at Children’s – Minneapolis. Hank Hanten and Mark Mammel, MD, chaired the event. Acadian Asset Management Associated Anesthesiologists, P.A. Associates Newborn Medicine P.A. Drs. Michael and Ellen BendelStenzel Carousel Automobiles, Inc. and Maplewood Audi Dent Wizard International Enterprise Rent A Car Foundation Falls & Nyhusmoen Construction, Inc. Glacier Lakes Quattro Club, Inc. Harris Companies HDR Architecture, Inc J. & W. Seligman & Company, Inc. Knutson Construction Company, Inc. The Lacek Group LaMettry’s Collision Ken and Barbara Larson Leuthold Weeden Capital Management Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC Dr. Mark C. and Nancy Mammel Mamoka, Inc. The Medtronic Foundation Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, P.A. NEB Doctors of Minnesota Northwinds Marketing Group, LLC

Pediatric Surgical Associates, LTD Riverbridge Partners, LLC Sodexo Somerset Asset Management Tealwood Asset Management Thomson West Wells Fargo Bank WorkflowOne Dr. Gregory and Linda Wright

PaceMaker 5000 The fifth annual PaceMaker 5000 5K Walk/Run and Kids Fun Run was held June 23, 2007, at the StoneArch Bridge, Minneapolis. Over 1,900 walkers and runners of all ages participated in the event. PaceMaker 5000 raised over $168,000 for cardiac care and other family needs. Boston Scientific Foundation, Inc. Bowne of Chicago, Inc. The Children’s Heart Clinic, P.A. Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. Lifetouch National School Studios Medtronic Navarre Corporation New Horizon Enterprises, Inc. Porter Enterprises, Inc. Salo, LLC Allan and Kathy Share Silverman, Olson, Thorvilson & Kaufmann, Ltd. St. Jude Medical, Inc. Minnesota Aquarium, LLC Underwater Adventures Valuevision Media, Inc.

Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic The 22nd annual Pine Tree Apple Tennis Classic was held August 9-14, 2007, at White Bear Racquet & Swim Club, White Bear Lake. More than $222,000 was raised for cancer research at Children’s. Dean and Allison Hlushko, Kris Premo, Denise

Rutkowski, and Debbie Shearen chaired the event. Michael and Kristen Abbott Administrative Staffing and Placement Professionals Thomas Albers Erik and Susan Allen Betty Anderlik Arnold Anderson and Margaret Hagen Julie Anderson Thomas and Holly Arnfelt The Arthur and Constance Goodman Family Foundation Associated Eye Care, Ltd. Bacchus Wine & Spirits Walter and Ginger Bailey Baillon Family Foundation, Inc. Barnett Chrysler Jeep Kia Jane Barry Ronald and Gay Baukol Diane Bengston Russell and Elizabeth Bennett Dr. Jonathan and Jeanne Berget Tom Berry David and Michele Bitker Gregory and Sarah Booth John and Kathleen Booth Dr. Bruce and Charlene Bostrom William Boyd Jodi K. Brandtjen Dr. Timothy and Chris Bray Glenn Britzius The Broms Family Foundation David and Anne Brown Roy Bryan and Ann Ludwig James and Barb Buggert Ralph and Peggy Burnet Carter Chiropractic Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning Dr. Ed and Cynthia Chua John and Barbara Cionca Robert and Mary Clemens CMI Sales, Inc. Cobra Construction, Inc. Coldwell Banker Burnet David and Carol Cole The Crackleberry Group


PaceMaker 5000: The race for children’s health. Shortly after Madelyn Gilbertson’s birth, she received a lifesaving pacemaker at Children’s of Minnesota to help her heart beat at a normal rate. Born prematurely and weighing just over 3 pounds, Madelyn has since touched many lives and inspired a very special event. PaceMaker 5000 pays tribute to Madelyn and all children who face heart defects that threaten their prospects for a healthy future. Thanks to nearly 1,900 runners, walkers, and strollers who joined hands and feet for children’s cardiac health and Children’s of Minnesota, the 2007 PaceMaker 5000 raised nearly $160,000. In its short five-year history, PaceMaker 5000 has raised nearly $650,000 for Children’s of Minnesota, with net proceeds benefiting Children’s cardiac care and other vital family needs. Medtronic, St. Jude, and Boston Scientific are generous sponsors of this event that supports the work of Children’s cardiology program. “PaceMaker 5000 isn’t just about raising money,” says Jill Gilbertson, Madelyn’s mother. “It’s about celebrating children and the spirit they bring to people’s lives.” “We are both runners, so a 5K run that brings families together is a natural fit,” says Jim Gilbertson, Madelyn’s father. “Our daughter’s condition helped us see what medicine and technology can bring to the quality of our children’s lives.” The PaceMaker 5000 5K Walk/Run and Kids’ Fun Run illustrate the power of fun and fitness, especially when it’s aimed at a great cause. 46

Donald and Sandra Craighead Dr. John Cretzmeyer and Barbara Jacobson David and Sue Cummings Cy-Con, Inc. Frank and Bonita Damon Chip and Debbie Daniels Merle and Carol Danielson Kamalini Das Douglas and Wendy Dayton Gary and Linda Deiters Paul and Lori Delahunt Dellwood Hills Golf Club Humphrey and Elisabeth Doermann Elizabeth and Robert Donley Door Service Company of Twin Cities Inc. James Dorsey and Dee Gaeddert Dorsey Harry Drake William and Mary Drasler John and Kari Duffey David Duling Duralogic, Inc. Eagan Pet Clinic John Edgar Edina Country Club Bryan Eichenwald and Jane Helsing Kenneth and Linda Eikmeier Elbow Lake Lodge Dennis and Barbara Erickson Dr. John and Carl Erickson Peter J. Erickson Erickson-Aamodt Orthodontics, P.A. Robert and Amy Etten John and Barbara Farr Thomas and Dorothy Fashingbauer Sharon Feldman Feldmann Imports, Inc. Nels Femrite First National Bank Tom and Carmen Foley David and Carol Forsythe Gregory and Julie Frandsen C. William and Judy Franke Fresh Squeezed Country Band Gerald Friedell Michael and Peggy Gaard John and Martha Gabbert Dan and Michelle Gahlon Gamma Tennis Sales Gander Mountain David and Sharon Garber Charles and Maria Girsch Goldwood Kennels Good Things Darlene Gorrill Granny Hug-A-Bug John and Denise Graves Graves 601 Hotel Mike and Sara Greenbaum Larry and Ronnie Greenberg Matthew and Denise Grubbs Gary and Rebecca Halonen Hardwick Charitable Fund Wirt and Marge Hatcher III Drs. Richard and Anna Heinrich Dr. Mark and Ann Heller

Robert and Signe Hensel Stanley and Doris Hill Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation HLB Tautges Redpath, Ltd. Richard and Dorothy Hoel Ken and Elizabeth Holec David and Mary Holt Lauren Hom Home Depot John and Colleen Hooley Mike and Kathy Hopkins Andrina Hougham and Walter Krebsbach C. D. and Paige Hoyle J. Will and Linnea Hudson, Jr. Margaret Humphrey Kregg and Elisabeth Hurlbert Greg and Suzanne Hynan, DC Illingworth Comm, Inc. Imaging Path Laurence and Murriel Intveld Iron Mountain John and Twinks Irvine J. F. Designs Jewelry Gregory and Julie Jaunich Julie Jesse Dale and Janice Johnson Jeffery and Rebecca Johnson Mark and Laura Jordahl Judy K. Myers & Associates, Inc. Kamarron Design, Inc. Dr. William and Cameron Kane William and Jane Keenan, III Kenneth Keller and Bonita Sindelir Charles Kelly and Carole Gallagher Kerzner International Resorts, Inc Killian & Milnar DDS, PA The King Capital Corporation Diane Klett Jeffrey Kline James and Mary Anne Kowalski Larry and Linda Kraus Margaret Kronschnabel Ed Kuehnel Daniel and Constance Kunin Douglas and Bonnie Kurtt Timothy and Sharon Kurtt Lake Area Bank David Lamm Joan Lanpher William Laplante Anne and Drew Larsen Simonson Gregg and Mary Larson Gregory and Deahn Lawson Robert and Barbara Lefsrud Dr. Lloyd and Marcia Leider, Jr. The Lemonade Ladies Benjamin and Helen Liu Chung Liu and Anh Vu LogiSolve Perry and Kathleen Lonnes Christopher and Luba Lowry Rudy and Cathy Luther Thomas and Marge Lyons Ranae Magness Elizabeth Mairs George Mairs, Jr. Robert and Helen Mairs Mairs and Power, Inc. Samuel G. and JoAnn M. Mairs Family Fund of St. Paul Foundation

Malloy Montague Karnowski Rasosevich & Co. Gary Manney Mike and Patti Marinovich Frederick Martin Sandra C. Martin Match Point Tennis Center Maui Jim Sunglasses Dr. Stanley and Judith McCormick J. Lawrence and Mary McIntyre Donald McNeely Nora McNeely Hurley Lorrie McNeil Robert and Barbara McPherson Medtronic Gerald and Joan Mellgren James and Gail Menne Dr. Yoav Messinger and Julia Steinberger David Meyer Michael and Sara Meyer Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop Justin and Jennifer Miller James and Lane Milligan Frank and Lois Milnar Minneapolis/St. Paul ChryslerPlymouth-Jeep Minnesota Natural Medicine Mister Car Wash Scott and Dede Montgomery Mountain High Construction, Inc. Jeffrey and Jacqueline Mudge J. B. and Norma Muldowney D. Joseph Murphy Daniel Nabedrick Curtis and Marjorie Nelson New Brighton Ford New Directions, Inc. Donald and Lori Nichols Danielle Niska Richard Noland and Jane Thomas Noland North Oaks Golf Club Northview Dental Gary and Mary Nussbaum Sheila and Gerald O’Brien Susan Oertel Duane and Lynn Olson Mark and Lugene Olson Orthopaedic Sports, Inc. Dr. John and Karen Osen OSI Physical Therapy Rick and Sherry Osterhaus Bob and Mickey Paine Richard and Keri Pakonen Costanza Palacio-Gaito The Park at Mall of America Park Dental Jeffrey and Christine Peterson Ronald and Mary Ann Peterson Pine Tree Orchards, Inc. Frank Plourde and Ann PutnamPlourde Pool and Yacht Club James Porter and Elyse Rabinowitz K. Scott and Mary Portnoy Premier Banks Premier Marine, Inc. Prince Sports Group R. Lawrence and Cecilia Purdy Donald and Peggy Qually

Racquet Rags, Inc. David and Ellen Raisbeck Dr. Jawhar Rawwas RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc Reliable OneSource, Inc. Thomas and Elizabeth Rheineck Richard Family Charitable Fund RJF Agencies, Inc. Rob Roach and Nancy Reid Craig Roen and Kathleen Bjornson Roger Karjalahti Insurance Agency Ron Burg Photography Larry and Denise Rutkowski The Saint Paul Hotel Sarah Kurn Skin Care R. Jay and Rebecca Sass David and Elsa Schafer Carol J. Schroepfer Richard and Carol Seaberg Luanne Sewell Bruce and Rebecca Shay Barbara S. Sheehan Dr. Christine Simonelli SIT Investment Associates Foundation Rolf and Heather Skogerboe Dennis and Mary Smith Timothy Smith and Elizabeth Schultz-Smith Dr. Mark and Vicki Sperry St. Paul Radiology Foundation of the St. Paul Foundation Kent and Cathleen Stadum Paul and Meryl Steinhauser Winfield Stephens William and Eileen Sternard Marc and Lisa Stingley Shelly Storch Allan and Audrey Strane Street Smart Rentals, Inc Gene and Christie Stringer Sunbear Spa & Salon Suzanne F. and Ralph J. Roberts Foundation Dr. Christine and Scott Swanson Mary Sweeney A. Richard and Mary Jo Tein Dr. Jon Tessar Dr. Todd and Susan Thayer Mike Tierney Tomacelli’s Pizza Joseph and Sally Tombers The Toro Company Boy and Betty Toy Treasure Island Resort & Casino Margaret Trondson Trondson Agency, Inc Tropics Indoor Water Park Gedney and Emily Tuttle Robert and Julianne Urban US Bank USTA Northern Section Nicholas and Jane Van Brunt Mary Vaughan Verizon Wireless Viking Materials, Inc. C. D. and Carol Wahlstrand Jon and Leah Waldron, Sr. We Gotta Bingo Michael and Anne Weaver Weber Electric, Inc. Dr. Richard Weisbecker

Kevin and Brenda Werwie Charles and Julie Whitaker John and Susan Whitaker William and Nancy Whitaker, Jr. White Bear Racquet & Swim Randy and Lisa Wilcox Wildwood Chiropractic Center Robert Williams Wilson Racquet Sports M. Bradley and Jacqueline Winges Sarah R. Winton Dr. David and Nancy Wolff Richard and Susan Wolsfeld, Jr. William and Ghitiann Worcester Curtis and Melanie Wright John Wright and Jane Gehan David and Jane Zimmer Frank Zink and Catherine Resch Phillip and Anne Zink Dale and Sarah Zurbay

Thank God For Kids The 16th annual Thank God For Kids benefit was held April 14, 2007, at the Historic Milwaukee Road Depot, Minneapolis. Frank Vascellaro, WCCO-TV news anchor, and Belinda Jensen, KARE-11 TV meteorologist, emceed the evening, which included silent and live auctions, gala dinner, raffle, and entertainment by Synergy. Over $620,000 was raised to support various programs of the Cancer Kids Fund at Children’s. Event cochairs were Erin Lisle and Jennifer Oftedahl.

Metro Dentalcare Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, PA Minuteman Press of Golden Valley Julianne and Dr. Donald Morath Navarre Corporation Neurosurgical Associates, Ltd. Nexus Information Systems Randall and Barbara Noecker Frank and Marilyn Nogai Bob and Ilse Norris Northlight Color Daniel and Jennifer Oftedahl Partners in Pediatrics, Ltd Party America Pediatric Anesthesia, PA Pediatric Radiology, PA Pediatric Surgical Associates, LTD Theresa Pesch RBC Tile & Stone Robert W. Baird & Co Harold and Ruth Roitenberg Ryan Companies US, Inc. Sheridan Sheet Metal Shire Human Genetic Therapies SOAR Foundation Streeter & Associates Kent and Monica Stuart Synergy Graphics, Inc. Universal Hospital Services Wells Fargo Bank Xcel Energy Services, Inc.

Coleen Brady Barry and Joni Butzow C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. Capella University CEI Ventures, LTD Cerner Corporation Children’s Respiratory & Critical Care Specialists, P.A. Creative Carton Rapid Packaging Dedicated Logistics, Inc. Deloitte & Touche, LLP Dolan Media Company Ellerbe Becket, Inc. Event Design Group and Production, Inc. Dean and Lynn Freeman David and Sharon Garber Dr. Alan L. and Lynn Goldbloom Grant Thornton, LLP Dr. Marcus and Elizabeth Gustafson Healthia Consulting Terry Henderson Tim Hydeen John Marcus Dental Supply Co. Robert and Geri Jorgenson Kelly & Berens, PA Kraus-Anderson Insurance William and Becky Laak Linfor, Inc. M & I Marshall and Ilsley Bank McCollum, Crowley, Moschet & Miller Ltd.


Wild About Children The 2007-08 Wild About Children event featured the entire Minnesota Wild roster serving as celebrity waiters and mingling with 200 guests. The sold-out benefit included silent and live auctions and raised $180,000 to help fund and enhance the new Children’s pediatric epilepsy unit, which will move from its current location in United Hospital to Children’s – St. Paul. The Minnesota Wild coordinated the event.

Minnesota Wild: Wild about kids. The Minnesota Wild has a long track record of caring for kids. Since the team’s inception, the organization has delivered fun, friendship, and financial support to patients at Children’s of Minnesota through a host of programs and special events. The Minnesota Wild have created the Minnesota Wild Teen Room at Children’s – St. Paul, a place where teens staying in the hospital can use a computer, read, play video games or Bubble Hockey, or just hang out. When Wild players make a visit to the hospital, they gather in this hockey-themed venue to visit, sign autographs, play Bubble Hockey, and take photos with patients and their families. Throughout the season, Children’s patients and families have the opportunity to attend a game at the Xcel Energy Center and watch the Minnesota Wild in action. Children and families also have watched games from a suite donated by Wild forward, Marian Gaborik. Minnesota Wild staff and players’ wives get involved by hosting Wild Bingo once a month in one of the playrooms at Children’s. For patients who are unable to leave their hospital rooms, Wild Bingo is televised in patient rooms and common areas throughout the hospital. All participants receive special Wild themed prizes. The 2007-08 Wild About Children event featured the entire Minnesota Wild roster serving as celebrity waiters and mingling with 200 guests. The sold-out benefit included silent and live auctions and raised $180,000 to help fund and enhance the new Children’s pediatric epilepsy unit, which will move from its current location in United Hospital to Children’s – St. Paul. “Our players and leaders have a strong commitment to children in our community—it’s one of our top priorities,” said Amy Woog Patnode, Manager of Community Giving for the Minnesota Wild. “Their ongoing and unwavering support of children and Children’s Hospitals demonstrates how serious they are in helping kids to lead happy, healthy lives.” 48

Bruce Aho Air Flow Lockers Amerprise Financial Associated Bank Derek Benz George and Karen Benz Briggs and Morgan, PA Kurt Casby Creative Carton Rapid Packaging Daulton Foundation Dr. Mary E. Dunn and Dr. Gregory F. Cotterell E Street Makers Emerson Process Management Enderes Tool Company Fox Sports Net North, LLC John and Gina Fritzke Michael and Diana Hanline Robert Heidenreich Dennis and Martha Hesse Meg Hunter Integrated Benefits Group Kathleen and Douglas Jones Phillip Jungwirth Michael and Mary Kaess Dr. Jerone D. Kennedy William and Theresa King King’s Cove Marina Allen Lecuyer Let’s Play, Inc. Lewis Custom Homes Albert and Marsha Lietz M & I Marshall and Ilsley Bank Edwin McCarthy and Susan Brewster-McCarthy Mesaba Capital Partners, LLC Minnesota Sports & Entertainment Minnesota Wild MNCome Foundation Dr. Michael and Shelia Nanne Ford and Catherine Nicholson The Nicholson Family Foundation Phillips Beverage Company Addison and Cynthia Piper John Schonberg Spartan Promotional Group, Inc. The Twist Company Jason and Molly Urbanski US Recordings WCCO Radio 830

Hospital Associations Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota would like to recognize and thank the association members for their generosity and support.

Children’s Association – Minneapolis

Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) – St. Paul

Since 1958, “For the Love of Children,” has served as the guiding principle for more than 200 volunteer members of Children’s Association Minneapolis. This can-do group was largely responsible for Children’s – Minneapolis opening its doors many years ago. In fact, Children’s of Minnesota would not exist today without the financial support and spirited promotion by both associations.

“People who have never experienced Children’s of Minnesota have no idea how different it is from an adult hospital,” says Connie Aram, 2007 president of Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). “In a space of two months, both of our kids paid visits to Children’s. It was then I realized what a very special place this is.”

Lynn Freeman, 2007 president

“I would say my proudest moment comes at the annual meeting each year when Children’s Association - Minneapolis presents the hospital with its annual gift,” says Lynn Freeman, 2007 president. The gift for 2007, including donations and service projects, totaled $443,726. The group’s donations, in addition to previous gifts through the years, total over $9 million. The Association’s eight chapters plan and host a full menu of fundraising events each year, from Bunco Night and a Spring Soiree to the Great Clips golf event, luncheons, and silent auctions. The Storybook Gift Shop at Children’s – Minneapolis donates its proceeds to Children’s. “The Association has supported many great hospital programs in the past 50 years,” says Freeman. “Some that make us especially proud include the sibling play area, the Can-Can Café TV show for patients, and Teen Age Medical Service. You will never find a more rewarding charity than Children’s.” Children’s Association - Minneapolis Chapters Care Bears Ladybug Little Boy Blue Miss Muffet Peanuts Pied Piper Rumpelstiltskin Thumper Winnie the Pooh

Connie Aram, 2007 president

As CHA commemorates 75 years of energetic fundraising and volunteer services in 2008, it also celebrates $16 million in cumulative contributions to Children’s of Minnesota. From fashion shows and galas to the Peter Pan Gift Shop and special guild events like Soup’s On for Kids and Casino Night, CHA has never run short of time, talent, and resources to make a difference in the lives of children and families. “We have over 400 amazing members who gather to raise money in this difficult economy,” Aram says. “We have many on our board who don’t have children. They do this from their hearts. It’s all about community. Some of our guilds have been together for 46 years. Some have 55 members and some have just 15. Each guild has its own niche. CHA funds programs that would not exist or would be totally under funded, and that means a lot to us. We’re not just putting icing on the cake. We’re really making a difference.” Children’s Hospital Association Guilds Bald Eagle Dakota Dellwood Guildersleaves Ivy Lunch Bunch Mahtomedi Night Owls

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Children’s – Minneapolis Hospital and specialty clinics 2525 Chicago Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 813-6000

Children’s Clinics – Woodwinds Specialty and rehabilitation clinics in Woodbury 1825 Woodwinds Drive Woodbury, MN 55125 (651) 232-6800 (Specialty clinics, pictured) (651) 232-6860 (Rehabilitation clinic)

Children’s – St. Paul Hospital and specialty clinics 345 North Smith Avenue St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 220-6000

Children’s – Maple Grove Rehabilitation clinic 7767 Elm Creek Boulevard, Suite 300 Maple Grove, MN 55369 (763) 416-8700

Children’s – Roseville Rehabilitation clinic 1835 West County Road C Roseville, MN 55113 (651) 638-1670

Children’s West Outpatient surgery and diagnostic center (pictured) 6050 Clearwater Drive Minnetonka, MN 55343 (952) 930-8600 Rehabilitation clinic 5950 Clearwater Drive, Suite 500 Minnetonka, MN 55343 (952) 930-8630 McNeely Pediatric Diabetes Center 6060 Clearwater Drive, Suite 204 Minnetonka, MN 55343 (952) 930-8123

Visit Children’s Web site at: Children’s Affiliates Children’s Foundation 2910 Centre Pointe Drive Roseville, MN 55113 (651) 855-2800

Children’s Physician Network 910 East 26th Street, Suite 420 Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 813-7436

Children's of Minnesota 2007 Annual Report  
Children's of Minnesota 2007 Annual Report  

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota 2007 Annual Areport