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hi, my name is georgie, and i will be your guide.

how old are you?

are you a girl or boy? what is your favourite book?

what’s your favourite television programme?

what do you enjoy doing most?

what’s your favourite music?

if you could be like anyone, who would you most want to be like?

what worries you most?

when you grow up what job would you like to do?

tell me about your church


just a



Is it fun?


quite a bit

colour the bars to show your answer

nearly always

yes 100%

Is it friendly? Does it help you understand the Bible? Does what you learn help you to be a better person? Do you enjoy meetings with grown-ups?



Are there grown-ups you can talk to?



What things do you like most about your church?

tick the buttons to show your answer

Do you help out or have something to do at your church?

What things don’t you like about your church?

If you were the boss of your church, what things would you do for children?

Where do you go to church? What days do you go and what do you do there?

Sunday Monday








what do you like about school?

and what don’t you like about school?

what do you like most about your friends?

tell me about the area where you live.

what do you like about it?

what don’t you like about it?

if you were prime minister what would you do for children?

to make the world a better place for children, what would you do?

thank you for your thoughts!

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what clubs or groups do you belong to?

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A questionnaire for children