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NLN LEGACY VISION: To engage a diverse set of generational leaders in the effort to empower communities to solve Nature-Deficit Disorder.

There is a void for strong grassroots leadership from a young diverse and cohesive voice.

Natural Leaders Network is building a diverse new generation of leaders to solve NatureDeficit Disorder. While encouraging  and  training  the  next  genera1on  of  leaders,     Natural  Leaders  will  simultaneously  build  healthier  communi1es.    

Natural Leaders Network showcases the importance of building young diverse grassroots leaders in solving Nature-Deficit Disorder.

The Legacy Camp will arm leaders with the capacity to mobilize communities and engage them in the outdoors with community organizing skills and outings certification.

Our goals are to empower, advocate and educate. •  Empower leaders with community organizing and outdoor leadership skills •  Advocate for sustainable solutions for Nature-Deficit Disorder •  Educate communities on the issue of Nature-Deficit Disorder

We are building a movement. We are developing a generation of diverse young leaders at the grassroots community level.

Natural Leaders Legacy Initiative  

Natural Leaders Legacy Initiative