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Giving mums a helping hand! We continue to be inspired by the courage and ingenuity of some of our mothers on our Income Generating Activity scheme.



ere’s Kelementina. She is 55 years old (approximately!) and has 6 children and 8 grandchildren. Unfortunately her husband left her 15 years ago and since then she’s had to survive as a single mum. She’s the grandmother to one of our Child of Hope children, Mary, who lives with her.  We interviewed Kelementina and here’s what she had to say:

I needed to get it going. I managed to pass the IGA exam at the end of June this year after my training, and they gave me a full grant (£25).  I immediately went out and bought all the things for my shop!  I am working hard to try to make a profit and so far I am able to save between 10,000 to 15,000 USh each week (£2.50 to £3.50) in the Child of Hope IGA Savings Scheme. 

‘I used to do casual labour jobs, like digging in people’s gardens to earn some little money each day. However I was finding it harder and harder and I would be in quite a lot of pain, making the digging work almost impossible. 

Before owning this shop I really struggled to be able to buy food for the children, but now my profits enable me to look after them all. I so much appreciate the IGA team.  I now have new business skills, a healthy, happy family and my savings are growing.  In the future I want to be able to buy my own piece of land and build a small house there, so that when I die my children have somewhere they can call their own. In the meantime it’s just good to be able to send Mary off to school with a tummy full of breakfast!’

The Child of Hope IGA team approached me to see if they could help. I was overjoyed and jumped at the chance!  I went along to the training each week and found it to be very good and easy to understand.  I’d always wanted to run a small shop but I didn’t have the start-up capital




Staff Focus “It can be very challenging work as sometimes the parents are emotionally disturbed by their troubles”

Grace visiting Mary and her children

Providing vital care


his is Grace Nduku, who is 26 years old and one of our social workers at Child of Hope. Grace qualified with a diploma in Social work and Social Administration in 2011 and has worked with us ever since.  Here’s what she had to say: “When I was studying for my A levels, I decided that I really wanted to work with children and elderly people in the community so I felt that a social work diploma was the way forward.  During my teenage years my family and I really needed assistance as we were very poor and had no future to speak of.  However, we were greatly helped and because of that I now have a heart to help other people in similar situations. I really wanted to work with COH because the welfare team deals exactly in the field that I dreamed of working in.  Every morning we follow up children who have been absent from school; we walk around the community until we find them, and then we refer them to the relevant department.  For example, if they

are sick, we refer them to the health department or if they have just been ‘naughty’ we refer them to the head teacher. We try to establish if there are issues they are struggling with, for example housing problems, and then we work as a team to help the family resolve the problem.  It can be very challenging work as sometimes the parents are emotionally disturbed by their troubles, but after counselling and encouragement, they become calm and can start to see a way through.  We have one girl who was very introverted and had great difficulty making friends or interacting with anyone.  This was because her home life was very poor and difficult and she had extremely low self-esteem.  However, through many chats and encouraging meetings with her (for over 6 months!) she finally found her voice.  She now sees that she has value and is free to interact with us.  She has been able to start making friends and it’s lovely to see her taking part in the playground games during lunch break.  Seeing


Grace Nduku this transformation really gives me a great feeling of fulfilment and gives me the encouragement to continue helping others like her. In the future, I would like to see Child of Hope establish a child development centre which could be a place of safety and rehabilitation for those children who are emotionally, mentally and physically disturbed or abused. I would love to work within and even manage such a project!” Would you like to sponsor a social worker for £10 per month? Please see the back page.



Inside Mary’s hut — with a broken stove and holes in the thatch roof!

This is Mary’s home. Grace explained that this is fairly typical of the type of housing which some of our children and families are living in.  As we chatted to Mary’s mum she let us into her hut to have a look around.  She explained that currently she is paying 15,000 USh (£3.50) per month rent.  When we looked inside it was clear that the hut was in a terrible state of

repair. There are holes in the grassthatched roof, through which you can see the sky, and whenever it rains the inside of the home becomes flooded - very upsetting during the day and a total nightmare when it rains at night.  There are 6 people staying in this hut. The bedding is just very thin foam mattressing and the cooking stove is broken down.  Grace sat down with

the mum (who has been crippled since she was given a poorly aimed vaccination as a child) and chatted through some of the challenges the family was facing. Grace agreed to report back to the welfare team and hopefully they will negotiate with the landlord on behalf of Mary’s mum to at least get the roof fixed.

Can you help Mary and other families like her? To make a donation please see the back page!

Powered by Sunshine!


ver experienced a power cut? We mean one that you didn’t get a warning letter about 2 weeks in advance?!  They can be pretty inconvenient at the best of times and hair-pullingly annoying at the worst.  Well, power cuts in Uganda happen at least once a week – sometimes more often.  Our staff would often have to go on ‘power hunts’, moving from the office, to home, to an internet café or hotel, in search of somewhere they could re-charge their laptops, phones, etc.  However, on the plus side, Uganda has tons of sunshine!  Thankfully, God doesn’t do sunshine cuts in Uganda, so we’re making hay (power) while the sun shines and decided the best way to


power our school building was solar power. Our wonderful friends from the Young Philanthropy group at Ernst & Young in London kindly donated part of their salaries for the last year, raising enough money for us to have our very own solar power system.  Has this made a difference?  You bet!  We now have enough electricity for lighting the whole building; plus laptops, printers and internet connection for the staff and primary kids; TV and DVD player for the nursery kids, photocopier (when we buy one!) for administration; electric sewing machines (when we buy them) for the tailor; and the shaver to cut the kids hair! We just love our new solar power system!

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Sponsor Me & Me & Me…! Cute huh?! These are some of our baby class kids who started attending Child of Hope at the beginning of this year.  They’ve spent the last two terms learning things like how to sit down nicely, how to share well with their friends, how to say some words and numbers in English and where to go to the toilet (and where NOT to go to the toilet!).  They’re all about 4 years old and despite all having their own very different little characters (cheeky, boisterous, funny, quiet and so on), we think they’re all bright as a button and worth spending a bob or two on!  Would you like to help us out?  They (along with all their other friends) need some kind ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ to sponsor them. Can you help us transform these little dudes into future leaders (rather than future drug addicts, criminals and prostitutes)? 10 quid a month (or more if you like!) will do the job. Not a bad investment, eh?!

To sponsor one of us please see the donation section on the back page. It only costs £10.00 per month!

How big is big? Bex recently had an interesting chat with some of our P4 children about what they think being rich looks like. One youngster said, ‘If I was rich, I’d have a big house — it would have as many as 3 rooms!’ Not 3 bedrooms… just 3 rooms in total.  Another said, ‘I’d have a bed and it would also have a mattress!’ So wealth is all a matter of perspective — and with that in mind here’s our fundraising column!  For those of you who think on a grand scale:  •

We need £60,000 to put the last floor on our school building – giving us 4 extra classrooms, additional bathrooms and office space.

For those of you with an eye for the practical: •

We need around £6,000 to build a new toilet block.

For the administrative types: •

We’d like £750 to buy a photocopier.


For those of you who like to play: •

We need a further £1000 to buy additional outdoor educational play equipment (sand & water areas, etc).

For the culturally musically minded: •

We need £250 to buy some musical instruments (thumb pianos, xylophones, drums, etc).



Thank you for helping us!

Grateful for our new children’s home


his year we have been amazed at the constant generosity and support of our friends, donors and volunteers including all the schools and school children who have faithfully given. Thank you so much! We have been able to build on the good foundations of previous years’ work and are seeing a great increase in the quality of our services to the children of Namatala and their families:

We love reading — thank you for our new library!

• A new children’s home: no more sharing • A new kitchen with energy saving beds, and a lovely lounge to do homework, stoves: building capacity to feed up eat, relax, chat and pray together to 600 children for when the school is complete • A new IT suite: a unique addition to a primary school in Uganda where both • A new harvest: 350Kg of rice was children and staff can hone their IT skills reaped in August from the seeds and ‘surf the net’ sown in May at the COH land and we’re hoping for an even bigger • A new solar system: constant power harvest in December and lighting to the school without the connection problems associated with • A new piece of land: adjacent to the land lines the school building, this will provide plenty of space for the • A new library: children can discover the new playground equipment to be exciting world of literature whilst improvinstalled early next year ing their reading and vocabulary skills So, despite not making any progress on finishing our school building this year, we’ve made great strides in other areas. It is hard to explain in words, but when visitors come they are often overwhelmed at the standards obtained by COH, not just in terms of equipment, but also in terms of atmosphere, relationships, influence and ethos. However we must not rest on our laurels. There is much work still to be done and as a management team we are actively learning how to measure our impact and outcomes so that we

understand our successes (and failures!) and continue to improve. We are, of course, desperate to complete the last floor of the school building. Currently every room is being used to capacity and we are therefore facing a dilemma when we take in a new class of nursery children next year. How will we squeeze them in without more classrooms?! So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to work together (you and us!) to help lift up and empower some of the poorest people on the planet.


• A new understanding of teaching: training from UK volunteers with our teachers to introduce phonics in both nursery and early primary years • A new opportunity with fathers: introducing their own meetings to discuss and learn together the art of ‘fathering’.

With love and blessings, Moses and Bex.

Where does your money go?

If you donate towards anything connected with Child of Hope, 100% of your donation reaches the children: Virtually all our UK staff are volunteers, so our expenses are mostly limited to bank and online payment fees, supporter communications and the like… and that’s a tiny amount — in 2012 it was just 4.5% of income! However, many of our donations also attract the UK government’s Gift Aid — so in reality, A LOT MORE than 100% of your donation goes directly to benefit the children of the Namatala Slum!

Support us in prayer Child of Hope is a Christian organisation and we would not be able to accomplish all that we do if everything wasn’t underpinned by prayer! If you would like to support us in this way and receive prayer updates for COH by email, please contact: or Tel: (01202) 605082. For those who do not have an email address we can send it by post on request.

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or I would like make monthly payments to Child of Hope by Standing Order: Please ensure you complete your address details above and bank details below. £___________________ per month for (please circle): Child sponsorship (£10)/ Teacher’s salary (£10)/ Welfare worker’s salary (£10)/ Food (£5)/ Healthcare (£7)/ General funds. Starting on _____/_____/_____ until further notice from me in writing. Bank name: __________________________________________________Sort code: _________________________ Bank address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Postcode:____________________________________ Account name: ________________________________ Account no: ______________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________Date:____________________________________

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Child of Hope — UK & IRELAND UK Office contact details: Child of Hope 35 Roman Road Broadstone Dorset BH18 9DG Tel: (01202) 605082 Registered UK Charity: 1136068

Child of Hope is run in Uganda by husband and wife team Moses & Bex Okotel (pictured) and a staff of 36. In the UK and Ireland it is headed by a team of trustees and 28 volunteers, who make possible the life-changing social impact we provide for the children of the Namatala slum. If you would like to join the team, please see the UK Volunteers page on our website.

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CoH newsletter Oct 2013  

Newsletter from charity Child of Hope... lots of its news from the Namatala slum of Uganda and its work with the poorest and most vulnerable...

CoH newsletter Oct 2013  

Newsletter from charity Child of Hope... lots of its news from the Namatala slum of Uganda and its work with the poorest and most vulnerable...