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High hopes for the future! Priscilla, who has attended COH since 2008, is a happy 13 year old girl with high hopes for the future. But it wasn’t always like this — four years ago her family lost everything due to rebel fighting in the North where they lived. Their house was destroyed and they moved to Namatala for safety. Unfortunately Priscilla’s father subsequently abandoned the family, leaving her mother, Jane (27) alone to fend for Priscilla and her two other children, Rachel now aged 8, and Joseph aged 5. Jane inherited a small 12m square plot of land in Namatala after her sister sadly

died. She is trying to better their lives by building a semi-permanent house as there have been problems with a number of mud huts being burned down (semi-permanent is locally baked bricks put together with mud — rather than cement — then topped with an iron sheet roof ). Unfortunately she has run out of money to finish the work, but she’s hoping to make more savings to do so in the future through her small Child of Hope IGA business selling Chenga (broken rice). Despite the challenges they face, we asked Jane if things are better now for herself and her family. She told us:


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Back to the Kitchen We are now back working in our new kitchen after emergency tiling and improvements. Grace, our head of health, reports: “Thanks to the support that enabled the kitchen to be repaired, we now have two taps within the room, new kitchen tiles and repainted walls. “The kitchen staff is part of the health department and consists of Sam Tukei (nicknamed OB - Old Boy) and Rachel Nadudu; they are lovely cooks. They cook for around 350 people everyday; that’s around 35 kg of posho (made of maize flour) and 12 kg of beans. They also prepare 3 kg of porridge every morning for the nursery children. “We are very happy with the new kitchen… thanks for the money as the repairs were needed to help us improve health and hygiene.”

High hopes for the future! (cont.)

“Priscilla now prays everyday. She is good in class, particularly English, and she studies hard. She teaches Rachel and Joseph whatever she has learnt when she comes home every day. I can now send Rachel and Joseph to school [the local government school in Namatala]. I also can buy extra food like fish to supplement everyone’s diet.” We also spoke to Priscilla. She told us that before she attended COH school

she had no particular hopes for the future. Now she wants to be a doctor and says she is clever enough(!!).  She likes school and eventually wants to help her mother build a permanent house. She enjoys learning and likes helping her friends, if they don’t understand a question, etc.  Every day she teaches her siblings and gives them homework(!).  She gets money from her mum to buy paper and pens so that Rachel and Joseph can do their homework.  At school she loves netball and is in


the school netball team. Eventually she would like to live abroad — maybe in the UK, to be a Doctor there and bring gifts back to her family in Uganda and send them money to help them. She loves her parents and misses her dad who she hasn’t seen for a long time. She also told us she would like to be married in the future (he will also be a Doctor!) and have 3 children!

. A huge thank you to all our child sponsors.



Life in the slum...


ere at COH we try to focus on the positive and let you know how we’re helping the local children and slum community here in Mbale. However, there is always the grim reality of day to day life, and Mwangi’s story is one which really hits home.

Mwangi is about 5 years old, although he only looks around 4. He joined COH in the Baby Class this year. His mum is called Alice, and she thinks she is around 25, though she’s not sure. She has three other children aged 7, 4 and 2. She has a husband who lives in Namatala, but he has another wife and she hasn’t seen him since the beginning of last year. Alice originally comes from Karamoja, but she had to leave there 5 years ago due to the famine.

Back there she would try to sell firewood at a trading centre, but she would sit there all day and sell nothing – hence the move to Mbale. She now gets food by scavenging on the side of the road at the market, picking up damaged/rotting tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and whatever else she can find. When Bex spoke to Alice, she had managed to get a few tomatoes which they cooked and ate for lunch. She hadn’t managed to get anything for tea that night so they probably went to sleep hungry. She doesn’t have a job or a business and rents her mud hut for 15,000 USh per month (about £3.50).  Sometimes she gets work sorting ground nuts (peanuts); she has to sort 100kg sack, which takes her from 6am to 5pm, and she’ll get paid somewhere between 1,000 to 2,000 USh per day (25p to 50p).  Bex asked her what her hopes are for Mwangi – she told Bex that she doesn’t even think about his future. She expects she’ll be dead before he grows up. Bex then asked


what she would like her future to look like ­— she said that she would like a small business selling things from outside her hut as she is tired moving around from morning to evening looking for food. She has some illness that has given her many scars over her whole body — someone helped her to go to a government clinic, and she is getting some treatment, but she doesn’t know what it is for. Obviously Mwangi is too little for Bex to interview, but he has been put on breakfasts and lunches at Nursery since the start of this month due to a low body weight.  He is already starting to improve.


There are many more ‘Alice’s’ in Namatala, and while we can’t help them all, we do what we can, where we can. None of this would be possible without your help, whether you are a sponsor, just make the odd donation or keep us on your prayer lists. Thank you for helping to make a difference.

Alice with her children

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Sponsor me! Here are just a few Child of Hope children who need your help! Would you consider becoming a sponsor and help make a difference?


The Nash family

Why sponsor a child? An open letter from one of our sponsors


fter a humbling visit to Uganda in 2011 to witness first-hand the fantastic work that Child of Hope does in providing free education, free meals and support to Uganda’s most vulnerable children and their families, my husband Paul took the easy decision to sponsor our first child; Vincent (now aged 10). As a teacher myself, I know how vital it is for every individual to have a good standard of education to prepare them for the world they live in. Education provides knowledge, helps prepare a child in life skills and promotes their social and emotional well-being; without education, families and communities, especially in Africa, struggle to develop. Child of Hope’s philosophy of developing the wider family through educating one child is unique and can help families to work together and rise up out of extreme poverty. After taking the decision to commit to sponsoring Vincent, we were most impressed at how quickly details of our child were sent to us. We continue to

receive regular updates throughout the year from the charity and from Vincent. This enables us, as a family, to build a more personal relationship with Vincent. Our son, Matthew (aged 13) also regularly writes to Vincent; both share a passion for football, particularly Chelsea Football Club! We now sponsor three children; Faith was the 200th child to be sponsored and we have recently sponsored Pius in memory of my father who sadly passed away last October and in celebration of my Great Aunt reaching her 100th birthday in January. What better way to honour two wonderful human beings than to support another! In the long term, we hope to take our son Matthew to visit our children in Uganda, and hopefully to spend a period of time working with Child of Hope in Uganda, a visit we know will be a humbling but fascinating experience.




Joanne, Paul, Natalya and Matthew Nash





We love porridge! Our Ugandan staff snapped this picture from the breakfast queue and thought you’d like to see it. Every morning, our kitchen staff prepare 3kg of porridge so that all of the children at our nursery school are provided with a breakfast. Pupil selection for the Child of Hope school involves choosing children from only the poorest families in the slum. At home, most of our nursery children eat just once a day. Sometimes they go a whole day with nothing to eat! Our porridge breakfast is therefore vital — plus they learn much better at school with some food inside them! The nursery pupils go home before lunchtime, but if our welfare team recognise any that are especially needy, we also give them a cooked meal of posho and beans with the primary children. If you’d like to help sponsor our food programme, you can join in for just £5 per month.

New footie kit is a winner! A football kit was kindly donated by Mynydd Tigers, a foot- ball club in Bethesda, Wales. Great friend of Child of Hope, Olwen Green (back, right), visited CoH school earlier this year and brought it to Uganda with her. So the Child of Hope football team is looking great! Players train every afternoon after school in the nearby training ground. Big thanks to the Tigers as the team is planning its first friendly of the school term.

Improving skills… for teachers too! Scovia, the head teacher of our nursery section, has recently completed a diploma in early childhood development. She was happy to tell us, “This is exciting because it took me two and a half years! It is a wonderful help in the education and care of infants at school for both me and my fellow teachers — we now have better skills to help children at different levels and areas of ability . “I am grateful to everyone who is sponsoring Child of Hope teachers. Thank you for helping me attain a higher level, which has improved teaching for our children at school.” Would you like to help sponsor one of our teachers? It costs just £60 for a teachers salary for a month.


YES, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION: (PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO THE UK ADDRESS BELOW) My Details: First Name:___________________________Last Name:__________________________________Title:__________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Postcode:__________________________________________ Telephone:_________________________________________Email:________________________________________

I would like to make a ONE OFF GIFT

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a card payment on the website, or by online banking (see below). or

Donations can made securely online at or even better give via ONLINE banking*

I would like TO make monthly payments to Child of Hope by Standing Order: Please ensure you complete your address details above and bank details below.

£___________________ per month for (please circle): Child sponsorship (£15)/ Teacher’s salary (£60)/ Welfare worker’s salary (£25)/ Food (£5)/ Healthcare (£7)/ General funds. Starting on _____/_____/_____ until further notice from me in writing. Bank name: __________________________________________________Sort code: _________________________ Bank address: ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Postcode:____________________________________ Account name: ________________________________ Account no: ______________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________Date:____________________________________

GIFT AID DECLARATION For past, present & future donations to Child of Hope. If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme at no extra cost to you. Please treat as Gift Aid donations, all qualifying gifts of money made to Child of Hope. Please tick all you wish to apply: q today q in the past 4 years q in the future I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the current tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for the current tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I have given. Please notify Child of Hope if you: • Want to cancel this declaration • Change your name or home address • No longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains. If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code. Signature: __________________________________________________________Date:_________________________________ Please complete your address details when signing this gift declaration form.

*Online banking is the BEST way for Child of Hope to receive your donation as NO bank or paypal commission charges apply!

FOR ONLINE BANKING: childofhope Sortcode: 40-15-27 A/C No: 91406094 Ref: your name+postcode

Child of Hope — UK & IRELAND UK Office contact details: Child of Hope 1 Old Kiln Rd Upton, POOLE BH16 5SG Tel: (01202) 697201 Registered UK Charity: 1136068

Child of Hope is run in Uganda by husband and wife team Moses & Bex Okotel (pictured) and a staff of 36. In the UK and Ireland it is headed by a team of trustees and 28 volunteers, who make possible the life-changing social impact we provide for the children of the Namatala slum. If you would like to join the team, please see the UK Volunteers page on our website.

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