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Child & Youth Finance International and the UN Sustainable Development Goals Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) leads the world’s largest Movement dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth. CYFI’s main objective is to give all children and youth the opportunity to make wise financial decisions, accumulate savings, secure a meaningful and sustainable livelihood and break the cycle of poverty. CYFI defines economic citizenship as economic and civic engagement to promote sustainable livelihoods, sustainable economic and financial well-being, a reduction in poverty and rights for self and others. CYFI’s model of economic citizenship consists of four components: 1) financial inclusion, 2) financial education, 3) social education and 4) livelihoods education. These four components of economic citizenship, especially when they are offered in unison, help to achieve many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More specifically, CYFI’s work has a direct impact on 8 of the SDGs: namely Goals 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11 and 16. A more detailed investigation of how economic citizenship contributes to SDGs can be found in Economic Citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals.1

THE COMPONENTS OF ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP AND THE SDGs 1) FINANCIAL INCLUSION (FI): Access to safe, appropriate, and affordable financial services. Facilitates asset building which leads to greater economic and financial well-being for children and youth. Increases investment in skills development and reduces financial barriers to higher education. Enables access to financial services for young entrepreneurs. 2) FINANCIAL EDUCATION (FE): Instruction and/or materials designed to increase financial knowledge and skills. Helps to develop a financially responsible generation able to effectively manage their financial futures. Has positive effects on developing financial behaviors amongst children and youth. Empowers young women and girls, allowing them to take advantage of greater economic opportunities. Helps children and youth avoid debts while making wise financial decisions leading to a more secure financial future 3) SOCIAL EDUCATION (SE): Provision of knowledge and skills that improve an individual’s understanding and awareness of their rights and the rights of others. It also involves the fostering of life skills. Increases youth awareness of the importance of good health and the types of health services available.


CYFI, Economic Citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals, 2016,

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Encourages respect and commitment to the rights and interests of others, rejecting all forms of discrimination.

Contributes to the understanding of rights and responsibilities, empathy and conflict resolution.

Encourages increased youth participation in economic, social and political life at all levels.

4) LIVELIHOODS EDUCATION (LE): Builds one’s ability to secure a sustainable livelihood through skills assessment and a balance between developing entrepreneurial and employability skills. Can assist in generating income and securing employment, which improves health and well-being.

Encourages children and youth to follow future career goals ethically, sustainably and responsibly.

Improves the ability of young women to build a strong asset base and achieve more economic independence.

CYFI offers a number of PROGRAMS and SERVICES that advance ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP and the SDGs

Global Money Week Global Inclusion Awards Endorsement Services

Documentation of Best Practices

CYFI as Global Advocate A global celebration including local and regional activities which takes place every year in March. Aims at inspiring children and youth to learn about money, saving, livelihoods, employment and entrepreneurship. An international award competition honouring best practices in financial inclusion, education and entrepreneurship for children and youth. Recognizes innovative achievements in the advancement of economic citizenship for young people. CYFI endorses financial products or educational materials according to well defined principles and controls. Set benchmarks for Economic Citizenship Education programs and Child and Youth Friendly financial products. CYFI as Network Connector & Expert Hub CYFI produces several publications and holds international events to facilitate learning and advance collaboration. Provides information and guidance on how to design and implement policies, products, and programs enhancing economic citizenship for young people. An online platform for young entrepreneurs worldwide between 16 and 30 years old.

Ye! Community

A network which provides members with business knowledge, an online community, a coaching program and links to funding opportunities to help them grow their ventures. CYFI as Network Advisor A multi-stakeholder project aimed at increasing financial capability of children and youth through schools.


Provides children and youth with a Child & Youth Friendly bank account, enabling them to exercise their economic rights and teaching them how to save. CYFI offers workshops on product development and national strategy formation.

Workshops and Trainings Technical Assistance

Enable the design and implementation of Economic Citizenship Education (ECE), Financial Inclusion, and entrepreneurship policies and/or programs for young people throughout the world. CYFI provides or facilitates technical assistance through advisers at the CYFI Secretariat as well as through Associates in the CYFI Network Response Program (CNRP). Helps to promote and implement economic citizenship programming for young people at national and local levels.

Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) |e. | t. +31 (0)20 520 3900 | | PO Box 16524 | 1001 RA Amsterdam |

CYFI Sustainable Development Goals Brochure  

This brochure presents an overview of CYFI’s key activities in the field of economic citizenship and shows how they are interrelated with th...

CYFI Sustainable Development Goals Brochure  

This brochure presents an overview of CYFI’s key activities in the field of economic citizenship and shows how they are interrelated with th...