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Business Name: Heaps & Lots ABN: 85 531 332 785 Address: 1927 Melba Highway, Dixons Creek, Victoria 3775 Mobile: 0477 419 270 Website: Email: Attention: The Manager Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you today to invite you to play a part in helping us to establish our FREE petting zoo/animal nursery which we are in the process of trying to set up.

We have a well positioned property on the Melba highway in Dixons Creek Victoria 3775. Our property is located right beside the very popular “Dixons Creek Cafe, Bar & Grill�. Since moving into our new property in December 2013 we soon noticed that many people would stop and look at our pet emu and/or our pet alpacas which are often roaming in our front yard. This got us to thinking that we should find many more animals (pets) and open our gates to visitors to enable them to meet, pat, feed, cuddle and photograph the animals we have. The major difference between what we want to do and what others may currently be doing, is that we will be doing it for FREE. We want everyone to be given the opportunity of visiting our animals when ever they may be passing through and we want to do it because we know that many families are on tight budgets these days and a petting zoo/animal nursery such as ours would enable mums and dads to bring the kids over and all it will cost them is the price of petrol to get here. The problem we are facing is that in order to get our FREE petting zoo/animal nursery up and running we must do a number of things, including new fenced areas, yards and enclosures to enable

people to visit in a safe and secure manner. We must also extend our current business insurance to cover us for the new activities we wish to offer. There are also a number of other miscellaneous expenses involved in setting everything up. In order to make this plan a reality, l am writing to you today to firstly inform you of what we wish to do and to invite you to assist us in making it happen. There are many ways in which you could help us, from a straight forward gift/donation through to becoming a sponsor and having a sign for your business erected along one of the fence lines or within an animal yard/enclosure. While we do intend to contact a number of businesses with this invitation to help us get this plan up and running, we intend to only offer signage space to one business per area of expertise. That way we do not end up with two sponsors signs who are in direct competition with one another. For this reason we must say that “first in is best dressed� Apart from signage space within the property, we can also offer to place logos and some text within our main website and a number of other websites we own/run. Below is a photo of our property which provides a good description of where signs could be placed

We have a number of videos uploaded to youtube which are not the best quality (l am terrible with a camera) but these videos will clearly demonstrate what they are intended to.

Video One → (shows passing traffic from within one of our paddocks) Video Two → (Shows passing traffic on a different day from a slightly different spot) Video Three → (shows our daughters feeding and patting “Rosie” our pet Emu) We are seeking people and businesses who would like to help us “Make It Happen” and we are looking for particular materials/products and/or cash. Perhaps you are willing to make a small donation, be it cash, goods or services, or maybe you would like to go a bit further and become a sponsor and in return have a sign erected on our property. What ever it is that you might be willing to do, we will greatly appreciate your assistance. As we mentioned earlier, we do have a website which provides a lot of information about us and what we are planning to do. Our website can be found here → For those businesses who might be interested in donating goods we are very much open to all offers, but the main items we are seeking include some of the following. Fencing Wire → (Chicken Wire, Ring lock, Plain Wire) Fence Posts → (Treated Pine Posts, Star Pickets) Timber → (Treated Pine Rafters & Battens) Roofing Iron → (Colourbond or Gal/Zinc Corrugated roofing sheets) Gates → (Various Sized Gates) Sheds → (Small to Medium Size Sheds & Aviaries) Water Tanks → (Rain Water Storage Tanks & Water Troughs) Steel Tube → (25mm x 25mm & 50mm x 50mm Square Tube) Garden Supplies → (Crushed Rock, Lilydale Toppings, Sand & Soil) Paint → (Exterior Fence Paint Caulfield Green) Nails & Screws → (Fence Staples, Roofing Screws, Nails) There are many other items that we would be greatly appreciative of, but the items listed above are of the highest importance at this stage. With regard to businesses who might like a sign to be erected, we can either arrange a professional sign writer to create your design or we can erect a sign that you might wish to supply. If possible we would prefer all signs to be 1200mm high by up to 2400mm wide. We are negotiable on the price of sponsorship to have a sign erected, but as a guide we would be hopeful of agreeing to anywhere between $500 and $2500 depending on a number of factors. If you would like to make a small cash gift/donation you can do that through our website using Paypal, the links for the donations page is here → If you would like to make a small gift/donation by Bank Transfer we will gladly provide you with our banking details upon request. If you are interested in Becoming A Sponsor we will need to discuss a few things by phone, email or in person and we will generate an invoice for you. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter and while we do hope that you will be willing and able to assist us, we do understand that many people and businesses are doing it a little

tough at the moment, and as such we completely understand that not everyone will be in a position where they can offer assistance at this stage. What ever happens next, we do appreciate you taking the time to read our letter and we wish you all the very best and we say thank you once again Kind Regards Peter, Eva, Belle & Chelsea (Dixons Creek Petting Zoo/Animal Nursery)

Our FREE petting zoo/animal nursery fund raising request  

We are currently in the process of trying to setup a Petting Zoo/Animal Nursery for Kids and parents to visit and enjoy, FREE of charge. We...

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