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e h t g n i n e p O DOORS e r a C d l i h C to Childcare Resources 2016-2017 Annual Report



Supplemental Child Care Program

“When I suddenly found myself taking care of my two children alone, I knew I needed to find child care and I needed to find it quickly. I did a general internet search but it left me feeling defeated as it only returned 1 or 2 child care centers near my work, neither of which offered the unique care needed for my son with special needs. Thankfully, my mother told me about Childcare Resources. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to provide me with a customized listing of child care centers that was much longer than anything I had found elsewhere. They also provided me with a checklist to make sure the programs I chose for my children were providing high quality care, as well as additional resources for my son. The Resource and Referral program really was a lifesaver. I’m not sure what I would have done without them!” Michael, Resource & Referral Program Client

157 families received assistance for 179 children $184,331 was paid directly to child care providers to supplement child care costs

29% of child care costs were saved by families

Resource & Referral

$27,041 average annual family income

582 families searched for child care options for their 753 children 87% of families needed full-time child care 82% of families received a listing of 6 or more providers in their search 32,547 referrals provided to the community

Top Employment Sectors




Financial/ Banking Retail/ Sales Education


Requests for Referral by Age Groups





35% Toddlers




School Age

Training & Technical Assistance

221 Training Sessions offered

for a total of

621 Training Hours

1,396 early care professionals attended trainings Child Care Providers in Our Service Area (as of April 2017)


185 Licensed Centers


288 Exempt Centers

Family Day Care Homes Child Care Centers

Licensing & Accreditation


3 child care centers participated in RISE to achieve national accreditation. 2 centers submitted applications for accreditation; 1 center achieved re-accreditation. IMPACT: 10 directors; 174 teachers; 723 children

Infant Toddler

4 child care centers with 11 classrooms completed the program. 100% of classrooms achieved 80% or more of their quality improvement plan. IMPACT: 6 directors; 27 teachers; 73 children

DHR Licensing Sophie was just six weeks old when her mother, Mary, first started having trouble making ends meet. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was a new mom, working long hours to provide for our family, and child care was so expensive,” Mary says. That’s when a friend told her about Childcare Resources. “The struggles of a single parent seem as though they will never end, so hearing we were approved for the Supplemental Child Care Program (SCCP) was the happiest news I had received in a long time.” “Since finding out I was pregnant, making sure my little one is safe and loved has been my first priority. Thanks to Childcare Resources, money isn’t as tight, bills are being paid, and Sophie is able to attend a quality child care program while I am at work each day.”


Financial Information


Program Revenue $29,895

Special Events $132,486

Fundraising $188,151 Government Grants $564,379 Contributions & Grants* $439,047

United Way $640,201

Parent Education & Resources $24,966

Management & General $213,218

Resource & Referral $37,308 Early Learning Resource Library & Van $55,790 RISE Program $77,614 Infant Toddler Program $81,393

Mary and Sophie, SCCP Participants *Includes one-time funding of $169,789 for agency reserve fund

Training & Technical Assistance $670,347

Supplemental Child Care Program $274,052

4 exempt child care centers worked toward achieving DHR Licensing. 2 centers are currently in the licensing process.

“Working with the wonderful team at Childcare Resources has opened my eyes to more fully understand that what we do as child care providers is not about us. It’s about the little ones in our care each and every day. It’s about making sure they are loved and are being taken care of in a safe environment where they can learn and be nurtured. I am so grateful for all they do, but especially for the confidence and knowledge they’ve given me to make sure I’m not just doing my job, but that I’m doing it right and doing it well!” Rosemary, Child Care Provider

*Reaching Improvement through Self-Evaluation

2016 2017 Childcare Resources Annual Report  
2016 2017 Childcare Resources Annual Report