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Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals A program of the Washington State Child Care Resource & Referral Network

Saliha Madani A Happy Home Child Care Kent, WA Saliha came to the states with her husband many years ago from Algeria for their honeymoon and decided to stay. After starting a family, she was motivated to find a way to stay home with her four children while they were young. She has now been a family child care provider for ten years.

“They are a joy, they are part of

In that time she has created a family my family”, Saliha says of the home environment to rival most child children in her care. care centers. She has spent a significant amount of time building her business to Saliha and child in care reflect her love of children and the importance of their learning. This passion and professional attitude is evident in her environment, website, flyers, business cards, professional development, and most recently, her child care award. Saliha was awarded the 2010 Best Childcare by the City of Kent. This local business award was based on parent’s nominations, exemplifying the quality of care she delivers and the respect she has earned from parents. Her families are aware of all the hard work she has put into her business, including her participation in the Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals program. Saliha has been a scholar with the program for six years, and is steadily working towards her AA degree. She began with the goal of acquiring her CDA certificate, but upon completion, realized she had higher hopes. Saliha has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from her home country, but would like to continue her studies to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE). “I love school,” she says, as she shows us the most recent projects from puppet day in school, illustrating how she plans on using them with her children. Saliha seems genuinely moved when she talks about Green River Community College, and especially her ECE instructor, Candy Benteu. “She’s more than a teacher”, Saliha says of Candy.

Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals (WA Scholarships) is a statewide program that provides scholarships to licensed child care center staff and family child care providers. For more information on eligibility, program participation and requirements for the WA Scholarships program, you can visit our website (www.childcarenet.org), or call us at 1-866-308-3224.

Scholar Profile, Jan 2011

Washington Scholarships for Child Care Professionals In our experience with Candy, we would have to agree. Candy has been extremely active in supporting her students that are participating in WA Scholarships get the application materials they need, understand the scholarship and college process and be available to help them along the way as necessary. For Saliha, that included Candy coming to her house to help with English homework. Saliha has since sent one of her children’s parents to the college, who was also interested in working with children. She has since graduated with her CDA certificate and is also currently working with Candy towards her AA in ECE. Candy has been a motivating force for Saliha to continue her education. Saliha hopes to maintain her family child care throughout this pursuit, depending on the economy. “They are a joy, they are part of my family,” she says of the children in her care. This is her profession of choice, and she wants to be sure she is doing it to the best of her abilities. Saliha has concerns however, that if the current state of the economy persists, the quality and safety of child care available will go down as the number of children in centers and homes rise. A Happy Home Child Care Saliha has already witnessed a large amount of closures in her area. She has recently received many referrals from other providers due to these closures. She has also had families forced to take their children out of her child care due to recent budget cuts (having to relocate for employment or being disqualified for DSHS subsidies). Saliha is extremely grateful to be receiving support from HeadStart. For the last five years, she has been receiving contractual support for supplies, screenings, diapers, linguistic support for children and even a part-time assistant. She is very grateful for these services as they are received by a select few providers in King County. HeadStart also holds monthly meetings, which keep Saliha informed of recent issues and concerns in the field, including parent tips, licensing, regulations and classes. Saliha is even able to bring her daughters to the meetings, who, along with their father, are also active in their mom’s family child care. “It works, and it’s a lot of help!” Saliha says of WA Scholarships. Education is a priority for Saliha and her family; because of that, all of their extra money goes to college funds for their children. For that reason, she says, “I would not be able to afford college if it weren’t for this program.” Saliha is a great example of a provider that has researched and used all her resources wisely to benefit WA Scholarship staff, Mandy Aaberg and children and families in her community. Saliha WA Scholar, Saliha Madani demonstrates how a minimum amount of funds can lead to a maximum amount of profit!

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