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is a program of CCI that links school children from Canada with school children in the developing world. Canadian children come to realize that although God has blessed them in so many ways, children in the developing world have also been blessed, just not with the same material possessions. Children in the developing world come to realize they are made in the image of God and they have so much to offer. They are taught they are equal in God’s eyes & that He has a plan for their lives. Carissa Weme and Marissa Duursma, two young ladies from northern BC, care very deeply about the orphaned and destitute children in Northern Uganda. Together they wanted to do something in a practical way to alleviate their suffering. This year, for a school research project, Carissa and Marissa were learning about the injustice due to the lack of safe drinking water in many developing countries around the world. They realized that in North America the gift of safe BECAUSE GOD ONLY CREATED drinking water is often taken for granted. They became more aware ONE WORLD than ever that safe drinking water should be a basic right for all children. Carissa had visited Northern Uganda with her family in March 2012 where she saw this need first hand. She knew she wanted to do something to help. Carissa and Marissa shared their idea with ChildCare. They wanted to supply and install a solar powered water pump on the well at the Sanctuary of Grace Christian Academy School in Gulu, Uganda. Through a heartfelt appeal, Carissa and Marissa have raised over $ 6000.00! They are so pleased & very grateful that many people were also inspired and gave generously to make the solar powered pump a reality! Carissa and Marissa’s passion to do something to provide safe drinking water is a blessing that will live on in the lives of the children & families living near the Sanctuary of Grace in Gulu, Uganda.

transforming lives SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN ACTION! Maluta lives in Kenya and he has been sponsored by Barry and Valerie of Lacombe, Alberta, since 2004. Maluta has worked hard each year to achieve good grades and has often been at the top of his class. He is described as a very friendly, highly motivated individual who has been part of the Youth Empowerment Program and he volunteers at his church to keep the grounds clean. These characteristics along with the dedication to his studies has helped Maluta earn a CCI Scholarship for a The ChildCare INTERNATIONAL Scholarship Fund Diploma Nursing focuses on a number of ChildCare assisted Program! Congratsecondary school graduates who want to pursue ulations Maluta! a program of post-secondary education. ChildCare awards an annual scholarship to those students who demonstrate academic and extracurricular excellence, and who successfully meet the selection criteria established by the CCI partners in the student’s country of origin. Each Scholarship candidate must have recommendations from his or her Pastor, a teacher and a community leader. The student must have consistently shown exceptional promise in three areas: Christian Character, Church and Community Service and Academics. Upon graduation from their field of study, students return home and transform their churches, communities & nations from the inside out.

...I now apply for scholarship to pursue the four year Diploma Nursing Program. This is to enhance my knowledge to be able to help other people and treat sick patients. I would also like to help others, just like I have been sponsored; I will sponsor others so they can receive an education like I have received. I thank you for your sponsorship from primary to secondary level, I have never been sent home for lack of school fees. I appreciate your help and great care for me. May God bless you and your family...

Your loving son, Maluta

FAITH ALIVE ACADEMY • HOPE FOR THE NATION Children’s lives are being transformed by the Christcentered education that is offered at Faith Academy in Kitgum, Uganda. Teaching students a biblical world view, is the only way to truly help children move forward and break through the walls of suffering. Through this curriculum, children are taught not to focus on past fears and suffering but on the greatness of God and the power of salvation. Due to overwhelming need, another group of 50 children have just been registered to attend the Faith Alive Academy. Will you help be part of the solution for these children? They are longing for a sponsor from Canada to come alongside them and offer them love and support so that they too can have a future filled with hope.

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CCI September 2013 News  

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL Newsletter

CCI September 2013 News  

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL Newsletter